Hey, you in the bright orange Orioles jersey and black Baltimore hat — are you lost?

“I’m a hard-core O’s fan,” explained Rob Low (yes, Rob Low), 25, a lifelong Orioles fan from Olney. “There were no Nats when I was growing up.”

He was interloping as a guest of his college friend, Zack Klares, who was draped from head to toe in Nationals gear. “If he wants to support his team, he can support his team,” Klares said. “But deep down, he’s rooting for the Nats.”

True, Low said. “I’m promoting the Beltway World Series.”

And besides, he added, he was hardly the only one violating the dress code at Washington’s playoff party. “I saw one guy in a Mariners jersey; I think he was the one at the wrong game.”