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Anne Arundel County

Bay Ridge Ave., 936, No. 306-Christopher Wootten to Emmanuel Gomez, $240,000.

Brickhouse Bar Ct., 1691-Mark E. Whitson and Joelle Williams to Raymond M. Blehar, $570,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2112-Jeffrey Jacobsen and Jane Hilgedick Jacobsen to Stephen L. Leibert and Linda C. Stuchell, $570,000.

Coachway, 862-Marcelle M. and Salvatore William Manteria to Thomas H. and Judith E. Parks, $730,000.

Epping Way, 358-Betty G. Finucane and Cynthia Lynn Anderson to Michele Cinque and John Vignola, $410,000.

Hanover St., 239-August J. and Dawn Williams Stitzel to John M. and Margaret S. Kalas, $482,000.

Harness Creek View Dr., 762-Robert T. and Elizabeth M. Lennon to Keith and Amanda E. O’Malley, $557,000.

Mastline Dr., 1015-Betty A. Fugitt to Barbara L. England and Tracy E. Backus, $267,500.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 114-Lillian A. Malkus to Rebecca N. Strandberg, $160,000.

Spa Creek Landing, 5, No. A3-Peter MacNab to Susan and John Wadsworth, $360,000.

Washington St., 404-404 Washington Street Corp. to Joni M. Pentifallo, $268,000.

West St., 1601-Michael and Barbara A. Seldes to Lawrence George and Luann S. Boyd, $459,000.


Brent Rd., 127-Gretchen Popp to Jerold Potts and Christine M. Nucker, $328,000.

Hillcrest Rd., 1211-Charles O. and Susan E. Heller to Michael W. and Diana C. Phillips, $645,000.

Malier Dr., 104-John Chiochetti and Lois E. Goldstein to Christopher M. and Yvonne M. Pellegrino, $597,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 766-Bank of America to Henry and Susanne Dragun, $155,000.


Camrose Ave., 105-Jerry S. Wright to Pegasus Home Corp., $60,700.

Liberty Terr., 5605-William C. Stephens to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $205,000.


Bay Head Rd., 1419-Sharron McFarland to Douglas J. and Diane S. Bragdon, $1.18 million.

Hillendale Dr., 1000-HSBC Bank to Christopher and Joslyn Anderson, $380,000.

Old Pine Ct., 1315-Matthew J. Ormsby to Claire E. Abadie, $215,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1220-Alan L. and Denise A. Nicolaisen to Adrian M. Altura, $336,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1138-DEH Investments Corp. to Sarah Snyder English, $179,000.


Gloucester St., 5535-Frank A. Sampson to Terri L. Albery, $214,900.


Crofton Pkwy., 1748-John and Teresa Hagerty to Christopher A. and Julie Danielewski, $500,000.

Rawlings Pl., 1816-Stephen David and Janice L. Hanson to Andrew J. Lopatin and Norma D. Lopatin, $405,000.

Walden Dr., 2503-Darren J. and Denise S. Vogt to Prudential Relocation Inc., $445,000.


Claire Rd., 1152-Kevin M. Ingram to Craig and Kyler Kamp, $340,000.

Saint Stephens Church Rd., 1137-Alma C. Henckel to Michael S. McHale and Leo C. McFarlin Jr., $545,000.


Chestnut Moss Ct., 1019-Joshua and Jennifer A. Richards to Michael Galante, $217,900.

Tillerman Pl., 1239-Jamie W. Shreve to David Burdette and Jessica Tarzy, $221,000.


Malvern Hill Dr., 905-Bradley E. Barto to U.S. Senate FCU, $400,000.


Swan Dr., 687-Janice Barksdale Jackson to Paula T. and William F. Foster, $310,000.


Elkridge Dr., 1719-Conrad D. and Kathy L. McCroy to Community Development Adminstration, $213,960.

Plainview Ave., 431-Brian A. Collord and Hannah Collord to Kristin M. Perrin and Kimberly D. Bailey, $321,000.

Sixth Ave., 3655-Michael W. William to Nathaniel D. Boothe and M. Nicole Norton, $190,000.


Justin Dr., 1705-Gary and Stephanie Jackson to Brian L. and Heather Y. Luke, $700,000.


Crafty Fox Ct., 8100-Corrine Barnett and Polly Ann Byrd Barnett to Yaw A. and Nadine L. Apatu, $304,000.

Foxchase Dr., 160-Eric S. Pitzer to Kenneth D. Patrick III, $225,000.

Kenwood Rd., 1219-Fannie Mae to Mia Griffin Carter, $167,900.

Milton Ave., 502-Gregory Melvin and George H. Simmons to Debra Zito Potts and William David Potts, $175,000.

Poplar Ave., 222-Liem and Vuong Nguyen to Wayne E. Nock, $229,000.

Tanager Ave., 7109-Thomas J. and Jennifer Bast to Thomas R. and Jennifer D. Dent, $330,000.

Wisdom Ct., 1058-NVR Inc. to Baljit S. and Harpreet K. Chadha, $285,253.

Wynbrook Rd., 1101-Timothy T. Pohmer to John and Jennifer Sosnowski, $202,000.

Fifth Ave. SW, 208-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Delmar Joseph and Christine Dolores Haley, $151,100.


Gesna Dr., 1471-Thomas S. and Tracy L. Becker to Armando Martinez and Azieb Belay Abay, $180,000.


Citrus Ave., 2017-Timothy Redman and Kristie Barger to 2017 Citrus Corp., $132,600.


Sagebrush Lane, 8713-U.S. Home Corp. to Jack Rodriguez, $321,490.


Fountain Dr., 530-Ruth C. and George W. Moller to Jason M. and Brittany N. West, $210,000.


Mallard Lane, 6245-Marvin E. and Larry W. Trott to Richard Wade and Lauren M. Collinson, $112,500.


Caracle Ct., 610-Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Howard S. and Joy Z. Galliford, $426,477.

Millshire Dr., 598-Louise A. Bishop to Crystal Seldon, $185,000.

Paddle Wheel Ct. W., 686-Katherine B. Devivo to Daniel and Lindsey Cooper, $216,500.


Arcadia Shores Cir., 226-Rodger S. and Karen P. Wright to Casey Sean and Anissa R. Klapperich, $250,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2440, No. 303-Elizabeth McLain and Edward Benjamin Hall to Michael J. Olson, $210,000.

Glebe Creek Way, 1727-Michael C. and Crystal Pariseau to Christopher J. Tipton and Katie L. Stephenson, $215,000.

Jade Ct., 1304-Harold L. and Linda Southwell to Jean L. Russell, $330,000.

Passage Dr., 1303-Phuong Thi Nguyen to Keith J. Duley, $181,000.

Riverscape Ct., 8706-Charlene and Francis Harrison to William H. and Rhiannon C. Schweitzer, $350,000.

Sunny Chapel Rd., 829-Christopher J. Hubley and Christine Bittner to Christopher Davis and Michelle Elizabeth Walaski, $442,000.


Owensville Rd., 217-Evelyn H. Duffy to Coleman V. and Bridget S. Ruiz, $450,000.


Cardinal Dr., 556-Cynthia C. and John W. Curtis to James L. and Robin E. Williamson, $430,255.

Deering Rd., 603-William George Schier Jr. and Valerie Ann Smith to Tera Sade, $145,000.

Geneva Rd., 8435-Pride Homes Corp. to Daniel D. and Laura M. Riner, $240,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 220-Thomas G. and Jeanne M. Macrides to Cosimo Greco, $190,000.

North Ave., 1911-Roger L. and Mary S. Potter to Erik and Windy Hart, $282,000.

Railroad Ave., 102-Harry F. and Lillian S. Foster to Morgan Francar, $305,000.

Stoney Harbor Ct., 7611-Ellen M. McKean and Burton L. Anderson Jr. to Brian and Kristina Brown, $221,000.


Calder Way, 610-Brian F. and Christina L. Whipps to Michael and Marha Sidlowski, $520,000.

Coldbrooke Dr., 7838-Ronald I. and Jennifer M. North to Kevin W. Ramsey, $475,000.

Periwinkle Way, 7712-Colette Carl to Stephen R. Hill and James S. Moll, $170,000.

Severn Tree Ct., 1707-Sally Y. Nicely and Andrea Heather Schramm to Francis S. and Charisse J. Weiss, $227,000.


Arleigh Rd., 671-Daniel D. and Carla P. Youngblood to Jeffrey W. and Asahi E. Eveleth, $265,000.

Cottonwood Dr., 716-David A. and Elizabeth A. Decker to Jeremy Turner and Marie Aude Pradal, $368,000.

Larkspur Lane, 452-Carl and Laura A. Kaiser to Jana Rossetto Kennedy and Lawrence H. Kennedy, $482,000.

Mckinsey Rd., 208-Kenneth A. Gilbert to Weichert Inc., $435,000.

Riggs Ave., 401-A. Newth and Kathryn C. Morris to Louise Humphreys and Brian Sheehan, $488,700.

Whistling Pine Rd., 255-Louanne Vanfossen Moberly and Edwin H. Moberly to Carl A. and Catherine L. Lindquist, $395,500.


Lerch Dr., 5060-David Thomas Laws and Charles Buckley to My Phuong Tran, $480,000.

Howard County

Breconshire Rd., 10254-Young J. Song to Lijun Zhou and Runyan Jin, $621,000.

Garrett Ct., 3518-Neal I. Aronson to Stephen L. Wenger, $534,670.

Leyden Way, 4719-Frederick P. Murphy to Kristin A. and David P. Bower, $309,000.

Oak Hill Dr., 9672-Gayden F. and Janell Gauthier to William and Janel Parham, $453,000.

Rugby Ct., 9708-Timothy G. and Maureen Battaglia to Liqing Yu and Yinyan Ma, $875,000.

Tiber Ridge Ct., 9096-Ron Korte and Carol Stockwell to Weihong Zhang and William X. Wei, $500,000.

Woodspurge Ct., 12260-Jeffrey T. Hensel to Daniel A. and Kristin M. Canos, $552,500.


Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 208-Anna and Elenko Hadjiski to Shasahan Pohardeen-Shahib, $290,000.

Mystic Ocean Lane, 5916-James R. and Susan Manley Downs to Kai Xu, $457,000.

Silent Moon Run, 6405-Karen McIntosh Hill to Craig and Pamela Axler, $685,000.

Twelve Hills Rd., 13018-Steven J. and Linda A. Smits to Li Feng Pu and Wenjie Bai, $925,000.


Carlinda Ave., 6710-Richard and Dorothy Boyer to Bethany and Gregory Hamill, $275,000.

Cradlerock Farm Ct., 7042-James C. and Sandra L. Johnson to Fannie Mae, $275,000.

Knighthood Lane, 7050-Steven Michael Schaaf to Shreeta Smith, $235,000.

Natures Rd., 7164-Kathryn L. Kingsbury to Liwei Du, $294,500.

Owen Brown Rd., 9724-Christopher Hawthorne to Christopher L. and Corinne T. Heiliger, $515,000.

Red Haven Rd., 6338-Sharon D. Payne to Alyssa Marie and Howard Blair Andrews, $210,000.

Starburn Path, 6133-Christopher P. and Prima R. Golda to Candice Yee, $288,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7472-Matthew Noah Selig and Nancy Beth Amsden to Gabriel A. and Sharyn L. Terrasa, $396,900.


Dundee Dr., 10806-Scots Glen Corp. to Stuart J. and Kristine C. Bloom, $554,035.

Golden Hook, 6271-Reza Alavi and Nassim Ebrahimi to Amber M. Forrester and Adam B. Barkley, $345,000.

Hunting Lane, 10821-John E. and Shirley R. Lowry to SD Properties, $396,000.

Newberry Dr., 6954-Lance V. and Carol M. Ernst to Vince and Mihaela Ballarotto, $395,000.

Sebring Dr., 6110-Ryan A. and Pamela C. Sopirak to Daniel M. Sforza and Eliana Santoro, $405,000.

Symphony Way, 10796-Josephine Serra to Arif and Shahla A. Mannan, $250,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001-Clarence T. and Deidra N. Bishop to Ellen Carr and Joan Ringelheim, $420,000.


Brookview Rd., 7305-James R. and Elizabeth A. Tyldesley to Lawrence E. and Carol C. McCanna, $249,900.

Deborah Jean Dr., 5904-Nimish N. and Arpan S. Gandhi to Kevin Gerard and Anne Marie Conklin, $575,000.

Milkshed Pl., 7860-Todd E. Chase and Ruth C. Chase to Robert and Samantha Carter, $350,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5715-Alex K. Turpin to Antoinette N. Wilder, $235,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 6864-Anne C. Doyle to Vineet G. and Vidya V. Tirodkar, $295,000.

Shadywood Rd., 6150-Gloria T. Walker and Rocco J. Sovero Jr. to Mary Katherine Clark, $225,500.


Autumn Rust Rd., 8534-Margaret F. Durand to Arthur D. Bright III and Catherine W. Kiruthi, $425,100.

Flower Blossom Dr., 4195-Robert D. and Kathleen P. Snell to Liyi Elliot Hong and Yanmei Lin, $665,000.

Nottingham Way, 8013-Cartus Corp. to Jennifer L. and Damian L. Dulski, $418,500.

Sicklebar Way, 8729-James Andrew Cepko to Timothy B. and Wendy A. Potter, $462,500.

Timberland Cir., 8418-Ravi A. and Jennie B. Chandra to Adam W. Deal and Kelly A. Nugent, $455,000.


Trappe St., 7318-NVR Inc. to Donald J. Williams, $563,930.


Saddlebred Ct., 2823-Marcus H. and Shelley O. Christ to Prudential Relocation Inc., $760,000.


Highland Rd., 13221-William F. and Lori Sue Beatty to Christopher D. Ellis and Byoung Suk Kweon, $642,500.


Mission Hill Pl., 8110-Ryland Group Inc. to Dawn M. Stoner, $322,001.

Oakwood Way, 8922-Jennifer E. Baker to Kimberly Ann and Jonathan M. Reeser, $239,900.


Watersville Rd. W., 640-Dirk C. Phillips to Justin Brunk, $250,000.


Dumhart Rd., 9002-Elger J. Huber to Kevin and Vonda O’Malley, $140,000.

Mary Lee Lane, 8316-Therese Klaschus to Feng Xu, $265,000.

Stansfield Rd., 10400-Peter E. and Sharon A. Coursey to Richard D. and Deborah M. Poncheri, $475,000.


River Rd., 671-Catherine G. Fournier to Dalan E. Baugh, $392,000.


Bexley Dr., 2104-Balasubramanyam Karanam and Deepa Devarakonda to Irene and Jae W. Hwang, $392,995.