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Anne Arundel County

Admiral Dr., 224-Joron B. Johnson and Linda Watkins to Johnny M. and Lisa Johnson, $135,000.

Bancroft Ave., 26-Wells Fargo Bank to Amy Bennett, $540,000.

Bridgeport Way, 800-Angie V. and John W. Trembly to John Day and Jeanine Dixon, $400,000.

Carriage Dr., 39-Kenneth E. Egan Jr. to Allen E. Durling, $335,400.

Channel Village Ct., 7010-Karen Ann Ackermann and Barbara Lynn Laudet to Richard W. and Amy A. McCarthy, $340,000.

Cutter Ct., 618-Sydney Ramsey and S.R. Moreland to Melisa Reyes, $149,000.

Ellis Rd., 1405-Kiera J. McNamara to Michael and Elizabeth S. Oliver, $374,900.

Francis Nicholson Way, 546-Michael Steven Elmore to Matthew James Fitzgerald, $321,500.

Garden Gate Lane, 218-Doris Faye Huffman and Cynthia Leona Harrison to Harry P. Jeffries, $255,000.

Hidden River View Rd., 3413-Andrew D. and Julianne S. Bing to Paul D. and Rosalind Calvin, $1.05 million.

Hunters Ridge Lane, 898-Thomas Carder Newbrough Jr. to Joseph E. and Allison V. Fondale, $520,500.

Lawrence Ave., 12-Paige E. and Dana Bendixsen to John and Margaret Mcgrath, $650,000.

Mathias Hammond Way, 502, No. 206-Fannie Mae to Miles C. Glasgow, $210,000.

McKinley St., 1223-William D. Walker to Thomas H. and Dawn F. Huenink, $185,000.

Pleasant St., 58-Wanda Turner Brown to DLJ Mortgage Capital, $121,000.

Riversedge Cir., 984-Dorothy Ayres and Charlotte A. Koschmeder to Sharon Sullivan, $185,000.

Romar Dr., 18-Michael R. and Patricia R. Fagan to Thomas J. and Allison S. Travers, $519,000.

Samuel Chase Way, 532-William R. and Kathleen T. Rea to Justin M. Bucelato, $389,900.

Sumner Rd., 129-Howard H. Needham to Eric T. Wiegand, $374,900.

Vantage Cove, 2614-David L. Slafkosky and Barbara Ann Blackledge to Ned Frank and Donna Freeland Shaffer, $337,000.

Washington Dr., 1249-Pride Homes Corp. to Daniel E. and Erika Kirsten Davis, $395,000.


Birchwood Ct., 857-Robert C. and Susan Lynne Schlissler to Amanda Potts and Kalman Nanes, $335,000.

Century Vista Dr., 469-Michael J. and Bertha L. Barthelheim to Adam and Robin A. Jewell, $399,000.

Farley Ct. S., 1313-Deane Peter and Virginia P. Baker to George E. and Sara A. Jones, $284,900.

Locust Ridge Lane, 291-Joseph L. and Rebecca A. Hoppa to Zachery G. and Emily Groves, $447,500.

Pat Lane, 847-Joseph J. and Amanda J. Memmel to Lawrence E. and Claire C. Fitzpatrick, $640,000.

Sheridan Rd., 28-Michael S. and Tamara D. Hartman to Thomas K. and Juanita J. Leak, $450,000.

Spot Club Rd., 102-Richard G. and Sarah Page Pritzlaff to Richard V. Welch and Carolina J. Olivieri, $975,000.


Doris Ave., 300-Stephen B. White and Wells Fargo Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $254,524.


Almond Dr., 1387-DEH Investments Corp. to Clifton R. and Jeanie O. Harris, $211,900.

Cape St. Claire Rd., 1256-Bari Lynn Crook and John M. Crook to Thomas E. and Lucy J. Gooldy, $240,000.

Dulany Pl., 1919-Daniel and Daniel B. Faccenda to Ryan P. Kelly, $510,000.

Hickory Wood Dr., 1503-DEH Investments Corp. to David and Penni L. Jordan, $227,900.

Pine Hill Dr., 1243-Whitehurst Investments Corp. to Michael D. and Renee C. Beron, $482,000.

Shipsview Rd., 1501-Nancy Carter Lindfors to Philip J. and Melissa R. Spevak, $725,000.


Dartmouth St., 5515-Sandra K. Campbell to Rick and Tricia Cawley, $225,000.


Dryden Way, 1602-Robert B. Cowan to Richard H. Distad and Jodi M. Heizer, $255,000.

Happy Lane, 2058-Freddie Mac to Philip A. Russo, $77,000.

Layton St., 1921-Gary A. Perkins to Sherease R. Clark, $415,000.

Needham Ct., 1212-Shelley A. Blake to Justin W. Rehm, $239,950.

Putnam Lane, 2306-Sue N. and John A. Najarian to Michael and Jennifer Reams Carter, $485,000.

Stark Dr., 1815-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Scott D. Milner, $485,000.

Weymouth Lane, 2343-Peter Martin Baltzell to Christopher A. and Stephanie Rachel Halso, $275,000.


Chaparrall Ct., 1915-U.S. Bank to Edward E. and Jessica A. Meadows, $675,000.

Penderbrooke Dr., 2011-Joseph V. and Laura F. Cooke to Mark T. and Laura L. Elliott, $735,000.

Riverside Dr. S., 323-Robert and Charlotte Lubbert to Hector and Jodi M. Hernandez, $560,000.


Castle Way, 3514-Laura Riddle and Don E. Riddle Jr. to Christopher M. and Valerie D. Douglas, $225,000.


Bay Front Rd. E., 376-Michael Andrew and Susan M. Bice to Quality-Built Homes, $91,800.


Fontron Dr., 3596-Erin K. Hampshire and Erin M. Young to Rachel Hise, $424,900.

Hillside Ave., 813-Joseph M. and Jacqueline A. Kiley to Hector J. and Janice J. Marquez, $250,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1615-Steven and Kristy Phipps to Brian M. and Mary Catherine Odell, $255,000.

Penwood Dr., 464-John F. and Ellen C. Shull to Jason L. and Stella A. Pazour, $460,000.

Shady Side Dr., 1644-Edwin T. Mongan to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $276,500.

Fifth Ave., 3710-Alexander and Andrea Askew Teh to Lewis Edward Flowers Jr., $260,000.


Defense Hwy., 1530-Fannie Mae to John B. and Danielle Hodgkin, $245,000.

Waugh Chapel Rd., 1224-Brian K. and Tonia L. Caudle to Feremusu Nadia Kamara, $299,900.


Chain O’ Hills Rd., 8-James Patrick and Marie M. Massey to Keith F. Decenzo and Amy M. Shugars, $165,000.

Colonial Knolls, 6453-Cesar Perez and Blanca Elena Cuellar to Stonetrust Corp., $69,000.

Dinsmore Ave., 119-GB Investments Corp. to Christopher Andrew and Pamela J. Michael, $185,000.

Highland Rd., 18-Mason Properties Inc. to Bruce R. and Lucy J. Goodwin, $249,000.

Lincoln Ave. SW, 213-Glenda M. Garriss to Casey K. Dunleavy, $219,100.

Meadow Dr. N., 20-Glenn C. Archibald and Carolyn Archibald to Tonya A. Glover, $175,000.

Phelps Vis., 1018-Arthur W. and Melody L. Pepper to Charles E. and Stephanie M. Pringle, $309,715.

Short Curve Rd., 534-Eric N. and Herbert L. Munice to Matthew L. and Christina M. Minton, $175,000.

Williams Rd., 303-Fredy J. Chavez and Edemar E. Diaz to Wells Fargo Bank, $208,250.


Bocastle Lane, 7217-Manuel T. Gurtina Jr. and Maria Christina Gurtina to Dollar Federal Savings Bank, $267,750.

Gollum Rd., 1504-Juan C. and Sharon Broda Lopez to John J. Prosser, $268,000.

Mellow Ct., 7722-ReBuilt With Care Corp. to Michael G. Vogeler, $270,000.


River Clubhouse Rd. S., 223-Thomas Anthony Harrison and John Kinnamon to Sabine R. Joyce, $570,000.


Hammerstone Rd., 3534-Arun G. Hathiramani and Arundhati Rao to Fannie Mae, $374,000.

Old Line Ave., 230-Sabrina M. and Daniel M. Panza to Marvin F. Canales Ferrufino, $145,000.

Sudlersville S., 3340-Jullian Tran to Tiffany Rogers, $245,000.


Camp Meade Rd. S., 302A-Isola Corp. to Ziaur Rahman, $200,000.

Greenwood Rd., 516-Mary Jane McNeel to Erin T. Dawson, $258,000.

Linthicum Lane, 5901-Adam Glenn White and Rena White Heneghan to Albert N. and Pamela Murphy Harris, $267,500.


Brooks Woods Rd., 5329-National Residential Nominee Services to David R. and Terri E. Morauer, $947,000.


Baldwin Dr., 1760-Karl E. Feller to Matthew F. Toland, $295,000.

Chalet Dr., 343-Ninh An Nguyen to April L. Johnson, $235,000.

Pembrooke Ct., 529-Mark C. and Mollie J. Drew to Asim C. and Kiara D. Mattocks, $313,000.

Tanager Dr., 1178-Earnestine Cosme and James Preston Curles to Jeremiah S. and Kalisha K. Hill, $390,000.


Commissary Cir., 2238-Kinard and Mo Boone to Anastasia Baker, $273,000.

Goldsborough Dr., 214-Michael T. and Tia Cook to Rodel Malabanan, $286,000.

Kirbys Landing Ct., 212-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Oluyemi Shonubi, $225,000.

Pine Drift Dr., 757-Scott P. and Connie Marie Rooke to Dustin Page, $265,000.

Spring Brook Way, 8721-William L. and Toyia Marie Koenig to Heather F. Macon, $245,777.

Warm Spring Way, 2463-Christopher Greene to Bryce and Jennifer Mae Cooke, $275,000.


Bayside Dr., 8163-Alfred M. and Tommie J. Tounjian to Trevor W. and Erin M. Ashley, $727,000.

Beth Noelle Ct., 7652-Joseph E. and Lisa A. Scanlon to Joseph E. Scanlon, $150,000.

Colony Rd., 1507-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Henry L. McClenny Jr., $165,000.

Deering Rd., 743-Kathy Lynn Moore to Richard T. and Sylvia D. Gavin, $150,000.

Dupont Ave., 107-Bernard F. Kaminski and Annette P. Harris to Fannie Mae, $213,905.

Forest Dr., 8388-James J. Martin to Eric Steven Smith, $245,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 140-Helen D. Mitchell to David A. and Elizabeth E. Walters, $222,000.

Park Rd., 8420-David M. Clause to Marcus Wanner and Jessica Davis, $369,645.

Riverside Dr., 498-Carl H. Kracke and Fulton C. Kracke to Charles Mathias Vorsteg, $110,000.

Wharf Dr., 1123-Harold Walter and Cindy Massi to Robin A. and James R. Hupfl, $197,907.

Ninth St., 261-John C. and Danielle M. Meinsler to Stacey D. MacSherry, $300,000.


Armor Ct., 1909-Michael J. Kraus and Jill A. Fritsch to Lucas J. Bishop and Heather Greer Bishop, $275,000.

Coldbrooke Dr., 7846-Gary D. and Lasondra D. Warren to Shamila Zulfiqar, $420,000.

Innkeeper Dr., 7905-Tony M. Kavali to Michael J. Brown Jr. and Whitney Knobe, $255,000.

Meadow Rd., 803-803 Meadow Road Corp. to Sara Marie Coberly and Edward Scott Khem, $280,000.

Richard Ave., 102-Nicole Y. and J. Everette Pearsall to Christopher L. Huffman, $289,900.

Silo Rd., 8150-Ellen J. and John F. Carter to Alyssa L. Shutty and Brent K. Stoffel, $229,000.

Washington Ave., 1435-Douglas L. and Robin J. Acklin to Wells Fargo Bank, $214,637.


Cheshire Rd., 210-Kenneth J. and Kathleen F. Hidenfelter to Thomas G. and Ellen L. O’Donnell, $455,800.

Cypress Rd., 752-We Oughta Corp. to James Andrew and Karen Jane Scott, $390,000.

Holly Rd., 10-Donna L. Ernst to James W. and Michele R. Jeffcoat, $250,000.

Old County Rd., 1112-James A. and Karen H. Andersen to Joanne K. Desimone and Jeffrey S. Desimone, $790,000.

South Dr., 390-Michael W. Rose and Priscilla H. Rose to John C. and Jennifer A. Windsor, $455,000.

Wilett Ct., 388-M. Martin and Susan M. Weiner to Darren and Jennifer Cassese, $364,900.


Idlewilde Rd., 4741-Mark A. Christensen and Margaret E. Kocher to Jose A. and Diana F. Otero, $219,900.

Howard County

Ducks Foot Lane, 3959-Dorothy A. Miller to Harlan J. Shiau and Yvonne Lam, $500,000.

Mullineaux Lane, 3000-Stephen F. and Jean M. Waagbo to Edward O’Keefe, $465,000.


Georgetown Ct., 6009-John F. Clary and Kathy F. Clay to Tower FCU, $80,000.

Western Star Run, 6411-D. Scott and Melisa B. Rogers to Joshua and Kelly Silverman, $650,000.


Allview Dr., 6420-Lorraine Burel Caruso to Dorothy K. Brooke, $419,900.

Dry Barley Lane, 6415-Solomon S. Pilz and Marie Anne Landgrebe Pilz to Robert Cleveland and Ivelise Mujica, $475,000.

Majors Lane, 6007-Amir Divsalar to Ryuichi Ikegami, $105,000.

Waterloo Rd., 5664-Trac D. Tran and Lan K. Nguyen to Robbie Levenberry, $590,000.


Bird Song Pass, 10820-Jane A. Steck to Roberto A. and Staci S. Collins, $399,950.

Olde Woods Way, 10876-Gregory Fitzgerald Jenkins to Margarita Morales, $275,000.


Hampton Pl., 6312-Bruce E. and Lira Horne to John Mcintosh, $325,000.


Brightwood Ct., 8058-Lee M. Wildemann to Kristina and Pelagia Nicholson, $297,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8348F-Steven P. Henne and Stephen B. Jackson to Anne Marie Herrera, $159,900.


Bryant Ave., 9098-Joseph S. and Pamela A. Bofrone to Roshan K. Shrestha, $247,500.