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Anne Arundel

Annesely Ct., 1614-Keith J. Buscemi and Beth A. Fox to Kenneth and Barbara Klotz, $900,000.

Boyd Dr., 125-Samuel and Hazel M. Liff to Catherine Burleson and Cindy H. Wolfe, $149,900.

Coachway, 954-Richard R. and Barbara Dow to Jonathan E. and Bathsheba V.L. Richter, $625,000.

Creek Dr., 920-David B. and Nancy A. Dabney to Lawrence B. Burrows and Dawne D. Windener Burrows, $2.45 million.

Edelmar Dr., 113-Franklin Paul and Stephanie G. Dorrell to Marcos A. Turcios, Maria Bonilla Turcios and Reina Bonilla, $219,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 442-Scott and Rebecca M. Marchakitus to John L. Jacobs and Colleen M. Busher, $1.98 million.

Hilltop Lane, 302, No. A-North Green Equities Corp. to Brandy Jo Sykes, $199,900.

Horn Point Ct., 15, No. 6-Michael W. Winters and Alexa Zaledonis to Robert Anthony Allen, $580,000.

Lake Dr. E., 56-Michael E. Higham Sr. and Campbell Orders to Michael B. and Amy Kreiger Wigmore, $1.35 million.

Latchmere Ct., 801, No. 203-Brenda Brady to Michael Wayne Demetrakis and Kasey Nicoke McWilliams, $279,000.

Parkwood Ave., 804-Kathleen M. Combs and Kathleen Tadalan to Dennis G. Robb, $431,500.

Point Lookout Cv., 2607, No. 48-William Lambros to Elisabeth M. Lamers, $315,000.

Sextant Ct., 1006-Louis E. and Alida E. Yoezle to Suzanne Sucheski, $289,000.

Silverwood Cir., 9, No. 11-Deborah Gail Ross to John H. McLeod and Eleanor M. Perfetto, $135,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 6-Sherry and Joshua Goodman to Michael R. Martin and Gary N. Doss, $337,000.


Clifton Ave., 829-Ronald L. and Diana J. Blevens to Joseph W. Sullivan, $285,000.

Fox Run Way, 65-Cheryl Clemens to Ronald L. and Christine D. Colehouse and Jill L. Donaldson, $345,000.

Masters Dr., 1296-Donald P. and Virginia A. Press to Thomas David Quattlebaum, $319,000.

Old Stone Lane, 1130-Diana C. Herr to Joseph R. and Jennifer L. Rose, $429,000.

Tall Tree Trail, 127-Jacquelin Louise Koritzer Keleman and estate of Richard Thomas Koritzer to Jesse J. Pollock III, $365,000.


Ballman Ave., 5213-Claudette Ann McLaughlin and estate of Garland Dale McLaughlin to Brian A. and Jacquelyn M. Decosta, $130,000.

Franklin Ave., 202-Gregory P. Chambers and Joseph J. Cooley to Federal National Mortgage Association, $224,516.

Moore St., 5522-H. Belinda Sunstrom and Rose Marie Menefee to Geraldine E. Tate, $100,036.

Sunnyfield Lane, 745-Joseph and Loretta Freburger to Ofelia and Wilfredo Figueroa, $265,000.

Fourth St., 5228-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bryan Hessler, $35,000.


Bretton View Rd., 1425-Patricia M. and Donald M. Ord to Natalie L. Pittore, $425,500.

Elkwood Ct., 1648-Deutsche Bank to Thomas M. and Allison P. Waite, $219,000.

Noah Winfield Terr., 905, No. 301-N. McKee Groom and Susan Maria Boone to Dawn E. Martini, $350,000.

Saint Margarets Rd., 1650-Patrick J. and James C. Monaghan to Eric A. and Margaret S. Berice Monaghan, $486,000.

White Tail Deer Ct., 1506-Anthony and Angelina M. Izzo to Dawn S. Lindsay, $775,000.


Bromley Ct., 2104-Joseph Anthony and Shirley Denise Gallagher to Corey J. and Jessica Dallas Nolet, $525,000.

Forest Hill Ct., 1621-Adam J. Bixler to Jon Sineath and Eric Johnson, $295,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2423-Clare A. Weber to Katie Obenhaus Boyd, $252,000.

Swinburne Ave., 1742-James A. Illenberger to Jeffrey Steele Emden, $335,000.

Woodview Ct., 1615-Scott B. Riha and C.L. Cogswell to Mathias P. and Lynn K. Daue, $335,000.


Mountain Rd., 463-Donald and Carine Twomey to David Wiltshire and Michelle Gaudin, $390,000.


Hilltop Rd., 714-William J. and Katherine M. Remeikas to Jason Michael Adams, $160,000.


Governor Bridge Rd., 1606-Peter R. and Barbara M. Newton to David Allen and Sharon Michelle Luckett, $515,000.


Chesapeake Ave., 954-Tricia D. Gardner to Susan G. Tabatsko, $275,000.

Windsor Pl., 609-Richard W. and Roxanne M. Gordy to Warren E. and Sandra D. Whealton, $68,000.


Colony Point Pl., 322-Harvey L. Blonder and Carol Evans to Barton E. and Carolyn A. Cannon, $330,000.

Londontown Rd., 312-Donald Paul Rich and estate of Lillian Inez Martin to Ivan J. and Suzanne G. Esh, $148,400.

Oakwood Rd., 304-Raymond Brian and Kristy Evans Wallace to Franklin T. Berger, $215,000.

Ridge Ave., 50-Eric and Susannah Sullivan to Robert Smyles, $425,000.

Salisbury Rd., 400-Donald S. and Toni M. Browning to Alvin L. and Anna M. Fox, $299,900.

Tilden Way, 225-Daniel F. and Lynn C. Harshbarger to Steven G. and Nicole Smollon, $325,000.


Echo Bay Ct., 912-Robert E. and Madonna N. Brennan to Kevin P. and Dawn K. Graves, $617,500.

Preakness Dr., 1670-Michael B. and Nancy L. Yachmetz to Michael T. and Shannon E. Watts, $550,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Lloyd J. Coleman Jr., $242,435.


A St. SW, 202-James J. Mandrin to Ryan Webb, $165,900.

Charles Ave., 1516-Dorothy J. Brocious and Robin Denise Casto to Dustin and Charlotte Sullivan, $230,000.

Ferndale Rd., 108-Matthew and Amy Ashmore to Julie P. Coates, $275,000.

Glendale Ave., 447-Jeffrey A. and Frances L. Wingate to Christine M. Shreve, $230,000.

Hollins Ferry Rd. S., 106-Christine Matlock and estate of Sharon Ann Pearl to Michael R. and Amanda M. Dahlberg, $235,000.

Juneberry Way, 300, No. 2D-Chalecha Lashay Cunningham to Timothy W. McGuire, $101,000.

Mount Vernon Lane, 6468-Lisa Renwick McCall and estate of Aleida Cattell Renwick to Get Remodeled, $52,500.

Phirne Rd. E., 8136-Hazel R. Blackwell to Garth N. Michael and Inna Slutskaya, $295,000.

Rain Water Way, 309-Raymond and Raylene Barger to Michael and Ashley Randall, $175,000.

Springridge Rd., 7905-Tamara C. Neufville Bent and Jeremy P. Bent to Marco Stacy and Greta Bibbs, $350,000.

Seventh St., 1066-Keith Harris and estate of Norma J. Herpel to Brad M. Purkey, $172,000.


Ohio Ave., 7156-Eileen M. Gregor to Ameri Star Homes, $106,000.

Somerton Ct., 7177-Joseph P. and Kathryn M. Cullen to Gary J. and Jacqueline T. Stanton, $495,000.


Brock Bridge Rd., 357-Arleigh C. Greenblat to Matthew J. and Jessica Dintrone, $245,000.

Otter Creek Rd., 8618-Javed Iqbal and Shagufta Javed to Joe R. Condrey Jr., $290,000.

Sudlersville S., 3299-Stephen D. Diviaio to Erick A. Marroquin, $250,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. N., 702-Kasaman Lakhani to Frank A. Miles and Keith Hohlbein, $170,000.

Shipley Rd., 615-Michael N. and Maria Stavlas to Kenneth Howard and April Rose Finck, $375,000.


Cecil Ave. N., 730-Virginia A. Kushner and family trust to Natalie Feld, $415,000.

Railroad Ave., 8248-Wells Fargo Bank to Ski Investments, $60,000.

Valery Ct., 452-Greg and Mary E. Updegraff to Raul and Stephanie A. Saez, $399,000.


Emmett Pl., 658-Jill E. Barrett to Jesse Thomas Cruz and Michelle E. Smokey Cruz, $250,000.


Blue Spring Ct., 2443, No. 104-Anneliese M. Smith and Yvonne M. Engles to Carol T. Bovaird, $175,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2615-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate to Matthew C. and Laura A. Dupee, $67,250.

Deerberry Ct., 901-Shannon Brittingham and Shannon Fox to Joanne Grimes, $350,000.

Higgins Dr., 533-Helen J. Sunday to James and Melissa McHarg, $360,000.

Kirbys Landing Ct., 207, No. 4-Leverna T. Mallory and estate of Hilda R. Spriggs to Milton S. Taylor, $110,000.

Langdon Farm Cir., 204, No. 53-Jacob D. and Cynthia K. Loving to James Dowd, Lisa Fields and James R. Dowd, $205,000.

New Waugh Chapel Rd., 719-Beazer Homes to Catherine M. Rice Lippard, $248,086.

Rita Dr., 476-Christine Roberts and estate of Charles H. Roberts to Donald Quinn and April Hanson, $288,000.

Samantha Lane, 1009, No. 403-Heather Garten to Robert E. and Dora L. Parks, $220,000.

Thornbrook Dr., 8728-Stephen R. and Susan F. Rhoades to Heather N. Bavaria and Christopher P. Kindrat, $268,000.

Williamsburg Lane, 540-Madlena Denese Washington and Mechelle Schools to Justin W. Bark, $320,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8611-Beazer Homes to Lisa E. Brown, $238,366.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1170-Alberta E. Hall to Kashef N. Kahn, $226,000.

Belhaven Ave., 8079-Mathew B. Sichette and Thomas P. Dore to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $338,495.

Catch Harbour, 1147-Kevin D. Wholey and Amanda L. Frye to Erica Webb, $202,500.

Fairwood Dr., 8244-William G. and Brenda M. Erbe to Eric and Annie Hulburt, $420,000.

Long Point Ct., 151-Nancy Jean Tyler to Donald L. and Jo Ann Jarmer, $255,000.

Mountain Rd., 3602-Joseph Lavonis to Federal National Mortgage Association, $70,000.

Pine Knob Rd., 7679-Daniel R. and Florence E. Tewell to Urban Walter Jason Welsh and Lisa M. Welsh, $374,900.

Sangria Ct., 356-Jimmy J.C. and Sharon K. Castleberry to Duane E. England, $269,900.

Snapper Cove Lane, 1000-Shawn R. Bennett to Nicholas Garufi, $888,000.

Warton Ct., 8001-Federal National Mortgage Association to John P. Long Jr., $248,000.

204th St., 759-Marc Zucco to Sharron Sparra, $239,900.


Bordeaux Ct., 1843-Michael W. and Carolyn E. Hogan to Jeremy B. Wieland, $268,500.

Cruet Lane, 1797-Herbert C. Palm Jr. to Kevin and Ava Lentz, $375,000.

Georgia Ave., 1405-Charles F. Willis to John Michael and Kali Ann Rechtzigel, $335,500.

Jacobs Meadow Dr., 1741-Carmen Delgado to Richard Austin Norris II, $130,000.

Poplar Grove Rd., 7901-James W. and Margaret L. Goode to Robert and Karen Brucksch, $445,000.

Rosebud Ct., 7901-Robert W. and Christine M. Kratzke to Richard C. and Michelle L. Camara, $524,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 1237-Kenneth and Sandra Kloster to Edward Burkholder, $370,000.

Virginia Ave., 1449-Kendall Arthur Browning Sr. to Trusted Homebuyers Statutory Trust, $150,750.


Bellevista Ct., 1100-Roger H. and Judy K. Berwanger to Michael L. and Kelly M. Houser, $685,000.

Cornwall Ct., 467-Mary Katherine Dare to Matthew and Jennifer Fernandez, $605,000.

Heavitree Lane, 532-Alexander Nelson and Andrea Borcz to James C. McNealey and Nina B. Echeverria, $650,000.

Lennox Ave., 200-William E. and April M. Clark to Christopher D. and Jennifer L. Mann, $1.12 million.

Riverdale Rd., 442-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dennis R. and Angelina A. Hewitt, $125,000.


Avery Rd., 4854-Constance M. Schatz to Federal National Mortgage Association, $144,000.

Washington Ave., 4715-Jonathan Shoup to Thomas C. and Hilary C. Hall, $202,000.

Howard County

Ashbrook Dr., 2548-Christopher C. and Christine M. King to Mark G. and Linda A. Senula, $555,000.

Chatham Ct., 3129-Edward L. and Deborah L. Simmons to James J. and Mary A. Marshall, $560,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4986, No. B4-Lisa Hering to Brandon Newhouse, $208,000.

Furrow Ct., 9342-Doris W. Doyle and Douglas P. Stiegler to Thomas and Leela Noble, $330,000.

Michaels Way, 9402-Rodney L. and Joann N. Hoover to William D. and Cynthia L. Gruhn, $435,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 4803-Christopher W. and Lisa C. Delessio to Shankar Sellapan and Vidya Gnana Prakasam, $395,000.

St. Johns Lane, 3706-Cameron E. and Gina L. Presley to Robert and Judy Fila, $349,000.

Waterford Dr., 10049-Frank D. Brouse Trust and Doris A. Brouse Trust to Jana K. Shen, $545,000.


Lakeside Dr., 13803-Lynde G. White to Edgar J. and Robin L. Chapel, $1.32 million.

Wicklow Pl., 13320-Thomas G. and Barbara A. Swales to Mohamed and Tamader Mira, $1.5 million.


Dasher Ct., 6661-Odette K. Perkins and estate of Joyce Elizabeth Duckworth to Nithin Krishna and Bindhu Anand, $385,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8699-Shriniwas K. and Anjali S. Kulkarni to Erin M. Conine, $298,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7162-Jason L. Protorius and Alexander E. Andersen to Meagan Dermer and Louie Roland, $275,000.

Mossy Brink Ct., 7350-Tuanlay O. Harris to Federal National Mortgage Association, $265,000.

Riding Hood Cir., 7242-Marjanne Hollerbach to Peter Sutter, $301,000.

Tilted Stone, 5478-Eric T. Pakulla to Mark J. and Leslie L. Ranek, $245,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6325-Ellen S. Rosenberg to Laura Jean Hobbs, $250,000.


Avalanche Way, 11216-Bradley A. Taylor to Jeffrey Lawrence Sloman, $183,500.

Buttonhole Ct., 6669-Austin M. Calder to Elena D. Postell, $225,000.

Cricket Hollow Ct., 11117-Susanne Fox to Mitchell A. and Sushma H. Schull, $475,000.

Fair Oaks, 10401-Oaks Homes to Tiare and Kevin Brown, $385,000.

Harmel Dr., 10885-Sandra Boyer and Robert E. Anders to Cornerstone Holdings, $315,000.

High Wheels Ct., 5365-Mary S. Miller to Edna B. Reid, $299,000.

Martin Rd., 6257-Steven M. Loveday to Edgardo C. and Aurea Dimalanta Macalino, $610,000.

Rivers Edge Rd., 7154-Christopher J. and Kim J. Nowalk to Franklin Scott Turner Jr., $594,000.

Symphony Way, 10770-Eugene G. Kogan to Jeffrey F. Garstecki, $250,000.

Wild Ginger Ct., 6024-Gretchen M. and Nima Eslami to Marcus Bryant, $265,000.


Big Branch Dr., 14048-Steven B. and Karen L. Johnson to Gregg J. and Roslyn Hopkins Fernandes, $850,000.


Augustine Ave., 6055-Jason T. and Jodi L. Svoboda to Tatiana Vilenskaya and Jonathan Eric Cohen, $350,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6089-Sungmin and Tanisha Yi to Gregory C. and Jessie L. Ambler, $344,000.

Greenfield Rd., 6435-Alan J. Tetrault and Meridith L. Chaires to Carly D. Pace, $150,000.

Rockburn Hill Rd., 6151-Edward G. and Mary R. Foit to Howard County, Md., $13,950.


Academy Rd., 8256-Mary E. Coppolino to Michael DiProspero, $415,000.

Brightlight Pl., 7970-John Hannon to Federal National Mortgage Association, $324,893.

Flagstone Ct., 7828-Pavagada N. and Padmini Vasanth to Sathish R. Velagala and Padmaja Pammi, $545,000.

Ilchester Woods Way, 5172-Gregg J. and Roslyn Hopkins Fernandes to Patrick Fahey and Patricia A. Lopez Fahey, $707,000.

Montgomery Rd., 4939-Deutsche Bank to Xiangchun Li, $280,000.

Morningside Lane, 5123-Robert L. and Lillian C. Lentz to Matthew J. and Carrie J. Sonnemann, $545,000.

Roundhill Rd., 4622-Ralph A. and Patricia L. Fowler to Corey M. and Angela M. Johnson, $465,000.

Summer Solstice Pl., 5000-NVR Inc. to Salahuddin Q. Mohammed, $572,135.

Worthington Manor Way, 4512-Michael and Noel D. DiProspero to Ripal Shah, $601,000.


Iager Blvd., 11409-Sean and Patricia Schimmel to Kevin Townsend and Maryana Katsman, $510,000.


Danmark Dr., 3284-Gerald L. Wannarka and Bonnie Pool to Bradley J. and Jennifer L. Considine, $860,000.


Celita Ct., 8709-Samuel Scott Ventura to Omar C. Browne and Wendy K. Summers, $268,500.

Mission Rd., 8773-Richard D. and Christina L. Hunt to Jennifer M. and Kevin P. Mckinney, $385,000.

Windemere Way, 9121-Clifford H. and Deborah A. Drye to Dena S. Evans, $379,000.


Crystal Ridge Rd., 1215-Donald J. and Kay V. Wise to Mark J. and Heather M. Reinsfelder, $610,000.


Weller Dr., 655-Charles Wojciechowski and Patricia Todd to Kevin and Connie Matthews, $560,000.


Hitching Post Lane, 9155, No. E-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hiralal Viradiya and Vimal Patel, $93,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No.R-NVR Inc. to Harold V. and Gail Curtis, $212,740.

Love Song Ct., 10022-Tae H. Chi and Randy S. Sprabary to Rajesh Ghimire, $385,000.

Ridings Way, 9365-Elizabeth A. Broussard to James R. Geronimo, $277,000.

Summer Waves Way, 8607-KB Home Maryland to So Dam Go, $440,000.


Gaither Rd., 605-Selene RMOF REO Acquisition Corp. and Green River Capital to James L. and Leslie G. Herman, $410,000.


River Valley Chase, 3189-Wallace E. Boston Jr. Trust. and Sharon O. Boston Trust to Richard V. Durand and Erin Edwards, $861,500.


Union Chapel Rd., 15754-Joseph A. Mandeville and Kimberly Jean Rinchart to Stephen T. and Cynthia A. Williams, $557,800.


Ganton Green, 2111, No. 211-Richard C. Faulstich to Brian James Aiken, $250,000.