These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Anchorage Dr., 3136-Thomas K. and Mary K. Tolman to Jonathan B. and Sidney Douglas, $531,110.

Chesapeake Landing., 23-Maryaleese Schreiber and the Maryaleese Schreiber Revocable Trust to Mary Ellen Hickey, $672,500.

Edgemere Dr., 321-Daniel Thomas Haertle to Gwendolyn C. Miller Seal and David C. Seal, $339,500.

First St., 401-First Street Properties Corp. to Matthew A. and Karin D. Mosk, $750,000.

Georgetown Rd., 140, No. 10-Joseph N. Columbo to Sylvia S. and Kim E. Hopkins, $178,000.

Hillsmere Dr., 411-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Blair and Jane Gan Ruemke, $391,000.

Mansion Dr., 107-Capital One NA to Tracey Pictou and Samuel Hernandez Agustin, $398,444.

Spruce Lane, 104-Ardath K. and Robert F. Powell to Kathleen A. Liedy, $485,000.


Admiral Dr., 603, No. 201-Clifford E. Meredith to Brian Cunningham, $175,000.

Astern Way, 930, No. 605-Evelyn P. and Jeffrey Wells to Elizabeth Brandes, $300,000.

Center St., 206-Goshen Mortgage Reo Corp. to Jose R. and Reina D. Zavala, $275,000.

Dominoe Rd., 1970-Daryl L. Carpenter to Rosalino Amaya Guzman and Rosalino Amaya, $302,500.

Gov Thomas Bladen Way, 2020, No. 102-Steven D. Cochran and the estate of Thomas J. Cochran Jr. to Donald Domian, Rita Ann, Donald D. and Rita A. Forrer, $245,000.

King George St., 171-Martha L. Hardesty to Leslie O. and Yvonne A. Dedrickson, $900,000.

Sonne Dr., 798-Andrew L. and Cheryl N. Taub to Adam S. Cannizzaro and Martha B. Masters Cannizzaro, $519,900.

Water St., 25-Betty A. Dulin to Julia A. Fay, $499,000.


Little John Hl., 523-Christopher M. and Claire D. May to Matthew S. and Natalie C. Provost, $830,000.


Bay Dale Ct., 533-Pamela Neustadt Polgreen and Trust Under the Will of Barbara Neustadt to Stephen Wyble, $225,400.

Birchcrest Ct., 1244-Mitchell A. and Lauren M. Stanley to Gregory A. Collins, $260,000.

Carronade Way, 370-Jessica E. Beall to Gabor and Jaime Lang, $235,000.

Driftwood Ct., 1226-Melinda D. and Amelie L. Downing to Juan M. and Sonia I. Peralta, $206,000.

Mago Vista Rd., 924-Kevin M. and Villija Dove to US Bank NA, $240,000.

Oakland Hills Dr., 597, No. 1B-Siri Realty Co. to Richard Shannon Wheeler, $187,900.

Ridgeway Cir., 169-Leslie Ann Swerbilow and David Michael Grumm to Roy Dunshee and Laura McMarlin, $280,000.

Ternwing Dr., 240-Donald E. and Melissa L. Mayo to Nils Properties Corp., $136,000.

Wilson Rd. N., 855-Robert Robert & John Corp. to Matthew H. and Jennifer Knoepfle, $675,000.


Bon Air Ave., 116-The estate of Jacob G. Stone and Amy Beth Herdegen to Jian H. Zhong, $180,000.

Cherry Bark Lane, 765-Charles H. Grantland III to Michele Diana Lauenroth, $279,000.

Moore St., 5507-58 Water Street Corp. to Sandra Fuller, $214,900.

Ritchie Hwy., 6058-SD Investment Properties Corp. to Laura Lee Nguyen, $299,900.


Amberwood Dr. N., 1450-Sean P. and Lisa M. Barnum to Michael R. and Crystal M. Lowe, $317,500.

Bay Front Terr., 2107-Beverly N. Braun to John P. and Beryl Fiackos, $440,000.

Carrollton Rd., 1905-Michael J. and Judith A. Donnelly to Catherine M. and James M. Barrett, $1.15 million.

Elderwood Ct., 345-Gretchen H. Hoffman to Nakeisha Williams, $249,900.

Pintail Lane, 312-Rebecca B. Hill and the Rebecca B. Hill Living Trust to Michael L. and Wendie K. Carter, $385,000.

Southview Dr., 1190-Gerald Francis and Gerald F. Klejnot to Andrew R. Klejnot, $215,000.


Dover St., 5602-David and April J. Igli to Crystal Thompson, $259,900.

Shady Side Rd., 5849-Vaughn Myles and Christal D. Riley to Vincenzo D. Maimone, $242,000.


Cambridge Dr., 1996-Stephen Horstkamp to Patrick D. Gardiner and Gabrielle A. Harper, $185,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1656-David M. Kellstrom to Charline A. Dasilva, $210,990.

Hightee Ct., 2452-Danielle M. Kinney to Jason E. and Melanie A. Poknis, $477,500.

Patrice Cir., 1663-Gwen Maria and Mark Joseph Pfundstein to Mark A. and Samantha R. Romer, $480,000.

Riedel Rd., 1627-Integrity Investments Group Corp. to Amy Dziuban, $217,400.

Stow Ct., 2540-the Department of Veterans Affairs to Clair A. and Kathy S. Williams, $321,000.

Wentworth Dr., 2494-Doris L. Leisher and Robert K. Biggart to Shannon H. Riley and Dario F. Garcia Gonzalez, $195,000.


Paddocks Ct., 1424-Terrence Cedric Brown to Kyle and Vashonda Arrington, $1.1 million.

Snodgrass Rd., 777-Jude Hogan to Deanna Priday and Peter A. Bennett, $324,900.


Cox Landing Ct., 1414-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joshua W. Rains, $203,000.


Alcova Dr., 1567-Anthony D. and Leanne Jett to Richard C. Rosenberg, $320,000.

Huntley Dr., 3529-Leoda M. Deutsch to Jason M. and Frances C. Clurman, $790,000.

Sienna Trail, 1322-Todd Sodeman and Virginia M. Minor to David A. and Kimberly P. Law, $779,900.


Windsor Pl., 609-Warren E. and Sandra D. Whealton to William Steven Mitchell Jr., $329,900.


Calawasse Rd., 3901-Jeremy Dempsey to Sharon J. and Thomas C. Michael, $270,000.

Cliff Dr., 1653-Betty L. Spanglen and Lee Ann Kizina to Kristina M. and Frank M. Hetrick, $650,000.

Fullerton Rd., 1508-Dustin Lee and Carla M. McConnaughhay to Roxanne L. Lastoria, $385,000.

Midland Rd., 1624-Robinson Real Estaste Investment Corp. to Sean Honea, $378,000.

Ninth Ave., 3607-Russell and Deborah Phillips to Adrian B. Jeffries and Gina D. Butler Jeffries, $473,000.

Riverdale Dr., 1712-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Luby, $179,000.

Shore Dr., 2119-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jeremiah Rick Cleman and Allison E. Richter, $125,000.


Bluegrass Way, 1339-Matthew Gibson and Kimberly Dickman to Justin W. and Jennifer L. Dodson, $635,700.

Kendsha Ct., 901-James E. and Theresa M. Higgins to Arshan Janelle Edgerson Mitchell and Adrian Jermaine Mitchell, $585,000.

Time Dr., 2266-William A. and Wanda J. Digregory to Anthony and Eva Cannamela, $315,000.


St Giles Rd., 1731-Marguerite Tulloch to William B. and Patricia G. Holmberg, $925,000.


Brass Horn Lane, 8022-Matthew M. Marsh and Stephanie M. Baum to Amanda P. Zuniga Hernandez and Wilfredo Maldonado Jr., $370,000.

Crawford Dr., 1221-Long Bach Nguyen to Jonathan D. and Mari Wangsvick, $236,621.

Ferndale Rd., 7-Irma C. and Robert S. Tice to Timothy R. Parks and Ashley M. Bowles, $220,000.

Gordon Dr., 896-Sinh Truong Vu to David and Melanie Morrison, $270,000.

Lincoln Ave. SW, 423-Justin M. Weigandt and Stephanie N. Weigand to Frank Kuehn, $310,000.

Magnolia Ave., 3-Larry and Alicia M. Haynes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $237,515.

Pickering Ct., 7104-Casey L. Davis Weaver to Adam and Elizabeth Zeanchock, $325,000.

Saint James Dr., 202-Patricia Lynn Bowman Preston and Jaye Ann Thompson to Jaye Ann Thompson, $57,500.

Turn Loop Rd., 8163-Georges Nseir and Joany Sayegh to Robert Weber, $194,500.

Williams Rd., 316-CFS-4 III Corp. and Midwest Servicing Inc. to Michael C. Draper, $110,000.

Second Ave. SW, 511-Timothy J. and Maureen M. Mchugh to Francis J. Taylor III and Amy R. Hartland Taylor, $346,000.


Coulbourn Cor., 1131-Patricia Eileen and Karl Montgomery Schmidt to Christopher Blackwell, $219,000.

Gaylor Rd., 356-Christoph Reinhold and Emily Hannah Schulz to Dionte T. Robinson, $325,000.

Hummingbird Dr., 7170-Brent Blades to James M. Bybee, $280,000.

Kent Cir., 515-Mary Ann Muha and the estate of Stephen P. Muha to Jorge A. Linares, $189,900.

Mockingbird Cir., 7258-Federal National Mortgage Association to Matthew D. and Brittany M. Goodknight, $280,000.

Phyllis Dr., 9-Twinfarm Corp. to Rohit S., Pratik and Sadhana R. Trivedi, $220,000.

Renfro Ct., 462-William J. and Dawn L. Edwards to Michael A. Fellner, $127,500.

Stiemly Ave., 330-Mary Sue and William C. Sens to Floyd E. and Soraya Cromwell, $220,000.

Williams Grove, 7143-Michael Richard and Lisa Marie Deneane to Michael and Silvia Meawad, $335,000.


Fairbanks Dr., 1456-Melody Lowe Hays to Oscar A. Dembinska Lemus and Karolina Dembinska Lemus, $290,000.

Ridge Chapel Rd., 7682-FPS 7682 Ridge Chapel Corp. to Stephanie N. Tallerico and Joseph E. Zilke, $350,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7530, No. 7530A-Bryan D. Janaskie to Jose E. and Yalineth V. Payne, $302,000.


Arundel Woods Dr., 7541-NVR Inc. to Roger and Naomi Wright, $604,420.


Carriage Walk Lane, 3559, No. 78H-Strategic Realty Fund Corp. to Chelsie Brantley, $245,000.

Hammerstone Rd., 3524-Robert W. and Denise Marie Wright to Felicia Thompson, $313,000.

Style Ave., 3364-Olubola O. and Mercy J. Sowande to Minyong Qiu and Qing Xie, $135,000.

Winding Trail, 8432-Henry Fitzpatrick IV to Aneeqa Chowdhury, $360,000.


Homewood Rd., 113-Christopher R. Helman to Corey R. and Abby N. Hodges, $318,100.


Bay Front Rd. W., 328-Aidens Corp. to Bethany and William Nicholas Hendrix, $395,000.


Arrowleaf Dr., 6-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jennifer H. Schmittle, $339,000.

Kirkwood Rd., 302-Peter C. Wilcox and Margaret O. Brien Wilcox to Jeffrey R. and Kristin Jackson, $735,000.

Oakdale Cir., 944-Precision Properties Group Corp. to James and Stephanie Olienyk, $365,000.

Sylvan Ave., 130-William J. Colburn and Nicole S.J. Colburn to Kevin S. and Anne E. Lee, $450,900.


Autumn Harvest Ct., 2400, No. 103-Stephen S. Kraft to John V. Demaio, $215,000.

Cannon Ball Way, 226-Jeffrey O. Obomeghie to Arsenio Saavedra and Angelica Lucero De Saavedra, $360,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 652-The estate of Mohammad Igbal Hussein Zuberi and Daniyal Mohammad Zuberi to Liem Nguyen and Thuc Yu, $135,000.

Eisenhower Ct., 202-Daryl C. and Virginia L. Shekell to William R. Felder, $325,000.

Knapps Way, 2424-Payne Maerten Corp. to Katrina L. and Robert L. Williams, $330,000.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8702-Kevin G. and Sheryl D. Mellett to Kyle and Jennifer Bates, $362,500.

Passage Dr., 1319-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nicholas and Andrea Mills, $210,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8524-Ronald G. Wyatt Jr. to Hyatt and Shannon Abdelghani, $319,000.

Realm Ct. E., 526-Elda Lambert and the estate of Justo Lambert to Peter Stelnyk and Erica Nybro, $176,700.

Running Wolf Trail, 2517-Anthony J. Delucca to Thomas R. Pantano, $379,900.

Verdigris Way, 1028-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Peter Vardaredian, $310,000.


Henry Ave., 1000-Aaron and Diana Macknew to Alan R. Jacobson and Sarah C. Miller, $340,000.


Booth Bay Harbour, 1158-John Klipsch and Sheri Myers to Mary Naumann, $188,100.

Carolina Ave. S., 241-Karen H. Perry to Zane R. Smith, $246,000.

Chandler Way, 1134-U.S. Bank Trust NA and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Keith Aschenbach, $139,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 363-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory and Gregory Christopher Wright, $205,000.

Duvall Hwy., 713-Michael P. and Darleen L. Sullivan to Tiffany M. Gibbon, $270,000.

Garden Ave., 7717-Amy L. Worthy and Bryan M. Palen to Justin A. Pletcher, $274,900.

Hingham Harbour, 912-Shannon Braitsch and Shannon Braltsch to Jennifer L. Knipp, $219,900.

Lake Shore Dr., 183-Frank J. and Carol F. Coccia to Dustin A. and Christina N. Ambrose, $339,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 225-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennie Marucha and Christopher O’Connell, $210,000.

Mcmagan Dr., 601-Jennifer Z. Hohman to Amparo D. Trunik, $340,000.

Mountain Rd., 4602-William E. Siebold and Nancy F. Turner to Saviel Cruz, $150,000.

New Bedford Harbour, 8676-Susan R. Williams to Michael D. and Theresa L. Hirsch, $165,000.

Paradise Beach Rd., 7626-Whitney N. Partridge to Karen H. Perry, $135,000.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 653-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Caleb and Heather Murray, $128,710.

Rayford Dr., 314-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Ryan J. and Cassie Kelly, $350,000.

Rugby Rd., 8411-C. L. Payne & Associates Inc. and C. L. Payne & Associates to John M. and Kelly M. Henderson, $345,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7723-Jessica and Susan Vogel to Cary Fung, $259,900.

Sunset Knoll Rd., 564-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Adam Ray Turner, $204,751.

224th St., 754-Bowerman Ventures Corp. to John R. Wakeley and Terra L. Cardinal, $250,000.


Anna Ct., 370-Lawrence E. and Karen E. Hall to Joseph W. and Sarah E. Powell, $535,000.

Burns Crossing Rd., 225-Perry F. and Linda M. Caldwell to Charles Alan Minor, $339,900.

Crossbay Dr., 7841-Art Homes Corp. to Louis and Kimberly Brown, $391,250.

Edelton Ave., 110-Department of Veterans Affairs to Wilbert and Angela Young, $342,600.

Heather Mist Dr., 7931-John K. and Amy M. Tims to Tammy Louise Strauss, $245,000.

New Cut Rd., 8505-Joseph B. and Donna Ranee O’Connell to John Mauro and Alissa Gruetter, $525,000.

Ricker Rd., 7769-Rocky Holdings Corp. to Jose Gamez, Delmy Gamez and Melsor S. Valencia, $95,000.

Sheffield Ct., 1908-Carrie M. Ward and Howard N. Bierman to Kha Nguyen, $200,000.

Wb And A Rd., 7800-Keith C. and Deborah Nunnally Blowe to Antone and Camille Celeste Malone, $455,000.


Benfield Rd., 698-David and Kathryn J. Stock to Frank and Melody Leinbach, $480,000.

Blackshire Rd., 461-Mark D. Butler and Pamela M. Spearman to Justin and Sara Nommensen, $515,000.

Dill Pointe Dr., 511-Alison W. Griswold and Francis X. Borgerding Jr. to MTGLQ Investors LP, $530,000.

Idlepark Rd., 403-Edward L. and Valerie D. Gardner to Heather N. and Kenneth W. Chisholm, $534,999.

Ridge Rd., 7-Todd S. and Alyssa Y. Kirssin to Eugene W. and Kathleen C. McCollum, $1.28 million.

West Dr., 520-Pride Homes Corp. to John and Sarah Coggins, $360,000.


Depriest Dr., 1605-John Wesley Huguleyiv and the estate of Johnw Huguley to Ronald D. and Madeline R. Thornhill, $250,000.

Olive St., 4916-Kimberly D. Angermier to Joyce L. Browne and Justine Maas, $230,000.


Howard Ave., 508-Pamela J. Cade and the R. Pamela J. Cade Living Trust to Melissa J. Williams and Nicholas G. Woodall, $350,000.

Howard County

Blast Ave., 9511, No. 11-Dana C. Gaymon to Phonesavanh and Monica Louangrath, $410,000.

Greenway Dr., 2806-Jennifer G. and Jesse G. Moshman to Sekelle O’Brien, $416,365.

Mist Haven Ct., 9310-Robert P. Marsh to Andrea Murray, Robert Murray JR., James M. Day and Merry Day, $565,000.

Treys Lane, 2224-Trevor R. and Marianne T. Beauchamp to Steven C. Speorl, $424,000.


Signal Flame Ct., 6030, No. A3-26-Richard B. and Jeana Chambers to Daniel Quanson Tong and Binyu Wang, $455,050.


Blue Pool, 9002-John D. Oltman and Jessica E. Baker to Jonathan Geelhood, $315,000.

Dewlit Way, 9356-Steven S. Lozinski to Benjamin and Jena Yliniemi, $410,000.

Flagflower Pl., 5740-Thomas L. Malloy to Andrew David Lynch, $255,000.

Macomber Lane, 9468-Bank of America NA to Mark Burch, $205,000.

Old Montgomery Rd., 8898-Terrance L. Meekins to Adrian and Sumi Pokharel, $489,900.

Rockbridge Ct., 5627-Christopher F. and Melanie M. Nichols to Cherly L. and Jack M. Phelon, $492,900.

Starburn Path, 6112-Janice and Victor Rhee to Charles Andrew Beal, $290,000.

Tamar Dr., 8132-Sheila Lambowitz to Puneet Kaur Nagra and Gurinderpal Singh, $400,000.

Transfer Row, 9571-Cassondra E. Lyko and Cassondra E. Francis to Richard A. and Mien T. Lyko, $156,000.


Berrypick Lane, 11074-Mary Opar and Mary Bonica to Sonji J. Woods, $259,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5344-David Scott Anderson and Shirdell V. McDonald to M&T Bank, $130,022.

Lightfoot Path, 5244-Federal National Mortgage Association to Russell Bumgarner, $309,900.

Same Song Sq., 6012, No. 47-Doug Van Der Vossen to Andrea Pumphrey, $248,000.

Symphony Way NW, 10830, No. 104-Tammy Louise Strauss to Steven R. Radant and Patricia A. Wilkerson, $295,000.

Windsor Ct., 6645-Kenneth J. and Anne Altman to Matthew Aaron and Katelyn Jean Meixner, $435,000.

Windstream Dr., 10356-Cecelia Shereese Ross to Vincent Joseph and Jennifer Weinreich Culotta, $343,000.


Assembly Room Ct., 6319-Victor V. and Disnarda D. Ipanaque to Christiana Trust, $496,939.

Briarglen Dr., 7912, No. B-Donald L. and Linda M. Masters to Erwin P. and Heather B. Schoeny, $365,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6778, No. 31-2-Douglas S. Linhart to Brittani Nicole Rynkowski, $232,000.

Green Tree Ct., 8012-Nicholas and Tammi Proescher to Daniel R. Carr and Jessica J. Valenstein, $295,000.

Lebanon Lane, 5947-Richmond American Homes to Qaisar Shabbir, $485,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6215-Robert and Diana Hamblen to Eric Nellis and Christina Tupe, $620,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5952, No. 17-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Melanie Hansen Boone and Betsy Marie Hansen, $120,000.

Shadywood Rd., 6150, No. 204-Glayds N. and Matthew S. Taylor to James P. McDonald, Karen L. McDonald and the McDonald Living Trust, $275,000.


Cedarcreek Ct., 8404-Dolores Davila to Kelly M. Moon, $455,000.

Cooks Lane, 4008-Dorothy E. Jestes and the estate of Gary W. Roberts to David T. Walley and Kimberly M. Elsel, $265,000.

Finest Hour Ct., 8016-Hyok K. and Young S. Park to Venkata Naga Velpuri and Manasa Batchu, $725,000.

Lotus Cir., 4135, No. 75-Linda Carol Duchow to Patricia Ann Davis, John C. Davis Jr. and the John and Patricia Davis Revocable Trust, $440,000.

Rollingtop Rd., 4838-Joan M. and Melvin F. Fauble to Stephen and Ramona Krauss, $452,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8746-Praveen K. and Pramathi Katanguri to Senthil Prabu Selluka Subramanian and Prathipa Gujulva Sankarachari, $445,000.


Clarkson Dr., 8511-Dennis C. and Debra M. Blomme to Matthew T. Krohn and Courtney A. Milne Krohn, $730,000.

Water St., 7739-Eileen Edsall to Thomas T. and Robin L. Medsker, $950,000.


Rosewood Way, 8907-Lauren K. Mason to Olivia Frary Wolfe, $275,000.


Clocktower Lane, 9599-John R. Knutsen to Daniel P. and Dana Lynn Ingle, $304,900.


Savage Guilford Rd., 8332-Carol J. and Kathleen L. Wheeler to Timothy and Sandra L. Coon, $243,000.


Canterbury Riding, 9304, No. 21-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kyonghwa Park Moran, $142,000.

Mossy Bark Lane, 9705-John S. and John Scott Newman to Edmond D. Boddie and Mariamma J. Kallarackal, $480,000.

Veiled Dawn, 9945-Richard L. and Karen J. Range to Namdev Gopal and Deepika Namdev Shenoy, $482,000.


A E Mullinix Rd., 15905-Landall Renovations Corp. to Jeweli Ann Galotta, $525,000.

Thistle Downs Ct., 15613-William G. and Bessie Ann Bostic to Adaeze Chinweamara Okorie, $700,000.


Ganton Grn., 2111, No. E-Victor H. and Dorothy M. Jung to Lloyd M. and Sandra Sloan, $285,000.