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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Autumn Chase Cir., 2805-Kermit L. Frye Jr. to Thomas G. Seiler and Sarah K. Blumsack, $440,000.

Bay Ridge Ave., 1316-Esther F. Stokes to David L. and Joanne B. Stokes, $225,000.

Chesapeake Landing, 28C-William L. and Patricia Hulbert to Henrik and Britta Rasmussen, $1 million.

Cheston Ave., 8-Jane F. and Stephen G. Gardner to Ping K. and Benjamin B. Wan, $675,000.

Duvall Lane, 512-Barbara Jean Brown to Shawn Stakem and Tracey Malarkey, $280,000.

Epping Way, 440-Pegasus Home Corp. to Kimberly Manser and Randy Dixon, $434,900.

Hickory Lane, 110-Edward F. Burrucker to Richard L. Rolfes, $252,000.

King Ct., 1-Brent Blackmer and Aileen Gitchell Blackmer to Kenneth L. Weeks III and Marie Claude Brunette, $430,000.

Langdon Ct., 911-Jay W. Stetz and Jeffrey D. Popp to Matthew S. Stromberg and Amanda D. Sirry, $389,900.

Mcpherson Rd., 39-John H. and Cynthia C. Weber to Kenneth J. and Susan M. Sheehan, $725,000.

Pafel Rd., 10-Pegasus Home Corp. to Anthony L. Keene, $225,900.

Pleasant St., 58-DLJ Mortgage to Brian Floyd, $92,900.

Severn Dr., 103-MM Ventures Corp. to Matthew Fritts, $290,000.

Sycamore Ave., 1349-Shendan T. and Kathleen A. Grove to Johnathan A. and Sheri L. Reno, $555,000.

Taylor Ave., 303-Brian and Lindsay Roszell to Sean Patrick Donnelly and Kelleigh Ann O’Brien, $325,000.

Windsor Ave., 914A-Maegen Gandy Nix and Todd C. Nix to Laurie E. Gill, $750,000.


Barrett Ave., 803-Dorothy Trosper McElwee to Aaron T. Troup, $192,500.

Fenwick Garth, 1252-Betty Coe Cinquegrana to Joseph D. Giles and Bernice M. Rivera Giles, $1.46 million.

Lynch Dr., 946-Andrew Smith and Pamela J. Luby to Marcus J. and Melissa J. Lachapelle, $675,000.

Rosslare Dr., 316-Margaret S. Chestnut to Jason Christopher Auth and Jennifer Ann Haggerty, $415,000.


Ballman Ave., 5506-Alfred R. Antonelli and Kathleen A. Grayson to Adam Decktor and Wenjun Wu, $187,500.

Doris Ave., 221-Katherine French and Joseph Lamky to Pegasus Home Corp., $63,000.


Beachfield Rd., 1775-Constance MacDougall and Audrey R. Drossner to Cardale Templeton Hannon, $1.32 million.

Harmony Lane, 1319-Jeffrey T. and Gregory A. Yorke to Christopher G. and Jenni M. Biondi, $590,000.

St. Margarets Rd., 1854-Christopher P. and Theresa L. Daum to Timothy R. and Kimberly F. O’Connor, $540,000.

Van Camp Ct., 1260-Steven J. and Jessica A. Crawford to Sheila R. Cullen, $330,000.


Ellicott Ave., 1214-Dale and Linda Husk to Stephen A. Fisanich, $225,000.


Chelmsford Dr., 2448-William C. and Christine Frey to Jesko M. and Rebecca E. Hagee, $557,000.

Endsley Pl., 1532-Ann Sullivan Glenn to Jacob and Jennifer Cameron, $380,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2427-William R. and Jane M. Johnson to Wayne Scott Pulling, $187,900.

Pawlet Dr., 1984-Mojibur R. Khan to Gabriel Rosero and Loretta Diaz, $235,000.

Stow Ct., 2540, No. 21-Sheila M. Thompson to Heather Diane Johnson, $334,000.

Yorktown Ct., 1693-Elaine Elizabeth Brogan and John Shea to Richard J. Levendoski and Kenneth A. Myers, $189,000.


Long Point Rd., 265-Mary L. Rozmarynowski to Craig and Stacey M. Fontenot, $580,000.


Ashland Dr., 3550-Ho Sung and Nicole Kang to Citibank, $1.18 million.

Sharpsburg Dr., 730-Betty Lou Piersanti to Kenneth R. and Lisa McVearry Houck, $395,000.


Canvasback Lane, 1204-1204 Canvasback Lane Corp. to Kristina Lynn Goldberg, $430,000.

Monarch Dr., 3431-Thomas A. and Christine H. Fichtner to Michael J. Sinisgalli, $755,000.

Pocahontas Dr., 3399-David Lakitsky to Morgan Chase Bank, $800,000.

Whitemarsh Cove Ct., 1103-SSB Realty to Erin M. Minich, $188,000.


State Route 3 N., 679-Pegasus Home Corp. to Lisa Nicole Stephens, $229,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Sarah L. Legere, $299,665.


Covington Ave., 8002-Daniel A. Staeven and Paul R. Reyes to Pegasus Home Corp., $102,000.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Latonya Jenkins, $225,450.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Stephen A. Fulton, $240,620.

Foxhound Dr., 117-Alan G. and Kelly A. Connor to Jonathan Shoaf and Susan Pavlik, $350,500.

Genine Ct., 938-Nancy B. and Richard L. Kneisly to Peter J. and Elizabeth Thibault, $264,700.

Juniper Dr., 219-Brittany Burman and Mark B. Rhea Jr. to U.S. Bank, $115,500.

King George Dr., 107-Pegasus Home Corp. to William P. Goodwin Jr. and Lisa Lembach, $189,900.

Marigold Rd., 803-Bruce Sheiler Burton to Ronald Warczynski, $150,000.

Patsy Ave., 301-Edward F. Bennett Sr. to Edgar A. Cisnero, $210,000.

Ryan Rd., 310-Fannie Mae to Blaine and Ming Suey Newcomb, $142,500.

Steeplechase Cir., 139-Gregory S. and Traci M. Migliorisi to Brandie L. Turpin, $230,000.

Water Fountain Way, 101, No. 201-Peter Michael Lynagh to Joshua G. West, $84,000.


Crystal Brook Way, 7865-M/I Homes to Kameron Phillip Logan, $369,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7520A-Al Nath and Shelly Christine Tuting to Sophia Qian and Hui Cai, $269,000.


Forest Haven Dr., 3529-David W. and Betty A. Riley to Robert L. and Hilary A. Ligon, $419,000.

Old Line Ave., 333-Lillian E. Farina to Facheeia Fort, $262,000.

Shoreline Blvd., 3044-Alan and Stephanie Tweedie to Christopher A. Morgan and Shannon J. Caine, $400,000.


Archer Ave., 306-Andover Ventures Corp. to Pascual Ortiz and Veronica Tapia, $515,000.

Colonial Dr., 37-Ann D. Dimartino to Alfred T. and Sharon K. Mulcare, $150,000.

Silky Oak Ct., 337-Gilbert and Kimberly D. Martinez to Bryan Martin and Briana Whaling, $298,000.


Jumpers Hole Rd., 8239-Salvatore C. and Kim D. Valenzia to Kalena J. Hodges, $355,000.


Apple Blossom Lane, 2454, No. 104-Navy FCU to Wayne Scott Pulling, $155,000.

Commissary Cir., 2162, No. 228-Jo A. and Timothy Martin to Kevin Dagostino, $230,000.

Greencrest Lane, 549, No. 11-Robert and Tara Wittig to Jeffrey Rowlett, $233,000.

Station Crossing, 701-Linda L. Pultz to Wojciech M. and Pamela C. Kowalski, $460,800.


Appian Way, 111-Christopher M. Critzman to Edward and Geoffrey Burroughs, $164,900.

Bay Front Dr., 309-Louis T. Forster to Marjory A. Carlson, $500,000.

Champion Ct., 8209-Gilbert D. Dean to John and Jennifer Bollinger, $600,000.

Delma Ave., 313-Frank A. and Laura Stokes to Fannie Mae, $419,000.

Escalon Ave., 8111-Arthur L. and Alyssa Barnes to Lee Tran, $140,000.

Holly Ave., 717-Carolyn M. Hiteshew to Christopher Bryan Kitchen, $240,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 209-Edward E. Pope III to Robert L. and Kassie E. Haney, $234,727.

Maryland Ave., 220-Richard A. Gue to Melissa E. Beacom, $259,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 325-Pamela J. Wehnert to Socorro K. Catalan, $300,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7720-Paul L. Miller to Pride Homes Corp., $100,000.

Seneca Terr., 250-Gary K. Dumbrowski to Brian P. and Sara E. Boyce, $265,000.

221st St., 807-Josephine F. Yuhanek and Carolyn V. Fleischer to Nicholas H. Flanagan and Danielle M. Fallon, $230,000.


Butternut Rd., 15-Naomi Jane McLane to Roland Scott and Cecile M. Fraser, $170,000.

Woodside Rd., 109-Marc D. Finn to Patrick G. Leech, $395,000.


Clark Station Rd., 7917-Gary D. and Joyce A. Price to Silvia Jung and Vivienne Jin Mi Jung, $555,000.

Golden Pine Cir., 7812-Edward A. and Faith A. Anderson to Damon M. and Susan Sears, $400,000.

Queenstown Rd., 422-Joseph Rogers to Fannie Mae, $245,000.

West Virginia Ave., 83-Hatch Home Builders to David J. and Debra L. Darmofal, $358,561.


Blackshire Rd., 479-Kenneth G. and Peggy C. Menzies to Shawn J. and Nermin Sundseth, $635,000.

Heavitree Lane, 544-Diane Jordan Ferguson to Brock Richard and Anne Kenyon Hale, $616,500.

Lakeland Rd. S., 649-Virginia Horn Johnson to John Robert and Angela Luzier Schedel, $1.3 million.

Oak Ct., 274-Katherine A. Emrick and the Emrick Living Trust to Keith N. and Maryia A. Poli, $630,000.

St. Andrews Rd., 123-Ruth E. Barrett to Kevin and Robyn S. Maxwell, $572,000.

Whistling Pine Rd., 276-Nina B. Echeverria to Angela K. and Michael J. Sasse, $449,000.

Howard County

Bunker Dr., 3124-Blair W. and Julie F. Smith to Kevin C. and Jennifer M. Shea, $600,000.

Ebbwood Dr., 2925-Henry J. Roch Sr. to Brad P. and Kathleen M. Slater, $405,000.

Harrington Dr., 3430-Carla and Nathaniel C. Kelly to Tarun C. and Kalika T. Handa, $232,000.

Legends Way, 2638-Thomas J. Welsh to John and Marjorie Ford, $450,000.

Morningview Ct., 3619-Kevin H. Yang and Liang Yuan Wang to Anantha Vema and Bharathi Borra, $401,000.

Old St. Johns Lane, 2011-R. Jacob Hikmat to Burkard Homes Corp., $700,000.

Shirley Meadow Ct., 10210-Robert V. and Barbara A. Rizzi to Robin A. Bowers, $550,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 11797-Eric F. Erbe and Victoria A. Weeks to Paul M. Odermatt and Jacqueline M. Odermatt, $525,000.


Cashel Ct., 6512-Patrick Orwi to Viswanathan S. Iyer, $660,000.

Meadow Wood Way, 7295-Barbara D. Denno to Jeremy W. and Vamsee Derstine, $605,000.


Better Hours Ct., 7321-Carey and Scott Antoszewski to Citimortgage, $230,000.

Cape Ann Dr., 10153-Roberto Guzman to Duolikun Tuerxun and Tuerxunayl Aihemaiti, $400,000.

Frietchie Row, 6534-Deutsche Bank to Tahira Yasmin, $147,699.

Keepsake Way, 9466-Michael and Lynne M. Pianpiano to Adam Christian and Joanna Ellen Toothaker, $385,000.

Luckpenny Pl., 5485-Ryan and Nicole Roberson to Juan G. Alpirez Sr. and Leah Hernandez, $365,000.

Quiet Times, 6146-Ke Xu and Jing Zhou to Qiuhua Zhang and Jian Luo, $255,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8840-Donald L. and Beverly A. Rassa to David Richard and Maria Blancett, $415,000.

Starburn Path, 6134-Nathan and Rachel Guilfoyle to Amy L. Hagler, $285,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5131-5131 Thunder Hill Corp. to Zerjakob Solomon, $346,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6414-Han Ki Chung to Bharat Tandon, $290,000.


Audubon Dr., 6248-Martin M. and Kathryn R. Slutsky to Manapallil Isaac Verghese and Lisa Lang, $530,000.

Brighton Ridge Way, 10207-Armando M. Lopez Jr. and Ana L. Campos De Lopez to Kimberlee Adkins, $387,500.

Dovecote Dr., 6629-Edward Sekscenski to Jordan Altamirano, $290,000.

Fair Oaks, 10422-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Mark and Amy Grizzle, $380,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10705-Jeffrey C. and Barbara K. Peterson to John B. and Leah A. Bradley, $415,000.

Hermit Path, 5230-Michael K. and Viviana G. Leonnig to Ricky Snell, $355,000.

Midsummer Lane, 10713-William and Mary Ann Schutz to Brian W. Ward and Heather E. Ridolfo, $370,000.

Still Corners Ct., 5006-Susan B. Griffith and Susan Brown to James Wayne, Florencia Arispe, Diane Marie and Jason Shaver, $459,000.

Thicket Lane, 5617-Roslyn Harris to Gordon M. Sabblah, $230,000.

Windstream Dr., 10071-Amalie L. Brown to Curtis and Marilyn Moore, $130,000.


Sapling Ridge Dr., 15158-Forrest and Mary Shafer to Craig E. Alsheimer and Jennifer Alsheimer, $780,000.


Butterfield Dr., 7822-Arch Bay Holdings Corp. to David Kogularavi Kanagarajah, $242,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6456-Thomas J. Delaney to Wen Gu and Chunying Shi, $200,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 6038-Julia E. Locke to Harmony Builders Inc., $350,000.

Milkshed Pl., 7852-Josee Edgar Flores to Renee Monique Robinson, $330,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6044-William E. and Mary K. Thomas to Kwon Hak Song and Eun Jun Kim, $240,000.

Sandy Ridge Ct., 5928-Ervin M. Terwillinger and Candice M. McKee to Ryan C. and Kristen Legge, $615,000.


Brightmeadow Ct., 7990-Natham M. Kim to Bobae Lilian Yu, $278,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7673-Beverly C. Peach to Andrea V., Rosemarie and Andrew Cohen, $201,000.

Frederick Rd., 8725-Lee L. and Janice L. Heffner to Benjamin H. and Laura C. Scheper, $264,000.

Huntley Dr., 4656-James M. and Vanessa A. Carroll to Mark and Heather Cumiskey, $560,000.

Manahan Dr., 8845-Paul Cook and Lucia Kumsum Choi to Woo and Kyong Chung, $292,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8330-Leonard and Phyllis A. Michaels to Barry Van and Theresa Van Houten, $181,000.

Rustling Bark Ct., 7902-Culluket Ash Moriguel to Fannie Mae, $255,830.

Timber Pine Ct., 8507-Richard L. Stanert Jr. to Stephen F. and Sonja M. Alexander, $430,000.


Murphy Rd., 8041E-Terrence C. McAndrews and James B. Croston Jr. to Michele Leigh Bloor, $505,000.


Championship Dr., 3732-John J. and Clare L. Giardina to Klyle B. and Jill M. Koeppen, $659,500.


Fairbourne Ct., 6218-Mark D. and Dawn Holmgren to Sabrina L. and Christopher J. Love, $323,000.


Concord Dr., 8632-Jose S. Cortes to Daniela Ouiu and Reinaldo Velazquez, $272,000.

Savage Guilford Rd., 7889-Richard Francis and Jane M. Lorenz to Quoc Pham Nguyen, $335,000.


Douglas Ave., 11194-Donald L. and Joann M. Miles to Andrew Congedo and Susanne Kneeland, $235,000.


Bridle Path Lane, 9215M-Elizabeth Claire Mott to Ferdinand and Jacqueline I. Borja, $110,000.

Fall Rain Dr., 10044-Shahida and Fazleh Chowdhury to Phong Dinh and Van Luong, $645,000.

Jamestown Ct., 11575-Loc Phi Nguyen to Niranjan K. Santhamoorthy, $700,000.

Nicky Ct., 8021-Ashley T. and Shannon Hogan to Cartus Financial Corp., $450,000.

Scholars Lane, 8537-Lora L. and Ray C. Antoine to Fatima Rafiee and Matthew M. Salehi, $800,000.


Cedarview Ct., 13008-Rong Zhang to Mark C. and Clarissa A. Tumminello, $735,000.


Chambers Ct., 11155B-Richard Levin to Thomas Welsh, $247,000.

Folkestone Way, 10734-Kristina M. Crosson to Holly La, $427,000.

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