Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3279-Diana Anderson and Christopher J. Conway to Bart Lawrence and Meghan Elizabeth Pacifico, $540,000.

Boucher Ave., 822-Andrew H. Sinnickson to Roger I. and Diantha A. Haagenson, $340,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2213-Roberta S. Beal to Bruce D. and Jane A. Fitzgerald, $975,000.

Decatur Ave., 31-Robert M. Grubbs and Margaret A. Grant to Domingo Carlis and Sandra Joseph Nunez, $815,000.

Gentry Ct., 66-Asher L. and Maura Fabris Gray to Maria De Las Mercedes Casasco, $280,000.

Janwall Ct., 3-Paul D. and Valerie A. Schantz to Woodrow J. Watkins, $225,000.

Lyons Dr., 2527-Arthur M. and Sandra C. Ahalt to Hunter and William Pieklik, $616,250.

Parkwood Ave., 811-David Hurst and Victoria Lynn Basil to Troy Daniel Laskoski and Cassandra Elizabeth Vasco, $385,000.

Rockway Ave., 3530-William Thomas and Betsy Ellen McArdle to Jennifer E. Scott and William Delkanic, $474,000.

Spa Creek Landing, 4, No. 4A1-Donna Valley Russell to Jeffrey K. Sherwood and Joe A. Sherwood, $454,378.


Admiral Dr., 633-James A. and Laura A. Gill to Kristin E. Gray, $265,000.

Carraway Lane, 106-Spa Gate Corp. to Terry L. and Kathleen A. Thompson, $200,000.

Clay St., 123-Angela A. Hicks and Fanika Angela Wiggs to Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, $75,000.

Cornhill St., 48-Katherine D. Bell to Cristin D. Clague, $499,000.

Epping Way, 315-Robert F. and Rose Ann Ryba to John S. and Anne K. McCoy, $689,000.

German St., 10-Stephen A. and Jennifer J. Shinn to Kevin M. and Lisa Wagner Hill, $665,000.

Hidden Meadow Lane, 1911-Christian L. and Megan R. Hayden to Paul A. and Janice M. Buelow, $540,000.

Marconi Cir., 1965-Jeanne Uhl to Gisela Burkhard, $228,000.

Monterey Ave., 505-Douglas G. and Lynn Dee Conley to Ryan and Maggie Joy, $560,000.

Pemaquid Ct., 2662-Charles K. and Katherine M. Woody to William J. and Wendy G. Higgins, $389,900.

Point Lookout Cove, 2606, No. 65-Raya C. and John J. Digiorgio to Kathleen B. Sharman, $320,000.

Riva Rd., 2574, No. 17A-Philip Irving and Rosemarie Barber to Kathryn A. Chonoski, $150,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 202-Jane M. Blair and Nancy E. Blair to Phyllis K. and Michael S. Harding, $180,000.

Southgate Ave., 34-Kathryn O.L. Higgins to John Fenzel, $1.2 million.

Towne Centre Blvd., 1915, No. 407-Charles Littleton to Kiriakos Gerassimou, $473,500.

Valley View Rd., 2970-William Charles Feyk to James and Kathleen Russ Hergenroeder, $525,000.

Warners Terr. S., 2013-Lisa M. Fratino to Erik C. Carlson, $229,900.


Colonial Ridge Lane, 478-Claudia B. Yale to Darla Ann Stone, $285,000.

Long Meadow Way, 387-Bruce C. and Vicky A. Stolins to Christopher Mark and Denise Broyhill, $460,000.

Rosslare Dr., 317-Keith and Jane A. Corner to Andrew Evans and Andrea Crish, $525,000.

Summerwood Ct., 1214, No. 80-Lendmark Financial Services Inc. to Javier Castro, $199,000.


Berlin Ave., 124-Newbury Place Reo III Corp. to Bryant Ferguson III, $145,000.

Cedar Hill Rd., 121-Loan One Mortgage Co. to Scott Walter, $134,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 316-MC Hammer & Nail Corp. to Raymond and Naomie Djissonon, $135,000.

Short St., 7-Mildred M. Harryman and Craig D. Miller to Kenneth S. Chrismond, $160,000.

Sixth Ave., 306-Melissa B. Tackett to Megan M. Parker, $130,000.


Carvel Rd., 10-Edward Webb and Debbie H. Gosselin to David and Gillian Pommerehn, $760,000.

Chestnut Tree Dr., 873-Vineyard Property Investments Corp. to Christian J. and Meghan N. Hazen, $494,900.

Lake Claire Dr., 1033-Lenn R. Fox to Matthew J. and Amanda H. Shenton, $287,500.

Log Inn Rd., 1468-Pride Homes Corp. to Martien I. Link and Patricia D. Day, $257,000.

Old Mill Bottom Rd. S., 240-Denes K. Roveti Trust to Shirley M. Palmieri and Andi M. Gendell, $435,000.

St. George Dr., 1179-Jona L. Capra and John Frederick Williams to Pride Homes Corp., $170,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5462-George W. Bodkia III to Eddison R. and Heather G. Vera, $250,000.

Gloucester St., 5563-HSBC Bank USA to Raul Garza Robles, $249,180.


Bandury Ct., 1564, No. 139-Linda R. Parr to John and Robin Campbell, $301,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1596-Timothy A. Kelly and Jennifer M. Coates to Madelyn A. Reuther, $166,000.

Forest Hill Ct., 1673-Diana L. Moore to Marie K. Acluche, $245,000.

Jolie Pl., 2105-Richard E. and Jennifer A. Simmons to Udaya B. Chundury and Aparna Pidaparthi, $750,000.

Log Mill Pl., 1825, No. 1-Robert L. Langley Sr. to Troy Allen Smith, $214,900.

Ralston Pl., 1832-Gregg Estates Corp. to Darren K. and Amy L. Davenport, $365,000.

Selkirk Ct., 2555-Craig T. Distelhorst to Thomas Drew Robertson, $327,500.

Vineyard Lane, 2548-Arthur and Sharon Colea to Marisa A. Stevens, $279,900.

Wickham Way, 1694-Thomas E. and Gwen M. Moore to Giovanni De Amici, $590,000.

Worrell Ct., 2628-Christopher and Ann Marie Crowley to Bradley L. and Angela M. Rainey, $338,500.


Flourmill Ct., 2008-Jeffrey S. Dade and Karen E. McGibbon to Darrell K. Jones and Marci M. Frye, $838,000.

Wallace Rd., 1012-Randall Vaughn and Susan Vaughn Ward to Ronald F. and Aimee J. Barbagallo, $387,000.


River Rock Way, 7925-Brian H. Hope and Patricia Anne Gallagher to John and Deborah Ann Bonanno, $315,000.


Brick Church Rd., 227-Robert Hall and the estate of Mary Lucille Hall to Scott M. and Sandra L. Delcore, $525,000.

Howard Grove Rd., 2536-Phil Nguyen and Irene Myhre to Stephen A. and Jennifer J. Shinn, $765,000.


Parkers Creek Dr., 6036-Martha R. Burt and Julia Eggleston Tower to Lawrence E. Mize and Norman A. Houghtailing, $845,000.


Branhum Rd., 3617-David F. and Suzanne M. King to Karen S. Beling, $925,000.

Carrs Wharf Rd., 1120-Michael W. and Catherine A. Gillespie to Jason D. McKenry and Elizabeth J. Clark, $485,000.

Easton Rd., 3359-Mary E. Travers to Rayette Subbs, $340,000.

Idlecreek Lane, 59-Amy H. Robbins to Jaheed Ahamed Gudikal Sheikh and Saira Gudikal Sheikh, $390,000.

Leritz Lane, 3318-Emanuel Oliveri and estate of Carmen Oliveri to Zachary Owens and Melanie Little, $329,900.

Mulberry St., 3292-Scott and Mary Welsh to William R. and Karen K. Cobb, $500,000.

Perder Lane, 13-Gary Pate to Jeffrey B. and Susan M. Davall, $1.18 million.

Selby Blvd., 801-Jane L. Overstreet to Matthew M. and Natalie A. Mills, $332,900.


Prout Rd., 6968-Benjamin Edwin Wilson and Amie W. Becton to Ryan Lee Wood and Kathleen Vermont Sorrell, $300,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 205-Myron C. Rosenberg to Earl B. and Bessie J. Daff, $221,000.

Heatherbloom Trail, 202-Moez A. and Debra Adatia to Denzil R. and Melissa C. Hathway, $735,000.

Ogden Sq., 2437-Mohammed Hamdaoui and Youssef Ziouani to Qin and Yong Di Lin, $368,000.

Wigeon Way, 1406, No. 207-Centex Homes to Anthony M. and Dianne L. Stettler, $241,555.


Baylor Rd., 633-Strategic Equity Group Corp. to Brian P. Sisk, $252,500.

Candle Light Lane, 245-Federal National Mortgage Association to Alicia P. Smith, $99,900.

Delmar Ave., 704-Phillip J. Knapp Sr. to Vernon and Gretchen Leimbach, $120,000.

Georgia Ave. NW, 15-Donald A. and Patricia M. Schroder to Federal National Mortgage Association, $128,118.

Gloucester Dr., 320-Wayne and Take May to Lulu Mwangi and Tanyaradzwa Mupfumbu, $225,000.

King George Dr., 208-Patricia V. Warfield and estate of Ralph R. Watts to Lauren C. and Ronald D. McKeever, $168,000.

McNamara Dr., 7632, No. 492-Robert A. and Melissa E. Seger to Michele Le, $102,750.

Phirne Ct. E., 458-Solomon G. and Robin Dailey to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $259,891.

Ridgely Rd., 413-Alan M. and Ellen Lorraine Brentzel to Douglas Quinn Jr., $242,000.

Sandy Ridge Dr., 608-Demetrius McClarty to Brandon Terrance Davis, $299,900.

Sprite Way, 666-Carl T. Hyden to Luciana Ruzzier and Dimitar Naydenov, $165,000.

Tieman Dr., 1510-Richard E. Rychwalski to Trung O. Luu, Huong Nguyen and Trung Nguyen, $275,000.

West Ct., 456, No. 15B-Gary E. Smith to Jessica and Frank Habegger, $102,500.

Williams Rd., 341-Jack Miles and Carol S. Standish to Ski Investments Corp., $150,000.

Fourth Ave. SW, 211-Margaret M. Marino to William R. Setzler and Cynthia Kociolek, $228,000.


Archibald Dr., 6843-William and Tzveta Edward Bradley to Joseph Edward Kellerher III, $227,500.

Dublin Dr., 370-Daniel B. Long to Mark L. and Melodie Brown, $275,000.

Flamingo Dr., 6205-Federal National Mortgage Association to SD Investment Properties Corp., $105,000.

Home Water Way, 6505-Michael D. and Lois G. Ables to Maizie C. Archie, $164,000.

Marcy Dr., 7630-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dennis Mallonee, $214,000.

Osprey Landing Dr., 7403-Chesapeake Holdings GRLA Corp. to Sitka Investments Corp., $180,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6609-Kelly J. Sewchok to Danielle R. Garrison, $122,000.

Renfro Dr., 400-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sharon Valentine, $130,000.

Stone Haven Dr., 7999-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Payne Maerten Corp., $217,699.

Timbercross Lane, 7715-Christopher and Nicole McIntyre to Candace A. Collins Fortt and Brandon Fortt, $230,000.

Warsaw Ave., 7713-Thomas C. Hetherington and estate of James W. Hetherington to Charles M. McNamara, $112,000.


Fair Oak Dr., 1509-Inder Pal Singh to Olufemi O. Otubanjo, $349,000.

Helston Ct., 7518-Mark V. and Rachel L. Ross to Harpreet Singh and Daljit Kaur Beesla, $350,000.

Kidwell Ct., 7706-Timothy Lee and Adrienne Schroeder to Stanley I. Igboanugo, $190,000.

Milestone Pkwy., 7800-Arundel Preserve No. 9a Corp. to 7880 Milestone Parkway Corp., $2.62 million.

Pometacom Dr., 1909-Joann Ann Spencer to Eric Steven Benda and Melissa Ann Brunn, $400,000.

Sandhurst Lane, 7642-Kimberly D. Sheedy to Ryan D. Tishkevich, $365,000.


Marys Mount Rd., 48-Jerri V. Graham to Barbara E. Gregory, $299,000.


Cloud St., 8316-Tommi D. Williams to Brionne A. Walters, $260,000.

Mississippi Rd., 8146-Michael D. Kim to Asamenew Alemu, $334,000.

Sagebrush Lane, 8712-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Bruce A. and Erlinda L. Carpenter, $387,990.


Hampton Rd., 30-Eileen Lorraine Keefer to Andrew Cary, $176,500.

Silky Oak Ct., 338-Louis F. Giles III to Justin M. and Donna M. Bates, $311,500.


Nutwell Rd., 15-Grant P. Nissoo and Deborah A. Fischel to Ronald J. Ringuette and Cristie D. Devoss, $500,000.


Butternut Ct., 344-Richard A. and Charlene J. Hanusz to Michael R. and Brandy J. Kelley, $559,900.

Kenora Woods Ct., 608-Matthew M. Richardson and Heather M. Johnson to Lauren Ashley Smith, $381,000.

Sinclair Lane, 1610-Federal National Mortgage Association to David M. Sterling, $146,000.

Valleywood Rd., 562-Department of Housing and Urban Development to 366 Nansemond Corp., $143,300.

Welland Ct., 576-Jason D. and Emily G. Starke to Kevin E. and Harper R. Herdeman, $274,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2506-Susie S. Allen to William S. and Nancy L. Strong, $207,500.

Black Oak Way, 2524-Patricia A. Adelsberger to James R. and Rebecca E. Starkey, $357,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2637-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate Inc. to Amrita and Rudra M. Rai, $295,000.

Criterion Dr., 1513-James M. Rama and Denise Anne Kothe Rama to John H. Thompson III and Shewit K. Habtemichael, $660,000.

Gladhill Rd., 522-Mary Rose A. Reilly to Brent C. Lamb, $271,000.

Isaac Chaney Ct., 936-Brian D. and Jennifer L. Wills to Jeffrey R. and Amy Algoet, $355,000.

Meadows Ct., 2317-Richmond American Homes to Walinda P. and Norris Peter West, $440,000.

Realm Ct. E., 515, No. 12-71-Angel Renee and William J. Quarles to Jonathan Michael Gilmour, $220,000.

Snow Valley Lane, 832-Andrea K. Blake to Eddie I. and Celena L. Flowers, $420,000.

Winding Stream Way, 696-Theresa Spohnholz to Elizabeth A. Labroad, $189,000.


Chalk Point Rd. W., 4920-Elizabeth B. and John S. Haught to George Shaw Jr., $618,000.


Armiger Dr., 8112-Rome Landing Corp. to Pride Homes Corp., $135,000.

Bayside Dr., 8191-Athony Stockus and estate of Theodore J. Stockus to David L. and Halina Callahan, $600,000.

Brighton Ct., 7879-PNC Bank to Saman Sinai, $226,000.

Capel Dr., 8360-Mark and Patricia Welborn to Jason and Heather Renard, $435,000.

Circle Rd., 222-Christopher D. and Laurel Edgar to Katie L. and Jason E. Griffith, $330,000.

Croydon Way, 8061, No. 222-Edward A. Looper III to Ryan W. Janes, $198,000.

Deering Rd., 865-Doris J. Bunting to Elizabeth Harbison, $170,000.

Elkwood Ct., 8209-Shirle A. Patterson to Get Remodeled Corp., $87,000.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 260-Bruce L. and Alison L. Hammerbacher to Glenn W. and Jacqueline M. Heath, $249,000.

Green Ice Dr., 8218-David A. and Janet M. Bohnsack to David H. and Mary F. Stickney, $479,000.

Holmespun Dr., 1298-Anthony M. and Theresa L. Markley to Madeline M. Ahlas, Michael J. Ahlas Jr. and Norman D. Poehlman, $234,900.

Kenwood Rd., 174-Arlene Ault and Colleen Najera to Gary D. and Denise E. Schmidt, $207,000.

Lions Watch Dr., 278-Gordon L. Perrry to Bryan K. Webb, $370,000.

Mayer Ave., 8055-Bayland Inc. to Michael A. Baldwin 2012 Irrevocable Trust, $147,950.

Melville Rd., 18-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James and Sharon Ford, $182,500.

North Ave., 1950-Juanita A. Hohrein to Richard Leake, $255,000.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 705-Lawrence A. and Nikki M. McGuigan to Jeffrey A. and Kristi A. Starr, $314,900.

Scorton Harbour, 8678-Justin R. Widup and Laura A. Widup Logan to Wesley P. Yeary Jr., $190,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7812-M&T Bank to Michael Edmund Anderson, $245,000.

Somerset Rd., 330-Kenneth H. and Lisa K. Funk to Steven P. Daly and Angela K. Parthemore, $805,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3502, No. L-U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Robert P. Kelly, $105,000.

10th St., 235-Kenny R. and Joan P. Lloyd to Robert A. Warrilow and Meranda Faith Byers, $310,000.

210th St., 762-Thomas Michael Hauf to James and Elissa Zeitschel, $280,000.


Paradise Rd., 411-Pamela M. Brackett to Timothy E. Cook and Silvia S. Cuellar, $120,000.


Champlain Dr., 1910-Veronica Bird Mahaffey to Ana D. Pereira Martinez, $199,000.

Coldwater Reserve Crossing, 1511-D.R. Horton Inc. to William Wayne Barnes, $541,667.

Colonial Park Dr., 1227-Mark K. and Alexandria S. Campbell to Terry and Angela Fort, $475,000.

Disney Estates Cir., 1890-Keith D. Hadley to Brian J. Helliwell, $320,000.

Grainfield Rd., 8227-Susan Porter and estate of Laverne L. Hicks to Edward L. and Tiffany Hendrick Canfield, $350,500.

Jacobs Rd., 8308-Richard A. Malmgren Jr. and Judith E. Burke to George K. Bushey, $185,000.

O’Malley Ct., 1608-Derrick Allen Benton and Tamika Weaver to Michael J. Brown Sr., $400,000.

Severn Run Ct., 1628-Laura D. Desnoo and Nancy P. Parker to Jena Ann Kuczinski, $460,000.

Triple Feather Rd., 1809-Deutsche Bank Co. to Market Service Corp., $152,000.


Benforest Dr., 526-Stacey L. Greco and estate of Sonya J. Greco to John M. and Marla E. Capper, $433,000.

Fairtree Dr., 310-Gerald T. and Barbara B. Zinck to Thomas B. and Dana H. Hunter, $845,000.

Hollywood Rd., 655-Joseph A. and Kimberly Mayer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $373,500.

Lymington Rd., 460-Diane Ruth Brown and estate of Michael Stephen Davidson to Charles Geraghty and Pamela M. Fischer Geraghty, $635,000.

North Dr., 355-Patricia L. Andrews to Daniel C. and Nancy L. Haskell, $341,000.

Riverdale Rd., 253-Paula M. Manuel and estate of Nancy M. Wallace to Matt and Amanda Gray Ryan, $221,900.

Ticonderoga Ave., 730-Asli Mutlu and Elvan Ramazanogullari to Denise M. Edwards, $390,000.


Chestnut St., 4926-Joseph E. and Angelina M. Pilat to Patrick and Heather Ballou, $297,000.


Bonnie June Rd., 5902-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kenneth Harrington Jr., $194,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Century Dr., 10068-Jena F. Hom to Mamunur Rahman, $540,000.

Emerald Valley Rd., 3161-Michael J. and Daniele V. Castellano to Richard A. and Stacy L. Perrier, $515,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12889-Charles and Janet R. Martinez to Bun Selaine Nou and Sok Horn Heng, $735,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 12630-Daniel J. and Kathleen K. Busher to Richard A. and Gianna M. Yannone, $875,000.

Hearthstone Rd., 2990-Randall S. and Shannon L. Osborne to Brian C. and Elizabeth Teachey, $590,000.

Legends Way, 2641-Cynthia J. Michael to Alain and Maria C. Dupecher, $540,000.

Ordway Dr., 2906-Charles J. and Patricia J. Schreibeis to Christian Lloyd and Megan Rene Hayden, $465,000.

Rollingview Ct., 3440-Mary Dolores Burgan to Laura Anne Howell and Michele Kay Douglas, $360,900.

Tuscany Rd., 10236-Saurabh R. and Mandeep K. Singh to Jing Zou and Helen H. Zhu, $540,000.


Galway Dr., 6434-Robert and Angela Stein to Haibin Luo and Tao Bai, $745,500.

Indian Summer Dr., 5892-Angelo R. and Barbara J. Bencivenga to Hong Tang and Feng Liu, $750,000.

Mystic Ocean Lane, 5919-Shelly R. Stelzer to Stephen W. Chang and Herng Yu Sucie Chang, $535,000.

Trotter Rd., 5813-Shawn Michael and Melissa S. Nickle to Bernaldo and Liza A. Rabe, $440,000.


Basket Ring Rd., 9750-Maureen E. Fitzgerald to Gregory B. Kramp II and Hannah P. Tolley, $254,000.

Charles Edward Terr., 6072-Brian P. Tabinowski to Audrey Ellen Fischer Hesselbrock and Bradley W. Hesselbrock, $445,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6188-Khuzauna Z. and Tasneem B. Pirbhai to Andrew J. and Jessica P. Rosenthal, $345,000.

Hobnail Ct., 9252-Neil McGilvray to Geofrey C. Harston, $305,000.

Light Point Pl., 6269-Collins Family Trust to Ruksana, Iqbal and Sazendi K. Ahmed, $435,000.

Merryrest Rd., 9457-Richard W. and Jan A. Bintliff to Penelope A. Simmons, $224,000.

Painted Yellow Gate, 6209-Shari R. and Jeremy E. Hammond to Richard M., Randi Lyn and Susan Leshin, $469,900.

Sewells Orchard Dr., 6718-Matthew and Marisa Ann Hannen to Harley Halsey, $399,000.

Starburn Path, 6111-Tahmeed Syed and Tanzila Rab to Teia S. Pritchett, $298,000.

Tamar Dr., 5915-Sandra Baron Radcliffe to John Robert and Xiuying Gambrill, $100,000.

Warm Granite Dr., 8817-Alan and Anne Roberta Epstein to Raza A. and Kaneez A. Khan, $530,000.

Wild Lilac, 5485-Federal National Mortgage Association to Reed H. and Raejean T. Kohberger, $212,000.


April Journey, 5686-Scott D. and Joslyn Y. Kravtiz to Hampson H. Fields III, $302,500.

College Sq., 10381-Richard Rothamel to Brian P. Kinch, $112,500.

Daystar Ct., 10284-Santos and Leonel Interiano to William Weiss and Haiyi Huang, $156,000.

Fair Oaks, 10426-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Thelma I. Valdes and James G. Lazar, $405,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5675-Kevin M. Drum to Stanley Warren, $195,000.

Hunting Lane, 10621-Kim Allysa Berk and Scott Reynard Osborne to Neil P. Beauchamp, $340,000.

Paul Revere Ride, 5233-Kerry A. and Thomas P. McErlean to Lanall Renovations Corp., $300,000.

Rivers View Ct., 7122-Norbert O. and Nancy Mugwagwa to Tan D. and Jennifer M. Nguyen, $595,000.

Slender Sky, 6229-Jason M. Zagnit to Cary Louise and William Gillett, $400,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6064-Ian R. Wright to Tim Hlaka and Lindsay Schlegel, $279,000.


Oakdale Dr., 1750-Michael McNerney and Laurie J. Fassett to Christopher P. and Annmarie Varlotta, $700,000.


Cedar Ave., 6926-Paul J. Linkins to Peter L. and Rachel E. Heineman, $342,000.

Darby Downs, 7255-Lauren Ann Wikse to Thyagarajan Ramesh and Brinda Ramesh, $265,000.

Elk Mar Dr., 7100-Peter L. and Solmaz T. Marzano to Soe K. Htet, $650,000.

Holly Springs Lane, 7057-Raghavendra Reddy Pulakurthi to Srinivasa R. Margani, $280,000.

Meadow Rose, 5936-Chad D. and Christina R. Orbe to David, Samuel Graham and Susan Passano MacFarlane, $350,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 6033-Michael and Carole Hoss to Devin James and Nadeau Jorgen Hahne, $190,000.

Wesley Lane, 6444-Birju Harshad and Amisha B. Patel to National Residential Nominee Services, $461,100.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7733-Christopher and Melanie A. Kucharik to Nai Yung Hsu, $350,000.

Brightwind Ct., 7910-Brian J. and Jacqueline D. Brewer to Lindsay E. Reinhold, $315,000.

Church Lane Dr., 8278-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Arush and Rupali Kumar, $651,000.

Elko Dr., 8177-Richard C. Jackson and Irene M.J. Jackson to Matthew L. and Lori A. Trimmer, $635,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8613-Srabony and Jayanta Ghosh to Ahmed Sameer Khan, $195,000.

High Meadow Ct., 8124-Kevin Monroe and Beth Elaine Mason to Neelofar Wajahat, $545,000.

Jumping Field Ct., 8313-Nicholas J. and Patricia M. Keller to Rahul and Rachana Mandsaurwale, $512,500.

Kovach Ct., 6121-Michelle and Deepak K. Gulati to Prashanth K. and Anitha Jonnala, $393,000.

Middlesmoor Ct., 5006-William J. and Elizabeth A. Hazel to Nicholas and Angela Austin, $52,500.

Old Frederick Rd., 8901-Paul A. Bresson to Alexander M. Velle Jr., $315,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4578-Lorenza L. and Rosalyn A. Reid to Richard Amrhein and Lisa Romeo, $420,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8245-Bonnie M. Malkus and Catherine Tolbert to Valerie Y. Foster, $245,000.

Walnut Dr., 3410-Kevin G. O’Connor and Susan F. O’Connor to Blaine R. Marchik and Christina M. Michaels, $449,000.


Chase St., 11245-Steven P. Jefferson to J. Stephen and Beverly K. Metcalf, $407,500.

Morris St., 7577-NVR Inc. to Luis A. Mendez, $554,250.

Water St., 7714-Jessica J. Serwit to Thomas L. and Petra Kuczynski, $535,000.


Adcock Lane, 6096-Charles W. Shick Jr. and Kathry M. Boyer Shick to Steven S. and Joanne Harkness, $397,000.


Arctic Circle Dr., 8423-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Nanaesi Amoo, $430,000.

Aspenwood Way, 8183-Eighanne Vader to Albert Cema, Yvonne Gorski Guillen and Laura M. Souder, $259,000.

Hub Garth, 8855-King George Corp. to Brian K. and Debi Harvey, $344,820.


Allview Dr., 6626-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Brendam M. Jennings and Tamara L. Jackson, $414,000.

Copperwood Way, 7001-Carol A. Gray to Ana A. Prendergast, $285,000.

Fountain Rock Way, 7187-Paul Jeffrey Casey and Maria Sousa to Anthony R. and Kristina M. Pannone, $480,000.

Moving Water Lane, 9032-Deutsche Bank Co. to Emmanuel Obasiolu and Yu Wang, $254,900.

Procopio Cir., 7248-Althea and Arthur Becke to Yong Sun and Mi Suk Hong, $235,000.

Summer Blossom Lane, 7504-Benjamin T. Dinsmore to Scott C. Robinson, $265,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7565-Andrea Liebert to Virginia M. Kroeger, $170,000.


Penn Shop Rd., 18359-Forty West Group Inc. to Christopher A. and Angela E. Tamberrino, $300,000.


Bolton St., 9701-Susie and Tu Hyon Kim to Dula Gudina and Etobse Muleta, $480,000.

Castlerock Ct., 8742-Beenish Ali to Santana Properties Corp., $269,000.

Delfield Ct., 10604-Joseph Bennett and Andrew Bennett to Fudong Wang, $280,000.

Garden Ranges, 9815-Stacy Kubicek and Brandon Mann to Maria L. Nieve, $485,000.

Katie Lane, 9330-Evelyn Addoyobo to Abiy A. Aregawi and Tigist G. Teklemichael, $275,000.

Norfolk Ave., 9596-Jackie L. Ward to Gurdip and Pooja Singh, $375,000.

White Chute Way, 9311-CS Riverwalk Corp. to Howard County Housing Commission, $258,764.


Underwood Rd., 1734-Matthew J. and Brittany L. Shanley to Patrick Fingles, $940,000.


Carriage Mill Rd., 14768-Gary A. and Betty S. Burrier to Jitesh Patel, $584,900.

Lorenzo Lane, 3115-Rhonda L. Allen to Jaroslaw Kalka, $715,000.


Dorchester Way, 10567-Tepparet Lertsarunyapong to Yun Teng and Zi Zhang, $685,000.

Wetherburn Rd., 10371-Anthony M. and Diane E. Bazlamit to Dhru and Ami D. Gadhia, $675,000.