Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carrollton Rd., 2839-Noreen Beth Lindsay to Thomas A. and Patricia L. Geiger, $408,500.

Channel Village Ct., 7012, No. 102-Frederick and Anne Faffley to Michael J. and Lale M. Morrison, $430,000.

Dorchester Ct., 29-Davyd Usharidze to Jenny L. Smeltzer, $216,000.

Great Lake Dr., 91-Ouad Investments Corp. to Wesley Scott and Cheryl Alleen Neiheisel, $611,000.

Hilltop Lane, 421-Ana G. Palma to Jose O. Lima Lemus, $214,900.

Mooring Point Ct., 3-Craig Travis and Diana Cristina Lindeman to Patrick J. Houst and Megan C. Carr, $305,000.

Primrose Rd., 1006, No. 301-Kim Hang Nguyen Franken to Victoria Scalfaro, $172,900.

Severn Ave., 22-Albert E. Graf and Marcia A. Marshall to James B. Walker, $1.95 million.

State St., 412-Robert J. Hallman Jr. and Kathleen M. Carayol to Sara M. Hallman and Jason W. Moore, $292,400.

Warren Dr., 723-Anne T. and Susan K. Arms to Stephanie M. and Carl L. McClafferty, $735,000.


Admiral Dr., 627, No. H8-102-Amry M. Goldbeck to Jessica Lowry, $232,800.

Beeches Glory Path, 1911-Robert A. and Cathy A. Bridges to Jesse M. and Amalia A. Atwood, $600,000.

Cathedral St., 18-HHC Real Estate Enterpriese Corp. to Beth and Harvey Gross, $395,000.

Crisfield Way, 706-Stephen A. Kapuschansky to Pedro L. and Tissel M. Castanon, $600,000.

Epping Forest Rd., 523-William Carolyn and Carolyn Graf to Michael S. and Sarah F. Kugelman, $45,000.

Greenbriar Lane, 2654-Frances D. Lowman to Nils M. Reuter, $695,000.

Lafayette Ave., 119-Janet E. Mae Gallen and Joann Glancy to Stephen S. and Karen M. Fox, $780,000.

Mastline Dr., 937-Mary E. and Timothy P. Coffey to Linda R. Merkle, $385,000.

Point No Point Dr., 1700-Kenneth J. and Maegyne P. Held to Paul Brian and Anne Marie Susie, $625,000.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1974, No. 201-Deutsche Bank to Anne Wolfe, $194,669.

Tucker St., 104-Andrew V. Gumber Patterson and Michael B. McCumber to Alexander B. and Julie L. Basile, $799,900.

Washington St. W., 81-Thomas E. and Alvin C. Brown to Kim D. Hardesty, $106,000.


Friar Tuck Hl., 127-Thomas H. and Alexandra P. Ripley to Brian P. and Heidi G. Wood, $575,000.


Bay Green Dr., 665-William F. Mies and Joanne C. Marshall Mies to Colin F. and Anne C. Lynch, $563,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 360-Chester S. and Virginia M. Ripple to Jose R. Mendez, $290,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 497-Timothy Betz to Timothy C. Van Hoesen and Shannon M. Van Hoesen, $335,000.

Greenleaf Cir., 268-Alia Corey to Fauston Manuel Rivera, $229,900.

Magothy View Dr., 640-Barry H. Brooks and Amy Rice to Brian S. and Marina H. Anglim, $619,000.

Morgan Dr., 959-U.S. Bank to Sean Marc and Jennifer Anne Finter, $879,000.

Rugby Ct., 205-Martin R. Fisher and Georgianna Fisher to Todd J. and Jill A. Tocco, $1.26 million.

Spot Club Rd., 100-Cheryl V. Parks to Corey Partrick and Morgan Ann Stevens, $580,000.

Volley Ct., 367-William F. and Lelia Jean Lamoreaux to Ray Leroy and Kristi May Dallas, $229,900.


Hammonds Lane, 836-Jack and Kanzy Eagle to Edward and Shirley Burke, $240,000.

Matthews Ave., 716-Sondra A. Longworth to Mario Abdiel and Luzmila Angelica Martinez, $290,000.

Orchard Ave., 314-Larry J. and Lori Michelle Lambert to Christopher Kalwa and Gilbert Dooley, $199,900.

Fifth Ave., 415-Carolyn J. and Kelly K. Colwell to Abraham O. Martinez Argueta and Milvia Lorena Mejia De Martinez, $145,000.


Anglers Way, 1161-James William and Steven Michael Barron to Timothy R. and Holly Lynne Sloan, $340,000.

Cape St. Claire Rd., 1302-Henry J. and Donna J. Hegner to Robert J. and Glenda A. Liston, $440,000.

Fairway Dr., 710-Brian W. Owens and Audrey A. Owens to Morgan A. and Kyler G. Ogreen, $339,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1370-Ryan and Nicole Murphy to Patricia Darlene Scott, $224,900.

Mount Oak Pl., 207-Timothy R. and Shannon K. Grossman to James Hiskey, Lorraine L. Hiskey, Marlis J. Allmand and Roger Carl Allmand, $760,000.

Sloop Dr., 1620-Robert E. and Lucille A. Klein to Ellen B. Smith, $625,000.

Swan Dr., 1275-Mary E. Cayyerton to Ben and Julie Hester, $460,000.

Winchester Rd., 1511-Patrick and Jane Donohoe to Kevin Zichelli and Brittany Stracke, $375,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1717-Alyssa M. Geisler and Marijo M. Simblante to Marijo M. Simblante, $272,500.

Bromley Ct., 2102-Bromley Properties Corp. to Texin Li and Yongjian Han, $641,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 2540-Peter A. and Stephanie S. Farrel to Eduard and Suzanne Nguyen Ferdman, $590,000.

Denton Ct., 1714-James L. and Bendaq K. Myles to Keith H. and Sarah L. Weicksel, $410,000.

Eton Way, 1564-Jaryd and Patricia Coleman to Alan and Sarah Gallegos, $530,000.

Harewood Lane, 1753-Dustin J. and Ashleigh J. Audley to James O.H. Conner and Amanda Conner, $539,000.

Montauk Dr., 2206-Joseph Galasso IV to Devorah Danielson, $5.33 million.

New Windsor Ct., 1619-Alma Cristina and C. Alma Uria to Terron D. Gantt, $261,800.

Sabra Ct., 2702-David A. Van Dornick and Laura Van Dornick to Mohammed T. Alvi, $510,000.

Ullswater Pl., 1752-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jaryd and Patricia Coleman, $360,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 2400-Tariq Choudhury to Asad M., Razwan M. and Khalid M. Bajwa, $318,000.


Omar Dr., 1007-Michael A. and Joann K. Robinson to Jan R. Hejl and Joseph M. Hojl Jr., $1.25 million.

Severn Side Farm Lane, 313-Daniel H. and Karen L. Ball to John Scott and Sandra Kelly, $1.22 million.


Beachland Ct., 7893-Timothy A. Swigert to Alison M. Benkovic, $208,000.

Sea Breeze Dr., 7903-Michael R. and Richard M. Eck to Katelyn L. and Nicholas J. Leccese, $275,000.

Tillerman Pl., 1205-Robert L. Brown to Eugene Ferguson and De Anna Owens, $187,050.


Howard Grove Rd., 2522-Anthony J. and Christina M. Campitelli to Patrick D. and Melanie R. Hansen, $850,000.


Southdale Ct., 265-J.M. Martin to Gary and Kristina S. Arnold, $390,000.


Fennel Rd., 2809-George E. and Michele M. Pickett to Alwyn and Denise M. Walker, $730,000.

Glebe Meadow Way, 3844-Christopher and Carolyn Mcvay to Joseph Debuck, $389,900.

Lakeview Ave., 211-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Robert E. Wilde, $270,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 444-Laurine and Jeffrey Payne to Byron B. and Sherry L. Chute, $467,500.

Oldtown Rd., 1629-Steven A. and Jessica J. Dipietro to Katherine B. Cohen and Paulo Gonzalez, $499,900.

Tacoma Rd., 1717-Kim M. Lamoree to Jay B. Delacroix, $115,000.

Williams St., 938-Andrew B. and Ashley J. Currin to Nathan R. Garcia and Laura A. Cilano, $489,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2605, No. 104-Nancy A. Peardon to August E. Lackey, $15,000.

Dairy Farm Rd., 2283-Robert C. Metcalf to Karen Armes, $345,000.

Halls Grove Rd., 2312-Julia A. Golden to Ldalia Lopes, $165,000.

Red Clover Rd., 1058-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Christopher Lee and Mary Jo Grimm, $505,740.

Top Ridge Ct., 1109-Joseph D. and Ellen F. Pepin to Hendryk Christopher and Carmon Susan Modelski, $390,000.


Baleen Ct., 7543-Joachim C. H. Keyl to Ajith P. Boteju, $203,000.

Braden Loop, 1407-Jonathan D. Miller Jr. to Christopher Assi, $260,000.

Elizabeth Rd., 614-Worthington Ridge Realty Partnership to Madeline M. Pace, $2,000.

Fourth Ave., 402-Joseph M. and Victoria Kimball Case to Rebecca Elizabeth and Charles J. Kolodziejski, $315,000.

Grafton Garth Ct., 6425-Kazim Gurbuz to John Warfield Nunnally Jr., $189,000.

Juneberry Way, 202, No. 1C-Roxanne Perez to Evan J. Connelly, $152,500.

Myers Dr., 7816-Howard Robert and Jill Allyn Biddle to Robin and Mark Anthony Harmon, $253,300.

Padfield Blvd., 420-Johnnie L. Anderson to Mellissa Wiest and Martin Duffett, $205,000.

Red Fox Cir., 130-Zachary S. and Heather Lorraine Upton to Jacquelyn G. and Jeffery A. Smith, $289,000.

Shetlands Dell, 7958-Nicola Beasley to Tonya M. Goode, $240,000.

Vista Ave., 9-Rebecca Resavage and Rebecca Gould to Danny Pena, $237,550.

Second Ave. SW, 502-Irene H. Lipi to Brock A. Ormond, Deborah S. Reis and Deborah S. Reis, $374,900.


Coulbourn Cor., 1133-Randal Chris Underwood to Melissa Reidy, $233,000.

Fitzallen Rd., 1001-Michael Hodges to Tajuana Brown, $189,000.

Isted Rd., 1409-HD Homes Corp. to Roger A. Maritinez Mendoza, $240,000.

Kuethe Rd. NE, 212-Ronald D. Frye Jr. to Gregory J. and Sheryl A. Anderson, $140,000.

Midland Rd., 123-Mark T. Taylor to Sandra Y. Orellana and Candido Hernandez, $246,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 28-M&T Bank to Carleigh O. Vanskiver, $182,000.

Stonebriar Dr., 7807-Brian James and Debbie Ann Mackey to Emmalisa D. Hobbs, $444,500.

Turners Lane, 368-Audrey Booker and Gregory D. Robinson to Audrey Booker, $100,150.


Brimstone Pl., 2248-John and Catherine Lantz to James Patrick and Chun Ok Kennedy, $440,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1716-Stoney R. Corp. to Fong Yong, $351,200.

Prospect Hill Dr., 2728-NVR Inc. to Halsey Taylor Carley Bonilla and Rodolfo A. Bonilla, $511,630.

Speen Ct., 1534-Hector D. Bernal and Maria Christina to Mohammed and Shaheda Akhter Ashfaq, $375,000.


Floating Leaf Lane, 3555, No. C103-Erma L. Hodger to Pilar R. Hamilton, $195,000.

Londonleaf Lane, 3396-Denise P. Null to Denise Forbes, $245,500.

River Bend Ct., 3109, No. D103-John M. Radda to Timothy Eagan and Amanda Pardo, $210,000.

Woodridge Pl., 126-Carmencita V. Galsim to Michelle Steadman Ganga, $2.5 million.


Governors Gate Lane, 31-Daniel R. Cullen and Heather Troutman to Bobby Gene and Samantha M. Prater, $237,500.

Linda Ave., 213-Tinney and Michelle M. Parrish to Amy Marie and Michael L. Price, $220,000.

Orchard Rd. S., 6306-Robert Terrence and Jacqueline Marie Hesse to Eileen Patricia Griffin, $303,900.

Southwell Rd., 505-Gretchen G. Harrington to Kyle Daniel Throgmorton, $250,000.


Teton Ct., 635-Russell Earley and Ingrid Hubner to Karen A. and Gregory C. Fate, $449,000.


Caracle Ct., 622-David K. and Gail A. Harris to Barney and Rita F. Stephens, $470,000.

Foxwell Rd., 8130-Filipina D. Meddles and Cheryl Meddles Torres to Joel C. and Lora J. Almuete, $305,000.

Lazywood Ct., 331-Michael K. Moore to Dieter and Tierra Montgomery, $610,000.

Nightingale Ct., 504-William Jeffrey and Anne Deinlein Morrison to Eric and Alison Peters Buzzerd, $509,000.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 1054-Philip R. and Sandra Kennett to Jennifer M. and James A. Edwards, $550,000.


Auburn Lane, 2495-Jimmy and Donna Mitchel to Christopher J. and Sara N. Fox, $585,000.

Brigade Way, 1910-Carol A. Koontz and Lane Chaisson to Randolph T. Perry and Carolyn White Pearson, $425,000.

Chessington Dr., 351-Kwong Tai Oscar Cheng and Kit Man Tsang to Young Ho Kim, $325,000.

Commissary Cir., 2204-Deutsche Bank to Katie H. and Jay T. Kim, $229,701.

Gill St., 1305-Golden Sky Properties Corp. to Nathaniel Ray and Christina Ann Pappas, $310,000.

Hidden Hill Cir., 115-Luis R. and Vaness Lizbeth Garcia to Christopher Michael Hoffman Jr., $325,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 156-Vasudevan Jayanthan Namputhiripad to Tusca Ray Kirton Morris, $337,000.

Milk Glass Ct., 7644-Roger D. and Mary J. Bosse to Wuu Young and Margaret M. Wu, $425,000.

Orchard Grove Rd., 8004-NVR Inc. to Amanda and Christopher Kinda, $399,990.

Quiet Pond Ct., 711-Joshua Lee and Stephanie L. Euth to Arisel L. Colon, $299,900.

Settlers View Dr., 2845-Evangelia N. and Ronald Goetzke to Kaitlyn Wilson and Zachary Stone, $375,000.

Stone Ct., 816-Jordon T. Cochran and Katharine J. Rogers Cochran to Joshua Raup, $293,000.

Tolbert Dr., 715-Amy M. Keva and Michael C. O'Brien to James Daniel and Sarah Watson, $288,800.

Williamsburg Lane, 553-Michael J. and Sean S. Coyle to Evangelia and Ronald Goetzke, $340,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8607, No. 408-Leslie and Barbara N. Joy to Brenda A. and Jacqueline Sheppard, $248,000.


Owens Valley Dr., 4503-Kenneth R. and Nancy Lee Hoffman to Stefanos C. and Sara Kalivas, $908,000.


Appalachian Dr., 8223-Jason A. Evaas to Macthe L. Ball and Rebecca L. Wilcox Ball, $259,900.

Bay Dr., 8443-Jefferson A. Williams to Paul R. McCrory, $366,000.

Bodkin View Dr., 7803-Wells Fargo Bank to Sharon Gail Burkhardt, $177,550.

Carolina Ave. S., 141-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Mark T. Boyle, $317,000.

Chadwick Ct., 3615-Robert Dougals and Deneen Lane Lanchester to John Cary Jr., $234,000.

Cove Rd., 293-Marketpro South Inc. to Daniel and Jocelyn Plitt, $375,000.

Earliana Ct., 103-David H. and Karen A. Wagner to Jeffrey R. and Sandra M. Thompson, $477,500.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 330-David A. Bluemke and Bonnie J. Beavan to Patty L. Armacoast and Haywood A. Jones, $1.8 million.

Gladnor Rd., 2915-Karah Bush and Kaeylyn Seeley to Kaelyn and Zachary David Seeley, $89,705.

Harle Rd., 7834-William F. Ricker to Lan MacFie and Anna Klebe, $376,000.

Houlton Harbour, 8608-Anthony F. Lopita to Karen A. Topita, $197,000.

Kings Rd., 1071-Beverly A. Prince to Gail McClain, $250,000.

Long Hill Rd., 7985-Amber S. and Donald K. Masingo to Paul B. and Erica R. Shoude, $485,000.

Mayford Ave., 7858-Linda M. Benson to Samantha and Matthew Reinhard, $268,000.

Milburn Cir., 43-Cathrine A. Johnson and Cindy Lou Casey to Lisa M. Van Wormer and Lisa M. Van Wormer, $390,000.

Neptune Dr., 8580-Brett R. Sturgeon to Jo Beth Waskey, $199,999.

Orchard Point Rd., 1919-Donald S. and Kristina M. Grein to John and Sandy Reusing, $629,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2103-Navy Fcu to John G. Stegemerten Sr., $451,000.

Rose Crown Cir., 2950-Thomas E. Burke III and Keven Zinn to Dorothy A. May and George J. Moerschel, $318,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7949-Martin E. Quick and Mark A. Bothmer to Ana G. Palma, $300,000.

Stone Spring Lane, 9204-Brandon and Raimee H. Odum to Matthew Edward Higgins and Victoria Ann Vykol, $489,900.

Water Oak Point Rd., 7735-Gordon A. and Patricia Snowden Onaka to Gretchen G. and Stanley A. Smith, $799,900.

Zena Marie Lane, 7704-Sean and Danielle A. Suttell to Shawn M. and Elizabeth H. Sabo, $365,000.

203rd St., 803-K2NC Corp. to David R. Green and Haley M. Songer, $199,900.

211th St., 668-Robert and Meagan Parker to Zachary Ryan Bender, $342,000.


Brunswick Pl., 333-Vernon B. and Jody D. Cunningham to Ross W. and Brooke A. Campbell, $560,000.

Stonehenge Dr., 3130-Victoria A. Van Dagna to Scott C. and Amy E. Andrews, $627,500.


Canter Ct., 7925-Billie A. and Jayson A. Tejada to Michael D. Mcadory, $255,000.

Citadel Dr., 7948-Douglas J. and Florencia O. Clasen to Kurt E. and Anna M. Mazi, $341,000.

Cowsill Dr., 1400-Ronald W. and Harolyn V. Blue to Zachary and Stephanie Levine, $432,500.

Fawnelm Rd., 764-Robert Paul and Carleen Jane Lemon to Amy L. Flower, $485,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7944-Greater Harvest Baptist Church to Daniel E. and Sandra Greer, $475,000.

Pasture Brook Rd., 563-Shelly M. and James M. Sandy to Michael W. Bright and Lottie E. Porch, $487,000.

Quebec St., 1867-Adam T. and Emily J. Hess to Selvin A. Soto, Lisbeth Soto, Adelivia Noriega and Vivian Vanet, $277,000.

Wampanoag Dr., 1533-Joseph M. Flemke to John W. and Lauren E. Wist, $303,000.


Admiral Rd., 1-Nicholas E. Larkin to Benjamin R. and Alicia S. Levinger, $415,000.

Benforest Dr., 540-Roger J. Sherr to Nicole Shields and Russell Alan Fithyan, $485,000.

Carole Ct., 4-Eugene and Carol Doering to Laird S. and Heather L. MacDonald, $456,000.

Grinstead Rd., 384-Paul R. and Nora L. Dittner to Timothy A. and Angela E. Mahl, $612,500.

Lymington Rd., 484-Michael and Kimberly Hilliard to Robert T. Gribbin and Amanda C. Kohlhafer, $565,000.

Pasadena Ave., 806-Sand Investments Corp. to Chao Lui and Yu Jing Kuang, $525,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 134-John P. McNealey Sr. to Lance and Kelly D. Hallam, $875,000.

Stinchcomb Rd., 749-Diane M. Bolger to Patrick and Nicole N. Nairn, $409,990.

Truck House Rd., 225-Sherman E. and Andrew W. Watts to Katherine Amanda and Louis Rossi, $222,500.

White Oak Dr., 515-Garey P. and Amy M. Taylor to Ryan and Molly Conner, $495,000.


Juniper St., 1313-Heather and Christopher Meintyre to Heather M. Kreiner, $309,000.


Fairleigh Ct., 400-Thomas G. and Karen L. Baker to Robert W. Wyche and Janice M. Bunch, $685,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Columbia Rd., 4474-Christopher T. Houck and Patricia B. Houck to Ronald David Schmelzer and Jennifer Elizabeth Fairman, $957,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr. N., 5002, No. B-4-Stephen Sylvester and Francis Sylvester to Yoen S. Yoon, $190,000.

Hearthstone Rd., 3106-Evelyn L. and Lloyd A. Hayner to Carsten T. and Katrina P. Vala, $459,000.

Mullineaux Lane, 3115-C. Alan Jefferson and Mary E.K. Jefferson to Scott C. and Sandra L. Woods, $565,000.

Saint Johns Lane, 3019-Yong Ho and Yong Ae Cho to Vinoth Kumar Mohan and Parvadha Duganya Manimude, $640,000.


Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 405-Donald and Carolyn Floyd to Orlando McGruder, $335,000.

Meadow Wood Way, 7310-Stewart M. and Suzanne S. Hurtt to Stephen and Bernadette Holloway, $695,000.


Black Star Cir., 8509-Sam Young and Sue Heesuk Lee to Saanura Jayne James, $305,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8705, No. 12-Ronald Gregory Boyce to Masoumeh Hazrati, $145,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5217-Jason Keith and Katherine Adkison McLung to Suzanne R. and Andrew M. Lea, $412,000.

Ourtime Lane, 9350-Brighton Homes Corp. to George R. and Rose S. Fowler, $310,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7263-Diana L. Alfaro to Nestor R. Baltaxar Jr., $324,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8854, No. F T40-Marsha Gail Ansel to Kapil and Lalita G. Neupane, $175,000.

Window Latch Way, 8547-Dream Makers Property Solutions Corp. to Justin and Lindsey Hansen, $601,000.


Cedar Lane, 5472, No. B4-Dana Andrew Parker to Romtin Habibi, $980,000.

Cricket Pass., 6273-Richard J. and Marcia H. Balmadier to Sandra S. Dreisonstock, $419,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10398, No. 3-1-Gregaroy Scott and Candy Iveson to Geroge A. and Shawn D. Henson, $177,000.

McGregor Dr., 10734, No. 56-Madalyn E. Johns to Robert and Mary Francis Rasmussen, $520,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11720-Samuel and Nile Lee to Mohammad Saeed Zangiabadi and Farideh Sistani Khanaman, $325,000.

Whetstone Rd., 5022-Hui J. Lin to Jose C. Solis, Ana F. Perez and Wendy Patricia Solis, $420,000.

Windsor Ct., 6618-Farber Homes Corp. to Dennis W. and Karen Ann Martin, $315,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 14480-Reva Slinkard and Crystal Marie Stucker to Colby G. and Jessica S. Knoll, $500,000.


Beechfield Ave., -Craig and Laura Dash to Ashlyn and John Bornheim, $325,000.

Cozy Lane, 6732-Stephen P. and Christine M. Paeker to Charles E. Dennis IV and Jennifer L. Denis, $299,900.

Ducketts Lane, 6416, No. 8-6-Goran Alanovic to Steven R. Pablo, $222,000.

Garcia Ave., 7511-NVR Inc. to Michael Harrison, $354,485.

Golden Slumber Lane, 7623-NVR Inc. to Joshua and Christine Morris, $399,910.

Old Highgate Dr., 6445-Kateyln Brigham to Michelle Silva Macedo Snortland and Robert Neil Snortland, $339,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7938-Beazer Homes Corp. to Qian Zhang and Qingyuan Li, $402,500.

Stone Throw Way, 7151-Vanessa Taylor to Eunice French, $26,500.


Amos Hunter Way, 8205-NVR Inc. to Keren Zhu, $424,065.

Brightwood Ct., 8053-Margaret A. Main to Mary T. Lally, $335,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7648, No. C-Joanna and Brett Meliti to Dava M. Johnson, $220,000.

Governor Grayson Way, 8300-Sunnichen and Annamma Karuvelithara to Moazzam Aftab, $610,000.

Hollow Ct., 3358-Lynn L. Berger to Feng Di Huang and Yuping Shi, $360,000.

Kyne Millers Way, 8109-NVR Inc. to Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan and Thirupurasundari Jayaprakash, $453,890.

Montclair Dr., 2836-Charles E. and Victoria J. Sheehan to Tae Wan and Kyoung A. Kim, $472,500.

Old Leaf Ct., 3926-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Rekha Puri, $850,000.

Sonia Trail, 3317, No. 17-Tae Wan Kim to Mohammed Ikramulla Shariff and Sameena Qawi, $392,000.


Duke St., 11348-Rhoda B. Padow to Jean Kim and Derrick Meier, $780,000.

Pindell School Rd., 7343-Essex Bank to Brandon L. and Robin B. Walker, $548,000.

Tuckahoe Ct., 7810-Denna M. and Barian A. Beechener to Jason Tyler Parfitt, $87,000.


Winding Path Ct., 3509-Scott B. and Sandra M. Segrist to Robert P. Lahmann and Jodi L. Saxman, $110,000.


Cortina Dr., 6736-Robert F. and Marci J. Smedley to Alissa D. Cole, John Edward Dalgewicz and Edward Andrew Cole, $800,000.


Clemente Ct., 8719-Jamie L. Boyer and Christine J. Sciranko to Ralph Pantaleon, $355,000.


Bushranger Path, 6702-John L. and Cynthia Johnson Holland to Lakeshia Dorsey and Lewis Terance Wilkerson, $410,000.

Flapjack Lane, 6756-Rahel Telahun to Adrianne and Ian Rockhill, $365,000.

Twilight Ct., 9545-Gregory and Vanessa Boone to Jason D. and Rebecca A. Camp, $418,000.


Mount View Rd., 2185-John P. and Patricia R. Kleba to Leslie A. Topus, $415,000.


Ellen Way, 8112-James A. and Yvette M. McNeil to Melissa A. Beall, $29,000.


Fall Rain Dr., 10080-Lisa M. Sulivan to Lucas and Kristin Mylar Frank, $642,000.

Hammond Branch Way, 8204-Dena Engineeing Corp. to Erik and Shanika Hatcher, $545,000.

Kings Grant Rd., 9321-Zarna and Dipak Mistry to Jason Michael Lizek, $400,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9353-Christopher and Amye Nunez to Mary C. Harrigan, $320,000.

Summer Waves Way, 8622-Samina Moye to Duanes J. Geters, $475,000.


Forsythe Rd., 13460-Andrea M. Smith to Michael J. Holmes, Ayesha Holmes and Zubeda Bano Bajwa, $525,000.


Austen Way, 2207-Maninder Singh to Jing and Yang Yang, $441,500.

Dorchester Way, 10522-Sherri A. and Michael R. McGarry to Suresh Babu Kadiyala, $580,000.