These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Avon Pl., 705-Joseph M. Bell and Carla J. Carriveau to Alex R. Postow, $620,000.

Canterbury Sq., 7, No. 101-Ram Sapkota and Babita Bashyal to Sanjaya Bhattarai, $170,000.

Custis Ave. W., 14-Michael B. and Andrea S. Cowart to Neil and Lindsey Welsh, $812,500.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 207-Homa Sharifi to Sharon Marie Prezzy, $269,900.

Fayette St. N., 525, No. 310-Sonal Patel Drezdzon to Melissa Ann Warnke, $370,000.

Glendale Ave. E., 8-Estate of Katherine R. Durrett to Evert R. and Darbie G. Durrett, $525,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5300, No. PH11-Jon C. Obergh and Andre Akinyele to Mita Goldar, $300,000.

Jamieson Ave., 2050, No. 1102-Bradford F. Wheaton to Paul Radlinski, $421,000.

Jefferson St., 414-Andre A. Cote and Susan A. Craig-Cote to Matthew J. and Kimberly J. Greenberg, $805,000.

Landover St., 2948-Nicholas Lawson Simon and Jennifer Von Deylen Simon to David M. Altman, $560,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 308-GST Builders Corp. to George Demetriades, $785,000.

Pitt St. N., 801, No. 803-Martin Development Group Corp. to John H. Nestler and Gina M. Lee, $430,000.

Quaker Hill Dr., 1245-Melvin T. Baxter to Troy A. and Ashley C. McCurry, $535,000.

Roberts Lane, 120, No. 100-Jennifer Judge to Julie Anne Shackett, $318,000.

Saint Asaph St. S., 719, No. 207-Andrew S. Daar to Rebeka Lauren Melber, $276,500.

Stevenson Ave., 6300, No. 416-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Daisy Gilstrap, $197,000.

Summers Ct., 506-Catherine Leigh Joyce to Richard A. Frank, $1.57 million.

Van Dorn St. N., 1463A-Jeremiah E. Jourdan and Jesse E. Homburg to Rena Lee Patierno, $260,000.

Walnut St. W., 307-Woolls Estate Corp. to Bradley A. and Elizabeth A. Todd, $1.8 million.

Yoakum Pkwy., 203, No. 604-Amir H. Banan and Fariba Keshmiri to Alvin Boone and Gihee Kim, $172,500.

Yoakum Pkwy., 309, No. 1510-Effie F. Oellers to Jonathan R. Stanley, $211,000.


Beauregard St. N., 301, No. 1010-Richard Eudy and Grace Episcopal Church to Poonam and Umeshkumar Vaswani, $133,000.

Quantrell Ave., 5831, No. T8-ALG Corp. and Eddy A. Davila to Khem Batra, $92,260.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Buchanan St. N., 617-Christopher Roark to David M. and Shira Gottlieb Hampton, $692,400.

Columbia Pike., 5565, No. 603-Adam A. Chavez to Adel Elsayed Mohamed, $200,000.

Culpeper St. N., 2004-Masood Said and Monisa Amin to Jun Wang and Linchun Li, $1.05 million.

Fairfax Dr., 6932, No. 200-Andrew J. Walsh and Katrina E. Kernodle to Catherine Mathson, $422,000.

Garfield St. S., 501-Brent G. and Christina L. Heminger to John Michael and Andrea Porter King, $815,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 3601-David C. and Nancy M. Leach to Nicole Jantzi, $1.85 million.

Highland St. N., 1020, No. 610-Carlos P. Sava to Edward G. Keating, $614,900.

Monroe St. N., 2421-Paul and Ruth Schaaf to John C. and Mary T. Dooher, $1 million.

Pollard St. N., 820, No. 701-Allen Stewart and Ana Lucia Lenis to Geoffrey Greene and Barbara Elise Brennan, $610,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 723-Vikas Singhal and Madhu Arora to Tsun Chien Chen, $341,000.

Stafford St. N., 900, No. 906-Charles W. and Elice D. Behr to Milena Amaya, $350,000.

Stuart St. N., 1121-Stephen L. Cohen to Adam and Christine Konrad, $635,000.

Vermont St. N., 768-Kurt A. and Bonny Pfluger to Mark Andrew Pfluger, $329,475.

Wayne St. N., 1276, No. 300-Thanh Hoang to Syed Qasim Hussain, $600,000.

Fourth St. S., 5432-Hill Family Co. to Eric Andrew and Susan Hill Flagg, $517,000.

13th St. N., 4637-Pari Sanayei and William Westwater to Fernando A. Marquez, $980,000.

16th Rd. S., 3020-Patrick N. and Leighann Issa to Sujay Desai and Susan D’Angelo, $745,000.

22nd St. S., 3021-Sirva Relocation Credit Corp. to Katharine S. Fahrland, $485,000.

26th St. N., 4608-James B. Miller to George Trenholm and Avery Easley Boggs, $880,000.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1101-Cambridge Research Group Inc. to Jacinthe L. Guay, $400,000.

Oakcrest Rd. S., 1224-Ronald and Marta E. Hasz to Jakie R. and Ruth Maria Davis, $750,000.


Illinois St. N., 1201-Nancy and Gary L. Bashaw to Keith A. Necker and Sondra V. Dietz, $765,000.

Livingston St. N., 1222-Terrence P. Currier to Frederic M. Black and Laura M. Ahearn, $650,000.

Ninth St. N., 5909-Joshua W. Meyer to Brian E. Normile, $600,000.

24th St. N., 5501-Karen I. Rarick to Wynn and Tierney V. Thompson, $740,000.


Oak Ct. N., 2219-Tobia G. Mercuro and Linda B. Wilbur to Daniel Brett Kohlhofer and Sarah Green-Golan, $1.41 million.

Rolfe St. N., 2115-Mary S. McCutcheon to Krishnamoorthy Sundram, $770,000.


Uhle St. S., 2622-Tina C. Townes to Brian Stacy and Amy Vander Linden, $475,000.

Wakefield St. S., 2828, No. B-John and Mary Lu Mahoney to Scott Shultz, $312,900.