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Anne Arundel

Admiral Dr., 218-Sheila Phillips Brown to Esmeralda I. Chilin, $85,000.

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3231-Jonathan and Nicole Murray to Jennifer Schaming Ronan and Craig V. Ronan, $395,000.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1340-Dennis Michael and Mary Maureen Sullivan to Frank Edwin Rostan and Katherine A. Lai, $388,000.

Bridgeport Ct., 905-Thomas A. Rubino and Rosemarie Hesterberg to Keith G. and Jo Ann Killmon, $330,000.

Conduit St., 76-Jacquelin D. Trestrail to Michael Kevin Hantke, $966,570.

Gordon Cove Dr., 1510-Stacy L. and Isora M. Ruble to Paul S. and Janine Kay Kellner, $769,000.

Green Top Ct., 1807-Richard J. and L. Renee Reilly to Jason Lee and Kristen Coleman, $390,000.

Kimber Ridge Ct., 1-Robert J. and Elizabeth T. Childs to Joan A. Morgan, $855,000.

Market St., 142-Peter F. Tropp to Chester B. Roberts and Alexandra Shore Kaminski, $445,000.

Old Bay Ridge Rd., 1043-Thomas and Sigrid Kaufmann Frey to John E. Murray, $600,000.

Phillips Terr., 2001, No. 10-Kristina Lynn Goldberg to Jonathan R. Garritt, $235,000.

Prince George St., 248-C. Lansing and Monica M. Hays to Ross M. and Adrienne Young, $1.15 million.

Roydon Trail, 1715-David A. and Naomi L. Parry to Kay E. Pessagno, $625,000.

Southwood Ave. S., 204-Granstan Properties Corp. to Michael J. and Carol J. Vilardo, $760,000.

Tucker St., 214-William K. Wertz to Kevin and Ari Blenkhorn, $680,000.

Washington Dr., 1251-Pride Homes Corp. to Christopher W. and Claire Porter, $450,000.

First St., 101-Steven L. and Chaundra L. Hamilton to Laura Muirhead, $285,000.


Deer Creek Run, 953-Frank and Nancy M. Zeni to Mark F. and Joy M. Waite, $349,900.

Garywood Lane, 1038-Richard Joseph and Lois Mary McCluskey to Stephen J. and Kerri E. Sodero, $669,000.

Locust Cir., 788-Josephine M. Collins and Christopher R. Collins to Eric C. and Danielle J. Silk, $1.04 million.

Notting Hill Lane, 844-Peter W. and Sandra S. Swift to Robert P. and Kathryn L. Quigley, $732,500.

Whetstone Dr., 1210-Hoonil and Hyesook Kim to Pamela Bassett, $632,000.


Camrose Ave., 311-Freddie Mac to Cynthia Nicoli and Scott Wilkes, $129,000.


Burley Rd., 603-Richard A. Schoenwiesner to Thomas S. Bainbridge, $355,000.

Foolish Pleasure Ct., 1647-John R. and Marilyn S. Williams to Jonathan Ballew, $195,000.

Homewood Landing Rd., 1672-Susan Cobbey Barshinger and Anne McLain Cobbey to Marc Greenspan and Kathy Floam, $930,000.

St. Margarets Dr., 991-Patrick S. and Carol Ann Gardella to Jeffrey Elliot and Valerie Alice Weintraub, $347,500.

Snow Goose Lane, 633-Jacqueline A. Biedlingmaier to Mark E. and Nancy J. Gorman, $365,000.


Deale-Churchton Rd., 5403-Louis T. Blunt to Fannie Mae, $198,000.


Angus Ct., 1636-James K. and Carla Rose O’Brien to James E. and Carolyn R. Popp, $260,000.

Ebbotts Pl., 1606-Kenneth William and Maria Lourdes Stockman to Alejandro L. and Lindsay J. Gonzalez, $536,200.

Jeffrey Dr., 1173, No. 42-Wallace R. and Eileen Stephenson to Scott M. and Michelle J. Dublin, $270,000.

Selkirk Ct., 2546-Stone Financing Corp. to Antonio S. Troese, $300,000.

Walleye Dr., 1660-Rachel Slomporas and Rachel Fanfelone to Lynn Ann Stambaugh, $224,000.


Generals Hwy., 1089-Frank L. Rose Jr. and Frank L. Rose Sr. to Brenda G. Hawkins, $460,000.


Springhouse Lane, 7170-Derek Fink and Ruth N. Kiser to Lauren and Irene Frank, $240,000.


Manor View Rd., 1516-Patricia A. Burt and Dorothy J. Burt to Pride Homes Corp., $215,000.


Parkers Creek Rd., 767-Donald R. Avery and Mary E. Cardyn to Jonathan Guy and Carolyn Panzer, $737,500.


Gray Fox Ct., 236-Joshua J. Gleason to Kelly M. Proctor, $316,500.

Marlboro Rd., 1608-Bernard James Brocato to Stephen Jason Langley, $148,000.

Noble Victory Ct., 10-Stephen W. and Kathleen Michael to Glen R. Buchanan and Mary J. Clark, $775,000.

Stewart Dr., 105-Hans Eric Jorgensen to Jennifer Rzepnicki, $354,900.


Church Lane, 4847-Christopher H. and Moira E. Doherty to Patrick M. and Jeanine Hantske, $607,500.


Forksbridge Ct., 906-Joel S. and Helen M. Zimmerman to Kevin S. and Jennifer L. Mish, $549,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Dominik and Belva J. Barbalace, $312,130.


Binsted Rd., 622-Maxine O. Blatt and Leslie Ann Stanbury to James F. Gaskill Jr., $140,000.

Central Ave., 109-Edward L. and Deborah McCullough to Bryan Anthony M. Lupton and Elisa R. Lupton, $240,000.

Cromwell Ave., 14-Shirley M. Baker to Carl Adam Vencill Sr., $170,000.

Dorchester Rd., 106-David and Lisa Mathias to Linda K. Mech, $173,750.

Jay Ct., 926-Mary Alice Finn to Derek E. Smith and Melissa K. May, $220,000.

Margate Dr., 171-Daniel J. Werner to Jorge C. Damiani, $315,200.

Mockingbird Cir., 7344-Dawn Darlene Metcalfe to Geoffrey R. Lopes and Erin M. O’Brien, $330,000.

Myers Dr., 7920-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Benjamin Orr, $180,200.

Pickering Ct., 7110-Richard Sears Harlow to Ronald Joseph Reinhardt III, $249,900.

Polynesian Lane, 6511-Wayne J. Doran to Lauren T. and Karen T. Siekierski, $215,000.

Short Curve Rd., 542-Rose Mary Fleming to Nicholas Klapaska, $169,500.

First Ave. SW, 509-Jo Ann Bird to Sharon G. Burkhardt, $130,000.


Clay Bridge Ct., 7711-Dong Su Noh to Kathy Clem, $395,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1440-Adam M. and Amy West to Keith and Almajeanne Bertolino, $334,000.


Richardson Dr., 803-Timothy L. Campbell to Caroline Harper, $525,000.


Marcey Creek Rd., 3529-Deutsche Bank to Lakeisha N. Hall, $290,000.

Sagebrush Lane, 8703-U.S. Home Corp. to Patrick and Uchechukwu Owelle, $317,990.

Winding Trail, 8487-U.S. Home Corp. to Veronica Heller, $343,490.


Chestnut Oak Lane, 6233-Anthony W. and Marie D. Jones to Robert C. and Lani J. Phipps, $375,000.

Nancy Ave., 204-Donna M. Jones to Gladys Robin and Bruce Morgan Gillespie, $150,000.


Horicon Point Dr., 8027-Leonard H. and Pamela B. Jordan to Bonita and Kevin Wells, $582,500.

Redwood Grove Ct., 336-William Gentry to Charles F. and Holly A. Willis, $534,950.

Wagner Farm Rd., 729-Eric J. and Patricia Z. Mulville to Julie Ann and Michael Paul Briggs, $374,000.


Battle Way, 1904-Udeozo Ogbue to Hina T. and Mohammad A. Khan, $347,000.

Crosslanes Way, 2332-Anthony J. and Lisa G. Pagliaro to Lloyd P. Lemle and Cynthia Walsh Lemle, $465,000.

Jostaberry Way, 2454-Matthew J. and Allison R. Griffin to Justin Paul Weis, $350,000.

Realm Ct. W., 642-Aaron Chaudoin to Omar Joe and Jessica Fontaine Younger, $205,000.

Scaffold Way, 1882-Douglas and Kirsten Cook to Leslie J. Hudson, $374,000.

Vacation Dr., 805-Alesia G. and Ahmed Mezaache to Scott Jeremy and Rachel M. McDonald, $385,000.


Abbey Ct., 8040D-Robin L. Greer to Jeffrey William Braughton, $115,100.

Bar Harbor Rd., 201-Fannie Mae to Nathan Fletcher, $159,000.

Brickwall Lane, 3543-Brendan Fooks and Julia Falcone to Mathew L. and Kara M. Wilkinson, $268,000.

Deering Rd., 661-Linda Andrews to Deborah V. Stocksdale, $169,500.

Duvall Hwy., 696-Michelle Morelli to Steven G. and Christina B. Hinrichs, $296,400.

Green Mountain Ct., 308-Joyce A. Ezrow to Gregory and Elizabeth Korwek, $160,000.

Light Street Ave., 203-Eric Winkelmeyer to Victoria and Noel Crowder, $360,000.

Montrose Rd., 114-David A. Stokes to Scott Westbrook, $245,000.

Oak Dr., 189-Melissa and Brett Huffman to Brittany and Jason Verhoef, $333,900.

Salem Harbour, 1046-Joseph Andrew and Jennifer Dawn Harrah to Arthur Landry Jr., $185,000.

Ventnor Rd., 8107-Kemper L. and Patricia A. Cave to Laurence C. Sanders, $730,000.

231st St., 606-Jane and James C. Gillespie to Alberta E. Hall, $275,000.


Rock Dr., 3021-Lorraine A. and Harold C. Smith to Meyer David and Leslie S. Lastfogel, $200,000.


Blairfield Ct., 420-Leon Tate and Ethel J. Brown to Eric J. and Patricia Z. Mulville, $535,000.

Ellen Ave., 163-Teresa L. and Christopher I. Morris to Samuel Paul Rodriguez and Jessica Angell Higgs, $315,000.

Monaco Dr., 1361-Travis Wells and Leigh Ann Snyder to Caleb S. Avery, $160,000.

Stevenson Rd., 887-Joseph W. Klein and Dorothy L. Merson to Steven and Charlotte M. Pusloskie, $205,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 316-Dawn C. Wolf to Ryan V. and Jennifer L. Peacock, $515,000.

Eastwood Ct., 491-Jeffrey S. Bartolovitch and Margaret K. Colleton to John B. and Stephanie L. Mennell, $425,000.

Jennings Rd. S., 40-Karen L. Wallace to Mark P. and Anna K. Debaugh, $210,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 600-Elizabeth J. Nickerson to Sanford M. and Susan S. Burns, $320,500.

Robinson Landing Rd., 89-Phillip and Rita Anne Belgrader to Patrick A. Coyne, $445,000.

Tower Rd., 5-Courtney A. and Jon Szymanski to William N. and Susan O. Linthicum, $617,000.

Howard County

Chateau Ridge Dr., 3750-U.S. Bank to Gloria Moon, $391,000.

Dana Ct., 2844-David E. and Julia M. Maxham to Erik J. Cohoon and Robin Egypt Cohoon, $535,000.

Elmmede Rd., 3130-Thomas E. and Joy D. Wolven to Alexander C. Piggott, $632,000.

Horned Owl Ct., 3600-Patrick J. and Diane L. Stewart to Mark and Dawn Holmgren, $445,000.

Liter Ct., 2594-James F. and Rita R. Baum to Colleen M. and Thomas E. West, $300,000.

Mustering Drum, 4526-Wendy C. Favorite to Steven M. Tove, $115,250.

Paulskirk Dr., 3113-George J. Falter to Yi Zheng and Ruo Mei Wu, $350,000.

Southview Rd., 3013-Saied Sam Jalali and Behnaz Sheikh Bagheri to Arash Rasoulishahmiri and Tahereh Movaffaghi, $350,000.

Turf Valley Rd., 2621-Mary Marguerite Williams and Edward Wilkinson to Michelle L. and James Crawley, $417,000.


Chamblis Dr., 5646-Eric M. Pripstein to Shawn and Miya O. Paterniti, $625,000.

Silent Sun Pl., 5813-Paul F. and Sydney A. Engle to Steve Y. and Teresa J. Cho, $880,000.


Black Star Cir., 8587-Michael D. and Marquinta H. Bell to Thomas E. Keller, $279,900.

Clocktower Lane, 9485-Dunja Schauk Ziomek to Jerard T. and Simone C. Gibson, $290,000.

Each Leaf Ct., 8419-Andy Im to Binita Panta, $315,000.

Gentle Way, 9335-Andrew D. and Genevieve Sogn to Mansour Davoodi and Shirin Shariaty, $320,000.

Hourglass Pl., 9239-Hamid Anhary to Keith T. and Jennifer A. Scheid, $323,000.

Majors Lane, 6049, No. 2-Jackson H. Graham to Elizabeth M. Armstrong, $82,000.

Nightsong Lane, 9513-Leslie Carton Berger to Jason P. and Maria C. Leasure, $500,000.

Red Lake Ct., 5367-Janine A. Roberts to Borys Mar, $300,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7473-Michael Aleo to Kriparam Faraday and Binitha Thachuparambil, $295,000.

Silver Trumpet Dr., 8357-Elaine J. Yun and Elaine Enoch to Marc and Michele Kimes, $280,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7239-Kevin Wiechelt to Michael Robertson and Melissa Moore, $290,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5716-Katedra K. Hackett to Patricia Van Alstine and Shane M. Wieman, $165,000.

Westering Sun, 9363-Michael J. and Judith A. Mahaffy to Lee G. and Toni L. Klinkenberg, $350,000.

Windharp Way, 6417-Panalytics Corp. to Shan Yu and Gangcheng Huang, $235,000.


Beech Creek Dr., 10835-Nick T. and Deborah L. Place to Patrick and Stephanie Beben, $439,000.

Buglenote Way, 10367-Margaret A. Radcliffe and Jean M. Jarvis to Paul and Giselle Kolb, $530,000.

Durham Rd. E., 5025-Rolando F. Del Rosario and Andrea K. Del Rosario to Emily M. Harris and Jan Gryczynski, $473,000.

Fair Oaks, 10458-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Brandi Lynn and Philip Brandon Hicks, $405,000.

Harmel Dr., 10963-Sandra L. Ford to Eric J. and Nancy E. Goltry, $432,000.

Hesperus Dr., 5126-Arthur Cohen to Cynthia T. Allen, $325,000.

Norway Ct., 5908-Brian Wiedel and Tracy Hickey Wiedel to Bhavesh A. and Sapana B. Patel, $485,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11792-Karen M. Putrell to Ezra Yeheskeli, $267,000.

Trotter Ridge Ct., 6117-Jordan P. Karp and Alice L. Wilkenfeld to Christopher T. and Catherine Y. Campbell, $775,000.

Wood Elves Way, 11017-Julie Steiner and Tony Tsai to David Prescott and Lydia Prescott, $460,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 14625-Mukeshkumar A. and Mina M. Patel to Vincente S. and Denise M. Dantuono, $680,000.


Calvert Dr., 7047-Kellee Terwilliger to Efrain and Meliss Sanchez, $510,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6462-Najib Farhad to Paul Roberto and Orina Mangano, $230,000.

Foxcatcher Ct., 6713-John L. and Elisa M. Bradshaw to Nathan J. Blattau, $392,000.

Latchlift Ct., 6234-National Residential Nominee Services to Erik and Kelsey Gregg, $535,000.

Niagara Dr., 6013-Wells Fargo Bank to Sung Min Lee, $450,100.

Rockledge Ct., 6401-Dennis Michael Roberts to Shirishkumar and Yoginneeben Patel, $175,000.

Valley Oak Dr., 7727-Michael R. Seasay to Wander S. Weberling and Jovane Stabenow, $225,000.


Brauerton Rd., 8900-Beazer Homes Corp. to Judith B. Rice, $261,232.

Brittany Dr., 4413-Ulrich Speck Snyder and Sarah M. Snyder to Jonathan R. and Robin Barnes, $295,000.

College Ave., 3700, No. 203-Anneliese H. Massey to Nancy Hogan Baur, $280,000.

Grove Rd., 8308-Michele S. Hieatzman to Rennae S. and Cleon R. Anderson, $310,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2520-Fannie Mae to Bonnie Beall, $169,900.

Millers Way Dr., 2816-Thomas and Linda Lynch to Steven C. and Beth G. Gilbert, $721,000.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas D. Lee, $153,490.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to Deborah A. Robertson, $292,695.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to John W. and Kathy J. Barrett, $298,384.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8343-Deutsche Bank to Dennis and Pamela Failing, $156,000.

Spring Breeze Ct., 8303-Tacettin and Birsel Aybar to Jacquelyne L. and Maurice G. Wilson, $559,900.


Reservoir Rd., 8207-Bessie G. Morell to Julia Frost and Beulah C. Lubis, $530,000.


Hobbs Rd., 3024-Patricia L. Boyer to Adam Corton, $580,000.


River Birch Ct., 6019-Guan Liang Cao and Qiao Xi Zheng to James K. and Branch D. Lyons, $359,000.


Jane Garth, 8016-Timothy M. and Dianne S. Martin to Gloria Chiantella and Charles Luedtke, $335,000.

Summit Hill Way, 8311-David A. Sommers and Debra A. Hoag to Andrew A. Cacopardo and Stephanie Mejia, $270,000.


Sugar Maple Dr., 1266-Gregory J. and Sibyl D. Lavin to Edward M. and Jessica K. Fitter, $472,500.


Burley Lane, 9222-Joseph K. and Diana T. Alexander to Mary C. Vargas and Dominic T. Nolin, $249,000.

Glendower Ct., 9626-Kenneth S. Cook to Kathleen L. MacFarlane, $245,000.

Kings Grant Rd., 9580-Orlando and Maritza D. Arevalo to HSBC Bank, $255,000.

Norfolk Ave., 9409, No. 172-Virginia S. Elder and Herbert J. Bowers to Megan Rovnak and Candice Thompson, $150,000.

Stansfield Rd., 10289-Nancy A. Dunivin to Timothy D. Trumbull, $170,000.


Danmark Dr., 3155-Ann F. Mazur to Todd Gustafson and Lisa Palmer, $715,000.


Dickens Way, 10504-Joon Won and Yuan Jeanie Son to Usman H. Hashmi, $590,000.

Gretchen Nicole Ct., 10301-Sally A. Hobbs to Paul and Sherie Baker, $565,000.