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Anne Arundel County

These sales data were recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxationby Lender Processing Services.


Alan-A-Dale Rd., 406-Harvey Joseph and Elizabeth V. Western to Marshall K. Steele and Susan W. Steele, $1.2 million.

Allis St., 2000-U.S. Bank to Henry Harrison III, $174,000.

Bay Front Dr., 7041-Susan H. Shimulunas and John C. Stevens Jr. to Noah Donaldson and Elina Isabell Donaldson, $1.12 million.

Beach Dr., 516-Heather B. Kline and Jerome I. Feldman to Clyde P. Topping and Elizabeth A. Elliott, $490,000.

Burnside St., 316, No. 207-Faust and Kathleen Mariano to Stanley E. and Kelli P. Kos, $296,000.

Cape St. John Rd., 224-Dawn and David Nixon to Donald D. Hecht and Deirdre C. O’Brien, $530,000.

Conduit St., 78-Stephanie C. Basil and Peter Bianco to 78 Conduit Street Corp., $767,000.

Fairfax Rd., 1995-Pinewood Properties Corp. to Amanda Hopkins and Cory Clouser, $498,640.

Fox Hollow Lane, 426-Sarah L. Judd and Lee Ann Havard to Jonathan R. and Courtney W. Holtzman, $585,000.

Genessee St., 722-Ellery Blood and Alexandra Broughton to Jason P. and Caroline M. Renter, $485,000.

Holeclaw St., 113-James Edward and Hope Sherrod to Ambrocio Gonzalez Garcia and Diana Marroquin Juarez, $188,000.

Lake Dr. W., 157-Clyde P. Topping and Elizabeth A. Elliott to Myra L. and Marjorie L. Fullerton, $584,000.

McKendree Ave., 211-Diane B. Zahradnik and Ruthard A. Basil to Jamison E. and Justin T. Mullen, $310,000.

Poplar Lane, 448-Carol W. Padgett to George H. Steiner, $270,000.

Poplar Lane, 2749-Joan I. McCollor to Sarah C. Zeglis and Mark S. Boaz, $1.04 million.

Riding Ridge Rd., 307-Thomas and Jennifer Darby to Maria E. Keeley, $442,000.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1972, No. 303-R. Mark and Colleen O’Connor Wernig to Anastasios Pan Goutzoulis and Marie Brigham, $224,100.

Severn Ave., 312-Douglas E. Tocco to Diane E. and Patrick S. Walsh, $280,000.

Spring Place Way, 115-Inge Telnaes to Carl F. and Mary H. Allen, $345,000.

Victor Pkwy., 111-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to Shawn W. Wiese, $198,500.

Windsor Ave., 916-Deena D. Frazier and Linda Buckley to James T. and Kathryn J. Devine, $410,000.

Third St., 419-Deborah Rinehart Fowler and George Rinehart to Matthew Ogburn and Joanna H. Bounds, $465,000.


Camden Ct., 1688-Alma M. Sparks and Kenneth L. Sealey to Thomas W. and Carol M. Simmons, $520,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 435-Gail L. Baker and Mary Kathleen McCleary to Michael O’Connell Jr., $230,000.

Gilbert Rd., 1421-Joseph James Reekie to Daniel Guy Eubanks and Shannon L. Eubanks, $625,000.

Kimwood Rd., 358-Nancy M. Layne to Kelly Hunt, $202,000.

Pine Valley Ct., 704-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Catalin and Irina Fedeles, $285,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 878-Raymond A. Sigwart to Michael J. Stanbro and Joan D. Fleck, $305,000.

Wilson Rd. N., 858-Charles W. and Lisabeth Conway Moxley to John B. Lauer Jr., $230,000.


Berlin Ave., 113-Broadmark Real Estate Corp. to Sabastine Opurum, $159,900.

Grove Park Rd., 306-John R. and Thomas M. Jaschik to Lucy Pauline Jaschik, $88,500.

Matthews Ave., 712-Chantelle Folkes to Dwight C. and Onyekachi E. Mouzon, $214,000.

Sixth Ave., 320-Cozette Teasley to Travis Covington and Elizabeth Morrison, $145,000.


Canal Lane, 603-Mary Beth and H. Richard Seibert to Wells Fargo Bank, $1.09 million.

Destiny Cir., 1248-Susan W. Schreiner to Donald Edward and Patricia Ann O’Connor, $435,000.

Harbor View Terr., 844-John E. Sankey and Robin L. Fillmore to Scott F. and Brenda C. Ramsay, $611,000.

Pintail Lane, 300-Craig L. and Janet B. Eaton to Barry W. Lusby, $360,000.

River Bay Rd., 1210-Kim H. and Navy S. Ung to Tri Trung and Quyen Liet La, $650,000.

Trawler Lane, 1630-Carlos A. and Stephanie W. Grajeda to Scott Defazio and Renee Kremm, $675,000.

Woodtree Ct. E., 1673-Darlene D. Maisel to Kathleen Halbig and Daniel Capps, $200,000.


Bancroft Lane W., 1608-Thelma G. Heffner to Stephen P. Wyckoff, $190,000.

Chaneys Grant Ct., 1805-Johns Ridge Corp. to Andrea L. and Roman Peacock, $590,000.

Falbrook Lane, 2408-Jody L. Clark and Grace V. Winn to Mary Louise and George E. Siegle, $490,000.

Guares Ct., 2706-William F. and Carrie L. Hutchison to Michael C. and Susan T. Cockrell, $550,000.

Howard Chapel Turn, 2034-Sonja Sue Farrer to Lora Lee Gregory, $265,000.

Montauk Dr., 2209-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thimothe Mbouontchou, $269,000.

Shadywood Cir., 2444-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Robert R. and Kathleen A. Collins, $570,000.

Tedbury St., 1712-Julie Heineman Bright to David Rossi and Ratha Nithiahnanthan, $448,000.

Wickford Ct., 1136-Michelle Lorden and Lora B. White to Michelle Lorden, $70,000.


Barger Dr., 773-John Hunter Murphy and Francis Joseph Murphy to Kenneth and Kelly S. Rodgers, $260,000.

Herald Harbor Rd., 775-Theresa Jamar and Donna J. Stevens to John Stanley and Heather Landis Mann, $320,000.

St. Stephens Church Rd., 1440-Robert R. and Linda L. Dove to Christopher B. and Elizabeth C. Haskins, $595,000.

Wilson Rd., 542-David J. and Michelle Stockstill to Kimberly and Joseph R. Derr, $132,500.


Fieldstone Pl., 1003-Nancy A. Disney and David A. Badwak to Dolores N. Deel and Sarah J. Charles, $199,000.


Chapman Lane, 2516-Governors Bridge Corp. to Ghislain Boone and Andrea Omelia Poulin, $270,000.

Palomino Ct., 707-Jeffrey V. and Jessica Claire Caruso to Lakhanpal Farms Corp., $450,000.


Park Pl., 609-Willa May Noble and Willamay Yaendole Noble to Luis and Colleen Cano, $185,000.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3623-Stephen D. and Erin M. Laflamme to Ellis E. and Bethany K. Tinsley, $315,000.

Claiborne Rd., 51-Heena B. and Arthur P. Anker to Fannie Mae, $355,000.

Fairmount Dr., 517-Richard L. Howard Construction Co. to James J. Manion III and Alyson J. Covino, $399,900.

Gray Fox Ct., 244-Alyson C. and Leonard John Giuffreda to Dominic Divakaruni, $314,900.

Oldtown Rd., 1723-David Paolucci and Joanne A. Hyder to Scott B. and Christin C. Riha, $300,000.

Riverton Pl., 104-Gerard J. Viverito to Derek and Jessica A. Pipher, $430,000.

Shore Dr., 2222-Andrea M. McCullars and Kenneth D. Kloostra to Nicolas F. and Cristina F. Gasparri, $263,000.

Tilden Way, 202-Margaret Koletty and Elizabeth Weems to Maria L. and Josephine A. Decesaris, $320,000.


Serene Dr., 201-William P. and Nettie C. Lindon to Kelly Michelle Findley, $650,000.


Huntwood Dr., 2013-Robert D. and Alison R. Wisnom to Daniel S. and Maureen L. Heyneman, $675,000.

St. Eva Lane, 904-Terrell L. and Connie M. Bradley to Cedric Carlton and Dawn M. Bevis, $615,000.


Bell Ave., 1052-Albert R. Retowsky III to Harry S. and Judi L. Sanders, $299,900.

Cross Creek Dr., 258-Payne Maerten Corp. to Timothy Brian Doub, $290,000.

Dover Rd., 7721-Earnest J. Parler to Robert B. and Lisa M. Weston, $186,000.

Ferndale Ave., 22-William J. Loudenslager Jr. to Fannie Mae, $157,495.

Greenway St. NW, 111-Joziel and Gabriela Ornelas to Christopher J. Lochary and Diana J. Waldron, $131,000.

Hollywood Dr., 123-Sarah Emma Harrell and Judith C. Lee to Scott M. Harris, $174,900.

Locust Grove Rd., 7727-Franklyn W. and Gloria A. Green to Gary and Scott W. Barnes, $100,000.

Rose Anne Rd., 904-Michael E. and Janice D. Winters to Kendrick Allen and Jessica Linebarger Bishop, $225,000.

Shelly Rd., 116-Deutsche Bank to Stephen Degraves, $126,199.

Thelma Ave., 330-Carl E. and Susan L. Bolfar to John W. Feeley and Samantha G. Winkelspecht, $220,000.

Three Coin Way, 102, No. 303-Diane L. Ferguson and Gerald R. Claar to Robert and Melinda A. Herd, $132,000.

Second Ave. SW, 402-Jean H. Dewitt to Scott C. and Laura E. Galarneau, $229,900.


Bocastle Lane, 7221-Rahman S. Hilton to Decker Investments Corp., $300,000.

Hill Born Dr., 1310-Kari J. Lippert to Freddie Mac, $256,000.

Terraview Ct., 7724-Tony and Bo Choi to Unhui and Charles McAdory, $370,000.


Annapolis Rd., 2721-Kenneth Richard and Barbara Jean Bressler to J. Thomas and Mary S. Scrivener, $400,000.


Old Line Ave., 368-Liston M. and Barbara A. Pennington to Fannie Mae, $373,396.

Rippling Way, 3506-Ifeanyi Igwegbe to Marcella Martin, $420,000.


Bartell Ave., 605-Christopher M. and Gina T. David to Aaron M. Whittington, $305,000.

Kingbrook Rd., 122-Richard E. Reightler Jr. to Thomas E. Caguin, $213,500.

Oak Grove Rd., 409-Dana L. and Barbara J. Ryer to Colin M. and Melissa S. Reinhard, $449,900.


Adler Ct., 8408-Nahid G. Araghi and Charles S. McLendon to Nahid G. Araghi, $102,620.

Bramblewood Ct., 516-Walter K. and Noveda H. Webster to Matthew and Michelle Salb, $572,000.

Elm Rd., 8366-Abby Marie Ferretti to Tanja E. Eitel, $262,000.

Oakdale Cir., 913-Jean K. and Arthur H. Norris to Jeanette Lynn and Franklin Todd Kreuzburg, $300,000.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 1062-Craig L. and Karen S. Myers to Christopher M. and Valerie A. Cielewich, $575,000.

Watson Ct., 490-WFC Flagship Corp. to David J. and Lucinda R. Davis, $229,000.


Bay Front Ave., 958-Roland C. and Joan M. Dixon to Benita Harrison Wickline, $530,000.


Autumn Harvest Ct., 2408, No. 202-Stone Financing Corp. to Wayne Scott Pulling, $184,000.

Bulrush Ct., 1915-Corey H. Kim to Kortney N. Pinkney, $215,000.

Commissary Cir., 2102-Jennifer Voelmeck to Marcus L. Williams, $241,000.

Glaze Ct., 918-James M. Cross and Abigail Cross to Kyle Garrett and Cindy B. Lewis, $332,000.

Lily Way, 1033-Kecia and Troy Allan Hoyt to Steve Rodriguez, $370,000.

New Waugh Chapel Rd., 719-Beazer Homes to Donald C. and Dottie R. Seymour, $267,090.

New Waugh Chapel Rd., 719-Beazer Homes to Michaela M. Burgnon, $283,624.

Pinecove Ave., 185-Omobola and Joseph Akinkuowo to Fannie Mae, $343,060.

Settlers View Dr., 2845-Daniel A. and Lisa L. Staeven to Ronald Goetzke and Evangelia Spanos, $335,000.

Summers Ridge Dr., 2700-Michael J. and Paige Schultz to Walter T. and Stacy B. Sutton, $290,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8608, No. 105-Dorothy K. Curry to Thomas and Phyllis Donahue, $190,500.


Harding Blvd., 1057-Nancy F. Wenger to Lindsay J. Keiser, $184,000.


Albacore Dr., 8376-George E. and Maryanne E. Kornmeyer to Thomas H. and Elizabeth Thorpe, $295,000.

Bayside Beach Rd., 1748-James P. Tant and Mildred May Tant to Jonathan Jensen, $215,000.

Cedar Rd., 1830-Milton T. and Mary Jeanne Ordakowski to Shannon M. Rains and Michael D. Burke, $255,000.

Dayton Dr., 52-Bernard J. Roche to Brian D. Kerstetter and Tina M. Wetzel, $449,900.

Echo Dr., 8402-Ronald B. and Eva A. Rice to Michael Lafriniere, $365,000.

Glen Rd., 219-Gordon W. Kane to Gregory R. Heck, $185,000.

Heron Rd., 1497-Conway A. and Emma Martin Bolt to Dawid M. Vermaak and Hester S. Blom, $293,850.

Kings Bench Pl., 7869-Jason H. and Danielle D. Dunbar to Mark E. Farrell, $256,000.

Lake Riviera Rd., 265-Jefton Homes to Elizabeth L. and Seth L. Mayo, $372,500.

Midway Ave., 7705-Virginia M. Conklin and Florence Hubich to Mark Beil and Melissa Redding, $230,000.

Old Crown Dr., 3516-Earl E. and Michele L. Geoghegan to Amy J. Oare, $184,000.

Ripple Ct., 1208-Laura A. Berry to Harry and Linda Brookes, $295,000.

Riviera Dr., 185-William A. Watts to Adam B. Herold and Kimberly L. Booker, $152,000.

Southwood Rd., 187-George W. and Robin E. Grimes to Sylvia A. Sentinella, $307,500.

10th St., 240-Sarah Rebecca Ebert to Erin Bishop, $292,000.

228th St., 2205-Scott C. Byerly and Maria F. Paganini to Steven T. and Melissa D. Quick, $269,000.


Danza Rd., 815-Mark D. Warner to Michael J. and Jennifer M. Lervold, $305,000.

George Ave., 1607-James H. Elliott Jr. to Kristen A. and Christopher M. Rife, $320,000.

Maple Tree Rd., 890-Dana Myers Horney to Nicky and Elizabeth Gainey, $275,000.

Pasture Brook Rd., 509-Michael and Martha Sidlowski to Carl G. and Hilary P. Hoffman, $340,000.

Reece Rd., 1229-House Three Corp. to Bernard K. Bemke, $240,000.

Shallowbrook Ct., 7821-Alan S. Gosnell and Diana J. Gosnell to Victoria R. and Jeffrey E. Itzler, $348,000.

Tomlinson Ct., 8215-Celita and Edith Rene to Deborah A. Cameron, $64,500.

Winterbrook Ct., 7902-Donald G. Ericson and Harriet L. Danko to Ronald Carl and Meghan Marian Underwood, $385,000.


Benforest Dr., 513-Clifford M. Kopf to Daal Properties Corp., $329,900.

Devonshire Lane, 508-James E. and Elaine D. Peebles to Arthur R. and Sarah F. Deluca, $555,000.

Fairtree Dr., 311-Charles T. and Susan C. Crichley to Robert A. Sticka and Durrie L. McKnew, $665,000.

Maryfield Rd., 406-James F. and Cristen S. Wilson to Michael P. and Jaime L. Guldin, $499,900.

Pertch Rd., 267-Betty A. Rush and Marcia Gibbons to Alicia T. and Matthew J. Dumsha, $138,200.

Round Bay Rd., 122-Eleanora Waters Winn to Stephen Sean and Jennifer Lanza Degnan, $500,000.

Swaying Oak Ct., 304-Joann Utz to John E. and Kimberly A. Baker, $516,000.

Whistling Pine Rd., 260-George E. and Sara A. Jones to Lauren Glaze Beatty, $457,000.


Chestnut St., 4912-Joseph W. and Leilani M. Middledorf to Maureen P. Boyle, $180,000.

Snug Harbor Rd., 1641-Charles D. Zepko to Robert and Perlita McHone, $330,000.

Howard County

Cross Country Dr., 4413-John R. Lilly II and Amy K. Scribner to Douglas S. Miller and Piper R. Hunt, $580,000.

Katherine Pl., 3074-Jo May Tsang Scollick and Keith Alan Scollick to Hee Jung Lee, $512,500.

Rollingview Ct., 3436-Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Thomas Moloney, $270,000.


Wolverton Ct., 7217-Robert C. and Audrey L. Fischer to David E. and Alison M. Martin, $830,000.


Gentle Way, 9359-Christopher W. and Sharon R. Kemmlein to Ryan Oliver and Erin Ann Heilman, $313,900.

Red Apple Lane, 9562-Allan S. and Barbara Ann Levin to Brian J. Downey and Allison N. Ward, $410,000.

Watchlight Ct., 8972-Randal Todd Nelson to Jesus Rivera, $175,000.


Cloudburst Hill, 5026-Vashti Lewis to Fannie Mae, $297,091.

Thicket Lane, 5676-Ralph Galloway and David H. Galloway to Daniel D. and Meagan Lee Lohin, $299,000.


Ducketts Lane, 6424-Pedro and Karen M. Irizarry to Bradley C. Bush, $222,000.

Huntshire Dr., 6535-Danny G. and Helen A. Terso to Qi Tian Wang Huang, $220,000.


Avoca Ave., 4931-Eleanor Parker Foriska to Charles T. Clynes IV, $285,000.

Ellicott Hills Blvd., 3015-Lori L. Zentgraf to Edward J. and Judith A. Dunn, $395,000.

Nelson House Rd., 3920-Ehsan Alam to Ashokkumar B. and Sumitra A. Patel, $719,000.

Tyson Rd., 8206-Hamilton Reed Corp. to Haopeng Wang and Yuanyuan Liu, $497,000.


River Birch Ct., 6003-William Glen and Melissa M. Lauber to Pedro and Karen M. Irizarry, $345,000.


Blooms Lane, 16529-Christopher J. and Kristy L. Davies to Dustin Musselman, $175,000.


Vintage Earth Path, 8656-Alex X. and Lorna T. Kerr to Danqing Liu, $477,000.


Doxberry Cir., 11029-James R. and Katherine M. Roberts to Mark A. and Ermelinda A. Spencer, $435,000.