Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3308-Joan M. Banks to Nasrolah and Victoria Khoshtinat, $201,600.

Boucher Ave., 1109-Basheer Lonergan Corp. to Bethany W. and Jonathan F. Phillips, $682,725.

Eden Lane, 1219-Laura Riddle to Carl E. and Jacquelyn Coles Smit, $2.44 million.

Georgetown Ct., 5-Mary Ann Treger and the estate of Doris Grubbs to Jocelyn Thompson and Demetrio Smith, $133,000.

Madison St., 1221-David Keith and Katy Lynn McMaster to My Dream Home Corp., $170,000.

President St., 1207-Barbara C. Frederick and Julie K. Coyer to Leandra Quiroz and Christopher Parkinson, $210,000.

Saddle Ridge Rd., 307-Mark D. and Mona L. Clookie to Frank and Jennifer Lefler, $425,000.

Spa Creek Landing, 8-Patricia S. Bradshaw and John T. Scudi to Brad M. Hollern, $400,000.


Amos Garrett Blvd., 65-Mary E. Crocker to Karen Carter, $470,000.

Boom Way, 901-Constance Hammond to Hugh A. and Sandra K. Feeley, $370,000.

Catlyn Pl., 1418-Basil and Konstantina Katcheves to Brian Michael Hoxie and Kathryn Geneva Grasso, $359,900.

Clay St., 191-Michael S. and Jacqueline A. Ford to Shane Todd and John Phelan, $135,000.

Coxswain Way, 834-Dana C. Gill and Deborah J. Gill to Carma J. Latvala, $450,000.

Forbes St., 302G, No. 302-Clarence Smith and Carla Lucky to Kristie L. Phillips, $265,000.

Goodrich Rd., 23-Francis J. Crutchley and Katharine Brent Buchheister to Brian and Susan Hopper, $400,000.

Kentwood St., 1203-Peter T. and Kathleen R. Lampell to Lisa M. Fratino, $443,400.

Mastline Dr., 919-Edmund J. and Josephine T. Milligan to Thomas Allen and Diane Green Wolf, $375,000.

Monticello Ave., 111-Pilli Development Co. to Granstan Properties Corp., $335,000.

Pilot House Dr., 710-Katerina Winston to Stephen Leonard and Sara B. Tanne, $585,000.

Powell Dr., 510-William A. and Renee White to John R. and Debra D. Morris, $917,500.

Riversedge Cir., 974-Nelson B. Stockwell and Carolyn Perry to Julia Rose Hughes, $207,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 205-Jean E. John to Eloise G. Sprehn, $144,000.

Towne Centre Blvd., 1915, No. 707-Jennifer L. Garnett to Pegah Parvizian, $500,000.

Wayward Dr., 614-Jose A. Iglesias and Oscar A. Iglesias Lemus to Reina M. and Oscar Hernandez, $260,000.


Andrew Hill Rd., 614-Vaden S. Pitts and Barbara Ann Getz to Susan D. Warner, $459,000.

Camden Ct., 1687-Eugene L. and Doris C. Keating to Andrew C. and Samantha M. Long, $585,000.

Cove Terr., 624-David S. and Lauren C. Ewald to David M. and Dawn M. Orso, $700,000.

Newbridge Ct., 670-Matthew Bateman to Community Development Administration, $137,700.

Rusack Ct., 713-David F. and Paige L. Fuller to Warren Curry Graham III, $440,000.

Viking Dr. N., 1215-Charles B. and Debra K. Hardie to Alexander S. and Sheri F. Berberian, $475,000.


Cliffside Ct., 5611-Ronald D. and Linda R. Thomas to Jesse A. Rager, $239,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 610-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Patricia Mahaffey, $110,110.

Orchard Ave., 315-Pegasus Home Corp. to Roberto Carlos Puma, $181,900.

Stanley Terr., 283-Paradigm Propeties Group Corp. to Vemita Regiec, $124,000.

Eighth Ave., 222-Susan P. Bradbury/Mewshaw to Tyrone T. Barfield Jr. and Jennifer L. Mangrum, $138,000.


Destiny Cir., 1229-Raymond V. Gomez and Gloria A. Gomez Bypass Trust to Richard J. and Leslie J. Payne, $460,000.

Little Current Dr., 501-A. David and Stephene Schulman to Timothy and Amanda Vecchioni, $236,000.

Middletown Rd., 1447-Deutsche Bank Co. to Jose Cristobal, Judith Elizabeth and Alexis Marie Andino, $84,299.

Ramblewood Dr., 1261-Margaret Wagner and estate of Evelyn A. Corley to Deena A. and Sean B. Boylan, $260,000.


Ellicott Ave., 1326-Chad and Lauren Roland to Logan A. and Kristin E. Ray, $340,000.

Rodgers Rd., 1085-Robert P. Simmons to Kristin Pauly and Shawn Mahshie, $368,000.


Billhimer Ct., 2800-Kevin J. and Krista N. Wells to Christopher D. and Anna Marie Crowley, $555,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 2404-Terence B. and Susan M. Meyers to Katerina May and Ryan Albert Erhard, $600,000.

Fendall Ct., 1637, No. 57-Donald G. and Katie M. Lloyd to Shannon Virginia Burer, $180,000.

Foxdale Ct., 1721, No. 167-Najla N. Haddad to Silver Knoll Real Estate Corp., $170,000.

Judicial Way, 1823-Christopher T. and Elyssa J. Parana to Jonathan H. Wheaton and Julie A. Lund, $500,000.

Old Willow Way, 2008-Eric S. and Linda J. Reichard to Richard Ryan and Bethany Colt Krulis, $520,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1818, No. 51-Charles W. and Alaina M. Seifert to Anthony J. Romano and Natalia R. Bellini, $65,875.

Wayland Ct., 1608-John William Olson to Kenneth W. and Irene Groover, $365,000.

Wickham Way, 1700-Thomas A. and Diane G. Wolf to Gregory Brooks and Mary N. Liswell, $552,900.


Bill Carr Rd., 1250-Jessica L. Harris to Christina and Raphael V. Sollerer, $340,000.

Herald Harbor Rd., 749-William L. and Chris L. Miller to Cherie Briggs, $385,000.


Highpoint Rd., 7808-Nicholas and Janice Rossi to Matthew A. Martin, $265,000.

Springhouse Lane, 7176-Robert E. and Eva Sawyer to Mark E. Bowen, $259,000.


Russell Thomas Lane, 3518-James H. and Martha Suzanne Thrift to Kevin J. Brister and Sara M. Whitaker, $760,000.


Meadowlark Dr., 6421-Christopher P. and Karen V. Swann to Robert E. Moore II, $435,000.


Braxton Way, 269-Alicia Sullivan to Kristine M. Wayson, $335,000.

Cedar Dr., 3502-Martha A. and Gratz L. Roberts to Colony Restorations Corp., $140,000.

Colony Crossing, 158-Scott G. and Margaret E. Miller to Nei Global Relocation Co., $800,000.

Fern Hill Ct., 3121-Jill E. Kolody to James Christopher Blakeney, $965,000.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1807-Matthew D. McMahon and Nancy A. Stone to Nicholas Russo and Samantha Butler, $259,900.

Idlecreek Lane, 61-Stephen A. Beaulieu III to John F. and Elaine D. Scoggins, $395,000.

Locust Dr., 431-David W. and Pamela S. Risik to Anthony P. Savia, $450,000.

Night Haven Ct., 250-Alan R. and Laima E. Fiterman to Jeremy D. and Tiffany Marie York, $334,000.

Poplar Ave., 211-Constance Cleland and estate of Martha A. Scott to Andrew Leinermann, $145,000.

Shadow Point Ct., 26-Craig Living Trust to Thomas M. and Shannon L. Dickey, $700,000.

White Marsh Lane, 3932-Catherine R. Porter to Brittany D. Washko, $410,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2607, No. 113-Ruth R. Amanuel to Ella M. Beale, $185,000.

Highland Farms Cir., 610-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jon Locke Halverson, $590,010.

Silver Way, 2312-Harold A. and Racquel F. Viado to Carrie Youngs, $330,000.

Wigeon Way, 1406, No. 207-Centex Homes to William C. and Anne B. Raup, $323,330.


Baylor Rd., 633-Leon Gantt to Community Development Administration of, $151,000.

Cherry Ave., 6035-Michael and Carla Yates to Eric S. and Ashley R. Wride, $192,000.

Georgia Ave. NW, 15-Donald A. and Patricia M. Schroder to Federal National Mortgage Association, $256,234.

Great Bend Rd., 8187-William F. and Lelia Jean Lamoreaux to Amanda Lynn Otto, $174,500.

Juneberry Way, 204, No. 204-2B-James Dorsey and estate of Joseph E. Dorsey to Jacques M. Beliard, $105,000.

Main Ave. SW, 207-Barbara Ann Pumphrey Sander and Sonya Mireles to Above Grade Renovations Corp., $117,000.

Morningside Dr., 520-Frank and Barbara A. Servedio to Sean and Abby McEvers Higgs, $202,000.

Phirne Ct. E., 460-Ervin W. Cassell and Linda D. Wiliams to Richard Glenn and Katia Eliana Furrow, $210,000.

Ridgewick Rd., 1822-Estate of Sarah A. Shanefelter and Christopher J. Shanefelter to Jennifer R. Mattei, $225,000.

Shetlands Sq., 340-Frank R. Augusto to Oluwafemi L. and Omobolanie Olawuyi, $205,000.

Stephanie Ct., 610-Bobby G. and Barbara J. Geddings to Vera Hawley, $269,900.

Turn Loop Rd., 8124-Brian K. Wenk to Orrin Edward and Susan Elaine Furlong, $154,000.

Westdale Rd., 6-Amanda Kraft and Shannon Harwell to Robert L. Hilte Jr., $225,000.

Woodoak Ct., 271, No. 4-Eric C. and Arrika M. Lowery to Community Development Administration, $142,800.


Brockton Ct., 1011-U.S. Bank National Association to Elijah Daniel Jeremiah Marshall, $335,000.

Edgerly Rd., 1017-Triple Construction Corp. to Thomas F. and Danamarie H. Nairn, $207,000.

Flamingo Dr., 6209-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Leah C. Angstadt, $225,000.

Indigo Bunting Lane, 921-Shivam and Amrut Champaneri to Wayne F. and Jacalyn R. McCready, $325,000.

Marley Ave., 1716-Connie M. Keefer and estate of Ronald C. Keefer Jr. to William Hall Rosser III, $265,000.

Point Pleasant Rd., 942-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Buddy Shane Pennewell and Amos Fairbanks Pennewell, $135,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6800-Karen Fay Gale/Short to Matthew R. and Megan L. Copsey, $127,500.

Sithean Way, 1032-Derek Ryan Harris to Michael F. Krok, $228,000.

Sunny Brook Dr., 1104-Wallace R. and Stephanie L. Sneeden to Edgar Martinez and Waleska Torres, $280,000.

Upton Rd., 1001-Jeffrey Quay and Catherine Ann Melvin to Frank T. Barreca Jr., $147,500.


Fairbanks Ct., 7674-Hye K. Yang to Brandon Allen and Cristina Lee Hardisty, $187,000.

Helston Ct., 7519-George E. and Jaclyn E. Flanagan to Oluwatosin Iyabode Adedeji, $360,000.

Macedonia Dr., 1415-Katherine A. and Sabin J. Rausch to Bilgis Bright Davies and Martins Ibenye, $260,000.

Mulberry Rd., 7406-Barbara A. Owens to Pablito Dolorito, $317,000.

Pometacom Dr., 1951-Residential Value Corp. to Jason Edward and Tamera Lynn Dion, $296,500.

Stoney Run Dr., 7557, No. 7557-301-Brendan F. King to Charles Morris, $235,000.


Citrus Ave., 2007-Annapolis Baltimore Renovations Corp. to Ben Andrew Barthiaume, $235,700.

Orchard Ave., 2032-Stephanie L. Walton and estate of Joseph E. Walton Jr. to Pullen Investments Corp., $102,000.


Little River Rd., 3-Paul A. and Patricia A. Dembeck to Mark A. Powell and Deborah L. Davis, $445,000.

Old Line Ave., 303-Stanley Galicki Jr. to Crystal M. Landin, $245,000.

Winding Trail, 8432-Shannon L. and Jales L. Harper to Henry Fitzpatrick IV, $357,900.


Linda Ave., 308-Susan Rawlings Bunting and estate of William Kenneth Rawlings to Christopher J. Engler and Lauren E. Henkel, $220,000.


Rapidan Ct., 5405-Susan L. Walden to Colin N. Hasting, $775,000.


Candlewood Ct., 301-Julie Mazcko to Strategic Equity Group Corp., $452,000.

Lethbridge Ct., 506-Denise Allen and Marie Louise Alcala to Dominique C. Crenshaw, $320,000.

Poplar Rd., 261-Pride Homes Corp. to Craig A. Smith and Christine M. Raleigh, $327,500.

Tanager Dr., 1172-Mabel E. and Christopher M. Wheeler to Kayla Gorman, $412,000.

Wagner Farm Ct., 900-Steven and Heather Lueben to Gregory and Brooke Rednarski, $462,500.

Weyburn Rd., 8166-Steven R. Lloyd and estate of Robert Phillip Lloyd to Marcelo and Maria Ines Teixeira, $267,000.


Blue Spring Ct., 2444-Paul Gentry and Mark D. Gentry to Mark and Trinette Newman, $185,000.

Clarion Ct., 2604-Stephen L. Lacoss to Kimberly S. McDowell, $190,000.

Dayspring Dr., 729-Patrick M. Casey to Brian Thuo and Christine Kamamia, $280,000.

Gray Ibis Ct., 2635-Matthew Joseph Betley III to Edward William Appel II and Thanh Thi An Dinh, $374,900.

Jostaberry Way, 2409-Wayne R. Ambuehl and estate of Dennis G. Ambuehl to George Lansky, $325,000.

Meandering Way, 1028-Christopher G. and Sarah A. Kelly to Andrew Fentress and Nichole Drzewiecki, $385,000.

Rita Dr., 577-Vincent A. Saulino to Corey Devin Kelly, $259,000.

Tenbrook Rd., 1342-Gregory B. and Sally Kaczorowski to Victoria R. Hiett and Ryan C. Gaister, $230,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8609-Mary Fitzmorris to Patrick and Ruth Bernard, $277,500.


Cherry Point Rd., 1123-Glenn D. Sandberg and Connie Golihew to Chris C. Davits, Glynis S. Sullivan, Dorothy D. Sullivan and Patrick B. Sullivan, $550,000.

Shady Oaks Rd., 807-Shirley A. Herbert to Robert K. and Donna R. McWilliams, $650,000.


Armiger Dr., 8129-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James and Heather Roberts, $225,000.

Beach Dr., 7587-James A. and Jessica Jackson to Kenneth P. Ihme, $351,000.

Brummel Rd., 4027-Timothy W. and Erica R. Heinecke to Sabin Joseph and Katherine Ann Rausch, $474,900.

Cloverhill Rd., 108-James O’Leary Jr. and estate of Elizabeth V. O’Leary to Theresa L. Smelser, $270,000.

Drum Ave. S., 210-James E. Fortner and Michael S. Fortner to Darrin and Kristen Colebrook, $280,000.

Ember Dr., 211-Janice Hunt to Debaugh Properties Corp., $460,000.

Flintshire Ct., 7846-Donald B. and Laura B. Jones to Edward W. and Linda V. Turner, $309,000.

Harbor View Dr., 8211-Cynthia Dorsey Smith to M.M. Stotle, $185,000.

Lynn Ave., 1220-U.S. Bank National Association to Brandon and Caitlyn N. White, $196,000.

Milburn Cir., 68-Mark and Mariko McQuay to Kevin C. and Sarah C. Paxton, $407,000.

Riverside Dr., 8112-Hunter and Patricia A. Bloch to Timothy John Diffendall, $781,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7765-Danie T. Moore to Karen Bushrod, $290,000.

Sturtons Lane, 327-Charlese R. Smith to Crabsmith Enterprises Corp., $115,155.

Wise Ave., 682-Joshua L. Butterfield to Stephen P. and Stephanie M. Lamason, $275,000.

202nd St., 811-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Elizabeth Sherrill, $180,000.

211th St., 724-Doris M. Sweitzer to Holly L. and Timothy S. Dittmar, $112,400.


Pinecrest Dr., 2735-Jesse J. Gonzales to Charles M. and Megan C. Pitt, $438,000.


Ava Rd., 1323-Christopher A. and Debra J. Nissen to Federal National Mortgage Association, $338,186.

Brookstone Ct., 8031-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Antwan William Harrington, $170,000.

Constant Ave., 304-John H. and Jeanette Scofield to Jesse David and Kallie A. Beinhower, $399,900.

Grande View Ave., 1719-E.C. and Clare L. Kennedy to Jessica D. Davies, $300,500.

Lenora Lane, 8312-John Anthony Madaio and Jerome I. Feldman to Edward Norville, $230,000.

Pasture Brook Rd., 519-Edwin S. and Sandra C. Sarrach to Emma C. and Gerald Meineke, $373,000.

Rio Grande Ct., 1404-Brian and Christie Shields to Kaylie M. Minor and Reid E. Ruark, $250,000.

Silo Ct., 8135-Roger S. and Mary P. Fritz to RMG Investments Inc., $222,000.

University Dr., 435-Robert E. and Margaret P. Smith to Jonathan David Cummins and Irina R. Avram, $595,000.


Berrywood Dr., 144-R.W. and Carla C. Armstrong to David Lee Sampson and Melissa Ann Ford, $495,000.

Cypress Rd., 714-Shane C. Mitchell to William B. and M.B. Beauchamp, $600,000.

Fairford Ct., 443-David Loreno and Margaret M. Love to Matthew W. and Rebecca L. Vahlberg, $420,000.

Fernwood Dr., 316-Barry E. and Diane D. Christy to Adam and Dana Jones, $520,000.

Larkspur Lane, 447-Christian J. and Meghan N. Hazen to Mark and Lindsey Baldwin, $520,000.

Maple Rd., 493-Nancy H. Burger and Constance W. Brown to Gregory C. and Elizabeth C. Wiedemann, $510,000.

Oak Landing Way, 264-Eric L. and Lori L. Veiel to Robert and Katie McKinstry, $795,000.

West Dr., 527-Cathy L. Derr to Seth D. and Olivia J. Doherty, $450,000.

Woodbent Dr., 4-James R. Anderson Jr. and James R. Anderson Sr. to Vincent Carroll Lowman and Yvonne Van Thien Doan, $525,000.


River Rd. W., 1266A-Jeffrey W. and Constance E. Maynard to Gregory B. Stanley and Diane I. Lucado, $665,000.


Bonnie June Rd., 5902-Linda L. Stock to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $307,799.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Columbia Rd., 4655-Steven M. Hill and Brent V. Hill Trust to Niculai Christian and Elena Alistar, $355,500.

Evergreen Way, 2914-Robert S. and Debra S. Holland to Joshua L. and Corinne E. Bradt, $46,000.

Fox Fire Ct., 2906-Derek W. and Kyong A. Parker to Jonathan C. and Agnes H. Jun, $610,000.

Greenway Dr., 2806-Grace Epperson to Jennifer G. and Jesse G. Moshman, $467,000.

Hobsons Choice Lane, 10148-Carol A. Hanson and estate of James S. Hanson to Ronald and Taneka H. Chialastri, $331,000.

Little Brick House Ct., 10249-William and Donna T. Michel to Michael and Nicole Howell, $571,000.

Maisel Farm Lane, 4349-Pacific Development Corp. to Pascal G. and Latonya Crosley, $1.15 million.

Mullineaux Lane, 3119-William J. and Agnes P. Nicholas to Li Pan and Jing Zhao, $659,500.

Quarterfield Rd., 11608-Marshall L. Johnson and Michael L. Johnson to Bryan D. and Lauren Aimee Schnitker, $1 million.

Stardust Lane, 11525-Reid C. and Kimberly H. Bowman to Lydia B. and Reinald H. Diaz, $897,500.

Winchester Lane E., 11525-Christopher Long and Thi Nguyen to FVI Inc., $1.6 million.


Georgetown Ct., 6008-Deana L. White to David F. and Kara D. Ruddy, $203,750.

Kells Ct., 6505-David J. and Jeanne E. Woodhouse to Ashwini and Dinesh Reddy, $686,000.

Pasture Green, 13734-Khemraj and Anita P. Sharma to Rajat Paul and Yani Musukula, $741,000.

Whale Boat Dr., 5900-Sunil and Rupali Sinha to Do Geun Kim and Ellie S. Sim, $315,000.


Black Star Cir., 8553-Jenean R. and Justin L. Beers to Blessing O. and Okwuchukwu M. Enekwe, $315,000.

Cradlerock Farm Ct., 7001-Murray A. Zitver and E.J. Brown to Zhenyi Xue and Chunhong Qiao, $697,500.

Hickory Limb, 9346-Ashkan A. Azari to Jonae S. and Derek Anderson, $400,000.

Ina Ct., 9013-Charles A. Cole to Cletus and Chinelo P. Asike, $450,000.

Little Foxes Run, 6105-Wesley W. and Sarah K. Held to Catherine P. Kennedy, $342,000.

Quiet Times, 6121-Daniel P. and Nicole Ivovich to Emily Cheng, $263,500.

Spiral Cut, 8850-Beneficial Financial Inc. to Mitchell Yuxiang Guo and Yichun Sun, $75,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6132-Alicia Lee Fairley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $305,000.

Tamar Dr., 6225-Brandon and Lisa R. Almagro to David Michael and Carolyn Marie Lunking, $325,000.

Waterloo Rd., 5636-Patapsco Builders Corp. to E. Everett Thomas and Kaleigh Marie Hoover, $558,590.

Wild Swan Way, 6241-Karin M. and Michael Thomas Brown to Britta M. Bartelt, $255,000.


Avalanche Way, 11225-Rashmikant and Gita Raval to Milan K. and Anjana Milan Dave, $168,000.

Columbia Rd., 5077-Michael E. and Cheryl L. Lucero to Joseph Carmen Amato, $329,900.

Daystar Ct., 10312-Shaun Donovan and Department of Housing and Urban Development to Reo Corp., $166,088.

Fallriver Row Ct., 5364-Edward W. Kunyanga and Regina I. Meme to Juan Gabriel Leon Jaramillo, $215,000.

Powder Run, 11258-Kathryn Chester and Wesley Huntemann to Regina A. Green, $177,000.

Rushlight Path, 5001-Pradip K. and Kumkum Ghosh to Leonard A. and Bridget M. Pettiford, $478,000.

Sternwheel Pl., 10469-David A. and Monica M. Amidei to Jorge Giovanni and Stephanie Romich Meza, $440,000.


Wye River Dr., 13713-Castleberry at Ten Oaks Corp. to Russell D. and Courtney L. Moore, $1.08 million.


Darby Downs, 7265-Sarah J. and Christian A. Sakoian to Kyoung M. Choi, $319,000.

Euclid Ave., 6334-Sandra L. Murphy to Michael Jedlicka and Jennifer Fettweiss, $337,500.

Kyle Leaf Ct., 6105-Paul B. and Jodi A. Benning to Mary E. Cooley and Raymond David Bosley, $340,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6215-Bryan E. Leichtman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $145,000.

Wesley Lane, 6495-Victor Ramirez to Glorida Moon, $310,000.


Bonnie Acres Dr., 5148-Karen M. Stromberg and estate of Jane Frances Stromberg to Jason Scott Steinhorn and Carol Jean Scott, $225,000.

Brittany Dr., 4197-Stephen E. and Faye K. Evans to Christopher and Cara Adornetto, $439,800.

Dawson Manor Dr., 8910-Moosa M. Khan to Sanjay Sharma, $343,000.

Evening Sky Ct., 4911-Albert W. and Marcia J. Buchwald to Shiva S. Saberi, $372,000.

Four Quarter Rd., 8058-Frank A. Damico to Sheena Bajwa and Palwinder Kaur, $530,000.

High Meadow Ct., 8128-Dwayne and Shaydra Robinson to Gary R. and Kimberly Turner Scott, $639,900.

Kensington Gardens, 2500-Georgie A. Price to Federal National Mortgage Association, $276,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4856-Jennifer R. Hall and Caryn M. Hall to Sang W. and Stephanie U. Cho, $420,000.

Oak West Dr., 3340-Susan R. Lowinger to Baoshe Zhang, $345,000.

Oldfield Lane, 7646-Daniel J. and Cheryl Boehler to Rui Peng and Yaxue Zeng, $346,000.

Rose Petal Ct., 4234-Michael L. O’Donnell and Anne O’Donnell to Joseph C. and Jane M. Mitchell, $376,000.

White Jasmine Ct., 8024-Karen J. Shinham to Kenneth J. Epstein, $369,000.


Holly Manor Way, 8120-MB Holly House Meadows Corp. to Patrick M. and Renee A. Grace, $95,000.


Andiron Lane, 8035-Stacey L. Varner and Tammy V. Watt to Sean Flaherty, $270,000.

Aspenwood Way, 8117-Rebecca S. Levine to Donald and Jessica Fields, $223,500.

Fairhaven Pl., 8741-Richard Record to Anthony M. and Theresa Markley, $355,000.

Jacqueline Ct., 8454-JLN Development Corp. to NVR Inc., $129,500.


Carlinda Ave., 6529-William Kowalyshyn and estate of Martha Loch Kowalyshyn to Joachim R. Von Der Heydt and Madga Z. Von Der Heydt, $335,000.

Copperwood Way, 7052-G.B. Investments Corp. to Sharon W. and Timmothy M. Huff, $315,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9111-Gussie Watson to Firdosh S. Bhathena and Artem V. Bugavenko, $250,000.

Many Mile Mews, 9510-Tammera L. Dodson to Jason Protheroe and Robert Protheroe, $460,000.

Natures Rd., 7145-Dwight Bessette to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $285,000.

Rainleaf Ct., 9802-Darla A. Stone to John Wyrick, $315,000.

Sunfall Ct., 9401-Gina T. and Karl E. Pohler to Walid Halboni, $372,000.


Henryton Rd., 1669-Douglas A. Oursler and Kris Ann K. Oursler to Raymond G. and Rita J. Ulrich, $545,000.


Watersville Rd., 590-Deustche Bank Co. to Charles Robert and Kimberly S. Walls, $399,200.


Boundless Shade Terr., 9627-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James A. and Melissa S. Gorman, $480,000.

Coronet Ct., 9619-Edward M. and Debra L. Quattrone to Robert K. Rickenbrode II and Christina A. Thomas, $408,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9513-Terry J. and Desiree M. Stockman to Bradley A. Nordstrom, $261,000.

Herons Flight, 8817-Gabor I. and Edina L. Varsa to Avishek Bokaria and Jyoti Jain, $550,000.

Kindler Rd., 7648-Andrew and Lyn R. McCormick to Shirley Cruz Rodriguez and Jorge I. Diaz Agosto, $525,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9332-Flagstar Bank to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $358,100.

Steeple Ct., 9399-Adeniran and Tolulope Adeniji to Chanel E. Shrowder, $235,000.

Woodsong Ct., 9412-Rupert M. and Jennifer L. Lewis to Katie M. Cullen and Edwin W. Stup, $237,500.


Windy Knoll, 810-Ollie Wayne and Laura Marland Harlow to Christopher P. and Debbora L. Weymouth, $415,000.


Woodbine Rd., 431-David L. and Sharon L. Riddle to Jeffrey Edward and Abigail Debra Braswell, $505,000.


Ganton Green, 2111-James A. Skirven and Diana Skirven Powell to Eleanor T. Grim, $270,000.