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Anne Arundel

Admiral Dr., 621-Jimmie K. and Mary Ellen Young to Jason Michael Robertson Sr., $200,000.

Cabernet Lane, 2719-Victor and Rebecca C. Kleinfelter to Ronald L. and Bonnie F. West, $530,000.

Channel Village Ct., 7000, No. 202-Kathy E. Floam to Therese A. West, $455,000.

Compass Dr., 2608-Catherine H. Capossela to Cynthia Jane Estep, $222,000.

East St., 55-Mathew Herban III to Harald Mangold, $1.11 million.

Gate Dr., 2047-Joseph Galloway Jr. to Pegasus Home Corp., $153,500.

Georgetown Rd., 133, No. 2-Tomas F. Bennett and Cornelius J. Sullivan to Gwendolyn R. Barney, $228,500.

Hollywood Ave., 1357-Alf W. Mildenberger to Alan C. and Robyn D. Howlett, $1.15 million.

Mastline Dr., 1022-Catherine A. Cronin and Mary Theresa Cronin to Sharon M. Laurich, $390,000.

Monroe St., 1011-Constance Harold to Cecilia A. Stanford, $203,000.

Old Generals Hwy., 1719-Ronald Prass to Trevor N. and Sara H. Sykes, $376,000.

Porter Dr., 150-Omar and Pablo Chuquimia to Bank of America, $209,475.

Pytchley Run, 302-James and Jennifer Sprungle to Andrew H. and Sarah L. Sinnickson, $555,000.

Roydon Trail, 1738-Goldmend Corp. to David A. Huggins and Eleanor E. Huggins, $710,000.

Severn Grove Rd., 1885-John Thomas and Maxine Carol Swontek to Donna M. Smith, $385,000.

Timber Creek Dr., 1004-Alice G. Legum to Brandon G. and Genevieve C. White, $355,000.

First St., 105-John Michael Haley to Nicholas Cole Baker and Lency Carbajal Baker, $285,000.


Century Vista Dr., 427-Masoud and Shirin Goodarzi Ghatineh to Lisa K. Ojst, $375,000.

Doubleday Dr., 1250-Chad G. and Nicole E. White to Jeffrey C. England and Griselda P. Baquedano, $425,000.

Juliet Lane, 918-Kevin M. and Lisa M. Gattie to Lee A. and Dominique Unrein, $368,000.

Masters Dr., 1268-Judith A. and Gary L. Pielemeier to Patricia J. Frantzen, $280,000.

Seminole Dr., 1246, No. 35-Robert L. Langley Sr. to William J. Kelly and Paul M. Liverette, $170,000.

Stonington Dr., 1043-Robert D. Herr to Christie Teigland and Lowell M. Tangjerd, $649,000.

White Coral Ct., 1173-Marie Alma Sharp to Adam G. Gavern, $189,900.


Sunnyfield Lane, 731-Gregory and Francis N. Myers to Matthew Decarli, $222,000.


Blue Ridge Pl., 1229-Mirva and Jeremiah D. Broersma to Anthony F. Colello and Anne E. Shafer, $360,000.

Cranes Roost Ct., 422-Thomasine M. Albertine to Robin M. Wilkening, $325,000.

Marine Dr., 909-Helen Elain McCormick to Edward and Donna Davino, $380,000.

Peach Ct., 400-Eric C. Baker and Toni Borkowski to Pegasus Home Corp., $164,000.

Samantha Ct., 604-NVR Inc. to Ronald W. Stevens, $680,000.

White Tail Deer Ct., 1520-Jason and Kristen Doyle to Carl Leslie and Tammy Lynn Behler, $755,000.


Rodgers Rd., 1097-Mildred Naomi Nutwell to Joseph Vincent Fagan Jr. and Caroline Lewis, $389,000.


Brite Ct., 2806-Matthew W. and Maria D. Williams to Daniel R. and Heather J. Mcmahan, $452,000.

Falstone Lane, 1536, No. 34-John Patrick and Jennifer Marie Wood to Matthew H. Kaiser, $275,000.

Harcourt Ave., 1907-Patrick D. and Kimberly E. Mohr to Gregorio G. and Lynda L. Sandi, $425,000.

Long Drive Ct., 1536-Seth Binstock to Kevin and Carlly Luckman, $73,750.

Putnam Lane, 2312-Grace Payne to Michael William and Leslie June McQuade, $382,000.

Topango Pl., 1910-Janice L. Jackson to Patricia M. Dunne, $188,000.


Fairfield Loop Rd., 1477-Ina M. Cawood and Arthur R. Lilly to Gus and Amy K. Noll, $211,700.


Harbor Dr., 7806-Night & Day Properties Corp. to Cynthia Riston, $229,900.


Malvern Hill Dr., 914-Thomas J. and Dianne M. Pakula to John H. Hoare III and Sherry Blake, $660,000.


Mimosa Cove Rd., 770-Freddie Mac to Pamela S. and Larry E. Thorne, $55,000.


Hummingbird Ct., 91-Adrian Bruce Evangelist to Brent Dreibelbis, $420,000.


Caraway Ct., 2805-Phyllis Weisbaum to Michaela B. and Kevin L. Brown, $585,000.

Fiddlers Hill Rd., 220-Billie D’Abbondanza to John R. Raley and Lisa Weber Raley, $415,000.

Hamlet Club Dr., 411-Theresa G. Smith and Deborah Down to Pauline Dillon White, $220,000.

Lakeview Ave., 303-Sean P. and Sarah K. Solly to Patrick S. and Michelle A. McGinley, $515,000.

Muddy Creek Rd., 3638-Charles and Jeannette E. Adler to Thomas Sames Jr., $385,000.

Selby Blvd., 823-Tammy S. Schulte to April L. and Kyle D. Gray, $229,000.


April Dawn Way, 2612-Robert E. and Deborah T. Peck to Bryan L. and Cynthia D. Jenkin, $225,000.

Cheyenne Dr., 2471-Eric K. and Kera M. Matsui to Michael and Darryl F. Abell, $352,500.

Winfields Lane, 1539-Sarantos N. and Elaine T. Trakas to Marek W. Kaminski and Yitao Ma, $600,000.


Big Baer Dr., 1008-Sand Investments Corp. to John W. and Francine S. Dzugan, $265,000.

Blue Water Ct., 302, No. 101-John W. and Elizabeth Gibula to Mona G. Valenti, $149,900.

Carolyn Rd., 617-My Dream Home Corp. to Jeff and Jenny Dickerson, $260,000.

Dumbarton Rd., 1014-Sabrina L. and Sender Estuardo Lopez to Carl R. Caracia Jr., $154,900.

Fleagle Rd., 364-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert P. Byrd II, $185,000.

Hamlen Rd., 515-Robert G. Moore to Arthur R. Trapp IV, $149,000.

Home Water Way, 6503-Maryland State Employees FCU to Tammy S. Morsell, $125,000.

Keenan Ct., 609-Harold John and Geraldine M. Brigerman to Jerry N. Soriano, $326,000.

Long Cove Rd., 934-Angela Marie Kelly to Adam Graybeal, $219,000.

Overhill Rd., 7802-James E. and Victoria Ann Robinson to Charles T. and Tasha M. Ivey, $204,000.

Pampano Dr., 6544-Yalitza Rodriguez to Charles Yee, $120,000.

Shellye Rd., 7849-Norris Lew and Bonita M. Durrell to Ernest Vernon and Connie Ann Crouch, $160,000.

Tarrant Rd., 1306-Nationstar Mortgage to Kim Gam Nguyen, $121,900.

Valiant Cir., 432-John Gray to Sun Ginoza, $115,000.

Washington Ave., 703-Triple-L Construction to Robert Owen Schultz III, $163,000.

Winton Ave., 704-James J. Mandrin to Nicholas Z. Tountasakis and Sarah M. Baguley, $228,500.


Clay Bridge Ct., 7717-Stone Financing Corp. to Connie F. Alston, $415,000.

Forest Ave., 7146-Kurt Douglas and Kathleen Priscilla Koenig to Anthony and Wendy Joyce, $449,000.

Mount Blanc Rd., 7717-Judith A. Herdman and Judy A. Slocum to Jayme M. Brendle and Julie Papandrea, $319,900.

Rutland Way, 1507-Peter W. Lucas and Maria Gutierrez Hernandez to Zouhair and Rachel K. Makhfi, $410,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 4545-Robert R. and Katherine L. Breshears to Wiley R. Wright III, $675,000.


Montevideo Rd., 1896-Douglas M. Loveland and Tracy K. Treece to Austin and Angela C. Ponder, $415,000.


Marganza S., 247-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anthony C. and Ashley C. Stegeman, $145,251.

Sudlersville S., 3356-Barbara M. Villone to Stephen S. and Lisa Ann Wreesman, $227,500.


Hampton Rd., 2-Patricia J. Perry to Tina M. Grabill, $218,000.

Patapsco Rd., 31-Fannie Mae to Edward Joseph Martin, $191,000.


Belle Ct., 1757-Zachariah Meade Turner Jr. to Luz D. Morales and Mitchelle E. Plapp, $355,000.

Locust Thorn Ct., 335-Rodney J. McCullum and Jerome I. Feldman to Daniel H. White, $545,000.

Wheatfield Dr., 1028-Susan I. Smith to Henry J. Powell and Yvonne S. Powell, $450,000.


Brietwert Ave., 1210-Robert A. and Mary F. Jeeter to Chad J. and Caroline Harper, $225,000.

Harvest Moon Dr., 847-Bryan and Brooke Raino to Jennifer L. and Nicholas B. Anderson, $283,000.

Piscataway Run Dr., 2715-Christopher T. Scott to Kimberly Kennedy, $299,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2830-Tamara Stenzel and Daniel Kostecka to Corey and Kristen Richtberg, $335,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8615, No. 204-Michael G. and Margaret M. Staed to Neil Renner and Florence Faith Vance, $205,000.


Art Hall Lane, 3221-Richard E. and Candice L. Shortridge to Michelle D. Griffith, $399,000.

Beachwood Rd., 220-Dolores Ann Dressler to Betty O’Connor, $320,000.

Deering Rd., 853-Linda S. Fults to Gregory S. Byers Jr., $174,900.

Elizabeth Rd., 8122-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert C. Dellinger and Charlene Bohn, $288,400.

Gina Ct., 255-William and Carrie K. Sanchez to Gilliand Corp., $134,000.

Grays Creek Rd., 504-Phyllis J. Jupitz to Dale R. and Christine F. Plummer, $65,000.

Holmespun Dr., 1240-William G. Wantland Jr. to Kristopher A. Logsdon and Pamela Clark, $205,000.

Long Hill Ct., 208, No. 4-Longhill Properties Corp. to David O. and Roberta S. Langas, $418,000.

Meadow Rd., 115-Jefton Homes Inc. to Julie A. Gibson, $315,000.

Ridge Rd., 341-Franklin J. Narvell Jr. and Joyce Mary Peters to Kris E. Swanson, $181,000.

Trails End Rd., 1055-Richard G. Roeder Jr. to David L. and Pamela A. Hovatter, $1.3 million.

Westwood Manor Way, 3800-Charlotte E. Westcott to Michael K. Obaker and Amber Smith, $250,000.

210th St., 751-Rocco J. and Carey A. Dalessio to Ryan D. and Lucy E. Brassard, $339,000.


Cove Rd., 309-Michael G. and Laura A. Knoepfle to Alison Hancock and Daniel Fautrel, $355,000.

Sussex Pl., 3098-Joseph L. Violette to Brandon and Meghann L. Wellard, $446,400.


Barnwood Ct., 1727-Phyllis J. Yuhase to the Department of Veterans Affairs, $196,530.

Heather Mist Dr., 7931-Kimberly Gossage and Stephen W. Gorny to John K. Tims, $185,000.

Richard Ave., 103-Gary Turner to Joseph Vasquez Pasion, $229,500.


Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., 812-Dale Vanessa Coates to Gillian L. McCusker and Jonathan E. Gemmell, $202,000.

Blenheim Ct., 787-Joseph L. and Christine Marsala to Matthew P. and Krista L. Listmann, $465,000.

Highfield Ct., 461-Lucas J. Miller and Robyn M. Formica to James and Daniela Allman, $690,000.

Kennedy Dr., 210-Kimberly Pell and John C. Windsor Jr. to Brian E. and Donna M. Dorr, $399,900.

Red Oak Dr., 503-Coleen Y. Kelley to Alicia Eustacia Diaz and Luis Hernandez, $340,000.

Riverview Rd., 11-Paul B. and Barbara A. Kalafos to David O. and Gathleen A. Willauer, $1.98 million.

Sonneborn Lane, 9-George L. and Patricia E. McMichael to John M. and Lynne A. Reale, $1.16 million.

Whistling Pine Rd., 259-Connie J. Paul to James M. and Alison M. Mecone, $366,000.


Lerch Dr., 4928-Justin L. and Jennifer H. Krieger to James L. and Toni L. Monath, $450,000.

Howard County

Bracken Dr., 10140-Clifton O. and Naneye Wallace to Appadurai and Ramya Raman, $618,550.

Chatham Rd., 4009-George C. Battee to Kerry Michael Mannion, $435,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12673-Jonathan H. Hyde to Dale P. and Larue Groves, $650,000.

Fox River Dr., 11512-Toll Brothers Homes to William D. Peterson and Hortencia E. Smith, $1.46 million.

Globe Dr., 10373-Michael A. and Catherine Higgins to Mathew T. Kim, $455,000.

John Bernard Dr., 3012-Nancy L. Evans to Padmini and Kripa Sagar, $362,000.

Mullineaux Lane, 3034-Deborah L. and Stephen J. Pusateri to Erik R. Devito, $429,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2822-Margaret R. and William Miller to Christopher Dowd, $341,000.

Stayman Dr. W., 9221-Matthew W. and Tempe B. Beall to Rajesh Kumar Podapati, $405,000.

Woodgate Ct., 3506-David E. and Brenda Wynn Jackson to Jesse and Toni Pisciotta, $524,500.


Hidden Waters Way, 12108-Melvin L. and Lynda R. Feroe to Rahul and Savita Jain, $685,000.


Basket Ring Rd., 9720-John Daniel Preston and Caroline Heloise Rohner to Patrick S. and Kelley Watson Kelly, $250,000.

Carriage House Lane, 9143-Carlin Derrick and Joycelyn K. Bolar to Jonathan A. Cowen, $315,000.

Dawn Day Dr., 6304-Jana and Gregory F. Whittington to Olga and Dmitry Bychkov, $145,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6108-Anne Kuonen to Vetisha McClair, $290,000.

Humblebee Rd., 5809-James M. Troust to Hannah K. Nielsen and Chad J. Nixon, $243,000.

Lambeth Ct., 9631-Mary Strickland to Steven C. Wampler, $220,000.

Patriot Lane, 5255-Cynthia A. Mullaly to Patrick Raynaud and Sandra Llera, $345,500.

Seneca Dr., 6648-Ira B. and Bernice N. Winthrop to Peter M. Kuzmak, $440,000.

Starburn Path, 6115-Ronald Deleos to Anne E. King, $306,550.

Sweet Clover, 7406-Erik J. and Robin E. Cohoon to Joshua S. Bradley and Sara Selby, $275,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6210-Christy M. Summers to Daniel Abdi, $217,500.


Bridlerein Terr., 10727-Stella C. Carton to Ehrouz Bogzaran and Sonia Bogzaran, $276,000.

Cordage Walk, 10730-John P. McMurty to Harry A. Deitch, $278,000.

Even Star Pl., 5196-John Baniszewski and Ellen M. Douras to Christopher T. Browder and Sung Yon Ryoo, $320,000.

Liquid Laughter Lane, 6417-Michael P. Martin to James T. Yeung and Jenny Li, $440,000.

Midsummer Lane, 10729-Sylvia H. Law to Adeyinka and Adeola Adeyemo, $392,000.

Powder Run, 11242A-Heather H. Campbell to John Baniszewski, $180,000.

Topbranch Lane, 10818-Kevin Blanchard and Abby Cabrera to Thomas P. and Rachel Ruo, $350,000.


Riggs Meadow Dr., 14623-Jessica and Eric Tupis to Richard C. and Holly G. Christy, $590,000.


Linthicum Rd., 4475-Steven A. Folsom to Daniel W. Miles and Lisa M. Derx, $550,000.


Cambria Terr., 6642-Douglas C. and Kelly H. Clark to Stephanie Michele Smith, $295,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6772-Gloria Moon to William L. and Mercedes M. Morris, $225,000.

Greenfield Rd., 6455-Todd Omar Cooley to Glenn E. and Cherie V. Miller, $147,000.

Manchester Way, 6250-Mark C. Miller to Daniel James Gemp and Alice Ruth Miller, $327,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6825-WRJ Properties Corp. to Michael Kuhn, $317,500.


Autumn Field Ct., 5458-Frederick H. and Julie A. Summa to Bart G. and Maryanne M. Bonar, $510,000.

Briar Oak Ct., 5331-James P. and Karen S. Lawlor to Jianwei Qin and Xuhui Zhao, $516,000.

Church Lane Dr., 8335-National Residential Nominee Services to Benjamin D. Brooks and Elizabeth L. McIlmoyle, $420,000.

Halcyon Ct., 3215-Suzan R. Mankarious and Adolphe M. Girgis to Yoosei S. and Boksook A. Lee, $327,500.

High Castle Rd., 8079-Regions Bank to Harmeet S. Matta and Paramjit K. Matta, $562,000.

Limestone Ct., 7801-Peter R. and Joyce R. Owings to Steven Shiller, $525,000.

Old Columbia Pike, 3832-Thelma K. and Russell J. Grimes to Ziwei Zhao, $562,500.

Royal Oak Ct., 3304-Dennis J. and Susan A. Farrell to Emil L. Kepko and Nicholeen Viall Kepko, $565,000.

Tiber Falls Dr., 4066-David A. and Leslie A. Percy to Hiral T. and Ketan J. Bhalani, $585,000.


Hall Shop Rd., 12610-Essex Bank to Irfan and Huma Khan, $500,175.


Cattail Oaks, 15533-Afsaneh Rafii to Bryan L. and Patricia L. Jones, $660,000.


Villadest Dr., 13507-Anthony D. and Kathleen H. Dagrosa to Mark Louis and Julie Ann Passamonti, $825,000.


Rosewood Way, 8916-Karen Dant to Brian Degnan, $250,000.


Hardy Rd., 16836-Sonja Festerling to Lynn and Dana W. Covey, $399,000.


Canterbury Riding, 9606-Maryland Housing Fund to Jim Huang and Helen Liu, $84,900.

Hitching Post Lane, 9180-Minh Tran to Ryan W. Dick, $75,000.

Moonshine Hollow, 9070P-Melissa Turner to U.S. Bank, $160,000.

Winners Circle Way, 10312-Hugh R. and Cynthia S. Cameron to Lauyra K. Topper, $570,000.


Colton Ct., 16824-Phillip C. and Savana S. Pitney to Gregory Koepke and Deborah J. Carlo, $759,000.


Chambers Ct., 11150-Lee A. and Brenda J. Heikkinen to Geraldine A. Rude, $260,000.

Merion Pond, 2262D-Kathleen L. MacFarlane to Gurminder Singh Mohil and Brandeep Kaur, $415,000.