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Anne Arundel

Admiral Dr., 607, No. 103-Jennifer Herzig Hoover to Aditya Chopra, $201,000.

Astern Way, 930, No. 512-Richard C. Powell to Kathryn B. Mullervy, $190,000.

Bay Highlands Dr., 1213-Michael Reinhard to Bettina A. Nechay, $530,000.

Broadview Lane, 338-Broadview Lane Corp. to Susan J. Wood and Santo J. Latores, $679,000.

Catrina Lane, 3170-Peter J. and Halyna T. Pagano to David M. and Patricia K. Haas, $499,900.

Coachway, 909-Peter L. and Barbra Cantone to Michael J. and Christine M. Reinhard, $765,000.

Franklin St., 66, No. 402-Gerald and Diane Knapp to John R. Saunders, $589,000.

Gentry Ct., 48-Maureen Murray to Lisa Lynne Cunningham, $240,000.

Haven Cove N., 2540, No. 89-Jeanne F. and Pamela F. Russell to Francesca Perrier, $250,000.

Hilltop Lane, 395-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jennifer Nguyen, $130,000.

Mansion Ridge Rd., 1709-Stephen W. and Karen J. Everett to Scott D. and Natalie Bulera, $775,000.

Melvin Rd., 920-Deutsche Bank to James and Jennifer Sprungle, $634,500.

Munroe Ct., 28-Moira Vasquez to Michelle and Anthony Pipta, $415,000.

Pinecrest Dr., 1044-Laura and Don Eugene Riddle to Raymond W. Miller IV, $375,000.

Pinedale Dr., 543-Bruce F. and Barbara B. Miller to Patrick M. Sharkey, $440,000.

Royal St., 505-Harry J. Foulkrod to Santos Fernandez and Gladis Fernandez, $128,000.

Seasons Way, 2814-Valerie Cimato to Michael E. Buzzell and Sara Lafave Buzzell, $346,000.

Starboard Dr., 3131-Richard P. and Bridget Murchake to Amber Christina Sears and Jorge Mario Lutin, $385,000.

Wardour Dr., 216-Dolores S. Patterson to Todd C. and Maegen G. Nix, $680,000.


Capri Estates Ct., 710-Freddie Mac to Benjamin I. Farrell and Erica L. Henderson, $360,000.

Doncaster Rd., 210-Thomas H. and Holly N. Mathis to Kenneth G. and Peggy C. Menzies, $805,000.

Greenhill Rd., 1153-Susan Menefee to Alan T. Barnett, $203,000.

Mariner Dr., 1432-Tina L. Mize to Jana L. McClintock, $335,000.

Placid Ct., 940-Dennis and Jerilyn Deitch to Sean H. and Karyn D. Carter, $855,000.

Stanford Ct., 411-Patrick J. Campbell to Weichert Inc., $385,000.

Terrace Lane, 1287-Kirsten N. Enzinger and Louise B. Flyger to Jesse and Brandy McNew, $175,000.


Riverview Rd. W., 204-Erin E. Fischbach to Michael A. Colegrove, $132,000.


Bay Head Rd., 1416-Douglas J. and Diane S. Bragdon to William W. and Jennifer L. Gross, $633,000.

Chestnut Tree Dr., 837-Bienvenida S. and Leopoldo B. Vista to John A. and Natalie E. Stout, $245,000.

Harmony Lane, 1306-Diane Blick Jaskilka to Kathleen Munger and Barry L. Gruber, $860,000.

Latrobe Dr., 1155-Douglas Glen Parrillo to John Francis and Emily Elizabeth Scillieri, $478,000.

Peach Ct., 400-Pegasus Home Corp. to Michael E. and Betty Lougee, $250,000.

St. Margaret’s Dr., 1060-Ewa Cebollero to Nathan Geoffrey and Carrie Ann Olish, $467,246.

Truxton Rd., 613-Kimberly Stokes to Matthew P. Partovi and Karen A. Stockhausen, $325,000.


Gloucester St., 5531-John Sorensen and Sarah Basehart to Ashley Dawn Gaither, $192,550.


Birchleaf Ct., 1213-Sandra S. Phillips to Gloria Landaverde, $385,000.

Dryden Way, 1732, No. 8-Dominic M. and Mary E. Scine to Carol Eyet, $265,000.

Foxdale Ct., 1732, No. 140-Donald C. and Edithann Schaffer to James E. and Carolyn R. Popp, $222,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2400-Fannie Mae to Lora B. White, $239,000.

Montauk Dr., 2212-Omega L. Ruth Sr. to Grand P. and Aileen D. Pacheco, $324,750.

Selkirk Ct., 2541-Brandon A. and Michele V. Rice to National Residential Nominee Services, $309,900.

Tedbury St., 1715-James R. and Rosemarie C. Gattuso to Seth and Carrie Fishkin, $427,000.


Crownsville Rd., 1606-Brenda G. Hawkins to Calin and Allison Warner, $390,000.


Chestnut Manor Ct., 933-Trevor Scott and Laura Ann Hubbard to Jonathan J. Carpenter and Skyler S. Spatafore, $199,900.


Emilys Way, 211-Diana M. Connor to George Picot and Jean Rock, $419,000.


Milton Ave., 5906-Theresa L. Sweeney and Patricia A. Radtke to Julianne M. Saadeh, $245,000.


Audubon Ct., 6351-John W. and Pamela J. Koday to Paul J. and Virginia K. Hinders, $387,500.


Canvasback Lane, 1207-Edward J. and Alanna M. Wright to Zachary and Anne Schneider, $465,000.

Central Ave. E., 757-Terry E. and Marta P. Mangum to Robert and Emily Whittington, $260,200.

Fern Hill Ct., 3117-Russell E. and Jill M. Palmer to Randi Jill Cohen and Michael Francis Balazik, $867,500.

Hamlet Club Dr., 410, No. 304-Catherine Weincek to Sarah Allen Janowski, $220,000.

Lakeview Ave., 204-Ted R. and Sharon L. Toulouse to Crystal J. and David B. Allen, $370,000.

Monarch Dr., 3513-Mark C. and Debora Fajer Smith to Kent A. and Colleen R. Leonard, $825,000.

Riverdale Dr., 1716-Suzanne C. Straub to John M. Fantasia, $233,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2606-Marc Geballa to Joyce Brown, $180,900.

Holladay Park Rd., 1748-South Shore Development Co. to Robert A. and Tammie C. Manson, $584,795.

Snow Hill Lane, 1081-Robert Harley Kellogg III to Maheshkumar and Shilpaben Patel, $315,000.


Bentwillow Dr., 810-Karen L. and Charles Zellmer to Bank of New York Mellon, $202,678.

Bliss Lane, 115-Arundel Community Development Services to Thomas B. and Gena M. Davenport, $205,000.

Broadview Blvd. S., 210-Glen Burnie Savings Bank to Mark H. Panas, $290,000.

Dover Rd., 7700-Paul Gordon Clark to Russell M. Cholewa, $335,000.

Ferndale Rd., 109-Frank M. and Debera R. Layton to Debra A. and Kevin J. Nicholas, $220,000.

Gnome Ct., 709-Community Development Administration to Shes K. Paudel, $138,000.

Henson Rd., 303-Adam J. and Tabitha L. Bolling to Wai Jing Law, $400,000.

Joyce Dr., 405-John S. and Joumana H. Kohlhepp to Henry C. and Yuka Forrest, $329,900.

Kimono Ct., 6500-James D. and Linda L. Ray to Brian T. Thrift, $217,750.

Mockingbird Cir., 7308-Keith James Mellinger to Brian and Kaila M. Gallina, $310,000.

Pamela Rd., 613-Walter and Susan Pavlik to Edward Hersom, $220,000.

Spring Maiden Ct., 210, No. 102-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brian Gaylor, $90,000.

Washington Ave., 352-Pride Homes Corp. to Ebony D. Brown, $289,000.

Wimmer Rd., 723-John Orbell to John L. Shetrone Jr., $225,000.


Annawon Ct., 1907-Jeffrey A. and Nanette J. Trent to Kenneth G. and Sara Casella Campbell, $385,000.

Fairbanks Ct., 7691-Summer and Anthony Terrell Jones to Fannie Mae, $233,204.

Martock Lane, 1518-Daniel and Sarah Baker to Christopher and Alisha Vandewetering, $359,900.

Ridgewood Rd., 1911-Cathy M. Norris to Michael and Renee Jennifer Mullins, $459,900.


River Clubhouse Rd. S., 86-T.E. Sames Jr. to Thomas A. and Christine H. Fichtner, $675,000.


Montevideo Ct., 7522-Bonnie Lane Beall to Evan W. Schwartz and Heather Carberry, $245,000.


Marcey Creek Rd., 3606-Patricia Phelps Long to Kevin A. Mantey, $277,000.


Forest View Rd., 411-John L. Joynes and Alice A. Tignor to John P. Airey and Christine L. Harger, $225,000.

Medora Rd., 6200-Lawrence J. Jennings to Bradley L. Posey and Sarah E. Plymire, $300,000.


Marlboro Rd., 1213-Robert Dean to Nicholas G. Markomanolakis, $52,500.


Gartelman Farm Dr., 8369-Richard Sullivan and Keita Opat to Sonia and Obed Vega, $374,900.

Wheat Mill Ct. W., 654-Matthew P. and Krista L. Listmann to Bethany Wlaz, $299,900.


Bluffs Island Ct., 1710-Harold W. Barretto and Elvia Guillermo to Steven D. and Elisa M. Kraus, $255,000.

Gladhill Rd., 515-Naomi C. and William Mayo to Brandon R. and Jennifer B. Gash, $318,000.

Pinecroft Ct., 2003, No. 64-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adelaide Shaw Taylor, $227,707.

St. Andrews Lane, 1239-John N. Laliberte to Thomas Michael and Anna Houck, $250,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8604, No. 301-Roberta J. Thoren to Kris A. and Jacqueline D. Ruckelshaus, $209,000.


Almondbury Dr. E., 2949-Christine Wilkerson Surette to Kevin Hoage, $205,322.

Beach Dr., 7570-Harold R. and Myrtle R. Gladwin to Kevin A. and Renee Reynolds, $460,000.

Carnoustie Dr., 1625-Cherie L. Briggs to Stephen A. Cratch, $675,000.

De Franceaux Harbor, 821-Ralph M. Stephenson Jr. to Ngan Ho, $145,000.

Edgewater Rd., 337-Richard E. Lattanzi to Allen L. Poist Jr., $370,000.

Garden Rd., 8471-Danny L. and Henrietta J. Swift to Danielle L. Freeburger, $235,000.

Golden Fleece Dr., 2910-Michael Anthony Mohn and Debra Lynn Bragg to Brian and Danielle Wright, $299,000.

Hilltop Rd., 1907-Andrew William Conner and Jill Ann Kinney to Keith E. and Stephanie M. Harper, $295,000.

Liberty Cir., 7904-Dawn M. Busby to Cheryl A. Tidwell, $225,000.

Maywood Ave., 8034-U.S. Bank to James Marten, $221,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 342-Milton Horn to Deutsche Bank, $164,500.

Poinsett Terr., 8152-Gail L. Miller to Carly V. and Patrick B. Gates, $265,000.

Tennessee Ave., 24-Brenda M. McQuillan to Zachary D. and Jennifer L. Ogden, $280,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3503C-Christopher Hopper to Laurie Ellen Cisek, $152,000.

205th St., 769-Steven and Mindy Tillman to Pamela Ferrell and Justin Ferrell, $250,000.


Breckenridge Way, 3207-Metro DC1 Corp. to Jason S. Hahn, $599,000.

Stonehenge Dr., 3119-Robert W. and Michele D. Kelly to Christopher Whalen, $650,000.


Banister Rd., 8312-Cheryl D. Lanham to Martin and Lisa A. Krizan, $540,000.

Colonial Park Dr., 1262-Andrea J. and Robert W. Lapierre to Jonathan M. McCrary and Lorien H. Riead, $490,000.

Evergreen Rd., 735-Sharon Addison to Kostas Vellios and Chelsea Goodier, $419,000.

Richard Ave., 63-NVR Inc. to Blazer L. Bonifacio and Wilfredo R. Fulgueras, $496,850.

Trafalgar Rd., 1908-Michael G. and Mary J. Titone to Galina B. Skorina, $250,000.


Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., 207-Cattail Construction Inc. to Julie A. and Michael A. Kahn, $395,000.

Fairtree Dr., 428-Jay E. and Martha M. Fennessy to Stephen M. and Heather S. Booth, $635,000.

Kegworth Ct., 513-Robert T. and Phyllis Hollywood to Shannon Willmore Davis, $382,500.

Riverdale Rd., 283-Kevin S. and Maureen L. Kirby to Brady C. Dunlap, $225,000.

Scrimshaw Way, 501-Converse Builders Inc. to David M. and Holly D. Tyler, $1.27 million.

Tower Bank Rd., 616-Crystal S. and Kenneth Ronald Austin to Wesley S. and Amber P. Smith, $185,000.


Holly Ave., 1174-Dietram Von Schilcher and Jessica Von Schilcher to Charles Sears Jr., $187,000.

Howard County

Arcadia Dr., 3443-Ronald K. and Margaret K. Vanlent to Cuilan Li and Feng Lin, $470,000.

Carroll Mill Ct., 12127-Robert C. Allen to Christopher L. and Jane H. Maus, $515,000.

Doral Ct., 3111-Dean M. and Gina Bates Brown to Jason and Lia Wentworth, $555,000.

Fox Den Rd., 10006-David C. and Sandra K. Crumbley to Joel and Melinda Ciaccio, $399,900.

Galahad Ct., 10021-Thomas Christopher Hurst and Ann Sewell to Todd Christian Anthony, $540,000.

Henhawk Ct., 4141-Karl B. and Samantha Krantz to Dustin A. and Kiera L. Johnson, $450,000.

McKenzie Rd., 2395-Laura L. Burd to Scott R. and Suzanne R. Shinskie, $532,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 3047-David B. and Christine L. Lawn to Dayanand Bagdure and Girija Bhoite, $565,000.

Sheppard Manor Dr., 4635-Timothy E. and Marina A. Morris to Anandraj Mattai and Cheryl Bansal, $985,000.

Wood Stream Ct., 2401-Leon V. Theisen and Alice Larson to Phillip James and Rachel Alberta Corrigan, $565,000.


Guilford Rd., 6551-Myles and Mary Ellen Larkin to Haddijatou S. Ogunsola, $610,000.

White Marble Ct., 6142-Sang Hwui Lee and Kyeoung Hee Kim to Kenny K. and April S. Yoo, $465,000.


Dasher Ct., 6684-John W. and Kathy J. Barrett to Catherine and Michael Scollick, $456,000.

Goldamber Garth, 9093-Freddie Mac to Siyi Meng, $152,500.

Keepsake Way, 9457-George L. and Edith S. Clayton to Department of Veterans Affairs, $348,232.

Log Chain Rd., 9202-Joyce E. Agness to Michael S. Nicklin, $399,999.

Sea Shadow, 9541-Jacob B. and Robyn M. Wallace to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $300,000.

Stag Horn Path, 7141-Kathy Mcallister to Ryan J. Moody and Melinda K. Lepley, $230,000.

Swan Point Way, 7291-Robert C. and Yolanda A. Wornom to Alan R. Rein and Saraswati V. Sukumar, $345,000.


Braeburn Rd., 10873-Arnold Charles Farley to Michael A. and Leah G. Miller, $535,000.

Columbia Rd., 5193-Richard Allan Shepherd to John T. and Kathleen M. Nolan, $354,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5002-Brian F. and Patricia M. Ruppert to Christopher Van Buskirk, $320,000.

Good Hours Pl., 4913-Giles L. Barton to Joshua Melbourne and Stephanie Vernon White, $459,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5255-Paul B. and Gerta Maison to Shahriyar Keshavarzhadad and Zahra Molaeinia, $360,000.

McGregor Dr., 10762-Miriam D. Wiesel and Richard A. Harris Jr. to Nagavara Koshy and Ammini Samuel, $500,000.

Phantom Ct., 5158-Jean Nelson Amann to Edmund A. and Katharine P. Chrzanowski, $339,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5322-Anusha Hemachandra Streubel to Jason E. and Ethel G. Armstead, $339,000.

Wood Elves Way, 11041-Sami and Jeffrey Klein to Alyson Schuster and Robert Bowes, $440,000.


Big Branch Dr., 14053-Penni Sue and Mauricio P. Vera to Orolobofaa and Benjamin Abili, $765,000.


Bluff Point Lane, 7642-Fannie Mae to Brian Helliwell, $129,000.

Cambria Terr., 6607-Ryan A. Martin to Michael and Christine Teske, $285,000.

Grassy Garth, 7810-Brennan A. and Julie V. Walsh to Jack R. and Rebecca J. Daley, $359,000.

Joseph Scott Dr., 6062-Gregory K. and Celeste D. Gant to Terance and Kelsie Hill Huston, $593,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 6307-Scott J. Heizer to Ryan Mitchell and Lauren McPartland, $260,000.


Brampton Pkwy., 4944-Carolyn Redlin to Jigar Shah and Vishnupriya A. Desai, $550,000.

Chestnut Farm Lane, 8366-Rickie C. and Julie A. Welch to Ashish J. and Trusha V. Solanki, $535,000.

Dunteachin Dr., 5364-Gregg D. and Mary A. Draper to Michael J. and Hedy Mills, $571,000.

Governor Ridgley Lane, 8308-Timothy S. and Yvette S. Young to Wendell E. and Toni O. Foster, $629,000.

Lee Farm Ct., 4917-Sophia N. Rouse to Anju K. and Suresh P. Dhungel, $325,000.

Normandy Dr., 2960-Diane Fornario Etson and Rose Ann Fornario to Mitro A. Hood and Laura C. Callens, $349,000.

Pleasant Path, 4321-Phillip C. and Donna R. Ernst to Timothy K. and Veronica M. Buzby, $715,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8235-Joan M. Pamperien to Kambiz and Shadi Ghozati, $292,500.

Yorkshire Dr., 4716-Robert F. and Linda A. Lentz to Michel and Lisa Richard, $533,000.


Bison Ct., 14112-Richard Frank and Jerri Raymond Fabina to Matthew W. and Tempe B. Beall, $560,000.


Stevens Valley Ct., 14074-Kris and Heidi Kobylski to Richard L. and Jessica L. Metz, $590,000.


Many Flower Lane, 9315-Robert F. and Cynthia M. Haspel to Timothy and Kimberly Eggborn, $399,500.


Crystal Ridge Rd., 1227-Joan and David B. Porch to Matthew P. and Jessica A. Sabine, $660,000.


Frederick Rd., 17435-Violet M. Gerber and Christine Lynn Farrow to Young and Kyoung Hee Lee, $375,000.


Breamore Ct., 9340-Srikanth C. Nallani and Sandhyakiran Apparaju to Juliet M. Batupe, $270,000.

Hitching Post Lane, 9170F-Natacha Rene and Ralph Sejour to Mei Sau Cheung Lam, $90,000.

Mary Lee Lane, 8242-Polivio Alvarado and Blanca Flores to Lan Jian and Eric Pang, $280,000.

Whiskey Run, 9864-Wells Fargo Bank to Ryan W. Dick, $129,900.


Boka Valley Ct., 1810-Raymond Todd Winter to Wells Fargo Bank, $442,714.

The Old Station Ct., 895-Mark W. and Karen M. Mason to Michael C. and Caroline D. Garzon, $477,500.


Hillingdon Rd., 10660-Ashok and Preema Monteiro to Seungdoo Park and Yunsun Hong, $125,000.