These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Auburn Ct., 7, No. D-Robert W. and Christine Doyle to Kaylea Algire, $171,000.

Cameron Station Blvd., 400, No. 130-Timothy P. Clapp to Ryan Kenner, $275,000.

Columbus St. S., 616-Lindsey A. Hobson to Desirae A. and James B. Williams, $625,000.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 203-Jaime L. Chase to Peter Lamar Palmer, $225,000.

Glebe Rd. W., 722-Patrick B. Bandy to Thomas D. Murray IV and Valerie L. O’Shea Murray, $570,000.

Hickory St., 2910-Essas Property Corp. to Monica J. Hayden, $580,000.

Iris St. S., 98-Bryan M. Currier to Mary Kathleen Allee and Bryan P. Macavoy, $460,000.

Jamieson Ave., 2151, No. 1507-Per Andreas Persson to Sue Liu, $365,000.

Lambert Dr., 4652-Mildred I. Nicaragua to Stephanie Lynn Junkin, $252,000.

Pitt St. N., 801, No. 505-Garner R. and Claire B. Bennett to Andrew C. Tiches and Danni Song, $169,000.

Prince St., 1707, No. 2-Mark Stephen Westergard and Curt Randal Moody to Jason D. Roth, $570,000.

Reynolds St. S., 301, No. 410-Michael Pual Thiem to Patrick H. Cordova, $247,000.

Saint Asaph St. N., 220, No. 18-Madalene B. Milano to Olivia-Anne Bridges and Antoine P. Ortiz, $399,500.

Spring St. E., 216-John M. and Julie A. Malherek to Rachel Venier, $615,000.

Strutfield Lane, 4550, No. 2112-Michael J. Vicory to Gregory M. Kopp, $214,286.

Van Dorn St. N., 1221-Christine M. O’Connor to Lisa Kaili Diamond, $256,000.

Walnut St. W., 108-Estate of Ernest Earman Jr. to Robert Gordon Wilson and Margaret Elizabeth Moore, $850,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 307, No. 1220-Paul O. and Judith K. Flagge to Yiyang Guo, $192,000.


Beauregard St. N., 301, No. 814-Estate of John Francis Blair to Laura Douglass, $163,000.

Nagy Pl., 6027-Louis J. Harrell Jr. to Sheldon and Emily Schlie, $540,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brandywine St. N., 2115-Joseph R. and Nicole Kahle to April L. and Colin C. Myers, $510,000.

Columbia Pike., 5565, No. 414-Aginche M. Mamo to Tadesse Biru and Isayas K. Agonafer, $215,000.

Courthouse Rd. N., 1301, No. 1710-Alfa Investments Corp. to Jennifer Nicole Clark and Anthony Mark Fugolo, $598,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 646-Kevin J. Kelhart to Timothy James O’Shea, $444,500.

Glebe Rd. N., 1713-William and Ann Kast to Gerald R. and Cindra L. Gendron, $730,000.

Kirkwood Rd., 1131-Scott A. and Rachel A. Pojunas to Sean A. Alpert, $1.06 million.

Lorcom Lane, 4390, No. 310-Celina G. Salazar to Anuar Viktotov Khvan Beliseuov, $240,000.

Piedmont St. N., 537-Ray D. Lowe and John H. Bratton to the Jai Gurdudev Revocable Trust Dated, $765,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 106-Troy Bowman to Kaylynn Shoop, $320,000.

Spout Run Pkwy., 3000, No. A607-Troy Thomas and Crystal Thayer Maguire to Torey J. Fezer, $255,000.

Taylor St. S., 1634-Zachary D. and Ana R. Sherman to Sean Michael Doyle and Morgan Kathleen Thompson, $600,000.

Vermont St. N., 701-Ardeshir Sassan and Agnese Veinberga to Ali R. Analouei and Banafsheh Rezaie, $775,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 1317, No. 17301-Evan J. Portelos to Adriana L. Mitrani and Michael D. Jensen, $295,000.

Westmoreland St. N., 2200, No. 523-David R. and Linda J. Beecroft to Ladislav and Jane Jakubec, $574,000.

11th Pl. N., 4103-Mark A. Bogner to John Giandoni, $519,900.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 713-Eric K. Mo to Richard Whippen, $327,500.

21st St. N., 2008-Nick B. Patino Pereira and Peter Pereira to Amy J. and Cameron Eshgh, $625,000.

25th Rd. N., 6037-Lawrence E. and Linda Butler to David Mark and Rochelle I. Schneider, $802,000.

33rd St. N., 4730-Robert E. Stacy and Brooke A. Kreger to Sercan and Seda Ozturk, $975,000.


Crystal Dr., 1200, No. 1612-Peter F. and Joan C. Kean to Gregory Frank and Nancy Rajotte Simonson, $715,000.

23rd Rd. S., 1506-Estate of Evelyn J. Zeller to Elizabeth Torres and Richard Gonzalez, $740,000.


Livingston St. N., 927-Alain Lopez and Anya Coverman to Timothy M. and Emily P. Hughes, $764,250.

Ninth Rd. N., 6142-Henry A. Ickes to Rollie D. Berry III, $646,000.

17th St. N., 5420-Classic Cottages Corp. to Gary A. Morgans, $897,500.


Nash St. N., 1881, No. 1909-Mana I. LTD to Gary D. and Patricia Kain, $2.39 million.

Rhodes St. N., 1418, No. 424-John E. Haberland and Sarah C. Gibb to Ashish and Bhavika Amin, $845,000.


Army Navy Dr., 2465, No. 1-411-Brad Gandy to Jeffrey Shaun Deitenbeck, $475,000.

Kemper Rd., 3620-Myra D. Miller to Nanci Y. and Gabriel Gonzalez, $310,000.

Veitch St. S., 2713-Edward A. and Jean F. Dover to Matthew Paul and Meghan Punaro Foley, $321,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2607, No. C-Julia A. Sedlock to Raihona Atakhodjaeva, $318,000.