These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arell Ct., 89-Robert P. and Virginia J. Lennox to James Edwin and Senodja Folayan Sundiata Walker, $1.25 million.

Beauregard St. N., 301, No. 1411-Ana Marie Gillett to Maryam Sirat, $147,000.

Brawner Pl., 5245-Alexandru Muresan and Jennifer Casey Wolfe to Lauren Elizabeth and Emeka C. Osakwe, $799,000.

Charles Ave., 3914-Chad and Nicole Droney to Joshua Morgan and Noelle Rose Kitenko, $643,000.

Clifford Ave., 105-Megan C. Pavelich to Oluwatobiloba Olufolabi, $594,999.

Commonwealth Ave., 215-Audrey J. Pendleton to Dawn Lynn Ramsey and Owen Lewis Ford, $675,000.

Crestwood Dr., 911-William C. and Julie Dwyer to Caroline M. and Matthew P. Walsh, $1.03 million.

Devon Pl., 706-Max H. Martin to Andres Alvarez-Prado, $650,000.

Edsall Rd., 5911, No. 504-Moe Houdaigui to Shaheen Alia Ghori, $240,000.

Eisenhower Ave., 2825-Toll Mid-Atlantic Partnership Co. Inc. to Rahul Malik and Anjali Marwaha, $909,000.

Fendall Ave., 57-Holiday-Earp Corp. to Axsumawit Mekonen, $428,000.

Fitzgerald Lane, 1666-Kenneth Taylor to Colleen Marie and Catherine J. McEnearney, $282,000.

Gibbon St., 307-Enrique D. Arias and Julia L. Busch to Alexandra Anne and Alicia Sheldon Porter, $880,000.

Grimm Dr., 5042-Laura R. and Trenton D. Robinson to Kevin William and Regina Marianne Siebold, $645,000.

Hickory St., 2913-John T. Allan III and Luz B. Diaz Rios to Katherine Rankin and Brian H. Adams, $633,000.

Ingram St. S., 110-Jan N. Divincenzo to Laura Kimberly Neck, $415,000.

John Carlyle St., 520, No. 317-Pamela H. Neferkara to Felix Fazliddin, $365,000.

Lee St. N., 115, No. BH203-David C. and Kathleen D. Irvine to Anita L. Mann, $799,000.

Manning St., 3027-Sami K. Hamza and Rachel J. Witsaman to Rachel Jean Schofer, $605,000.

Mark Dr., 3741-Zenebe Shewayene to Homan Solemaninejad, $362,000.

Martha Custis Dr., 1225, No. 213-Reg Investments Corp. to Michael James Blackwell, $250,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 710-Matthew P. and Caroline M. Walsh to Patrick James Barkhuff and Emily Elizabeth Rinner, $725,000.

Nelson Ave. W., 111-W. Nelson Development Corp. to Robert W. Meyer and Sameera Gharagozloo, $1.47 million.

Oronoco St., 1016 1/2-Nancy S. Kline to Conor Riley and Teresa Marie Daugherty, $825,000.

Paxton St. N., 1043-William J. and Jane E. Froehlich to Chanda R. Binkley, $600,000.

Pommander Walk, 109-William W. and Elizabeth S. Newell to David Ellinwood and Brooke Ellinwood McDonough, $1.41 million.

Quaker Hill Dr., 1241-Bruce V. Butterworth to Kendall E. and Kerry McBrearty, $570,500.

Quantrell Ave., 5937, No. 303-Chun-See and July Chon to Sarah J. Aristil, $194,000.

Reynolds St. S., 250, No. 207-William Richard and Connie R. Staudinger to Frank Anthony Bart, $215,000.

Rosemont Ave. E., 48-Jennifer L. Pfeifer and Alison C. Simon to Giana Catherine Mandel, $572,100.

Slaters Lane, 501, No. 921-Dana Amsdell to Leroy Carr III, $404,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6301, No. 614-Danielle D. Bogan to Nebil Chibsa Jiru, $186,000.

Taylor Run Pkwy. E., 118-Danielle C. and John E. Whitley to Kathleen J. Smith and Steven G. Darbes, $490,000.

Valley Dr., 3748-David C. Cooke and Katherine E. Wagner to Michael S. Castiglione, $305,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 1569, No. A-Karl Hemmer and Elaha Soroori to Patrick McCreary and Monica A. Kohnen, $425,000.

Van Dorn St. S., 12, No. 305-Andrew T. Tellez to Tadews Haile, $225,000.

Wyndham Cir., 3309, No. 1185-Tinamarie and Robert G. Tobey to Nawshin Sultana, $320,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 203, No. 821-Vernon T. Davis to Akbar Soleimani, $273,000.

Yoakum Pkwy., 205, No. 506-Nathan R. Davis to Joseph and Toni Donato, $214,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Abingdon St. S., 312-Philip Gene and Pamela J. Young to Erica Jane Rokenbrod and Charles Kenneth Channon, $767,500.

Arlington Mill Dr. S., 814, No. 6-302-Elizabeth D. Bull to Gregg A. Simmons, $205,000.

Buchanan St. S., 989, No. 409-Pillars Columbia Pike Corp. to Roanne Calizo, $306,456.

Clarendon Blvd., 2400, No. 807-Smitha Pillai to Sonja Schmidt, $460,000.

Culpeper St. N., 2011-Jason Dewitt to Brendan McConnell and Angela Marie Mannix, $899,900.

Edgewood St. S., 1510, No. 554-Keith E. Giles to Zachariah Van Ness, $324,500.

Florida St. N., 2610-Matthew D. and Christine L. Lyons to Mark Christopher and Beth L. Andres, $810,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4127, No. 204-Mary C. Bray to Yoona Koh, $330,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 632-Mariluz Argote to Leila Santos and Mirko Jovicic, $345,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 851, No. 304-Patrick D. Kennery to Steven and Carolyn Wong, $650,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 3106-Brian and Kristin McPartland to Scott Alexander and Sorhym Lee Snyder, $1.39 million.

Greenbrier St. N., 2219-Jennifer Line and Dina McCullough to Cory E. and Virginia S. Barry, $1.56 million.

Henderson Rd. N., 4141, No. 506-Sharon C. Hale to Gene B. Davison and Netsanet Woldmichael, $425,000.

Jefferson St. N., 2454-Andrew and Kate Golden to Clark L. Shannon and Kristin M. Roberts, $826,000.

Key Blvd., 3188-Mark V. and Jane L. Stanga to Joel and Kelly Mington, $1.36 million.

Lee Hwy., 6112-Chichy J. Keys to Ken Yang and Hong Zhou, $625,000.

Little Falls Rd., 5112-Virginia Oster Douglas and Stephen J. Acuna to Hugh Bennett Miller Jr. and Amy Alyea Williams, $1.5 million.

Monroe St. N., 2101, No. 304-Adam J. and Charlotte M. Hoffer to Madisen M. McDade, $540,000.

Pershing Dr. N., 3300-Kristine L. Monyamat to Gregory L. Naarden and Anne W. Benjaminson, $1.1 million.

Pollard St. N., 880, No. 1006-Christine M. Frezek to Shuo Zhang, $430,000.

Quesada St. N., 1821-William N. Witting to David R. Shearman and Jenny L. Morrell, $899,000.

Quincy St. N., 888, No. 610-David C. and Sarah R. Walton to Herbert C. Wolfsen, $538,000.

Ridgeview Rd. N., 2323-David M. and Karen K. Van Buren to John Greg and Betty L. Meyer, $1.66 million.

Stafford St. N., 1020, No. 207-John F. Bessette to Maxwell Marx, $365,000.

Stuart St. N., 1029, No. 510-Christine Obester to Emil and Wafa Samara, $430,000.

Stuart St. N., 1138-Evg-Ballston Corp. to Michael P. Oreilly, $1.53 million.

Taylor St. N., 900, No. 1511-Edward A. Buzzi III and Susan G. Clasby to Pauline G. Cerasa, $135,000.

Thomas St. N., 226, No. 226-1-Rendi McCoy to Maria Christi Cantre Lumanlan, $241,000.

Troy St. N., 1713, No. 7-387-Daniel Johnston to Michael Brandon Gonzalez, $300,000.

Utah St. N., 2424-James and Amity Hoch to Evan Papageorgiou and Heather R. Ignatius, $1.44 million.

Vermont St. N., 1001, No. 514-Paul Meassick to Sean Jones, $460,000.

Wakefield St. N., 3901-Maria R. Manchester to Michael Gruden, $1.05 million.

Wilson Blvd., 1800, No. 413-Mi Yung Park to Thomas Skelton Hastings, $450,000.

Fourth Rd. N., 5913-William C. Gluth II and Channing W. Daniel III to Sean Martin Ruberg and Hope Wicke Hurley, $891,500.

Sixth St. S., 2919-Gordon T. Whitman and Julia F. Paley to Jennifer P. Sovada, $805,800.

Eighth St. S., 5415-Value Homes 4 Corp. to Jakir Hossain and Asrafun Nahar, $327,000.

13th St. S., 2902, No. 2201-Colin M. Gage and Andrea M. Shirley to Connor David Saxon Kipp, $311,300.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 1610-Abolfazl T. and Ramtin T. Bidgoli to Gail Elizabeth Chambers and H. Scott Baker, $1.43 million.

16th St. S., 2600, No. 701-James A. Herring to Katherine Painter Dydak, $295,000.

19th St. S., 3546-Andrea Cullins to Judith Davis, $565,000.

26th St. N., 6324-Eric and Laura Shelkey Yeo to Edwin D. Aronne and Alexandra Vegal Lobo, $920,000.

32nd St. N., 5522-Mark D. and Kathleen H. Smith to Elizabeth Anne Pelletreau and Adam Brent Butler, $1.2 million.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1301, No. 203-Dow and Leevon Chang to Milena A. Amaya and Rossitza Petrova, $239,000.

Glebe Rd. S., 3600, No. 210W-Patrick and Angela K. Lawson to Shannon McCully, $560,000.

Inge St. S., 2323-Maxwell E. Westmoreland to Justin Richard and Kristin Marie Samm Knapp, $1.26 million.


Colonial Terr. N., 1575, No. 103-Y-Richard Lawrence Harrington to Matthew Elston Schwartz, $228,000.

Nash St. N., 1881, No. 2102-Clifford G. and Christine Mumm to Samir and Seema Behl, $2.95 million.

Ode St. N., 1336, No. 5-Mellibeth Marzan and Jerel Paule to Mei Fung Lau and Akash Ray, $280,000.


Abingdon St. S., 3008, No. B1-Laura Ashley Casteel to Joe R. Cowles and Margaret Sutton, $270,251.

Buchanan St. S., 2861-Michael F. Burbidge to Amber Lee and Syed Adam Mustafa, $430,000.

Stafford St. S., 3532-Rhonda A. Bentz to Elsie Carlotta Oldaker and Nicholas John Wills, $532,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2627, No. A-Brenda Ann and Virgil D. Thompson to Paul Ryan, $346,000.

26th St. S., 2055, No. 5-403-Jane W. and Victoria J. Wise to Richard Howard Koh, $450,000.

30th St. S., 4818-Eli Meltzer to Martha Herrmann, $485,000.