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Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

August Dr., 1136-John Reese III to Ryan W. and Elizabeth A. Blanc, $385,000.

Britania Ct., 3207-Thomas H. and Ann P. Haller to William A. and Kym Michelle Grice, $687,500.

Edgemere Dr., 416-Vance L. and Nancy P. Thompson to Thomas Renee Thompson, $104,432.

Greystone Ct., 40I, No. I-Robert J. Donithan to Daniel Stroup, $140,100.

Hesselius Ct., 1211-Dana Richard Liller to James E. Bartek, $175,000.

Lockwood Ct., 219, No. 5-Stephen Walter Hachten and P. Susan Baumann to William M. Orr III, $1.38 million.

Spa Creek Landng, 6, No. B1-Stephen L. Snyder and Brian Gormley to Geraldine, Robert Bole and Patricia L. Smith, $315,000.

Victor Pkwy., 204H, No. H-Sarah McHale and Faith S. Bagnall to Jean M. Tyler, $110,000.


Ashley Dr., 2076-Thomas A. Lewis to 8M Corp., $575,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 657, No. 10-Peggy Barba to Lori C. Hinton, $205,000.

Cornhill St., 58-58 Cornhill Street Corp. to Michael J. Kirwan, $467,000.

Generals Hwy., 1894-Carol S. West and Pearl Chapman to Craig Smith, $95,000.

Harbour Heights Dr., 42, No. 42-Erica S. Jackson and Michael Trivett to Michael W. Chartos, $230,000.

Madison Pl., 4-Spaw Corp. to NLS Properties Corp., $330,000.

Richards Lane, 51-David G. Dombert to Alexander Nelson and Andrea Borcz, $865,000.

Sextant Ct., 1020-Doris E. Whitney and Emily K. Rose to Wilma Z. Richards, $260,000.

Sydney Terr., 702-Jon Eugenio to Richard M. and Joanne Proday, $359,900.

Windell Ave., 203-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Justin A. Cahill, $431,000.


Arundel Dr., 1030-David E. and Ginna Rogers Gould to David W. and Jennifer F. Galey, $350,500.

Cresston Rd., 119-Angela Germanos to Patricia Klug, $264,500.

Joyce Lane E., 68-Douglas B. Pattison and Colleen Casey to Winchester Homes Inc., $340,000.

Old Stone Lane, 1132-Robin H. and Karlene S. Haines to Diana Herr, $302,500.

Spot Club Rd., 109-Gregg M. and Faye M. Bradstock to Pamela A. Kronquist, $340,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 522-Linda Cooper to Heather A. Burnham, $198,000.

Townsend Ave., 210-Jose M. Bonilla to Augusto Castello, $90,000.

10th Ave., 307-Cedley Storey Weishaar to John F. and Carol E. Daniels, $225,000.


Canterwood Ct., 201-James and Sharon L. Schear to James I. and Mary A. Thompson, $750,000.

Holly Dr. S., 867-Richard M. and Stephanie H. Rall to Donald R. and Lisa G. Tate, $584,475.

River Bay Rd., 1082-Sinh H. and Nhan Tran to Adelina M. Welch, $775,000.

Saint Margarets Rd., 1668-PNC Bank to Gamma Corp., $201,500.


Fairfax Ave., 1300-Robin Turner to Nicole L. Gee, $199,900.


Amberfield Ct., 1702-John R. Vardy III to David J. Fulford, $294,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1473-Richard B. Long and estate of Brigitte Long to Maria Del Pilar Williams, $350,000.

Hamden Ct., 2409-Erin P. Callaghan to Brian K. Simpson, $300,000.

Nestlewood Ct., 1408-Deborah L. and Darrell Kim to Thomas A. Wysokowksi, $188,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1862, No. 89-Daniel and Laurie A. Hayden to Federal National Mortgage Association, $218,890.

Tarleton Way, 1681-Ted L. and Rebecca C. Daniel to Michael I. and Catherine T. Kenny, $374,000.

Whitfield Ct., 1744, No. 9-Mary Ruth Almond to Brian M. Nalley and Ashlee R. Kirchner, $265,000.


Echo Cove Dr., 622-Robert H. Shephard to Orville and Linda G. Harris, $250,000.


Tillerman Pl., 1221-Herbert Russell Brown and Sandra Ann Seymour to Sean Morat, $218,000.


Patuxent River Rd., 2874-Margaret A. Tribby to Kari M. Martin, $540,000.


Meadowlark Dr., 6432-Doreen Lee Batts to Samantha J. Davis, $399,900.


Cedar Lane, 1200-Joseph M. Olivetti and estate of James T. O’Connor to 1200 Cedar Lane Corp., $300,000.

Glebe Meadow Way, 3775-Lawrence J. and Beverly O’Connor to Ryan M. and Adrianna Babette Suplee, $399,900.

Millstone Dr., 1630-Just-A-Start Corp. to Mona Design Build Inc., $56,250.

Penwood Dr., 413-John T. Dugan to Kelli Brookman, $440,000.

Sixth Ave., 3712-John Gary Lee and Patricia A. Stockett to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $257,788.


Bluegrass Way, 1339-John M. and Brenda M. Butkovich to Matthew Gibson and Kimberly Dickman, $643,000.

Saint Heather Lane, 2104-Martin J. and Betty M. Adkins to James P. and Brianne M. Flaherty, $575,000.

Winterhaven Dr., 892-Ray Allison Hinkle to Catherine I. and Melissa A. Stinchcomb, $289,900.


Candle Light Lane, 254, No. 254-Charlene S. Rogers to Donna Dee Mister, $105,000.

Great Bend Rd., 8234-Mary E. LeCompte to Samantha Gomez, $155,000.

Norfolk Rd., 1807-Edward J. and Niala V. Murphy to Emedel C. Samar, $175,000.

Olen Dr., 137-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rebecca Galloway, $185,000.

Saunders Way, 1730-William Blackfors and estate of Robert M. Piaskowski to Samantha A. Deavers, $168,500.


Annapolis Dr., 1609-Barry O. Hodge to Matthew Heinl, $235,000.

Blue Water Ct., 312, No. 102-Sharon Zepp and estate of Thelma M. Shamleffer to Darlene Lattimer, $152,000.

Gaylor Rd., 372-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lynn T. Krause and Lawrence Rainier, $160,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7006-Steven and Andrea Libes to John D. and Dana M. Mangus, $269,000.

Phelps Vis., 1021-Timothy and Christy Davis to Michael Wightman, $332,000.

Scott Cir., 802-James G. and Martha M. Pappas to Federal National Mortgage Association, $278,226.

Stiemly Ave., 338-Anthony Serivens and John Lapides to T.J. and Charles S. Cotton, $236,000.


Cameron Ridge Rd., 1909-Robert Wittmann and Priscilla Berry to Abdulrazzaq Haider and Muna Al-Khalidi, $470,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7559, No. 7559-303-Rachel Ann Marcus to Raiza L. Cortes Hernandez, $235,000.


Montevideo Ct., 7505-Federal National Mortgage Association to Market Pro South Inc., $187,000.


River Bend Ct., 3112, No. H103-Irene A. Suarez Murias to Adama T. Kamara, $199,000.

Winding Trail, 8421-Timothy A. and Susan M. Simon to Stone Financing Corp., $345,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. S., 501-Kevin A. and Taylor G. Zitnik to Allen Douglas Evans, $295,000.

Timothy Dr., 617-Josephine M. and Joseph F. Torres to Pauline S. Lizotte, $282,000.


Finnegan Dr., 238-Thomas P. and Barbara D. McNutt to Steven Gregory and Nicola Embajane Kopp, $625,000.

Millshire Dr., 552-Paul Joseph and Linda Leigh Johnson to Bryan Patrick and Jennifer Marie Fishback, $168,500.

Scarlet Glen Ct., 8388-Arthur Sorkin and estate of Howard S. Diamond to Jon D. and Melissa M. Walker, $641,050.


Brink Ct., 2107-Chad W.M. and Jennifer E.M. Bates to David and Amber D. Cornett, $399,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8608-John Rogen Nelligan and estate of Michael J. Nelligan to Michael J. and Judith A. Mahaffy, $224,900.

Harvest Run Dr., 707-Anne Cretella to Michael J. Tomasi, $198,000.

Middle Neck Rd., 2700-Holly Kay and Christopher J. Feltner to Mark A. and Susan K. Lawson, $262,000.

Pinecove Ave., 185, No. 105-Federal National Mortgage Association to Scott D. and Sarah Schram Borg, $253,000.

Running Wolf Trail, 2513-Judith M. Peluso to Keith T. and Veronica A. Chinn, $340,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8615, No. 303-Jon E. and Harley Williams to Gail A. Winn, $250,000.


Allegri Ct., 7914-Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $275,000.

Asbury Rd., 250-Robert and Carole DiMartino to Earl A. Wisenauer Jr., $200,000.

Beechwood Ave., 955-James J. Mandarin to Michelle Lynne Arthur and William Chin, $217,000.

Catherine Ave., 7963-Pamela E. Ryer and estate of Dorothy Schreyer to James E. and Elizabeth J. Brooks, $190,000.

Church Rd., 8437-Pride Homes Corp. to Barbara Diss, $255,000.

Dorshire Ct., 3605, No. 40-Yolanda Ahrens Rogers to Thomas Bramble Jr., $180,000.

Harbor Rd., 7808-Federal National Mortgage Association to 7808 Harbor Road Corp., $206,000.

Irene Ave., 188-Elizabeth A. Michalek to Cartus Corp., $535,000.

Luff Lane, 1505-Thomas A. and Tara L. Zimmerman to Kandace Bednark, $379,000.

Maryland Rd., 8449-Karen A. Chappell Brooks and estate of Doris C. Nacci to Matthew Buettner, $140,000.

Old Coach Ct., 230-Ronald R. and Kay E. Jansen to Steve Chen, $304,000.

Pine Knob Rd., 7682-Evan G. and Mary G. Highley to Doreen Jayne Ford, $565,000.

Riverside Dr. W., 7860-Charles E. and Catherine C. Bealefeld to Danielle R. Gibson, $215,000.

Swift Rd., 832-Michael Wayne Foy and Mary D. Weber to FW SSB Corp., $120,000.

Willowby Run, 681, No. 681-Fred L. and Melissa A. Thompson to Kerri L. Ignacio, $198,000.


Arwell Ct., 1847, No. 15-D-Kevin L. and Rochelle P. Moore to Robert K. and Insook Choy, $58,000.

Beach Plum Lane, 7915-Kelvin A. and Torin W. Smith to Bradford and Fatima Redding, $260,000.

Elberta Dr., 7813-Kelly S. and Myra H. Sparks to Erica J. Degni, $375,000.

Graham Farm Cir., 1392-William J. and Mary C. Pollock to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $351,839.

Maryland Ave., 1429-Jefton Homes Inc. to Judith G. Simpson and Emmanuel D. Duwor, $359,000.

Ringe Dr., 1534-American International Relocation Solutions and Christopher Donohue to Theodore Lee and Tammy Dress, $414,900.


Benfield Rd., 454-National Residential Nominee Services in to Joseph L. and Janie K. Sousa, $475,000.

Dividing Rd., 787-Karen L. Lanthorn to Brian C. Zeichner, $37,100.

Manor Rd., 540-Aileen L. Goss Howell to Eben Frederick and Julia Garland, $265,000.

Pin Oak Rd., 721-Daniel T. Jacob to William B. and Elfriede E. Eberle, $390,000.

Rivendell Ct., 601-Terry R. and Margaret K. Ziglar to Damon S. and Diana M. Moore, $835,000.

Valley Stream Rd., 393A-Jeffrey D. and Clara G. Parker to Christine Ravago and Simon Bone, $850,000.


Juniper St., 1207-Charlene Bell and Harry Kalashian to Jessica Goodman, $250,000.

Howard County

Colonial Dr., 10066-Huaibin Li and Qing Yang to Jiao Yang and Yan Zhang, $522,250.

Foxspur Ct., 11722-Paul J. Cohen to Guckenburg Realty Inc., $500,000.

Jay Ct., 3417-Eleanor M. Eichelman to Hanna Yim, $430,000.

Pinehurst Ct., 10323-Samuel A. and Ronit E. Litwack to Shailesh S. Deshpande, $640,000.

Running Springs Rd., 3705-Henry J. and Carrie Adler Myers to Michael W. and Meredith Parks, $867,500.

Triadelphia Rd., 12649-Jeanne M. Fisher and Mark D. McCurdy to Hannah Park, $347,500.


Creekside Rd., 6821-David A. and Susan L. Karlheim to Fatima Syed, $645,000.

Trotter Rd., 5674-Trotter Crossing Corp. to Cornerstone Homes Inc., $790,000.

Whistling Winds Walk, 5725-Myong C. Kim to Shiaaulir Wang, $605,000.


Bluecoat Lane, 5495-William Douglas Badger to Jerome and Jacqueline Clamor Mamauag, $350,000.

Footed Rdg., 8955-Steven D. and Daniel G. Vallotton to Asa Roper, $205,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9349-Megan Rovnak and Candice Thompson to Michelle Layong Moore, $279,000.

Majors Lane, 6003, No. 11-Victor L. Tilles to Guan Hua Xu, $60,000.

New Grange Garth, 5435-Celeste Brown to George P. Kirk, $365,000.

Queen Maria Ct., 9055-Shyam Parkash to Sun Ho and Eunhye Kim, $183,700.


College Sq., 10396-Calvin L. and Lauretta L. Jackson to Ramkumar K. Moorthy, $288,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5176-Lori J. Belford to Matthew G. Warner and Alice B. Middleton, $400,000.

Harriet Tubman Lane, 8030-Christine K. Brooks and Melvin L. Kelly to Anita Pandey and Mit Kapadia, $220,000.

Maywind Ct., 10400-Mary Lake Desjardins to RBL Ventures Corp., $177,500.

Pembrooke Green Pl., 10214-Katherine M. Gadziala to Andrew C. Wiles, $380,000.

Shell Flower Lane, 11503-Stephen J. Lee to Jaclyn Cua, $280,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551, No. B2-Teyena N. and Steve Joseph to Benjamin Hale Cushwa, $120,000.

Wilde Lake Terr., 10320-Steven Radant and Patricia Wilkerson to Adama Panda, $307,000.


Elk Mar Dr., 7144-Pamela J. Oakey to Richard Brendon Rogers, $625,000.

Pebble Creek Dr., 7298-Gudru S. and James F. Spurrier to Darnell and Raeanna C. Edwards, $395,000.

Willow Glen Way, 7309-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brian A. and Jennifer E. Roediger, $200,500.


Callaway Dr., -NVR Inc. to Brian G. and Nancy C. Lund, $354,600.

Coachlight Lane, 7606-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian Pakulla, $175,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8489, No. H-Morgan Peddicord Risley to Sarah Megan Hicks, $185,000.

Heatherside Lane, 7721-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jambhala Investments Corp., $225,000.

Kensington Gdns., 2510, No. 308-Donald D. and Myongsin Chi to Eugene C. Nieberlein Sr. and Mary P. Meiller, $198,000.

Snowmill Ct., 2725-Stephen S. and Sara Cosenza to Susan Yhim, $409,750.

Worthington Manor Way, 4508-Stone Financing Corp. to Ami Aalok Shah, $601,000.


Pindell School Rd., 7483-Brenda Key Remmer and the Francis W. Wernick Trust to Jason A. and Brandy Michelle Woolsey Orndorff, $500,000.


Patterson Farm Ct., 14083-Toll MD Partnership II to Ted and Amy Monachino, $898,049.


Shady Lane, 3432-Gregory P. Brown to Paul G. and Erika L. Savchuck, $649,900.


Pine Tree Rd., 8685-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to EZ Ventures Corp., $137,750.


Connell Ct., 9203-Temiwumi Edun to Javier F. and Maria M. Gonzalez, $229,900.

Natures Rd., 7119-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Matthew Kosiba, $257,000.


Bryant Ave., 9100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mark Paugh, $220,000.

Love Song Ct., 10000-John P. Martin to Donald C. and Morgan B. Risley, $435,000.

Solar Crse., 9850-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Paschal Duru, $440,000.


River Rd., 800-James A. Hess to Susan J. and William F. Montgomery, $478,000.


Frederick Rd., 15210-Dorman Builders Inc. to Sean M. Kain, $340,000.


Chambers Ct., 11155, No. P-George A. and Suzanne M. Pearre to Janet J. Ottenritter, $280,000.

Popkins Ct., 10426-Joseph E. Pellegrini and Michelle M. German to Gerald Bruce and Christy A. Brown, $643,000.

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