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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Adams St., 309-309 Adams Street Corp. to Susan Aplin and Carolyn Wapnick, $1.35 million.

Blackwell Rd., 1030-Joseph J. Durr Jr. to Leslie A. Rose, $280,000.

Gemini Dr., 1227C, No. 1227-North Green Equities Corp. to Benjamin Carl and Brandy Louise Jenkins, $199,900.

Harbour Village Ct., 7046, No. 102-Elizabeth B. and John M. Graham to William L. and Mary E. Sandberg, $315,000.

Hilltop Lane, 304D, No. 304-North Green Equities Corp. to James E. Farmer, $199,900.

Newport Ave., 3414-Jennifer Lee Jenkins to Payne Maerten Corp., $184,000.

Tulip Rd., 503-Jay M. and Suzanne E. Stearns to Kevin and Kristine Kohlman Doyle, $510,000.

Windsor Ave., 908-Thomas K. Burke to Mary K. Furst, $545,000.


Bay Water Lane, 401-Francisco A. Mayen to W&L. Investments Corp., $150,000.

Charles St., 89-Dana R. Pickett Johnson and John L. Pickett Jr. to Todd Adam and Dawn M. Frame Miller, $390,000.

Fleet St., 16-Edward L. McGowan and Ronald Getek to Equity Trust Co. and Marie Dall’ Acqua, $305,000.

Gov Thomas Bladen Way, 2014, No. 102-Robert D. Passon and Karon J. Miller to Nicole L. Trader and Jennifer K. Morgeson, $243,500.

Hidden Cove Rd., 2576, No. 154-Calvin W. and Eileen M. Roberts to Leslie A. Whitecoff, $340,500.

Market St., 105-Leigh and Ellen Turner to Stephen P. and Susan G. Krohn, $1.1 million.

Rigging Dr., 2623-Ida M. Messier and the Messier Trust to Donna J. Hendrie, $266,000.

Spring Place Way, 174-Mary C. Fridley to Linda G. Bottalico, $360,000.

Twin Landing Cv., 2582, No. 36-Carroll Family Trust to Terry and Wanda Helser, $270,000.


Argyll Dr., 1341-Stone Financing Corp. to Kevin D. and Lynda C. Gregg, $630,000.

Blue Heron Ct., 845-Warren H. and Linda M. Springer to Jeffrey and Carly Mengel, $1.05 million.

Fox Run Way, 67-Yassen S. and Maria K. Mikhailov to Matthew S. and Nicole M. Larue, $310,000.

Knottwood Ct., 436-Robert Offer to Federal National Mortgage Association, $249,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 880-Richard and Joanne Hoad to Hadrian P. Mordecai and Nicole J. Finner, $545,000.

Yale Ct., 288-Frank M. and Helen H. Watt to Stone Financing Corp., $392,000.


Doris Ave., 221-Pegasus Home Corp. to John L. and April Lynn Vain, $157,400.

Meadow Rd. W., 156-Bevco Inc. and Beverly Diaz to Norma V. Bradshaw, $1,600.

Wasena Ave., 5335-Robert C. and Faye A. Ruggieri to Federal National Mortgage Association, $54,000.


Blue Ridge Dr., 926-Strategic Equity Group Corp. to Eric M. and Lauren M. Helms, $295,000.

Colbert Rd., 1641-Matthew V. Clifford to Colbert Road Corp., $80,000.

Little Magothy Vw., 1127-Jennifer M. Howerton to John Everett Crosland III, $335,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1150-Deh Investments Corp. to Ancuta F. McDaniel, $227,000.

Sun Valley Dr., 1071-John Edward and Patricia A. Lambert to Brett Friedrichsen and Christina Dailey, $237,000.


Great Oak Pkwy., 5718-Roxanne A. Weiss and estate of Paul Thomas Weiss to Lyla A. Baumann, $799,000.


Birdwood Ct., 1512, No. 101-Richard Burnett Reed to Melissa and John St. Amour, $324,000.

Howard Chapel Ct., 1632-Jimcat Investors Corp. to Matthew D. and Nadia H. Koppenhaver, $284,900.

Revere Ct., 2478-Daniel H. Godin to Brigitte T. Guimond, $224,000.

Stark Dr., 1808-Stone Financing Corp. to Michael Patrick and Eileen L. Wells, $489,000.

Vergils Ct., 2702-James P. Chagaris to David and Kathleen Reed, $240,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1678-Vickie D. Duncan to Michael Dehn, $255,000.


Martins Grant Ct., 2000-Joan Fay and Dan Leo Anderson to Christopher G. and Tiffany L. Brett, $675,500.

Wild Cranberry Ct., 1435-John David and Vicki Eileen Shorter to Mark D. Fridovich, $285,000.


Blandford Way, 3455-Steven Joseph Masciarelli and Masciarelli Family Trust to Robert E. and Jane B. Beery, $822,500.


Ford Rd., 598-Jon Sheller to Joseph P. Lemon and Mabel A. Hyde, $203,786.


Arbutus Dr., 322-Winifred Ruth Kidd Trust and Vicki A. Kohne to Cellie J. Holmes, $580,000.

Fritillary Ct., 203-Bank of New York Mellon and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Michael Patrick, $552,900.

Knox Dr., 3712-Marlene E. Simoncini to Joseph E. Tatham and Jill M. Devine, $470,000.

Mulberry Ct., 114-Finn Neilsen and Immaculada A. Echebarria to Tracie Meerholz, $460,000.

Shore Dr., 807-Kimberly S. and Dale E. Dove to Regina Downing, $361,000.


Church Lane, 4873-James A. Rogers to Jon I. and Jessica Opert, $1.68 million.


Count Generals Woods Rd., 401-Adam Bielski to KVN Construction Inc., $20,000.

Wigeon Way, 1405-Centex Homes to Janice L. Passero, $261,090.


Cayer Dr., 1052, No. 2-4-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Foxview Dr., 113-Adrienne E. and James Andrew Spencer to Town Capital I Corp., $182,000.

Kintop Rd., 523-Burton Leroy Heimka to Cattail Construction Inc., $120,000.

Oakwood Rd., 7822-Anne Marie Carr and Dorothy Louise Tillery to Carr Property Holdings Corp., $1.05 million.

Pleasantville Dr., 1634-Triple L Construction Corp. to Jeffrey and Rachel N. Olson, $206,000.

Third Ave. SW, 301-Barbara Gail Davis to Judith M. Swierczewski, $249,900.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7820-Keith E. and Stephanie Harper to Robert A. and Christine F. Ribay, $248,000.

Donegal Bay Dr., 7730-William C. Martin III to Luis D. Morales, $270,000.

Margaret Pl., 704-Carl E. and Debra A. McCabe to Aurora E. Ortega, $215,500.

Preston Rd., 2006-Loretta G. Lowe to Elizabeth L. Wetzel, $189,000.

Solley Rd., 7990-Louis J. and Catherine M. Haut to Robert E. and Leslie A. Stern, $345,000.

Twin Vw., 1024-Christopher D. and Melissa Gossweiler to Kip D. Reinheimer, $220,000.


Pangbourne Way, 1482-Stanley H. Burkart to Yang Ho and Sun Dock Choe, $270,000.


Cumberstone Rd., 1141-James H. and Michael W. Murray to Linda Ruiz, $365,000.


Eagle Hbr. S., 337-Tony W. Bailey and Stephanie R. Pearce to Yamilette J. Luciano, $245,900.

Sudlersville S., 3415-Conchita T. and Hector J. Romero to Mark Christopher and Laura Wynn Samuel, $237,000.


Ardmore Rd., 204-Liberty Bank of Maryland to Myrtle D. Pease, $2,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 431-Vickie Lynn Bennett and Dove Family Trust to Timothy B. Jividen, $230,000.


Brooks Woods Rd., 5468-Thomas T. and Stacey A. Nutile to Eric M. and Anna M. Fagan, $375,000.


Kenora Dr., 538-Norman Bruce and Doris S. Kuehnle to Timothy J. Studer, $248,000.

Panther Ct., 745-Gary and Jo Ann C. Richardson to Mark and Kimberly Rohmann, $260,000.

Veterans Hwy., 8535, No. 212-Edward J. Dyas Jr. and SP Gateway Condos I Corp. to Marlene E. Howell, $267,433.


Conquest Way, 2213, No. 56-Patricia Skutnik to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $337,204.

Glebe Creek Way, 1751, No. 67-Jeffrey P. Koch and Faith A. Bliss to William B. and Kari R. Skelton, $295,000.

Jostaberry Way, 2391-Jason D. and Susan A. Thomas to Deborah Diana Avila, $355,000.

New Waugh Chapel Rd., 719-Beazer Homes Corp. to Edmund E. and Janice A. Martin, $290,000.

Rainy Spring Ct., 2609-Marcus Jerome Jessup to Joshua E. and Amanda R. Miller, $285,000.

Samantha Lane, 1010, No. 104-Frank T. and Catherine C. Krabbe to Ronald L. and Evelyn P. Grassel, $206,900.


Lavender Ct., 606-Donald E. and Leslie C. Baker to Alexander C. and Ainsley P. Tetreault, $477,500.


Appian Way, 117-Helen N. Curley and estate of Patricia Dietrich Hess to Joan Vardy, $1,600.

Barnsley Ct., 3403-Bret Robertson Jr. and Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $350,720.

Carolina Ave. S., 446-Louis J. and Ann Marie Ceraldi to Brianna Hess and Ian Diaz, $304,000.

Cedar Rd., 1890A-Steven C. and Mary Jewel Greenlow to Anthony R. and Lisa M. Lackl, $750,000.

Creek Blvd., 296-Dennis Letto to Douglas R. Allen, $235,000.

Gray Stone Lane, 8104-Karen E. Degraffenreid to Paul and Frances M. Wolfe, $275,000.

Holly Lake Dr., 985-Richard F. and Melissa A. Kuzak to Jeremiah Chiappelli, $114,000.

Kentucky Ave., 205-Timothy B. and Stephanie R. Sears to Robert M.S. and Jaimie J. Hurst, $390,500.

Main Ave., 8558-Scott D. and Phillip D. Forsyth to Sean Barnes and Brittany Lotz, $199,900.

Milburn Cir., 76-Leon A. and Shirlie W. Hubbard to Mark L. and Tammie J. Calvert, $380,000.

Pasadena Rd. E., 502-Herbert L. Sappington to Brian D. Smith, $182,000.

Quiet Ridge Ct., 222-Obinna U. Offurum to Kimberly A. Leaman and Gordon S. Waite, $155,000.

Saltwood Glane., 3605-MJ Warner Properties Corp. to Ann Marie Ceraldi, $179,900.

Silver Run Dr., 1247-Larry M. and Christina C. Duncan to Market Pro South Inc., $283,500.

Turnhouse Ct., 8429-National Transfer Services Corp. to Mark S. and Susan R. Bohlman, $680,000.


Marlin Dr., 3001-Carl W. and Kathleen M. Rehling to Brendan and Allison O’Connell, $322,000.


Bastille Ct., 1902-James E. Davies and estate of Mary A. Davies to David Zlotin, $250,000.

Campbell Dr., 7416-Preston B. and Collleen Fairlamb to Stone Financing Corp., $500,000.

Equestrian Dr., 8131-James C. and Joanne Malcolm to Chad M. and Nichole M. Poist, $489,000.

Mahogany Rd., 7715-David W. Gill and Christine A. Duffy Gill to Daniel B. Phillips, $289,900.

Pasture Brook Rd., 523-Marketpro South Inc. to Joseph M. Barron, $354,000.

Severn Hills Way, 7929-Molly M. Mboijana Rukuba and Charles C. Rukuba to Strategic Equity Group Corp., $139,500.


Bowline Ct., 304-James A. Griswold and Cheryl G. Poussard to Michael C. and Lisa H. Etheredge, $649,900.

Glenns Rd., 87-Annie M. Hall to James L. and Denise L. Hopper, $255,000.

Mckinsey Rd. E., 56-Richard L. Lowman to Paul C. and Colleen Losh, $145,000.

Retford Dr., 510-Linda G. Siner to James W. Jeffcoat, $313,000.

Round Bay Rd., 123-DRP Homes Inc. to Anthony and Alyson Figlioli, $696,860.

Whittier Ct., 5-Kevin D. and Lynda C. Gregg to Desmond J. and Anne M. O’Grady, $550,000.

Howard County

Broken Lute Way, 4608-Richard L. and Phyllis D. Barber to Willie A. and Kimberley A. Flowers, $539,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4770, No. 1-Sarah M. Loder to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $273,484.

Hickorymede Dr., 3034-Robert H. and Cathy W. Zmijewski to Ryan D. and Rachel F. Sturm, $437,000.

May Estate Cir., 13223-Denise Y. Grove and Michael E. Dorman to Kevin Wayne and Jennifer Fujiko Kennedy, $650,000.

Queensland Dr., 2611-William and Julie Gonnelli to Edward Houff and Deborah Robinson, $555,000.

Sand Hill Rd., 2435-Robert C. and Dianna Matteson to Renee Ann Foose, $600,000.

Whitworth Way, 10001-Richard H. Mauerer to Nina Malyutina, $540,000.


Great Star Dr., 5920, No. UT404-Ella F. Smart to Mark and Elyse Devries, $325,500.

Trotter Crossing Lane, 11712-Trotter Crossing Corp. and Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Behnam Tchoubineh and Firoozeh Azarbaidjani Do, $946,888.


Alderleaf Pl., 5781-Wendy A. Briscoe to Michael G. and Emerald Jade J. Benemerito, $217,500.

Dockside Lane, 7242-Lynn Robeson Hannan to Matthew K. Carey, $288,000.

Fruitgift Pl., 6552-Andrew D. Hovanec to Nishi Narayen and Priya R. Kumar, $215,000.

Knighthood Lane, 7001-Thresa L. Rogers to Ilia Yesenia Torre Garcia and Carmen Delia Hernandez Marin, $175,000.

Morning Calm Way, 6127-Margaret J. Walkup to Mona Min and Dewayne Huck, $475,000.

Offshore Grn., 6007-Kent V. Blake to Sandesh Sreenivas, $223,325.

Shepherdess Ct., 5559-Federick W. Ludwig and Margaret K. Carroll to Gregory and Michelle Moore, $437,900.


Brighton Ridge Way, 10203-Charlene L. Long to K.M. Dorsey, $364,900.

Columbia Rd., 4926, No. 2-Bryan A. and Lindsay M. Seifarth to Valerie E. Dory, $202,500.

Green Mountain Cir., 10850, No. 313-Neddy Vernon to Community Development Administration of Maryland, $139,024.

Jericho Rd., 5072-Darwin and Wizie Eads to David M. and Kimberly L. Doggette, $747,000.

New Country Lane, 11886-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph and Linda Bunch, $225,000.

Ring Dove Lane, 5479-Eric and Stacia Johnson to Hamid Shirazi, $160,000.

Snow Crystal, 6016-Robert J. Miller to Arthur E. and Helen M. Scofield, $405,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5590, No. 1-HSBC Bank to Yolanda Johnson, $106,000.


Beechfield Ave., 6372-TSZ Properties Corp. to Clint Ted Apland, $302,000.

Koffel Ct., 6440, No. 13-Mary Ann Phillips to Richard A. and Donna Laurino, $400,000.

Montgomery Rd., 5938-Rae Ann Force and William Wallace McMillan to Nancy L. Williams, $325,000.

Rice Ct., 6505-John E. and Ulrike Pfalzer Thompson to William Gomez and Lucinda Botlero, $412,000.


Attenborough Way, 4825-John J. and Robin M. Thomas to Mark J. Mundore and Kara N. Shuman, $780,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7630-Tiffany A. Burton to Stephanie S. Stietz, $225,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8611-James Hubert and Joan Marie Davis to Gretchen M. Eslami, $178,500.

High Timber Ct., 8529-Joyce C. Walker to Amy Suzanne and Erik Colin Maxwell, $516,900.

Manahan Dr., 8603-Yichun Sun and Xinrong Guo to Lucas De Melo, $305,000.

Talbots Lanedg., 5297-Ronald J. Osborn to Kathleen Straub, $530,000.


Iager Blvd., -Maple Lawn Corp. to Dave Sweet, $386,000.

Water St., 7762-David and Jennifer L. Hollander to William J. and Lisa Egan, $585,000.


Hobbs Rd., 3010-Kerry Anne Karagiannis to John W. and Heather D. Hands, $550,000.


William St., 6421-John T. and Elizabeth F. Wesley to Federal National Mortgage Association, $364,727.


Spring Water Path, 9403-Mattie M. Stanford to Sean Martin and Maria Higgins, $385,000.


Gracious End Ct., 9141-Craig C. and Virginia M. Timmins to Sara Timmins, $200,000.

Polished Stone, 9738-Donna C. Sanger and Guy C. Fowl to Michel and Margaret Zeitouny, $549,000.


Baltimore St., 9056-Robert S. and Pamela Jose to Elizabeth Ann Brady, $200,000.


Hadleigh Ct., 9630-Judy M. Erdman to Bonnie M. Slike, $280,245.

Moonshine Holw., 9070, No. P-U.S. Bank and Specialized Loan Servicing Corp. to Ata Ahmad, $116,300.

Veiled Dawn, 9903-Williamsburg Group Corp. to R.A. Desai, $444,804.


Friendship Farm Ct., 2704-Tresa Lee and Dennis F. Nebel to Michael Arthur and Laura Michelle Hilley, $590,000.


Scottswood Ct., 15030-Shawn and Debra Cooke to David W. and Sheri R. Kelly, $816,000.


Dorchester Way, 10775-Jason T. and Patricia L. Edelmann to Nei Global Relocation Co., $741,000.

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