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Anne Arundel County

Berwick Dr., 916-Craig W. and Junko Goodyear to Matthew T. Barbieri and Cynthia R. Prokopovich, $425,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 1223-James and Suzanne L. McReady to Laura M. Brank and William D. Pease, $2.25 million.

Decatur Ave., 10-Finley B. and Bettina B. Foster to Craig R. and Julie T. White, $695,000.

Green Spring Dr., 115-Thomas J. and Charles E. Friday to Walter Joseph Mullin, $389,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1123-Gregory G. and Dorothy G. Collins to Craig R. Norman, $370,000.

Phipps Lane, 109-Benjamin A. Pettis to David and Una Schloder, $280,000.

Sterling Dr., 1205-Rocco J. and Karen B. Pangallo to Joshua A. Berrier, $177,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 11-Rose V. Stavou and Stephen J. Moore to Brian Boyd and Alejandra Herr, $314,000.


Astern Way, 930, No. 503-Jose R. and Amelita P. Mondonedo to Angela M. Germanos, $185,500.

College Ave., 20-Barbara Boggs and estate of Alicia W. Anderson to Arkadie Novickoff, Gertraud Novickoff and Novickoff Trust, $519,299.

Eastern Point Rd., 801-Marion A. Lynch and Lynch Trust to William R. Henschen, $365,000.

Glen Ave., 21-Thelma H. Diggs to Alexander D. Hachey and Chelsea S. Thibodeau, $375,000.

Honeysuckle Lane, 1113-David F. and Linda J. Greenberg to Philip S. Bailey and Sara Ann Hammett, $385,000.

Mockingbird Ct., 2823, No. 76-Laura C. Brandt to Nancy Mae Hanna, $384,500.

Ritchie Lane, 1556-Mark J. and Sabine Goblet Strandquist to Lisa E. Perrin, $330,000.

Solstice Lane, 3027-Shawn Patrick and Julia Rose Hughes to John D. and Laura E. Soderberg, $585,000.

Second St., 102-Thomas Oaks to Susan D. and Aires D. Arsenio Millan, $285,000.


Falcon Nest Ct., 1431-Ryan M. Miller and Angela Bradley to Brian Charles Wimpee Jr. and Lyndsey Renee Brown, $305,000.

Long Meadow Way, 341-Wells Fargo Bank to Nathan Bowen and Nicole Anderson, $260,000.

Pride Of Baltimore Dr., 508-Brian E. and Tricia P. Schilling to Emmett P. and Gail Patricia Davis, $685,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 575-Dolores Janik Fry to Cynthia A. and Christopher D. Seasholtz, $245,000.


Fairfax Ave., 613-Morequity Inc. and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Lanqing Huang and Guanglan Mo, $165,000.

Wasena Ave., 5405-William Leroy Haines Jr. and Susan D. Fluharty to Arundel Community Development Services, $38,000.


Blossom Tree Dr., 428-Sheila J. and Bruce Jay Baumgardner to Lisa D. Scholz, $180,000.

Chestnut Tree Dr., 873-Ellen J. Wasserman to Vineyard Property Investments Corp., $145,000.

Holly Dr. W., 889-John Seth and Janet Marie Clark to Benjamin F. and Charity A. Armstrong, $500,000.

Pleasant Plains Rd., 1718-William P. Storck and Gertrude J. Trumpy to Erik R. Addington and Rebecca Snow Burrows, $1.3 million.

Saint Catherine Dr., 1148-Erik M. and Priscilla Bade White to Dale T. and Melanie S. Read, $320,000.

Trawler Lane, 1626-Mary A. Doggett to Rory J. and Kelly C. Cooper, $660,000.


Ellicott Ave., 1343-Clayton A. and Cheryl A. Bertoia to Robert John Movnihan, $385,000.


Dryden Way, 1617, No. 4-Cynthia A. Kelly to Kristin Distad and Kuang Yuan Hsieh, $249,000.

Meghan Ct., 2101-John W. and Mary Anne McIntosh to Eric and Marcelle J. Winton, $514,000.

Whitfield Ct., 1734, No. 14-Warren R. and Alison R. Sparks to Dawn M. Melia and Joshua A. Speidel, $228,000.


Diggs Rd., 940-Chong C. Bergen to Bradley S. and Wendy K. Destelhorst, $285,000.


Creek Shore Way, 7828-Gail Yvonne Stinchcomb to Michael and Diana Randall, $295,000.


Beards Point Rd., 3127-Rory and Janet E. Dickens to Christopher C. Butler, $295,000.

Patuxent River Rd., 3357-Philip D. Goodman and Diane Lee Rogler to Emanuel S. Krousaniotakis, $1.2 million.


Owings Beach Rd., 6140-Erin L. and David A. Clark to Sasr Holdings Corp., $104,000.


Boyd Dr., 3729-Daniel J. and Margaret T. Hurson to Joseph M. and Rebecca N. Tuck, $459,000.

Leeland Rd., 15-Eric L. Walker to Jean L. Wroten, $33,000.

Sewall Ct., 6-Helen Frances Bachkosky to Lawrence Joseph and Beverly O’Connor, $775,000.

Tilden Way, 246-Matthew and Lisa Burkett to Cheuk K. Chan and Tian Hong Man, $330,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 904-Mark B. Lawson and estate of William L. Lawson to Mark B. Lawson and Lauri A. Nelson Day, $249,850.

Red Leaf Ct., 2129-Robert J. and Gloria L. Skinner to Paul R. and Sheila W. Guevin, $579,500.

Wigeon Way, 1412, No. 201-Centex Homes to Patrick M. and Holly F. Crouse, and Crouse Trust, $259,990.


Cayer Dr., 1018, No. 1-1-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Crain Hwy. N., 5-Red Oak Crossing Corp. and Wynnwood Corp. to NVR Inc., $942,447.

Delmar Ave., 405-Alton D. and Arlene F. Grimes to Kevin D. and Jessica L. Thomas, $249,900.

Glen Heights Ave., 505-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Brittany M. Lounge, $213,000.

Maple Lane NW, 410-Debra L. Billings to Vito Ferrara, $123,000.

Montgomery Dr., 1214-Ebony L. Joyner to Jonathan P. Harrison and Tabitha A. Walker, $242,000.

Pleasantville Dr., 1621-E. James Thompson Jr. and estate of Frida B. Cordova to Jessica L. Bush, $155,000.

Westway Rd., 517-David B. Valentine and Wells Fargo Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $144,385.


Bunch Ave., 707-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Judi Trulove, $265,000.

Green Acres Dr., 7324-Andre L. Levroney and Candace L. Belt to Diana Lynn Straitz, $130,000.

Lansing Rd., 1712-Second Reversionary Partnership to Timothy Cezar, $2,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6608-Michael Alexandor Properties Corp. to Charles Hamlen and Suzanne Fischer, $162,500.

Water Fountain Way, 114, No. 10-Cody W. and Courtney E. Stewart to Peter J. Molik, $107,000.


Stoney Run Dr., 7557, No. 304-Jessica M. and Charles L. Holzberger to Jessica Shin, $245,000.


Citrus Ave., 2017-THB 2017 Citrus Corp. to Katherine C. Straub, $325,000.


Frostwood Dr., 8303-William McCarthy to Alvita D. Bush, $249,900.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8600-Sean Mundie and Shannyn Hyland to Nicholas and Daneequa Ziembo, $305,000.


Chestnut Rd., 339-Ameri Star Homes Collins Wood Inc. to Angela M. White, $466,343.


Batchelors Choice Lane, 20-William H. Rabbitt to Lee E. Souder, $98,750.


Caracle Ct., 614-Khi Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to John Edward and Beverly Norfolk Skalstad, $433,251.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 1090-Julie Torres to Steven H. and Monique R. Willingham, $595,000.

Worthington Rd., 452-David N. and Beverly J. Parker to Kenneth W. and Kayla E. Hagans, $196,000.


Assembly Point Ct., 306-Ly Ann Benjamin to Christopher J. Krawiec, $223,500.

Chapel Hill Blvd., 2331-Dennis E. Reed and Bradley A. Baker to Timothy D. Dewey, $405,000.

Isaac Chaney Ct., 922-Gregory S. and Jennifer L. Brice to Todd and Jessica Courtney, $325,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8535-Tammi L. Parthemore to National Transfer Services Corp., $278,000.

Saint Michaels Cir., 286, No. 24-Kevin P. and Melissa A. Dowling to Olakitan Williams, $232,000.

Summershade Ct., 2401-John L. and Cynthia M. Puls to Delroy H. Grant and Tara M. Mosby, $487,500.

Williamsburg Lane, 546-U.S. Bank KBS Investment Corp., $203,600.


Bradley Rd., 1110-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Reo Corp., $116,555.

Catherine Ave., 8350-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Larry Cornett, $160,000.

Duvall Hwy., 987-Riveria Properties Corp. to Juan Antonio Argueta, $270,000.

Kenwood Rd., 183-Shawn R. Harby and Sandra Ann Desell to Richard and Yumei Winebrenner, $148,000.

Leonardo Ct., 7812, No. 6-Benjamin J. and Trisha Ann Dames to Andres F. Miguez, $205,000.

Mayer Ave., 8074-Carolyn L. Turner to Jason D. Ladd, $220,000.

Oyster Bay Harbour, 858-U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to Edward G. Cooper and Kathleen Bye, $150,100.

Quailwood Lane, 8399-Charles W. and Lauren K. Thompson to Rodney and Lori A. Repko, $515,000.

Sillery Bay Rd., 231-Edna Marie Maddox Bailey to Timothy A. Morris and Katie Faulstich, $265,000.

Tar Cove Rd., 1328-Michael C. Wootton and estate of Calvin L. Wootton to Karingal Corp., $670,000.

Wall Dr., 1590-My Dream Home Corp. to Thomas E. and Barbara Anne Morrill, $514,900.

Wolsey Ct., 8072, No. 134-Carlos J. and Charlotte M. Hernandez to Christopher A. Cutcher and Melissa R. Halecki, $154,000.


Cove Rd., 335-Paul Zaleski and Pawel Ciesluk to Joseph Vallario II, $605,000.


Clark Station Rd., 7941-Grank R. MacSorkey to Christopher P. Stern, $280,000.

Grande View Ave., 1777-James J. Mandrin to Claude L. and Lauren C. Hale, $282,400.

Pioneer Dr., 8359, No. 10G-Ramesh Babu Naravulu to Ishaq Development Corp., $40,000.

Pioneer Dr., 8389, No. 12J-Karen Elizabeth Hyson to Gauri and Bobina Khanna, $44,000.


Arleigh Rd., 664-Andrea B. Trisciuzzi and Charles Edward Gannon to Robert A. Moffit and Courtney Benner, $445,000.

Eastway, 90-Jolie and Arthur H. Huntington Jr. to James W. Jeffcoat, $395,000.

Hucknall Ct., 409-Michael and Stacey Cassidy to Joshua B. Reimer and Jennifer Ronzitti, $445,000.

Mckinsey Park Dr., 600, No. 203-Katherine Rehmann Buchman and estate of Shirley Jeffery Rehmann to Clayton A. and Phyllis B. Beardmore, $250,000.

Oak Landing Ct., 271-Patricia Joyce and Patrick Gallipoli to Gregory S. and Jennifer R. Nield, $600,000.

Sherburn Rd., 113-Joseph F. and Sue Ann B. Giacinto to Marshall A. and Tatjana Tewell, $452,000.

Wiltshire Lane, 107-Betsy L. Slikker and estate of Elizabeth T. Slikker to James R. and Linda T. Bowersox, $299,000.


Spruce Ave., 1231-Thomas P. Doremus and Paula M. Pearson to Patrick L. Turri and Colleen Zamary, $332,500.


Nutwell Dr., 6206-Patricia A. and Whitney K. Lindstrom to Mary S. Srnecz, $575,000.

Howard County

Brookwood Rd., 3025-Pamela B. Kreis to Michael Ellis Skidmore, Wren Walls and Michael Walls, $409,000.

Diversified Lane, 9805-David S. and Jacquelyn D. Mercer to Ryan M. and Kelley D. O’Shea, $570,500.

Garand Rd., 3734-James and Pamela F. Otto to Geethamanju Bragaspathy and Rajagopal Alagarsamy, $660,000.

John Bernard Dr., 3004-James M. Fleming to Ann E. Zicus, $383,000.

Open Run Rd., 12005-Mohamed Sameh Elrafei and Lobna Zada to Shaid Mohammad Anis and Rakhshanda Shahid, $814,433.

Rockhampton Rd., 2601-Hebron Manor 1 Corp. to Deborah L. Simmons, $530,000.

Steeplechase Ct., 11020-David W. and Sheri R. Kelly to Alice Larson and Leon V. Thiesen, $782,000.


Countless Stars Run, 6064-Francesco K. and Eileen M. Schittino to Yi Pan and Rongmei Zhang, $630,000.

Smallwood Ct., 5535-Kandikere G. and Mandeep Krishnamurthy to Christopher Teixeira and Mirela Gavrilas, $865,000.


Battler Ct., 9485-Brian K. Wolf to Lewis Craig Holcomb, $380,000.

Cradlerock Farm Ct., 7029-Maudielee F. Brown to Chanel J. Lee, $255,000.

Farewell Rd., 9505-J. Rosario Hernandez to 11324 Booth Bay Way Corp., $180,000.

Hickory Limb, 9431-Joyce A. Blake to James and Shelley Stevenson, $235,000.

Majors Lane, 6001, No. 1-Richard B. Stofberg to Barry and Charu Mehta, $95,000.

Pound Apple Ct., 6436-Michael S. and Rachel M. Witriol to Chung Bok and Mikyeong Lee, $290,000.

Sea Change, 7470-101 Geneva Corp. to Victor DeCesare Jr., $280,000.

Steamerbell Row., 7277-Robert G. and Jana R. Price to Ryan W. Cates and Dorothy A. Charles, $335,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8877-Rajdeep and Nadia Kapoor to Zarrintaj Saadat, $80,900.

Wild Swan Way, 6223-Mark A. Machulcz to Margot E. and Colleen T. Hoffman, $255,000.


April Journey, 5566-Tami R. Bryan and Ray A. Branker to Andrew French, $345,000.

Columbia Rd., 5179-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kelly L. Rudden, $279,900.

Green Mountain Cir., 10625-Hans Wilhelmsen Jr. to Byron Anderson, $375,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 11520-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jung Youn, $140,000.

Rutland Round Rd., 10270-Gloria Gaskin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $411,000.

Symphony Way, 10712-Lorenzer J. D. Finch Jr. to Naghmeh Yazdanfar, $263,000.


Blue Sky, 5810-Jeniece L. Sheesley to Subodh and Susmita Pal, $341,000.

Frothingham Ct., 6407-Brian E. Gebert and Ryan Germuth to Stephanie M. Sasser, $330,000.

Magnolia Ave., 6901-Trevor W. and Erin M. Ashley to Reinaldo Flores Orellana, Elida Segura and Gladis Araujo Martinez, $550,000.

Old Landing Rd., 5741-Patricia Hennessie and Pamela M. Webster to April M. Franks, $340,000.

Shady Oak Lane, 5820-Carmen P. Peoples to Tejashkumar M. and Sapna P. Patel, $348,000.


Brightlight Pl., 7965-Richard Carrasco to Young Mee Ji, $300,000.

Dunteachin Dr., 5380-James L. Carol to Daniel and Denise Heim, $575,000.

Horseshoe Rd., 8419-Judy L. Price to Timothy C. Buckard, $100,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 3779-Sean B. and Neanne Volpe St. Martin to Margaret A. Maxson, $525,000.

Saddle Ridge Terr., 8318-Jed A. and Heather L. Sutton to John M. and Leslie D. Harmon, $559,000.

Worthington Way, 4819-Todd and Vikki Smouse to Teresa Kersheskey, $390,000.


Michele Dr., 14858-Kennard and Mary Ellen Warfield to Ten Oaks Properties Inc., $104,000.


Kristin Dr., 6414-Gary Shawn Coffey to Allan Reyes Arcilla, $335,000.


Lincoln Dr., 8039-Donna Jean and Harold Thomas Magers to Jonathan and Dina Velasquez, $285,000.

Red Jacket Way, 8021-Hubert E. and Marilyn C. Pendley to Corey A. and Amanda M. Lopez, $340,000.


Gracious End Ct., 9131-Donna L. Egbert and Elizabeth L. Hahn to Jean M. Gauthier, $195,000.

Polished Stone, 9762-U.S. Bank to Eric L. McCormick, $400,000.

Wilbur Ct., 9215-Kenneth F. Jackson Jr. and Lavender Delchamps Peroni to Roxana Portillo Guevara and Frederico S. Rivera, $245,000.


Middletrail Ct., 710-Virginia T. and John B. Clark to Vicki S. and Robert E. Johnson, $350,000.


Baltimore Ave., 9664-Peggy A. Hewinson and Thornton Douglas Boyd to Tay P. Nguyen and Cam Hong T. Truong, $305,000.

Castlerock Ct., 8742-Lauren Ashley Gray and Michael D. Hooper to Beenish Ali, $240,000.

Fulton Ave., 9254-Wemino Olagbaju to Sunitha Mathew and Levin K. Xavier, $389,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No. R-NVR Inc. to Robert E. and Karen L. Earlewine, $230,550.

Maxwell Ct., 9258-Adam and Kirsten Sayani to Laura F. Stacey, $299,000.

Pinenut Ct., 9211-Vanessa Womack Rigaud to Safdar Hussain, $157,000.

Riverbrink Ct., 9431-Ana E. Canales and Leslie J. Fuenes to Ayesia N. and Manuel A. Portillo Martinez, $190,000.

Whiskey Bottom Rd., 9362-Oscar Antonio and Gladys Bernarda Mancilla to Saw Htoo and Naw M. Po, $235,000.


Great Valley Dr., 3309-Purcell G. and Lorena Hawkins Bailey to Johnny L. and Elizabeth B. Hess, $745,000.


The Old Station Ct., 812-Douglas Rosene and estate of Barry J. Davis to Grace Park and Paul Cho, $467,500.