Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Highlands Dr., 1208-Yvonne and Eugene E. Pigatt to Jereme P. Bulter and Paul E. Nelson, $142,000.

Dorchester Dr., 7, No. 4-Violet P. and David S. Cherry to Katherine M. Walker and Claudio David Ruiz, $215,000.

Fairview Ave., 789C-Craig and Susan C. Arko to Daniel Wesley and Arlene Maria Shows, $240,250.

Fox Hollow Lane, 420-Helene D. Flieder to Christopher and Sarah Kelly, $490,000.

Harness Creek View Dr., 679-Michael L. Wastler to Robert M. Tobin, $320,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1132, No. 1B-Gabriel S. Fiano and Mohammad Reeza Suffurally to Peter Zur Nedden, $145,000.

Pinecrest Dr., 138-Robin Camm and Robert Mann to Alison M. Colman and Robert B. Snyder, $372,000.

Rockwell Ct., 39-Jeffrey A. and Linda Redman Butts to Mark and Elizabeth Colfax Turner, $92,825.

Thomas Point Rd., 3748-Wayne S. and Lori L. Andersen to David Grant and Terri Lynne Miller, $130,000.

Wainwright Ave., 27-Charles R. Greenwell and Jeanne A. Ringenbach to Brandon W. and Lida P. Barniea, $705,000.


Admiral Dr., 625-Lavern K. McCarty to Tina M. Longo, $235,000.

Cape St. John Rd., 248-Lou Lukas to Sherry A. Cleveland, $585,000.

Fleet St., 47-Barbara A. Cooper and Orlando Ridout to Brenda Yoo, $445,000.

Glen Cove, 2572, No. 78-Richard Charles and Thomas Clayton Sentz to John J. and Kathleen M. Needham, $386,500.

Homeland Ave. S., 133-Carri A. and Marc R. Browne to Vanessa M. and Bradford J. Phillips, $410,000.

Locust Ave., 318-Edgewater Corp. to Brendan Alan and Kathryn Grace Bellotte, $150,000.

Monterey Ave., 410-Mark K. Perkinson to Jed Prossner, $415,000.

Puritan Terr., 2047-PNC Bank to Amiraliy Pyarali, $296,200.

Rosewood St., 213-Helen Brice Burgess and Joyce A. Simms to Guilder F. Grijalva and Oscar Villata Rubio, $208,000.

Shipmaster Ct., 918, No. 10-John Matthew Hudson and the estate of Helen W. Hudson to Alan D. and Judith A. Duer, $240,000.

Sumner Rd., 130-Elizabeth A. Donohoe to Edward Francis Herold Jr., $403,000.


Evans Hill, 1-Parker O. and Darlene T. Chapman to Andrew G. and Kristine C. Smith, $500,000.


Bald Eagle Rd., 1651-Ralph G. and Elaine M. Johnson to Stephen A. and Kristin M. Bohl, $580,000.

Carlisle Dr., 718-Kevin Michael and Elizabeth Anne Thibodeau to James M. McKee and Mona O. Kane, $769,000.

Graymoss Ct., 1189-Christopher E. O’Brien to John and Michelle A. Vukmanic, $212,000.

Long Meadow Way, 341-Nathan Bowen and Nicole Anderson to Mark Y. Conklin, $290,000.

Match Point Dr., 799-Mona Lacovey and Steven W. Longerier to Edith R. Dean, $206,000.

Oakland Hills Ct., 609G, No. G-Jason D. and Violet Lewis to Steven P. and Constance E. Gibb, $154,900.

Southern Hills Dr., 600, No. 1A-Rosemarie L. Evans to David P. McClarren, $162,900.

Volley Ct., 391-Roger Hill Morrell to Federal National Mortgage Association, $180,000.


Edgevale Rd. W., 238-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yolanda Jones, $49,999.

10th Ave., 112-Michael Schwinn and the estate of Pauline D. Sturgeon to Sergei H. Gochar, $158,000.


Cecilia Ct., 1201-Gregory J. and Carolyn L. Deveau to Bruce W. and Elizabeth J. Smith, $509,250.

Dulany Pl., 1901-Timothy D. and Lynette A. Hitchcock to Joel Dunn and Heidi Zellers, $545,000.

Lido Dr., 1066-Marjorie E. Eppink to Jacob Harrison and Noel Leslie Wagner, $335,000.

Mount Holly Dr., 1011-James R. and Lindsay Major Ringgold to Charles J. and Carrie E. Rizzo, $414,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1117-Cathy A. Everly to Kelcy E. Smith, $240,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 636-James M. and Evangeline M. Theologus to Nicolette Marietta and Jonathan David Howard, $420,000.

Yorktown Rd., 1323-Kevin F. Hunt and Karla L. Cromwell Floyd to Joshua and Christa Kulp, $443,000.


Broadwater Creek Rd., 5744-Audrey Mae MacWilliams to the J. Paul Rickett Revocable Trust and the Gloria E. Rickett Revocable Trust, $890,000.


Cavalier Cir., 1907, No. A-Daryl H. Sims to Scott, Samuel and Susan Gibson, $114,000.

Dog Leg Ct., 2525-Brian A. Fitzpatrick and Matthew P. Lucik to Matthew A. and Marianne P. Young, $340,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1557-MPS Crofton Joint Venture to Gary J. and Elaida A. Anson, $109,990.

Harwick Ct., 1466, No. 89YE-Helen M. Jordan to Samantha S. Weaver, $205,000.

Log Mill Ct., 2543, No. 5-Marci M. Frye to Said and Sarah Saab, $232,000.

Pawlet Dr., 1907-Trudy Turcotte to Stanley E. Walker Jr., $238,950.

Shaftsbury Ave., 1771-Gerald M. and Linda E. Sebold to Brian D. and Jennifer L. Wills, $465,000.

Wickham Way, 1676-Carol A. and Robert S. Pfost to Tifani Lowe Grizzell, $545,000.


Eva Gude Dr., 1317-Peggy Andrews to Peter D. and Sarah S. Evans, $1.62 million.

Haverford Dr., 2020-William Imperato and Jennifer Imperato to NVM Ltd., $531,000.

Miller Cir., 1034-Chris M. and Martha Dehne to Pride Homes Corp., $167,500.

Old Herald Harbor Rd., 791-William and Jean L. Wroten to Paul F. Hammel, $380,000.

St. Stephens Church Rd., 1442-Robert R. and Linda L. Dove to Elias R. Faddoul, $130,000.

Sweet Pea Path, 1356-John T. and Susanne M. Zipp to Laura Susan Buchanan, $770,000.


Matfield Ct., 206-Robert E. Russell Jr. to Russell A. and C. Susie Putney, $415,000.


Central Ave. W., 1162-Tina M. Moore and estate of Charles M. Carrick to Brian C. and Kathleen A. Kauffmann, $235,000.


Meadowland Dr., 6357-Thomas J. and Nancy J. Meringolo to David and Jessica Stallings, $400,000.


Carolina Ave. N., 3665-Joel Hilden and Katherine Kielty to James Depfer III, $463,000.

Fairmount Dr., 405-Helga Woodall Van Dolsen and Dal Charles Van Dolsen to Beth A. Mauro and Richard H. Frankenstein, $223,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1611-Anthony J. and Oneyda B. Bollo to Brian P. and Carey E. Pelc, $318,000.

Ponder Dr., 3814-James William Ancell and Bonnie B. Johnson to L.R. Povey Enterprises Corp., $116,000.

Shore Dr., 2118-Albert S. and Joan D. Yeager to Christine A. Long, $270,000.

Tacoma Rd., 1745-Lauderdale Restoration Corp. to Nicholas A. Cutlip Sr., $329,900.

Two Rivers Dr., 80-Thomas L. Pierotti to Robert and Stephanie L. Agresti, $392,000.

Sixth Ave., 3687-Crystal J. and Brian Hannon to Tyler E. Woody, $325,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2606-C. Phyllis Bieberich to Randall R. Tanaka, $180,000.

Defense Hwy., 1275-Diane E. Martin and Alfreda R. Proctor Turner to Patrick O’Bryan Dunbar and Julie A. Dunbar, $150,000.

Misthaven Lane, 2246-Arlene Ferrigno and the Julia Font Castillo Revocable Trust to Christopher D. Zwald and Gloria S. Benya Zwald, $335,000.

Springhill Way, 1046-Rose Marie Pierce to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $258,723.


Andel Ct., 117-James J. Mandrin to Coreen M. Hellmann, $215,000.

Arundel Ave., 525-Eugene E. and Eleanor C. Ridgell to Patrick James Garrett, $141,000.

Big Baer Dr., 1010-Gloria V. Wheeler and Cynthia J. Stitz to James Stracke III, $233,000.

Crafty Fox Ct., 8102-Christopher R. and Anna M. Swader to David Benjamin and Grace G. Stout, $349,900.

Dover Rd., 506-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph Lorentzen, $146,500.

Fruitful Ct., 8109-Department of Veterans Affairs to Diana Safoa Akinsoyinu, $205,000.

Great Bend Rd., 8184-Mary N. Herberger to William H. and Loretta J. Davis, $155,000.

Griffith Rd., 717-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ranxi Liu, $166,000.

Juneberry Way, 200, No. 200-1B-Julie Beth Weldon and Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $259,200.

Londonderry Dr., 1004-Linda Metzler and James I. Newbill to Charles Kirby, $163,500.

Maple Lane NW, 300-Susan L. Hilliard to Lloyd T. and Karen Stewart, $175,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7500-Glenda F. Lapere to Federal National Mortgage Association, $207,000.

Saunders Way, 1501-Mark D. Riskedahl to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $134,000.

Tieman Dr., 1603-Charles A. Roeder to Aaron Wallace, $162,000.

Valentine Ave., 1414-Sang Joon Hwang to Cullen and Amanda Lowery, $195,000.

Wellham Ave., 514-Charlotte E. Hall to Glen Edward Shreve Jr., $200,000.

Third Ave. SW, 213-Richard P. and Stephanie D. MacDonald to Shannon L. Olson, $271,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7817-House Buyers of America Inc. to Johnnie Lester and Katie Marie Qualls, $205,000.

Cork Rd., 360-William F. and Rose M. Letourneau to Fara Joy and David Flanders, $274,000.

Delaware Ave., 716-Detoine Wallace to Sinclair Enterprises Corp., $86,800.

Finch Dr., 2710-Tina M. Woods and Kathryn G. Dennis to Noel R. and Rosemary C. Hall, $273,000.

Hammarlee Rd., 254-William S. Peters to Benjamin A. and Jana Umberger, $209,000.

Opel Rd., 611-David H. Rissmiller to Benjamin W.C. Jones and Katelynn M. Schmidt, $152,000.

Shoreland Dr., 1025-Christopher J. Tarr to Edward C. Dryden, $200,000.

Sunny Brook Dr., 1106-Mildred A. and Howard Lee Thomas to Travis J. and Samantha Carol Finnerty, $208,000.

West Dr., 7740-Elizabeth A. and Thomas R. Podwojski to Elizabeth A. Mukhin, $33,724.


Dorchester Woods Lane, 7266-NVR Inc. to Eyup Zafer Ilk, $350,070.

Kawshek Path, 7813-Brian John and Dawn Marie Cunning to Michael A. Schumann and Anna Lepingwell, $445,000.

Post Rd., 7614-Chester W. and Sun Harris to Charles A. Weber III, $210,000.

Sycamore Pl., 2302-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve 10a Corp. to Khalil Ahmad, $787,903.


Chinquapin Crest Dr., 895-Owen W. and Janet O. Croggon to Michael A. Kerfoot, $390,000.

Owensville Sudley Rd., 4468-Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Puleo, $301,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3023-Roy E. and Carol J. Ryan to Michele R. Wilson, $280,000.

Federalsburg S., 258-Randy Carmichael to Stephanie M. Reliforrd, $295,000.

Marganza S., 262-Charles A. and Ovetta S. Williams to Dale and June Yoo, $144,000.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8608-Robert N. Baggete to Hassane Thomas Shaw, $299,900.


Madingley Rd., 507-Kathleen Ann Kostkowski to Mary P. Conley, $265,000.

Regency Cir., 211-RSI Improvements Corp. to Korteney Nelthrope, $297,000.


Bayard Rd., 288-Terry R. and Pamela Ann Haffelfinger to Alan and Ellen L. Brentzel, $377,500.

Rapidan Ct., 5402-Harry L. Borden to TSC/Rapidan Court Corp., $130,000.


Brightview Dr., 619-James Carouth to Angela Marie Gardner and Charles Denton Holmes IV, $395,000.

Caracle Ct., 615-KHI Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Jo Ann M. Gomes, $414,885.

Galiot Dr., 8322-KHI Shipleys Crossing North Corp. to Jaime L. Iatesta, $455,000.

Jumpers Hole Rd., 261-Yvonne Annette Eldridge to 261 Jumpers Hole Corp., $155,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. E., 611-Richard R. and Bethany C. Krulis to Kevin Auguste, $240,000.


Bay Front Ave., 1095-Timothy Keith Whitehouse to Jon S. Motley, $440,000.


Broken Twig Ct., 802-Bernard L. Church and Deborah L. Church to Michelle Lise Levesque and Leonard F. Murphy, $490,000.

Conquest Way, 2216, No. 41-National Residential Nominee Services to Patrick Jay and Anne Leila Knowles, $265,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 700-Liberty Woods Real Estate Inc. to C.A. Giggin, $229,000.

Killarney Terr., 2430-Rudolph F. and Laura L. Huettler to Emily A. Klontz and Joseph B. Hickman, $360,000.

Oakton Rd., 529-Roland C. Burrell to Aaron J. and Erika J. Kimbler, $275,000.

Piscataway Run Dr., 2841-Van and Lisette Guzman to Patrick S. and Amy R. Knight, $345,000.

Roaming Ridge Way, 8601, No. 402-Martin Haines to Robert D. and Angela T. Butland, $295,000.

Samantha Lane, 1014, No. 402-Bill C. and Anna Catherine Bailey to Richard F. McClung, $224,000.

Star Stella Dr., 1529-Byron A. and Diane C. Malogrides to William G. and Tracey A. Powell, $690,000.

Travis Point Ct., 2006-Charlene Edwards and Evelyn Channer to Krupali and Mital Patel, $182,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8606-Beazer Homes Corp. to Walter C. and Linda X. Jones, $351,199.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612-Beazer Homes Corp. to Mable Y. Wright, $270,306.


Chalk Point Rd., 5264-Michael J. Lehner to Nancy L. and Elliot E. Madison, $250,000.


Caldwell Rd., 264-Joan Yvette Harris and Elmer V. Sembly Jr. to MC Hammer and Nail Corp., $105,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 245-Roland T. Larrett and Earnest Johnson to Christopher K. Serra, $255,000.

Cedrela Dr., 7823-Patty J. Carrigan to Daniel J. Hughes, $640,000.

Croydon Way, 8054, No. 171-Adeline O. Miller to Kristen Kerr, $190,000.

Fallon Dr., 14-James Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association, $228,000.

Gallatin Way, 1107-Timothy R. and Carolyn J. Margenthaler to Stephen W. and June L. Johnson, $385,000.

Granada Rd., 124-Michael J. and Flora E. McFerren to Pamela R. Mason Slater, $390,000.

Kings Rd., 1080-C. McGinniss and Dawn McGinniss to Justin M. Mullen and Stephanie M. Merson, $215,000.

Lea Rd., 8171-Nancy G. Selig to Elizabeth A. and Shawn D. Wingard, $250,000.

Meadow Wick Ct., 8210-Joseph B. Espinas and Christine D. Esoinas to Alexandra M. Nevel and Adam D. Lurz, $190,000.

Mountain Rd., 2529-Richard A. Gavigan and David W. Gavigan to Peat Corp., $410,000.

Norwalk Harbour, 8669-Lisa S.A. Winslow to Justin Zickar and Ashley Rowe, $218,990.

Poinsett Terr., 8193-Marshall and Suzanne Gildermaster to Eric Jude and Cathleen Helin, $300,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 355-Kaitlin E. Mathers to James J. and Frances J. McMahon, $229,899.

Royal Star Ct., 8201-Dana P.E. Lusby and Joyce L. Lusby to Michael C. and Jasmin Alfarano, $475,000.

Swift Rd., 804-Glenn Dewitt and June Lucille Cantrell to Pride Homes Corp., $115,000.

Vena Ct., 7718-Joann Sellman and estate of Guy Wayne Sellman to Gilliand Corp., $119,500.

Water Oak Point Rd., 7801-Shelia A. Savaliski to Brian Keith and Susan Ann Cavey, $640,000.

Woods Rd., 835-Thomas H. and Sharon D. Beckham to Jason and Krista Eckels, $299,000.

203rd St., 715-Alice S. Richter to Federal National Mortgage Association, $183,000.

221st St., 801-Carson C. and Jennifer D. Arnold to Andrew Justin and Shannon Nicole Day, $214,250.


Berkshire Dr., 420-Garry E. and Judith N. Stigall to Michael D. and Ashley N. Sonnefeld, $500,000.


Barnwood Ct., 1727-Department of Veterans Affairs to Lorraine Johns, $220,000.

Driver Lane, 8145-James W. and Katina Barker to Alfreda R. Staton, $456,000.

Heather Mist Dr., 7991-Christopher G. and Mary L. Cooney to Matthew R. and Linda S. Cotter, $247,500.

Locust Wood Rd., 7715-Richard John and Amanda Kay Ruffner to Daniel Raymond and Glenda Mae Weber, $175,000.

Quarterfield Rd., 8220-Diana Britenstine and estate of Martha E. Britenstine to Ameri Star Homes of Jamestown Road Inc., $480,000.

Sparrow Ct., 1810-Federal National Mortgage Association to Linda Kendall, $70,000.

University Dr., 416-Timothy and Marianne Batzler to Stephen E. and Carrie F. Heise, $590,000.


Boone Trail, 49-John B. Brown Jr. and Janet Nebel to Christopher F. and Krista K. Buckley, $2.02 million.

Brownstone Dr., 603-Brian A. and Sharon L. Johnson to Matthew P. and Meg M. Lucik, $655,000.

Gainsborough Ct., 443-Joel J. and Sharon J. Schubbe to Todd and Bethany Kerley, $448,900.

Old County Rd., 1112-Joanne K. and Jeffrey S. Desimone to Christopher R. Hendryx, $790,000.

Saltzman Rd., 612-Pride Homes Corp. to Sean Edwin and Ashley Marie Simmons, $439,900.

Ticonderoga Ave., 738-James W. and Deborah J. Laite to Daal Properties Corp., $370,000.

Westholme Lane, 108-Dennis E. and Debra M. Brown to James E. Urban, $645,000.


Cedar Ave., 1172-Stephen T. and Constance Webster to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $180,857.

Jordan Dr., 1316-Robert J. and Lauren J. Hannigan to Christopher C. and Jackeline A. Holland, $280,000.

Steamboat Rd., 1280-Michael Wilson and Grace Soryong Bennett to Joseph S., John R. and Joanne Nelligan, $240,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Berkshire Lane, 10204-Robert Michael and Lisa Scherr Simenauer to Ricky K. and Anna Y. Cheung, $670,000.

Cragsmoor Rd., 3625-Ronald J. and Nancy M. Albright to Lei Zong and Nange Lu, $486,000.

Dunloggin Ct., 9044-Walter J. and Michelle M. Diggs to Vincent Cangiano, Matthew Ryan Evans and Joanna Cangiano Batz, $518,000.

Furrow Ave., 9175-Estate of Barbara Ware Moss and Paul B. Ware III to James, Juliette and Susan K. Waterman, $420,000.

Isabelles Way, 9941-Robert G. and Sharon Landolt to Melvin Joseph and Diana Patricia Sobotka, $274,500.

Joycin Ct., 3654-Peter B. and Susan J. Heslinga to Hao Lee and Peng Ding, $299,000.

Meadowvale Rd., 3709-Craig A. Peddicord to David Marquette, $373,000.

Patuxent Overlook Ct., 3049-Darey J. and Niall Gibson to Michael D. Kim, $545,000.

St. Johns Lane, 2896-Yong Sun Pak and Yong Sun Wilhelm to Byeong Kie Kang, $345,000.

Spring Meadow Dr., 3746-David L. and Julie Rowlett to Aaron M. and Yasmina M. Cowan, $755,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12920-Peggy M. Keyes and William C. Gardner to William G. Hellier and Debra L. Lanouette, $610,000.


Gentle Call, 5956-Linda M. Creamer to Won Bae Park and Myung Ye Lee, $527,000.

Linden Linthicum Lane, 12212-Jung Hee Kim to Sammy Zakaria and Dalia G. Shlash, $850,000.

Walnut Creek Ct., 6800-Michael G. and Denise K. Smith to Jerome P. and Jin He Lee, $725,000.


Burnt Mountain Path, 6324-Joy A. Clarke Holmes and Gilbert A. Holmes to Albert and Sarah Yu, $600,000.

Deep Earth Lane, 6243-Stephenie L. Atwell to Tanya L. Yeoman and William B. Heird, $345,000.

Gold Sunset Way, 8418-Strategic Equity Group Corp. to G.R. Mishindo and Michelle Fay Ray, $328,000.

Hillfall Ct., 5519-Susheel K. Jain to Richard J. and Ashley E. Bendelewski, $540,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9136-Melissa T. and Neville O. Forde to Lucimar J. Ewell, $155,800.

Majors Lane, 6085-Bettie J. Luckman to Tarek and Sharon Jasim Hanif, $130,000.

Orchard Green, 5161-Chad Curry and Weihung B. Chang to Jiao Yang and Yan Zhang, $315,000.

Pinecone Row, 9443-Robert L. Dodson Jr. to Benjamin and Lauren Kaplan, $360,000.

Stairtop Ct., 8304-James B. and Valerie B. Reeves to Akshin S. Bakhtiyarov and Sevinj S. Alakbarova, $395,000.

Tamar Dr., 5907-Matthew Gibson and James R. Gibson to Brittany Marie Silver and Justin William Scott, $90,000.

Waterloo Rd., 6410-Thomas J. Doyle to JPLAC Corp., $248,300.


Beech Creek Dr., 10904-Joseph Mithchell and Jane Mitchell to Robert Alden and Laura Stewart Peaslee, $430,000.

Bridlerein Terr., 10725-Joon H. and Kye Z. Byun to Marian A. Robinson, $318,000.

Celestial Way, 5144-Leonard M. and Ann B. Guralnick to Andrew J. and Peggy A. Nebus, $385,000.

Cross Fox Lane, 10580-Keith R. Brooks to Joseph D. Edwards, $129,900.

Fair Oaks, 10417-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Scott J. and Katherine J. Evans, $361,000.

Grand Banks Rd., 5991-Daniel M. and Gwendolyn O. Tekle to SKP Investors Corp., $165,000.

High Tide Ct., 5443-Gina R. Gideon to Crystal E. Rivera and Joseph P. Carr, $239,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5205-William S. and Donna M. Rodney to Susan Alexandra Gerb, $363,000.

Powder Run, 11237, No. 10-7-Andriy and Renata Harmatiy to Ramkumar Moorthy, $262,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5247-Howard and Nancy Schwartzberg to Joseph Phillip Ricco III, $169,500.

Thicket Lane, 5688-Jambacon Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Wen Tao Liu and Su You Bao, $285,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5640-Cheryl J. Logan to Elizabeth J. Brown, $335,900.

Whitewasher Way, 10354-Elijah Aaron and Kristin Leigh Underhill to Seahawk Real Estate Group Corp., $295,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5537-Sandra M. White and estate of Lena Gloria Campbell to David C. and K.E. Novak, $200,000.


Candle Light Dr., 4047-Castleberry at Ten Oaks Corp. to Christopher and Dawn Jorgenson, $649,900.


Greenfield Rd., 6372-Christopher A. and Victoria V. Roe to Mangal D. and Chunu Maharjan, $215,000.

Norris Lane, 6802-John T. Hofmann to Michael T. and Marissa C. McCurdy, $710,000.


Alice Ave., 4914-Walter Joseph and Kathleen Ann Kaler to Pablo Rivera Carrasquillo and Dinna Chaustra Rivera, $425,000.

Brightridge Ct., 8102-Mary Theresa Holford to Emory D. West and Carlos A. Guzman, $310,000.

Cedarcreek Ct., 8400-Gordon E. and Kathleen M. Gustafson to William C. and Rachel A. Grice, $420,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7607-Mary W. Dumond to Dharmesh and Bijal Shah, $205,000.

Doncaster Dr., 4605-Malcolm P. Bracey and Jessica L. Swope to Christopher John and Gennifer Williams, $425,000.

Goldfinch Ct., 5735-Huy Ngoc and Mai Hoa Pham to Harmanpreet Singh and Yasmeen Kaur, $350,000.

Ilkley Moor Lane, 4735-Benjamin F. and Mary F. Weigand to Amy E. and Christopher M. Frey, $530,000.

Millers Way Dr., 2756-Daniel K. and Viktoria A. Trivette to Wadie T. and Eatedal F. Hanna, $280,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8397-Theresa Reardom to Lori Melissa Sasaki, $180,000.

Owens Ct., 4953-Patapsco Landing Corp. to Suriya Narayana Murugandi and Shirley Priya Arokiasamy, $850,000.

Sonia Trail, 3237-Ruhul A. and Dilara Yousufzai to Mohammad Kashef, $305,000.

Timber Valley Ct., 8511-George H. and Martha S. Matthews to Jing Xie and Yihan Wan, $472,000.

Winding Way, 9150-Linda N. Fodel and Dianne E. Sloan to Sean M. and Natalie K. Miskimins, $350,000.


Pindell Chase Dr., 11748-Soon Ok and Sang Y. Choi to Sung T. Kim and Christine E. Lee, $1.1 million.


Callaway Ct., 15230-David J. and Patrcia M. Hensing to Carl O. and Ann F. Buhlman, $520,000.


Hanover Rd., 6168-6168 Investment and Rental Property Corp. to K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp., $1.31 million.


Mink Hollow Rd., 6822-Bradley A. Meyer to Paul R. Versace and Apple Chapman, $685,000.


Sheffield Ct., 8151-William M. and Katherine E. Reid to Jonathan Ryan and Annalee Marie Clingenpeel, $224,900.


Braddock Way, 8448-Elizabeth Anne and Harold J. Davis to Kalpesh P. and Surya K. Mistry, $425,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7347-Bhakti Petigara and Jeffrey Christopher Harp to Dawn A. Merritt and Gayle L. Graves, $309,900.

Lambeth Ct., 9615-Joseph and Carol Dawn Hovas to Stephen Mark Mersinger and Jessica L. Washko, $237,000.

Rainleaf Ct., 9819-Todd A. Myrick to Donn Philip and Lauren Cano, $309,900.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9607-Melanie and Brian Starling to James Alain Laplanche, $265,000.


St. James Rd., 2070-Christina L. Nicosia and Amy G. Givan to Chul Hyun Abn and Soojin Jeong, $720,000.


Chelsea Way, 11008-Brian S. and Susan M. Kuning to Dong Hun Park, $390,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10607-Paul B. and Linda C. Shannon to Christine S. Smith, $290,000.

Gross Ave., 9257-John M. and Lorie A. Harding to Gloria S. Salai, $365,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8430-NVR Inc. to Norbert O. and Nancy Mugwagwa, $244,010.

Jamestown Ct., 11532-Yang Soo Yoon and Kathryn Ratanavanich to Kyu D. Kwak and Ashley H. Park, $600,000.

Moonshine Hollow, 9080-Kathy Marlene Smallwood and estate of Frances Jane Tate to Jaeron K. Jenkins, $164,900.

Ridings Way, 9383-Jennifer Dayok and Robert Caruso to Shamim Zaidi, $282,500.

Steeple Ct., 9412-Michael J. and Liya Thibodeau to Danielle E. and Simon C. Jones, $295,000.

White Chute Way, 9311-Howard County Housing Commission to Gagan J. Gill, $258,764.


Adgate Ct., 1204-Alan D. Siegfried to Ethan Schofield and Sarah Elizabeth Miller, $427,500.

Justifiable Ct., 14762-Margaret J. Weller to Christopher A. and Stephanie Barnard, $225,000.


Harrow Dr., 2135-Louis E. Gelso to Sinha Kang and Seungseon Heo, $460,000.