These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Abingdon Dr. W., 1620, No. 203-William P. Wood III to Bethany J. Burchill, $250,000.

Alfred St. N., 613-Stephen B. Hess to Michael E. Berry and Nathanael A. Fye, $769,950.

Barrett Pl., 175-Theodore J. and Dana M. Compton to Scott and Amanda Jainchill, $635,000.

Boyle St., 1605-Kathleen Baker to Jaime Montes De Oca Jr. and Wendy L. Montes De Oca, $589,900.

Brenman Park Dr., 4951, No. 303-Amanda B. Thomas to Craig Bowman, $317,000.

Cameron Parke Ct., 100-Phillip Dean Elder and Angela Kay Endicott to Sujin Shakya, $550,000.

Cameron Station Blvd., 373-Helen Donna Dymon to Roger T. and Mary Kutch Ritter, $820,000.

Chambliss St. N., 2400-Wilma L. Vaught to David Celano and Stacey Bowers, $644,888.

Crown View Dr., 308-Stephen D. Goehler and Meghan S. Mascelli to Thomas and Monica Choouette, $875,000.

Del Ray Ave. E., 19-Cynthia Long to Katherine W. Hartman and Richard C. England, $760,000.

Duke St., 208-Lauren Kent Stack to Urban E. and Sue B. Smith, $3.9 million.

Edsall Rd., 6101, No. 606-Consolidated Development Group Corp. to Mahbubullah Mahbub, $188,500.

Eisenhower Ave., 4850, No. 324-Riad Sayegh to Jason A. and Chelsea L. Granado, $291,250.

Evans Lane, 263-Mary Worrell to Christopher G. and Jennifer R. Koerner, $580,000.

Fords Landing Way, 738-Millie A. Miller to William T. Cefalu, $1.38 million.

Gardner Dr., 4926-Reginald Lucas to Suprobowati Soejerto and Robert J. Lyons, $595,000.

Greenwood Pl., 1401-Charles A. and Anna P. Engh to Joseph C. Stanko Jr. and Dolores M. Spitznagel, $1.82 million.

Hilton St., 118-Matthew B. and Sarah E. Archer-Beck to William R. O'Neill Jr. and Beth D. Soderberg, $645,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5300, No. 1514-Charles Keith Dove and Rosana Marzullo-Dove to Natalie Fleet, $338,900.

Howard St. N., 807, No. 212-Jeffrey and Amelia Turcotte to Rhonda Joseph, $218,000.

Iris St. S., 102-Dung Anhand Hao Thi Ngo to Kim Larsen and Kelsey Gongwer, $350,000.

Kirkland Pl., 4603-Deutsche Bank to Hicham Benkirane, $576,094.

Latrobe Pl., 4633-Ali Akbar and Yasmin Soliman to Thomas J. and Venessa L. Karr, $690,000.

Madison St., 1247-John C. and Maggie C. Winzeler to Wendy J. Miller, $704,000.

Mason Ave. E., 227-Paul B. and Philip J. Bushman to Charles H. Ryan, $609,999.

Monroe Ave. E., 239-Zachary M. and Cara L. Vavrek to Emily Lathe and Christopher R. Nelson, $765,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 333-Mark Lynn Ferguson and Ryan Towell to Shawn Dixon, $579,000.

Old Dominion Blvd., 3947-Trevor S. Tolbert to Andrea Ricker and Robert Martin, $512,500.

Pegram St. N., 1380-Joan M. Knapp and Judith Barrows to Matthew John and Dawn Michelle Majkut, $656,000.

Pickett St. S., 263, No. 102-Stephen B. Biggs to Marie L. Brodeur, $240,000.

Pitt St. N., 1206-Christopher J. and Laura Brix Newbury to Matthew Ryan and Eliese Friedel Burrows, $870,000.

Powhatan St., 910, No. 302S-Lucienne V. Cooley to Kristina Marie Malakie, $417,000.

Prince St., 515-David J. and Joan R. Goehler to Stephen D. Goehler and Meghan S. Mascelli, $1.2 million.

Pryor St. N., 704-Ross Wittenberg Enterprises Corp. to David M. and Elizabeth O. Hatcher, $570,000.

Reynolds St. S., 301, No. 610-Benjamin Bartosch to Jimmy J. Chavez and Charles C. Fields, $285,000.

Royal St. N., 204-Gene C. and Lizabeth Bates to Angela Cordle, $1.41 million.

Russell Rd., 3012-Paul L. and Lizabeth Uhrig to Max A. Mounger and Iliana A. Alvarado, $1.01 million.

Skyhill Rd., 205, No. 2-Dennis E. and Julia May Clark to Andrew Ethan Ellis and Joanna Holly Bednarek, $299,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6301, No. 206-Nancy H. Dinse to Homa Sharifi, $140,500.

Stevenson Sq., 210-Hall Investment Properties Corp. to Azeddine Aboulhaj, $345,000.

Tennessee Ave., 521-David S. and Lauren B. Petron to Jonathan G. and Katie Lynn Hardin, $1.15 million.

Upland Pl., 719-Scott and Megan Swanson to Kevin and Moon Y. Parks, $641,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 1483B-Leslie E. Saindon to Rachel E. Richardson, $248,000.

Washington St. S., 1250, No. 104-Richard and Donna Schena to John Bernard and Marsha H. Murphy, $625,000.

West St. N., 610, No. 202-Abramson Bros Inc. to Christine L. Cooper, $380,000.

Yale Dr., 302-Amy L. and Michael L. Hadley to Hector Cuevas, $774,900.

Yoakum Pkwy., 307, No. 226-Suzy Van Massenhove and Gabrielle Van Massenhove to Yassin M. Yassin, $286,000.


Armistead St. N., 658-Albert C. and Erin S. Chen to Gregory Keith and Genet Bright, $450,000.

Edsall Rd., 6230, No. 403-Donald E. and Linda Geary to Shushan Mebrahtu, $230,000.

Quantrell Ave., 5925, No. 302-Paulos Weldesellasie to Ann Dickow, $167,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Abingdon St. N., 838-Corey and Ryla Dutko to Joshua E. Blanchard and Cecilia D. Blachard, $1.2 million.

Arlington Blvd., 2700-Wimberly A. and Leonard O. McCoy to Karlington Three Corp., $507,000.

Arlington Mill Dr. S., 802, No. 12104-Allison R. Van Lare to Imilce J. Lagos, $206,000.

Bedford St. N., 104, No. A-Maryellen Jadick to Joseph Scott and Jennifer Haas, $267,000.

Carlin Springs Rd. N., 5016-Valerie F. Camerlengo and Valerie Franklin Schuster to Jason M. Berg and Rebecca A. Osmond, $510,000.

Courthouse Rd. N., 1301, No. 810-Richard and Sweta M. Hagar to Steven Angerthal, $528,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4089, No. 203-Worimen Corp. to Jerad and Maria Covalenco Tietz, $395,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4163, No. 204-Maria T. Paul to Jascon C. Turner, $315,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 107-Equity Trust Co. and Yiping Ou to Rebecca Cantu and Andriy Tsintsiruk, $315,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4600, No. 513-Abdullah Alnuaima to Gerald Welborn, $166,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 914-Waleed Ramadan to Grayson W. Hooper, $543,950.

George Mason Dr. N., 3445-Alan C. Tidwell and Jeanette M. Murry to Aisha E. and Jaimey D. Bembry, $805,000.

Granada St. S., 746-Miranda T. Dedja to Varun Chudiwale, $500,000.

Henderson Rd., 4225, No. 302-Charles L. Zimliki Jr. to Joseph Michael Mathias, $345,000.

Highland St. N., 1020, No. 322-Emilio J. Iasiello to Olaf Karstens and Elizabeth Bass, $645,000.

Ivy St. S., 805-Christopher N. and Cynthia W. Schaller to Edward and Nicole MacDonald, $775,000.

Jefferson St. N., 2601-Barbara A. Porter to Mehul Vora and Angela Koloszar, $925,000.

Key Blvd., 1913, No. 11570-Michael and Patricia Edwards to Daniel R. Confino, $273,750.

Lee Hwy., 2801, No. 403-Erik Hjelm and Sandra Patricia Pocasangre to David W. Briggs and John F. Benton, $1.14 million.

Lincoln St. S., 1140-Jaml Alexander Razavian and Grace Keiko Yaguchi to Nicholas and Hannah Fay Waguespack, $925,000.

Monroe St. N., 901, No. 314-Katie L. Euston to Michael Lee Cavey and Shan Shi, $480,000.

Nelson St. N., 418-Ted Kaurukov and Harriet Kavrukov to Brett and Abbey Gibson, $1.05 million.

Oak St. S., 912-Jaime A. and Maria B. London to Olga H. Popova, $440,000.

Peary St. N., 3032-John C. Allen and Henrietta S.P. Kundert to Elena L. Sylos Labini and Nicholas P. Moebius, $1.25 million.

Queen St. S., 1308-Carver Investment Development Inc. to Bernard and Heather McKeever, $717,000.

Quincy St. N., 888, No. 906-Gabriel R. Hughes to John T. and Maria H. Santucci, $480,500.

Somerset St. N., 2801-Antonis and Christine M. Clapsis to Nathaniel J. and Christine Ann Bell, $1.15 million.

Stuart St. N., 1029, No. 212-Meagan S. Halpern and Meagan S. Gatzke to Alvin H. Kim, $365,000.

Taylor St. N., 900, No. 1224-HMC Retirement Properties Inc. to Opal Mae Wrinkle, $156,200.

Tazewell St. N., 3805-Philip J. Jacks and Britney Ziegler to Dennis Jay and Ruth A. Hoffman, $917,000.

Underwood St. N., 2720-Gary V. Davis and Susan A. Fraser to Quynh Diem Trinh and Chan D. Nguyen, $785,000.

Utah St. N., 1143-Matthew Mosca and Ying Hu to Jiading Hu and Hongquing Fan, $560,000.

Utah St. S., 829-Urbanvibe Residential Corp. to Paa Ekow and Mame Annan Brown, $1.35 million.

Wakefield St. N., 831-Surojit and Meredith Buzan Sen to Hoan and Danette Nguyen, $985,000.

Westmoreland St. N., 2200, No. 211-Gregory B. Clarke to Joseph J. and Kristen D. Clarke, $196,000.

Woodrow St. S., 122-Linda M. Rancourt and Melinda Sue Sandmeyer to Susan Grubb Goldman and Shirley Mason, $800,000.

Third St. S., 5820-Barbara J. and Bart S. Gray to Matthew Brandon Crute and Elizabeth C. Marcey, $636,000.

Fifth St. S., 5812-Ryan and Kathryn Fairchild to Christopher and Sally Pencikowski, $895,000.

Seventh Rd. S., 5010, No. T1-Ray S. Dixon to Ray Watson, $278,000.

Eighth St. S., 3518-Robyn Lee Carter to Matthew T. Sheehey and Lisa D. Chesnel, $730,000.

10th St. N., 3625, No. 906-Kris C. and Alan Thomas Tracy to Lloyd D. Davis and Thyy N.T. Davis, $935,000.

14th St. N., 2330, No. 203-Kimberly M. Welsh to Vincent Louis Berretta and Caitlin Margaret Gross, $580,000.

19th St. N., 4419-Michael and Nicole Washecka to Christopher J. Pittinger and Christine M. Kelley Pittinger, $138,600.

23rd Rd. N., 3329-Peter R. Herbst and Julie A. Maginnis to Liana and Tyler Rosen, $1.26 million.

25th St. N., 4726-Michael S. and Kayla Sailer to Andrew J. and Julia P. Matisoff, $1.32 million.

27th St. N., 6241-Frederick Stephen and Irene Aurelia Celec to William Piervincenzi and Mary Diggin, $790,000.

32nd St. N., 6638-Erik Stephen and Jennifer L. Strasel to Andrew Donofrio and Kara L.C. Donofrio, $850,000.

37th St. N., 5109-Christine K. Reich and Eugene S. Reigh to Anthony W. and Stephanie S. Rush, $1 million.

41st St. N., 4501-Kipp A. and Linda H. Coddington to Andrew J. and Jennifer D. Board, $870,000.


Army Navy Dr., 1300, No. 103-Frank A. Allmaier and John Allmaier to Corey Alvarez, $250,000.

Crystal Dr., 1300, No. 1404S-Althea H. Coetzee to Paul F. Meagher, $603,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3600, No. 425W-Richard P. and Gail Weierstall to Meredith Dina Dezemler, $340,000.

Queen St. S., 2335-Caren Teresa Blacker and Wilda Theresa Berry to David and Mary Williamson, $739,950.

22nd St. S., 1038-Janet M. Meiburger and Irma Cristina Caliz to Christopher B. and Valerie M. Hughes, $910,000.


Mckinley Rd. N., 949-Stephen W. Pace and Moody A. Pace to Bradley J. and Jane T. Niesen, $490,000.

Potomac St. N., 1504-Eric A. Large and Shannon L. Rock to Thomas J. and Jacquelynn K. Ripke, $700,000.

Underwood St. N., 2303-Lyle Property Management Corp. to John N. and Sohyun Hahn, $895,000.

Eighth St. N., 5726-Brett D. Shoelson and Erin L. Eckert to Erin L. Eckert, $245,000.

15th St. N., 4914-David Keith Sarji and Anne Marie Rentz to Jeffrey Doain Holt and Kaymarie Jennie Knapp, $1.06 million.


Arlington Blvd., 1730, No. 106-Robert G. Tomassoni to Julie A. Kenneally, $249,900.

Nash St. N., 1200, No. 236-Maria P. Vickers to Christina M. Miske, $420,000.

Rhodes St. N., 1401, No. 404-Michael Kiernan to Brian Copes, $338,000.


Abingdon St. S., 3080, No. C2-Nicholas Theofilos to Sharon Pritz, $300,000.

Culpeper St. S., 2208-Russell D. and Lisa Gibbs Smith to James H. Gibbs, $387,000.

Stafford St. S., 3558-Paul A. and Tyna K. Gohmann to Wayne A. Oshima, $615,000.

Wakefield St. S., 3428-Raquel Terry and Raquel Cabral to Jason D. and Jennifer R. Wheelock, $475,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2665, No. C-Marvel C. Church to William N.A. Lamba and Cecilia Kline, $310,000.

23rd St. S., 4920-Thomas R. and Eugenia M. Leonard to Mark J. and Amie M. Hovatter, $799,000.

27th Rd. S., 4833-Joshua Mavis and Aaron Lee Hendricks to Kathleen Karns, $425,000.

33rd St. S., 4108, No. A2-Adam R. Kostecki and Alexandra C. Collison to Adam R. Kostecki, $20,000.

36th St. S., 4321-Matthew Francis Bonorden to Brandon Jason and Tiffany Allen Archuleta, $494,900.