Anne Arundel County

These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Barbud Lane, 1210-Meghan K. Taneyhill to John C. and Corey E. Frank, $275,000.

Belvedere Ct., 13-Janet A. MacDonald to Carlos R. Ferrer, $234,000.

Burnside St., 302, No. 2-Maurice C. and Gabrielle Mary Ashley to 302B Corp., $535,000.

Doncaster Ct., 1-Carolynn R. Berner to Gary Houser, $210,000.

Hillsmere Dr., 510-Brian J. and Tara M. Rochelo to Dominique L. Moir, $385,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1133, No. 2A-514 Phase I Corp. to Michelle C. Serafin, $240,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1152-Henry W. and Beverly D. Gamp to Scot E. Labin, $1 million.

Severn Ave., 312, No. E301-Francis J. and Mary K. Fallon to Robert Cantwell Jr., $207,000.

Tyler Ave., 1007-Maria C. Vega to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $161,441.


Admiral Dr., 631-Ellen W. Thompson to Mark T. Coffin Jr., $210,000.

Bowen Ct., 234-Mitchell R. and Sheri A. Stoller to Howard J. Stapf and Roger T. Dunn, $660,000.

Carraway Lane, 109-Spa Gate Corp. to Kevin M. Keller and Mary C. Klase, $510,000.

Coachway, 804-Robert B. and Terry M. Spanjaard to William G. and Kelly P. Karpovich, $2.6 million.

Dean St., 23-Josie V. Robinson to Granville D. and Faith F. Lewis, $290,000.

East St., 88-Jeanne C. Lahman and Ellen R. Lahman to James S. Mumper Jr., $495,000.

Glenwood St., 719, No. 45-Central Mortgage Co. to Christopher and Susan Kang Mongirdas, $68,500.

Heritage Ct., 7A, No. 119-Deutsche Bank Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Mike C. Wang, $85,989.

Lincoln Dr., 1906-James C. Praley to DN Real Estate Corp., $185,000.

Market St., 100-Jeffrey S. Holik to James Andrew Frodsham and Stacy L. Permenter, $925,000.

Mathias Hammond Way, 501-Julie M. Darby to Fred J. and Marian L. Biven, $200,000.

Schley Rd., 410-William O. and Nancy P. Lively to Cody Thomas Dunlap, $320,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 119-Barbara Buck to Linda Fitzsimons, $162,900.

Summerview Way, 2702, No. 5304-Robert G. and Suzanne R. Windesheim to Bethany A. Ferralli, $279,500.

Valley View Rd., 2992-John F. Simpson to Christopher A. Mineo and Maureen M. Frary, $690,000.

Winters Chase Way, 2933-Elisabeth A. Luthringer to Robert M. and Jennifer A. Zichelli, $387,900.


Andrew Hill Rd., 603-Craig R. Lukas to Gorton P. Lindsay, $405,000.

Chocataw Rd., 1581-Kathleen A. Johnson to John D. and Sarah E. White, $552,000.

Falcon Nest Ct., 1491-Anthony Graham Bell and Toni L. Graham Bell to Mary Lynne Neil, $300,000.

Greenhill Ct., 532-Robert G. Law to Stephen and Carrie Windell, $254,750.

Oakland Hills Ct., 603B, No. B-Anne Langerak to Alan M. Boehm, $156,000.

Pine Valley Dr., 737-Joseph and Jale Penzo to Catherine B. Downs, $297,000.

Way Cross Way, 263-Paul and Rosemary E. Skocz to Jeffrey C. and Ann H. Young, $365,000.


Bon Air Ave., 106-FPS 106 Bon Air Corp. to Joshua Andrew and Ashley Walker Grim, $211,900.

Camrose Ave., 113-Louise Irene Huntzberry to Roger C. and Emily Stone, $167,000.

Cresswell Rd., 521-Deutsche Bank Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Anderson Painting and More Inc., $88,079.

Sunnyfield Lane, 829-Cecelia A. Fabula to Patrick Dodson and the PD Investment Trust, $169,500.

Seventh Ave., 6-Ginger E. and Chris R. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, $199,572.


Bretton View Rd., 1428-Emanuel H. Pace to Patrick Hall, $370,000.

Edwards Rd., 621-Ronald C. and Margaret A. Wolfe to Marketpro South Inc., $260,000.

Hilltop Dr., 1219-Michelle Galvez and Carol Tinnin to Jill Marie Santucci, $315,000.

Lodge Pole Ct., 1511-Amy M. Kelaher to Brittyn Elise Walbridge, $250,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 311-John N. and Debra A. Welch to Scott A. Grisham and Christine E. Miles, $678,000.

Neptune Pl., 1139-Benjamin J. and Denise D. Hadden to Alexander Aguila Stratt and Kathleen Aguila, $410,000.

Saint Margarets Dr., 1026-Michael G. Hull and Janice L. Aaland to Cape Cottage Corp., $280,000.

Winchester Rd. S., 141-William B. and Candace Lamon to Ahmad Miski, $717,000.


Dartmouth St., 5538-Matthew Graves and Samantha Shannon to Federal National Mortgage Association, $294,440.


Bolton Lane, 2401, No. 1-James Patrick Sammon to Christopher M. and Lyndsey M. Griffin, $299,900.

Cranston Ct., 1116-Mary M. and Kenneth P. Marmen to Qiangchuan Zou and Xiaocui Zheng, $250,000.

Eton Way, 1564-Vivian M. Connard to Jaryd and Patricia Coleman, $410,000.

Jeffrey Dr., 1170, No. 5-Melissa and Jerry Bodman to Harry and Janine Sinclair, $334,900.

Linkwood Lane, 1737-Federal National Mortgage Association to Patrick and Calynn L. Evans, $312,900.

Lowell Ct., 1546-Renee Ann Brooks to Hillary C. and Dillon J. Furbay, $256,400.

Putnam Lane, 2327-Brian M. Pardini to Taylor P. Scott and Donald Scott, $539,000.

Thistle Brooke Ct., 1410-Jonathan and Amir Goldsmith to Eric D. and Josephine G. Brege, $575,000.

Weymouth Lane, 2304-James Henry Carr and Felicia M. Anderson to Kenneth L. and Michelle M. Kotwas, $275,000.


Fairfield Estates Lane, 1205-U.S. Bank National Association to Paul R. and Grace Marie Drupals, $515,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 1013-Katherine M. and Matthew R. Ernst to Douglas W. Henegar, $340,000.

Tioga Lane, 956-John Frank and Angela Michelle Rabena to Michael and Jennifer Danick, $840,000.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1165-Maria Renee Fogle to Federal National Mortgage Association, $366,613.

Harbor Dr., 7818-Randy David Jenkins and estate of A. Stanley Jenkins to TD Services Corp., $138,750.

Swanhill Ct., 1198-[Seller name not provided] to Custom Redevelopment Corp., $126,000.


Beards Creek Ct., 1707-James B. and Melanie P. Cook to Henry E. and Christine L. Chadwick, $745,000.

Wayson Way, 989-Zeller Family Trust to Kenneth and Barbara A. Sweet, $671,500.


Swan Dr., 679-Gregory Lewis Turner to Claude and Lindsay Kreuter, $280,000.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3714-John J. Bagwell to Pyramid Properties Corp., $165,000.

Carrs Ridge Rd., 4162-First Horizon Alternative Mortgage to Kent Crable, $246,750.

Central Ave. E., 1414-Skipjack Homes Corp. to the Dempsey Co., $369,900.

Dental Ct., 3442-Thomas L. Windham to Eric George Saggio, $380,000.

Hayward Ct., 3807-Judi Martin to Jaci A. Miller, $397,000.

Midland Rd., 1625-Donald W. and Cynthia L. Ringer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $183,497.

Riverview Dr., 492-Bradley C. and Deborah L. Anawalt to Robert J. Passemante II, $305,000.

Fourth Ave., 3728-Suzanne Urie to Terence Brennan and Daniel Kline, $150,000.


Davidsonville Rd., 2503-Wendy Sue Steele and Robert G. Root to Paul J. and Lori M. Thick, $435,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 2301-Christopher P. Engler to Erin M. Brennan and Patrick D. Welch Jr., $339,900.

Powderhorn Way, 2402-William L. and Linette A. Hoyle to Christopher Fanzo and Sally Ann Avallone Fanzo, $610,000.

Summerfield Rd., 1179-Harry W. Jennings to B.B.S.S. Inc., $1.85 million.


Aster Dr., 1340-Daniel V. Horvath to the Department of Veterans Affairs, $115,000.

Buckingham Dr., 203-Daniel J. Pesachowitz to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $128,590.

Colonial Knolls, 6455-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sha Nika Miller, $103,000.

Foxtree Dr., 143-U.S. Bank National Association and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Parris Foster, $191,000.

Glenvilla Dr., 1026-Michael E. Davis to Victor Brown Jr., $245,000.

Houghton Rd., 1425-Transactions Unlimited Corp. to Paul D. Bicknell and Lauren M. Paddy, $189,999.

King George Dr., 303-Terry Rich to Brandon Duane and Shannon Lynne Finley, $222,900.

Manning Rd., 1609-Federal National Mortgage Association to Triple L Construction Corp., $120,000.

Morningside Dr., 512-Bank of New York Mellon and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to James L. Bush, $100,000.

Olen Dr., 155-RVS Holdings and Investments Co. to Latisha L. Nibblett, $225,000.

Shetlands Sq., 354-JPMorgan Chase Bank to 366 Nansemond Corp. 401K Trust, $117,600.

Sunlight Cir., 105-Melissa Higdon and estate of Larry M. Higdon to Thao Le, $238,000.

Ninth Ave. NW, 23-James R. and Linda Martin to Brittany L. Rotman, $150,000.


Carroll Rd., 257-Lisa Moore to Justin Bowers, $186,900.

Chester Cir., 23-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Discovery Home Inspections Corp., $130,000.

Dale Rd., 826-Jeffrey Allen Benedetton and estate of Daniel E. Parker to Matthew D. McClung, $215,000.

Gardenia Lane, 7302-David I. and Heather L. Chipman to Steven H. and Cherie Melody Nelson, $335,000.

Highland Rd., 202-Ryan and Chelsea Kopchinski to Morris Schultz III, $297,000.

Kimber Rd., 1615-Terry Atas to Tobey McGuiness, $220,000.

Margate Dr., 171-Jorge C. Damiani to Sarah E. Rose, $335,000.

Oriole Ave., 828-Bruce Holmes and Jaime Harris to Christiana Trust, $249,900.

Queen Anne Rd., 209-Federal National Mortgage Association to Misbau Raji, $170,000.

Rogers Ave., 414-Alec A. Maisel to Federal National Mortgage Association, $196,743.

Thomas Rd., 119-Harry J. and Margaret L. McNally to Donna M. Allen, $213,900.

Water Fountain Way, 114-Joseph J. Rozankowski Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $117,231.

Westfield Rd., 109-Matthew N. Phillips to Richard R. Moreno, $260,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7652-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve No. 10a Corp. to Shalini Bhalla, $429,935.

Hayle Dr., 1703-Mohammed Abbas and Sainjali Hussain to Kelvin Scott, $370,000.

Maiden Head Dr., 7582-Krista L. Konapelsky and Kenneth D. Gilliam to Shawn P. and Sharyl A. Rafferty, $400,000.

Sewell Farm Dr., 1312-Stone Financing Corp. to Njinuwo Bayelle, $577,000.


Carriage Walk Ct., 3404, No. 2-Josiah and Jessica Timmerman to Andrew J. Cho, $255,000.

Hartwood Pl., 8601-Elaine R. Brunken to Enid Mai Jones, $309,000.

Spadderdock Way, 8204-Anton Rhem to Damianos Karakos, $220,000.


Applegate Ct., 429-Conrado C. and Deborah A. Navarro to Bruce E. and Margaret E. Stalsberg, $400,000.

Evelyn Ave., 721-Charles M. Moore to Park Centre Properties Corp., $170,000.

Medora Rd., 6001-Charles E. Janson and Gerald A. Janson to Nelson W. Winter Jr., $232,500.

Silky Oak Ct., 336-David A. and Leslie P. Macey to Jeffrey and Emily E. Douglas, $377,500.


Brooks Woods Rd., 5375-NSP Residential Corp. to Larry D. and Mary Ann Horton, $433,775.


Bernard Dr. S., 8239-Abigail C. and Jonathan S. Burnham to Evan and Alexis Walls, $275,000.

Fox Den Lane, 505-Darren and Kristen Vican to Christopher G. and Myla A. Baranowsky, $552,000.

Moonflower Ct., 503-William and Mariellen B. Beairsto to Kyle R. and Kelly Cooke, $572,500.

Stone Wheel Ct. E., 605-Community Development Administraton to Albert Leung, Yongbin Liu and Ka W. Luk, $215,000.

Westside Dr., 8331-Paul D. and Alison Elaine Robinson to Andrew Kendus and Mary Pleczynski, $309,000.


Arkblack Terr., 913-Sandra K. Wing to James C. Sypult, $340,000.

Bright Meadow Ct., 8742-Bruce E. Wright Jr. and Deeanne Curtis to Lisa L. and Peter G. Mason, $270,000.

Commissary Cir., 2164, No. 227-PNC Bank to William Vaughn Ridings Jr., $214,000.

Falling Brook Ct., 1548-Lisa M. Orton to Sandra, Chennel and Daryl Stroud, $311,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8621, No. 407-William E. and Judith F. Sabean to David J. McGonagle, Sally McGonagle and the McGonagle Living Trust, $312,000.

Jostaberry Way, 2498-Theodore Sonde to Kenneth Halleran and Kady Gedrich, $370,000.

Langdon Farm Cir., 205, No. 82-Ibrahim Uyar and Nurgal Yavuzer to Antoinette R. Brooks, $216,000.

Pitt Ct., 491-Pennymac Corp. to Keith T. and Tangie L. Roberson, $400,000.

Sage Dr., 2302-Williamsburg Group to Richard W. and Linda K. Lindsey, $610,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2809-Charles P. and Gloria L. Young to Andrew M. and Brytnee L. Fallan, $359,900.

Summershade Ct., 2400-Daniel J. and Stacey L. Mitry to Terry Joe and Heidi Trammell, $590,000.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1176-Timothy G. Dressel to Jillian M. Harrison, $223,000.

Braid Hills Dr., 1620-Alvin F. and Ann R. Zick to Douglas A. Lawton, Tracey L. Lawton and the Lawton Family Trust, $750,000.

Duvall Hwy., 678-Daniel L. and Candice M. Bateman to James and Arleta Crawford, $333,585.

Escalon Ave., 8085-Jonnie D. and Rosemary Hill to Christopher W. and Jessica Long, $275,000.

Greengate Way, 7845-Tanya L. and Richard S. Arnold to Rex and Cindy Atwood, $299,900.

Hickory Nut Ct., 357-Carla A. and John A. Gaither to Ta Investment Group, $142,000.

Irene Ave., 194-Laura N. Kreis to Steven and Sherri Kent, $365,000.

Magnolia Ave., 107-John F. and Ellen E. Hayden to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $110,780.

Mallow Ct., 7813-Eric Lionel Martin Scott to Crystal Lee Bentley, $292,000.

Maryland Ave., 141-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kaliterra Homes Corp., $129,000.

Neptune Dr., 8575-Pennoyer Family Enterprises Corp. to Matthew J. Remick and Ashley N. Messaris, $202,900.

Orchard Point Rd., 8167-Rock Wills to Steven and Jennifer Elsis, $77,000.

Pulpit Harbour, 8658-Melissa L. and Andrew K. Cyford to Christopher M. Wise and Crystal L. Jett, $229,000.

Riverside Dr. W., 7953-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to 2nd Chance Home Improvements Corp., $185,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7850B-U.S. Bank National Association to Keith G. Adams, $232,000.

Sillery Bay Rd., 146-David G. Dionne to Samuel R. and Amy D. Paciello, $418,000.

11th St., 180-George W. and Susan E. Aten to Joanna J. Catlin, $355,000.

209th St., 650-Julio C. and Monica L. Garcia to Kimmel Homes Corp., $210,000.


Berkshire Dr., 410-Thaddeus and Joyce Toal to Thomas Kirsten and Sara Gunderson, $537,000.


Barnwood Ct., 1700-Timothy J. and Amanda D. Bednego to Matthew D. and Martha M. Fritz, $265,000.

Beech Tree Rd., 909-David R. and Elizabeth Hartung to Federal National Mortgage Association, $286,484.

Cedar Dr., 1876-David C. Rosenberger and Joseph V. Rosenberger to SD Investment Properties Corp., $125,000.

Evergreen Rd., 1406-Nicholas J. Davis and Bree Anna L. Galarneau to Luis Gonzales, $234,000.

Montreal Rd., 1803-John T. and Beverly I. Rogers to Qiuling Deng and Jianqiang Xie, $280,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8283-James Sheridan Todd to Veronica E. Gutierrez, $186,000.

Quebec St., 1835-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Amilcar L. Cortez Amaya and Maria Esperanza Benitez Amaya, $231,900.

Truitt Lane, 7812-Dennis R. and Denise H. Howe to Marion E. Biggerstaff and Mary D. Biggerstaff, $470,000.

Westgate Lane, 8034-Kim L. Hicks to Anna Teschemaker, $479,900.


Brackley Rd., 783-Russell M. and Kathryn T. Lindsey to Benjamin J. and Denise D. Hadden, $620,000.

Cedar Rd., 111-Janet Hampson to Ronald Joseph and Hanna Smith Warzoha, $444,000.

Cypress Ridge Dr., 241-Julia A. Keihlbauch and Donald W. Smith to Mohammed Doguhan Avsar, $600,000.

Erin Garth, 495-James Davis and Sandra L. Parker to Bernard R. and Jennifer Edwards, $390,000.

Hatton Dr., 34-Michael Bensing to Joh Menassa and Lisa Angyelof, $620,000.

Kensington Ave., 607-Michael T. and Liane C. Flanary to Eloise M. Smith, $408,000.

Maryleborn Rd., 440-Raymond P. and Paige M. Cosgrove to Sean P. Kostkowski, $518,000.

Oak Grove Cir., 728-Alden S. Bradstock to Richard Edward Cober and Julia Marie Salamon, $860,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 5-Paul X. and Caroline H. English to Christopher N. and Stacey D. Ferrence, $635,000.

Shore Rd., 718-David Rines to Lori Michelle Debutts, $330,000.

Thomas Way, 641-Lisa Angyelof to Aimee L. Merchant, $390,000.


Atwell Rd., 4842-Vicky L. Hood to Federal National Mortgage Association, $424,117.

Juniper St., 1313-Selene Finance to Christopher and Heather McIntyre, $198,000.

Howard County

These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bristol Channel, 10224-James J. and Joann R. Curtin to Neiyer S. Correal and Jennifer L. Winters, $520,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4716-John J. Fitch III to Karen H. Moore, $179,000.

Elmmede Rd., 3117-John C. Speake and Linda A. Smith to Harold C. and Rochelle C. Hanson, $450,000.

Garnett Lane, 9446-Michael J. and Jennifer Meyer Dare to Tyler Mann and Amy Helbig, $530,000.

Grayton Run, 12003-Evelyn B. Peterson to Michael Ernest Schneeberger , $514,000.

Longview Dr., 9702-Nancy L. Daniels to Eric P. and Sherril Seligman, $515,000.

Sand Creek Ct., 3814-Kevin B. and Consuella J. Givens to David L. Brown and Jovanna Reyes, $600,000.

Timberknoll Lane, 9900-Kent E. Krebeck to Harold E. and Katherine L. Radtke, $1 million.

Wetherburn Rd., 10248-Jeffrey A. and Diane S. Humphreys to Dylan M. and Alayne A. Huntimer, $667,000.


Every Sail Path, 6113-Jamie M. and Nora M. Waldren to Wuyuan Lu and Wenlei Zhang, $932,500.

Wayside Dr., 13816-Carol Ruth Hilton to Chaoxin Hu and Zhanfang Chen, $384,903.


Basket Ring Rd., 9738-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ilya Schwartz, $190,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6209-Yiling Liu and Ming Zhang to Mahmoud and Malihe T. Nazem, $312,500.

Emersons Reach, 9140-Martha L. Sullenger to John and Brookes Caswell, $317,100.

Footed Ridge, 8964-Philip L. Wang to Zynab B. Bangura, $225,000.

Light Point Pl., 6232-James S. and Linda D. Ketchum to Brandon P. Curtis and Lori M. Pease, $402,500.

Majors Lane, 6009-Gloria B. Effiong to Dean F. Albertson, $115,000.

Majors Lane, 6095-Tanveer Zahra Dar and Ejaz Khalid Qureshi to Federal National Mortgage Association, $148,926.

Millrace Ct., 5971-Charles Keith Colonna to Abeer Muneer Abdulh Al Faraji, $229,000.

Quiet Hours, 6702-Aaron R. Hartman to Justin T. Vecchioni, $239,900.

Shadowshape Pl., 6368-Wells Fargo Bank to Tina R. Miller, $285,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8893-Alice West to Federal National Mortgate Association, $354,088.

Sylvan Dell, 9506-Erik and Sabrina E. Cipriano to Jamie L. Hastings and Jeffrey M. Hastings, $425,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5369-Custom Investments Corp. to Anthony Lee and Nikki Davis, $375,000.

Waning Moon Way, 6620-Howard T. and Daphne L. Wilson to Ramin Rostami and Haghmeh Nireomand, $207,400.

Whiteacre Rd., 9633-Laura N. Woodard to Shiping Zeng, $122,000.


Annabel Ct., 6900-Michael J. and T.G. Miller to Daniel Scott Waltimyer and Viviana Adela Acosta, $650,000.

Bushwood Way, 10991-Laura B. and Gregory Raphael Dash to Federal National Mortgage Association, $220,481.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5372-Jamal Rostami to James M. Stevens, $280,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5681-Patricia A. Simrell to Andrew J. England, $205,000.

Lakewater Lane, 11604-Christopher T. and Michelle Noonan Smith to John G. and Tara N. Boyle, $565,000.

Pyramid Way, 6813-Matthew R. and Mara I. Dye to Steven R. Siwajek, $325,000.

Rivers Edge Rd., 7119-Michael F. Kennedy to Christina M. Kennedy and Gregory M. Golrick, $500,000.

Southern Star Terr., 5003-Jeanne I. and William B. Loveall to Mathew Alexander and Jacquelyn Lehecka Limsky, $320,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10570-Department of Housing and Urban Development to David Titman and Patricia Steinhilber, $90,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5455-Federal National Mortgage Association to Allison Meigar, $207,900.


Route 97, 2125-Mary Anne Ridgely and Thomas M. Meachum to Jessee Justin Kaiss and Savannah Ashley Burger Kaiss, $500,000.


Athol Ave., 6770-Roy F. and Dalena M. White to Linda Jane Spring and Michelle Denise Ballor, $380,000.

Burnbridge Hunt Ct., 6722-Michael R. Faith to Brian and Rebecca Vivrette, $440,000.

Darby Downs, 7210-David M. and Shemia S. Anderson to Hee J. Qiu, $225,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6244-Janet L. Goetz to Kelly A. Taylor, $243,000.

Goshen Hunt Rd., 6704-Timothy John and Deborah Ann Dwyer to Jennifer L. and Blair L. Kielman, $400,000.

Latrobe Falls, 6617-Daniel Goodwin to Bisrat A. Mesfin and Kidist Tiruneh, $364,000.

Millbury Ct., 7184-Russell J. and Barbara E. Prechtl to Glenn J. and Amanda D. Wadsworth, $702,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6025-Thomas and Monica Barber Brooks to Shaun McCoy, $155,000.

Silverleaf Oak Rd., 7110-Sarah Louise Carter to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $192,514.


Academy Rd., 8247-Robert J. and Judith S. Schniebolk to Theresa K. and Joseph M. Thaler, $437,000.

Brittany Dr., 4322-Wells Fargo Bank to German E. Flores Rengifo and Maria W. Rodriguez, $306,000.

Dower Dr., 4622-Frances M. Baer to Wesley Allan and Rebecca J. Ballenger, $418,000.

Governor Ridgley Lane, 8328-Pennymac Corp. to Hui and Li Chen, $588,800.

Hunt Ave., 4046-Paul F. and Carol L. Ladd to Lisa P. Howard, $459,000.

Leisure Ct. E., 4617-Maria Hale and estate of Nancy Belle Maerten to David T. Maerten, $262,500.

Orchard Dr., 4925-Mary Louise Shifflett to Kevin J. Knabe, $215,000.

Rockburn Dr., 7839-Heather K. Fuchigami and Lee E. Fuchigami to David A. and Amy L. Soule, $577,500.

Ruppert Ct., 8742-Hyung Woo Yu to Hu Khanhhoang Vo and Lien Thi Tran, $340,000.

Talbot Dr., 5928-Brian T. and Aimee V. Moran to Arnold and India Bascombe, $480,000.

Westminster Rd., 2724-George H. Stiegler and Brian G. Stiegler to Gerald Mark and Kathleen Wilcox Dicken, $415,000.


Triadelphia Rd., 14050-Dorothy M. Easter and estate of James Joseph Patterson to Adeleke A. and Melanie L. Ogunmefun, $471,680.


Shipley Ct., 6312-Jose V. Mejia to Nelson E. Lazo, $375,000.


Highland Rd., 13187-Craig R. Beckjord and Peter R. Beckjord to Brian Andrew and Allison Carter Frels, $390,000.


Wades Way, 8312-Joseph L. Poindexter Jr. to Ye Liu and Hong Lin, $251,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6329-Blackwell Properties Corp. to Jaren Properties Corp., $320,000.

Early April Way, 9015-Richard A. Lash and Barry K. Bedford to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $194,290.

Natures Rd., 7101-Sarah Hosuk Yoo and Henry Wang to Federal National Mortgage Association, $416,342.


Grant Farm Ct., 2145-Srinivasa R. and Uma Vanga to Charles Peterson and Staci Parlett Slade, $630,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1406-Theodore A. and Sharon M. Lapkoff to William P. Bonolis, $193,500.


Berry Pl., 8314-Angela M. Wells to Nancy J. Bilotto, $418,000.

Cabot Ct., 9323-Mohammad M. Uddin to Sumeet Anand and Simran Jeet Kaur, $258,000.

Evening Bird Lane, 9749-Michael Y. and Sung J. Kim to Paulos Araya, $404,500.

Kendal Cir., 9329-Treven P. and Alison M. Wall to Allen W. and Savannah G. Elkins, $323,000.

Lily Lane, 8416, No. 7-Linda Sun Min Lee to Yi Hsin Liu and Min Chun Liao, $400,000.

McKenstry Dr., 8005-Ronald C. and Maureen B. Roloff to Christopher and Denise Kelly, $450,000.

Solar Course, 9823-Constance A. Stiars to Anjall Kochnar Milano, $429,450.

Whiskey Run, 9750-Stephen C. Jones and estate of Barbara E. Soper to Jason T. and Laura A. Lawson, $160,000.


River Rd., 565-Richard A. and Linda E. Jones to Michael V. and Laura J. Ritter, $525,000.


Florence Rd., 3340-Stargel Family Trust and Jay E. Stargel to Gina Rosenthal, $600,000.


Crescent Moon Ct., 2052-Wenjie Sun and Henry H. Chang to Senthilkumar R. Govindarajan and Sivasankari Rajasekaran, $510,000.

Harrow Dr., 2107-Melissa M. and Michael F. Conti to Janardhana R. Nanikalva and Prasuna Epa, $475,000.