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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3284-Robert M. Hands to John J. Kenyon, $358,000.

Chester Ave., 502-JGS Holdings Partnership to Theodor K. and Mary Petersen, $750,000.

Edelmar Dr., 105-Sandra L. and William Pantall to Nicholas C. Savas, $280,000.

Fairview Ave., 790A, No. 790A-Paul F. and Sarah R. Smith to Eastport Ventures Corp., $230,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1026-John G. Lewis to Conrad Salinas, $317,500.

Melvin Rd., 959-Theodor K. and Mary Petersen to Jay A. Resnick and Judith G. Sarubin, $680,000.

Sandstone Ct., 10, No. G-Adam H. Leitch to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $117,550.

Tyler Ave., 1149-Amy L. Perry Guthrie and Kathy P. Smith to Pablo J. and Maria E. Reyes, $216,000.


Academy St., 126-Patricia A. Watters to Brian J. and Lindsey M. Rigby, $575,000.

Atwater Dr., 307-B. Martin to Nanette Nick, $150,000.

Coxswain Way, 805, No. 309-Cynthia Louise Smith to Donald S. and Marie Dabbs, $140,000.

Fairfax Rd., 2007-Jonathan N. and Jennifer Leigh Wainman to Patrick and Georgia Schmahl, $459,000.

Goodrich Rd., 7-Francis Mee and Robin M. Davis to Daniel S. and Leah M. Roche, $435,500.

Howards Loop, 769-Patricia P. Casey and Mary Kathleen Lanham to Devin Harvey, $330,000.

Norwood Rd., 1-Horseshoe Point Corp. and James P. O’Hare to Norwood Road Corp., $3.5 million.

Poplar Trail, 2985-James McConville and Donald L. Hogans to Theodore Downey and Patricia Brightwell, $440,000.

Sandy Run Ct., 2524-Irene B. Frederick to Gail L. Baker, $263,000.

Tripp Creek Ct., 627-Michael S. and Jacqueline Ford to Devin Randall and Shanea Mackell, $212,500.

Wainwright Dr., 5-James M. and Lara J. Boeck to James P. and Anu Golden, $380,000.


Nottingham Hl., 230-Adelina M. Welch to John L. and Ellen M. Mann, $675,000.


Farley Ct. N., 1209-Alexander C. Tetreault and Ainsley P. Conner to Gregory D. Timko, $282,000.

Newbridge Ct., 642, No. 642-Susanne L. and Edward J. Prigge to Paul S. Intlekofer, $160,000.

Ruxshire Dr., 783-Robert Koudelka and Carol L. Dreyfus to Michael P. and Marielva S. Barnhart, $485,000.

Ternwing Dr., 273-Robert A. Moffit to John J. and Linda R. Terriault, $245,000.


Moore St., 5714-SPMJ Enterprises Corp. to Robert S. Menrad, $165,000.


Cananaro Dr., 1638-Joseph J. Breihof to Kevin E. Ludlum, $275,000.

Harbor View Terr., 834-Steven S. Eagley and Jennifer A. Barrett to Charles H. and Cathy Lee Bird, $570,000.

Neptune Pl., 1140-Karen K. Johnson and Timothy T. Sank to Jonathan C. and Brenda D. Wintrode, $332,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 968-Ar Home Improvement Corp. and Esmatullah Niazy to Ercument and Kayleigh Arslan, $349,000.

Sham Ct., 1666-Arthur and Deborah Marie Doss to Arthur and Elizabeth Strahin, $275,000.


Bimini Ct., 5609-James and Laura Livingston to Oliver C. Dziggel, $330,000.


Airy Hill Cir., 2508F, No. 5F-Nitasha Canine to John P. Hoellwarth, $176,000.

Falling Leaf Ct., 2903-Robert E. Carstens and Deidre Ahern to Arthur A. and Tara L. Mueller, $560,000.

Sandwich Ct., 2442-Jason A. Lawhorne and Caroline E. Lerose to Adam M. and Alissa V.P. Miller, $325,800.

Yarmouth Lane, 2404-Daniel E. and Wanda A. Howe to Arthur and Sawako Guinn, $310,000.


Haverford Dr., 2012-Lawrence and Lynn M. Martin to Arnold J. and Tanya J. Abraham, $831,000.


Main St., 7901-Matthew R. Post to Ryan W. Cush, $135,000.


Double Gate Rd., 1328-Janet A. and Henry Edward Gertz to Diane Lee Rogler, $475,000.


Johns Cir., 907-Michael Lynn and Shana Renee Franklin to Chad G. and Dawn V. Nelson, $525,000.

Rockhold Dr., 5900-Family Freedom Investments to Stephen C. and Jordon L. Tyler, $251,000.


Carrs Ridge Rd., 4170-Steven E. and Debra Leitch to Peter N. Bafkas, $250,000.

Gray Fox Ct., 220-Jasper Johnson to Robert Joseph and Jennifer Ellen Brady, $314,500.

Mayfield Rd., 1541-Gregory Glorioso Sr. and Anna M. Hutchens to Ryan T. Chamberlain, $304,000.

Shore Dr., 1620-Dorothy May Newport and Shirley Godbout to Pride Homes Corp., $100,000.

Wilelinor Dr., 23-Joyce K. Hennessey and estate of Thomas W. Hennessey to Courtney A. Bonner and Patricia DeAloia, $360,000.


Dairy Farm Rd., 2266-Karen Wilson and Kathleen Misko Jamar to Mei Juan Lin and Danyun Chen, $255,000.

Top Ridge Ct., 1108-Michael and Kimberly Fitzmaurice to Daniel Riel and Laura R. Smith, $427,900.


Baylor Rd., 206-Ethlynn E. and Robert S. Crow to Jesus Saavedra Gomez and Crystal E. Rhodes, $244,500.

Cayer Dr., 1018, No. 1-3-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Crain Hwy. SW, 4-NVR Inc. to Michael D. Simpkins Jr., $254,525.

Dover Rd., 497-Bernard A. and Sheryl Y. Hood to the Department of Veterans Affairs, $213,890.

Hollybrook Rd., 7514-Federal National Mortgage Association to Patrick and Tina Gibbons, $239,000.

Marshall Rd., 620-Ellen G. Politzer to Jose M. Flores, $2,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7565-PNC Bank to Annapolis Baltimore Renovations Corp., $135,000.

Ridgewick Rd., 1906-Robert Gilberto to Michael J. Cox and Linda D. Masanz, $240,000.

Fourth Ave. N., 390-Yaneth Ramierez and Jose Arias to Gilliand Corp., $151,000.


Chester Cir., 41-John Malcom Kinsey and estate Earl Frederick Kinsey to Racy A. Nelson, $180,000.

Ilene Rd., 121-Donald V. Henley and estate of Patricia A. Henley to Ginger M. Forsythe, $144,000.

Mountain Rd., 106, No. 2C-U.S. Bank and Vericrest Financial Inc. to Sharon Burkhardt, $61,000.

Reinhardt Lane, 1579-Christopher J. and Icole M. Pauly to Kristine S. Schafer and Thomas E. Pritchard, $210,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7634-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve Corp. to Peter W. Meier, $550,000.

Wright Rd., 7213-David and Linda Giles to Grant Kerrick, $246,000.


River Bend Ct., 3110, No. G104-Craig B. Zaller and Scott J. Silverman to Oxbow Condominium at Russett, $17,600.


Andover Rd., 602-National Residential Nominee Services in to Kari L. Mencik, $262,600.

Homewood Rd., 112-Joanne J. Owens and Kathleen Owens Jamieson to Angela R. Byrod, $240,000.


Bramblewood Ct., 504-Joseph and Peggy Neglia to Spencer C. and Jennifer C. Burdette, $482,000.

Chalet Cir. W., 226-Ronald E. and Anne E. Russell to Joseph V. Eveslage and Karen M. Colbenson, $192,000.

Wherry Ct., 647-Khi Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Martin R. and Doni S. Lefrancois, $350,562.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2505, No. 101-Kevin W. Kruger to Michael X. Chen, $179,999.

Cannon Ball Way, 211-Robert Braggs Jr. and Geraldine E. Osborne to Federal National Mortgage Association, $342,000.

Deerberry Ct., 935-Michelle Dawn Melotti to David R.E. and Amanda L. Halla, $330,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 160-Department of Veterans Affairs to Matthew Gross, $250,900.

Militia Lane, 1921, No. 102-Michaek Gordon Mulcahy and estate of Thomas Clay Mulcahy to Rawn W. Holmes, $251,500.

Pineville Crest Ct., 2402-Barbara C. Chiprin to Austin T. Hayes, $249,900.

Scaffold Way, 1858-Kevin Y. Chen to Michael T. and Hannah N. Holm, $310,000.

Tea Island Ct., 2008-Dennis and Janis Harmon to Allen and Geae Scott, $215,000.


Bell Tower Xing., 8152-Darlene L. and Donald Lawrence to Robert D. and Jill A. Easton, $525,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 24-Kimberly A. Kepler and estate of Richard Allen Kepler to Bernard Cox, $169,000.

Cornfield Rd., 199-Rose M. Parks and Rachel M. Meeks to Robert M. Clark, $370,000.

Falcon Dr., 184-Citimortgage Inc. to Maryland Home Partners Corp., $205,000.

Lake Dr., 2152-Barry L. and Karen L. Elliott to Anthony Cavallio, $300,000.

Litton Dale Lane, 112-Elwood Lee and Andrea Leigh Fletcher to Diane E. Rothe and Denise E. Keim, $516,500.

New Bedford Harbour, 8647-Andrew and Jennifer Litchfield to Michael and Joanna Daniluk, $165,000.

Passamaquody Harbour, 924-HSBC Bank to M&J 12 Corp., $153,300.

Strohm Dr., 194-Betty M. and Ronald L. Becker to Jason David Fratantuono, $245,000.

Thies Dr., 1427-Robert D. Fay to Gerald S. Shappell, $375,000.

Westcliff Dr., 1484-Laurence C. and Christina C. Sanders to Robert Richard and Sandi Christine Dunmyer, $605,000.

202nd St., 708-Ronald and Cindy Knipp to Jeanette A. Elgert, $199,900.


Rock Dr., 3025-David and Denise E. Lundberg to Matthew J. Green, Jessica M. Vazquez, Eduardo Vazquez Sr. and Vickie Ann Vazquez, $275,000.


Dicus Mill Rd., 1425-Brian Davila and Robert R. Howerton to John P. and Theresa K. Hussman, $420,000.

Evanston Ct. W., 7711-Adrian B. Conway to Michael R. and Cynthia A. Cooper, $398,500.

Napa Ct., 1305-Kinder Development Corp. to Sean R. and Caitlin A. Sullivan, $490,000.

Pioneer Dr., 8365, No. 10D-Ramesh Babu Naravulu to Ishaq Development Corp., $40,000.

Sea Pine Cir., 1708-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ahadi Y. Grant, $210,500.


Bowline Ct., 300-John S. and Elizabeth S. McIlvaine to Shan M. and Susan M. Byrne, $520,000.

Fairoak Dr., 480-Theodore E. and Frances H. Lewis to David M. and Tracy L. Sharpe, $450,000.

Lakeland Rd. N., 441-Barbara Melvin and Les Yeatts to Donald Corey and Ann M. Houghton, $515,000.

Metispa Dr., 109-Andrew S. and Carrie Bax Moody to Neal Robert Seidlitz, $415,000.

Pin Oak Rd., 708-Richard G. and Laura S. Bradford to Anita S. Lawson, $425,000.

Valley Stream Rd., 351-Preston G. and Eileen Moore to Compass Properties Inc., $230,000.


Chichester Rd., 5330-Lauer Construction Inc. to John K. and Julia A. Wakeman Linn, $610,000.


Eleanore Ave., 6609-Maria Cunningham and Catherine Deluca to Sheri A. and David J. Long, $399,950.

Howard County

Ballard Way, 2338-Thomas W. and Anita E. Crawley to Eftyhia Zesta and Darren P. Keogh, $537,700.

Emerald Valley Rd., 3160-Jonathan S. and Lori T. Harmon to Alex H. and Kristie Y. Chung, $590,000.

Hemlock Cone Way, 4505-Lloyd M. and Betty L. Thacker to Herman E. Funk Jr. and Jill R. Robinson, $600,000.

Leyden Way, 4708-Arlan J. and Georgia W. Lyhus to Najeeh and Sayeedha Uddin, $282,500.

Plum Tree Dr., 3575-Payne Maerten Corp. to Anil Sharma, $145,000.

Saint Johns Lane, 3917-Paul W. Chimleski to Christopher E. and Amy L. Pymm, $455,000.

Tyler Ct., 3459-Marion I. Carlson to Michelle L. and Jose R. Gonzalez, $445,000.


Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 201-Sangjin Hong and Jiwon Suh to Ilia O. Ryzhov, $326,000.

Twelve Oaks Ct., 14015-Kimberly A. Chamberlain and estate of Steven R. Chamberlain to James E. and Jennifer L.W. Thompson, $835,000.


Black Star Cir., 8567-Ok Sun Kim and Rim Soh to Gloria Moon, $215,000.

Deer Season Run, 6248-James E. and Jennifer Thompson to Jesus Hernandez, $485,000.

Goose Landing Cir., 8872-Lorna D. White to Ammar N. Bulbul, $205,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7489-Keith Delamo and Shante Michelle Butler to Tekisha R. James, $227,000.

Night Roost Ct., 5321-Larry D. and Carolyn Shearin Jones to Pamela Dudeck, $450,000.

Rockcress Ct., 8613-Kathleen P. Kohlmeyer to Jean Pierre and Brandie S. Vassor, $415,000.

Sheerock Ct., 5654-Rem Maryland Inc. to Robert A. Kinnear, $255,000.

Sweet Fern, 6580-Anthony Agliata to David A. Webster, $249,995.

Wandering Way, 9560-Mirela Gavrilas and Christopher M. Teixeira to Perry M. and Jessica Ann Lynch, $346,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7062-Logan K. Hauenstein to Ali H. Ali, $282,000.


Cedar Lane, 5490, No. C4-Bank of America to Bita Parniani and Maryam Ghahhari, $76,000.

Fair Oaks, 10483-Tracy A. Glover to Benjamin H. Klimkowski and Jacqueline L. Jones, $375,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5653, No. C-Walter H. and Vivian B. Clark to Kimberly A. Bahr, $125,000.

Morningmist Lane, 11748-Harold M. and Ann B. Gurian to Vincent and Debbie Tionquiao, $509,000.

Snowflake Ct., 11239, No. B-Genelle M. Gardner to David C. and Jill Stancil, $180,000.

Wincopin Cir., 10205, No. 102-James Bahk to Amy P. Hizoune, $232,800.


Elkridge Crossing Way, 7228-George M. Aud to Veronica E. Jones, $250,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 6133-Harold Ramsburg Sr. to Christina Green, $325,000.

Millstream Ct., 7990-Fred B. Johnson to Andrew Lawrence Graff and Patricia Marie Kirchner, $182,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5988-Dhanushka R. Morakandagmage and Niluka J. Wasala Thantrige to GSAA Home Equity Trust, $162,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 6330-Manharbhai V. and Daksha M. Patel to Jason and Rosemary Gindes, $245,000.


Goldfinch Ct., 5720-Mark and Beth Citeroni Stewart to Bijay Kumar Mishra and Lipika Panda, $362,605.

Montgomery Rd., 5514-Betty Lou and William K. Phillips to Teng Chen, $400,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 5273-Sang Ho and Ok Ja Go to Jason E. and Erica R. Balin, $510,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 4341-Bradley C. and Marie M. Fox to Lisa Orenstein, $630,000.


Pindell School Rd., 7584-Anthony Julius Barbera to Charles and Jeannine Remines, $250,000.


Appleby Ct., 3719-Joseph I. and Michele M. Marsiglia to Yun Wang, $620,000.


Greendell Lane, 7641-Victoria L. and Anthony W. Dutrow to Michael and Lauren Boteler, $620,000.


Mission Hill Pl., 8118-Ryland Group Inc. to Denise H. and Russell F. Brown, $309,990.


Calm Sunset, 7288-Clifton and Deborah A. Reid to Sophia J. Talbot, $347,500.

Hugo Ct., 8713-Matthew G. and Jessica S. Steinhilber to Justin D. Littig, $445,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7406-Robert Lee Abercrombie Jr. to Gregory A. Larsen, $265,000.


Henryton Rd., 1670-Marion E. Melchior to Dorsey Family Homes Inc., $550,000.


Mullinix Mill Rd., 2575-Harry N. and Barbara Shipe to Howard Horse Corp., $635,000.


Birkenhead Ct., 8711-Augustina Asah and Jeffrey Boham to Carlin Bolar, $240,000.

Dapper Town Row., 9617-Michelle Ho to Shripal K. and Hashini S. Khajuria, $550,000.

Jennifer Ct., 8616-Michael J. Gannon to Joseph B. and Teresa E. Loranger, $345,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9272-Joseph F. Pyles III and Darlene Ann Wade to Justin L. Bittner and Evelyn R. Robinson, $335,000.

Polished Pebble Way, 8736-SK Homes at Stone Lake II Corp. and Goodier Builders to Forrest R. and Mary M. Shafer, $536,200.

Snow Bird Lane, 9847-Sung Hwan Park to Seung Heum and Hyejim Kim, $383,000.


Day Rd., 1191-Bank of New York to Jason Albert, $397,900.


Cattail Woods Lane, 1737-Jane Weinstock and Joel Wiener Trust to Francis Duff and Erin Yacaginsky, $530,000.


English Bond Ct., 2811-Jeffery and Susan Conklin to Steven W. and Lee M. Sachs, $545,000.


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