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Anne Arundel County

Admiral Dr., 619, No. 103-Christine E. Ennis to Adam Howard, $200,000.

August Dr., 1120-Susan G. Larson to John F. Balaban, $396,000.

Boucher Ave., 915-John Ryan to Paul and Susanne Kneeland, $375,000.

Captain John Brice Way, 525-Michael A. and Natalie M. King to James R. Wheeler, $389,000.

Dewey Dr., 128-Christopher G. and Heather E. Funk to Michael R. Toepper and Jo Marie Toepper, $490,000.

Glen Ave., 211-Frederick and Kathryn Karkowski to Susan Marie Baumann, $560,000.

Gordon Cove Dr., 1507-Lenore Sonneville to Andrew Fawcett and Cheryl Henry, $503,800.

King Ct., 5-Anne D. Handen to John B. and Kelly E. Snyder, $405,000.

Nottingham Hill, 235-James J. and Dollie G. McKittrick to Michael C. Feldtmose and Ann T. Philburn, $855,000.

Rosemary St., 8-SSB Realty to David H. and Tamela D. Burt, $58,000.

Severn Ave., 101-Susan L. Denis to James T. and Annette Conway, $910,000.

Sunset Dr., 108-Edward Patrick Reid and Catherine Jane Haslam to Paul E. Craley and Joy L. Phillips, $440,000.

Wardour Dr., 208-Judith L. Duckett to David A. and Marianne G. Standish, $755,000.


Gilbert Rd., 1431-Ronald Thomas and Rita C. Rawlinson to Martha Jeannette Saunders, $575,000.

MacMillan Ct., 504-Paul V. and Karen M. Bennett to Stephanie A. and James W. Riley, $384,000.

Ridgeway, 1448-Donna L. Gambino to Christopher Toll and Kimberly Klug, $310,000.


Arundel Rd. W., 316-Debora M. Currey and Joseph R. Woodson to 316 West Arundel Road Corp., $71,000.

Kramme Ave., 5108-Peter Donoghue to Clara Geisler, $167,500.


Chestnut Tree Dr., 841-Freddie Mac to Ridgchi Appadoo, $206,000.

Mount Holly Dr., 1010-Cynthia R. Reese and Daniel Toomey to Christopher D. Crosby and Elizabeth A. Hunt, $570,000.

Pleasant Plains Rd., 1629-Phyllis S. Dixon to Buck Family Corp., $462,500.

Ridout Rd., 1609-John M. Dove III to Heather L. and Joseph J. Durso, $605,000.

Stonewood Ct., 1237-Ronald R. Sturm to Joshua C. and Robin C. Liskiewitz, $216,500.


Chilmark Ct., 1008-Charles B. and Rebecca Susan Young to Jimmy and Noemi Santana, $325,000.

Earlham Ave., 1611-Ronald F. and Carole A. Ellis to Niels and Danielle Smeehuyzen, $445,000.

Harcourt Ave., 1925-Rick Mowat and Angela Larson to Patrick P. and Melissa I. Farrelly, $381,000.

Stow Ct., 2563-Srikant Patoju to Robert Stephen and Linda Sue Anderson, $305,000.

Worrell Ct., 2668-Debora Patrick Colombo to Valerie Stutzman, $315,000.


Maud Lane, 1612-Penderbrooke Partnership to Eric Antwi Donkor, $726,038.


Arborwood Pl., 1022-Ana Luisa Ramirez to Eric Tapp and Christina Sikorski, $189,900.

Holly Rd., 8206-Paul E. and Gloria Mae Uhler to Dennis R. Patrick III, $150,000.


South Lake Dr., 2906-Richard H. Mullins and Karen E. Olscamp to Christopher G. and Heather Funk, $580,000.

Victoria Lane, 3511-Thomas O. and Cynthia B. Howie to Anthony John and Beth Ann Baratta, $965,000.


Calhoun St., 190-James A. and Teresa P. Geddie to Mark C. Smith, $436,000.

Night Haven Ct., 249-Barbara Kautz to Sandra S. Hoyt, $292,500.

South River Terr., 3531-Michael McHale and Leo McFarlin to Jennifer N. Peden, $410,000.


Huntcreek Run, 1801-Joyce Brown to Stacy A. and Gene G. Severtson, $525,000.


Baltimore Ave., 6-Elizabeth K. Westendorf and Stanley F. Westendorf to Theresa M. Higgins, $109,000.

Dickens St., 107-Ida May Lindner to Terry Wroblewski, $175,000.

Elm Dr., 12-Fannie Mae to John Lynch and Renee Godinez, $203,000.

King George Dr., 107-Cheryl M. and Wesley S. Swope to Pegasus Home Corp., $109,000.

Pamela Rd., 617-Douglas N. Hackley and Doris P. Hackley to Edward F. Huelsenbeck, $225,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6608, No. 103-Cromwell Properties to Patricia A. Kirby, $140,000.

Turn Loop Rd., 8171-Joseph J. Schwabline Sr. and Lori Ames to Jeremy H. Becker, $165,000.

William Chambers Dr., 107-Deutsche Bank to Dennis Nelson, $185,199.

Third Ave. SW, 310-David G. and Anne M. Hilker to Sanuone and Wendy Kim, $249,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7636-Toll Brothers Homes to Hector F. Pollydore, $441,478.

Sandalwood Ct., 7500-Eric M. and Kimberly Jean Thomasson to Kelly Robert Markley, $250,000.


Elkton S., 253-Adrian C. Shurtleff to Bobbie Zeek, $255,000.

Yellow Springs S., 3394-Edwin Lorenza Johnson to R2 Properties Corp., $135,000.


Lynvue Rd., 814-Ronald Lee and Tommy Ronald Sizemore to Norman G. Sellers, $185,000.


Bingham Ct., 507-Mary K. and John P. Mason to Jo Ann Harding, $590,000.

Goldfinch Lane, 1166-Robert C. and Margaret MacNemer Radford to Gregory A. and Jennifer A. Perry, $557,500.

Norwood Dr., 8313-Richard R. Sutton to Courtney S. Smith, $150,000.

Valleywood Rd., 544-Valleywood Investments Inc. to Pamela A. Spranger, $170,000.


Beechnut Pl., 2414-Katie C. Waddell to Erin J. Newbill, $255,000.

Cramer Point Ct., 2015-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Diane Burns, $185,000.

Holiday St., 486-Evelyn R. Garbe to Danianthinyo A. Perez, $240,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 720-Teresa Nottingham to Sharon J. Rasmussen, $239,900.

Piney Pass Way, 2532-Ryan C. and Angela M. Nicholls to James M. and Margaret Bongiorno, $272,000.

Stone Fruit Ct., 503-Thomas E. and Stacey A. Simmons to Raessa and Michael S. Patterson, $431,000.

Winding Stream Way, 685, No. 302-Gregory A. and Jennifer A. Marcucilli to Jeremy Rex Spearing, $215,000.


Bar Harbor Rd., 104-Nils Nilsen III to Thomas M. and Jessica N. Durso, $230,000.

Champion Ct., 8221-John T. and Shannon C. Donohue to Joseph M. and Lindsey K. Selba, $469,900.

Eliot Rd., 614-Sharon Burkhardt to Kim M. and Perry M. Waldvogel, $269,000.

Little Mission Ct., 18-Wayne E. Sakowski to Gary and Lindsay Whittington, $170,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 356-David A. Boeddeker Jr. to Robert M. and Nicole Weber, $265,000.

Passamaquody Harbour, 924-Howard Gordon and Devona Edwina Willey to HSBC Bank, $195,300.

Riverside Dr., 615-Shane M. and Dana L. Smith to Joann E. Mayes, $520,000.


Alderney Ct., 1890-Larry S. Clark to Robert Leslie and Amy G. Allee, $325,000.

Citadel Dr., 7803-Christopher L. and Corinne T. Heilliger to Nathan T. and Heidi Hutter, $295,000.

Delmont Rd., 1216-John N. Ingle Jr. and Marjorie Mae Tappa to Phillip A. and Leah M. Zonn, $350,000.

Reece Rd., 1115-Doris Amelia Loving to Brookwood Run Inc., $1.84 million.

Virginia Ave. W., 85-Hatch Home Builders to Andrew Dezio and Diana Curtin, $351,450.


Belleview Dr., 5-Howard J. and Tina M. Morris to John J. and Mary E. Mcallister, $1 million.

Grosvenor Lane, 191-Barbara S. Skalla and Lila L. Skalla to Pete B. and Jennifer A. Regala, $330,000.

London Lane, 504-William G. and Janice G. Dubyak to National Transfer Services Corp., $669,900.

Pine Tree Dr., 501-Colin K. and Kara M. Swan to National Residential Nominee Services, $560,000.

South Dr., 387-Joan Ann and William Coale to Gerard N. and Kristin Chappell, $1.02 million.


Elm St., 4954-Dale W. and Diana M. Davis to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $424,820.

Howard County

Blackberry Lane, 3542-Charles G. McCuen to Franklin and Ellen K. Lewis, $482,000.

Furrow Ave., 9044-Gerard and Jeanne Murphy to Carl O. and Jennifer L. Elam, $615,000.

Legends Way, 2665-Joe A. and Connie M. Saunders to Anthony James Blanchard, $475,000.

Michaels Way, 9801-Ernestine S. Shryock to Timothy E. Dixon, $346,500.

Princeton Cir., 10312-Brad William and Susan Diane Fabling to Subramanian Raghavan and Eleanor M. Sullivan, $965,000.

Stayman Dr. W., 9245-Anne L. and Fred Ise to Aye A. Sone, $415,000.

Turf Valley Rd., 2606-J. Michael Martin to Randall A. and Colleen L. Citrano, $550,500.

Willow Bend Ct., 4002-Michael A. and Kimberly L. Colaiacovo to Adrian Martin and Melissa Jennifer Villegas, $545,000.


Georgetown Ct., 6001-Donald F. and Catherine M. Smith to Jatin Kishor and Bindiya Jatin Vaishnav, $617,000.

Morning Time Lane, 6430-Arthur A. and Robin N. Balter to Timothy Edward and Marina D. Morris, $774,588.

Sheepshead Ct., 13601-William D. and Linda C. Featherman to Joshua and Belle Park, $925,000.

Trumpet Sound Ct., 5917-Robert and Laurie Ostermiller to Carolyn Newton, $443,000.


Blade Green Lane, 8909-James W. Fisch to Kari Lynn Vandegrift, $240,000.

Carlinda Ave., 6709-Patricia A. MacTaggart and Thomas Meachum to Branson and Jessica Williams, $307,000.

Grimes Golden Ct., 6827-Elizabeth A. Weiss to Lindsay M. and Matthew R. Sarver, $425,000.

Moving Water Lane, 9038-Christopher H. and Sarah K. Vee to Annie H. Barnett, $275,000.

Nightshade Ct., 5301-Wilson S. and Teresa G. Harrison to John and Trish Armor, $490,000.

Phillip Dorsey Way, 9043-Patrick J. and Katherine McGonigal to Jonathan M. Thatcher and Katherine D. Penyak, $500,000.

Spiral Cut, 8854, No. 40-Robert L. Cardoni and Mary P. Kerwin to Dolores Witcher, $72,000.

Vollmerhausen Dr., 9481-Robert R. and Linda M. Corridon to Jewel A. Taylor, $425,000.


April Journey, 5609-Mohamed S. El-Rafei and Lobna Zada to Robert L. Akins and Kristin F. Miller, $283,000.

Fortnight Ct., 6609-Dawn R. Slone to DLJ Mortgage, $340,123.

Hilltop Lane, 10797-Sadie E. Fletcher to Amtal Aziz and Shoaib A. Solangi, $529,000.

Newberry Dr., 6912-Ryan M. and Caryn F. Sheplee to Christopher T. and Jessica L. Brown, $415,000.

Rivers Edge Rd., 7141-Douglas B. and Karen L. Tang to Shawn D. and Kathleen R. Edwards, $527,000.

Sunny Spring, 6062-Arthur and Dawn M. Nance to Mathew and Blair L. Mader, $325,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5558-Richard H. and Cheryl A. Wilkinson to Julius T. and Georgette M. Bennett, $275,000.


Alexander Lawson, 6806-Kristin S. Mair and Winston Grey to Jessica N. Fabbri, $285,000.

Claire Dr., 6008-Earl J. and Joyce L. Nester to Jeremy D. and Jennifer S. Hopping, $236,000.

Holly Springs Lane, 7022-Wells Fargo Bank to Jessica Bowers, $222,000.

Pheasant Dr., 6598-Bobbie J. Kellogg and Ronnie B. Buteau to Jessica and Nathaniel Wolfram, $305,000.

Race Rd., 5747-Robert Andrew and Debra Siskind Roth to George C. and Stefani L. Balazs, $340,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 6851-Barbara A. Bowers to Kristy M. and Matthew Wilson, $69,971.

Sawgrass Ct., 6494-National Residential Nominee Services to Christopher and Jacqueline Bayer, $520,000.


Academy Rd., 8323-Kwame J. and Monique McCloud Manley to Carlos E. Jimenez and LaTonya S. Jimenez, $695,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8585-Kara M. Grimaldi to Rodney L. Wills Jr., $177,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8385-Corey J. Carroll to Steven F. McLaughlin and Joyce Ann Yeager, $210,000.

Sandstone Ct., 7770-Mark E. and Lori H. Wilkins to Daniel C. and Amy Hooper, $535,000.

Taylor Lane, 5016-Mark M. and Simone C. Kokavec to Wyatt A. and Andrea L. Ulrich, $661,500.


Tawes St., 8979-David Gary and Maren Ann Crowton to Ronald G. Payne Sr., $565,500.


Saddlebred Ct., 2823-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Ervin M. and Candice M. Terwilliger, $760,000.


Castlebay Ct., 6590-Donald and Carolyn Floyd to Mian Cai and Li Huan Xu, $680,000.


Camerado Ct., 8036-Brian D. and Diana L. Smith to Jeffrey W. and Nicole S. Dufresne, $320,000.

Oakwood Way, 8911-Jon M. Tepper to Jesse Restivo, $258,000.


Paulownia Hill Ct., 16375-Darin P. and Rhea J. Wipperman to Scott E. Ackerman and Laura E. Moulding, $340,000.


Doves Fly Way, 8765-Nanette Belanger to Kristin H. and Daniel L. Bramell, $433,290.

Hunters Way, 10510-Joseph N. and Soraya C. Clark to James William and Julie Pizor Donohue, $595,000.

Manorwood Rd., 9083-Co and Phia Thi Thach to Darin and Sheri Johnson, $351,700.

Squires Ct., 9401-Kevin J. and Sherry A. Benvengi to Ronald John and Jessica Sazama Kelsey, $245,000.


Heatherwood Way, 1770-Helen Sheckells to Dhan V. and Indira Kalvakolanu, $700,000.


Old Sawmill Rd., 16921-Jonathan E. Miller to Michael and Dawn Lipshultz, $659,900.


Dickens Way, 10500-John J. and Rhonda S. Lah to Ligong Zhu and Xiaohui Shen, $575,000.