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Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3288-William A. McConkey to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $225,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2525-Stanley J. and Barbara D. Samorajczyk to Marie Noelle D. Clampet, $1.8 million.

Chrisland Ct., 1208-Donald E. and Sherron G. Greulich to Andrew H. and Susan K. Emerson, $544,000.

Edgemere Dr., 310-Sally Claggett to Charles G. Neighbor and Jacqueline E. Bealle, $426,000.

Gardner Dr., 100-House Buyers of America Inc. to Douglas Josberger and Heather Fitzsimmons, $370,000.

Janwall Ct., 8-Robin Lynn Merica to J.A. Day Investments Corp., $149,000.

Moss Haven Ct., 1009-Harvey and Janet Stein to Cynthia M. May, $430,000.

Silverwood Cir., 22, No. 5-Teresa R. Athey and Ruth Renee Russillo to Supported Housing Developers Inc., $165,000.

Tyler Ave., 1150-Charles M. Russell III and Lyle C. Russell trusts to James V. Cefaratti, $211,340.


Admiral Dr., 621-Jeraldine Kavanaugh to Hanley Rei Corp., $200,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 601, No. 3-Walter Hayes Jones Jr. to Catherine A. Hamel, $220,000.

Cranes Crook Lane, 150-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason Denise, $330,000.

Gate Dr., 2047-Pegasus Home Corp. to Allison Leigh Odea, $250,900.

Haven Cove N., 2554, No. 82-Ann S. Keller Trust to Nancy P. Malloy, $270,000.

King George St., 272-Regina and Louis L. Rochez to William M. and Bella K. Johnson, $579,000.

Pearson Point Pl., 740-Glenn K. and Marie E. McBee to Jennifer and Stephen W. Crawford, $600,000.

Quarterdeck Aly., 336-Holly Higgins to Dora Marisol Maloney, $386,000.

Sandy Run Ct., 2534-Carolyn O. and John D. Costa to Shirley M. McDonough, $299,000.

Twin Landing Cv., 2592, No. 41-John D. and Shirley M. Smith to Nell Foster, $325,000.

Weems Creek Dr., 12-James J. and Jean M. Driscoll to Craig M. and Darla D. Albert, $4.4 million.


Andrew Hill Rd., 635-James P. and Catherine E. Flynn to William T. and Kelly C. Lovett, $447,000.

Hilltop Rd., 934-Philip J. and Joanne Stark Goodman to Kenneth S. and Heather N. Summers, $884,000.

Palmwood Ct., 1185-Jenefer Bedro to Douglas John Corby, $190,000.

Severn Way, 115-Kirby and Dawn Totty to Travis S. and Mya L. Willard, $374,900.

Wilson Rd. N., 858-John B. Lauer Jr. to Joel M. and Meredith S. Esposito, $461,000.


Ninth Ave., 108-Agnes C. and Thomas M. Baranowski to Dean A. and Sandra J. Dunlap, $228,000.


Cape St Claire Rd., 1250-William N. and Linda Cahall to Warren Louis Klug Jr., $375,000.

Harbor View Terr., 845-Dean Leonard Monkelien to Jason B. Klein, $284,000.

Neptune Pl., 1162-Adrian J. O’Boyle and Janet M. Depaoli to Michael Biggs and Beth Gappert, $275,000.

Ritchie Hwy., 1889-Bryan M. Hyre to Ryan S. and Naomi F. Rupprecht, $433,000.

St Charles Dr., 1021-Jerome I. Feldman and Alan W. Bernstein to GM Management Corp., $24,000.


Dartmouth St., 5623-Arthur J. and Janie M. White to Richard Degutis Jr., $180,000.


Crofton Colony Ct., 6818-Sandra Lynn Pierce to Paul L. and Lisa R. Borgeson, $499,000.

Judicial Way, 1816-James and Rence Gill to Bernard and Rachel Woodruff, $520,000.

Truro Rd., 1730-William A. and Enid C. Gast to Christopher Michael and Kathleen Lydia Parks, $404,000.

Yorktown Ct., 1660-Bernard R. and Rachel Woodruff to Janice E. McRoy, $236,000.


Severn Chapel Rd., 1512-Jonathan M. Wall and estate of Jane Carol Africa to Hugh and Demelza McMahon, $375,000.


Sycamore Rd., 215-Lyndsi Craig to Shannon Mauer, $185,000.


Monitor Ct., 3475-Richard A. and Ann B. Venezia to Barry and Elizabeth Weitman, $685,000.


Mallard Dr., 739-Jaren Patrick and Nancy A. Doherty to Timothy Brandon and Galena R. Deters, $255,000.


Northbrook Dr., 6346-James M. Ruffaner and Natalie K. Mannix to Keith and Erin Fultz and Esther Rodey, $420,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 4010-Kenneth A. and Patricia Ann Greene to Phillip M. Brentwood, $50,000.

Hamlet Club Dr., 421, No. 103-June B. BlessingTrust to Morris M. Trott II, $115,000.

Potomac Rd., 1730-Custis S. Clary to Kristin E. Montgomery, $283,000.

Solomons Island Rd., 2647-Shelley R. Edwards to Solomons Path Corp., $350,000.

Second Ave., 3598-Louis J. Green and estate of Francis A. Beal to Wayne D. and Crystal M. Hicks, $280,000.


Kirchner Lane, 1504-Kenneth M. and Nicole W. Neeld to Joshua D. and Lindsay M. O’Sullivan, $570,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Mildred D. and Bernard R. Mingioli, $296,605.


Broadway Ave., 312-Donald C. Houghton to Edward I. and Theresa H. Yoshikawa, $269,900.

Cayer Dr., 1018, No. 1-4-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Crain Hwy. SW, 4-NVR Inc. to Michele M. Mulich, $256,130.

Elvaton Rd., 7931-Martha J. Dehen and estate of Charles I. Carroll to Pride Homes Corp., $160,000.

Jay Ct., 903-Pegasus Home Corp. to Timothy E. and Darlene Wacker, $269,900.

Phillip Dr., 1014-Charles W. Ayres Jr. to Felipe Garcia Ponce, $170,000.

Saunders Way, 1804-Carl J. Kohel and U.S. Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $269,137.


Bertram Dr., 1-Rhonda Fay Councill to Tony L. Harper, $281,000.

Fitzallen Rd., 1044-John R. Decker Trust to Chad Polling and Gayle Bemis, $160,000.

Jandell Ct., 7804-Federal National Mortgage Association to Majibullah and Nargas Wardak, $280,000.

Mountain Rd., 114-Helen D. Bradford and Margaret Ann Vana to Hossam Abdelfatah, $60,000.

Shoreland Dr., 961-James T. and Dianne L. Broussard to Andrew West and Marian Muser, $230,000.


Harmons Farm Ct., 7617-Andre W. and Jane R. Stephens to Martin and Katherine Lamourt, $425,000.


Lexington Rd., 11-John R. Boyle to Gregory J. and Jill M. Werner, $315,000.


Ellerton S., 339-Thomas C. and Lori J. Hicks to Dale and June Yoo, $151,500.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 236-U.S. Bank to Christopher M. O’Hara and Tiffany N. Coons, $194,900.


Andover Rd., 602-Kenneth and Rachel Derrossett to National Residential Nominee Services, $262,600.

Oak Grove Rd., 514-John A. and Verna Lynn Debaun to George H. and Donna L. Wilkins, $290,000.


Brandon Dr., 8209-Robin Wright to Kevin T. and Elissa B. Meyer, $250,000.

Dale Rd., 408-Richard J. and Barbara W. Ellis to Michael J. and Tara E. Morris, $335,000.

Wherry Ct., 649-Koch Homes at Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Mary C. Fridley, $386,714.


Annapolis Rd., -Michael A. Ziegler to Scott Milli and Kandi Galloway, $275,000.

Grape Arbor Way, 8713-Mehmet S. Kinak to Kheng S. and Kim S. Chhay, $225,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 195-Darryl Brown to Reo Acquisition Corp., $206,250.

Queen Anne Ave., 1228-Federal National Mortgage Association to Luther James and Karen Pumphrey Etchison, $190,000.

Scaffold Way, 1876-Michael Craig to Shane A. and Rebecca K. Diller, $382,500.

Thornbrook Dr., 8719-Kenneth M. and Debra J. Fiscus to Thornbrook Corp., $278,000.


Bodkin View Dr., 7854-R. Blaine and Susan K. Easley to Charles W. and Lauren K. Thompson, $825,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 129-Market Pro South Inc. to Rana Jacob, $278,000.

Cyril Ave., 637-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cattail Construction Inc., $75,500.

Gallatin Way, 1107-Timothy R. and Carolyn J. Nargenthaler to Stephen W. and June L. Johnson, $385,000.

Lake Dr., 2269-Andrew and Lorraine Davidson to Natalie L. and Ziga Ivanic, $200,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 134-Kathy L. Buss to Charles W. and Tracie J. Siscosky, $280,000.

Oak Hollow Ct., 219-Charles E. Volke Jr. and Kathy L. Ford to Ryan J. and Crystal L. Werner, $300,750.

Pepperbox Lane, 7871-Charles F. and Anna Marie Tow to Mary Ellen Montes and Carlos Ortiz Vargar Jr., $280,000.

Seneca Terr., 260-Grace L. McCloskey to Samuel J. and Michele Shoppell, $236,500.

Sundance Way, 320-Rachel A. Kim to Evan Jordan and Kelly Burke, $295,000.

Tick Neck Rd., 7952-Anthony J. and Lisa Lacki to Bryan K. Sizemore and Alexandria R. Woodring, $225,000.

Wileys Lane, 156-Christopher W. Hiatt and G. Michael Dufour to Jonathan Savage, $325,000.


Barnwood Ct., 1700-Isaac S. Sandler to Timothy J. and Amanda D. Bednego, $248,000.

Dogwood Blossom Rd., 7871-Sunrise Rentals Corp. to Lloyd W. and Sheridan A. Nusbaum, $315,000.

Garfield Ave., 8404-Alexander Ace and Huong Nguyen to Ahsan and Sabiha Khalid, $460,000.

Napa Ct., 1311-Kinder Development Corp. and Bay Country Land Co. to Donovan Scott Waddel, $452,856.

Pioneer Dr., 8367, No. 10C-Ramesh Babu Naravulu to Ishaq Development Corp., $40,000.

Twin Oaks Rd., 7718-Loretta and Ellsworth Hinkle to Steven C. and Regina C. Achey, $135,000.


Creek Rd., 676-Linda Kempin to Michael G. and Debra L. Capretti, $385,000.

Fairtree Dr., 308-David L. and Terri P. Goldbloom to John L. Ahearn and Traci L. Mitchell, $820,000.

Lockleven Dr., 45-Lillian M. and Robert J. Laporte to Peter A. Heinlein, $450,000.

North Dr., 342-Robert J. and Susan G. Beaver to John Robertson and Ellen Marie Mills, $330,000.

River Dr., 10-Joseph A. and Negar Wheeler to Greentree Services V Inc., $244,000.

Whistling Pine Rd., 292-Kevin A. and Monica L. Lenear to Andres A. and Johannie Madera, $440,000.


Elm St., 4954-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Immel Homes Corp., $140,000.

Howard County

Blue Hill Ct., 3622-Deborah C. McKay to Federal National Mortgage Association, $363,313.

Conchita Dr., 3569-Christopher T. Earnest to David F. and Emily L. Duncheskie, $450,000.

Frederick Rd., 11201-Donald C. and Mary Ann Runaldue to Rajesh K. and Shruti Thakur, $948,000.

Hemlock Cone Way, 4568-Marc and Mary Donohue to James and Lisa Williams Petit, $570,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3726-Mary Margaret Obenschain to Scott J. Heizer, $494,400.

Quarterfield Rd., 11621-William R. and Tama S. Ruiz to John T. and Jennifer N. Leipold, $965,000.

Spring Meadow Dr., 4014-Mary C. Snyder and Kimberly A. Wolf to Scott M. and Evelyn M. Henderson, $460,000.

Vixens Path, 11635-Eric and Erica Hicks to Vixens Path 2 Corp., $450,000.


Wolverton Ct., 7208-Charles R. and Rebecca Mengel to Alan and Briagh Strott, $742,100.


Black Star Cir., 8579-Alexis A. and Steve G. Suter to Thomas J. and Caroline D. Buddensick, $285,000.

Delphinium Ct., 5478-Matthew W. Haycraft to Hao Lee and Peng Ding, $385,000.

Gray Sea Way, 6341-Zachary S. and Jennifer Price to Daniel D. and Erin L. Hill, $328,000.

Hobnail Ct., 9257-Mei Fen Chen to Cheng Ji, $222,000.

Painted Yellow Gate, 6204-D.I. and Pamela P. Desouza to Gurpreet Singh, $420,000.

Rocksparkle Row., 9627-Inti Realty Corp. to Julio Cesar Ortiz, Sung E. Chang and John Momoh, $255,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8833-John and Leona Pydyn to Myer and Joan K. Berman, $450,000.

Talisman Lane, 7211-Federal National Mortgage Association to Klaus R. Christensen, $194,900.


April Journey, 5522-Cartus Financial Corp. to Kathleen and John Reid, $335,000.

Cedar Lane, 6701-Simpson Mill Corp. to Ryland Group Inc., $2.39 million.

Flywheel Ct., 6027-Brian M. and Renee L. Richards to Robert Lee Smithson and Lindsey M. Lewis, $399,900.

High Wheels Ct., 5311-Ekaterina Moore to Adrianna and Jason Caulder, $312,500.

New Country Lane, 11802-James D. and Maria T. Farquhar to Amanda, Ruth and Shaukat Karimi, $324,900.

Sun Circle Way, 11638-Siyi Meng to Andrew C. and Amna Ziad Miller, $417,000.


Oakdale Dr., 1759-Nasir Bhatti to Ravinder Kumar and Chander Prabha Aggarwal, $660,000.


Euclid Ave., 6425-John M. and Amanda Hartman to Mitchell E. Ziegler, $164,100.

Landing Rd., 5765-Daniel L. and Patricia A. Medinger to Dorsey Family Homes Inc., $579,000.

Montgomery Rd., 5942-James M. and John G. Rice to Donna K. Mills, $317,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6243-Jennifer C. Sanz and J.S. Torpey to Ujjwal Golla, $220,000.


Ashley Ct., 4526-Elizabeth J. Weick to Scot A. Millen, $525,000.

Chatfield Lane, 7712-Sebastian Okanla to Dushyanth S. Maratt and Sapna Upendran, $280,000.

Halcyon Ct., 3248-Jorge L. and Christiane S. Vegarra to Kapil Agarwal, $327,000.

Normandy Dr., 2977-Edith D. Hipsley to Geoffrey and Ruquia Ahmed Schofield, $350,000.

Riviera Sun Dr., 4300-Tae Joo and Do Ja Han to Naqi M. Sayed and Siama Rizvi, $605,000.

Webbed Foot Way, 4956-U.S. Bank to Nova Trade Corp., $242,500.


Scaggsville Rd., 12049-Brenda J. Cirri and Kuykendall Family Trust to Roger S. Miner, $385,000.


Callaway Ct., 15252, No. 38-Kenneth T. and Betty A. Secrist to Carmen and Martin Theodore Vaessen, $427,500.


Glen Ct., 8244-Lorelia and Anthony D. Arrington to Khua Hnin, Thein Gi and Hlei Sung, $245,000.

Morris Pl., 8248-Wen Jia Ji to Zhen Kuang, $250,000.


Cartersville Rd., 9263-S. Sweet Properties Corp. to Golden C. Olunkwa and Stella O. Orieukwu, $465,000.

Oakhurst Dr., 9519-Wendy D. McIntyre to Alex W. Bowens, $230,000.

Softwater Way, 9753-Dionne A. Parker to Shanya S. Hardie, $265,000.


Marriottsville Rd., 1935-Syed Ali Mehdi to Jian Yong Liu and Kuangyi Miao, $555,000.


Ellen Way, 8113-Ricky T. Festa to Donna M. Drake Clark, $249,990.


Canterbury Riding, 9216-Paul Koneir and Megan Markowski to Gloria Moon, $134,900.

Fragrant Lilies Way, 9912-Laurita Ajagba and Isdore Chidi Anyanwu to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $327,000.

Holly Brothers Ct., 9307-Shyamsunder Desigan and Archana Viswanath to Srivinas Rao Adapa and Asha Sravanthi Mavilla Srinath, $418,000.

Lilac Park Dr., 9111-William S. and Mildred E. Barnes Ammann to Surjit Singh and Jugmohan Kaur, $152,500.

Oxley Forest Ct., 8901-Oxley Pete Corp. to Jessica F. Light and Chris S. Buswell, $257,000.

Polished Pebble Way, 8742-SK Homes at Stone Lake II Corp. and Goodler Builders to Alexis A. and Steve G. Suter, $511,000.

Spratley Ave., 9698-Bob A. and Mang C. Phunkulh to Liron Groover, $369,900.


Heatherwood Way, 1717-Judith Kay Lacoss and John W. Lauterbach to George and Margaret Williamson, $545,000.


Daisy Rd., 1660-Charlotte A. and Richard S. Mullinix to George Michael Weaver, $354,500.


Harrow Dr., 2108-Byung Kyu Park and Soojung Yoon to Kimberly Rosalind and Travis Eldridge Warren, $415,000.