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Anne Arundel County

Bay Ave., 1208-Estate of Deborah Diggs and Celeste Diggs Smith to Grayson G. Dixon, $330,000.

Boucher Ave., 1113-Basheer Edgemoore Lonergan Corp. to Brett N. Guy, $605,000.

Burnside St., 301, No. B-John R. and Martha L. Detweiler to Christopher Powers, $345,000.

Harness Creek View Dr., 738-Kathleen B. and Peter M. Schoff to Christine E. Jones and Donald F. Whalen Jr., $560,000.

Ironstone Ct., 10, No. J-Matthew W. Heber to Peter V. and Jessica S. Glynn, $207,000.

Janwall St., 133-Claraetta Williamson to Wenceslao O. and Ingrid G. Garcia, $182,500.

McKinley St., 1307-Robert Z. Bohan and estate of Mary Jane Ekstein to Main Street Housing Inc., $186,000.

Sandstone Ct., 50, No. G-Judith R. Blank to Maxwell and June Marie Perry, $150,000.

Silverwood Cir., 17, No. 6-Lois Sowell to Terry L. and Cynthia Taylor Hicks, $105,000.

Timber Creek Dr., 1002-Bank of New York Mellon to Top Shelf Home Rentals Corp., $355,000.

Warren Dr., 709-Evan L. and Barbara A. Eller to Daniel David Nataf and Elizabeth Pauline Sammis, $930,000.


Autumn Chase Run, 2783-Ann C. Debolt to Christi Ann and Brian Jason Dieterch, $447,000.

Clubhouse Village Vw., 852-Robert L. Schwerin to Jean Carlson, $359,000.

Dreams Landing Way, 606, No. 606-Leslie S. and Julie Nolan Matthews to J. Michael and Anne D. Myers, $520,000.

Epping Forest Rd., 548-Harmin V. and Jan Weinberg Wood to Richard H. and Emily J. Downey, $635,000.

Gibson Rd., 142-Matthew D. and Ariane M. Hofstedt to Charles W. and Linda T. Engel, $370,000.

Greenbriar Lane, 2645-Seth M. and Donna Coplan to Susan Schneider, $745,000.

Island Creek Ct., 615-Bernard J. and Kevin Charles Suskie to Ashley Yavon Hillary, $203,000.

Mastline Dr., 925-Eileen H. Clausey and Cathleen C. Jones to Basil and Coral Arendse, $340,000.

Munroe Ct., 36-Roman A. and Dawn Bonitati to John L. Hinzman, $220,000.

Riversedge Cir., 942-Angela Peterman and Edward R. Ponatoski to Robert J. Suggs and Barbara J. Lee, $180,000.

Ships Bell Ct., 941-Andrew A. and Shirley R. Turlington to Perry L. and Karen S. Koch, $210,000.

Towne Centre Blvd., 1915, No. 406-Robert C. and Catherine A. Heird to Badri Narain and Vimla Simlote, $610,000.


Alameda Pkwy., 315-Phillip Matthew Link to Samuel M. and Heather N. Clement, $300,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 806A-Christian H. and Mayra Centurion to Raymond B. Ward and Jessica Dyer, $270,000.

Farley Ct. S., 1306-John F. and Frederica M. Purcell to Federal National Mortgage Association, $294,900.

Pine Valley Dr., 772-Terrence P. and Catherine A. Murray to Blake H. Smith, $300,000.

Rusack Ct., 724-Deidre A. Carison Gould to Ann Worthington Brundige, $490,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 668, No. 3L-Linda L. Nowakowski to William S. Burns, $185,000.

Yale Ct., 288-Stone Financing Corp. to Darrell L. and Courtney N. Stevens, $392,000.


Church St., 303-Betty B. Williamson to Jason Horwitz, $145,000.

Hammonds Ct., 610-James J. Mandrin to Michael J. Parker, $171,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 512-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ronald Windle, $50,000.

Fifth Ave., 201-Robin V. Johnson to James Wrighstson, $93,664.


Cranes Roost Ct., 434, No. 82-Lewis Dean and Lesa N. Hoover to Bonnie N. Watlington, $329,500.

Pendennis Dr., 1930-Robert S. Fiddler to David H. and Erin E. Fiddler, $452,000.

Severn Ridge Rd. W., 2-Bart L. and Kristen West Porter to Timothy P. and John A. Lyons, $430,000.


Baskin St., 5519-Tracy Funchion to Matthew R. Dustin and Lauren Young, $183,000.

Diamond Dr., 1052-James C. and Mary J. Robinson to Wayne C. Small, $229,000.


Carlyle Dr., 1679, No. 135-Rodney E. and India H. Crawford to Stone Financing Corp., $295,000.

Dog Leg Ct., 2515-Daniel A. and Michelle G. Nellum to Dustin and Kymry Vance, $330,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1656-Anthony Sewell to David M. Kellstrom, $163,000.

Farlow Ave., 1516-Edward T. and Deborah B. Vanderlan to Alexander J. and Jennifer G. Smith, $435,000.

Harwell Ave., 1459-Jerry M. Bryl to Jayson C. and Holli M. Hayman, $421,000.

Stow Ct., 2526, No. 28-Kevin Magaw and Gabrielle Fitzgibbons to Dawn M. Casterline, $340,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2437-Delphine N. Forteh Ngochi and Valorie Kacherian to Maryland Home Partners Corp., $157,000.


Creek Farm Lane, 2109-James Ross Foxen and Sweena Seekri to James Koser, $670,000.

Riverside Dr. S., 356-Carol A. and Carroll S. Wagner to Connie Ann Kemmerer, $167,000.


Weldon Rd., 106-Jeffery and Janice Dellacqua to Mary and Joshua Kurtz, $209,900.


Peggy Stewart Ct., 719-Richard D. and Donna M. Weaver to Benjamin P. and Katherine M. Riley, $1.4 million.

Spring Lakes Dr., 2889-Alexander and Eileen G. Marion to Robert Clark and Cathryn Michele Bigler, $44,000.


Jewell Rd., 359-Karl S. and Mary E. Veit to Charles R. Tippett, $180,000.


Bayside Dr., 3914-James A. McGuire and Calvert W. Norfolk Trust to James W. and Geraldine M. Boyd, $730,000.

Edgewater Dr., 235-Michael N. and Tori T. Matton to Gary Pate, $735,000.

Mayo Ave., 207-Jeffrey A. Weaver to Federal National Mortgage Association, $322,000.

River Terr. S., 3548-John B. and Heather M. Mundie to Christopher L. and Mary Christine Sims, $1.24 million.

Shore Dr., 818-Michael F. Madden to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $171,504.

White Marsh Lane, 3935-Margaret L. Burkness to Frank and Cynthia Mandalino, $600,000.


Bluegrass Way, 1334-Luis D. and Paula L. Maldonado to Bernard R. and Carol M. Watson, $570,000.

Hermitage Hills Dr., 2041-Salvatore Rigatuso to Edwin S. and Sandra C. Sarrach, $395,000.

Wigeon Way, 1411, No. 303-Sharon Fritz Upton to Jonquil E. Vincent, $209,000.


Aster Dr., 1338-Hiroko and Patricia A. Simmons Griffin to Marie Hawryluk, $220,000.

Crestpark Dr., 557-Janice C. Rutkowski to David Blood and Kathryn Wagner, $270,000.

Delmar Ave., 717-Kay M. Mayo to Julie D. Knopp, $250,000.

Foxwell Bend Rd., 119-Michael and Elizabeth Mullikin to Lucio R. Vazquez Arjona, $232,000.

Kenilworth Ct., 468-Soojin Lee Soto to Robert J. Scott, $100,000.

Norwich Rd., 1920-Mark Warner to Jennifer Harris, $200,000.

Pamela Rd., 603-Aaron E. and Patrick J. Karvar to Garrett Alan Dalton, $242,000.

Proctor Ct., 100-Paul M. and Tammy L. Reisler to Stephanie E. Baber, $249,000.

Saunders Way, 1804-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jonathan Forshey, $112,501.


Barbara Ct., 802-TD Development Corp. to Betty B. Williamson Trust, $200,000.

Furnace Dr., 1630-Paul J. Cohen to Zheng Hai Zheng, $600,000.

Hialeah Dr., 201-Kim Houng Thi Nguyen and Long Vu to Randy P. Gardner, $205,000.

Howard Rd. E., 7561-June C. Hall Thompson and estate of Camsie Hall to Joseph W. and Myong C. Tillery, $85,000.

Juniper Dr., 219-U.S. Bank to Patrick McGrath and Danielle Weaver, $200,000.

Marley Ave., 1599-Marlene M. Scheibe to Stephen W. and Jennifer L. Stanowski, $150,000.

Partridge Lane, 717-Nancy C. Wyatt to Stanley L. and Myriam G. Pugh, $300,000.

Saratoga Ave., 500-Joseph James Betch Jr. and estate of Joseph James Betch to Lee R. and Meredith A. Devereaux, $210,000.

Spring Maiden Ct., 210-Turnberry Real Estate Inc. to Patricia A. Dieso, $120,000.

Water Fountain Way, 107-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nichole M. Martin, $82,500.


Brimstone Pl., 2234-Crandall and Sherrita Watson to Rachel A. Kim, $390,000.

Siden Dr., 7709-Andrea McMakin to Adam Howard Rickard, $310,000.


Easton S., 228-Hendryk C. Modelski to Equity Trust Co. and Mark K. Jennings, $155,150.

Londonleaf Lane, 3425-Ife D. Dyer to Myriam Diatta, $179,900.

Old Channel Rd., 3041-Cedric Canada to Stephanie Frazier, $417,000.

Sweet Pine Dr., 220, No. 28-Alvaro I. Santos to Jackson Chambers, $154,700.


Chestnut Rd., 341-Ameri Star Homes Collins Wood Inc. to Terrance Dshun and Laurie Robin Beasley, $464,210.

Oak Park Ct., 6420-Matija Anna Wagner and estate of Emily Frances Murphy to Timothy Brian Murphy, $290,000.


Bayard Rd., 743-Lewey W. and Doris V. Jameson to Pamela Cherie Brown Chauvin, $492,500.


Generals Hwy., 880-Donald E. and Shirley G. Meehan to Fred Jackson, $115,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2506-David A. Handermann to Stephen Blackwell Rogers, $209,000.

Brigadier Blvd., 2043-Joseph A. Roberts to David A. and Kristy M. Kotzin, $420,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2657-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate Inc. to Joseph A. Millett, $273,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8608, No. 402-Ross A. and Barbara J. Carrick to Edith A. and Warren L. Beaty, $275,000.

Imperial Sq., 486-Hayes Gregory Addison to Christopher M. Kincade, $223,999.

Lokus Rd., null, No. 3-NVR Inc. to Hector H. and Carmen J. Colon, $344,355.

Orchard Overlook, 703, No. 203-Roseanna Nugent to Amanda Norton, $185,000.

Realm Ct. E., 511-Agathus B. Griffin to Janie Wiles, $201,000.

Shallow Stream Way, 2870-Estella Alanga to Prakash Anthony, $310,000.

Verdigris Way, 1012-William T. and Anita Denise Clark to Thomas J. and Kristi D. Scarantino, $415,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612-Beazer Homes Corp. to Helene D. Flieder, $284,418.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612-Beazer Homes Corp. to Michael E. and Donna S. Hupp, $331,135.


Belhaven Ave., 8079-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Peterson Real Estate Group Corp., $188,699.

Cremen Rd., 1816-Pegasus Home Corp. to Family Freedom Investment Corp., $80,000.

Edgewater Rd., 462-Joseph and Irene Brzuchalski to Francis and Patricia McGee, $415,000.

Greengate Way, 7844-James M. and Janean M. Giles to John L. and Laura J. Freitag, $235,000.

Hickory Point Rd., 224-James Arthur and Sharolyn Lou Propst to Jamie Bauman, $279,900.

Kingsley Ct., 3502, No. E-Amy Bonovich Riley and estate of Leah Bonovich to Michelle Caropreso, $120,000.

Mallow Ct., 7800-John and Lisa J. Erbe to Meredith Albrecht and Aaron Michael Botnick, $365,000.

Middlegate Ct., 7731-Donald W. Keefer to Michael P. and Donna L. Tetrault, $200,000.

Riverside Dr., 452-Comeback One Corp. to Christopher W. and Katherine E. Moran, $307,400.

Shore Pkwy. S., 1626-Kristine and Douglas Enzler to Wray G. and Sheryl E. Brady, $710,000.

Willowby Run, 743, No. 743-Vasilikie Lowman to Peter L. and Sarah Johncox, $206,000.

Woodholme Cir., 8021-Springleaf Financial Services Inc. to Marketpro South Inc., $170,000.

203rd St., 775-6 Holshire CT Corp. to Joyce and Robert Gene Gourley, $315,000.


Grisdale Hl., 205-Robert E. and Jane B. Beery to William R. and Dorothy C. Beck, $510,000.


Beach Plum Lane, 7919-Leonard C. Anderson and Nonetta M. Pierre to Justin Robert and Sarah Scanlon Titman, $244,000.

Danza Rd., 816-Anthony D. and Jessica L. Zoccola to William P. Harrington, $289,000.

Dunfield Ct., 8235-Lillemor B. Zuberi to Gagan Kandhari and Sanjay Khanna, $35,000.

Illinois Ave., 1424-Haddijatou S. Ogunsola to Kevin S. Heath, $340,000.

Manet Way, 7874-Scott R. and Michelle M. Guenther to Jeffrey C. and Patta Verdier, $427,500.

Ponderosa Dr., 8003-Frank J. and Kimberly Krautheim to David A. and Hannah J. Handermann, $377,500.

Severn Pines Way, 1103-Sean W. Tynan and Caroline R. Zajac Tynan to Ryan and Michelle McVey, $449,900.

Wyncote Cir., 1507-Everet M. and Christine M. Anderson to Carlos A. Diaz and Diani J. Rivera, $261,000.


Berrywood Dr., 117-Bradford Lloyd and Linda Dawn Coston to David Adrian and Elizabeth Marie Lachapelle, $710,000.

Crandell Rd., 305-Jack S. Giordano Jr. and Bridgette G. Dill to Brett S. and Kristal Weatherstein, $274,500.

Linstead Rd., 17-J. Michael and Anne Duer Myers to Minor Lee and Sylvia W. Marston, $750,000.

Robinson Landing Rd., 78-Lee Muzik and estate of Thomas James Colins to Cattail Construction Inc., $185,000.

Shore Rd., 713-Robert and Audrey Ann Risley to Bay Front Development Corp., $470,000.

Sullivan Dr., 7-William S. and Janet K. Black to Charles D. and Elizabeth A. Mescher, $825,000.


Linton Lane, 1228-Timothy D. and Rebecca S. Ogden to William T. and Cynthia M. Jackson, $385,000.

Howard County

Cabery Rd., 10252-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Sandeep Dhawan, $635,000.

Furrow Ave., 8975-Ellicott City House Corp. to Peter James Elliott, $560,000.

Gwynn Park Dr., 9714-Kenneth Lee Mercer to Luis M. Requejo, $445,000.

Longview Dr., 9755-Lauren A. Bradley and Catherine A. Kmieciak Trust to Joshua A. and Amber C. Baumer, $422,000.

Mount Albert Ct., 12157-Tussnee Lerdboon to Steven Jamison Stover and Wanlapa Fuangphon, $615,000.

Old Saint Johns Lane, 2762-Regina R. Haughton and estate of Pearl Loretta Green to Ji H. and Sue S. Lee, $250,000.

Red Lion Tavern Ct., 10240-Keith L. and Dale A. Jackson to Ray Harris, $520,000.

Spring Meadow Dr., 4017-Martinus T. Vaessen and Maria Del Carmen Vaessen Horvath to Lyn Dippel, $544,000.

Waycross Rd., 9113-Barbara A. Vandermer and estate of Ethel A. Bray to Michael and Rosemarie Bennett, $429,200.


Early Lilacs Path, 12121-Yeon O. and Myun Ki Han to Karri L. Lamb and Kelly T. Hurley, $780,000.

Haviland Mill Rd., 6805-Brian A. Goldman, and James M. and Elizabeth H. Anderson to Market Pro South Inc., $385,000.

Ten Oaks Rd., 6006-Joel Goodman to Sanjoy and Rita Sanyal, $720,000.


Blue Pool, 9013-Peter J. Vanmaasdam to Cynthia Young, $300,000.

Dasher Ct., 6677-Richard G. and Valerie Kline to Syed Akhar, $450,000.

Encounter Row., 6168-Theodore W. and Alicia A. Malinowski to Anna R. and Daniel J. Tutolo, $272,000.

Granite Knl., 6071-Claude L. and Kathy B. Porsella to American Signature Properties Corp., $242,000.

Indian Camp Rd., 9425-Ahmed S. and Rafla P. Siddioui to Kumar and Renna K. Nichani, $225,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7132-Vincent Knaggs and Jeanne Becker to Omar Azizkeya, $249,000.

Majors Lane, 6017, No. 5-Luz E. Flores to Ken Y. Zeng and Susan Y. Yuen Zeng, $75,000.

Open Meadow Way, 8618-Gary C. and Ann B. Tartanian to Vincent M. Chillemi and Jamie E. Harris, $410,000.

Rosinante Run, 5963-Rosinante Run Corp. to Theodore W. and Alicia A. Malinowski, $375,000.

Silver Arrows Way, 6174-Hyun H. and Seo W. Lee to Yub Chang, $270,000.

Tamar Dr., 5901, No. 9-Jason S. Jess to Keyvan Rafei and Panthea Parang, $64,000.

Watchlight Ct., 8993-Margo Marquess and Amitava Gupta to Danielle Wooten, $183,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7169-Barbara H. and Michael J. Pierre to Andrew Castner, $250,000.


Barley Corn Row., 6523-Paul Kenneth and Janet C. Maffey to David and Jennifer Sheehan, $607,500.

El Camino, 5445-Ingrid V. Khalil and Jose Medina to Amber Gu and Yong Liang, $105,500.

Green Mountain Cir., 10850-Community Development Administration of Maryland to Gregory Tang and Irene Mon, $75,000.

High Beam Ct., 10610-Roberta E. Dillow to Christopher A. Bean, $287,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5230-Jeffrey and Kimberly Marcus to Unni P. Mundaya and Hetal K. Rupani, $362,500.

Mystic Ct., 5488-Charlene M. Burgher and Christina Prologo to Hyunuk Kim, $188,000.

Towering Oak Path, 6621-Chad E. Lane to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $799,900.

Windstream Dr., 10105-Betsy M. and Robert M. Crone to Luciana S. Inglis, $203,000.

Woodnote Lane, 5313-Sharon E. Healy and Donald L. Mathis to Rajesh Kumar J. Kukadia and Ann-Priya Thanaraj, $515,000.


Blue Sky, 5843-Myung Sik Choi and Young Ah Kim to Matthew Weiner and Rachel Lorber, $329,900.

Ducketts Lane, 6248-John T. and Mary M. Reedy to Joy and Maya Pallikal, $214,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7224-Angelique Johnson Short to Robert W. and Jennifer M. Mumper, $306,000.

Glenmore Ave., 6409-American Investment Corp. to William L. and Dawn M. Fromm, $275,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6205-Judy Yin Sih and Axelrod Shih Trust to Matthew D. Thomas, $166,000.

Shady Oak Lane, 5826-Cherish Guisto to Konstantin Mirnitchenko, $350,000.

Water Oak Rd., 7088-Donald Stewart Crawford to Brian D. Bissett and Crocetta G. Argento, $230,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7702-Jung Hoon Shin to Sacchidanand R. Girde and Deepti George, $325,000.

Chestnut Crest Dr., 8119-American International Solutions Corp. and Christopher T. Donohue to Leo P. and Tracy C. Fecteau, $635,000.

College Ave., 4421-Donna White and estate of James Collins to Jason P. Kestner, $268,000.

Governor Martin Ct., 3311-Theodore G. and Insuk Bland to Nazir G. Makandar and Seema Shariff, $580,000.

Huntley Dr., 4673-Scott Michael and Karen Elizabeth Anderson to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $600,000.

Kensington Gdns., 2530-Dal Hoon and Keum Soon Chung to Michael R. and Nancy F. Malloy, $185,000.

Richards Valley Rd., 5809-Candan Aganer to John Norris Hunt II and Sarah Hulsey, $370,000.

Rustling Bark Ct., 7902-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kerri R. and Michael Miller Mercer, $300,000.

Talbots Lanedg., 5285-Preeti Ahluwalia and Raman Bajaj to Bradley A. and Kelly R. Taylor, $540,000.


Cherry Tree Dr., 7425-HSBC Bank to Jens H. and Kathrin M. Herberholz, $485,299.

Maple Lawn Blvd., 7670, No. 2-Gregory C. Steffens to Anthony Goode and Stephanie Smith, $449,000.


Bold Venture Dr., 13728-Richard L. and Ada B. Hart to Parminder Sandhu, $750,000.


Hobbs Rd., 2510-Glen Alan and Sherri Lynn Mullinix to Chin Baptist Mission Church, $510,000.


Second Ave., 6226-Doug Zimmerman and estate of Yvonne E. Zimmerman to Shawn Phillip Bowie and Stephanie Ann Wheeler, $240,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8123-Michael and Sian M. Fisher to James C. Campbell IV and Joy P. Murphy, $258,000.

Mission Rd., 8160-Ryland Group Inc. to Kalpesh R. Mistry, $325,000.


Carlinda Ave., 6722-John C. and Jane Birdsong Christy to Randys Rehab Corp., $252,000.

Early April Way, 9023-Ervin M. Norgren to Richard Gung Fu and Han Ni, $245,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9121, No. 102-Anna W. Broadway to Anne Marie and Alan D. Yeo, $199,500.

Pirates Cv., 9252-Irfan Qayyum to Zhen Wu Lin and Xiao Lin Zhang, $250,000.

Sea Shadow, 9515-Ann C. and Lauren A. Palardy to Kathleen Sullivan Vandecastle, $250,000.


Barley Field Way, 11419-H. Dixon Ulmer and Lynda M. Gosselin to Kimberley E. and Mark Kevin McGill, $645,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 16429-Stephen and Elizabeth Sutherland to Joshua S. and Emily K. Rockwell, $517,000.


Brewington Lane, 9267-Kinner E. Atekwane and Eli Mbeufonjoh to Nimesh Chheda, $220,000.

Fragrant Lilies Way, 9904-Steven S. and Joanne E. Lee to Dong Hoon Han and Carol I. Jun, $390,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9327-Sharon L. Sykes to Quincy A. Hubbard and Shadawn L. Boston, $286,000.

Polished Pebble Way, 8702-SK Homes at Stone Lake and Goodier Builders at Stone Lake II Corp. to Kenneth M. and Perchell V. Broome, $649,900.

Sewall Ave., 9408-Richard H. and Laura A. Mathews to Roger W. Koehler Jr., $405,000.


River Rd., 1135-Melody J. Higgins to Matthew W. and Emily Newton, $322,000.


Duvall Rd., 2330-William M. and Barbara J. Myers to Chem & Associates Corp., $100,000.


Chambers Ct., 11155, No. M-Edward R. and Elizabeth A. Hill to Lloyd A. McKee, $255,000.

Ganton Grn., 2100, No. L-Louis G. Depaola and estate of Rudolph V. Depaola to Sun K. and Sharon Park, $235,000.

Merion Pond, 2234-Jennifer M. Broaddus to Stacey A. Schroeder, $395,000.