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Anne Arundel County

Boucher Ave., 1037-May E. Hopkins to WFC Flagship Corp., $235,000.

Compass Dr., 2632-Evelyn Welling to Lawrence R. Miller, $215,000.

Dreams Landing Way, 402-Andrew Fielding and Gabriel David Watts to Alison L. Sheerin, $300,000.

Fairview Ave., 756C-David Odo to Constance C. and Frederick R. Schuchard, $385,000.

Forbes St., 308I-Stephen and Leslie B. Faust to Justin T. Reid, $185,000.

Hilltop Lane, 280G-Heidi R. Muffley to Daniel M. and Denise A. Boeckenhauer, $149,000.

Lee Dr., 131-Carter D. Jahncke to Heather M. Frazier, $345,000.

Legion Ave., 115-Lorraine S. Bothe to Douglas K. and Nevan Wise, $260,000.

Misty Ridge Cove, 2576-Thomas and Roberta Casey to William Robert and Kathleen Rea, $329,900.

Pinecrest Dr., 107-Christine L. and Jared R. Hughes to Donald A. Kuge and Elizabeth Wooldridge Kuge, $355,500.

Puritan Ct., 600-Hunter K. Keay to Roger Paul Guseman III and Sarah Kathryn Ryan, $348,000.

Rigging Dr., 2614-Charles H. and Norma K. Behlke to Gary A. Rafiq and Wanda M. Rafiq, $260,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 303-Eric Taub and Sonya Taub to Samuel Blades and Deborah Odea, $136,500.

Thompson St., 17-Bradford C. and Susan M. Latour to Matthew J. Turner and Mary E. Matherne, $825,000.

Turks Cap Lily Lane, 1613-Gregory W. and Barbara D. Scheirer to Michael B. and Mary Edwards, $920,000.


Arundel Dr., 961-Allan W. Poffel to Eric E. and Judith H. Hallowell, $548,100.

Palmwood Ct., 1170-Linda S. Sims to Clayton and Mary Clare Schuller, $210,000.

Windsor Rd., 816-Gregory and Brock G. Linderman to Nicholas Allen and Nelita M. Rempe, $320,000.


Cals Ct., 5108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Juan Portillo, $210,000.

Townsend Ave., 226-Roland Wallick to Robert Dennis Madigan Jr., $108,800.


Cananaro Dr., 1640-Freddie Mac to Aaron William Franz, $235,000.

Log Inn Rd., 1414-Theodore Roosevelt Watson and Lillian V. Hunt to Collin Michael and Molly Harding, $130,000.

Providence Rd., 274-Raymond M. Mackown to Jeffrey and Maria M. Harbeson, $1.1 million.

Secretariat Dr., 1640-Fannie Mae to Steve C. and Jennifer A. Siska, $173,000.


Battee Dr., 5663-Deutsche Bank to Branden Schroeder and Brent Ellwood, $138,600.


Aberdeen Dr., 2048-Darlene and Dorothy Athey to Richard Stephen Adams, $99,000.

Birdwood Ct., 1504-Stone Financing Corp. to Michael C. and Courtney J. Watkins, $295,000.

Everglade Ct., 1902-Trina L. Walters to Scott W. Gibson, $115,000.

Howard Chapel Turn, 2033-Sara A. Mateer to Jason E. Frostbutter and Karen F. Dippenworth, $285,000.

Old Mystic Ct., 2405-Christopher T. Druin and Robin L. Marchant to Franklin A. Arenas, $325,000.

Stow Ct., 2557-Gregory T. and Sarah Lynn White to Cinzia Cirillo, $282,700.


Birch Trail, 823-Andrew B. Fox to Denyse L. Dilda and Donna L. Brookstein, $237,500.

Oak View Dr., 1158-Michelle Moodispaw to Robert D. Lewald and Leslie Lewald, $425,000.

Snodgrass Rd., 755-Vernon L. and Marcella D. Roberts to Thomas J. Day Jr., $390,000.


East End Dr., 7930-Eric S. and Megan L. Long to Jennifer E. Sharp, $235,000.


Castle Way, 3516-Laura Riddle and Don E. Riddle Jr. to James L. and Kelly Callaway Novak, $240,000.

Shiloh Ct., 725-William F. and Roberta B. Pohlman to Patrick D. and Kristen S. Linnell, $432,500.


Annapolis Ave., 922-Evan and Ruth Henkel Conner to Wells Fargo Bank, $301,785.

Fairmount Dr., 317-Keith R. Basiliko and Barbara Basiliko Tucker to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $302,000.

Parke Dr., 3721-James W. Rhodes to Charles C. and Patrick C. Carter, $400,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2605-Edwin W. Smith to Ruth Anne Steed, $187,000.

Justin Dr., 1678-William O. and Pamela Fenwick to James and Carra Hammersla, $610,000.


Bedford Rd., 1622-Brian and Irina Rich to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $263,923.

Covington Ave., 7952-Tristan E. and Karina Bell to Robert and Del Rhea Brent, $235,000.

Dolphin Ct., 6513-U.S. Bank to Hiral Patel, $128,000.

Hamlen Rd., 510-Housing Commission of Anne Arundel to Laura A. Mamaril, $168,708.

Lamplighter Ridge, 6416-Mohammad R. Yahyavi to Pennymac Mortgage, $63,664.

Poplar Ave., 222-John and Michele G. Kliever to Vuong and Liem Nguyen, $90,000.

Roxbury Dr., 7923-Mary Shepperd to Matthew D. and Sondra M. Twitty, $232,000.

Sprite Way, 610-Richard J. and Richard Galloway to David Thaxter III, $143,000.

Vernon Ct., 402-Terri Hoffman to Melvin R. and Amanda B. Foster, $190,000.

Ninth Ave. SE, 204-Albert Smelgus to Antonia M. Pumphrey, $179,900.


Edgerly Rd., 1016-Charles Bennett Spence Sr. to Henry W. Young III, $154,000.

Mountain Rd., 116, No. 1B-Ronald E. and Sandra K. Dreyfus to Scott and Melissa Priebe, $67,500.

Rapid Water Way, 6800, No. 103-Donna L. Schneider to Nancy Snowden, $117,000.

Turnbrook Dr., 7681-James E. and Melissa A. Niec to Kevin L. and Jasanya D. Harrison, $294,000.


Boulder Ct., 1417-Weichert Inc. to Gabriel P. Snyder, $319,000.

Harmans Rd., 7739-Philip K. Grove to Anthony and Michelle White, $240,000.

Siden Dr., 7733-Eric T. and Lauren B. Smith to Shannon Pope, $318,000.


Horseshoe Cir., 2042-Ruth Kalinowski to John Anthony Favorite, $302,500.


Ians Alley, 8031-Sarah R. Sears to James M. and Patricia D. Hastings, $300,000.

Thames Lane, 3246-Lateefah Gbemi Alli and Abieyuwa Uyi Igodan to Chunxu Zhao and Hua Wang, $231,500.


Mansion Rd., 203-Robert and Velinda Collison to Bank of New York Mellon, $118,527.


Sonny Dr., 5806-John E. and Marie O. Riddick to Robert D. and Laura Wooster, $636,000.


Bodan Rd., 103-Marlene E. Howell to Eugene and Kim Hudyma, $535,000.

Green Aspen Ct., 341-Stephen Bents and Margaret M. Bents to Mary Beth Henderson, $455,000.

Severn Rd., 243-Etta Mae Rickell to John M. Bozic, $232,000.


Arkblack Terr., 933-Fannie Mae to Gregory Kapourellos, $332,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2611-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate to Lena Almodamqa, $262,000.

Crosslanes Way, 2321-Ronald L. and Monica J. Robeson to Astoria Savings & Loan, $460,000.

Garnet Ct., 1210-Joy L. Moore to Gary Franklin and Karen Haynes, $315,000.

Provance Pl., 8612-Henry M. and Ruth Mayer to Jennifer R. Fagan and Ann B. Fagan, $235,000.


Cool Breeze Ct., 373-M&M Development to Kirsten D. Rienecke, $215,000.

Devere Dr., 1521-John R. and Kimberly A. Drab to Todd R. and Kristen L. Loundsbury, $625,000.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 266-Bruce L. Hammerbacher and Agnes Heath to Meaghan Dalsey, $475,000.

Green Ice Dr., 8223-Scott E. and Aimee W. Kelly to Tawes and Susan Dewyngaert, $515,000.

Mayford Ave., 7863-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Richard Frantz, $85,000.

North Carolina Ave., 232-George A. and Elaine A. Momberger to Michele L. and Duane M. Jackson, $234,900.

Pescara Ct., 3327-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nicole Sadler, $185,000.

Royal Star Ct., 8208-Luong Thai and Susan Tsu to Elizabeth E. Countryman, $462,000.

Southwood Rd., 193-David W. and Denise R. Himmelheber to Joshua E. and Susan H. , $297,150.

202nd St., 807-Bank of America to Emily Byrd, $249,900.


Alban Ct., 1894-Pegasus Home Corp. to Corey Nicholas Koch, $344,900.

Montreal Rd., 1876-U.S. Bank to Michael and Barbara Baker, $257,000.

Severn Rd., 1800-Henry Brabham Jr. and Felecia E. Bradham to Jeremy W. Pettit and Liliola Tapueluelu, $285,000.

Wild Willow Way, 315-Wells Fargo Bank to James R. and Kelly L. Watkins, $428,000.


Carlyn Dr., 310-Mark J. and Karen H. Boback to Scott E. and Aimee W. Kelly, $845,000.

Hidden Pond Lane, 606-Peter and Tone Tahmin to William Gerrod and Marian A. Parrott, $670,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 604, No. 204-Lexie M. Snyder to Evelyn Brian, $310,000.

St. Andrews Crossover, 15-Lawrence and Diane Zoller to Andrew and Becki White, $455,000.

Windham Ct., 515-Martin L. and Nancy M. Ostovitz to James and Lauri Miller, $430,000.


Grove Ave., 1189-Household Finance to Vincenza G. Clark, $110,000.


Fairhaven Rd., 120-Peter J. and Deanne Schiller to Roger E. and Betsy L. Massey, $675,500.

Howard County

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4880, No. 2-Lois A. Kimber to Dennis D. Mattey, $200,000.

Fragile Sail Way, 4082-Thomas J. Meighen to Derik L. and Rosalba N. Davis, $511,000.

Harrington Dr., 3436-Jeffrey P. and Sara E. Roland to Anurag Dwivedi, $212,600.

Ligon Rd., 3622-Emily Shepard and Liliana Shepard to Marc Z. and Monica K. Levine, $380,000.

Riverside Cir., 9725-Linda Leppert to Rebecca M. Peyton, $359,000.


Ballymore Lane, 6537-Jacquelyn Weber Dutch to Yanming Yin and Peihua Jiang, $660,000.

Langford Ct., 6505-Benjamin Morrell and Stephanie Gordon to Xiaoyan Zhang and Zaizhong Ma, $610,000.


Bendbough Ct., 6963-Gary Dwayne and Ursula A. Myers to Corey P. Cahill and Jessica C. Jablonka, $285,000.

Dasher Farm Ct., 7024-American International Relocation to Neal Mundra, $325,000.

Hickory Limb, 9445-Christopher J. Yockey to Barry T. and Sandra S. August, $199,900.

Morningbird Lane, 5917-Fannie Mae to Jamiea Cheryl Ealey, $209,000.

Saddle Dr., 6364-Jennifer Keyser Smith to Jeffrey R. and Kathryn L. Anderson, $390,000.

Sweetwind Pl., 5770-Jeffrey B. Fisher and Doreen A. Strothman to Green Tree Servicing Corp., $173,000.

Watchlight Ct., 9005-Sean Fagan and Audrey Latty Fagan to Ah Mei Wong and Xue Li Chen, $154,900.


Columbia Rd., 4922, No. 7-Deborah K. Meyer to William J. Duster, $205,000.

Discover Ct., 6208-Richard E. and Jacqueline T. Arnold to Paul and Preeya Lowe, $580,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10850, No. 219-Roberta G. and William P. White to April Sellers, $74,500.

Symphony Way, 10776-David A. Via to Adrian T. Luna, $255,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 901-Charles N. and Edith W. Seashore to Peter C. Liebhold and Linsa Lee Kahn Liebhold, $420,000.


Augustine Ave., 6077-Rodney A. and Tammy L. Lang to James S. Pak, $275,000.

Butterfield Dr., 7818-Arthur and Irene Ravit to Stephen V. Molczyk, $242,500.

Ducketts Lane, 6340-John Hotcroft and Kellie Marie Black to Adam C. Brown, $215,000.

Grouse Rd., 6614-Linda A. Lentz to Craig S. Blakslee, $300,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6415-Dorsey Family Homes to Patrick and Mandy Tran, $593,828.

Rowanberry Dr., 5950-Wayde A. and Carol L. Smith to Casey R. Driskill and Heather N. Leyden, $184,900.

Silverleaf Oak Rd., 7108-Morgan Chase Bank to Jeffrey Eric Shank, $184,000.


Bordeaux Cove, 5225-Eve L. Mahowald and Anton Mahowald to Christopher D. Carpenter, $700,000.

Chantel Ct., 8911-Shermar Corp. to Brandon and Lisa Mariner, $390,000.

Governor Martin Ct., 3327-Cheng Zhang Shi and Xin Wu to Abbas and Shakeela Shabbir, $620,000.

Leisure Ct. E., 4613-Nancy G. Harrington and Shelba Jean Sciscione to Andrew R. and Rosalyn L. Hunt, $400,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7714-William G. Fellows to Kaitlyn McDowell, $219,000.

Old Columbia Pike, 3821-Jean E. Anderson to Joshua A. Anderson, $290,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4587-Neil and Dianne David to John C. Povalac and Donna M. Demarco, $465,000.

Talbot Dr., 5910-Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Douglas R. Smith, $449,156.


Paternal Gift Dr., 13521-Beth E. Lancelotta to Christine Dockstader and Barry Ritter, $1.53 million.


Twelve Sons Ct., 8945-Edward H. Darlington to Sharon Linskey, $219,900.


Breamore Ct., 9364-Helene Fredericks to Jesse J. and Melissa M. Mackey, $280,000.

Fragrant Lilies Way, 9965-Mark and Ramona Novitski to Ramana Kumar Pisupatisai, $365,000.

Jandy Ave., 8436-William R. and Linda L. Hoover to William F. and Tracy E. Hoover, $480,000.

Pembrook Woods, 8917-Nancy A. Tomlinson to Evangeline D. Adams, $240,000.

Styers Ct., 8204-Bank of America to Ying Wang, $182,000.


Forest Creek Ct., 12803-Donald M. and Marlyn K. Choate to Dejaune Savoy, $587,500.


Woodbine Rd., 3444-Nancy and James A. Capps to Kathleen Ann Ruben, $500,000.


Mount Denali Dr., 1857-Michael J. and Marlene Evans to Milton B. and Esther Jackson, $950,000.