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Anne Arundel

Amos Garrett Blvd., 75-Denise Michaels to Richard J. and Elizabeth S. Montaner, $415,000.

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3386-Erin M. and Steven A. Palmer to Elizabeth J. Buck, $383,000.

Astern Way, 940, No. 512-June K. and Warren W. Pearce to William J. Stebbins, $310,000.

Bristol Dr., 4-Joseph L. and Veronica M. Byrnes to Brennan Conroy, $315,000.

Beach Dr., 516-Clyde P. Topping and Elizabeth A. Elliott to Jane H. Holly, $489,000.

Cove Rd., 1142, No. 301-Andrea M. Stover to Hollace and William D. Davidson, $165,000.

Dean St., 3-Kimberly Ann Roberts to Brian J. and Megan E. Isaac, $419,000.

Eastern Ave., 31-Thomas Charles Mason to Elizabeth Ann Liechty, $750,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 411-Aimee E. Seal to Richard D. and Donna M. Weaver, $1.58 million.

Hilltop Lane, 300, No. 300F-Pegasus Home Corp. to Stephanie Fominaya, $184,900.

Horn Point Ct., 11, No. 10-John T. Long to Stephen W. and Jacquelyn F. Boesel, $934,900.

Island View Dr., 134-Franklin O. and Linda Collins Bolling to James Day, $465,000.

Midship Ct., 807-Janet Collins Kalinowski to Franklin P. and Stephanie G. Dorrell, $260,000.

Pennypond Lane N., 2829-Michael and Debra Menocal to Davy Han, Lili Han, Anna Chiewhan and James Han, $325,000.

Royal St., 503-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mercedes A. Reves and Escobar Cruz, $125,000.

Silverwood Cir., 5, No. 11-Jennifer Salemi to Kevin M. Hight, $150,000.

Tyler Ave., 1204-Jeannie Baluta and estate of Tanley Gonet to Peggy W. Meyer, $180,000.

Warners Terr. N., 2003-Peter A. McKibbin to Robert and Kristine Boyles, $216,000.


Capetowne Rd., 357-Donna A. Upchurch to Dilipkumar Vaidyanathan and Ramalakshmi Dilip, $170,000.

Forest Dr., 955-Robert W. and Ellen C. Bungay Posten to Danielle A. Snyder, $208,500.

Mariner Dr., 1436-Garden Gate Homes Corp. to Corinna Nachreiner Magee, $337,400.

Oakland Hills Ct., 607D, No. D-Carl W. Vonsaltza and Sarah Thibault to Carl W. Vonsaltza, $47,189.

Shore Acres Rd., 941-Mark A. Maggio to Mark A., R. Harry and Geraldine S. Maggio, $252,927.


Audrey Ave., 221-Daniel and Kevin Lawrence to Federal National Mortgage Association, $157,417.

Edgevale Rd. W., 227-Maryland L. and Melvin Ellis to Matthew Blumenstein, $60,000.

Moonlight Ct., 302-Community Development Administration of Maryland to Matthew Riley and Jamie Hiltner, $218,500.

Southerly Rd., 300-Ronald R. and Lois A. Holleman to Robert G. Padgett Jr., $179,900.


Arlie Dr., 4-Antonio A. Ristaino to Carmen Ann Freeman, $210,000.

Elderwood Ct., 347-Deh Investments Corp. to Jeffrey A. Watson, $224,500.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 238-Catharina Stohler to Robert W. O’Connor, $1.65 million.

Rolling View Dr., 791-Elizabeth L. Fraser and Timothy Laur to Christopher D. and Cheralynn C. Moyer, $415,000.


Shore Dr., 5719-Sharon Bronte to Raymond Eugene Bourne, $364,000.


Elton Ct., 2713-Brian J. and Danielle Marie Campbell to Department of Veterans Affairs, $483,332.

Jerrold Pl., 1435-National Transfer Services Corp. and WHR Group to Susan L. Coven, $419,000.

Laconia Ct., 2379-David A. Luckett to Scott A. Driscoll, $310,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1759, No. 14-Steven C. and Egina C. Achey to David Andrew and Nicole Lindsey Hartman, $240,000.

Woodridge Ct., 1734, No. 32-Gary Jason Aurand and estate of Patricia A. Aurand to Matthew Jenkins, $180,000.


John Ross Lane, 1627-William M. and Judith O. Corcoran to Richard A. and Alsa K. Pedone, $750,000.


Highpoint Rd., 8222-Wayne F. Fowler and Angela M. Schwarzel to David A. and Carolyn Wheeler, $171,000.


Cortland Rd., 2005-Mark H. Solsman and Mark S. Lynch to Glenn and Sarah Kerr, $960,000.

Wayson Way, 1014-William M. and Bella K. Johnson to Eric S. Sullivan and Susannah F. Lane Sullivan, $600,000.


Tyler Point Rd., 727-Michael P. Delabrer and Bonnie L. McCrackin to Susan J. Tabor, $260,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1607-Natalie Watson to Liam and Angel Butler, $290,000.

Germantown Rd., 3985-Thomas A. Hardesty Sr. to Maria L. Salter, $580,000.

Noble Victory Ct., 14-William T. and Patricia Hamilton Price to Jamison E. and Tara D. Mullen, $835,000.

Potomac Rd., 1803-Reina V. Ramirez and Eli Yamileth Morales to William E. Vance Jr., $234,000.

Riverside Rd., 111-Martin A. and Mary Ellen Hammond to Andrew J. Shope, $449,000.

Shore Dr. W., 3911-Mark A. Anderson to My Dream Home Corp., $150,000.


Bottner Rd., 3264-Scott D. and Carolyn W. Lacoss to Brian P. and Carol L. Dulla, $735,000.

Misthaven Lane, 2255-Halle C. and Robert A. Papai to Yvonne Huong Tran and Tony Nguyen, $290,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Gary L. and Linda E. Cantrell, $295,675.

Wigeon Way, 1410-Centex Homes to Linda S. Coates, $222,795.


Cedar Branch Dr., 824-Cecelia V. Czajkowski to Charles L. Taylor Sr., $190,000.

Elvaton Rd., 7939-Shana M. Campbell and estate of Lynne G. Abell to Idm Ventures Corp., $140,000.

Gatwick Rd., 1308-Gregorio and Teresa Landeros De Reyna to Jnguyen Voung and Liem Nguyen, $115,000.

Heather Stone Loop, 756, No. 33-Phillip A. Manglitz and Jason Smith to Michelle Jones, $158,000.

John St., 1409-Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas Albrecht, $121,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 907-Lee Edward Squires to Brian G. Blevins, $215,000.

Perthshire Path, 7992-William R. and Beverly J. Brazell to Thomas T. and Kristin M. Warshaw, $307,500.

Saunders Way, 1702-Greenway Restorations Corp. to Jonathan R. Jones, $202,000.

Turnwood Dr., 203-Patricia A. Simmons to Christopher Warren and Erica Rachelle Brown, $250,000.

Fifth Ave. SE, 113-Homewood Contracting Inc. to Bruce C. and Ashley M. Harlan, $205,000.


Crystal Brook Way, 7863-M/i Homes of DC Corp. to Sang Hyun Lee, $390,240.

Simms Lane, 1777-Mary Mensch and the estate of John L. Mensch to Harles and Nancy Gardetto, $160,000.


Barbersville Rd., 404-Michaela and Patricia A. Daugherty to Theodore H. Hanibal III, $220,000.

Nile Lane, 3254-Keith Flinn to Crystal L. Dejesus, $260,000.

Shoreline Blvd., 3048-Justice T. Rosario and Janly L. Davies to Uwa and Chioma Uzoh, $435,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. N., 205-Joey Bianca to Heather Jovenal, $213,000.

Lake Front Dr., 5-Jason and Julie Farrar to Hadley C. Leach and David Christopher Anderson, $205,000.


Traveller Ct., 607-Cartus Corp. to Thomas K. and Eva M. Hagigh, $640,000.


Oakwilde Way, 790-Santiago A. and Kathryn A. Guido to Christopher J. and Kristen Montante, $580,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. E., 610-David Maxey Johnson to Paul S. and Mercy Hellen Sabila, $242,000.


Bay Front Ave., 874-Elaine S. Julian to Behrooz Sabet and Laurie Ure, $250,000.


Capistrano Way, 8601-Louis E. and Pamela A. Monzon to Arcadio Carpio and Karen Bleza Lipana, $262,000.

Dayspring Dr., 717-Matthew J. Letnaunchyn to Mario G. Gonzalez and Lorena Mateos, $305,000.

Harvest Run Dr., 705, No. 103-Marie S. Locke to Marie Michele and John Sabean, $185,000.

Killarney Terr., 2406-Joanna M. Taylor to Lanee Monique and Terrance E. Reaves, $389,000.

Langdon Farm Cir., 203, No. 81-Federal National Mortgage Association to Theresa M. Cole, $217,000.

Piney Pass Way, 2528-Karen Connolly to Matthew T. Morrow, $315,000.

Rosanna Dr., 1352-Lois E. and Beverly Jean Williams to Carl Dane and Jessica Lynn Hamilton, $250,000.

Summers Ridge Dr., 2763-Michael G. Wells and Kimberly L. Pippin to Ronald N. Nicodemus and Leslie C. Kain, $365,000.

Williamsburg Lane, 510-Brina J. Singletary and the Robin Ward Ireland Trust to Sharon Jules, $269,000.

Winding Stream Way, 694, No. 302-Kelly Callaway Novak to Jill A. Tippett, $209,900.


Owensville Rd., 160-Charles H. and Stephanie M. Michelet to Erik C. and Stacy S. Anderson, $679,000.


Beach Dr., 7580-Sharon Helena Champion and estate of Julia Champion to William J. Satrom, $420,000.

Cape Splitt Harbour, 1010-Robert D. McLean to Christopher C. and Jessica L. Buynak, $205,000.

Chandler Way, 1136-Haven Aa Corp. to Sherri L. Hayes, $164,900.

Elizabeth Rd., 7907-Henry J. and Phyllis C. Hauhn to Steven and Shannon Mavica, $360,000.

Inlet Dr., 184-Jeff Chiskowski to Sandra Finley, $225,000.

Long Hill Ct., 210, No. 5-Longhill Properties Corp. to Benjamin G. King, $418,000.

Mount Desert Harbour, 931-Andrew A. Ager to Trisha Frasier, $170,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7718-Martha Galler and estate of Michael Susnowitz to Metro Housing Project Corp., $102,500.

Rock Creek Way, 7521, No. 2408E-Cold Spring Lane Corp. to Kevin and Elizabeth Shanahan, $299,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7811-George D. Jackson and Faith D. Lagana to Michelle Bettinger, $222,000.

Wall Dr., 1661-Diane Bradford and Frederick J. Kraft Sr. to Jonathan Lawrence, $224,900.

204th St., 717-John P. Shulsky to Ethan W. and Lora J. Waters, $270,000.

218th St., 708-John William and Susan G. Terjung to Eldon C. Watts and Sherri Shipley, $280,000.


Blairfield Ct., 413-Deborah E. Combs and Michelle L. Smith to Jamathon and Donna Nelson, $498,000.

Clark Station Rd., 8088-Joseph McNally to Troy L. Brooks, $253,400.

Evergreen Rd., 869-Charles K. and Janice G. Gelder to Fadlo M. and Jeanette A. Massabini, $300,000.

Jacobs Rd., 8409-Joseph W. Malecki to Raymond E. Kelso, $215,000.

Myrtle Ave., 124-Samuel D. and Christine R. Roberts to Myan Dang and Tuan M. Tran, $302,500.

Reece Rd., 975-Ronald E. Hirschboeck to Randy E. and Toni L. Sanger, $250,000.

Severn Tree Blvd., 7928-Linda S. Lynn to Andrew Isaac and Ida Mae Herter, $304,000.

Triple Feather Rd., 1822-Annapolis Baltimore Renovations Corp. to Jeffrey Alan Friedman, $224,000.


Bayberry Dr., 509-Elizabeth Hunziker and estate of Duryea D. Gray to Donald R. Guthrie, $355,000.

Carroll Rd., 1308-Joy Carol League to Jenny L. and Joseph R. Moore, $307,000.

Fernwood Dr., 306-John Zachary and Anna Conyers Wood to John C. and Demetria P. Padussis, $485,000.

Idlewilde Rd., 135-David C. Boyle to Nathan and Eunice Shaer Parker, $340,000.

River Dr., 14-Charles F. Bolitz to Amy Donze and Antonio Sanchez, $360,000.

Westley Ave., 102-Topaz Enterprises Inc. to Christopher L. Shiflett and Jennifer C. Crites, $275,000.


Poplar Ave., 1231-William and Deborah Reumont to S. Sweet Properties Corp., $50,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 6200-Beverly Norfolk to Hans Hopple and Melissa M. Douglas, $385,000.

Howard County

Breconshire Rd., 10345-Richard W. and Karen M. Hilchey to Kevin and Rita Yang, $735,000.

Colonial Dr., 10098-Wayne S. and Lorraine D. Smith to Marlo and Robert W. Newton, $539,000.

Fairway Dr., 10208-John Sok and Sangok Yang to Andrew D. and Genevieve R. Sogn, $470,000.

Hallowed Strm., 4633-Peng Xu and Tao Jiang to Stewart Wu and Hsin Pin Ko, $321,000.

Norwich Lane, 11608-Jonathan M. and Lashanda Branch Chirunga to Masroor H. Nawaz and Rubina Alvi, $1.06 million.

Ramblewood Rd., 3265-Matthew and Tara Decapite to Ajay and Megan Pant, $500,000.

Samantha Way, 2209-Jimmy H. and Hee Jung Yeo to Kevin and Alice Hsu, $615,000.

Waterford Dr., 10062-Brian K. and Carolyn M. Funk to Yuhua Jiang and Xiaoqin Wang, $505,000.


Limerick Ct., 6508-Peter Q. Nyce III and Usan J.S. Nyce to Li Li and Jinming Liu, $734,500.


Alderleaf Pl., 5830-Abel and Grishma Joshi Joy to Hyun C. Jung and Eunice Jungh, $260,000.

Dockside Lane, 7248-Aria L. Martin to Jean K. Gable, $250,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8727, No. 32-Jacob S. Rosenberg to Zahida Rafiq, $70,000.

Overheart Lane, 6515-Oluwafunke I. Dabiri to Clayton Fisher, $165,750.

Sandchain Rd., 6360-JP Morgan and Residential Credit Solutions Inc. to James Tacey, $345,000.

Transfer Row, 9587-Ecological Design Associates Corp. to Meir Feldsher, $176,500.

Winter Rose Path, 7066-Lelia M. Benjamin to Erica Anne Gueritot, $250,000.


Berrypick Lane, 11040-Daniel Reid and Martha Dorward Kuespert to Allegra Berle, $259,850.

Caravan Ct., 6849-David and Shari Bernsohn to Brent F. and Amber R. Coleman, $613,000.

Darting Bird Lane, 5121-Robb C. and Maryann Wilcox to Kremena Ivanova Koleva, $385,000.

Fair Oaks, 10474-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Jason L. Proetorius and Alexa E. Andersen, $369,900.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5629, No. C-Edwin Bennett III and Zvi Guttman to Derek Benesch, $170,000.

Lake Cir. W., 5075-Matthew and Andrea A. Alderson to Amy L. and Michael J. McKenna, $470,000.

Maywind Ct., 10372-John M. and Leslie Harmon to Steven and Amanda Schech, $285,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5232-James Blair Dunn Jr. to Henry and Karen Johnson, $173,300.

Symphony Way, 10794-Nicolas Salciccioli to Janice C. Huang, $265,000.

Wilde Lake Terr., 10327-John T. Lincoln and estate of Emily A. Lincoln to Nancy A. Oppenheim, $460,000.


Big Branch Dr., 14096-Monique Winkis and Michael P. Klopp to Stevan and Carol A. Werlinich, $759,000.


Big Tree Ct., 5901-Lee M. Hoke to Myung Sik Choi and Young Ah Kim, $560,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6636-Bonnie M. Kaiser to Tarsha R. Anderson, $212,000.

Landing Rd., 5434-Margaret Baker and Marshall Leigh Rennels to James D. Campbell and Yukari C. Manabe, $750,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5968-Carrie and Christopher Beaudoin to Nicole J. Clinger and Michael A. Garroway, $200,000.


Autumn Harvest, 8591-Darin and Sandra Knodel to Ronald Seay Hudson, $440,500.

Brightmeadow Ct., 7976-Mark B. and Cynthia L. Feinstein to Sebastian Sanchez and Maria C. Anselmi, $300,000.

Four Quarter Rd., 8030-Dawn M. and Bruce L. Siddens to Kern and Susan S. Kim, $485,000.

Ivy Dr., 8400-Krzystof and Anna Chojnowski to Rylea Homes Inc., $170,000.

Montgomery Rd., 5615-Massourd Arfaeshahidi to Julia Heard, $280,000.

Nottingham Way, 8014-Frank J. Waslick to Tyrell William and Valerie Nelle Fawcett, $375,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 4378-Patapsco Valley Financial Group to David Hochberg, $255,000.

Timber Hill Ct., 8509-Federal National Mortgage Association to Xue Li Chen and Ah Mei Wong, $430,000.


Fulton Estates Ct., 12135-Cartus Financial Corp. to Mike and Jennifer Van Veen, $630,000.

Lime Kiln Rd., 12671-Martha T. Gibbs and the estate of Lester A. Tayman to Thomas H. and Kim Monroe, $525,000.


Clarksville Pike, 13726-Craig A. and Cher B. Compton to Tina A. Nowakowski, $773,500.


Cipher Row., 8032-Richard Timothy Frickel and Lisa J. Degenhardt to Justin A. and Lisa T. Atchison, $299,900.

Mission Hill Pl., 8112-Ryland Group Inc. to Constance A. Brown, $305,990.


Marriottsville Rd., 1105-James D. Overholser and Jennifer L. Machamer to Steven M. Loveday, $795,000.


Baldwin St., 8510-James and Shaana Jordan to Therese H. Ngo Bikol and Albert E. Ngini, $402,000.


Horsham Dr., 9667-Darryn A. Flowers to LPP Mortgage, $228,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No. R-NVR Inc. to Jimmie Curtis, $244,900.

Jester Ct., 9617-Miguel Ochoa to Jaime and Brenda Rosado, $430,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9234-Rori J. Bergere and Marvin S. Self to Nicholas S. Fezie, $260,000.

Ridings Way, 9390-Robin L. Eastman to Federal National Mortgage Association, $271,547.

Whiterock Ct., 10613-Lixin Mi and Xiao Ling Hou to Zhengpeng Li and Xuexia Chen, $271,000.


Howard Lodge Dr., 12515-Stephen R. Elville and Robert Walter Buettner Sr. to Erik Craig and Amy Beth Fesmire, $469,000.


Bucks Run Dr., 15200-U.S. Bank to Megan K. and Eric D. Seaman, $678,000.


Abingdon Way, 10513-Joseph P. Leitner to Chang H. and Hyun J. Lee, $430,000.

Woodstock Rd., 1759-Maple Lawn Farms I Corp. to Charles M. and Lisa A. Pulay, $270,000.