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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These residential sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3315-Darryl W. Pinkard and Patricia A. Wisdom to Joseph A. Sutton, $205,000.

Blackwell Rd., 1032-Andrew W. Garver and Kelly Sim Joyce to Stephen A. O’Brien and Julianne O’Brien, $332,000.

Broadview Lane, 347-Arthur E. Cox and Anita Trotter Cox to Nancy L. Becker and John D. Becker, $500,000.

Cranes Crook Lane, 150-Elsie L. Davison to Fannie Mae, $362,800.

Cushing Ave., 18-Scott H. and Christine W. Silver to P. Jane Collins, $855,000.

Harness Creek View Ct., 20-Pamela K. and Charles J. Winebrenner to Patrick H. and Anna Marie Stedman, $660,000.

Homeland Ave. N., 20-Jordy L. and Linda B. Murray to Bruce and Jobi Schwartz, $472,500.

Lake Ave., 3235-Sonja E. Swygert to Michael and Doreen McCarthy, $390,000.

Maryland Ave., 5, No. 8-Thomas W. Butler to Cindy L. Rhodes, $300,000.

Old Riverview Ave., 9-Hazel Ellen Sears to Christopher J. Fox, $190,000.

Pilot House Dr., 704-William and Angela Halamandaris to Donald W. and Sandra A. Pyle, $615,000.

Riversedge Cir., 948-Florence S. and William J. Nicholas to Ben Adam Doody, $174,000.

Robinhood Rd., 867-Kenneth David Miller and Joan Elizabeth Heller Miller to David T. Phipps, $440,000.

Saratoga Ave., 3548-Michele A. Williams to Sharon M. Umber, $423,000.

Spring Place Way, 165-Kenneth Ellwood and Shirley Ann Brown to Julia R. and Shawn P. Hughes, $348,000.

Valley Rd., 1989-Johnathan A. and Sherri L. Reno to Christine M. Tatum, $209,500.

Washington Dr., 1335-Christopher M. and Amy C. Luongo to Grant C. Larouche and Genevieve Pullis, $525,000.


Dunberry Dr., 600-James Y. Park and Laurie A. Pasnak Park to Dana L. and Shane M. Smith, $435,000.

Golf Course Dr., 423-Harvey F. Greenwell to Wayne Steffen and Nava Copley, $400,000.

Loughton Lane, 522-David A. and Lisa L. Marberger to Andrew Goddard and Sarah Payne Smith, $445,000.

Overleaf Ct., 291-Jonathan and Diane Shurtleff to William R. Cummins and Katherine A. Cermak, $355,000.

Windsor Rd., 827-Ricky A. and Joni S. Miller to Jennifer J. and James D. Gerard, $395,000.


Cliffside Ct., 5608-Michael J. and Leslie J. Buckley to Tierra Mylinda Mcmillan Spencer, $205,000.

Wasena Ave., 5339-Ruth A. Congleton and Robin D. Young to Cleveland Thomas Faulk, $64,900.


Bayview Vis., 1162-David Beares and Abby J. Peterson to Shawn and Elisha Keebaugh, $345,000.

Cape St Claire Rd., 1337-Pride Homes Corp. to Matthew and Michele Erickson, $291,000.

Green Holly Dr., 1209-Dennis Glenn and Nancy L. Connatser to Daniel A. and Katherine Grote, $255,000.

Long Green Dr., 1736-Ronald J. and Beatriz S. McNamara to Jason A. and Colleen Greene, $499,900.

St. Margarets Dr., 1053-Pride Homes Corp. to John Joseph and Emma E. Hartsog, $435,000.

Southview Dr., 1173-Franklin T. Arp and Ruth M. Gusman to Richard L. Clark, $400,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5680-Michele Phillips Alley to Anthony and Amber Phillips, $262,800.


Carlyle Dr., 1501, No. 148-Bronwyn Gallagher to Scott M. Stevenson, $250,000.

Ellsworth Ave., 1544-Shirley G. Sylvester and Kathleen Ann Van Orden to Thomas and Gina Hollweg, $481,000.

Lang Dr., 2111-Dona M. Giles to Thomas S. Newberry, $295,000.

Old Mystic Ct., 2414-Janet M. Scoville to Dhan and Manju Chhetri, $305,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1800, No. 42-Timothy J. and Belgin V. Wolard to James E. and Carolyn R. Popp, $240,000.

Waltham Ct., 2627, No. 56-Theodore Schelenski Jr. to Thomas Gerard and Amanda Nichole Vick, $343,000.


Hickory Trail, 362-John and Gerardine M. Farris to Asia Joseph Cooper Jr., $330,000.


Stoney Point Way, 1428-Kenneth Henkel Jr. to Zachary Hartley, $145,000.


Ashland Dr., 3550-Citibank to Stephen Arthur and Lauren Anne Popp, $743,000.

Mobile Ct., 3501-David and Pamela Parise to Matthew Ray and Tracie Andrusiak Severson, $640,000.


Tyler Rd., 5983-Joy Shay to Robert Moore and Megan Smith, $195,000.


Great Heron Dr., 721-Patrick and Hillary A. Tedesco to Jason R. and Sarah Minard, $535,000.

Maryland Way, 238-James M. Meehan to Luther P. Fleming III, $349,900.


Grey Fox Ct., 2106-David C. Peterson and Kathleen Blythe Peterson to Valerie K. Lewnes, $520,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Linda S. Lynn, $273,565.


Binsted Rd., 623-Erin Gloth to Maryland Home Partners Corp., $87,000.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Kristan and Nicholas Hanson, $286,025.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Rae J. and Frederick A. Miller, $260,415.

Ellwell Ct., 420-Mark S. Devan to Wells Fargo Bank, $80,377.

John St., 1416-Singleton G. and Michael G. Williams to Gwendolyn T. Mravca, $160,000.

Margate Dr., 173-Skyline Corp. to Keith S. and Pamela M. Pasternack, $224,900.

N St. SE, 315-Mark D. and Karen A. Mangold to Bernadette M. Marsh, $239,000.

Overhill Rd., 7704-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Catherine D. and Dennis B. Reyes, $192,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 208-Steven F. and Gertrude Noonan to Aaron J. Leadbeter, $201,000.

Short Curve Rd., 545-Timothy W. Martin to Kathleen M. Johnson, $157,000.

Thomas Rd., 1009-John R. Combs to Joyce Marie Stephens, $160,000.

Fourth Ave. N., 405-Robert G. and Teresa E. Valentine to Stephanie Joseph and Jonathan Joseph, $214,900.


Crystal Brook Way, 7857-M/I Homes to Sung Hun Won, $399,000.

Penzance Way, 1578-Jerome T. and Mary R. Jankowiak to Rae Y. and Ji Sung Park, $380,000.


Moss Bank Dr., 8023-Effie Baldwin to Alan K. and Karen L. Dowdy, $439,900.

Sagebrush Lane, 8709-U.S. Home Corp. to Mahmooda Sultana, $317,990.

Winding Trail, 8497-U.S. Home Corp. to Ethel Jane Brown, $325,990.


Colonial Dr., 8-Elizabeth A. Kessler and Thomas Earl Ridgway to David A. and Victoria E. Saffran, $180,000.

Patricia Ave., 108-William C. and Mary B. Heiser to Michelle L. McClosky and Kathleen Daly, $310,000.


Hortonia Point Dr., 8241-Christopher Bauer to Roger P. and Margaret Taneus, $600,000.

Redwood Grove Ct., 340-Carol L. Bishop to Karrie D. Strohman, $570,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2504-Claire M. Sterrett and Claire M. Haag to Deborah L. Wagner, $209,900.

Chapelview Dr., 644-Eric M. Thompson to Matthew H. and Kathleen Evans, $152,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8612, No. 303-Robert Evan and G. Scott Lewis to Linda L. Treece, $243,000.

Junco Ct., 2552-Debra J. Hall to Adam Baddock and Eva M. Fernandez, $375,250.

Lokus Rd., null, No. 2-NVR Inc. to Eric R. Heber, $284,490.

Rita Dr., 477-Rose T. Garrett to Kurt W. and Margaret E. Luoto, $320,000.

Star Stella Dr., 1562-Young L. and Sang Kwak to Scott Lineberger and Carolyn Temporelli, $615,000.

Willow Leaf Lane, 8613-Ann M. Hurley to Christopher R. and Sarah L. Carden, $235,000.


Appian Way, 3-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Helen M. and James M. Gorman, $118,000.

Bay Front Dr., 200-Douglas and Elizabeth P. York to Xinsheng and Ying Yu, $1.51 million.

Carroll Rd., 40-Robert R. and Kathleen V. Mouncey to Timothy Schall, $220,600.

Deering Rd., 731, No. 6F-Pegasus Home Corp. to Ira M. Markowitz, $159,900.

Edgewater Rd., 514-William D. and Suzanne G. Duncan to Gary M. Jackson, $637,000.

Greengate Way, 7848-William J. and Deborah A. Pierce to Deutsche Bank, $262,500.

Magnolia Ave., 111-Ronald and Melissa Geedy to Robert Joseph and Katie A. Majestic, $286,000.

Marble Arch Dr., 3455-Damian G. and Nancy C. Schmidt to Kevin J. Roberts and Erin M. Buddemeyer, $240,000.

Mountain Rd., 4721-Catherine Wachter to Fannie Mae, $120,000.

Perry Cove Rd., 1720-Brent A. and Angela L. Stancil to Marc D. and Julia A. Zucco, $475,000.

Scorton Harbour, 8674-Gregory C. and Jessie Lee Ambler to Michael Alexander and Laura Kathryn Gustowarow, $205,000.


Breckenridge Cir., 1232-John R. and Bernadette C. Hawkins to Shaun Love and Victoria Poore, $371,500.

Shore Walk Rd., 40-40 Shore Walk Corp. to Bonnie S. Greenberg, $500,000.


Evergreen Rd., 793-Eileen F. Groves to Alan G. and Kelly A. Connor, $345,000.

Terry Lee Way, 8409-John Adesioye and Thomas P. Dore to PNC Bank, $542,610.


Bennett Pl., 732-Paul E. and Deneen J. Mercer to Judy Gay Davidson and John W. Johnston Jr., $230,000.

Hawick Dr., 631-David Leon Riegel to Stephen and Sharon Ward, $555,000.

Kimberly Ct., 13-Ruth S. Kern and Gregory J. Cornish to Laurie Reynolds and Jason Hepp, $385,000.

North Dr., 316-Marie D. and Richard C. Colburn to Michael P. and Barbara Gavin, $400,000.

Rustic Ridge Rd., 108-Michael W. Peterson and Rosemarie Callage to Pride Homes Corp., $220,000.

Weybridge Ct., 5-Jay M. and Sheryl A. Bernsohn to James R. and Jennifer E. Brown, $685,000.

Howard County

Colonial Dr., 10070-Freeman L. and Martha B. Sands to Erik S. Chen, Carilee Pang Chen and the Chen Family Trust, $503,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4712, No. DR404-Monica M. Marrie to Sharifa Stewart, $173,900.

Evergreen Way, 2854-Robert A. and Johanna C. Obranovich to Robert S. Stutman, $825,000.

Isabelles Way, 9933-Hebron Manor I. Corp. to Eva Magiros, $544,387.

Macalpine Rd., 3610-Martha Osei Boamah to Robert Baldwin and Elizabeth Higgins, $605,000.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10624-Carlson and Kathryn Chow to Hye Kyung So, $378,000.

Pine Needle Dr., 2900-Mary E. Hanna to Eunice E. Kim, $545,000.

Starwreath Way, 4017-Eric Klein and Isabella G. Frattarola to Michael P. and Cheryl Zaron, $545,000.

White Rose Way, 3995-David H. and Kerry L. Towle to Christopher J. and Elizabeth H. Graff, $57,500.


Eastern Star Way, 6322-Michael J. and Diane M. Benecky to Ajay and Veni Kumar, $668,100.

Trotter Rd., 5847-John M. Lee and Patricia A. Childs to Viking Development Corp., $300,000.


Cameldriver Ct., 9470-Lisa Jones to Timothy J. and Charilyn Wade, $196,500.

Connell Ct., 9204-Maria Alice Ramos Franco to Federal National Mortgage Association, $241,000.

Early Red Ct., 6331-Brijet Burton to Kyle R. Clelan, $287,500.

Gold Sunset Way, 8438-Constance Mace to Matthew R. McCammon, $290,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7371-Twumasi A. and Yaa K. Appiah to Natalia Ceaicovscaia, $215,000.

Majors Lane, 6085-Fannie Mae to Shirley Nunley, $91,500.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9504-Ronald C. and Brenda R. Shriner to Kendall and Veronica Hurst, $189,500.

Rustling Leaf, 9352-Lisa R. Thornton to Gregory J. and Daphne G. Clem, $345,000.

Softwater Way, 9747-Russell M. Stein to Amit Sharma, $258,000.

Spelling Bee, 6516-Anthony and Rosemary Robinson to Theresa M. Salay and Brian P. Pritchard, $295,000.

Swan Point Way, 7343-Susan A. Maron and Susan A. Farkas to Luis Chacon, $300,000.

Waiting Spg., 6137-Ariane Havwood to Jin Gyu Yoon and Sun Young Park, $333,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7109-Kihara M. Dorsey to Davin Lee, $260,000.


Berrypick Lane, 11030-Jose A. Ramos to Kaori Sacks, $170,000.

Cedar Lane, 5478-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mitra and Maryam Ghahhari, $87,000.

Eastwind Way, 10510-Elizabeth M. Middleton to Eric K. and Elise S. Pope, $299,995.

Fallriver Row Ct., 5389-Ann F. Spiegler to Sheryl Salvar, $238,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5707A-Ivan A. Perdomo and Yisel H. Zeron to Timothy L. Potter, $110,000.

Jerrys Dr., 6150-Paul and Susan F. Maryez to Valerie Coleman Gist, $525,000.

Ridermark Row, 11276-William J. and Loraine M. Herdrich to Sean A. and Megan R. Mcaloon, $730,000.

Suffield Ct., 5605-Ann M. Mintz to Rosa Maymi, $325,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10549-Elizabeth Katharyn Shay to Robert A. Dimatteo, $107,400.

Wood Elves Way, 11101-Renee Madden to Daniel R. and Martha D. Kuespert, $520,000.


Arbor Way, 6307-Michael C. Garzon and Caroline D. Serafinas to Jamie Elizabeth Hermansen, $337,500.

Cedar Grove Lane, 7449-Cedar Grove Lane Corp. to Russell D. and Virginia L. Webb, $185,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6932-Marcia L. Goldberg and Scott M. Stone to Ryan C. Lee, $220,000.

Green Tree Dr., 8145-Christopher D. and Susanne M. Sontag to Jonathan Dustin and Erica S. Wilcox, $440,000.

Latchlift Ct., 6234-Robert W. Vanhoorebeck to National Residential Nominee Services, $535,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6308-Diane M. Hodges and Jean M. Flack to David B. White, $125,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6413-Mark L. and Katherine M. Breitenbach to Robert J. Donahue, $245,000.

Woolton Ct., 5203-Sanjcev and Priya Jaipuriar to Felicia W. and F. Daryl Anthony, $655,000.


Brightfield Rd., 8030-Aimee Louise Evans to Sang Hyeon Jeon and Insuk Lee, $270,000.

Dry Creek Ct., 3640-Matthew R. and Niti Blackwell to Troy L. and Joanna L. Leishear, $375,000.

Hale Ct., 4627-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Simon T. Wong, $601,409.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4830-Margot S. Hitpas to Marc W. Wilson, $418,000.

Old Woodstock Lane, 7705-Steven A. and Christine Weathersbee to Matthew Laun, $288,650.

Stonehouse Dr., 8596-Robert S. and Laura B. Duguay to Matthew S. and Jennifer S. Torpey, $550,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 4691-David M. Lake to Gerardus F. Wykoff, $430,000.


Tuckahoe Ct., 7829-Charles M. Pulay to Thornton D. Boyd and Peggy A. Hewinson, $525,000.


Huntersworth, 3204-J. David and Paul D. Nardon to William J. and Loraine M. Herdrich, $950,000.


Cortina Dr., 6760-Paul W. and Christine D. McIntyre to Matthew R. and Rachel M. Tulis, $765,000.


Joshua Grayson Dr., 7201-Morgan Chase Mortgage to Joselito G. Ladines and Lisa R. Panergo Ladines, $300,000.

Twelve Sons Ct., 8929-Ronald Osorio Navarro and Meybellin Menjivar to Freddie Mac, $230,000.


Moss Meadow Way, 16976-Christine Benally to Tommy White, $250,000.


Cabot Ct., 9302-Paul W. and Giselle Kolb to Javier Quinones and Ryna Luckert, $260,000.

Grant Ave., 9140-Jose Guadalupe Ovalle to Fairlakes Corp., $91,000.

Madison Ave., 9424-Bruce W. and Mary Ann Jenkins to Jared David Purkey and April Nicole Foster, $265,000.

Oxley Forest Ct., 8937-Kevin J. Little Sr. to Virendrakumar S. and Vishakhaben V. Patel, $215,000.

Winter Sun Rd., 9930-Neil M. and Jennifer J. Johnson to Chiafie J. and Eboni D. Fotang, $535,000.


Daisy Rd., 2486-Mahmood Ebrahimzadeh to Robert Lewis Jr., $326,550.

Union Chapel Rd., 15770-Carol Ann Junggust to Emery B. and Connie M. Mcrill, $650,000.


Enfield Dr., 10709-Lawrence J. Von Moss to Matthew Kirk Couser and Ana Hope Couser, $370,000.

Merion Pond, 2239E-William A. and Ruth J. Maguire to Hyung Joon Kim, $455,000.

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