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Anne Arundel County

Boatswain Way, 852-Brent C. Shaffer to Francis M. and Clottiele M. Horner, $385,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 657, No. 9-Rose Joyce Zacharko to Warren M. Schwartz, $215,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2824-Betty L. Frazier to Jessica N. Burns, $324,990.

Coover Rd., 526-Carl F. and Lura L. Myers to Joan N. Head and Suzanne Head, $385,000.

Eastern Ave., 28-James B. and Janice A. Haddock to James L. and Susan D. Mann, $1.27 million.

Fairfax Rd., 1976-Fotios D. and Peter Kokkinos to Christopher J. Clark, $285,000.

Harbour Village Ct., 7036, No. 101-Judith Alexandra Lewis to Patricia A. Stemke, $318,000.

Howards Loop, 611-Karen Lynn Gilbert to Alexandra and A. Hugo Decesaris, $320,000.

Landings Ct., 15-Raul Hernandez to Andrew N. and Jill C. Petit, $230,000.

Lury Lane, 2720-John A. Roberts Jr. to Bryan Daniel Matonak, $375,000.

Magnolia Ridge Rd., 3223-Elizabeth A. Weaver to Tara M. and Joey Barger, $545,000.

Perry Landing Ct., 928-Anne M. Crowley and Donald M. Johnston Jr. to Jack Dahut and Rita Dahut, $273,000.

Pram Pl., 1255-Brian V. and Kelli E. Michel to Jeffrey Salvon and Cindy Salvon Harman, $533,000.

Quaker Way, 2056, No. 9-Julie Inman to Samuel R. and John P. Leigh, $219,000.

Rudder Way, 849-Elwood Lee Fisher to Virginia Tarin Hernandez, $395,000.

Severn Ct., 4-Paschal R. La Padula to Edward S. and Mary S. Holt, $190,000.

Tripp Creek Ct., 631-James Stanfield and Wyonia Wells to Jose S. and Freddy Omar Cruz, $122,362.

Wainwright Ave., 33-Yvonne and Carlton William Dayton to Patrick J. Traynor, $365,000.

Wellington Pl., 5-John and Barbara L. Ravenell to Fannie Mae, $493,616.


Ashby Ct., 1247-Thomas H. Hough to Peter S. and Ruthellen Sheldon, $925,000.

Capetowne Rd., 359-RJE Investments Corp. to Andrea Jernegan, $160,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 497-John K. and Maureen J. Salazar to Timothy Betz, $320,000.

Kevins Dr., 578-Marion T. Pagoota to James S. and Kelly E. Crowder, $460,000.

Match Point Dr., 793-Kathleen P. Hayes to Colin and Cindy Hudgins, $205,000.

Ridgeway Cir., 155-Patrick Lyons Murphy to Sarah G. Morse, $375,000.

Silverleaf Ct., 271-John A. Petrosillo and Timothy R. Mortimore to Gregg Campbell, $300,000.


Church St., 905-Annapolis-Baltimore Renovations Corp. to Jonathan I. Tuite, $195,000.

Edgevale Rd. W., 232-Jennifer M. Hawks to Amy Lancaster, $96,000.

Seward Ave., 426-Clara Ridgell and Timothy W. Cluney to John Nicholas and Anna Gabrielle Kovacs, $63,000.


Cedar Tree Lane, 1254-Patrick and Mary Dulaney to Vineyard Property Corp., $250,000.

Mount Oak Pl., 206-David Coe and Alden Coe to Tucker V. and Susan Braddock, $770,000.


Chaneys Grant Ct., 1815-Johns Ridge Corp. to John J. and Cynthia A. Deboy, $558,820.

Fallowfield Ct., 1704-Tae Kyong Lee to Robert E. and Jennifer Perrelli, $160,000.

Jerrold Pl., 1432-Mark S. and Kathleen R. Tuttle to Clinton K. and Tracy Lynn Wahl, $425,000.

Maynard Rd., 2700-Todd Bettin to Wells Fargo Bank, $435,210.

Pawlet Dr., 2073-Community Development Administration to Marc G. Geballa, $200,000.

Revere Ct., 2488-Department of Veterans Affairs to Rashed Mohammed Sayed, $210,900.

Tor Ct., 2618-Jerry H. and Pamela J. Haley to Gregory Joe Harmon, $297,500.

Windy Oak Ct., 2596-Keith William and Regina Maisog Brzozowsky to Michael Rasbeck and Amanda Hirko, $305,000.


Miner Rd., 814-Pride Homes Corp. to Rodney L. and Terri Isaacs, $265,000.

Redwood Trail, 872-Sterling Contracting Corp. to Philip H. Roth and Allison C. Roth, $312,000.


Creekland Ct., 1303-David G. and Cheryl C. Camp to Joseph G. and Jennifer M. Monsur, $185,000.


Birdsville Rd., 3850-Donald B. Reynolds and Ralph L. Baker to Robert A. and Carol A. Gray, $1.1 million.

Strawberry Run, 3300-Gene E. and L. Darlene Layman to Eduard Marcel Van Doorn and Angela C. Van Doorn, $325,000.


Bayview Point Dr., 500-Terry L. Laws and Robert W. Saltzman to Kenneth M. Stewart and Maria Morgan Stewart, $600,000.

Esuark Cir., 6-Walter L. and Maria B. Chaney to Gloria R. Hercules, $275,000.

Hamlet Cir., 345-Claire Doire Kelly to Lawrence M. O’Connor and Doris M. O’Connor, $385,000.

Midland Rd., 1607-Paul Oppenheimer and Lauren Abell to Janice Lynn Mazzatenta and Kenneth R. Dawson, $194,700.

Outrigger Dr., 3819-Barbara K. Higgins to Gregory M. and Lydia C. Teal, $670,000.

Selby Heights Dr., 837-Sally I. Flanagan to Mark T. Sakraida, $180,000.

Tilden Way, 177-Noelle Cash Lamb to Miguel and Sabrina Alva, $305,000.


Cheyenne Dr., 2470-Doyle H. and Mary Beth Bradshaw to Muzaffar A. Malik and Sabiha Mahmood Ahmad, $343,000.

Freeland Ct., 821-Bank of New York Mellon to Joanne Lee, $356,000.


Brownshade Dr., 19-John A. Howard to Marie and Michael L. Tyler, $285,000.

Cedar Dr., 204-Pride Homes Corp. to Cristina Lopez Avelar and Juana Avelar De Lopez, $170,000.

Cross Creek Dr., 246-George Raymond and Kathleen Gable to Payne Maerten Corp., $130,000.

Forestdale Ave., 52-Terry Lane and Crystal E. Linton to Evelyn Cartagena, $215,000.

Huntmaster Ct., 8111-Fannie Mae to Jason and Victoria Refermat, $334,900.

Overhill Rd., 7726-James E. Marsch to Robert Clark and Shelby Danielle Buckman, $144,000.

Sunset Dr., 100-Gloria M. Hanks to Quyen Tu and Giang O. Tran, $165,000.

Wellham Ave., 322-Gary and Stacy Heath to Douglas W. and Lisa A. Zahl, $370,000.


Craghill Ct., 1320-Fannie Mae to Siyi Meng, $157,800.

Lemon Tree Ct., 7533-Cedric and Kimberly L. Garner to Robert J. Kotlinski, $249,900.

Urbanik Dr., 7604-Kristopher F. and Rebecca S. Miltner to Shraf A. Ibrahim and Sameh Ebrahim, $490,000.


Barbersville Rd., 410-Angela D. Vogel and Joseph E. Davis Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank, $159,673.

Crumpton S., 3358-Ann C. Campbell to Dale and June Yoo, $199,900.

Style Ave., 3362-Joseph and Joy Hughes to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $246,612.

Yellow Springs S., 3384-Michael P. Malone to Amanda June and Edward Smith, $275,000.


Cleveland Rd., 417-Joseph R. and Thomas R. Cherry to John T. Leizear, $152,000.

John Ave., 101-Mary K. and Virgil M. Herman to Fuli Li, $150,000.

Nursery Rd., 206-Zachary P. McGee to Vasile Tutunaru and Linda L. Brainerd, $249,000.


Cottonwood Dr., 5202-Bank of America to Matthew T. Morris, $322,900.


Caracle Ct., 618-Shipleys Crossing Corp. to Steven T. and Bette Rosenbaum Henick, $486,258.

Oakshade Ct., 500-George N. and Carol S. Lodowski to Bradley Babcock and Julie D. Babcock, $629,000.

Scarlet Glen Ct., 8381-John A. Clinton and Mary Ann K. Clinton to Armin D. and Kelly E. Heravi, $525,000.


Arcadia Shores Cir., 212-Daniel C. Mattice Sr. to James M. Fitts and Luz M. Figueroa, $282,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2412, No. 104-Stephanie J. Sullivan Jopp to Victor Figueroa and Frank Vasquez, $190,000.

Deerberry Ct., 949-Douglas L. and Alvera E. Lewis to David A. and Meghann M. Liebetreu, $290,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 718-Liberty Autumn Woods Inc. to Dorothy Marie and Justin J. Orchard, $255,000.

Skyhill Lane, 904-Stephen John and Catherine M. Decata to Matthew J. and Amy L. O’Donnell, $425,000.

Sunflower Dr., 829-Michelle Johnstone and Matthew Clark to Susan and Rodney Cwiek, $276,000.


Lavender Ct., 602-Bank of New York Mellon to Kevin G. and Clara Gonzalez Hall, $440,000.


Arundel Rd., 235-Mark R. Treasure and John H. Treasure to Elisa N. Henderson, $187,000.

Ayrlie Water Rd., 628-Harriet H. White to Henry D. and Barbara W. Levine, $760,000.

Church Rd., 8458-Charles L. and William J. Snyder to Mark A. Antlitz and Amber N. Schmidt, $212,000.

D St., 662-Richard T. and Janet M. Topper to Kurt Delorenzo, $274,900.

Drum Ave. N., 210-Thomas Edward Rzepkowski and Joan E. Rzepkowski to Henry M. and Shirley A. Quaskey, $275,000.

Fairwood Dr., 8325-Howard L. Reed to David M. and Bridget C. Heiskell, $394,000.

Kings Bench Pl., 7908-Trenton Edward and Marie Parker to Julia and Andrew Buckworth, $290,000.

Mayford Ave., 7811-SunTrust Mortgage to John E. and Caitlyn Patterson, $145,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 1825-Mark S. and Renee M. Keshishian to Nick A. Bortle, $205,000.

Shirley Ave., 7719-Scott A. and Amber M. Bobick to Tarek Gaby Bathiche, $420,000.

Tick Neck Rd., 7767-Richard E. and Patricia H. Taylor to Cynthia L. Sterling, $209,000.

Wood Glen Pl., 298-Kimberly Kuhl and Ann R. Zick to Christine M. Bentz and Stephen P. Dean, $255,500.


Stonehenge Dr., 3154-John W. and Gail L. Allin to Bradley Q. and Laura M. Quinn, $508,800.


Burns Crossing Rd., 319-Mark S. and Rebecca A. Chase to Misty L. Robinson, $202,500.

Dove Ct., 1856-Wells Fargo Bank to Bobina Khanna, $65,000.

Manet Way, 7869-David J. and Nancy E. Harrity to Garrett P. Feiner, $395,000.

O’Keefe Dr., 8532-An Phuoc and Thach Thao Nguyen to Arthur R. and Desiree Y. Wheaton, $411,100.

Quebec Ct., 1859-Deborah L. Gill to Abby G. Bowman, $240,000.

Severn Hills Way, 7925-Katherine and Timothy E. Long to Andrew N. Schmidt, $290,000.

University Dr., 432-Barry and Doris Lowenthal to Jeffrey L. and Karen M. Tavares, $505,000.


Brownstone Dr., 605-Charles J. and Carol S. Roesle to Ronald W. and Karen W. Lowman, $600,000.

Cottonwood Dr., 859-Michael Hallahan and Nora Spicer to Joshua M. and Darlene M. Meyer, $356,000.

Fernwood Dr., 407-Bernard P. and Grace A. Naughton to Angela C. Santos, $364,000.

McKinsey Rd., 230-Rebekah and Robert Panuska to Brian M. Abell and Emily M. Dahlgren, $405,000.

St. Andrews Rd., 214-Jeffrey A. and Judith R. Lemmons to Marshall D. and Sidney S. Draughn, $790,000.

Westmoreland Pl., 637-Victoria Y. Shinaberry to Christopher D. and Lisa S. Agar, $510,000.


Bauman Lane, 5303-Colleen M. Crahan to Robert and Alba Johnson, $520,000.

Spruce Ave., 1216-James W. Powers to Richard Whitney and Diana Marie Freethey, $185,000.


Hidden Valley Rd., 209-Douglas R. and Melissa D. Greenwell to Michael Zegalia, $355,000.

Howard County

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4870, No. 10-Donna M. Bennett to Che Jen Tsai and Bao Yuh Tan, $228,000.

Manor Lane, 4946-Kye S. and Young Kim to Richard B. and Virginia A. Valenzia, $455,000.


Carlisle Ct., 7105-Nan Young and Doo Young Moon to Mohan K. and Kavita K. Sapru, $675,000.

Meadow Wood Way, 7213-Ralph A. Clementi and Jeanne E. Maglaty to Timothy R. and Linda J. Sampson, $590,000.


Cross Hive Ct., 8972-Kevin M. and Nancy C. Budich to Alan B. and Graciela M. Gostin, $315,000.

Life Quest Lane, 7239-Elaine C. Kemp to Jeremy and Angela Bowers, $305,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7253-David M. Hunter to William H. House II, $310,000.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9609-Robert K. and Julianne N. Cochran to Christopher Paul Morris, $265,000.


April Journey, 5628-William R. Hysell to Maureen F. Shacreaw, $370,000.

Lochridge Rd., 6433-Lisa Dixon to Elizabeth and Douglas C. Shipe, $432,000.


Duckeys Run Rd., 6042-Anh Tuan and Mandy Tran to Taimour El Cheikh and Sheryl Windhurst El Cheikh, $340,000.


Bonnie Branch Rd., 4751-John Clapsaddle and Janet Clark to John F. and Kristen M. Mahoney, $494,000.

Montgomery Rd., 4239-Beazer Homes to Diane Z. Hedges, $282,055.

Tiber Falls Dr., 4037-Christopher T. and Joanne Lye McKay to Chirag Y. and Silka C. Patel, $740,000.


Guilford Rd., 10082-Brent M. Iglehart to Teancum and Emily Light, $255,000.


Ridings Way, 9375-Carmax Inc. to Gerald W. Potts III and Bryn M. Applebaum, $277,000.