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Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3307-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Anthony Messuri, $224,900.

Breakwater Dr., 954-Bryan Boehme to Mary Jo Lyle, $258,400.

Edgemere Dr., 306-Jacqueline L. Keeney and estate of Donal O. Keeney Jr. to Michael and Erica Holmes, $265,000.

Gemini Dr., 1231, No. 1231-North Green Equities Corp. to Dennis J. Kiper, $174,900.

Heathfield Lane, 301-Thane and Mary E. Gilman to Keith M. and Amy T. Brownell, $499,000.

Langdon Ct., 934-Elisa F. Velarde to Fernando G. Paniagua, $435,000.

Rosecrest Dr., 3-Pride Homes Corp. to Santos C. and Blanca L. Contreras Perdido and Velinda Contreras, $209,000.

Tyler Ave., 1157-Keith M. and Amy T. Brownell to Joseph C. Solari and Samantha E. Nucci, $306,500.


Admiral Dr., 625, No. 408-William E. Bartz to Justin and Mary Marino Davis, $250,000.

Bowen Ct., 232-Ryan and Christina Baxter to Peter Q. and Susan J. Nyce, $635,000.

Compromise St., 5D-Pauline L. Trost to Jacob M. and Dolores Antwerpen, $1.6 million.

Franklin St., 66, No. 211-Robert E. and Mary W. Carruthers to James A. Rogers, $759,500.

Hanover St., 197-John F. Pilli Jr. and Sharon F. Sansing to Thomas J. and Carol J. Joseph, $1.24 million.

Jigger Ct., 1010-Helen M. Endo to David and Ruby Sheradsky, $350,000.

Puritan Terr., 2041-Brian and Amy Hetherington to Vickie Y. Fisher, $358,000.

Running Brook Way, 963-John D. Serini and estate of George C. Serini to Stephen L. and Jamie E. Barclay, $400,000.

Summerview Way, 2711, No. 9102-Rebecca S. Bunn to Andrea M. Long, $215,900.

Virginia St., 1292-Patrick J. Travnor to Lue R. Fouquet and Jeanine E. Ancelet, $690,000.


Arundel Dr., 871-Mildred E. Campbell to Tiffany Kelley, $300,000.

Century Vista Dr., 411-Lisa M. and Kory F. Johnson to David A. and Rhonda Lynn Miller, $335,000.

Joyce Lane E., 64-Stephan M. and Myong Sun Shott to Winchester Homes Inc., $800,000.

Old River Rd., 174-Thomas G. and Diane C. Williams to Bruce C. Goldberg, $355,000.

Song Sparrow Ct., 913-John E. and Mary M. White to Mark Denice, $505,000.


Audrey Ave., 114-Karen Sykes Dill and Walter Morgan to Susan Green, $50,000.

Edison St., 208-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Deborah Ann Schultz, $165,000.

Seward Ave., 446-Wilbert L. Fowler to Brian L. Messoria, $57,000.

Seventh Ave., 106-Leonard Jarkowski Jr. and Darlene Jarkowski Jones to Brian K. Cashen, $158,000.


Brice Rd., 17-James T. and Jean A. O’Farrell to John E. and Kathy T. Formisano, $760,000.

Darlow Dr., 718-Edward P. Matthews and Wilma Z. Richards to Penny J. Wilkinson, $515,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 233-John P. and Cynthia Kucyk to Andrew and Beth Beal, $2.3 million.

Saint Margarets Dr., 1041-Joseph J. Place to Tracey Chadderdon and Krisztina Vanyi, $307,000.


Exeter St., 5548-Joseph D. Hall and Zoe Fitzimmonds to Federal National Mortgage Association, $255,346.


Aberdeen Dr., 2058, No. A-George W. Sullivan III to Daniel F. Kline, $107,000.

Cabrini Ct., 1879-Edward J. and Elizabeth S. Wihler to Mark A. Meil and Pamela W. Bernard, $485,000.

Good Hope Dr., 1720-Colleen A. Garrett to Randy and Sonia M. Balboni, $454,000.

Klein Ct., 2810-Dilan Investments Corp. to Peter S. and Carrie L. Poff Tripi, $520,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1862, No. 89-Federal National Mortgage Association to David A. Witt, $210,000.

Stow Ct., 2553, No. 45-Maria Avellaneda to Lillian Catherine Kabala and Thomas Marshall Ludlow, $322,000.

Weston Ct., 2511-Larry Joe Washam to Cedric Johnson, $310,000.


Cheltenham Ct. E., 1501-Ronald C. and Jeanette A. Wickwire to Keith C. Thomas and Elizabeth L. Fraser, $750,000.

Saint Stephens Church Rd., 1555-Glen Rivera and estate of Darlene Wright to Kevin M. and Jodi M. Boyle, $275,000.


Main St., 7931-Paul E. and Deneen J. Mercer to Meghan E. Sullivan, $150,000.


Howard Grove Rd., 2514-Wilhelm and Kathy L. Bolles to Ty and Amanda E. Wu, $812,500.


Whittington Pl., 603-Retha S. and Mark P. Pokryfki to David Wallace, $75,000.


Carrs Wharf Rd., 1076-John C. and Phyllis J. Doherty to Brian Matthew Peake and Nina M. Firmani, $330,000.

Germantown Rd., 3947-Linda Ann Shipman to Donald E. and Sherron G. Greulich, $620,000.

Maple Leaf Dr., 427-Leo G. and Colleen Newberg to Gregory R. Shiner, $250,000.

Virginia Ave., 38-James B. and Judith D. Cifala to Ryan W. McCombs, $199,000.


April Dawn Way, 2657-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Travis Mahaffey, $175,110.

Misthaven Lane, 2262-Elizabeth C. Caruso to Scott A. and Jeanne Masters, $328,000.

Winfields Lane, 1529-Ty and Amanda E. Wu to Millard Copley Jr. and Svetlana Pavlovskaya, $599,000.


Broadview Blvd. N., 700-Pinewood Properties Corp. to Pride Homes Corp., $59,250.

Cayer Dr., 1056, No. 2-2-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Nolberry Dr., 594-Warren Walker Sr. to Hiral and Hely Patel, $147,500.

Oakwood Rd., 8221-Maryland Financial & Real Estate Trust to Oakwood Family Homes, $275,000.

Ridgewick Rd., 1848-Robert D. and Gloria M. Gilberto to Jonathan Leddon, $220,000.

Third Ave. SW, 401-Karen E. Arnold to Thomas J. and Gabrielle E. Burns, $197,000.


Bliss Lane, 116-Bari Lynn Crook and John M. Crook Trust to Dennis S. and Judy S. Wong, $120,000.

Gaylor Rd., 372-Alta H. Shaw and Cynthia H. Caldwell to Lynn T. Krause and Lawrence Rainier, $12,000.

Ilene Rd., 128-Robert Lee Alderman and the Anneliese M. Alderman Trust to Joseph A. and Robert I. Ambrose, $139,500.

Meadow Dr. N., 126-Deidre S. Jackson and Georgianne L. Garner to Stephanie M. Koelbel, $201,000.

Rose Anne Rd., 901-Michael B. Shock to David and Brenda Luber, $209,000.

Spring Maiden Ct., 210-Brian Gaylor to Robert Lamont, $165,000.

White Water Way, 6800-Stacy A. Inscoe to Adam T. Tetlow, $131,000.


Siden Dr., 7722-Eddie and Montrisa D. Scott to Damon C. Curry and Mark Smedley, $211,000.


White Beech Dr., 3008-Edward J. and Patricia R. Lewis to Mark and Jaye E. Cuthie, $399,999.


Old Line Ave., 225-Ronald P. and Jeanine A. Stevens to R2 Properties Corp., $180,000.

Winding Trail, 8421-Stone Financing Corp. to Jason E. and Jodi L. Bennett, $345,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. N., 117-Peter R. Giulioni Jr. and estate of Betty L. Friedel to Sean P. Mulvey, $145,000.

Terrace Dr., 21-Violet D. and John E. Bennett to Adam and Kimberlee Reynolds, $155,000.


Dogwood Rd., 339-Karen S. Denton to the Michael and Nancy Gardner Trust, $50,000.

Mali Ct., 440-Richard J. and Sandra S. Paseka to Jillian Kristie and Joshua J. Zoltek, $328,000.

Saddleback Ct., 401-Joseph M. and Megan C. Haney to Richard G. and Jennifer D. Talbert, $570,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2504-Mark and Kathryn Yeager to June Jackson, $205,000.

Farrara Dr., 1347-Michael and Avis J. Ogburn to Kimberly A. and Lawrence S. Burris, $229,250.

Harding Ave., 439-Carol Wade and estate of Wilbur C. Wade III to Karen Lee Glover and Angela Morrison, $55,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 120-Vernyatta L. and Brandie N. Farmer to Adebanjo Olukayode and Esther Anuoluwapo Ojuri, $255,000.

Patuxent Run Cir., 834-Daniel and Melissa Franko to Matthew Wayne, Ashley Deborah and Matthew Thoreson, $334,700.

Roff Point Dr., 316-Drauthon and Lavar Antoine to Diamond M. Scholten, $179,700.

Thornwood Dr., 730-Patsy A. Frank to Carl R. and Jacqueline Harris, $510,000.


Sweetwater Dr., 5328-Charles J. and Nancy A. Shuman to Christopher J. and Kole Mihalick, $468,000.


Asbury Rd., 226-Bernard Louis Fontz and Judy A. McCling to Michael Maynard II, $205,000.

Beach Ave., 320-Billy J. Hamm and Pinky Ann McKenzie to Benjamin and Melissa Kemplin, $192,400.

Catherine Ave., 7815-Ricardo I. Cardenas and Megan L. Sutter to James E. Lawrence, $227,000.

Devonshire Ct., 2902-Brandon L. and Lisa A. Webb to Robert Ruiz, $330,000.

Hall Rd., 8424-Vernon C. Lucke and Mary A. Smith to Anthony and Katherine Lawrence Valinotti, $130,800.

Irene Ave., 188-Cartus Corp. to John Ruhland and Nancy Roeder, $519,000.

Lochearn Ct., 3502, No. L-North County Properties Corp. to Carol J. Getsinger, $123,000.

Mansion House Xing., 8024-Joseph Andrew and Roberta Irene Ambrose to Jason J. Smigovsky, $249,900.

North Ave., 1957-Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles R. Hiltner and Sarah Elizabeth A. Brong, $232,000.

Riverside Dr., 385-Regina L. Mullen and estate of C. Jeanne Matthews to Michael P. Cashen, $144,000.

Sedge Ct., 1209-Cullen L. and Cynthia L. Gerhart to John P. Raffo, $250,000.

Stoney Harbor Ct., 7619-Jose R. Morales II to M&J12 Corp., $140,000.

Ullman Rd., 248-Rusty L. and Michelle L. Loftus to Jason G. Kaltz, $298,000.


Angel Ct., 1705-Israel A. and Donna J. Melendez to Jacob J. and Kristy S. Williams, $3.84 million.

Bastille Pl., 7893-Broderick Sample to Pegasus Home Corp., $197,000.

Durness Ct., 8202, No. 8202-Dawn Marie Pettit to Matthew Zimmerman, $95,000.

Maryland Ave., 1404-Karen S. DiPaula to Carl and Samantha J. Washington, $275,000.

Queenstown Rd., 652-Annapolis Baltimore Renovation Corp. to Vikki L. Smouse, $290,000.

University Dr., 427-Douglas J. Norton and estate of Ruth E. Clouser Norton to Garland and Patricia Pierce, $485,000.


Kimberly Ct., 17-Anthony Martin and Alyson Moran Figlioli to William P. Beres Jr., $404,000.

Oak Lane, 638-Carolyn Stallings Kramer and Brenda Jean Covert to Robert C. and Janet C. Bickle, $325,000.

Rio Lane, 1045-Jeffrey B. and Cynthia Brown to Benjamin Pascal, $740,000.

Tewkesbury Lane, 626-Robert E. Cook to Ryan and Angela Miller, $530,000.


Hawthorne St., 1216-Brandon M. Litz to Jason M. and Amanda R. LeBlanc, $237,000.

Howard County

Cameron Ct., 3617-Anne Y. Franklin to Jedd A. and Dara Canty, $895,000.

Foxspur Ct., 11722-Guckenburg Realty Inc. to Myun Ki and Yeon Oak Han, $725,000.

Hillsmere Rd., 9745-Bruce P. and Candace C. Harvey to Troy Management Corp., $475,000.

Pierce Dr., 3426-Belle Haven Baker Corp. to K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp., $840,000.

Thornbrook Rd., 2894-Michael R. and Jennifer E. Mills to HVDV Properties 1 Corp., $582,500.


Broadwater Lane, 5375-Russell Dallas and Lisa Marie James to Shoaib M. Khwala, $434,900.

Surrey Lane, 6725-Gerard F. Miles Jr. to Keith and Meghan Ramsay, $434,000.


Better Hours Ct., 7321-Federal National Mortgage Association to Levent Demirrekler and Aysegul Gozu, $238,000.

Enberend Terr., 5461-Gerard D. Barber and Merril E. Oliver to Kwok Wing and Yiu Pong Wong, $245,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8701, No. 33-Stephanie Otu to Johnson and Sowbhagyam Somaram, $87,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5414-Lynn A. Rich to Cartus Corp., $386,531.

Mossy Brink Ct., 7350-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hursh Prasad, $215,500.

Owen Wood Rd., 9604-Charles A. and Kelly C. Greene to Singaravel Ramanathan, $590,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5211-Brian P. Gregory to Ramon and Margaret Narvaez, $299,000.


Cedar Lane, 5488, No. C3-William and Norma Hyder to Ghassem Goodarzi, Fahimeh Ahmadpour and Navid Goudarzi, $110,000.

Distant Melody Pl., 6400-David L. and Nancy A. McIntosh to Seong Kuk and Hyun Hwa Kim, $699,900.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5695, No. B-Miriam Weinryb to Kelsey D. Bohrer, $170,000.

Lone Tree Ct., 11773-Gene and Diana Thorp to Daniel and Megan Lucas, $280,000.

Owen Brown Rd., 10124-Ivan Z. and Marsha S. Gorelik to Surbhi Leekha and Chirajeev Dash, $485,000.

Shadow Lane, 10921-Meridee H. Levy to Delayna R. and Douglas Shikashio, $430,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5327-Kum Ju Sunwoo to Russell Clay and Katherine Williams, $342,500.

White Cord Way, 12017-Suresh and Kavita A. Vallabhaneni to Craig B. and Amy Elizabeth Ormson, $410,000.


Loudon Ave., 6446-Main Street Builders Inc. to MSB Corp. and Brian C. Hatcher, $343,300.

Stone Throw Way, 7179-Ralph St. Louis to Jessica A. and Sean J. Urbantke, $180,900.


Brightwind Ct., 7919-Teresa M. Kersheskey to Rachel B. London, $288,000.

Erickson Rd., 4315, No. 303-Beazer Homes Corp. to John M. Ferrari, $10,000.

Gawain Dr., 4733-Michael P. Keane to Marshall Phillips and Jaclyn Todd Booker, $426,000.

Honey Bee Ct., 3304-Mary D. Pomarzynski and Jennifer D. Wagner to Mushtaq and Ishrat Raja, $248,000.

Orange Grove Ct., 3450-Klayton L. and Micaela P. Monroe to Brandon K. and Erica P. Box, $300,000.

Winding Way, 9137-Muriel Lee Messersmith to Karen Heroman and Kurt Gibson Messersmith, $330,000.


Iager Blvd., -BA Maple Lawn Corp. to Douglas B. and Karen L. Tang, $522,760.

Market St., -Greenebaum Development Inc. to Williamsburg Group Corp., $2.85 million.


Michele Dr., 14858-Ten Oaks Properties Inc. to NVR Inc., $290,000.


Musgrove Farm Ct., 14358-Yixin Licandt and Dongmei Liu to Gagan Bhandari and Tameeja Makol, $675,000.


Jacqueline Ct., 8431-NVR Inc. to Anthony and Tesheya Wilson, $432,085.


Carriage Hills Dr., 8715-Curtis A. and Desma B. Stevens to Brian P. and Lindsay M. Kelley, $435,000.

Many Mile Mews., 9570-Alfred L. and Beverly J. Tilmes to Shirley K. Vaias, $410,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7591-Brandon and Danielle Pientka to Alexander J. Vadenoff, $182,000.


Bishops Gate Lane, 11373-David M. and Beth M. Griffin to Marc A. and Michele B. Clark, $625,000.

Laurel Rd. N., 9525-Robert J. Sutton to Thomas E. Allread, $249,000.

Old Columbia Rd., 7525-Margaret Burke Sasscer to Kevin A. and Felonis Newman, $480,000.


Howard Lodge Dr., 12455-Ruthanne Neary and estate of James E. Neary to Steven and Krista K. Patterson, $600,000.


Wynfield Rd., 2700-Celestinus A. and Kathleen M. Green to Brian R. and Anne R. Glass, $625,000.


Beckett Way, 2114-Timothy M. and Virginia H. Dunn to Kent D. and Deana M. Benson, $571,687.

Ganton Grn., 2115-Leslie D. Spencer to Carrie M. Tufts, $237,000.