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Anne Arundel County

August Dr., 1150-Michael C. and Ethel H. Pustilnik to Maureen C. O’Malley, $408,000.

First St., 428-James Scott and Bruce Asgley Renfroe to Kenneth and Susan Colimore Riffle, $550,000.

Greystone Ct., 10L, No. L-Sara J. Barnett to Rebecca Fernandez, $153,000.

Hunt Meadow Dr., 1701-Bernard H. and Virginia L. Thuman to Anthony J. Principi Jr., $589,900.

Mansion Dr., 105-Stephen L. Meyer and estate of Frank Joseph Meyer to Melody J. Jensen, $280,000.

Sandstone Ct., 10, No. K-Corey F. Callahan to Matthew P. Allen Phipps and Kathleen M. Myers, $154,900.

Victor Pkwy., 205C, No. 205C-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eleanor Perfetto and John McLeod, $92,000.


Berth Ct., 2833-Todd A. and Dorothy J. Wendler to Barbara E. Lowrey, $330,000.

Carver St., 29, No. C-Jose M. and Ana M. Andrade to Parole Associates Corp., $105,000.

Crisfield Way, 709-Patrick J. and Bonita G. Maloy to Willy Wei-Shu Weng and Mandy Manxian, $472,400.

Honey Trail, 1762-Virginia Lee Smith and Robert K. Sachlis to Derek M. and Elisabeth M. Smith, $200,000.

Poplar Ave., 1206-Michele E. Riordan to Jon J. and Ingrid K. Antonelli, $560,000.

Severn Grove Rd., 1942-Arundel Excavation & Landscaping Inc. to Matthew R. Brandy and Agata Cangemi, $260,000.

Vineyard Rd., 2007-CFG Community Bank to Jeffrey L. Carlson and Christine M. Eck, $565,000.


Friar Tuck Hl., 163-Marguerite R. Tessitore to Daniel S. and Lesli Baird, $840,000.


Ashcroft Ct., 23-John D. Lewis Jr. to Hayes Gregory and Michelle F. Addison, $425,000.

Brightleaf Dr., 1066-William George Castaldi Trust and William Castaldi to Matthew P. and Aidanora Stea, $204,000.

Gator Ct., 1186-Ronald M. and Samerjit N. Bolt to Elizabeth A. Schofield, $212,500.

Mallard Cir., 896-Udo A. and Gloria Jean Horn to Lois N. McConnell and Martha McConnell McCleaf, $890,000.

Mosswood Ct., 1190-Garland Ray and Maryann T. Jordan to William Corey Butler and Caitlin Ann Webster, $270,000.


Hammonds Lane, 911-Eleanora Chamberlib and Susan Kroupa to Linda C. Watts, $105,000.

Riverview Rd. W., 325-Kirk J. Confair to Dane Weeks and Mary Sank, $54,000.

Eighth Ave., 10-George Matthew Immler andestate of George Alvin Immler to Melissa Puvogel, $174,900.


Enyart Way, 1515, No. 201-Michael and Linda M. Saksa to Paul C. and Donna M. Haigley, $365,000.

Log Inn Rd., 1468-Federal National Mortgage Association to Pride Homes Corp., $94,500.

Revell Downs Dr., 1638-Stephen E. Smith to Aaron R. and Amanda M. Wiseman, $236,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 824-Anthony Friedrich and Angela R. Miller to Devon and Katrina J. McRainey, $344,900.


Broadwater Rd., 847-Martha T. Witt and estate of Margaret J. Franklin to Robert G. Nieman Sr., $195,000.

Exeter St., 5548-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven and Susan L. Nelson, $115,000.


Bancroft Lane E., 1622, No. 212-C. Craig Walls to Michael and Brittany K. Ross, $57,488.

Chapman Rd., 1617-Anthony J. and Stephanie N. Farmer to Miriah R. and Randall S. Hoagland, $499,000.

Fallsway Dr., 1678-Deutsche Bank to Ocean Holdings Corp., $317,625.

Lowell Ct., 1526, No. 26-XB-Donmark Corp. to Jeffrey E. Dibler and Ashley Umbel, $237,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1815-Charles L. Miller II and Charlotte Mouille to Mark and Sarah Digby, $410,000.

Stow Ct., 2554, No. 14-John C. and Den H. Junell to Kristofer M. and Katie M. Bisci, $343,000.


Baltimore Hill Rd., 1073-Converse Builders & Developers Inc. to Roy and Laura Merkel Deitz, $465,000.

Lower View Ct., 1404-Brian Haynes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $281,500.


Parkway Rd., 8105-Alan S. Helfgott to Dallas Cooper, $220,000.


Patuxent River Rd., 3900-Jeffrey Weibking to Andrea E. Lutov, $240,000.


Braxton Way, 204-Christopher and Jennifer M. Mercurio to John T. and Victoria L. Wojdak, $311,000.

Fiddlers Hill Rd., 96-Donald L. and Nancy K. Glenn to Vladimir K. Sonsev, $450,000.

Oak Bluff Rd., 1404-Linda Lee Phipps and Sharon Dee Griffin to Ring Holdings Corp., $499,000.

Ponder Dr., 3829-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Matthew C. Payne and Christie M. Zaganiaczyk, $245,842.

Torran Ct., 21-Alice and Benjamin Frazier to Matthew P. Anderson, $380,000.


Friendship Rd., 264-Blanche Miller Cosgrove and Dana Miller Noone to Scott D. and Jacqueline Kelly Taylor, $475,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 303-Celine G. Walsh and estate of J. Bert Wishart to Jacqueline C. Setlzer, $212,450.

Wigeon Way, 1409-Centex Homes to Jerry W. and Cheryl M. Shipp, $258,490.


Cardinal Estate Lane, 1705-Catherine J. Shaver and estate of George L. Dupski to Gina L. Ballard, $170,000.

Ferndale Ave., 15-Donna Marie Dorr Cashen to Gail R. Rogers, $169,900.

Gatewood Ct., 421-Federal National Mortgage Association to Husna B. Uddin and Rafath B. Affarka, $124,000.

Great Bend Rd., 8183-Kenneth and Amanda M. Heales to Ketan Vithlani and Mahendra Ganatra, $143,000.

Luther Rd., 506-Maryland Mortgage Co. to W. Mark and Linda Vanfleet, $20,000.

Myers Dr., 7930-David Donald and Velkis G. Isakson to Christopher and Janet A. Sobieraj, $270,000.

Ryan Rd., 304-Nicki Rabickow to Kay Ann Gaddy, $215,000.

West Ct., 590, No. 12G-Warren W. Warnick and Melissa A. Cowen to Cheryl Lynn Dhackells and Desirae Lee Sullivan, $110,000.


Beach Rd., 9-Mary Frances Day to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $112,000.

Clear Drop Way, 6507, No. 104-Estate of Marie E. Bauer and Ross Newton to Karen A. Adams, $136,000.

Glen Cir., 7-U.S. Bank to Kiley Property Group Corp., $137,000.

Hollins Chapel Ct., 7721-US Home Corp. to Bradley Lee and Toni Joanna Carter, $409,990.

Margate Dr., 217-Carol A. Johnson to Trevillian Enterprises Inc., $125,000.

Mountain Rd., 114, No. 2A-Margaret C. Sullivan to Mohsen Abdel Kader, $65,000.

Southfield Rd., 4-Admiral Management Co. to Steven E. and Dolores D. Kreglow, $2,000.

Stonehouse Run Dr., 7516-US Home Corp. and Lennar to Aishah A. Malik, $309,990.

William Chambers Jr Dr., 124-Federal National Mortgage Association to Deborah Ann Sinners, $210,000.


Gesna Dr., 1496-Sharone A. Eldridge to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $288,921.

Sunningdale Lane, 1704-Anthony Jang and Christina Suh to Joshua J. Birmat, $349,000.


Ellerton S., 334-Philip P. and Kelly M. Krug to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $185,840.

Old Line Ave., 338-JTH Investment Group Corp. to Santos L. Lizama, $279,900.

River Bridge Way, 3501-Luis A. and Roxana M. Morales to Brian J. Helliwell, $245,000.

Valley Lee S., 3343-Jennifer Nguyen to Travis L. Moore, $263,000.


Devon Ct., 204-Cheryl A. Robinson to Sharonika A. and Tayfun Abuska, $250,000.

Nancy Ave., 212-Paul L. Peregoy and Brenda L. Giedel to Stanley J. Topa III and Linda A. Gloria, $205,500.


Belmawr Pl., 563-Robert Spares to Donald L. and Christine R. Garey, $130,000.

Copperwood Ct., 207-Stephen P. and Susan G. Krohn to Daniel N. and Rebecca Dixon, $675,000.

Old Orchard Cir., 467-Richard H. and Judith D. Rheiner to James H. and Carole Denise Hardy, $547,500.


Barred Owl Way, 2639-James R. and Kacey C. Hoffman to Jonathan P. and Lee A. Peterson, $336,000.

Burletta Ct., 486-Robert Allen and Pamela Elaine Stone to Justin S. and Kerri L. Rogers, $430,000.

Chapelview Dr., 1317-Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $330,000.

Commodore Ct., 2115, No. 308-Patrick Mulvihill and Joseph A. Devoy to Amrita and Rudra M. Rai, $242,000.

Found Artifact Dr., 7626-Kaine Homes Inc. to Miguel A. and Akiko Rosario Felix, $449,446.

Jostaberry Way, 2390-Ursula M. and William Blount to Kathleen A. and Patrick F. Ortman, $384,975.

Orangeville Ct., 494-Vincent and Juli A. Butler to Eric and Michelle Lindahl, $445,000.

Samantha Lane, 1009, No. 304-Mary M. Philpott to Federal National Mortgage Association, $241,500.

Sunny Chapel Rd., 856-Mark A. Pavlosky and Chen Wang to Patrick J. and Brandy L.F. Malone, $500,000.

Waneta Ct., 1307-Linda L. Summers to Jeffrrey C. and Kimberly G. Marcus, $615,000.

Winding Stream Way, 699, No. 104-John R. and Kathleen C. Spry to Catherine Divelbliss Watson and Michael C. Bye, $28,500.


Armiger Dr., 8123-William G. Buchanan to Christopher C. and Christina M. Cluster, $500,000.

Dero Dr., 7871-Robert and Lynnea L. Alcaraz to Gage Erik Kulland and Brittany Tyler, $240,000.

Elkwood Ct., 8224-Billy L. and Stephanie Howell to Kim B. Richter, $359,000.

Garden Rd., 8444-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tracy and Bonnie Stark, $165,050.

Hickory Point Rd., 315-Elizabeth L. Gerheiser and estate of Richard H. Malat to Michael Allen Bandy, $239,900.

Jackpine Dr., 106-Donald English to Mark Paul Bois Jr. and Heather Nicole King, $244,500.

Marble Arch Dr., 3429-William R. and Susan K. Hughes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $225,000.

Notley Rd., 7771-Household Finance Corp. II to Bettie J. Sullivan, $156,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8160-Payne Maerten Corp. to Alice M. Demi, $285,000.

Shady Lane, 427-Gregory William and Michele Kane Powell to Brent J. and Allison T. Hardie, $500,000.

Watervale Ct., 1203-Barleyson Corp. to Scott M. and Laura Albinson, $975,000.

Derbyshire Lane, 362-James R. and Julia D. Triggs to Hubert Farrish, $577,500.


Brookstone Ct., 8053-Shanita Brown to Constance Marie Ellison, $170,000.

Durness Ct., 8221, No. 8221-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniele Ard and Richard Simmons, $74,900.

Estate Ct., 1893-Daniel W. and Rebecca A.W. Singleton to Adrian Misiak and Raafia S. Baboolal, $410,000.

Queenstown Rd., 774-Timaria Gaither and estate of Reginald A. Gaither Jr. to Eligio Velez, $175,750.

Shallowbrook Ct., 7813-Michele B. and Robert R. Henry to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $276,000.

Telegraph Rd., 8157-Deutsche Bank to Marguba A. Akbaralieva, $213,599.


Capote Ct. W., 273-Michael I. and Barbara M. Gavin to Jay M. Willoms, $531,000.

Duffield Dr., 596-Delores L. and Denise L. Seldon to Jason R. and Kelly K. Carter, $395,000.

Lower Magothy Beach Rd., 284-Mario A. and Kyndle Shea Quinones to William and Candice Rush, $465,000.

Riverdale Rd., 268-Robert W. and Nancy Krashoe to Giovanni and Julie M. Santoboni, $200,000.

South Dr., 302-Eric C. and Lee Ellen Crumpton to Louis T. and Michelle C. Cannon, $520,000.

White Oak Ct., 8-Jonathan E. and Katie S. Dornblaser to Anthony D. and Courtney Cornetto, $464,900.

Howard County

Carrigan Dr., 9886-Karen Piper to Yan Li and Yu Kang, $655,000.

Gwynn Park Dr., 9801-Elizabeth Lawhorn Cryder and estate of Lawrence E. Eckert to Zhiru Ma and Gang Li, $376,000.

Manor Lane, 4955-High Rock Investments Corp. to Kelly M. Skelton, $381,000.

Queensland Dr., 2616-Deborah G. Hindle to Brian S. and Martha E. Long, $495,000.


Ascending Moon Path, 6000-Dora S. Renehan to Prakash and Anne Sargunar, $625,000.

Same Voyage Way, 6000, No. 401-Daniel B. Register IV and Ricardo E. Erazo to Veronica Mellino and Horacio Karamanos, $276,124.


Black Star Cir., 8565-Frank W. and Emily Hill Petty to Levent Demirekler and Aysegul Gozu, $274,490.

Diamondback Dr., 9413-Frontier Holdings Corp. to Steven A. and Rachel S. Dial, $377,000.

Hickory Limb, 9473-Mark L. Supple to Mark Henriksen, $258,000.

Loring Dr., 6347-Michael and Cassandra McKeown to Eric S. Pfister and Cathleen R. Gidding Pfister, $240,000.

Merryrest Rd., 9410-Rene U. Garcia and Maria A. Martinez to Yue Dong, $155,000.

Silver Arrows Way, 6144-Scott Berkowitz and Lesley Farby to Latasha Murphy and Marcy D. Caines, $330,000.

Waterloo Rd., 5632-Accardi Acquisitions Corp. to Patapsco Builders Corp., $142,500.


Daystar Ct., 10312-Trina Y. Cradle and Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $279,661.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10462-Alan Fink to Robin Toler, $110,000.

Iron Pen Pl., 5368-Anthony D. and Terri L. Tanner to Karen M. Mason, $376,000.

Maywind Ct., 10413-Timothy A. and Natalie H. Terry to Michael Drob and Janet Dashevsky, $242,500.

Powder Run, 11248-Shizuka H. and Sam H. Sun to Robert and Christina Bowie, $164,000.

Suffield Ct., 5523-Rebecca Ice to Stone Financing Corp., $33,000.


Autumn Spell, 5909-Stefani L. Kokel to Cartus Corp., $327,500.

Elk Mar Dr., 7108-David F. and Patricia A. Eakin to William G. and Lindsay M. Martin, $525,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 6124-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ruben Movsisyan, $190,000.

Old Highgate Dr., 6438-Michael L. Mason to Daniel and Kristina M. Romero, $255,000.

Somerville Lane, 8013-Susan L. Harbison to Birat and Rupa V. Pandey, $317,093.

Wimbledon Ct., 6318-Robert J. Liskey to David Nelson Dittman, $250,000.


College Ave., 3928-Gerald Clarence and Janet Easton Martin to Tim and Barbara Moore, $450,000.

Lee Farm Ct., 4961, No. 85-101 Geneva Corp. to Babtunde A. Aderinale, $330,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 3771-Sasr Holdings Corp. to Richard A. Espy, Karen L. Espy and Mary Ann Gordes, $115,000.

Sylvan Lane, 3420-Robert G. and Olesia A. Hollenbeck to Kellie L. and Robert Z. Hollenbeck, $400,000.


Water St., 7764-Bryan S. and Nora L. Miller to Debbie A. Daniel, $582,000.


Callaway Ct., 15262-Donald R. and Donna L. Cook to Olive Goetz, $420,000.


Browns Bridge Rd., 7530-Alec E. Watkins to Rina S. and Vito Roca, $325,000.


Belleview Dr., 6610-Bahram and Azin Mobasher to James Scott and Megan S. Malcolm, $358,000.

Copperwood Way, 7017-Eric M. and Zara P. Zaverl to Aaron S. Kniter, $285,000.

Kings Meade Way, 8439-Marianne M. Faulstich to Matthew B. and Bailey J. Shagogue, $355,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7579-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Michael V. and Teresa L. Westerlund, $117,000.


Belgaro Rd., 7809-Gary H. and Frances E. Fairall to Ali M. Zaidi and Taiba Lateef, $379,000.

Chaton Rd., 9552-Philip C. and Michelle M. Ranker to Ramchander Rangini, $411,000.

Hammond Branch Way, 8217-Lawrence W. and Billie D. Smith to Ryan A. and Melissa M. Waggoner, $462,000.

Laurel Rd. N., 9300, No. W-Michael and Margaret Mulcare to Michael J. and Amanda B. Milochik, $335,000.

Northgate Rd., 9386-Daniel C. and Cindy M. Clark to Javan N. Ngaii, $300,000.

Redbridge Ct., 9247-Dana M. and Kathleen Daria to Nicholas B. Ruocco, $85,000.

Tipton Dr., 8476-Chris E. and Molly E. Hullinger to Eric M. and Talia A. Lindheimer, $430,000.


Abingdon Way, 10523-Guillermo and Daira Birmingham to PKR Investments Corp., $411,000.