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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

Anne Arundel

These residential sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other real estate transactions, visit


Admiral Dr., 210-Joan Wallace and Bernard Albert Wallace to Paul A. Wallace, $100,000.

Amberstone Ct., 10K-Donna Greene to Michael A. Connolly II, $175,000.

Bay View Dr. E., 147-George H. and Jane B. Wilson to Maryland Luxury Homes Corp., $1.22 million.

Bermuda Lane, 951-David I. Abse to Brian Davidson and Maria E. Valez, $319,000.

Chrisland Ct., 1201-Maureen H. Murphy to Champe S. and Khristine S. Andrews, $640,000.

Clubhouse Village View, 868-Charlene H. Hockenberry to Pamela J. Cade, $355,000.

Gemini Dr., 1200C, No. 34-Justin M. Mackovyak to Timothy R. and Lynn McGeein, $167,400.

Kensington Way, 1021-Karen E. Kelly to Jae Yoon Lee and Tiffany Anderson, $220,000.

Marconi Ave., 942-Gloria V. Summerfelt to William Lambros, $275,000.

Milkshake Lane, 1-Michael N. Allen and Mary Lynn Michels to Milkshake Lane Corp., $450,000.

Phillips Terr., 2000-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Erin Devaney, $212,000.

Porter Dr., 156-Margaret M. Stockhausen and Timothy A. Whittington to Jared Leichty, $310,000.

Shaw St., 49-Samuel B. and Marlene Jones to Michael L. and Donna L. Adams, $650,000.

Tucker St., 14-Alastair Morton and Margaret E. Morton to Jeffrey R. and Alison C. Sural, $625,000.

Walnut Dr., 412-Norman L. Kirby III to Jonathan Andrew McGrath, $325,000.

Williams Dr., 147-Mary Janice Urban to Brian Ray and Birgit Albrecht, $587,500.


Cresston Rd., 135-Michael Richard and Jan Marie Hicks to James and Barbara Moser, $480,000.

Fox Run Way, 33-HSBC Mortgage to Alireza Miraghazadeh, $236,000.

Locust Cir., 776-Robert W. and Janet Y. Witter to Roger J. and Helen B. Kouhi, $945,250.

Marinaview Dr., 1202-Joseph D. and Bernice Rivera Giles to Patrick and Eneida L. Green, $1.26 million.

Sheridan Rd., 41-John W. and Laura J. Carter to Michael D. and Katie R. Hedges, $360,000.


Kramme Ave., 4901-Elizabeth Hildt and Ann Elizabeth Reed to Western Plus Corp., $64,900.

11th Ave. E., 112-Janina Hlasko to John Johnson, $59,900.


Broadneck Pl., 1505, No. 102-Barbara Anderson to Russell P. and Eileen Tedesco, $222,000.

Highpoint Dr., 957-Christopher J. and Mary Demichiei Grimm to Casey S. Stephens and Daniel J. Jolicoeur, $325,000.

Rolling View Dr., 795-Martha L. Potter to Roger W. Norris Sr., $360,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 629-Timothy A. Miller to Josh A. Dascoli, $355,000.

White Tail Deer Ct., 1524-Mark Joseph and Theresa Marie Moyer to Mark J. and Christina Hamilton, $710,000.


Albermarle Dr., 1662, No. 50-Christopher A. and Julie Danielewski to Robin Alexandra Lartigue, $274,000.

Dryden Way, 1638, No. 1-Janice Pentercs to Virginie J. Chambers, $255,000.

Mara Vista Ct., 1464-Gayle M. Maytan to Heath L. Smith, $209,900.

Putnam Lane, 2319-Kristin Going and Christopher F. Lonegro to Eric K. and Kera M. Matsui, $470,000.

Urby Dr., 1718-Donna G. Doyle to Daniel E. and Theresa Wavra, $346,000.


Diggs Rd., 960-Dale H. and Darlene C. Spencer to Danielle A. Diehlmann, $245,000.

Teak Rd., 501-Steven W. and Juliet C. Wright to Christopher L. and Deborah L. Murphy, $790,000.


Veranda Ct., 1140-J.B. Stratton to Lauren Style, $240,000.


Foxhall Dr., 3554-Concetta Bibiana and Ronald Long to Patrick Frame and Sheila Norman, $612,500.


Melbourne Ave., 6090-Barbara Jeanne Lanning Tatum to William B. Thurmond Jr., $490,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1609-Jeffrey Sydenstricker to Yong S. Lee and Lena J. Yang, $255,000.

Lorely Rd., 1807-Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County to Maryanne Monias, $129,000.

Mulberry Ct., 106-Jamison E. and Tara D. Mullen to Daniel Sutermeister and Laurie Daddino, $515,000.

Ramsey Dr., 3708-James P. Dolan to Kelly C. and Devin H. Heritage, $455,000.


Old Solomons Island Rd., 6805-James K. and Hazel J. Webb to Brett J. and Ashley M. Lott, $217,500.


Branchwood Terr., 1505-Rosh Construction Inc. to Ronald M. Shapiro and Nancy C. Zellmer, $193,666.

Thresam Ct., 2026-Garren F. and Tamela C. Mona to Benjamin L. and Sandra P. England, $800,000.


Baltimore Ave. SW, 205-Bradley A. and Pamela D. Hoebeke to David L. Scarpitti Jr., $249,900.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Jessica Brantley and Demarco Daniels, $256,670.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Daeweon Ahn, $217,390.

Crain Hwy. S., 3-NVR Inc. to Tetyana Lepley, $226,840.

Delaware Ave., 302-Theodora W. Bryan to Debora Tuthill Rusinko, $150,000.

Fruitful Ct., 8105-Sean Adam Wynkoop to Michael Sampson, $213,000.

Meadow Dr. N., 113-Michael James McCue and Lucinda Katherine McCue to Mark Hamilton Jr., $176,100.

Merry Chase Ct., 8013-Joel L. and Dawn Lautenschlager to Janelle N. and Timothy M. Meads, $410,000.

Oakwood Rd., 7984-Chena N. Burrell to Gecko Realty, $115,500.

Pillsbury Pl., 7509-Pride Homes Corp. to Sheila M. Nist, $252,800.

Short Curve Rd., 505-Deborah Y. Chung to Martha J. Parker, $165,000.

Spencer Rd., 7650-Dolores A. Callahan to Leyland Cash, $160,000.

Wisdom Ct., 1066-NVR Inc. to Kevin Martin, $314,490.


Maple Ave., 1713-Robert E. and Buffy M. Craft to AmeriStar Homes, $220,000.


Jessie Rd., 2-Robert B. and Joanne L. Smiley to Edward J. and Alanna M. Wright, $725,000.


Mallard Shore Dr., 8121-Brian J. Butler to Tochi L. Iheagwara, $316,000.

Rippling Way, 3535-Paul J. and Deloris D. Perry to Glenford D. and Myleen A. Dormer, $450,000.

Wild Iris Way, 2997-Randy J. Adler to Joan H. Garbutt, $403,600.


Beechwood Rd., 402-402 Beechwood Road Corp. to Josh and Patricia King, $269,900.

Hawthorne Rd., 205-Lillian G. Nichols to Dennis M. and Crystal M. Poteat, $270,000.


Brightwood Rd., 593-Thomas R. and Leona Davis to Peter Dickinson, $350,000.

Point Field Dr., 535-James T. Degraffenreid to Adam Summers, $1.32 million.

Wagner Farm Rd., 713-Curtis M. and Kelley Hamby to Nicki K. and Mukesh B. Patel, $335,000.


Barred Owl Way, 2634-Reginald and Rosina B. Johnson to Bing Chung and Peggy Ng, $320,000.

Crosslanes Way, 2323-James P. and Denise R. Gannon to Astoria Savings & Loan, $440,000.

Jostaberry Way, 2398-Sally Charpied to Nannette Seven, $370,000.

Scaffold Way, 1851-Demohnatu Theresa Kargbo to Labib and Amal Gharbawi, $260,000.

Trout Run Ct., 617-Jesko M. and Rebecca E. Hagee to Brandon H. and Alane C. Pearce, $348,000.


Shore Dr., 1007-Robin M. and Lynn B. Gilman to Mark D. and Susan B. Case, $685,000.


Atlanta Rd., 213-Beverley J. Hill to Wayne E. and Deborah Kelly Schrenk, $295,000.

Bayside Beach Rd., 2747-Lavigene B. Gross to Randall and Jennifer Hallquist, $257,250.

Dover Rd., 613-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jeffery B. and Elizabeth A. Combs, $192,900.

Flintshire Ct., 7844-Stuart L. and Betty J. Cassell to John V. and Teresa B. Blessing, $269,900.

Kingsley Ct., 3503A-Jacqueline Mary and James August Rainge to Harold J. Brigerman, $120,000.

Magothy Cove Ct., 256-Stephen C. and Terri M. Rickert to Bradly Justin Tuthill and Meredith Lowe, $400,000.

Meadow Rd., 7743-Denny J. Thomas and Tammy Lebow to Constantine M. and Veola F. Janouris, $225,000.

Oak Dr., 185-David A. Lins to Norman E. and Theresa Bechtel, $256,000.

Sail Cir., 8359-Karl B. Watson III to John and John Calvert, $104,000.

Teal Dr., 186-Wiley C. and Andrea N. Watkins to Curt L. and Malainda L. Schneider, $315,000.


Riva Rd., 3150-Jesse and Teresa J. Hardin to Kenneth W. and Kathryn M. Fantasia, $299,900.


Beech Tree Rd., 897-Ann and Jeffrey Rattell to Timothy A. Morris, $308,000.

Delmont Rd., 1105-Robert C. and Kristie Marie Moore to Mirian S. Acosta, $315,000.

Silo Rd., 8154-Earl W. and Donna V. Knickman to Christopher S. and Carrie L. Hogan, $410,000.


Alston Pl., 607-Marcus P. and Michele M. Cavil to Erick J. and Sonya H. Dorn, $425,000.

Hollywood Rd., 633-David M. Rein and Elizabeth L. Wetzel to Robert Quest and Rebecca Quest, $240,000.

Lockleven Dr., 105-W. Dudley Dixon Jr. to Helen F. Espitallier, $402,900.

Riverdale Rd., 262-Willard Edward Bryant Jr. to Calvin and Katherine Bianca Matthews, $200,000.

Sunset Ct., 101-Mark M. and Robin Jarosz to John S. and Joumana Kohlhepp, $534,000.


Chesapeake Ave., 5216-Stephen H. and Suzanne D. Cooley to Loyal Michael and Nancy Maclean Goff, $400,000.

Howard County

Boca Raton Dr., 10393-Thomas and Janet Carbary to Laura L. Baud, $630,000.

Coventry Court Dr., 3406-Jing Zou and Hui Xian Zhu to Karen E. and Peter A. Manlove, $395,000.

Dunloggin Rd., 9063-Gary E. Pakulla to Dwayne E. Meadows and Shannon G. Mitchell, $520,000.

Greenbriar Ct., 10301-Leslie C. Kain to Mark J. and Karen L. Aaby, $625,000.

Larkspring Row, 4037-Alexis Alvarado to Gregory L. and Jane H. Richards, $550,000.

Michaels Way, 9850-Troy D. and Michelle M. Meeker to Jennifer A. Haughie, $445,000.

Old Oak Dr., 3124-Rayner C. and Thomasina M. Wharton to Man and Elaine Y. Charurat, $925,000.

Sheppard Manor Dr., 4603-Williamsburn Group Corp. to Milada Reddy and Rahul Reddy Goturi, $960,455.

Treyburn Ct., 9737-Kevin and Regina Rich to Biby J. and Smitha P. Thoms, $660,000.


Autumn Wind Cir., 6525-David C. Nevitte to Anthony J. and Danelle A. Buchman, $480,000.

Flowing Water Trail, 12117-Melissa C. and Thomas Trimble to Xianghua Yu and Ning Xue, $645,000.

White Marble Ct., 6130-Steve Y. and Teresa J. Cho to Zongmin David Yang and Marina G. Chernova, $445,000.


Deep Earth Lane, 6215-Eunah J. Kim to Yuehkan and Hsiaowei Shih, $287,000.

Flamepool Way, 9070-Marilyn K. Cole to Ralph G. Kreider and Brittany N. Muth, $284,000.

Halflight Garth, 5491-Karen J. and David A. Camorali to Clyde S. and Ollie J. Spence, $380,000.

Loring Dr., 6411-David M. Bandier to Kyler M. Evans, $285,000.

Millwheel Pl., 5633-Jones Taylor Sr. to Raymond Joseph Watts Jr., $390,000.

Sheerock Ct., 5670-Paul L. and Wilma I. McDermott to Francis X. McIntyre Jr. and M. Anastasia MacDonald, $380,000.

Starburn Path, 6130-Patrick O. and Giselle V. Madsen to Jonathan Nathaniel and Connie Beth Bray, $314,000.

Tamar Dr., 6339-Tariehk Geter to Donna Pierce, $300,000.

Watercress Pl., 5443-Prakash Ramaswamy to J. Cassidy Chesnut Jr., $350,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6334-Wanda Y. Cook to Household Finance Corp., $303,210.


April Journey, 5542-Thor T. and Kerry A. Sandell to Kenneth L. Olsen, $288,000.

Blacksmith Dr., 5067-Edward A. and Alaina M. Morgan to Kevin D. and Brenda L. Ames, $379,000.

Columbia Rd., 4942, No. 4-Kevin R. Gilson to Carla J. Bacon, $135,000.

Fair Oaks, 10401-Oaks Homes Corp. to Tiera and Kevin Brown, $385,000.

Grateful Heart Gate, 6400-Wells Fargo Bank to Matthew H. and Emily F. Brenner, $435,000.

Hazel Thicket Ct., 6508-Susan L. Hensel to Lawrence D. and Lauren M. Shields, $585,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5263-Gail M. Ferrelli to Galina Jmourko, $340,000.

Rutland Round Rd., 10220-Thomas A. Iseghohi to Essex Bank, $337,500.

Ten Mills Rd., 5018-Elaine Yuan and Man E. Charural to Eric R. Harris, $465,000.

Vista Rd., 10609-SD Properties Corp. to Matthew and Alicia Cooper, $780,338.


Howard Rd., 13826-Craig E. and Jennifer Alsheimer to Stanley Thompson Harmon and Denise Lyn Thompson Harmon, $485,000.


Brookview Rd., 7315, No. 308-Larry W. and Donna E. Asbury to Teresa M. Clark, $240,000.

Clear Ridge Rd., 5904-Luther M. and Thelma I. Johnson to William B. McNeill, $565,000.

Elkridge Heights Rd., 5798-David Bruce and Joan C. Steinrucken to Delos C. Dupree Jr. and Barbara Wensil Dupree, $185,000.

Greenfield Rd., 6435, No. 1206-Kathryn Ann Dutrow to Cory P. Metcalf, $145,000.

Lawyers Hill Rd., 6469-Goodwin Investments Corp. to Elvin Herbert Dantzler and Tundjay Halil Dantzler, $350,000.


Beechwood Rd., 4602-Sherman H. Deveas to Yvonne Fisher, $305,000.

Brightmeadow Ct., 7924-Todd D. Barrick to John V. and Nancy J. Pavia, $310,000.

Chapel View Rd., 8601-Leopoldo F. Greco to Gunther N. and Vivienne Miller, $415,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8571A-Sue A. Pope to Margarette Reindorf, $205,000.

Hickory High Ct., 8125-Lois Abel and Olga Michel Abel to Joseph P. and Carol K. Lettrich, $235,000.

Manahan Dr., 8797-Bonnie Lee Harkins to Raunak N. and Ruchi R. Shah, $322,000.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to Ronald E. and Janet J. Mandart, $367,288.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to Beverly L. Daniel, $262,121.

Montgomery Rd., -Beazer Homes Corp. to Jacqueline Davis, $293,485.

Montgomery Rd., 5110-Vickie L. and Dolen Delawder to Elizabeth Rendon and Mark J. Sherman, $180,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4466-Jun and Ki Shin to Edmund Raj and Premila Edmund, $450,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8205-Scott M. and Evelyn M. Henderson to Prtish S. Menon and Meghan E. Sackett, $295,000.


Maple Lawn Blvd., 7921-Maple Lawn Corp. to Jennifer A. Moon and Oki Kwon, $655,000.


Triadelphia Rd., 15065-Hye Kyung So to Connie M. Lee, $250,000.


Sharp Rd., 3646-Gary L. and Pamela D. Parrish to Kirk E. and Leanne R. Olson, $600,000.


Red Jacket Way, 7923-Bank of New York Mellon to Christian Patton, $215,000.


Aladdin Dr., 8018-Thomas A. and Nancy Jean Dixon to Chongmin Wang and Yao Cheng, $530,000.

Ebb Tide Lane, 10219-Tara Lehner to Harris Zeng and Yudan Zhang, $335,000.

Howland Rd., 9209-Krishna M. Mukku to Peter S. and Jill E. Krokos, $278,000.

Nicky Ct., 8021-Cartus Financial Corp. to Geoffrey D. Manikin and Patricia Lois Rhea, $450,000.


River Rd., 1035-David P. Smith to Lanall Renovations Corp., $172,500.


Frederick Rd., 16250-Jeffrey T. and Shannon G. Mitchell to Donald A. and Yvonne R. Gurzell, $635,000.


Barnet Ct., 2205-Sheng Bi and Hui Jiang to Juonghoon Lee and Minyoung Kim, $410,000.

Evening Dew Dr., 2946-Ronald E. and Janet Mandart to Eric Klein and Isabelita G. Frattarola, $550,000.


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