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Anne Arundel County and Howard County home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Chester Ave., 401-Bryan A. Braley and Stacey L. Turner to Barry and Ellen Morris, $1.2 million.

Gentry Ct., 89-Miki Iwata Trust to Joe C. Poe, $210,000.

Hollyday Ct., 1202-Louise P. Johnson to Sarah E. Lynch, $170,000.

Magnolia Ridge Rd., 3226-Frederick J. Sommer and Sandra Sommer Hiller to Vilma Properties Corp., $374,500.

Southwind Ct., 1200-Justin L. Cashman III and Kelly M. Sullivan to Christopher and Corrie Ashworth, $585,000.


Burtons Cove Way, 603, No. 5-Jadwiga Balzano and Bronislawa Siwiak to Victor R. Curtis, $219,500.

Greenbriar Lane, 618-Joyce E. Crook to Sandra R. Wallace, $119,100.

Murray Ave., 14-Adam and Colleen Sherman to Matthew Majernik and Christina D. Wiegand, $700,000.

Riva Rd., 2711-Deborah Arlene Brookes to Richard Morton, $270,000.

Summer Village Dr., 117, No. 56-Kaye Elizabeth Taylor Garland to Herbert B. and Janice L. Sheppard, $474,000.

Westminster Way, 1705-Betty L. Maier to Thomas T. and Alison Vannoy, $672,500.


Carlisle Dr., 730-Steve and Cherie Yelton to William R. and Nancy E. Kennerly, $695,000.

Greenhill Ct., 516-Harriet S. Boord to Tiffany C. and Larry M. McCullough, $191,000.

Knottwood Ct., 451-Emily K. Orrison to Daniel M. Toth, $235,000.

Old Jones Station Rd., 57-Dale L. and Susan K. Gatton to Eric and Christina Bomgardner, $294,900.

Shore Acres Rd., 1067-Bari Lynn Crook and John M. Crook Trust to Diana Kober Seidman, $525,000.


Doris Ave., 415-SD Investment Properties Corp. to Eugene L. Evans, $129,900.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5523-Equity Trust Co. and Albert Marsico to William Howard Thomas, $165,500.


Baystone Ct., 643-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Michael and Chara Mignonette Lewis, $327,500.

Circle Dr., 1514-Fletcher C. and Paige Libby Bauman to Paige Libby Bauman, $31,500.

River Bay Rd., 1163-William F. McGuirk and Marcia A. Shea to Michael J. Allison and Kara L. McGuirk, $525,000.

Sloping Woods Ct., 310-Ursula P. and Jeffrey L. Gilmore to Scott Marchakitus, $250,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 808-Shella R. and Roger J. Tuttle to Patrick Sweeney and Alexandria M. Benshaw, $359,900.


Castleford Sq., 1746, No. 168-Leslie L. and Mark S. Latorre to Christina Morrison, $230,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 1516-Karen I. Downie Scott to Paul Levitan and Anna Micherdzinska, $611,000.

Saxony Pl., 1706-Jan C. and Maryon J. Mooy to John Michael Castle, $410,000.


Birch Trail, 817-A-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Pride Homes Corp., $180,000.

Saint Stephens Woods Dr., 2010-Navy Federal Credit Union to Lawrence H. Adler, $750,000.


Seaside Ct., 7896-Patrick William Hoffman II to Central Mortgage Co., $190,000.


Bay Dr., 3721-Keith and Marie Noelle Clampet to Scott R. and Patricia M. Norris, $528,125.

Carrs Wharf Rd., 1067-Desiree and Dennis Shifflett to Margaret Donnelly, $272,000.

Colony Point Pl., 3806-Michael and Sally Shea to Milton and Jackie McCarthy, $319,900.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1629-Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas L. Zarrilli, $142,000.

Lees Lane, 206-Dorothy and Joel A. Burger to Bradley and Kathleen Rice, $275,000.

Oakwood Rd., 322-Carol C. and Donald H. Hibbard to Donald T. and Jane H. Green, $290,000.

Swallowtail Ct., 3413-Barbara M. Kennedy to Richard S. and Stephanie C. Mastal, $675,000.

Third Ave., 3705-Eric and Brandie Andrews to James Martin, $140,000.


Baylor Rd., 633-Leon Gantt to Strategic Equity Group Inc., $151,000.

Cayer Dr., 1068-Ronald E. and Margaret D. Chin to Michael D. Horrell, $186,000.

Elvaton Rd., 7931-Pride Homes Corp. to Verge V. Harper, $255,000.

Furnace Branch Rd., 903-Sabrina M. Wagener to Marvin L. and Lashonda Smith, $274,500.

Gordon Dr., 1457-James A. Martin III to Allen M. Harrington, $245,000.

John St., 1409-Thomas Albrecht to Matthew G. Dawson and Kathryn A. Stanley, $265,000.

Maple Ave., 106-Ryan Thomas Horan to Douglas Jay and Mariko Sweeting, $264,990.

Park Dr. E., 7935-Thomas R. and Linda L. Athey to Kristopher Zajur, $175,000.

Westway Rd., 517-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Andarmon Properties Corp., $120,000.

Third Ave. SE, 102-Deborah A. Wittig and Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,000.


Dark Star Way, 306-Monica S. and Leonard L. Haynes to Aaron S. Baker, $259,900.

Gatewater Ct., 360, No. 101A-Community Development Administration of Maryland to Hossam Abdelfatah, $74,000.

Leigh Rd., 7711-Kevin Groh and Lesley Lahman to Richard J. Holthaus, $243,000.

Phelps Ave., 108-Wells Fargo Bank to Cor Kelly Investments Corp., $126,000.

Renfro Ct., 492-Maribel Cazahuati to Stephanierose J. Keemer, $165,900.

Thomas Rd., 121-J. Thomas Truitt to Jason Davenport and Jaclyn Masimore, $193,000.

Water Fountain Way, 109, No. 301-Diane Brodka and Joseph L. Girlando Jr. to Saman Kumari and Kamal Priyankara Hennayake, $84,500.


Pometacom Dr., 1955-Charles E. Smith and Marianne H. Jansa to Michael Roy Griffith, $210,000.


Crumpton S., 3378-Pedro Benjamin and Nury L. Argueta to Teodoro A. Ramirez, $192,000.

Pennington Dr., 8006-David and Kristen Lambrecht to Barbara J. Green, $268,000.

Whispering Hills Pl., 3442-Donna Cline Smythe to Olan B. and Schnell R. Garrett, $196,000.


Chestnut Rd., 337-Ameri Star Homes Collins Wood Inc. to Kevin R. and Lesley L. Groh, $485,834.

Koch Rd., 510-Evelyn and Jimmy Jay Castleberry to Deborah M. and Patrick J. Redmond, $154,500.

Twin Oaks Rd., 1-Michelle C. Payne to Federal National Mortgage Association, $227,000.


Brightwood Rd., 478-Anthony W. Berry to Lisa Rosser, $365,000.

Horicon Point Dr., 8004-Michael B. and Clodagh M. Cooper to Michael and Sarah Majoros, $585,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. E., 616-Gary E. Carr to Ryan Patrick Kelly and Theresa Lynn Boilon, $200,000.


Gatehouse Lane, 304, No. K-Howard K. Davis to Omar Kaleem, $172,500.

Hoods Mill Ct., 2608, No. 104-Donald A. and Carol A. Hartman to Thomas E. and Angelia M. Smack, $207,000.

Moonglow Rd., 600, No. 204-U.S. Bank to Jane E. Schlegel, $149,900.

Samantha Lane, 1010, No. 101-Wayne Lawrence and Vicki Lynn Hartman to Johnnie A. and June M. Rowel, $221,500.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8608-Parichart Snyder to John T. and Karen Donaldson, $209,000.


Beyda Harbour, 931-Jerome M. McManus to Maria E. Patalinghug, $225,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 112-U.S. Bank to Anthony David Burns and Jenna Marie Golis Burns, $235,000.

Cottage Grove Dr., 152-Elizabeth Jean Hetsel to Wesdale Corp., $400,000.

Edgewood Ave., 7749-Elsie Marie Sikorski and Doris E. Talbott to Randall Frank and Leslie E. Short, $228,000.

Gladnor Rd., 2900-Stephen J. Holmes and estate of Ruth E. Thorley to Thomas W. Greenwood, $207,500.

Holmespun Dr., 1244-Thomas G. Gray Jr. and Lori A. Leary to Russell and Marcia Shaffer, $141,000.

Mountain Rd., 3910-Thomas J. and Catherine W. Paolino to Ronald E. Corey Jr. and Nicole Combs, $237,000.

Oyster Bay Harbour, 848-Courtney A. and Jeremy M. Wilson to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $129,567.

Robin Air Ct., 3628-Deloris J. Dupree and PNC Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $135,990.

Sherlock Ct., 7657-Gregory A. and Kim E. Mueller to Jaron and Jessica Rice, $192,500.

Willowby Run, 772, No. 772-Amber J. Dieterich to Robert G. Powell III and Amber J. Nelson, $205,000.

215th St., 719-Paul and Katherine Adams to Zachary M. Howard and Heather L. Barr, $230,000.


Braun Ave., 8527-Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert B. Argentieri and Mary R. Naccash Argentieri, $230,000.

Derby Farms Dr., 872-Frederick W. and Edith Mae Finck to Sally Anne Smith, $300,000.

Lasalle Pl., 1813-Lawrence R. Barber to Benjamin L. Langrill, $245,000.

Pavilion Dr., 7895-Barbara J. Wessells to Gary F. Ridgely, $65,000.


Clarence Ave., 108-David Lee Shreck to Utz Enterprises Inc., $168,000.

Dividing Rd., 789-Karen L. Lanthorn to Brian C. Zelichner, $14,400.

Mulard Ct., 48-Linda Kelly and David M. Windsor to Linda L. Rhoads, $465,000.

Sullivan Dr., 10-Raymond J. and Maria K. Kostkowski to Stephen F. and Suzanne T. Wood, $565,000.


Columbia Cove Ct., 1506-Craig Porter and Norma D. Courtois to Kevin P. and Rose M. Meyers, $875,000.

Howard County

Club Ct., 4213-Joseph and Lauren Riley to Jeffrey A. Fontenot and Sheryl A., Malcolm and Shirley Stasiowski, $675,000.

Fox Den Rd., 10053-Margery Dumond and estate of Stephen K. Dumond to Clayton M. Fisher, $250,000.

Kinsale Ct., 11238-Winchester Homes Inc. to Lobna Zada, $819,900.

Michaels Way, 9802-James A. and Carol C. Runkles to Pinar Miski, $425,000.


Blue Point Ct., 6027-Michael D. and Patricia Berman to Blue Point Court Corp., $455,000.

Old Hopkins Rd., 11224-Ethel Babendreier Hoff to Myong Hon and Tae Kun Chong, $360,000.

Trumpet Sound Ct., 5910-Alan P. Breau to Joyce Z. Crich, $184,650.


Thunder Hill Rd., 5645-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bing Ma, $218,200.


Blue Arrow Ct., 10356-Barbara A. Brown to Matthew L. and Brianna R. Brubaker, $410,000.

College Sq., 10385-Juno C. Davies to Jinghao Zhang, $267,500.

Endymion Lane, 5160-BTA 1 Corp. to Sean R. and Dori T. Mornan, $417,900.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5657, No. C-101 Geneva Corp. to Kevin Y. Pei, $192,500.

Maywind Ct., 10400-RBL Ventures Corp. to Sammy T. Perez, $315,000.

Wilde Lake Terr., 10317-F. Landis and Gail G. Markley to Julie Thienel, $385,000.

Winterlong Way, 11829-Carl E. and Heather Q. Muckenhirn to James A. and Donelle L. Broskow, $585,000.


Fox Harbor Way, 7135-Basil H. and Deidra D. Matthews to O.H. and Helen M. Kwon, $230,000.


Avoca Ave., 5114-Albert D. McDonald to Kent and Judyann Peacock, $292,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8360-Gity Khadem and Daruosh Daneshgar to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $144,000.

Salterforth Pl., 4725-Douglas W. and Jennifer A. Lambert to Sreejith Nambiar, $401,500.

Talbots Landing, 5265-Christopher T. and Tammy S. Maxson to James Patrick Lawlor, $365,000.


Stapleton Dr., 3320-Michael E. and Deirdre B. Gafney to Matthew J. Kutz and Brooks Scoville, $565,000.


Hub Garth, 8859-SK King George Corp. to Barbara Brown, $284,000.


Groveleigh Dr., 6722-Donald R. Martin to R2properties Corp., $275,000.


Ridge Rd., 1259-Wendol A. Williams to Hann Chong, $340,000.


Cabot Ct., 9314-Kenneth Roe and Susanna Rose to Sara D. Seider, $249,000.

High Ridge Rd., 10172-Elizabeth F. Martin and estate of John MacKebee to Christopher L. Brown, $38,750.

Laurel Rd. N., 9005, No. L-Gregory Stokes and estate of Yvonne E. Levermore to Tracey A. Jones, $140,000.


River Rd., 1035-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Danielle L. Hammann, $400,000.


Duvall Rd., 2250-Henry F. Norwood Jr. to Curtis Lee Cumberland Jr., $190,000.


Dickens Way, 10517-Elizabeth B. and Johnny L. Hess to Ying Zhao and Fei Liu, $611,000.

Troon Overlook, 2120, No. X1-John T. Daily Jr. to John Hammann, $239,000.

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