These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information on home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Chesapeake Ave., 418-John R. and Belinda H. Sciandra to Stephanie L. Hancock, $492,500.

Drogue Ct., 3101-James F. and Carolyn Duffy to Blake B. and Jennifer A. Millard, $515,000.

Gemini Dr., 1233, No. C-North Green Equities Corp. to Edward C. Kestler, $155,000.

Hidden River View Rd., 3433-Stephen and Kristan Dix to Mary Catherine and Frank Joseph O’Connell, $883,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1134, No. 1A-514 Phase II Corp. to Ashley E. Ewald, $255,000.

River Dr., 44-Maryhelen and Joseph M. Coogle to Margaret M. Bryce and William L. Bates, $1.52 million.

Silverwood Cir., 20, No. 6-James M. Morrissey Sr. to Laura M. Vykol, $171,000.

Washington Dr., 1241-Joseph A. and Kara K. Gruendl to Harrison G. Brownley and Lauren A. Scoccia, $395,000.


Archwood Ave., 109-Dawn Gilliam and John W. Simmons III to John W. and Mary B. Simmons, $95,000.

Cabernet Lane, 2719-Ronald L. and Bonnie F. West to Evan Wagenheim, $545,000.

Dewey Dr., 338-Judith A. Loftis to Richard A. and Igaitte M. Schilke, $460,000.

East St., 65-Timothy A. Miller to Terence and Julie Ann Murphy, $450,000.

Glencrest Lane, 1988-Huntley J. Cross to Terry Metro, $419,500.

Jigger Ct., 1020-Lois I. Barrance to Glenn G. Smith and Linda J. Hutton, $280,000.

Oak Ct., 36-Acme Iron Works Inc. to Fernando M. Castro Jarquin and Liliana Benavides, $185,000.

Porter Dr., 134-Nicholas D. Cavaselis to James and Ginine Reynolds, $240,000.

Sonne Dr., 707-Suzanne Handford and the estate of Eric S. Handford to Alister W. and Joan B. Bell, $70,000.

Tudo Ct., 2514-HSBC Bank USA National Association to Jane M. Gado and Arnold Tobler, $291,000.


Alan A Dale Rd., 414-Charles D. and Erin G. Baldecchi to Fanning Hearon and Pamela Baldecchi Dickson, $660,000.


Aylesbury Garth, 811-Pride Homes Corp. to Bryan J. and Bridgid J. O’Neill, $337,500.

Birchcrest Ct., 1239-Kathryn N. and Justin C. Wanbaugh to Bud J. and Mariani C. Zapata, $273,000.

Carlisle Dr., 719-Frank and Jean Bennington Wagner to Scott P. and Jennifer S. Gassen, $615,000.

Driftwood Ct., 1203-Carl A. and Debra J. Nees to Christopher Gauthier, $215,500.

Jones Station Rd., 92-James L. and Donna L. Hester to Garzello Properties Corp., $285,000.

Oakland Hills Ct., 601, No. 601H-Wayne L. and Kristina Carpenter to Wendy R. and Douglas R. Irminger, $150,500.

Raintree Dr., 282-Elizabeth A. Daly Callahan to Amber Devereaux, $362,000.

Song Sparrow Ct., 915-Matthew and Karin D. Mosk to Adrian P. and Gail P. Hanes, $525,000.


Audrey Ave., 314-Barry Lockett to Horacio Garcia Diaz, $209,900.

Camrose Ave., 103-Kelly Patrice Marsh and Kelly Patrice Puryear to Angel Lozano Arredondo, $170,000.

Doris Ave., 223-DNB Homes Corp. to Rose Dicus, $185,000.

Harbor Valley Dr., 5655-Patrick Dodson and PD Investment Trust to Trevor Joseph Jordan Daher and Nadia Marie Cruz, $299,000.

Olive Wood Lane, 725-Robert K. Albin II to Claire Fiedler and Wesley Barth, $250,000.


Almond Dr., 1342-John Downes to Anica Ditchkofsky, $218,000.

Bay Front Terr., 2106-Matthew Upton and Kelly Fielden Miller to U.S. Bank NA, $468,000.

Destiny Cir., 1222-Joan M. Guhne and the Joan M. Guhne Living Trust to Paul R. and Cathy C. Wettlaufer, $460,000.

Saint George Dr., 1154-Federal National Mortgage Association to Adger and Jennifer Boyce, $315,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5670-Vanessa and Wayne Gilley to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $215,000.

Shady Side Rd., 5757-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Stacey E. and William S. Oliff, $125,000.


Fallowfield Ct., 1650-Michael J. Brandenburg to Francine and Andre Gaudreault, $198,000.

Harewood Lane, 1749-Tracy L. Havermann and Joseph Lee Koolick to Brandon and Lisa Merson, $528,000.

Mayfair Pl., 1721-Andrew C. and Susan R. Aaronson to Scott T. and Tricia Q. Drylie, $589,000.

Revere Ct., 2499, No. 32F-Timothy P. McGrath II to Judith Fortwengler, $205,000.

Shadywood Cir., 2438-Tara K. Murphy and Michael J. Zleit to Russell N. Thomas Jr., $465,000.

Waldorf Ct., 1736-Gary A. and Charlotte H. Slone to John J. and Marie A. Sabins, $249,900.


Hickory Trail, 357-U.S. Bank National Association to Mark Five Development Inc., $212,625.

Sheridan Rd., 1262-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Kirk A. and Jennifer L. Berka, $345,000.


Cox Cove Ct., 1304-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven Christian, $169,900.

Hilltop Rd., 823-Christiana Trust to John Orbell, $115,000.

Waterview Dr., 610-U.S. Bank Trust NA and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Jerry Roberts, $165,000.


Governor Bridge Rd., 1502-Louis Jay Ulman and the estate of William H. Tadlock to John Michael Jett, $418,000.

Nile Rd., 3716-Kyle R. and Janet L. Phillips to Justin L. and Jaclyn D. Linehan, $318,000.


Cadle Creek Rd., 4048-Maureen Agan Bray and the Mary Jo Hedlund Revocable Trust to Maria A. Kappel, $735,000.

Cliff Dr., 1628-Michael Hetrick to Stormy Jones, $384,000.

Hamlet Cir., 353-Catherine H. Leason and the Catherine H. Leason Living Trust to Margaret O. Hagan Richardson and James Earl Richardson Jr., $379,000.

Longwood Rd., 1720-West Street Investments Corp. to Kelli L. and Brent M. Blades, $376,000.

Night Haven Ct., 251-Robert D. Phillips Jr. to Kathleen Radigan, $300,000.

Riverdale Dr., 1625-Sharon J. Watson and Sharon J. Michael to Todd M. Sullivan, $257,000.

Shore Dr., 1818-Edward A. McCoy to Samantha Joy Poznanski and Beau A. Perrizo, $155,000.


Arrowhead Farms Ct., 2103-Pamela J. and Timothy M. Hanlon to Lee R. Gorlin and Allison Gorling, $540,000.

Highland Meadows Dr., 720-Carmax Auto Superstores Inc. and Kimbelry A. Ross to Michelle A. and Eddie S. Monroe, $600,000.

Percheron Ct., 217-Edward J. and Marta C. Pomeroy to Jason and Emily Baumler, $550,000.

Wigeon Way, 1412, No. 102-Kathleen E. Gatt to John F. Sheehan and Kathleen Achimovic, $244,500.


Baylor Rd., 639-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Vuong Nguyen, $170,000.

Buckingham Dr., 203-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Kien Tran and Kathy Nguyen, $202,500.

Fairway Ave., 1013-Timothy F. Asher to Shawn M. Asher, $200,000.

Glenvilla Dr., 1012-Michaela Smith to Stanley Grayson Kaaser and Kiana E. Schaffer, $225,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 737-William Maxwell and Deborah Anne Hankins to Joshua and Anna Crain, $242,500.

Lincoln Ave. SW, 121-A&A Real Estate Development Corp. to Jacqueline D. and Benjamin Evans, $255,000.

Little Fox Ct., 8035-Department of Housing and Urban Developmen to David Lee and Erica B. Johnson, $289,000.

Norfolk Rd., 1824-Sharon Burkhardt to Juan Carlos Macedo Santos, $270,000.

Phirne Rd. E., 8077-Daniel G. and Brandy Tomas to Christopher and Sharon Hughan, $279,000.

Rowe Dr., 1400-Michael and Rebecca Ann Brown to Jacklynn Skiles, $197,000.

Tam Oshanter Glane., 7955-David Cavanaugh to Melvin Tuck and Gloria Brown, $251,000.

West Ct., 386-Daniyal Mohammad Zuberi and the estate of Mohammad Iqbal Hussein Zuberi to Hossam Abdelfatah, $89,000.

Woods Ave., 8-Toni Evans and Kyle Storm to Meagan Sumwalt, $250,000.


Allan Dr., 1800-Tommy and Amber Corbisiero Wertz to Andre and Toya Carroll, $383,500.

Bunch Ave., 809-All Star Marine Inc. to Christopher J. Norling, $279,900.

Cooper Rd., 714-Pearlie and Pearl E. Holder to Stacey Sewell, $154,500.

Gatewater Ct., 354, No. D-Betty Ekstrom to Carroll J. Hill, $110,000.

Kempton Rd., 27-David E. Martin to Michael Condolon, $160,000.

Phelps Ave., 402-Lynda K. Stevens and William Dailey to Hiram Gonzalez Flores and Yocaira Y. Barett, $265,000.

Spring Maiden Ct., 210, No. 203-Michael A. Cash to Joy E. Caines, $152,500.

Warfield St., 6830-David and Amber Falls to Zachary A. Rainge, $226,750.


Elmcrest Rd., 7612-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve #10a Corp. to David Adam Finkel, $505,000.

Hennepin Ct., 7702-U.S. Bank National Association to Manjeet Kaur and Yoowon Kim, $393,750.

Maiden Head Dr., 7539-Cherisa Henderson and Cherisa D. Toomer to William Michael Smith, $370,000.

Plateau Dr. E., 7554-Michael A. and Michael L. Kujawa to Ricardo A. Montes Flores and Blanca Rocio Rodriguez Montes, $300,000.

Speen Ct., 1530-Carol Brienza White and the Carol Brienza White Living Trust to Deborah Lee Rider, $399,900.


Arundel Woods Dr., 7528-NVR Inc. to Kevin Halford and Gina Lee, $609,899.


Carriage Walk Lane, 3530, No. 39-D-Jared R. Johnson to Brandi Harris, $66,250.

Flat Water Pl., 3507-Charles Vernon and Kim G. Whittington to Tina Thomas, $265,000.

Old Line Ave., 212-Lawrence Lietz to Dilania Y. Manon Gonzalez and Dioni Fernandez, $237,000.

Spadderdock Way, 8202-Damianos Karakos and Vinay M. Suryavanshi to Vinay M. Suryavanshi, $47,000.

Valley Lee S., 3325-11420 Corp. and Andrew M. Barnstein to Linda Woody and David Aquilla Bortle, $1,500.


Camp Meade Rd. S., 604-Elizabeth Duffy and Reed K. Sothoron to Michael and Emily Park, $265,000.

Hampton Rd., 200-James W. and Judith P. Stafford to David P. Mueller and Lindsay N. Goralski, $242,500.

Twin Oaks Rd., 3-Anthony D. and Deborah Ann Brodeur to Eric James and Victoria Emily Jones, $277,500.


Alta Vista Dr., 1299-Richard J. and Beverly E. McMahon to Carol Melinda Janowski, $365,000.

Fox Den Lane, 507-Howard A. Miller and the Howard A. Miller Revocable Trust to Daniel and Jennifer E. Sanders, $510,000.

Norwood Dr., 8411-Carmelita P. Nelson to Matthew and Kelley Leeds, $140,000.


Blue Spring Ct., 2442, No. 203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lauren Jayne, $184,900.

Chapelgate Dr., 650-The estate of Mohammad Igbal Hussein Zuberi and Daniyal Mohammad Zuberi to Liem Nguyen and Thuc Vu, $135,000.

Dayspring Dr., 701-Eileen Armentrout to Cole and Melissa Catherine Donovan, $306,800.

Jostaberry Way, 2471-Dean R. Maloney and April C. French to Molly Lau, $390,000.

Phyllis St., 806-Michael R. Deeter and Christopher Underwood to Hetax U. Patel and Yesha S. Shah, $619,000.

Rainy Spring Ct., 2675-Jason A. Humm and Karen A. Cadogan to Sadie Nita Heintz, $260,000.

Verdigris Way, 1014-Keith M. Thomas and Diana C. Raniere to Zachary Thomas and Corinne Katherine Cusumano, $392,000.

Winesapp Dr., 1610-The Williams Living Trust to Nathan J. and Marie D. Couture, $640,000.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1199-Debra L. Schmith to Lisa A. Reeder and Scott J. Hellman, $237,000.

Belhaven Ave., 7912-Robert M. Howarth to Walter Dews Jr. and Jennifer Long, $329,000.

Brookfield Rd., 211-Pride Homes Corp. to Nathaniel M. Wells, $259,900.

Catherine Ave., 7756-Martin and Karen Sparrow to Dean Richard Lally, $250,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 319-Amber Kulig and Amber L. Wilhelm to Bailey Holladay, $214,000.

Davenport Ct., 3500, No. 3500H-Calvin F. Shilling Sr. to Zachary D. Smith and Elva M. Joyner, $137,000.

Diana Dr., 180-Paula J. Gray to Robert and Brittany Petrosik, $279,000.

Fawn Ave., 929-SD Investment Properties Corp. and Steven P. Dannenmann to Richard K. and Kathy Haynes, $405,000.

Gullane Ct., 8410-Christopher C. Kojack and April L. Cosh to Jenine Melko, $650,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 126-U. S. Financial Capital Inc. to James Bradley and Suzanne Marie Miller, $489,900.

Magothy Beach Rd., 211-Steven Michael Ruff and Herbert F. Behrens to Kyle Q. Antkowiak and Allison M. Narimatsu, $330,000.

Marble Arch Dr., 3471-Patrick Waybright to Zachary Rorke, $205,000.

Merrymount Ct., 308-Richard W. and Cynthia A. Nagel to Sandra J. Wingfield, $260,000.

Mount Desert Harbour, 921-Christina N. Johnson and Dustin Ambrose to Kelly and Darnell Ravenell, $217,000.

Mulberry Ridge Ct., 211-Choice Builders Corp. to Michael Brandon Devaughn, $259,999.

Old Crown Dr., 3477-Daniel C. Szuba and Ashley J. Hanna to Joshua J. and Fenny Zejdlik, $240,000.

Pine Barren Ct., 8002-Gravity Ventures Corp. to Christopher S. and Maggie Stewart, $292,950.

Royal Mint Pl., 7938-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Tara D. Proctor and Alexa Barry, $249,010.

Sunset Knoll Rd., 511-Robert D. Lloyd and the estate of Sue Ann Neville to James K. Vogelsang, $200,000.

Willowby Run, 762-Jaclyn and Thomas K. Hilton to Thomas K. and Jaclyn Hilton, $35,960.

219th St., 758-Karen S. Williams and the estate of John H. Williams Jr. to Amber Taylor, $160,000.


Southwick Pl., 3107-Paul M. and Lynn F. Matthews to Dustin Lee and Carla M. McConnaughhay, $455,000.


Brookmead Ct., 8032-Matthew P. and Albeatrice L. Hicks to Martial Gael Moukam Tcheumeni, $268,500.

Crest Hill Rd., 805-Mary L. Brinton to Paul Love and Tara Colison, $342,500.

Dubbs Dr., 8350-Larry Neal and Katherine H. Smothers to Corey and Ladeja Willis, $302,000.

Grimm Rd., 1432-Michael and Kauilani Goodwyn to Marion D. Sical Garcia, Jerson O. Sical Garcia and Brandun A. Sical Garcia, $340,000.

Logan Run, 7904-Jovito and Rebecca Pacaanas to Nathan and Patricia Querales Slate, $426,403.

Montreal Rd., 1816-Elizabeth J. Cooler and Elizabeth Jean Longfritz to Jason W. Ford and Jennifer L. Sacks, $242,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8264-Rebecca M. Lambeth to Rachael and Kevin Glascock, $210,000.

Santa Fe Dr., 8113-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dustin Edward Hogenson and Lara Naushon Henneman, $242,000.

Truitt Lane, 7828-Robert W. and Barbara Cassel to Deborah Ann and Deborah Blackwood, $507,000.


Berrywood Dr., 145-Russell Heyde and Theresa M. Flak to Scott and Darlene Nevin, $930,000.

Cypress Ridge Dr., 230-Karen and Sean O’Neill to Genevieve L. Bauer and William J. Carson, $645,000.

Hatton Dr., 32-Jean P. Tallman to David A. Rossiello, $335,000.

Pineview Ave., 128-Enils and Kathryn Jean Bashi to Derek E. and Emily Chell, $439,900.

Thomas Way, 625-J. H. and Carol B. Barrett to Daniel and Meaghan Donello, $430,000.

Wilett Ct., 386-Dean A. Reinecke to Walter M. and Amy E. Fontz, $362,000.


Maryland Ave., 1730-Deane and Rachael M. Ford to Michael Allyn Pearson Jr., $267,000.


Franklin Gibson Rd., 6085-The Bank of New York Mellon to Ronald Mettei, $275,625.

Howard County

Gingerwood Dr., 9741-Griffith B. and Denalyn L. Dorn to Thomas Michael and Katie M. Moses, $510,000.

Sparrow Ct., 9607-Brian and Susan McMenamin to Benjamin A. and Meredith S. Skowronski, $615,000.


Broadwater Lane, 5321-Beverly A.D. Urbano to Wallace Faron and Holly Atherton Taylor, $810,000.

Redberry Rd., 6818-Marilyn L. Dilday to Jay Lee and Kelly Stewart Cash, $550,000.


Bellfall Ct., 9218-Michael Aaron Staub to Oliver A. and Cheryl Padilla Parker, $260,000.

Cross Hive Ct., 8985-Gemini Home Solutions Inc. to David and Melissa Anderson, $367,700.

Fairmead Lane, 6393-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Damian J. Clar and Michelle Dell Italia, $295,000.

Greco Garth, 9453-Peter Reza Wihl to Paul A. and Annetta Odeh Quirion, $340,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7164-Federal National Mortgage Association to Angelo and Brenda King Wade, $257,000.

Millrace Ct., 5951, No. C-204-Andres Lopez Esquerra and Sasha Vazquez Gonzales to Ashley Brianne Venneman, $223,250.

Penfield Rd. N., 9413-Jerry R. and Carol K. Engelman to Zachary Stone, $3,000.

Silver Trumpet Dr., 8333-John and Courtney Serio to Dennis B. and Amanda A. Kilgore, $259,900.

Swan Point Way, 7523, No. 19-6-Timothy R. Fouts and Maria Lina Vitug Fouts to Ryan M. Sawyer, $290,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5608-Steven L. and Keedra L. Brown to Melissa Fleming and Charles Gholston Jr., $365,000.

White Acre Rd., 9653, No. C-1-Rosalind Medley to Jeremy Adam Downey, $84,000.


Crystal Run, 11235, No. B-28-8-Merle P. Haber to Jacqueline C. Bach, $180,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5697, No. D-Stephen M. Wilson and the estate of Regina E. Wilson to Youngjoo R. Kim, $173,900.

Reedy Brook Lane, 4957-Joseph A. Strakna and the estate of Edwin R. Strakna to Christopher E. Strakna, $120,000.

Swansfield Rd., 10906-Jack and Haylei Tsay to Andrew J. McKean, $400,000.

Wincopin Cir., 10205, No. 310-Claremont to Clearwood Ventures Corp. to Michael M. and Caren Perdigao, $275,000.

Windstream Dr., 10105-Venkat R. Varkala to Jayme Lawson, $179,000.


Abrianna Way, 5915, No. F-Carole Lotterer and Staci Dipietro to Steven and Linda N. Scheidt, $220,000.

Berwyn Lane, 7111-Siddique Alem to Kolawole Olumide and Olukemi Olufisayo Oguntuga, $500,000.

Darby Downs, 7270, No. R-Nina M. Phillips to Monica Manuella Leid, $210,000.

Forever Green Ct., 8103-Joann S. Anderson to Aris A. and Flordeliza I. Ablis, $385,000.

Joann Khan Dr., 7044-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Sharon L. Silver and Carl J. Johnson, $411,990.

Loudon Ave., 6416-Golden Star Corp. to Michael James and Kaylee J. Watson, $289,900.

Rockburn Hill Rd., 6154-Robert H. Schulze and Jennifer Ann Morgan to David Silver, $425,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6221, No. 7-Bryce A. Buell to Renita A. Mingo, $205,000.


Brian Ct., 2805-Michael R. and Debra L. Flentje to Unni D. Mundaya and Hetal Rupani, $555,000.

College Ave. W., 3728, No. F2-Garrett Dick and Melissa Kraneski to Dennis C. McCoy, $380,000.

Dexter Dr., 3011, No. 1203-Beazer Homes Corp. to Barbara M. Woodbury, $354,990.

Hibiscus Ct., 3326-Gloria Moon to Aram Ji and Deborah Mill Yi, $350,000.

Orange Grove Ct., 3445-Fujun Luo and Yu Liu to Virgil C. and Tetyana D. Lopez, $329,900.

Stone Crop Dr., 8245, No. D-Christine M. Evans and Christine M. Beeerman to David L. and Viola M. Compton, $265,000.


Browns Bridge Rd., 7319-John A. Korslund and Patricia A. Vannoy to Tania E. Holovach, $513,000.

Tilghman St., 7818-Joi Carlese and Jefferson Richard Williams to Maksim and Victoria Altmark, $611,000.


Mission Hill Pl., 8121, No. 27-Michael D. Bolinger to Candice Tavares, $270,000.


Calm Sunset, 7208-Stephen J. Freeland to Joseph Robinson, $335,000.


Country View Way, 17519-Eleanor E. Mcbeth and Robert F. Alexander to Les Carl Montgomery, $567,000.


Canterbury Riding, 9292, No. 45-U.S. Bank National Association to Marvin Noe Marquina Ramos, $95,550.

Homestead Ct., 9655, No. C-John I. Price and tje estate of Charles Lloyd Ireton to Lianne M. Gayle, $115,500.

Love Song Ct., 10023-Robert J. and Christine A. Kimmerle to Haritha Potukuchi, $427,500.

Sewall Ave., 9248-Francis Gabriel and Maleesha Spriggs to Zeeshan Ansari, $349,000.


Mckendree Rd., 2157-Edna Mae Allen to Matthew E. and Robert E. Erlandson, $440,000.


Hipsley Mill Rd., 3336-Wayne A. and Susan L. Conners to James M. and Janine Carroll, $710,500.


Dorchester Way, 10551-US Bank National Association to Gloria Moon, Kyong Sik Joo and Su Ah Joo, $561,750.