Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1153-Kenneth A. Johnson to Taylor Hallman, $422,750.

Bay Ridge Rd., 929A-Daphne S. Foreman and Evangeline S. Ross to Samaras Grandchildren Property Corp., $56,250.

Chrisland Dr., 3275-Anthony and Angelique Clarke to Guido Mina Di Sospiro and Stenie Mina De Sospiro, $607,000.

Fairview Ave., 759A-Kathryn M. Weber to Craig and Susan C. Arko, $389,000.

Fifth St., 524-IGS Holdings to Steven W. Kahle, $1.08 million.

Gentry Ct., 42-Anthony B. and Charlotte W. Campitelli to Daniel Patrick Quinn, $232,500.

Hilltop Lane, 185-Deron Coleman and Theresa Simeone to Jagriti Nanda, $313,000.

McKinley St., 1220-Mary L. Lawson to Bernard Jammet, $165,000.

Pytchley Run, 312-Gene A. Ingwersen and Janice Ann Vargas to Inar W. and Grazyna Medina, $435,000.


Admiral Dr., 609-Eduardo C. and Constance A. Trujillo to Karin K. Jorgensen, $248,000.

Beech St., 1001-John M. and April M. Cain to Aubrey W. and Megan G. Fitch, $510,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 604-V. Green Corp. to Maria C. Metzger, $359,900.

Epping Forest Rd., 516-Teresa June Wirtz to Donna Bachand and Andrea Boyden, $595,000.

Franklin St., 79-U.S. Bank National Association to Rostyslav and Julia V. Shiller, $390,000.

Heritage Ct., 7B, No. 120-Wanda Turner Brown and Donmark Corp. to Lenmark Corp., $85,000.

Latchmere Ct., 801-Geoffrey C. Mastro to Robert N. and Susan L. Kinney, $246,500.

Mathias Hammond Way, 503-William and Barbara L. Icenhower to William D. Hart, $219,999.

Norwood Rd., 217-Jason A. Herman and Gwendolyn A. Stoeger to Urban D. and Jean F. Hakansson, $669,000.

Pinkney St., 34-Gilbert Humphreys to Stephen Taylor, $427,000.

Post Oak Rd., 530-Stanley S. and Catherine H. Halle to Joseph W. and Nancy D. Mahaffee, $3.3 million.

Revell St., 6-Donald B. and Jennifer C. Kirkpatrick to John Paul Underwood and Jennifer Wilson, $795,000.

Sextant Way, 903-Gisela B. Burkhard and P. Tyson Bennett to William C. Hughes, $292,000.

Singing Hills Ct., 842-Anne A. Hambleton to James A. and Alice Jane Riley, $375,000.

West St., 231, No. 11-BA West Street Corp. to Joseph M. and Marjorie Rock, $267,378.


Nottingham Hill, 231-William B. and Julia A. Carraway to Sean H. O’Donovan, $600,000.


Brassie Ct., 1122-Steven D. Varnum and Jennifer M. Campbell to Matthew K. and Julie S. Hoff, $333,900.

Dividing Creek Ct., 23-Rodney Murray to W.F. Utz Construction Co., $75,000.

Knottwood Ct., 427-Bank of New York Mellon to LR Povey Enterprises Corp., $150,000.

Martingale Lane, 504-Richard G. Motley to Diane M. Whittless, $374,000.

Old Stone Lane, 1127-Troy Norris Knight and estate of Mary E. Knight to Daniel C.B. Pittinger and Anna R.B. Pittinger, $335,000.

Spy Glass Dr., 1101-Frank M. and Carol C. Brown to Jack S. Floyd and Mary M. Grogard, $840,000.


Arundel Rd. W., 318-Michael R. and Erika L. Sisco to Donald V. Spencer, $128,027.

Liberty Terr., 5602-Dorothy V. and Jerald Lance Troup to Sherri M. Wiebking, $160,000.


Deep Creek View, 551-NVR Inc. to Lindsay Hodapp, $446,690.

Foolish Pleasure Ct., 1635-Bruce Wayne Smith and Elizabeth J.B. Smith to Grace G. and Jay H. Kulkarni, $230,534.

Majestic Prince Dr., 527-Jeffrey M. and Sherry Potensky to James D. and Kelly C. Eskelsen, $364,900.

Peach Ct., 420-John C. Jakubowski and estate of Douglas Alan Jakubowski to John Maggio, $218,250.

Secretariat Dr., 1583-Christopher and Ellen Forman to Patricia and James E. Klunk, $224,900.

Windsor Ridge Lane, 1314-John Lawrence Windsor to Joseph D. and Devon E. Magretti, $335,000.


Blaine Rd., 5747-David M. and Sandra R. Miller to Susan Helen Eason, $640,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1813, No. 94-Steven Ronald Leo to Scott S. Pinto, $225,694.

Clarks Ct., 1603-James B. and Michelle Ann Kidwell to Giuseppe Mistichelli and Megan Ruhnke, $550,000.

Eton Way, 1582-Gail Rowan Boyd and Rowan Survivors Trust to Alexander and Katy Dunn, $443,000.

Friendly Pl., 2047, No. A-Ruth E. Zell to Terence Brennan and Daniel F. Kline, $115,000.

Leisure Way, 1721, No. B-Robert I. Anthonson to Brian K. Wenk, $159,900.

Lowell Ct., 1500-Alexander J. Dunn to Megan E. Poindexter and Jacob C. Horner, $255,000.

Remington Dr., 1743-Deutsche Bank Co. to Maksym and Mariya Petrenko, $386,900.

Tedbury St., 1734-Charles Joseph Potok Jr. to John and Kerin Olson, $457,500.


Boxwood Trail, 823-Melinda E. and Earl Frank Bess to Katie L. Gray, $370,000.

Lower View Ct., 1404-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Melissa Scott, $139,900.

Oak View Dr., 1103-David S. and Michelle K. Belles to Thomas Lee and Kevin Joseph Fink, $320,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 1084-Ann Marie and Harry James Brown to Ian T. and Paige Stevenson, $260,000.

Sudbrook Pl., 1107-Troy and Ursula Agnor to Joseph L. and P.A. Butts, $750,000.


Arborwood Pl., 1028-Diane N. Knapp to Foresite Investments Corp., $145,000.

Greenland Beach Rd., 197-Evelyn Haithcock and Anna Holman Living Trust to Anthony G. Toskov Jr., $210,000.

Stoney Point Way, 1449-Matthew R. Tabor to Erika L. Welck, $185,000.


Ashe St., 1049-Gregory D. and Marievel B. Cote to Scott Edward Rise and Kylie T.L. Rise, $532,500.

Kings Retreat Ct., 3423-Christina L. and Matthew T. McDonough to Maria M. and Michael I. Lane, $619,000.

Santa Maria Lane, 695-Thomas Joseph Bonnar to David Richard Campbell III and Karin Versailles Miller Campbell, $925,000.


Second St., 5950-Stephanie L. Reuer to Melody Ricks and Kara Coullard, $307,000.


Arbutus Dr., 304-Jo Lo Inc. to Claude M. and Priscilla Wiblin, $600,000.

Edgewater Dr., 3012-John W. Milks and the Ruby R. Milks Trust to Francis A. and Elizabeth Fletcher Brown, $250,000.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1739-Bernardine F. Rowens to Alizzi Corp., $143,000.

Millhaven Ct., 54-Michael W. and Lauren Dibitetto to Waverly E. Lebard and Jill M. Bellenger, $325,000.

Perder Lane, 21-Angela C. and Joe C. Turnage to Aaron and Dorothea T. Copeland, $1.28 million.

Ridgeville Rd., 1915-Jamila Mayo Schragger to Tracy Randall, $260,000.

Southport Dr., 362-Franca Fabbri to Patsy B. Blackshear, $395,000.

Tilden Way, 236-Gary L. Rathell to Linda Corbus, $345,000.

Winding Rd., 924-James and Renee Sink to William T. and Katrina Gateau, $380,000.

Eighth Ave., 3711-Richard and Anita L. Gross to Constance L. Haywood, $340,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 927-Thomas L. and Marcianne H. Williams to Thomas J. Pucciarella and Megan Marcucci, $390,000.

Davidsonville Rd., 2588A-Charles W. and Pamela J. Schuette to Anthony and Sara Tyrrell, $650,000.

Holladay Park Rd., 1756-South Shore Development Co. to Reliable Development Co., $599,900.

St. Heather Lane, 2108-Paul W. and Audrey Fohner to Timothy P. and Patricia J. Trudeau, $599,900.

Summer Hill Dr., 981-Neil Wayne and Christy Michelle Jenkins to Gil Tae and Jung Hyun Kim, $304,000.


Armistead St., 1121-Robert Munson and the estate of Diane N. Namuth to Mary Harwell, $212,500.

Baltic Ave., 407-Joan F. Eisenhardt to Katie L. Bierman, $245,000.

Darien Dr., 7919-Stanford Kenneth Mohr and Alice J.M. Mohr to Ryan and Nycole Moeller, $293,000.

Foxtrap Dr., 108-Michele D. Wescoat to Michael Largent and Stacy Barich, $358,000.

Glenvilla Dr., 1018-M&T Bank to Denise K. and Chad R. Pinder, $179,550.

Greenwood Ave., 20-Gregory Patrick Fisher to Matthew R. Ponton, $150,000.

Jefferson Pl., 6409-Edgar Roland Cramer Jr. to Daniele Ard and Richard E. Simmons, $72,000.

Juneberry Way, 202, No. 202-2A-Patricia Payne and the Andrea Hagen Arndt Trust to Charles Christian Myers Jr., $120,000.

Newfield Rd., 621-Bonnie Faith Metzler/Meyers to Anita Bell and Brandon Sakay, $200,000.

Ryan Rd., 310-Blaine and Ming Suey Newcomb to Maria Demartino and Beatrice Demartino, $240,000.

Shetlands Dell, 7968-Wanda C. Gunkel to Randy E. and Toni L. Sanger, $155,000.

Turn Loop Rd., 8149-Uriah and Lindsay Berry to Chanita M. Coleman, $190,000.

Valiant Cir., 353-Dana Blackburn/Marks to Cesar Rene Alonso, $130,000.

Wimmer Rd., 521-Windwhisper Lane Investments Corp. to Karie Cordle, $218,200.

11th Ave. NW, 6-Linda M. and Norman Gross to Federal National Mortgage Association, $248,000.


Croggan Crescent, 831-Kyle Schuler and Ashley E. Harding to Ramesh Thvagaraian and Brinda Ramesh, $221,000.

Morris Ct., 179-Faith A. Johnson to Miguel M. and Keisha J. Ellis, $231,000.

Overhill Rd., 7821-Frances M. and Robert J. Lamm to Federal National Mortgage Association, $276,285.

Reinhardt Lane, 1558-Doris E. Lucke to Jenna B. Thomas and Michael F. Wagner, $250,000.

Stone Haven Dr., 8026-Frank G. and Shirley D. Moran to Wayne A. Ricouard Jr. and Jessica R. Jolly Ricouard, $329,000.


Allerford Dr., 1753-Lawrence A. and Tracey E. Warren to Anthony D. and Marian Thomas, $580,000.

Brimstone Pl., 2267-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve No. 10a Corp. to James Chaifu Wang and Deanna Tran, $495,100.

Hardwick Ct., 1602-Athena Donatiello to Timothy Liang, $243,000.

Oakley Lane, 1552-Shamai T. and April V. Wellons to Jun Hee and Eun Hae Lee, $330,000.

Rotherham Dr., 7710-Hong Kyu and Kwang Ran Kim to Chun H. Choe, $385,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2625-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Edward and Penafrancia Parayo, $349,900.


Cumberstone Rd., 1059-Richard B.H. Lewis and Rebecca L. Grant to Barry Genderson, $900,000.


Elkton S., 256-Lacey Steen and the Alice K. Yoke Revocable Trust to Nelson Sagastume Morales and Diana Carolina Molina, $268,000.

Kokomo Ct., 411-Leonard Frieson Jr. to Shaun Steven Westenberg, $247,000.

Oak Run Rd., 11-Zenaida A. and Adriano M. Tabligan to David Chen and Ruihua Bao, $330,000.

Savannah River Rd., 8623-Anthony J. and Frances Gaeta to Carol A. McKay, $301,000.


Cleveland Rd., 519-Laurie A. Bush and estate of Ruth Iona Wheeler to Joseph A. Bryd Jr. and Tara L. Byrd, $249,900.

Gayle Dr., 635-Paula M. Green and Carolyn A. Cremen to William C. and Mary A. Johnson, $310,000.

Nancy Ave., 426-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Hiltner, $189,900.


Fishers Station Rd., 6134-James B. and Alinsa L. Russell to Brad G. Turner and Mary C. Vidsens, $484,000.


Caracle Ct., 611-KHI Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Charles A. and Kelly M. Troupe, $389,440.

Carters Lane, 8248-Kevin I. and Diane S. Leeds to Timothy L. and Adrienne Schroeder, $417,000.

Gearing Ct. E., 602-Karen M. Behringer/Lebo to James W. Marcum and Meghan K. Kovacs, $255,000.

Red Bluff Ct., 515-Blair A. and Patricia A. Horton to Matthew J. and Desiree Krebs Kraft, $640,000.

Windfern Ct., 306-Timothy L. and Debra L. Chamberlin to Andrew D. and Courtney M. Capece, $539,700.


Apple Blossom Lane, 2452-Stephanie Eve Schneider to Anastasia S. Bahadur, $210,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 622-Laura Ellen Weaver and Mary W. Sainer to Kelly M. Breen, $190,000.

Cheswick Lane, 1329, No. 104-Sheryl Teasley to Glenn W. and Cindy Rameres, $329,900.

Country Oak Dr., 8816-Polymathic Properties Inc. to Robert P. and Patricia S. Boden, $500,900.

Forest Edge Ct., 2401-Wilkins Asset Management Inc. to Kelly R. Schiavone and Timothy W. Yadeska, $227,000.

Imperial Sq., 522-Pamela Jo Wright to Christopher P. Carvalho, $250,000.

Moonglow Rd., 600-Amanda Connaghan to Amber L. Kelso, $155,000.

Palonia Ct., 1938-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jermaine Travon and Carla S. Nelson, $208,000.

Regiment Ct., 316-Raymon Brathwaite to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $247,500.

Running Wolf Trail, 2525-HSBC Bank USA to Andrew McNichol, $339,000.

Scaffold Way, 1870-Kymm A. Starr to Jeremy Maldonado Del Rio, $320,000.

Thornbrook Dr., 8723-Stephanie A. Regnault to Chase C. Lowman, $345,000.

Treasure Dr., 1306-National Transfer Services Corp. to Stephanie D. Malgogne and Amy L. Malgogne, $415,000.

Winding Stream Way, 687-Dorothy L. Svilak/Crockett to Jamie Seibert Hoffman, $192,500.

Wintergreen Ct., 8606, No. 204-Beazer Homes Corp. to William D. Hufstetler, Jacqueline E. Hufstetler and M.E. Garman, $279,156.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612-Beazer Homes Corp. to John W. and Maria Socorro Inman, $310,000.


Biltmore Ave., 1021-Christopher M. and Kristina L. King to John K. Cullen, $279,900.

Holly Dr., 5121-Thomas J. Jackson to Roy and Giana Jowers, $617,500.


Apple Orchard Dr., 3921-Barbara Copeland Jackson to Harrison J. Bruns and Carolyn E. Davis, $260,000.

Bennington Way, 4010-Ronald S. and Teresa Bateman to Bill David and Judith Lee Kakuk, $464,900.

Carolina Ave. N., 140-Robert M. Clark to Matthew and Erin Acree, $180,000.

Carvel Rd., 233-Michael Housley Inc. to Christian H. Bell and Faith M. Deller, $266,200.

Dutch Ship Ct., 363-Jerome T. and Carol J. Waters to Gary and Michelle I. Bryant, $370,000.

Flintshire Ct., 7840-William C. and Patricia J. Rooke to Robert A. and Heather M. Johnson, $300,000.

Jacobia Dr., 132-Pearman Development Corp. to Ashley Elizabeth Ochrzcin, $216,500.

Kurtz Ave., 2022-Jamie T. and Crystal D. Barnett to Randi Allison and Charles Robert Chidekel, $845,000.

Long Hill Rd., 8019-Magdalena M. Kornmann to Federal National Mortgage Association, $193,000.

Meadow Lane, 8469-Bo and Tina Bjarekull to James E. and Mary Ellen Koegler, $650,000.

Moonfall Ct., 7736-Michael J. and Kelly Haloskey to Michael V. Marinucci, $195,000.

New Bedford Harbour, 8647-Michael and Joanna Daniluk to Thomas J. Haller and Heather Gayleard, $199,900.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2058-Charles T. Quick to Pegasus Home Corp., $311,000.

Robin Air Ct., 3609-Point Breeze Credit Union to Deidre Munoz and Jeffrey Geisbert, $170,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7790-Homes by Bayly Inc. to Nicholas Paczkowski, Rosemarie Paczkowski and Kristen M. Sullivan, $295,000.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8022-David C. Treude and Trasie J. Cate to Chad C. and Mellissa O. Bell, $247,500.

Williams St., 7724-Stephen K. and Yei Har Tse to Timothy Schaffer, $240,000.

10th St., 245-Max and Michelle Benfer to Jaylene Centurione, $305,000.

208th St., 770-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nicole Jackson, $217,875.


Orchard Rd., 104-Sandra D. Nichols to Zachary Cohen and Davida R. Davidoff, $206,500.


Denson Dr., 101-Michelle A. and Gary P. White to Nikunjkumay R. Patel, $285,000.

Hatton Ct. W., 8208-U.S. Bank National Association to Kimmel Homes Corp., $321,000.

Jennie Dr., 797A-Phillip T. Mrowczynski to Frank Seaton and Kimberly Taylor, $269,900.

Morgan Station Dr., 1017-Christopher T. and Angela May Maruca to Zaheer Asghar Chano and Shakeela Zaheer, $370,000.

Statesman Ct., 1849-Edna Grant to Yuk H. Lau and Chung Keung Wong, $246,000.

Whitebark Lane, 8220-Timothy J. and Wendy H. Chermak to James M. and Lisa Mangano, $542,000.


Brenda Joyce Lane, 109-Pride Homes Corp. to James and Ana Maria Kresge, $545,283.

Cottonwood Dr., 859-Joshua M. and Darlene M. Meyer to Ryan R. and Erin R. Brady, $389,900.

Fairoak Dr., 477-Steven T. and Stephanie B. Murphy to David R. and Katherine M. Cahouet, $795,000.

Jennings Rd., 320-NVR Inc. to Robert L. Lentz, $622,315.

North Dr., 345-Choice Management Corp. to Donna J. Whitcomb, $429,900.

Robinson Place Ct., 606-William J. and Katherine V. Collins to Kristopher Joseph and Kristie M. Rolfes, $480,000.

Sycamore Rd., 211-Kristofer M. and Robin L. Cristallo to Ashley E. Hofmeister and Harry Martin Leonard III, $535,000.

Truck House Rd., 129-Veronica C. Regula and Joanne P. Listman to Converse Builders and Developers Inc., $400,000.


Azalia St., 1318-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and McCabe Weisberg & Conway Corp. to Grant J. and Amy S. Sweeney, $215,000.

Columbia Beach Rd., 1614-Bay Breeze Cottage Corp. to WFC Flagship Corp., $130,000.

Lake Ave., 5185-Timothy A. and Karen S. Thiemeyer to Justin C. Lee and Rebecca R. Ridings Ford, $230,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arsenal Rd., 4716-Kenneth W. and Karen Spranza to Avinash Dewani and Karishma S. Kewalramuni, $425,000.

Brookwood Rd., 2982-Mark E. and Sharon L. Bilohlavek to Raymond M. and Michelle M. Montero, $445,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4770-Vanessa M. Howard to Kristen Carter, $210,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12677-Bernard C. and Barbara Cochran to Gerald W. and Jennifer W. Patterson, $620,000.

Hallowed Stream, 4641-Michael Donovan to Ryan Allen, $342,500.

Jessica Lane, 9804-Terry G. Brownley and Kathryn A. Benton Brownley to Kevin R. and Michelle Denny, $645,000.

Lancelot Cross, 3013-Gideona A. and Anuanwei Kiblagat Akunji to Jalal U. and Tahmina S. Sheikh, $890,000.

Paddington Ct., 10324-Ray A. and Shirley M. Beaser to Utpal Bhalala and Reena Shah, $749,900.

Rams Horn Row, 4731-Helga A. Ryan to Loren Powell and Sarah Jewett, $348,000.

Stardust Lane, 11517-G&R Maple Lawn Inc. and Maple Lawn Farms 1 Corp. to Steven P. and Stacey K. Fishman, $400,000.

Windsor Moss, 12035-Margaret D. Rapport Revocable Trust to Patricia L. Simon, $580,000.


Erin Dr., 6417-William M. and Christina E. Fletcher to Daniel James and Lori Anne Miller, $705,000.

Lakeside Dr., 13785-Paul R. and Clarissa C. Marques to Timi R. and Rahamatalai Arogundale Omokehinde, $79,000.

Springdale Dr., 13729-Timothy J. and Barbara Cleary to Nei Global Relocation Co., $1.51 million.


Bellwart Way, 9076-Dennis and Tiffany Allmon Stewart to Joel Whitlow and Leah Wuensch Davis, $399,500.

Canvasback Ct., 4909-Mary Jane Barnett to Katherine A. Mitchell, Joseph A. Bauer and Leslie A. Bauer, $365,000.

Flamepool Way, 9120-Lora I. Holland to Federal National Mortgage Association, $351,960.

Harbor Lane, 7203-Peter L. Fort to Nicholas Francis Manning, $347,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9454-Lonnie R. and Charell Gillian to Hung Dinh and Tu Le, $240,000.

Majors Lane, 6005-Darius E. Brown to Ellen L. and Richard L. Schween, $100,000.

Majors Lane, 6099-Federal National Mortgage Association to Andriy Tkachenko and Ganna Khvostenko, $78,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5376-Beth A. and Shaun W. Tray to James Randolph Heckler, $299,000.

Skyward Ct., 6427-Ian R. Walsh to Metro DC 2 Corp., $230,000.

Swan Point Way, 7445-David H. and Sheridan Jones McCrae to Megan M. Vicchio and Brandan T. Pippens, $349,500.

Warm Granite Dr., 8879-Wells Fargo Bank to Surbhi P. Shah, $415,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6246-Deborah Maria Lindsey to Gina Gideon, $260,000.


Bishops Head Ct., 5417-Thomas Edwin and Marcia D. Aupperlee to Alexandra Thomas and William A. Stetka Jr., $260,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6042-Jacqueline A. Zelepsky to Willard M. and Faryn E. Carr, $305,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5324-Rasamond F. Brown and Patricia Louise McLaine to Lynn Ann Shannon, $246,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10590-Robert and Ruth A. Eichelberger to Harrison M. and Stephen M. Zemel, $2.18 million.

Jerrys Dr., 6014-Javier A. Liceaga and Jannette O’Neil Gonzalez to Charles D. Miron Revocable Trust, $550,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 11431-Meagan T. Khau to Stevan M. and Jackie S. Harden, $150,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10847-Michael E. and Robin A. Bowers to William David and Michelle Anne Weill, $287,000.

Ring Dove Lane, 5493-Kathleen A. Meachum to Okpara Fussell, $313,000.

Rutland Round Rd., 10203-Arimas 10203 Corp. to Samira Koser, $70,250.

Suffield Ct., 5555-John T. Caudill Revocable Living Trust to Toledo Edwards, $280,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5518-Kevin M. Walko to Tiffany Thomas Randall, $289,000.

White Cord Way, 12001-Kathleen A. Lewis and Patricia V. Kerwin to Darcela Diane and Eddie V. Tucker, $475,439.

Willow Bottom Dr., 11115-Levon J. Lloyd and Jennifer M. Rawley to Robert S. and Jennifer Miller Brewington, $460,000.

Yellowbell Lane, 12016-David B. and Denise Burkus Harris to James M. and Paulette Williams Turner, $635,000.


Bauman Dr., 6017-HSBC Bank USA to Peter E. Simpson, $315,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6210-Fort 2011-1 Reo Corp. to Robert Aaron Zimmerman, $180,000.

Koffel Ct., 6411, No. 20-William R. and Heide Ford to Charles W. and Kathy Boyer Shick, $405,000.

Red Barn Way, 7906-Vince C. and Karen E. Carter to Jonathan and Amy Harriman, $265,500.


Bosley Rd., 8801-Michael P. Hennick to Paula A. Kolick, $290,000.

Brittany Dr., 4210-Donald R. Mathias and Donna Hoffmann to Richard W. Mathias, $319,600.

College Ave., 4245-Autumn River Corp. to Autumn Development Corp., $6.28 million.

Falls Run Rd., 8495-Ruthe Snyder to Gary and Tracey Hensel, $206,000.

Halcyon Ct., 3265-Dale J. and Jennifer S. Kreller to Chik Sang Chang, $339,900.

Lotus Cir., 4149-J.M. O’Ferrall and Timothy J. O’Ferrall to Richard E. and Patricia K. Fenton, $415,000.

Nottingham Way, 7934-William H. and Deborah H. Smith to Joshua and Diana Wolf, $480,000.

Quaker Mill Ct., 3613-Yong Zhen Qian to Lakshmi Bhagavatula, $440,550.

Sunset Dr., 8336-Vernon E. and Ella May Hare to Virgil L. and Idoline L. Lough, $285,000.

Upper Mill Ct., 3507-Elizabeth M. and Mark Evans to David W. Yuan and Fenglin Yang, $309,900.

Yellow Pine Dr., 8125-Regina O. Sokas and Kristina M. Wright to Donald J. Goddard Jr., $247,000.


Tilghman St., 7911-Kristen Loveday to Brett P. and Melissa B. Harton, $540,000.


Gwenlee Cir., 3262-James W. and Marcia L. Dudley to Amie and Jeffrey Leone, $515,000.


River Birch Ct., 6038-Scott L. and Karen E. Pumphrey to Kyle and David Sloan, $406,000.


Fairhaven Pl., 8726-Celso Eduardo and Lucy Santizo to Aubrey Wilson Baber III, $236,250.

Wild Grass Ct., 9314-David W. and Sheri M. Daum to Charles B. and Carmen Jackson Hill, $390,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6305-Kenneth R. and Makiko Duncan to John R. and Markita M. Garner, $540,000.

Early Spring Way, 9757-Clinton L. and Corinne P. Edwards to Kurt M. and Bethany M. Osterman, $323,000.

Oakhurst Dr., 9542-Mary D. Lake to Anne M. Rowzee, $302,000.

Seneca Dr., 6648-Peter M. Kuzmak to Kim L. Parker, $449,900.

Weather Worn Way, 7615-Rodd L. Bowman to Alexander Yofin, $200,000.


Cabot Ct., 9335-Megha Mahadevan to Jason Alan Niemeyer, $235,000.

Doves Fly Way, 8838-E. Phillip and Ann Macin to Joshua J. and Christina R. Felsen, $579,900.

Gorman Rd., 10489-Mary Jo Robert and estate of Stephen F. Macadoff to Leslie A. Walker, $325,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8430-NVR Inc. to Zhen Chuan Kang and Tingzhen Li, $271,105.

Kings Grant Rd., 9607-Daryl A. and Debra J. Steen to Aurelio and Lorena Baniqued, $400,000.

Pinenut Ct., 9237-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shamsh Alam and Sharfunnisa Quadri, $178,000.

Silken Leaf Ct., 9604-Angela P. Stephan to Kathryn A. and Justin T. Kuruvilla, $450,000.

Waterside Ct., 8655-Jonathan and Katharine Porwick to Hyun S. and Hyo J. Lee, $830,000.


McKendree Rd., 1823-Mary P. and Robert Allen Weir to Joint Decision Properties Corp., $36,000.


Daisy Rd., 2234-Peter Hamilton and Kathleen D. Dernoeden to Matthew and Teresa Wiley, $468,000.


Evening Dew Dr., 2912-Patricia Huelskamp to Malka Scher, $470,000.