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Anne Arundel County and Howard County home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Academy St., 118-Morse Development Corp. to Gordon B. and Kelly A. Bannister, $330,000.

Arrow Cove Lane, 1709-Matthew Courtney and Laura M. Treuth to Stephen and Karin M. Linehan, $2.29 million.

Barbud Lane, 1212-Luyen S. Tran and Jennifer Nguyen to George M. Gallagher and Edilene Barros, $250,000.

Bay Highlands Dr., 1191-Brookline Corp. to Barbara N. and Zalman Weinberg, $270,000.

Beach Dr., 604-Elizabeth P. Fotheringham to Jeffry Cory and Charmaine Y. Rostien, $355,000.

Chase St., 629-John Stewart and Carolyn C. Wohlgemuth to Paul P. and Holly Hankins, $552,500.

Chatham Lane, 230-Pegasus Home Corp. to Jeremy K. and Amanda C. Vragovich, $292,900.

Fairfax Rd., 1999-Glenn Edward Brown to Johnny Witt, $339,900.

Giddings Ave., 304-Michael P. and Nora C. O’Hara to Kevin and Ariel Deitz, $505,000.

Holly Dr., 418-Timothy J. and Jacqueline Iannuzzi to Kimberly A. Gostyla, $420,000.

Howards Loop, 745-Ryan I. and Christine E. Smits to Hongmei Zhou, $340,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1134-Anne Marie Snyder to Jonathan M. Downey and Logan E. Kastner, $526,000.

Munroe Ct., 8-Michael Van Beuren to Erich A. Hiller, $520,000.

Port Way, 3131-Denise Hanna to Robert and Susan B. Connell, $450,000.

Prince George St., 202-James C. and Sonja E. Hildrew to Martin J. and Mary Schoen Wenzel, $1.3 million.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1976, No. 2-Deborah E. Thomas to Jacqueline C. Armstrong, $238,000.

Silverwood Cir., 3-Jamie Durner to Dorothy J. Swimm, $167,500.

Steele Ave., 18-Frances R. Page to Leonard Finkle, $225,000.

Timber Creek Dr., 1002-Michael Tyrone and Patricia D. Brown to Bank of New York Mellon, $485,629.

Warren Dr., 735-Pam E. Sladek and Pam H. Burke to Jerry D. Lafferty, $230,000.


Capri Estates Ct., 710-Suzanne L. Frost to Freddie Mac, $442,811.

Cresston Rd., 134-House Two Corp. to Thomas F. and Sara B. Doyle, $325,000.

Golf Course Dr., 411-Gail H. Reid to Matthew T. and Nicole D. Stallings, $300,000.

Magothy Ave., 971-James K. and Shelagh Jane Feather to Patrick G. and Kimberley S. Fromal, $1.1 million.

Riverview Ave., 807-1255 Cedarcroft Road Corp. to Kristin Marilyn Barnes, $294,500.

Song Sparrow Ct., 907-Christopher P. and Paula M. Pariseau to John K. and Maureen J. Salazar, $535,000.

Winterberry Dr., 1514-Strategic Equity Group Corp. to Matthew Harley, $176,000.


Bishop Ave., 219-Harold Patterson Sr. to Fannie Mae, $183,000.

Edison St., 208-Eli B. Alegado and Maria Lizviminda Velasco to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $354,000.


Agitate Ct., 1604-Matthew R. Gray to Lance W. and Deborah H. Barta, $325,000.

Destiny Cir., 1255-Janet M. Fischer to Joann M. McCann and Joseph S. McCann, $450,000.

Hickory Wood Dr., 1504-Freddie Mac to Justin Ruff, $268,000.

Poplar Tree Dr., 1082-MM Ventures Corp. to Andrea L. Young, $292,000.

Rolling View Dr., 790-Tracey L. Winters to Freddie Mac, $250,000.

Trawler Lane, 1650-Steven H. and Deborah A. Bennett to Petra Vaclavkova and John Luscomb, $642,500.

Yorktown Manor Ct., 607-Monann H. Chay to Scott D. and Crystal S. Whaley, $450,000.


Christa Lane, 1400-Ronald and Irene C. Davis to John W. and Allyson J. Lastowski, $540,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1616-Renee T. Berry to Vickie Yiannoulou, $179,900.

Hart Ct., 1667-U.S. Bank to Roger and Carol Peterson, $150,000.

Knights Bridge Turn, 1421-James E. and Belinda V. Hintze to James R. and Kelly A. Heffron, $365,000.

Montauk Dr., 2214-Matthew C. and Claudette L. Mannion to Brenda A. Neff and Stephen M. Williams, $324,000.

Shadywood Cir., 2444-Dennis Ramos and Susan Ramos Martinez to Prudential Relocation Inc., $570,000.

Trumbulls Ct., 1602-John R. and Marianne P. Phillips to John P. and Darla Steiner, $514,000.

Wickham Way, 1714-Barton B. and Lisa J. Roper to Adam K. and Leigh Ann Rutherford, $545,000.


Bell Tower Dr., 2105-Margaret Ann Allegra to Peter E. and Jessica A. Fant, $515,000.

Oak Trail, 827-Byron E. and Delores M. Bergquist to Douglas J. Cattaneo and Jennifer N. Halstead, $202,000.

Stoney Lane, 1013-Richard E. and Tracy C. Morris to John H. Rouse III, $1.05 million.

Woodsmans Way, 614-Gary R. and Mary Clark Kerney to Jason and Aileen Hinsch, $640,000.


Parkway Rd., 8235-Pamela Gale Ferrell to Marsha J. Winik, $350,000.


Conne Mara Dr., 2914-Steven D. and Donna C. Giordano to Darlene Snow, $755,000.

Palomino Ct., 709-Jeffrey V. and Diana Catherine Caruso to Lakhanpal Farms Corp., $450,000.


Whipoorwill Dr., 5818-William D. and Jennifer L. Sturgell to Sarah L. Buff and Aaron M. Edwards, $249,000.


Clove Lane, 2800-Daniel H. and Edith M. Fink to Craig M. and Anastasia Trent, $545,000.

Fairview Rd., 900-Robert L. Humphrey and Jack O. Humphrey to Michael Grame, $270,000.

Great Heron Dr., 706-Deborah Dutcher and Glenn R. Wilson to David R. and Erin E. Steward, $697,000.

Hilltop Rd., 1631-Lori Lynn Fate Eakins to Robert H. Drescher III, $218,000.

Penwood Dr., 475-Joseph D. and Linda M. Davies to Bradford J. and Giovanna C. Eyre, $462,000.

Riverton Pl., 158-Roseann Middleton to Brenda L. and Michael G. Wilson, $427,000.

South River Terr., 3628-John Paul and Pamela Bomgardner to Erik Wayne Olsson, $427,500.

Waterside Ct., 114-John and Betty I. Hanna to Mark A. and Donna L. Giacini, $465,000.


Four Seasons Dr., 2264-Douglas M. Deavers Sr. and Jeffrey Nadel to Bank of New York Mellon, $200,000.

Mayapple Way, 1726-Keith J. and Debra Jane Summerfelt to Aaron and Jessica J. Oberlander, $390,000.

Vivaldi Lane, 2527-Jennifer P. and Simon T. Holt to Logan Patrick and Kaitlyn Risi Putnam, $170,000.


Barrack Lane, 1516-Miles D. Simmons to Vernon and Susan M. Gnacyk, $277,500.

Cross Creek Dr., 8019-Pamela and German Velez to Wells Fargo Bank, $159,500.

Eldridge Rd., 6218-Wesley Spangler to Chanel Holland, $174,900.

Foxhound Dr., 123-David A. Brain Jr. and Rosemary Keyser to Jesse L. and Rachel N. Puckett, $355,000.

Hollywood Dr., 124-Franklin D. Owens and Michael McCarthy to Marion H. Riley, $185,000.

Little Rd., 1801-Sidney L. Miller to Nathaniel Schwalje and Victoria Lipscomb, $183,000.

Marie Ave., 202-Steven R. and Heather S. Allen to Marjorie A. Wood, $229,900.

Norwich Rd., 1920-Jenny L. Rodenhizer to Fannie Mae, $229,251.

Shetlands Dell, 7972-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abiodun and Abosede Oyebo, $150,000.

Shoreland Dr., 1023A-JDM Corp. to Brandon R. Evans and Lyndsay M. Jenkins, $245,000.

Valiant Cir., 413-Robert W. Beard to Jeanne L. Hall, $149,900.

Water Fountain Way, 107-Susan E. Kaiser to Fannie Mae, $91,000.

Third Ave. SE, 114-Janis A. Scali and Ted A. Nykiel to Michael D. Hopkins and Diana Smith Hopkins, $150,000.


David Victoria Lane, 1509-Myrtle and Elmore Johns to BVR Development Corp., $250,000.

Penzance Way, 1566-Alfred and Priscilla Aboah to Dongho Kwak and Soowon Cheong, $350,000.

Torpoint Ct., 7208-Hosik R. Nam and Dongran Rosemarie Ha to Richard Battiste, $355,000.


Orchard Ave., 2041-Keith and Mary Kay Mull to Larry D. and Milagros M. Thomas, $230,000.


Forests Edge Pl., 102-Candis Murrain to John A. and Christine E. Schaffer, $215,000.

Shoreline Blvd., 3016-Albert J. and Christine M. Ritter to John T. Carnaggio, $430,000.


Darlene Ave., 309-Christen M. Connell to Karen M. Beaver, $219,000.

Kingwood Rd., 434-Louis Von Den Bosch and Joyce Hannon to Andrew and Charlene MacPherson, $230,000.

Terrace Dr., 2-Rhonda L. and Stephen H. Porrett to Brian P. and Linda M. Gibson, $204,000.


Baldwin Dr., 1724-Frances M. and George Randolph Mueller to Paul J. Green IV, $305,000.

Brightwood Rd., 558-Sandra K. and Russell W. Bishop to Matthew J. Murphy, $325,000.

Galiot Dr., 8330-Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Deborah Lynn Gill, $403,108.

Overcup Ct., 332-Ajaipal S. and Rajwant K. Gill to Kevin C. and Jennifer B. Kiefer, $574,900.

Williamstowne Ct., 439-HSBC Bank to Jeffrey and Jennifer Kraker, $218,500.


Bay Front Ave., 1045-David T. and Kimberly V. Schwartzbeck to Paul T. Dolson and Polly Jo Spahr, $518,000.


Barred Owl Way, 2635-Tracy L. and Lisa Carroll to Thomas Dangelo and Heather Queen Shutt, $309,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2631-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate to Bruno Romeo and Rino Romeo Disantillo, $250,000.

Commissary Cir., 2224-Jeffrey S. Bloom to David A. Branch, $283,250.

Grape Arbor Way, 8709-Tariq Islam and Nazia Sabrin to Iris P. Daclan, $229,900.

Lily Way, 1053-Jose and Erin Bacasnot to Rawn Shane and Nikoleta Sahai, $355,000.

New Waugh Chapel Rd., 719-Beazer Homes to Christopher S. and Sherri L. Cowing, $299,750.

Realm Ct. W., 627-Conor and Lauren Washington to Brian Fleshman, $205,000.

Streamview Dr., 2643-Louis Kibler to Kun Sun Barke, $166,300.

Timberbrook Ct., 328-National Transfer Services Corp. to David Berger, $277,000.

Winding Stream Way, 695-Stacey L. Windsor to Bhalani Corp., $179,900.


Hawk Channel Dr., 5208-Edwin R. and Lana S. Bethune to Michael O. Spivey and Kelsey S. Barnes, $345,000.


Amherst Ct., 1207-Roy C. and Rosemary Thomas to Morrison and Carrie Wheeler, $324,000.

Arundel Rd., 237-Phillip T. Mrowqczynski to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $360,396.

Church Rd., 8460-Sarah A. Golis and Michael D. Engles to David M. and Sarah E. Delsignore, $300,000.

Deering Rd., 607-Roxann M. Sangiacomo and Donna J. Ferres to Donald H. and Lorraine A. Myers, $165,000.

Farmview Rd., 1212-Edward F. Miller Jr. to Joseph and Nancy Groves, $230,000.

Granada Rd., 106-Thomas W. and Marie Brewer Armstrong to Arthur L. and Ruth E. Lanni, $332,000.

Hillcreek Rd., 1242-William Harry Will III and Gerald Wayne Hughes to Miriam Lou Johnson, $245,000.

Knoll Ct., 207-Jesse and Jessica Friedman to Teresa R. Wiskman, $209,000.

Lee Dr., 7717-Robert A. and Valerie A. Atkinson to Virginia L. Quillen, $291,000.

Misty View Ct., 205-Charles and Judy L. Muller to Raymond L. and Faye D. Matthews, $310,000.

Orchard Point Rd., 8191-Cynthia Jane Zwobot and Don Adams to Raymond and Darlene Sigwart, $564,300.

Riverside Dr., 386-Steven M. and Elizabeth A. Green to Dorothy J. Cooper, $365,000.

Rose Crown Cir., 2943-Patrick E. Dietz to James Andrew Cockrell, $315,000.

Spring Rd., 8423-Pride Homes Corp. to Heather M. Pemleton and Brian A. Black Jr., $242,500.

Walters Way, 11-Daniel R. and Lisa M. Dinko to Sean W. and Aida M. Keehner, $870,000.

203rd St., 770-Homewood Contracting Inc. to Jonathan Michael Irving, $295,000.


Circle Rd., 409A-Jonathan and Kimberly Williams to Robert J. and Warlinda G. Fields, $199,000.


Briarview Ct., 1632-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anthony Ianozi, $151,000.

Hatboro Ct., 1903-David W. and Kirsten Black to Amy Othon, $340,000.

Maryland Ave., 1409B-AmeriStar Homes to Johannah Z. Figgins, $350,000.

Pecan Leaf Rd., 7714-Bryan C. and Deborah L. Edwards to Craig and Megan Reynolds, $349,900.

Roanoke Ct., 8254-R. Tyler and Heather A. Wentz to Brian C. and Nicole M. Olek, $207,000.

Shillelagh Dr., 8415-Fannie Mae to Mark and Elena Stoessel, $384,900.


Admiral Rd., 13-Adelaide M. Freeman to Lauren A. Richter and Jason R. Brutvan, $355,000.

Canterbury Lane, 307-Thomas P. and Beverly L. Stadler to Patrick A. Cozadd, $546,000.

Eastwood Ct., 493-Joseph W. and Donna J. Parker to Leonard B. and Zhanna Riloff, $430,000.

Gregson Dr., 306-James F. and Christine P. McCarthy to Kevin A. Litkowski and Kathleen M. Flaherty, $475,000.

Kinhart Ct., 926-Mark A. Herner to Monica L. Lenear, $299,000.

Maureen Lane, 412-Rhodes R. and Janice B. Copithorn to James E. Livingston, $535,000.

Pin Oak Rd., 617-Peter A. Jacomini and Ann Marie Rezzonico to Peter A. Jacomini and Kim Sternad, $325,000.

St. Andrews Rd., 39-Richard Lee and Mary Jane Messick to Matthew E. and Emily Lewin, $545,000.

Tolstoy Lane, 255-Mary J. Ratnaswamy to Matthew E. and Laura L. Harlin, $448,500.

Whistling Pine Rd., 294-John Wesley and Catherine Williamson Mann to Bridgit J. and Kevin M. Kelly, $500,000.


Lake Ave., 1700-William K. Hamilton and Jennifer S. Hooker to Alan Lanham and Amanda L. Robey, $269,500.

Steamboat Rd., 1247-Kristine S. McHenry and Gregory Smith to Bridget Walters, $159,000.

Howard County

Bright Bay Way, 4289-Carroll L. Thumel and Mary Beth Soverns Thumel to Andrea Leahy, $575,000.

Dunes Dr., 3121-Kathryn T. Day to David D. and Lori L. Igla, $575,000.

Kings Arm Tavern Ct., 10220-Virginia Deborah Cardona to Bongkyun Michael and Alexandra E. Kim, $417,000.

Valley Rd., 3726-Patrick and Lisa P. Taylor to Gregory W. and Margaret B. Bowers, $346,000.


Herbert Dr., 5111-Willie L. Partee and Ella H. Partee to Raymond G. and Michelle Herrera, $396,000.

Seneca Farm Rd., 6600-Michael W. O’Neill and David S. Powell to Joseph and Megan E. Drasin, $445,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9641-Labelle G. Hillgrove to Sue Zhang and Dong Zhao, $79,000.


Covington Rd., 6123-Ronald Kent Yingling II to Russell and Monica M. Lewis, $422,500.

Vantage Point Rd., 5497-Kelvin Briscoe to Jeremy David Weiss and Amy Beverly Chan, $225,000.


Goshen Hunt Rd., 6724-Paul R. and Howard P. Ober to Paul R. and Kimberly M. Ober, $99,659.

Jubilee Cir., 7309-HSBC Bank to Benjamin B. Iyun, $200,000.


Belfont Dr., 3517-Susan A. Colley to Daniel V. and Natasha R. Becker, $445,000.

Four Quarter Rd., 8020-James Jeffrey and Allison B. Lee to Madhuri and Chandra Edam, $460,000.

Old Montgomery Rd., 7996-Mark C. and Barbara L. Stephenson to Lauren R. and Joseph McIlvenny, $440,000.


Elmwood Rd., 7711-Kevin R. and Christine P. Stults to Joseph V. and Molly E. Pitcher, $671,000.


Savage-Guilford Rd., 7896-John W. and Breanne N. Shaw to Ketzy Ramos, $340,000.


Polished Pebble Way, 8748-Stone Lake Corp. to Mary Elizabeth Roberts, $480,200.

Whiskey Run, 9840-Howard County Housing Commission to Hee Jeong Ahn, $140,000.


Folkestone Way, 10748-Jung Park and Hyong Kun Bae to Hyong Kun Bae, $82,515.

The Freddie Gray case

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