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Anne Arundel County

Cedar Lane, 282-Mary A. and Theresa F. Oktavec to Michael G. and Amanda Morabito, $210,000.

Boom Way, 925-Cary B. and Michael J. Lynch to Keith M. Cagle, $349,500.

Captain John Brice Way, 503-James Russell Linderman to Paul and Arlene Gletow, $392,500.

Crownsville Rd., 1706-Marilyn M. Griffey to James E. and Jennifer L. Watkins, $250,000.

Ellington Dr., 20-Brian M. and Yaritza B. Edstrom to Jennifer E. Nowicki and Albert L. Clark, $200,000.

Ford Cir., 14-Richard J. and Stacy R. Conlin to Mary Frances Conley and George Ashley Williams IV, $325,000.

Forest Hills Ave., 1028-Deutsche Bank to Jennifer Buchanan, $205,699.

Harbour Village Ct., 7052-Peter J. and Mary E. Gray to Jay M. Barr, $300,000.

Howards Loop, 707-Richard W. and Karen K. Clarke to William and Holly Blackburn, $354,900.

Langdon Ct., 938-Mark D. and Cindi K. Duehmig to Daniel J. and Josephine Grisanti, $431,500.

Mainsail Dr., 1143-Brendan J. and Kathleen E. Byrne to Sonal R. Dighe and James G. Tankersley Jr., $444,000.

Mansion Woods Rd., 1220-Richard W. and Staci K. Foster to Michael A. and Suma B. Hoffman, $745,000.

Pindell Ave. N., 218-Toni H. Handy to Deborah L. and Thomas H. Kibalo, $309,000.

President Point Dr., 13, No. B2-Suzanne Molz Evans and Harold A. Molz to Peter D. and Lynne M. Green, $470,000.

Riva Rd., 2801-Richard A. and Margaret J. Trott to Garrett and Anna Wells, $488,000.

Rudder Way, 874-Robert Lawrence McDowell and Dorothy Louise McDowell to Janet B. Little, $324,500.

Silverwood Cir., 3, No. 1-Eleanor B. and Leonard W. Rustin to Department of Veterans Affairs, $110,163.

Sonne Dr., 745-Robert A. Defeo to Ray A. Gross Jr., $475,000.

Tudo Ct., 2513-Shawn M. Welling and Jo Ann Marie Welling to Jared B. and Sherry M. Fleming, $252,000.

Woods Dr., 182-Michael B. and Felismina Andrade Patterson to Chase Howell Taylor, $279,000.


Bay Hills Dr., 601-James M. Broadstone and Jane C. Lynch to Thomas R. and Cynthia L. Szczesniak, $427,000.

Capstan Ct., 436-Gwendolyn Jane Frankenfield to James Paul and Elizabeth Munro Abel, $354,000.

Dividing Creek Ct., 73-Richard B. and Kathleen M. Yesner to Scott Levitt, $309,000.

Landon Lane, 1016-Michael and Heather Costello to Laurie Jean Hanley, $635,000.

Melissa Ct., 559-Thomas E. Hoyes and Michele M. Caputo to Bradley T. Walsh and Stephanie E. Mazzoli, $249,000.

Roe Lane, 8-David W. and Lucy C. Kimberly to Landric P. and Kirsten M. Walden, $315,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 734-RJE Investments Corp. to William J. and Cynthia H. Homoky, $168,000.


Cresswell Rd., 606-Barbara L. Grace to Deutsche Bank, $165,796.

Orchard Ave., 331-Kikelomo Gray to Harris Bank, $102,738.

Fourth St., 5228-Crystal and George Satterfield to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $159,645.


Broadneck Pl., 1501-Eileen A. and John H. Williams to Marilyn M. Griffey, $230,000.

Chester Town Cir., 1531-Lori Ann Demeter and Lance J. Tressler to William Fred Adams Jr. and Keri L. Essel, $318,000.

Foxwood Ct., 1409-Maureen Robertson Baggett to Aytac and Hatice Demirkan, $190,000.

Peach Ct., 402-Gayle Balderson to John W. and Sheryll S. Goodhue, $200,000.

Round Top Dr., 999-Marion H. and Laura J. Klingler to Mark E. O’Brien and Jamie L. Jones, $265,000.


Chelmsford Dr., 2506-Mark and Laura Elliott to Johnnie S. Koon Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Daly, $520,000.

Gaffney Ct., 1715-Deutsche Bank to Jason and Amanda Pritchard, $198,500.

Montipelier Ct., 2095-Anne Bellosi to Christopher G. Cermeli, $340,000.

Persimmontree Ct., 1304-Gloria Marsella and Judith Voelske to Abhinav Chopra, $505,000.

Selkirk Ct., 2552-Carmancita Denmark to Dana G. Sheppard and Mona D. Johnson, $240,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2476-Charles E. Knapp to Abdul Ashraf, $245,000.


Brewster Gate Rd., 1502-Jack E. and Mary L. Conn to Nathanael Garrett Novosel, $815,000.

Omar Dr., 1060-Gregory A. Merkel and Leo R. Merkel to Michael J. and Sharon B. Polacek, $450,000.

Riverside Dr. N., 717-Constandin George to Joel Johnson, $263,000.


Gardenview Ct., 7154-Ronald R. and Sharon A. Clark to Richard J. and Christina Anuszewski, $210,000.


Blandford Way, 3457-Cara and Jason Hahn to Clay R. and Deborah A. Tebbe, $750,000.

Timberlake Farm Rd., 3405-Lucretia Ann Lucenteto Matthew C. Manotsky and Catherine M. Manofsky, $799,000.


Cadle Creek Rd., 4168-Jane Quinn O’Neill and Caren M. Carney to Andrew T. Strobel, $1.12 million.

Fairhill Dr., 1609-Bruce M. and Karen S. Jones to 8919 Corp., $100,000.

Hamlet Club Dr., 431, No. 205-Charles M. Russell and Lyle C. Russell to Thomas C. and Myrna L. Allder, $232,000.

Mulberry St., 3299-Robert D. and Laura A. Wooster to Edward Patrick and Jennifer McKinnon, $562,500.

Pennington Ct., 1410-Christopher E. Mackey and Angela M. Beckett to Robert W. Morris and Kelley M. Delmonico, $324,900.

Shady Side Dr., 1644-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Kinnahan, $90,600.

Waterside Ct., 110-James E. and K. Michelle Marek to Sara J. Racette, $395,000.


Christmas Lane, 1045-June Ann Richardson to Alan S. and Linda M. Hoffman, $259,900.

Hallmark Dr., 2130-Jason A. and Mary K. Parks to William H. and Melissa B. Danneberg, $442,000.


A St. SW, 106-Carrie Wagner to Joyce F. Riddle, $225,000.

Castle Hedge Dell, 7950-HSBC Bank to David P. McGunigale, $225,000.

Cedarcliff Dr., 1119-Sound Improvements Corp. to Ashley N. Fisher, $216,000.

Delmar Ave., 409-Claude A. and Dorothy L. Lyons to Fannie Mae, $158,000.

Glendale Ave., 463-Jeffrey Covey to Daniel R. Fields Jr., $209,900.

Guildford Rd., 1230-Carl J. Schmidt to David and Pamela Mohr, $202,000.

Ingalls Rd., 1531-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Jenni Puig, $175,000.

Overhill Rd., 7829-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thuc Van Vu, $110,100.

Phylen Ct., 908-Irene E. Phillips to Meghan B. Gresehover, $190,750.

Warfield Rd., 105-Angela L. Brooks and Barbara R. Brooks to Luyen Shawn Tran, $140,100.

Wende Ct., 317-Marc D. Smith to Richard J. and Rebeccah L. Chaney, $275,000.


Farm Pond Ct., 7505-James M. and Ann P. Cunningham to James R. and Maureen L. Lamance, $430,000.

Mccarron Ct., 7604-Babette Angela Merritt to Michael P. Silverman, $332,000.


Owensville Sudley Rd., 4488-Mark Stephen Furr to Bradley M. and Lindsay C. Bittinger, $375,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3037-Kehbuma and Irmagard Langmia to Anshumali Chaudhari, $243,000.

Forests Edge Pl., 112-Gregory L. Rozelle and Michelle St. Laurent to Carlos Ronquillo Castillo, $205,000.

Nile Lane, 3259-Jason and Lucinda Austin to Brinkley R. and Katelyn E. Hypes, $285,000.

Sudlersville S., 3329-Charles M. and Jessica C. Deinlein to Fannie Mae, $335,424.


Applegate Ct., 406-Carole Sigismondi to Sean Eugene and Elizabeth Becoskie Farrell, $360,000.

Fairmount Rd., 551-Mark A. and Amy L. Davis to Stephen J. and Kelly M. Fagan, $310,000.

Laura Ave., 402-Annapolis-Baltimore Renovations Corp. to Nicholas L. Waltrip, $200,000.

Patapsco Rd., 33-WFC Flagship Corp. to Joan H. Bichard and Jade M. Kane, $255,000.


Cottonwood Dr., 5206-William R. and Charlotte B. Stec to Andrew M. Timmins, $375,000.


Caracle Ct., 624-Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to William and Joan A. Coale, $481,400.

Oakwood Rd., 8337-Jason M. and Michelle A. Veilleux to Amy L. and Frederick J. Ferrer, $389,000.

Serenade Ct., 208-Aurora Loan Services to Angela M. and Robert T. Parker, $544,900.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8602-Timothy A. Farley and Katie Grimes to Earl William and Marjorie Theresa Cole, $173,116.

Commissary Cir., 2152-John D. Sivick to Aaron L. and Dianne Micah Stahler, $230,000.

Found Artifact Dr., 7634-John F. and Sharon S. Calvert to Brian J. and Dawn L. Lockwood, $465,000.

Ivy Landing Way, 2480-RMG Investments Inc. to Laura and Alexander Hughes, $305,000.

Maple Ridge Lane, 497-Robert and Leah M. Ernest to David W. Dinenna Sr., $342,000.

Spring Brook Way, 8715-Stuart W. Church and Susan L. Church to Yousef Hassouneh, $257,000.

Thicket Ct., 836-Christopher J. and Kyoko Baden to Joseph Ryan and Debra Johnston, $400,000.


Abbey Ct., 8040L-Phillip Geoff Freitag to Fannie Mae, $159,248.

Asbury Rd., 250-Tuesday Troy to Robert and Carole Dimartino, $148,800.

Belle Of Georgia Ave., 4007-Ronald M. and Julia A. Hall to John P. and Michele D. Knight, $274,900.

Colonial Beach Rd., 7673-Edward E. and Jessica A. Meadows to Bruce Thommen and Ann Lamdin, $1.32 million.

De Franceaux Harbor, 853-Deutsche Bank to Chester Stallings, $175,000.

Dupont Ave., 107-Fannie Mae to George Oakes, $170,000.

Firefly Run, 9184-Melvin Scott and Robin Lisa Killmeyer to Jeffery A. and Elizabeth K. Wilson, $459,000.

Halifax Ct., 3410-Robert Widmer III and Natalia D. Walker to Joseph Klass and Ashley Maxwell, $273,500.

Lake Rd., 221-Michael J. Engles and Dolores A. Engles to Joshua E. and Heather N. Lyons, $125,000.

Meadow Wick Ct., 8236-Daniel and Amelia Heck to Luke R. and Andrea N. Baden, $222,500.

Riverside Dr., 452-Nancy Lee Meyer to Comeback One Corp., $80,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7732-WFC Flagship Corp. to Drew Patrick Steponovich, $325,000.

Wanda Rd., 234-Kenneth Edward and Thomas Edward Waller to Maciej Rynkiewicz and Magdalena Rudnicka, $130,000.

Sixth St., 582-Vernon Lee Dawson to Matthew Hammons, $143,000.


Andorick Dr., 7954-Barbara G. Wyand to Theresa A. Dorn and Brett Tipton, $307,000.

Coatsbridge Ct., 8201-Brad E. Smith to Joseph B. and Kathryne Nash, $108,000.

Hatton Ct. W., 8212-Alberto and Maria J. Contestabile to Brian R. and Alessia Timothy, $398,000.

Maryland Ave., 1409-AmeriStar Homes to Joseph Brendan and Sandra Joy Tweed, $351,838.

Pine Cone Ct., 1210-Darwin L. Keeter and Keeter Living Trust to Asif and Jodi Saeed, $370,000.

Reece Heights Dr., 8228-James L. Swango to Donald E. Rau Jr., $160,000.

Severn Tree Blvd., 7907-Ronnie Chow Yuen to Rita A. Watts, $355,000.

Wampanoag Dr., 1528-Dorothy Jean and John Matthew Beal to John and Brianne E. Carper, $220,000.


Center Dr., 583-Janet R. Creola and Janet R. Kirk to Kendren N. and Kelsey Ragan Mona, $285,000.

Country Terr., 903-Gilda O. Karpouzian to James and Mark R. Hagerott, $200,000.

Heavitree Lane, 507-David A. and Greta B. Hartman to Angela and John Brill, $565,000.

Old County Rd., 916-Daniel N. Held and Sherry L. Snider to Kristin J. and Michael P. Redmond, $1.25 million.

Simmons Lane, 45-Michael T. and Lisa B. Cavey to Colin M. and Janet G. Robertson, $662,500.

White Oak Dr., 502-Jane E. Stanek and D. Randolph Johnson to Allan W. Poffel and Patricia S. Poffel, $352,500.


Beech St., 4922-Robert C. Kunze to Robert E. and Tracy Kreiter, $190,000.

Whipple Way, 4914-Michael A. Rabdau and Kate S. Rooney to Hoang N. Tran and Tuanh T. Tonnu, $397,000.

Howard County

Furrow Ave., 9015-L. Gary and Helen C. Barnes to Hugh M. McLaurin and Janet A. Pogue, $520,000.

Valley Rd., 3705-Alan C. and Marcia G. Simkin to Zachary Creston and Megan Marie Knight, $424,900.


Harris Farm Lane, 5489-Paul D. and Susanne F. Kneeland to Alan R. and Helen Meyer, $1.09 million.


Brett Lane, 9439-9439 Breets Lane Corp. to Jessica A. Vajger, $290,000.

Clocktower Lane, 9451-Chris and Emily S. Dalton to Samuel S. Steiner, Amy Leigh Stanilaus and Diane L. Steiner, $290,000.

Feathered Head, 9234-Michael J. Polacek and Sharon B. Polacek to Jade S. Bland, $265,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5717-John A. and Gayle Allyson Pomeroy to Ilag Corp., $222,000.

Wingborne Ct., 5452-Ralph E. Duvall to Timothy Wood and Megan Olsen, $375,000.


Fair Oaks, 10478-Fair Oaks Homes to Gregory L. and Katrina L. Beyer, $375,000.

Woodlot Rd., 5301-H. Wandy and Fred S. Shapiro to Alison A. Pinckney and David Pinckney, $599,900.


Old Waterloo Rd., 6919-Cory L. Myers to Jessie Anne and Tyler Petrini, $307,500.


Flagstone Ct., 7809-Andrew C. Ward and Mary Colleen Ward to David R. and Cynthia L. Dittmar, $550,000.

Ruppert Ct., 8729-Harold T. and Phyllis J. Wilson to Matthew Y. and Caitlyn N. Williams, $331,000.


Pindell School Rd., 7349-John L. Semonco to Daphne J. Willard, $420,000.


Laurel Rd. N., 9075J-Hazzel and Gustavo Saravia to Nahid Z. and Hamid Gazy, $80,000.

Star Moon Lane, 9536-Michael M. and Deborah G. Bailey to Robert E. Taylor Jr. and Catherine C. Berkely Taylor, $567,000.