Red roses (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Drumroll, please.

The most romantic city in the United States is Alexandria, Va.

Well, at least according to a ranking put out by According to its sales of romance-related music, books and “sexual wellness products,” Amazon put Alexandria first on its list of the 20 most romantic cities in the U.S.

It is followed by Miami, Knoxville, Tenn., Orlando and Vancouver, Wash.

According to Amazon, Alexandria returned as the most romantic place after “five heartbreaking years away from the top spot” in its list. (Disclosure: Amazon founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

The Amazon ranking came out this week in advance of Valentine’s Day. Amazon said the rankings are based on sales data on a per-capita basis from cities that have more than 100,000 people.

Valentine’s Day, which is Sunday, creates about $19 billion in spending on candy, flowers, jewelry and other items, according to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation.

Amazon’s ranking of most romantic cities is based in part on a “compilation of sales data” from the online retailer’s customers who bought relationship books, romance novels, and movies that are romantic comedies. It also looked at sales of a “curated list of romantic music,” including songs by artists Luther Vandross, Miguel, Maxwell and Barry White. And one other thing it tracked and used to rank the cities — the sales of sexual wellness products, according to the company.

The company said its data included both the sale of books in print and on Kindle, as well as movies on DVDs and digital format, plus music on MP3s and CDs.

Last year, Amazon ranked Knoxville, Tenn., followed by Miami, Fla., and Orlando, Fla., as among the top three in its list of the 20 “Most Romantic Cities” in the country.

Amazon highlighted some of its findings in its ranking of this year’s most romantic cities:

●Las Vegas dropped off the list this year.

●Miami residents bought the most sexual wellness products.

●Knoxville, Tenn., remained in the top three cities for the past five years in a row.

●“Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” was the most requested Barry White song.

●The rankings from Amazon for the top 20 most romantic cities in the country are:

1.) Alexandria

2.) Miami

3.) Knoxville

4.) Orlando

5.) Vancouver

6.) Cincinnati

7.) Columbia, S.C.

8.) Pittsburgh

9.) Round Rock, Tex.

10.) Ann Arbor, Mich.

11.) Atlanta

12.) Salt Lake City

13.) Scottsdale, Ariz.

14.) Everett, Wash.

15.) Gainesville, Fla.

16.) Seattle

17.) Wilmington, N.C.

18.) Rochester, N.Y.

19.) Dayton, Ohio

20.) Bellevue, Wash.