Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1140-Michael R. Stickler and Vantresa S. Strickler to Bancroft T. and Martha J. Foley, $403,000.

Bay Ridge Ave., 936-Pegasus Home Corp. to James A. and Ty N. Twigg, $130,900.

Chrisland Dr., 3262-Thomas and Cathy Bowen to Ramzi K. Bannura, $533,000.

Eastern Ave., 31-Elizabeth Ann Liechty to William and Sandra Brock, $975,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 481-Victor R. and Sheryl A. Carbone to Logan P. and Katherine S. Gallagher, $599,000.

Gemini Dr., 1231, No. 1231-North Green Equities Corp. to Jonathan M. Sunderman, $174,900.

Hillsmere Dr., 509-Baron Investment Group Corp. to Sandra L. Rosato, Wendi Rosato and Brett M. Stevens, $500,000.

Lake View Dr., 109-Tate Morgan and Camilla Battaglini Russack to Kathryn M. Weber, $369,000.

Roselawn Rd., 113-Kurtis Matthew Howdyshell to Olga L. Cortez Contreras and Jerry F. Gonzalez, $229,900.

Tiburon Ct., 1-Rapier Holdings Corp. to John Thomas O’Connor and Gail Patricia O’Connor, $230,000.

Washington Dr., 1356-Robert E. and Anne T. McCarthy to Christopher Joseph and Diana Anderson Conway, $770,000.


Annapolis Ridge Ct., 2319-W. Patrick and Ana C. Byrne to Samuel S. Taylor and Holly A. Kirkpatrick, $650,000.

Carraway Lane, 110-Spa Gate Corp. to Jennifer R. Middaugh, $349,900.

Corey Lane, 1401-S. Michael and Mary D. Rausch to Robert E. Mason and Barbara A. Baxter, $510,000.

Duke of Gloucester St., 202-Kenneth L. and Virginia E. Lescallett to Julotte Corp., $530,000.

Franklin St., 66, No. 420-Michael J. Mulligan to Arthur Eric Petosalo and Kate Lynn Rappaport, $530,000.

Howards Loop, 605-Jeremy Parks to Kevin Stuart Galloway, $322,000.

Marconi Cir., 1902-Jean G. Burton to L. Leroy and Katheryn L. Jonas, $224,000.

Munroe Ct., 5-David R. Tiffin and Lisa M. Loschiavo to Clayton W. Bartel and Margaret Keith, $425,000.

Pinedale Dr., 574-Charles H. Rodgers Jr. to Garrett Smith and Paige Kline, $610,000.

Porter Dr., 142-Ralph Gust Skordas to Russell and Janet Mack, $225,000.

Quaker Way, 2054-James E. Taylor to Julie Jacobs, $219,000.

Scenic Hills Way, 859-Jimmy T. Gottwald and Betty J. Johnston to Kenneth A. Johnson, $465,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 317-Audrey E. Schulz and Marilyn G. Clover to Joanna M. Webb, $148,500.

West St., 213, No. 2-BA West Street Corp. to Gary E. and Michele A. Slyman, $533,583.


Nottingham Hill, 220-Patrick S. and Linda C. McGurn to Trent A. and Kathleen M. McMahon, $630,000.


Carpenter Ct., 1374-Francis J. Kindel and Karen D. Parker to Stephen E. Schweihinz and Kristen L. De Young, $609,900.

Greenblades Ct., 527-Robert S. and Mary W. Jeter to John D. Parsons and Carolyn D. Parsons, $215,000.

MacSherry Dr., 773-Joseph V. and Patricia Strott Wheatley to Allina Diane and Young Sang Lee, $520,000.

Mill Creek Rd., 824-M&T Bank to Todd E. and Dolores Williams Cowing, $475,000.

Oakland Hills Dr., 636-Mary E. Sandusky to Janice Woodhouse, $217,900.

Southern Hills Dr., 610, No. 1F-Andrew Smarick to Benjamin Thomas Wilt, $176,000.

Wroxeter Dr., 270-Anne Marie Sweeney and Marcus S. Barnes to James S. and Christe Mary Spiers, $825,000.


Hillcrest Ave., 210-Victor R. and Gillian Pulido to MNSF Baltimore Corp., $92,000.

Phillips St., 5703-William Cook and Viola Creek to James M. Martin, $229,755.


Blossom Tree Dr., 426-Daniel and Anna Pittinger to Matthew C. Cribbs and Samantha G. Jacobs, $272,000.

Col Mar Lane, 1606-Steve D. Smith to Paul A. Cogan and Elizabeth K. Gray, $382,500.

Elderwood Ct., 307-HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to KBS Investment Corp., $165,000.

Lodge Pole Ct., 1562-Robert Llano and Dana M. Conney Llano to Harold C. Weaver Jr., $259,000.

Neptune Pl., 1115-Susanne M. Lockhart to Nicholas J. and Jennifer E. Miller, $345,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1119-Barbara Ann Allen to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $218,099.

Sun Valley Dr., 1050-Ruth Ann Day to Michelle Kathleen and Nicholas Rossi Magliocca, $295,000.


Baskin St., 5508-Margaret W. Davis to George G. and Nicki L. Heine, $115,000.

Exeter St., 5548-Steven C. and Susan L. Nelson to Elizabeth F. Derochie, $369,900.


Chaneys Grant Ct., 1803-Johns Ridge Corp. to Vintage Homes Corp., $549,990.

Elwyn Ave., 1500-George S. and Elisabeth Miffleton to Brett A. and Jennifer C. Colvin, $514,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1557-Elaida A. and James Gary Anson to Garrett Grove and Katherine A. Smith, $195,000.

Hornbeam Dr., 1547-Edward A. and Justine Lynn Hlavach to James J. and Jean B. Facciolo, $575,000.

Lowell Ct., 1498, No. 21-Diane M. Guillen and Herbert J. Diamond Jr. to Katherine E. Quinlan, $157,500.

Putnam Lane, 2305-Jonathan W. Matthews and Matthews Living Trust to Lisa A. and Nelson D. Flores, $457,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1121-Jennifer S. Minter to Community Development Administration, $145,350.

Windy Oak Ct., 2597-Lee Ann Richardson/Lezzer to Anthony and Candice Ciccarello, $322,000.


Forest Trail E., 320-Claude M. and Priscilla Wiblin to Joshua A. and Danielle F. Romme, $669,000.

Hine Trail, 913-Michael J. Howard to Keith E. Burns and Rachel L. Hardy, $335,000.

Northfield Lane, 813-Maurice C. and Alexis C. Davis to Nicholas I. and Amanda J. Hasser, $685,000.

Shelton Rd., 785-Christopher T. Tracy to Jason R. and Lada Kucker, $330,000.

Waterview Dr., 978-Steven T. Compo and Kelly A. Worley to Ryan Blair Miller and Dana Leigh Cooper, $260,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 7931-Kevin Garard Smith to Armando L. Perea, $188,400.

Riverwood Way, 1338-Yalisa Perez and Tammie R. Carson to Thi Ha and Thein Gi Shwe, $172,000.


America Ct., 691-Anita Marie Smith and the Katherine Jablonski Revocable Trust to Marvin G. and Katie G. Noreiga, $755,000.

Central Ave. W., 1354-U.S. Bank National Association to John Healy and Paul K. Healy, $140,024.

Riva Rd., 3589-Anna L. Carr Living Trust and Eugene Mortimer Carr Jr. to State of Maryland, $1.05 million.


Mann Rd., 611-Michael F. Laudano to Brian R. Betz, $262,000.


Annapolis Ave., 914-Shell Carter and Mel Roy Davis to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $330,000.

Edgewater Dr., 233-Theodore Tamariz to Marc L. Bortnick, $450,000.

Germantown Rd., 3992-Elwood D. and Betty J. Witt to John A. and Lorraine M. Orme, $350,000.

Mayo Rd., 950-Gary McNett to Vance N. St. Peter, $179,900.

Penwood Dr., 451-Wade C. Story and Helen C. Loughrey to Michael B. and Amy K. Morgan, $490,000.

Solomons Island Rd., 2991-Kristy L. Gardner to Paul W. and Massiel Jackson, $177,500.

Tilden Way, 230-Robert M. Skuza to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $300,746.

Sixth Ave., 3711-Anita M. Rapp/Harlow to Ricardo K. and Derly B. Sakai, $260,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 906-Roylene Margaret and David L. Roberts to Dustin Mollick, $345,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2607-Charles T. and Joyce M. Donaldson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $200,000.

Highland Farms Cir., 618-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to John Christopher and Rachael Ann Banton, $562,955.

Red Harvest Rd., 1001-Marc J. and Gina A. Gerstein to Shannon and William E. Lentz, $540,000.

Springlake Ct. E., 2406-Richard and Christine Belgrano to Christopher W. Carpenter, $264,000.


Archwood Ave., 124-Donna Albert to Crystal and William M. Benjamin, $294,999.

Ashington Rd., 607-Daniel W. and Kimberly K. Fazio to Franklin and Sharon Garland, $218,000.

Broadview Blvd. N., 1313-Lisa Mavrogiannis to Patrick W. Moves, $167,000.

Eugenia Ave., 112-Market Pro South Inc. to Jacob A. Kruse and Odessa R. Addison, $265,000.

Glen Ct., 586, No. 37C-Sandra E. White to Eugene Edgar and Eleanor Crouse Ridgell, $109,000.

Greenway St. NW, 107-Brittany B. Capone/Kitzke to Jenna J. and David C. Savino, $259,000.

Huntington Ct., 106-Albert J. and Michelle L. Cooke to Daniel and Elizabeth Dubaniewicz, $351,000.

Juneberry Way, 200, No. 200-1D-David W. Weaver III and estate of Patricia M. Weaver to Kenneth S. King, $104,500.

McNeil Ct., 13-Kathy Aguilar to Nasrolah and Victoria Khoshtinat, $200,000.

Phirne Rd. E., 8118-Norman R. and Janet D. Williams to Edwin I. Rivera, $275,000.

Ruskin Rd., 1602-Jeremy W. and Jennifer M. Clark to Evelyn T. Dupont, $210,000.

Shetlands Lane, 317-Brian C. Hargett to Kerri M. Noppenberger, $182,000.

Tranton Rd., 615-Crystal L. Parrow/Benjamin to Michael Nestor, $208,280.

Valiant Cir., 334-Robert S. Shepherd to Alecia M. and Keian J. Zeigler, $157,000.

Wells Ave., 116-Diane and Michael McNally to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $147,780.

Fourth Ave. SW, 219-Joan Lee Meyer to Dan M. Noteware, $160,000.


Blue Water Ct., 300-Arline S. Hall to Sandra K. Forstner, $180,000.

Dorchester Rd., 108-Michael L. and Cathy H. Young to Donald R. and Barbra L. Crist, $48,500.

Gatewater Ct., 350, No. C-Donald N. Frantum Sr. to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $65,450.

Monaghan Rd., 7752-Diana L. and Gary Lee Wright to Joseph M. Goforth and Diana M. Lloyd, $365,000.

Pillsbury Pl., 7507-Nicholas Bowley to Shannon L. Gormley, $210,000.

Warfield Rd., 227-227 Warfield Road Corp. to Criss E. Davis, $229,900.

First Ave., 9-Heather J. Liberati to William W. Myers III, $235,000.


Fairbanks Dr., 1400-Aavlene C. Nicholson and Joyceanne D. Coleman to Vadim Shapiro and Yun Zhu, $170,000.

Locust Dr., 7408-Timothy J. Preast to Lynn M. Goodman, $265,000.

Ridgewood Rd., 1909-Terry R. and Patricia B. Howard to Michael P. and Kristina M. Gillmeister, $398,000.

Sycamore Pl., 2304-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve No. 10a Corp. to Pramit J. and Ami M. Patel, $568,741.


Conservation Lane, 881-Robert D. and Angela Butland to Jennifer Browning and Michael Martinee, $450,000.


Accokeek St., 8605-Rochelle K. Deering to Shaleen L. Parson, $269,000.

Chase Hills Dr., 3610-Steven P. and Katherine Wolfe Labuda to Aaron Catlin and Ashlyn Winkler, $420,000.

Ians Ally, 8043-Nichole Walsh Meadows to Ayodele A. Osilesi, $307,000.

Red Clay Rd., 280-Paige Strickler and Shannon Feazell to Kelly A. and Fausto Chauca, $288,000.


Applegate Ct., 404-Kimberly F. Ward to Leo A. and Stephanie M. Zerhusen, $360,000.

Fairmount Rd., 608-Carrie M. and Howard N. Ward to Residential Value Corp., $176,000.

Minta Ct., 204-Ann E. and F.W. Reed to Emily Hamlyn, $258,000.

Shipley Rd., 520-S.E. Hartzell and estate of Kenneth E. Hartzell to Elizabeth and John C. Coale, $239,900.


Dawn Dr., 5101-SASR Holdings Corp. to Christopher R. and Carolyn Rae Barnhill, $365,000.

Rapidan Ct., 5415-Heath W. and Kristi T. Campbell to Michael J. and Janet B. Anderson, $710,000.


Caracle Ct., 609-KHI/Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Marie E. Glennon, $438,369.

Caracle Ct., 619-KHI/ Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to David A. and Brenda L. Milliman, $377,027.

Gartelman Farm Dr., 8364-Marion D. Bouie and Brenda A. Bouie to Kyle and Jennifer Moulding, $370,000.

Linden Shade Ct., 309-Cartus Financial Corp. to Garry B. Cunningham and Rong Juang, $495,000.

Old Orchard Cir., 450-Shaun M. and Cynthia H. Edwards to Bradley W. and Traci R. Heagy, $825,000.

Watermill Dr., 8346-Jun and Yi Li to Matthew J. Tabar, $379,900.


Amber Orchard Ct. E., 2497-Warren W. and Elizabeth A. Thompson to Kent W. Showler, $207,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2650-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate Inc. to Paul C. and Sylvia M. You, $300,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2404-Evelyn M. Kellner to Daniel R. and Natalia C. Rodriguez, $205,500.

Conquest Way, 2216, No. 41-Charles R. and Claudine McDaniel Johnson to National Residential Nominee Services, $265,000.

Fellowship Way, 621-Valerie E. Kakuk to Tisa R. Dantzler, $242,000.

Imperial Sq., 508-William M. and Barbara D. Curtis to Joshua David Thompson, $216,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 186-James D. and Eileen Loving to Rhonda B. Jordan, $325,000.

Odenton Rd., 1420-Eleanor Rae Pumphrey to Vernon Peter and Gretchen E. Leimbach, $236,500.

Quiet Pond Ct., 712-Raymond F. Krueger and estate of Thomas F. Krueger to Andrew C. Strohecker, $280,000.

Roff Point Ct., 2015-Stephen M. Lesche to Kwadwo Frimpong and Thomas Oduro, $227,000.

Scaffold Way, 1804-Caroline Ibejemilusi to John Murray, $260,000.

Tenbrook Rd., 1334-Sara Vasquez Garcia to Runzhou Uw, $170,010.

Treasure Dr., 1306-Katherine S. and Darrell A. Davis to National Transfer Services Corp., $422,500.

Westridge Cir., 78-Nicole Bost to Keith L. Davison, $309,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8606-Beazer Homes Corp. to John Dennis and H. Oshenska, $270,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612-Beazer Homes Corp. to Bonnie L. Turner and Turner Living Trust, $272,286.


Chalk Point Rd. E., 4933-Dean and Nan Lewis to Michael H. Krimminger and Deborah A. Phillips, $1 million.


Amphibian Dr., 1427-Lana B. Allison to Marketpro South Inc., $191,000.

Belhaven Ave., 8080-James C. Butts Jr. to Robert W. and Deborah A. Wojcik, $200,000.

Carroll Rd., 28-Raymond L. Tiszl Sr. and Fern Minnie Carlino to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $232,956.

Cool Breeze Ct., 305-Mason E. and Brinette D. Owens to Alexander Kenneth Yanky, $185,000.

Deering Rd., 857-Nicholas Andrew Kutchi to Colette Diane Lepage, $180,000.

Farmview Rd., 1204-Janice E. Squires and estate of Ella Elizabeth Horney to Timothy Edward and Crystal Marie Welsh, $190,000.

Garden Ave., 7717-Naomi H. Goebel and Cheryl A. Holewinski to Amy L. Worthy and Bryan M. Palen, $226,900.

List Ave., 245-Teri L. Bennett and Donna G. Fink to Richard E. and Barbara M. Shortridge, $560,000.

McNabbs Lane, 1302-Jane Scott to Diana K. Leving, $410,000.

Miramar Rd., 8470-Edward Evans and Gayle S. Miller to Dawn Marie May, $187,000.

Neptune Dr., 8543-Waterfall Victoria Mortgage Trust to Michael C. Kooser Sr., $198,000.

Old Crown Dr., 3512-Stephen L. and Eileen M. Carter to Elizabeth C. Cochran, $145,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 1759-Federal National Mortgage Association to KHI Properties Corp., $306,000.

Riverside Dr., 378-George Tannahill to John A. Bisciotti, $375,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7788-Alexander Smith to Samantha Jefferson, $69,500.

Sylvan Way, 522-Theresa Ann Vogt/Shannon to David J. and Katie N. Mier, $454,000.

Webster Dr., 7904-John E. Demyan to William N. and Susan J. Mason, $450,000.

Second St., 563-Pride Homes Corp. to Timothy Edward Buck and Erin Nicole Hall, $275,400.

207th St., 803-Eric A. Silva to Brandon Burr, $224,000.

222nd St., 762-Pamela Jean Allen and Richard Leonard Listman to Alan Listman, $73,000.


Hambleton Rd., 2835-Randall E. and Stephanie Lynn Pigott to Vincent Realty Holding Corp., $250,000.


Chestnut Grove Rd., 7821-Derek and Sandra Decru to Nathan R. Tindall, $314,900.

Dubbs Dr., 8347-James F. Woodall Jr. to Thomas B. and Janet R. Thompson, $269,300.

Jasons Landing Way, 7926-Obert A. Camarda to Jeremy B. Emerson, $388,000.

Montgomery Mews Ct., 7795-Nicholas A. Robinson to Ronald E. and Satoko Griffith, $340,000.

Queenstown Rd., 479-John and Dorothy L. Burrell to Ronald W. Shurie and Francesca Richardson, $144,100.

Spaulding Cir., 8114-Iris Davis Pyle to Betty J. Shope, $240,000.

WB&A Rd., 8254-Ruth G. Deike and the estate of Robert H. McDuffee to Passport Construction Corp., $119,700.


Boone Trail, 161-Marc and Jane McDaniel to Jason Myles and Joanna Boettinger Goger, $999,900.

Cottonwood Dr., 858-Jacqueline Day Harvey and estate of John S. Day to Matthew and Renata A. Pollock, $375,000.

Evergreen Trail, 10-James Mason and estate of Donald Armand Coumont to Shields Properties Corp., $550,000.

Hodges Lane, 513-Temma L. Schaller to Kimberly A. Shaffer, $385,000.

Pine Tree Dr., 513-John E. Bechill and Lauren Young to Erick C. and Michele McNeally Parr, $452,500.

Severnside Dr., 432-Karen S. and Kevin F. Fox to Ryan Christopher Diez, $935,000.

White Cedar Lane, 478-Betty Jane Barnard Watson to Thomas D. and Christina R. Thur, $350,000.


Cedarhurst Rd., 1527-David W. York to Damon T. Wick, $230,000.

Juniper St., 1205-Robert Daniel and Catherine Miller Tucker to Robert A. Fulcher Jr., $169,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arsenal Rd., 4714-Robert Zacarias to Abhishek Indrawat and Ruchika Dhanawat, $413,500.

Berkshire Lane, 10209-Thomas P. and Cheryl L. Hannan to Benjamin R. Sumpter and Montserrat Tirado Franco, $700,000.

Dogwood Dr., 3421-Bank of America to HBMS Management Corp., $285,000.

Etchison Rd., 12211-Ronald R. Ladue and Anita C. Vollmer to Sue M. Wang and Eric Ying Che Chen, $710,000.

Greenway Dr., 3233-Floyd A. Marzo and Denise Arlene Eastham to Shafayat Mohim and Rasheda Uddin, $440,000.

Kingsbridge Rd., 10384-Richard B. Turer and Coleene G. Cooke to Arif and Shahla A. Mannan, $1.8 million.

Mullineaux Lane, 3045-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Anthony L. Taylor and Shatan B. Mitchell Taylor, $639,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2806-Estate of Peggy Geibig and Linda J. Hendricks to Jehangir K. and Lauren C. Madan, $394,900.

St. Johns Lane, 3717-William H. and Jeanenette Yim to Eugenio Andraca Carrera and Lisa Plummer, $420,000.

Spring Meadow Dr., 3765-Janice A. Schmidt and the estate of Elizabeth Jane Schmidt to Daniel and Shea Debord, $430,000.

Victoria Dr., 9150-Thoma McGonical and Christine McGonigal to Ivan Briones and Katia R. Kein, $576,000.

Yearling Ct., 12248-Gloria Jean Nutzhorn to Edmond J. and Nenita Bernal Connelly, $520,000.


Little Bells Row, 5712-Lotfi and Naila Benmohamed to Tzvi and Lilia Kaplan Robbins, $725,000.

Western Star Run, 6431-Jun Luo and Chunlei Ding to Hui Liu and Fan Zhang, $652,500.


Camelback Lane, 5958-Howard R. and Rachel A. Berman to Daniel Antillon, $295,000.

Flamepool Way, 9120-Judith O. Cook and Jennifer A. Schwind to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $282,100.

Gold Sunset Way, 8448-Laura H.L. Sandberg Trust to Rajesh Chawla, $290,000.

Indian Camp Rd., 9363-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Pankaj Kumar and Shilpi Singh, $150,000.

Luckpenny Pl., 5434-Robert J. and Deborah A. Donoghue to Kevin M. Rodney, $399,000.

Majors Lane, 6087-Chun Hing and Sau King Lai to Sultana Parvin, $90,000.

Pastora Pl., 9613-Ashley E. Subat and estate of John E. Subat to Chris K. and Ynes D. Nordby, $300,000.

Red Haven Rd., 6344-Emma Frances Firetti to Robert Josef Graham, $267,000.

Steamerbell Row, 7259-Celia C.H. Chen to Daniel Ryan Lagreca, $285,000.

Thorn Free Ct., 6709-Gecko Realty Inc. to Douglas P. and Minnette Mae Hain, $395,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9639-Fatima C. Sanidad to Ngun Hu Tang, $115,000.


Berrypick Lane, 11018-Judy B. Rennigner/McMullen to Louis J. and Susan Milone, $257,000.

Bridlerein Terr., 10746-Louis S. and Samia A. Elias to Carrie W. Hubard, $287,000.

Cloudy April Way, 6034-Tara A. Carpenter to Jaime Brown, $237,900.

Durham Ct., 5017-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Krystin Brown and Nicholas Locantore, $340,000.

Fair Oaks, 10434-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Justin A. and Jennifer C. Germuth, $390,000.

Harmel Dr., 10904-Suzanne J. Lenowitz to Maria Auxiliadora and Alessandro Ferruci, $539,900.

Iron Frame Way, 5902-Leslie E. Rumsey and Joan M. Rumsey to Patrice Donnelly and Paul J. Boben, $350,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5228-Marleen A. McKenzie to Mu Zhao and Dongyi Liu, $367,500.

Norway Ct., 5905-Ty Van Ma and Kim Phuong Booze to Jawad Khan, $480,000.

Ravenhill Row, 5008-Alan K. and Terri Lin Smith to Bonnie J. and Marshall W. Buck, $630,000.

Rushlight Path, 5036-Diana Agatstein to Janette O’Neill Gonzalez and Javier Liceaga, $550,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11747-Robert L. and Donna S. Johnson to Hector Antunez and Samantha Bustamante, $285,000.

Trotting Ridge Way, 10959-Thomas R. Browne and John P. Browne to Joel and Whitney Ravitz, $240,000.

Walter Scott Way, 6728-Kevin M. and Laurel P. Connelly to Neil A. Huntley, Holly B. Huntley and Merry Christina E. Bamber, $1.04 million.

Wild Ginger Ct., 6042-Marilyn Risa Morris and estate of Cynthia Diane Aidoock to Ryan N. Ketchum, $265,000.

Wyndham Cir., 5835-Krista M. Beirne to Christine A. Dumler, $235,000.


Green Bridge Rd., 4848-Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew R. Bettendorf, $230,000.


Briarglen Dr., 7928-Robert C. and Linda L. Adkins to Gloria J. Nutzhorn, $350,000.

Grovemont Dr., 5272-Robert G. Kleya to Jeremy and Olivia Disten, $687,500.

Purple Iris Lane, 8850-Ryan P. and Jaclyn D. Bakunas to Olaoluwapo and Fredrick Ikugbagbe, $420,000.


Bonnie Branch Rd., 4874-Vernon L. and Helen M. Williams to Bryan and Julia Allison, $441,000.

Brightridge Ct., 8117-Shaun C. Gordon and Megan E. Vizzini to Peng Wu and Tian Xia, $305,000.

College Ave., 3700-Kathryn M. Hargest to Brendan Gallagher, $278,000.

Eaton Sq., 2925-Robert P. Dalty to Charlotte R. Symms, $420,000.

Grove Angle Rd., 8350-Robert Paul Wiseman and Wendy Ann Woods to Chiguang Feng and Tsuyako Yamaguchi, $230,000.

Lotus Cir., 4145-Tadesse B. Tedla and Frehiwet T. Teklehaimanot to the Ronald and Jean Finglass Revocable Trust, $415,500.

Montclair Dr., 2832-Thomas Leo and Beth Ann Ronnenburg to Danielle Leclair, $427,000.

Normandy Dr., 2997-William F. Bishop to Donald Kirkbride, $395,000.

Papillon Dr., 8868-William D. Middleton and Suzanne R. Pesto to Stephen E. and Ming Bell, $365,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8828-Paul L. and Christine A. Hammond to Ritesh and Rupali Tiwari, $420,000.

Woodchase Ct., 6349-Pardeep S. and Kiranpal K. Gill to Melanie J. Watson, $550,000.


Tilghman St., 7750-Clifton M. and Lisa Jarvis Durham to John A. Schoenberger, $613,000.


Hanover Crossing Way, 6341-Lisa N. and Matthew A. McKinney to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $308,884.


Aspenwood Way, 8101-Ricci M. Hain and Ma Latt Min to Gary and Patricia D. Wilson, $255,000.

Sherwood Glen, 8612-William A. and Carol A. Guy to Kimberly Sue Hamby, $360,000.


Amherst Ave., 6324-Carolyn and Ronald G. Fellers to Wesley G. and Alissa M. Norman, $419,900.

Donleigh Dr., 10218-Edith B. Rowe to Maura and Michael David Ward, $395,700.

Flapjack Lane, 6755-Kenneth S. Cantwell to Jon P. and Anna K. Fulbright, $324,000.

Natures Rd., 7139-Christopher J. Dunkle to Jessica E. Friend and John F. Fisher, $290,000.

Sweet Grass Ridge, 9511-James and Elaine Geiser to Sheila D. Thomas, $415,000.


Sand Hill Rd., 2172-Rudolph J. Gallina and Michael J. Gallina to Perry C. Zabaldo, $430,000.


Cross Timbers Ct., 9320-Alton E. and Dawne M. Bryant to Ran Zhang, $175,000.

High Ridge Rd., 10165-Jeremy W. and Kimberly A. Johnson to Matt C. and Elaina A. Berres, $420,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8430-NVR Inc. to Yeh Kai Wang and Chi Lan Kuo Wang, $240,935.

Kendal Cir., 9323-Stephen and Lisa Dewitt to Vernon T. and Joan T. Hsu, $289,600.

Patuxent Ridge Way, 10512-Walter J. and Linda M. Lutman to Mark J. Gambill, $580,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 10509-Janet L. Hartwell and the estate of Howard Ford Jesneck to Michael G. Wedde, $321,000.

Sweet Cherry Lane, 8404-Walter C. and Linda X. Jones to C.J. and Erin E. Dunkle, $555,000.


Fox Hollow Ct., 12305-Susan E. and Andrew F. Beall to Stephanie P. and Jay S. Mumford, $880,000.


Woodbine Rd., 3425-Richard D. Ferris to Kathleen Goddard and Luke William Hess, $476,500.


Wetherburn Rd., 10300-Matthew W. and Boi Carpenter Mellady to Wayne A. and Lynda L. Robey, $670,000.