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Anne Arundel County

Blackwalnut Dr., 3233-Marketpro South Inc. to Amy K. and Richard S. Scordo, $444,900.

Canterfield Rd., 304-Jack J. and Cathy L. Van Dyken to Erica Canzler and Marissa Mullins, $435,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 562-Laurence J. Wolf and estate of Alfred A. Wolf to David L. Townsend, $400,000.

Harbor Dr., 1015-Karen J. and James Andrew Scott to Eric M. and Robyn K. Davis, $540,000.

Hilltop Lane, 304C, No. 304-North Green Equities Corp. to Matthew C. Modderno, $199,900.

Muir Woods Ct., 2-Laurie Jane Hammel to Kelvin, James Kevin and Virginia Brown Lucas, $193,000.

State St., 430-Roberta A. Schnabel and estate of David Waksman to William G. and Jeanne C. Sullivan, $430,000.

Washington Dr., 1231-David and Adrian D. Lachapelle to Nancy Jeanne Sears, $400,000.


Autumn Chase Dr., 233-Lori M. Cleveland and Jack P. and Dolores J. Webb trusts to Owen Billman and Jennie Collea, $510,000.

Cedar Park Rd., 1605-Margaret Devlin to Keren Bogaczyk, $350,000.

Farragut Rd., 303-Paula Sanner and Carrie Porco to Kristen Peterson, $270,000.

Gingerview Lane, 2761, No. 97-Melissa L. Henderson and estate of John Michael Henderson to William D. Sanchez and Monica Ramirez, $430,000.

Hawkins Lane, 1302-Carl and Elizabeth Fogle to Brian and Nikki Robinson, $345,000.

Marconi Cir., 1905-Nancy M. Wilson to Raymond and Barbara J. Boggs, $210,000.

Rigging Dr., 2611-John J. and Phyllis Mitchell to Peter J. Depaulo, $230,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 105-Bonnie S. Harper and estate of Juanita Tucker Swicegood to Evelyn Appleman, $147,500.

Tolson St., 106-Timothy D. Nugent to Michael J. Thompson, $730,000.


Robinhood Rd., 746-746 Robinhood Corp. to Robert W. Rabbitt Jr., $16,000.


Blakiston Ct., 1005-Pamela J. Dudeck to Kyle and Kristen Bowling, $379,000.

David Dr., 432-William G. and Jeannette K. Ebert to Danielle Jones, $285,000.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 694-Evelyn C. Valanos to Alexander Azor, $173,000.

Ritchie Hwy., 1395-Lombard Ritchie Corp. to the Ryland Group Inc., $1.43 million.

Ternwing Dr., 315-U.S. Bank to Serrano Investments Group Corp., $178,300.


Cliffside Ct., 5607-Linda Vera to Robert Harold Bates, $200,000.

Harbor Valley Dr., 5641-James David and Rixie Lowden to Shenika V. Allen, $200,000.

Wasena Ave., 5327-Garcia Houston to Diane E. Quigley, $40,000.

16th Ave., 311-Karl Brunner to Charles S. Cook, $135,000.


Chesapeake Rd., 2008-Janice L. Pusateri to Eric S. and Jennifer A. Kaline, $655,000.

Homewood Landing Rd., 1661-Robert J. and Mary C. Poor to Sally L. Wilbur, $508,000.

River Bay Rd., 1152-609 Wicomico Corp. to Harbhjan S. Ajrawat, $650,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1675-Department of Veterans Affairs to Gina Lopez, $180,000.


Gladstone Ave., 1235-Margo J. Smith to Frederick J. Lippert IV, $240,000.


Bancroft Lane W., 1722, No. 226-Janice L. Passero and Tarin Polucha to Lucas and Carmen Presta, $200,000.

Earlham Ave., 1602-Margaret B. and Michael John Picciano to Richard P. and Wendy M. Matthews, $405,000.

Harewood Lane, 1829-David D. and Karla D. Myre to Habib B. and Ly Ann Benjamin, $490,000.

Pecantree Ct., 1304-Susan Ondrushek and Graham F. Crouch to Jonathan D. and Lesley K. Hill, $522,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1024-Kurt Vandermeulen to Elizabeth H. Klocko, $230,000.

Tellier Ct., 2803-William W. and Nancy J. Sondervan to Jose E. Galindo, $500,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1671-James J. English to Lisa Colon, $198,500.


Joyce Dr., 1009-Matthew S. Sasser to Kenneth Crisp and John E. Hoffman, $195,000.

Waterview Dr., 910-C. L Payne & Associates Inc. to Land H. Fisher and Merlissa S. De Beer, $525,000.


Birdsville Rd., 3808-Sabine R. Joyce to James B. and Laura Berry, $700,000.

Timberlake Farm Rd., 3411-Frank John and Angela Maria Lucente to John J. and Annelie S. Lusby, $866,331.


Meadowlark Dr., 6433-John J. Lusby to Michael and Elizabeth Harper, $599,900.


Dale St., 901-Kelly D. Mabe to Russell R. and Krista M. Ziebell, $311,250.

Hamlet Club Dr., 411, No. 306-Alfred A. and Frances J. Swanson to Bertram H. and Mildred Bowers, $230,000.

Monarch Dr., 3502-Brady R. and Barbara I. Bennett to Ahmd Wael Hagothmn and Rasha Dakheel, $766,000.

Ridgely Dr., 1530-Bertram H. and Mildred I. Bowers to Anjel M. Vahratian and Michael A. Vlaikov, $441,000.

Seventh Ave., 3675-Joshua R. Binner to Thomas John Kreutzberg III, $276,750.


Carbondale Way, 1012-Toni Nguyen to Eric and Michelle Etherton, $330,000.

Sappington Dr., 1546-Kevin L. and Karen O’Dennehy to Daniel and Michelle Schulte, $485,000.


Aquahart Rd., 101-Elizabeth and Charles Maxson Clark to Liem and Vuong Nguyen, $113,000.

Cayer Dr., 1050, No. 2-3-Paul Mercer to Rental Investment Fund IV Corp., $110,000.

Elizabeth Lane, 558-Ernest and Katharine Stewart to John L. and Cindy Elizabeth Greynolds, $185,000.

Heritage Hill Dr., 6479-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rima Tellawi, $92,000.

Oakleigh Ave., 200-Kenneth E. Vogt Jr. to Patrick Michael Gorman, $230,000.

Pleasantville Dr., 1462-Retained Realty Inc. to Foresite Investments Corp., $125,250.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7681-Brian J. and Jennifer M. Fernandes to Elizabeth M. and Natividad D. Cervantes Rivera, $200,000.

Bonnie View Rd., 126-Candace Eveleth Booth and Donald Peter Eveleth to Jayme L. Filler, $185,000.

Gaylor Rd., 372-Cynthia H. Caldwell and estate of Ruby J. Hamlette to Federal National Mortgage Association, $184,381.

Louise Terr., 114-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anne Arundel Community Developmemnt Services, $137,500.

Preston Rd., 2000-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Donald Lee Wilson Jr., $85,000.

Shore Dr. S., 864-David Reitmeyer to Alexander George and Drena S. Vining, $385,000.

Tessing Ct., 204-Alfonzo Tillery Sr. and Hattie M. Jefferson to Loc Van Bui and Thung Thi Le, $282,000.


Martock Lane, 1510-Sang-Min and Tae Soon Lee to Jae C. Lee, $324,000.

Terrain Ct., 7506-Jerry S. and Chong Soon Yoo to Susan H. Huh, $406,000.


Brooktree St., 8224-Nina K. Alls to Tini M. and Victor S. Leon, $312,000.

Savannah River Rd., 8626-Margaret A. Volk to Jignesh J. and Rupalben J. Shah, $290,000.


Archer Ave., 302-Andover Ventures Corp. to Anthony M. and Stephanie A. Adams, $500,059.


Ben Jones Lane, 929-Kenneth Harrington Jr. to Steven S. and Ashley Hall, $290,200.


Hortonia Point Dr., 8200-Martin A. and Eva R. Schrum to William Emerson and Emily Catherine Bartz, $550,000.

Nathan Way, 230, No. 230-Craig A. and Nadia Krause to Stonetrust II Corp., $130,000.

Shallop Ct., 714-Khi Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to John W. and Mary Anne McIntosh, $418,858.


Bruce Ave., 480-AmeriStar Homes Inc. to Daniel Michael Bigler and Kelly Lee Stiffler, $359,305.

Found Artifact Dr., 7628-Kaine Homes Inc. to James F. and Susan M. McNally, $433,748.

Jo Ann Dr., 520-David C. Monk and estate of Bonnie J. Monk to Keith Douglas Ertter, $290,000.

Nanticoke Run Way, 919-Sanny X. Palacios to Megan K. McCreedy, $285,500.

Piscataway Run Dr., 2806-Gladys Santiago Vives and Craig J. Heinta to Kathryn J. and Kevin E. Andrews, $345,500.

Saint Michaels Cir., 203, No. 82-Mathias A. Ejoh to Deitra Y. Queen, $236,000.


Birch Ct., 5314-Sarah H. Thiessen to Jonathan B. and Jessica L. Blazek, $486,900.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1179-Joann Tarun to Federal National Mortgage Association, $170,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 11-John W. Conrad to Franklin L. Ninh, $194,900.

Catherine Ave., 8343-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sara Burden and Thomas Neidert, $106,800.

Cornfield Rd., 1646-Ronald Mark and Iris Glenn Baumann to Jon H. Griffin and Elizabeth F. Barnett, $525,000.

Friendly Rd., 1487-Carolyn Jaeger to Jennifer A. and Joshua J. Richards, $290,000.

Henshaw Lane, 4710-Jeffrey S. and Catherine D. Sullivan to David Casas, $425,000.

Joanie Ct., 1214-Pauline S. Lizotte to Curtis W. and Joanne G. Benner, $315,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 239-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cory W. and Christine N. Faust, $276,000.

Mayford Ave., 7906-Oliver and Hannah B. Powell to Matthew D. and Jessica L. Haught, $185,000.

Outing Ave., 7837-Ronald and Karen Tarleton to Faith Ann Proffit, $194,500.

Poinsett Terr., 8160-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Payne Maerten Corp., $192,069.

Riverside Dr. W., 7964-Craig L. and Theresa C. Miller to John and Lisa J. Erbe, $570,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7803-Jeffrey F. Morris to Jessica B. Bernhardt, $227,700.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8125, No. 245-Mark C. Fisher to Colleen M. Nestruck, $165,000.

222nd St., 774-Earnest E. and Rhonda Jenkins to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $354,405.


Averill Ct., 8235, No. 8235-Donna E. Lee to Janterd Group Corp., $47,000.

Campbell Dr., 7416-Stone Financing Corp. to Timothy E. and Jessica L. Rhodes, $500,000.

Elmhurst Rd., 802-Adair Trust to Trevor J. and Noely Marks, $319,802.

Lasalle Pl., 1783-Raymond A. and Maria Dambrosio to Joshua M. and Rachel C. Friscia, $390,000.

North Rd., 8154-Richard C. Colburn to Daniel M. Hansen, $255,900.

Ringe Dr., 1534-Douglas P. and Alison W. Meagher to American Intenational Relocation Solutions, $414,900.


Benfield Rd., 454-Richard H. and Sharon E. Goss to National Residential Nominee Services, $475,000.

Downing Dr., 161-Paul A. Musante and Mary Ann Kingsley to Timothy P. and Gretchen E. Giebels, $589,000.

McKin Way, 624-Anne M. Hatcher to Abodes Well Properties Corp., $235,000.

Point Somerset Lane, 90-Steven P. and Craig P. Russell to Graham K. and Caroline B. Simm, $620,000.

Robinson Landing Rd., 50-Pegasus Home Corp. to Darin James Epling, $435,900.

West Dr., 541-Emmanuel G. and Janet B. Tzanakis to Eric T. and Alison Buzzerd, $284,500.

Howard County

Dorsch Farm Rd., 11046-Alan R. Meyer to Nicholas M. and Brooke L. Dalesio, $690,000.

Heather Glane., 9907-Christopher and Maya Shih to Samuel Angiuoli and Soraia Banuls, $775,000.

Marydell Rd., 9232-Carroll Community Bank to Benjamin L. and Suzanne M. Van Horne, $175,000.

Plum Spring Lane, 3766-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg Conway Corp. to Lanall Renovations Corp., $330,000.

Running Springs Rd., 3741-Kim K. Thielemann to Brian Wasserman and Marina Nikhinson, $901,000.

Weatherstone Dr., 2756-John and Danielle Hammann to Robert Glenn and Wendy Joy Kay, $660,000.


Distant Bugles Ct., 5909-Timothy A. Frye and Jennifer A. Landry Frye to Jun-Weng Wang and Xingxing Zhang, $460,000.

Trotter Rd., 5847-Viking Development Corp. to Yunfei Bao and Tingting Niu, $350,000.


African Hl., 9480-Abdul Tawab Wakil to Teresa A. and James J. Shanklin, $350,000.

Bugledrum Way, 6907-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Geoff S. and Teresa Favero, $325,000.

Mallard Ct., 8920-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jiah Song, $200,000.

Oak Bush Terr., 8463-Marshall P. and Jacklynn Todd Booker to Adam Simon and Anne Marie Sattler, $306,000.

Reader Lane, 9371-Clement Van Lill Rogers to Jason M. and Nena M. Stewart, $255,000.


Bridgehead Ct., 11610-Judythe C. Vaughn to Almer J. Alvarado and Karen R. Lecy Alvarado, $445,250.

Columbia Rd., 4920, No. 2-Andrew M. Bright to Sharon Ellis, $202,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5029-Chrisant B. Kozak to Anthony Lanozi, $94,000.

High Beam Ct., 10657-Carolyn P. Stennett to Jason E. and Lori S. O’Brien, $270,000.

McGregor Dr., 10705-Steven Douglas Leffert to Kangmin Zhu and Min Dai, $518,500.

Reedy Brook Lane, 4961-Rynele and Carolyn Mardis to Christine R. and Stephen L. Henry, $432,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5402-Doris M. Weddington and Cynthia A. Weddington Ruhl to Jeremy Luckett, $199,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5556-Jerry and Maria Medved to Andrew J. Thompson and Tess M. Stumme, $270,500.

Willow Bottom Dr., 11107-Paul A. and Adrienne Banfield Jones to James E. and Alicia C. Tyler, $625,000.


Frothingham Ct., 6440-Kevin A. and Juliana M. Rose to Charles A. Hessifer, $340,000.

Race Rd., 5780-Michael Malone to Regina E. Wolf, $170,000.


Ashley Ct., 4526-Elizabeth J. Weick to Scott A. Millen, $525,000.

Callaway Dr., -NVR Inc. to John J. and Bonnie A. Franckowiak, $349,140.

Coachlight Lane, 7606-Miriam S. Fuchs to Federal National Mortgage Association, $217,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8591, No. E-Dorothy G. Starke to Katelyn A. Dillon, $179,500.

Live Oak Ct., 4626-Earl Jeffrey Metter to Richard S. and Tracey Tavai, $402,000.

Spruce Run Ct., 8601-Sonia H. Burton to Shakeela Bader, $300,000.

Worthington Manor Way, 4508-James E. and Valerie S. Murtha to Stone Financing Corp., $601,000.


Tilghman St., 7712-Carter Franklin and Kimberly Sue Adkinson to Jonathan Studdard, $615,000.


Callaway Ct., 15256-Eleanor E. Collins to McCuan Trust, $472,000.


Anderson Ave., 6415-Mark A. Armstrong to Michelle Bristol, $390,000.


Savage Guilford Rd., 7972-Robert M. and James E. Vollmerhausen to Jamison A. Spicer, $235,000.


Gracious End Ct., 9121, No. 203-Lea R. Van Berkum to Seung J. Lee, $200,000.

Oakhurst Dr., 9501-Recha Bullock Jones to Tanesha P. and Taurean C. Washington, $284,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 16209-Kathleen M. Lattea to Jason L. Heath and Leah K. Cascioli, $400,000.


Fulton Ave., 9551-Simon and Nora Alvarado to Salai Hram Ceu and Lal T. Mawi, $220,000.

Mary Lee Lane, 8264-Mona M. Clark to Samuel D. Hellerman, $215,000.

Stansfield Rd., 10114-Ronald F. and Deanna M. Sargeant to Eric and Ryan Pfoutz, $269,000.


Hipsley Mill Rd., 3521-David E. Johnson to Shawn D. Johnston and Michael M. Stepek, $330,000.


Dorchester Way, 10775-Nei Global Relocation Co. to Peng Li, $741,000.