These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Bay Ridge Ave., 2020-The Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group to Victor A. Diaz Aguilera and Gloria M. Aguilera, $284,900.

Boucher Pl., 23-Philip B. Down Jr. and Anna K. Brox to Linda B. Darr, $456,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 1225-John G. and Bonnie H. Ferman to Stephen and Kristan Dix, $1.2 million.

Glade Ct., 1814-Ally Bank to Stephen Conor and James M. Leahy, $235,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1160-Katherine A. Vahey and the Francis P. Zurmuhlen Living Trust to Raymond and Barbara Brower, $990,000.

President St., 301-Robin George and Patricia Williams to John Brock, $285,000.

Silverwood Cir., 19, No. 5-Lloyd B. Wheeler to Emre Pars, $163,000.

Sycamore Ave., 1333-Nicholas and Jacqueline Olson to Kevin P. Durand, $369,000.


Admiral Dr., 629, No. H8-106-Stephen M. Knick to Jim and Monica Hodges, $205,000.

Cedar Park Rd., 1404-Marjorie B.S. Colburn to Leslee Ann Borman, $257,000.

Course Dr. W., 2547-Ann Marie Mack and the estate of Robert J. Hoff to Graydon S. and Mary Ellen McKee, $440,000.

Cranes Crook Lane, 107-HSBC Bank USA NA and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to James and Anna C. Han, $281,000.

Fleet St., 44-Edward L. McGowan and Ronald Getek to Aaron J. Freiwald and Stacey Wexler, $582,000.

Helmsman Aly., 305-The Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeanette Davis Robinson, $371,135.

Latchmere Ct., 805, No. 303-Sheryl E. Bosch Bjornerud and Kristoffer K. Bjornerud to Andrew J. Merlo, $235,000.

Merryman Ct., 127-Donald L. and Judith A. Littlefield to Meredith Rose Casey, $140,000.

Porter Dr., 148-Mary Tamara Johnston and Robert Danielson to Sean M. and Lauren N. Heenan, $420,000.


Bay Dale Ct., 548-Jason V. and Teresa A. Thomas to Christopher T. Troxell and Lauren E. Kitzmiller, $292,500.

Peregrine Path, 1410-Frederick A. Wolf to Richard T. Babin, $334,000.


Belle Grove Rd., 5904-Stephen E. and Guilaine J. Leonard to Oscar Blanco Monterroso, $30,000.

Edgevale Rd. W., 212-Paul and Denis J. Taylor to Tahira S. Asif, $40,000.

Wasena Ave., 5210-U.S. Bank National Association and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Joseph Taylor, $40,009.


Cape St Claire Rd., 1280-Thomas C. and Michele A. Vollmerhausen to Eric W. and Albina Y. Parks, $308,000.

Deep Creek Vw., 559-Michelle Leonard to Jae Lee and Tiffany M. Anderson, $430,000.

Greenway Dr., 1390-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jesse B. and Chloe Singer, $300,000.

Little Magothy Vw., 1074-Lisa M. Litts and the estate of Virginia Jordan to Laura A. Lambert, $550,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1175-Raymond L. and Faye Logan to 1175 Ramblewood Corp., $113,966.

Waters Ridge Ct., 1604-Deborah A. Porter to Sean M. and Martin J. Wone, $1.1 million.


Ellicott Ave., 1202-Kathy L. Passmore to Gary Paul Prochazka and Katelyn Dail Marie Seitz, $235,000.


Blockton Ct., 1480-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Patricia A. Shunney, $143,000.

Harwick Ct., 1422-UMB Bank Association to Michael C. Scarpignato and Karen A. Nawn, $137,000.

Lowell Ct., 1528-Deborah G. Turner to Kelly Lauren Gauvin, $238,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2454-Michael B. and Lou A. Didominicus to Pedro C. and Li J. Rivera, $365,000.


Chukker Lane, 1102-Robert and Brenda Hulting to Donald G. and Anne Foley, $1.16 million.

Oak View Dr., 1101-Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Lydia Sohmer, $210,000.


Arborwood Pl., 1032-Michelle L. Nolan to Mark E. and Teresa A. Suhre, $234,298.

Highpoint Rd., 8041-James and Rosa Maria Duvall to Christina M. Dunmyer, $275,000.


Governor Bridge Rd., 1751-Joseph H. Wilson to John and Paula Healy, $215,000.


Drum Point Rd., 6067-Onewest Bank NA and Onewest Bank FSB to Michael Hanyi, $115,000.

Parkers Creek Dr., 6006-Stephen Herbert Adams and Linda L. Walton to William F., Jonathan W., Brendan D. and Janey K. Peel, $885,000.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3714-Richard Barkett Corp. to Sasha Starr Smith, $420,000.

Elkridge Dr., 1719-Heather M. Wolfe to Sarah E. Swears, $230,000.

Mayo Rd., 1315-Holly M. Plummer and Holly M. Jensen to Mary South, $425,000.

River Terr. S., 3443-David M. and Darleen E. Tenn to Richard L. and Nancy R. Gladinus, $360,000.

Southdown Rd., 191-Timothy Tharp and Trisha L. Wolford to Craig H. Gebelein and Jo Anne Baker, $775,000.


Mariners Ct., 4859-Robert M. and Michele A. Greenfield to Christopher A. and Brenda J. Northrop, $435,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 407-John J. and Veronica M. Orsini to Patricia A. Hettenhouser, $243,000.

Gosheff Lane, 3160-Jesse L. and Janie M. Sandle to Edacheril Paul and Reena Mathew, $645,000.

Springhill Way, 1034-Mary P. Dorsey and Mary P. Betz to Jennifer Corzo, $290,000.


Skywater Rd., 771-Neal K. and Helenmary Cody to David L. and Linda M. Asher, $1.65 million.


Cornell Ct., 476-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Rufus Brumfield, $114,400.

Glenmont Ave., 107-Michael Nemo and Patricia Warnken to John and Patricia Benson, $287,500.

Great Bend Rd., 8246-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Hujia A. Hasim, $79,500.

Irene Dr., 415-Marketpro South Inc. to Nicholas Clayton Ferree, $280,000.

Leprechaun Lane, 614-Tai Lai K. Guo to Bhoj Raj Dahal, $180,000.

Parke West Dr., 7924-U.S. Bank National Association and PHH Mortgage Corp. to Susan and Marianne Brennan, $220,000.

Saxony Glane., 238-Michael and Jessica Nielsen Ebersohl to Oscar R. Bejarano Rodriguez and Jennifer M. Canter, $282,500.

Westway Rd., 515-Michael C. Draper to Russell Bailey, $187,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7513-Beecher Properties Corp. and Great Elm Marketing Corp. to Sidney L. Johnson and Nina T. Jhonson, $239,900.

Isted Rd., 1427-Donald Owen Elliott to Rodrigo Cruz Rojas, $193,500.

Night Breeze Ct., 904-William Alfred Vail to Glenn Michael and Janice Flair Crumling, $400,000.

Oriole Ave., 810-James David Dinsmore to Eric Battle, $295,000.


Baggins Rd., 7718-Lois A. Fowler and the Lois A. Fowler Living Trust to Charles Moore, $337,500.

Ironwood Lane, 1023-William A. Hill to Francis Edward Kamp, $350,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7559, No. 404-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Carl Tyree, $190,000.

Watts Rd., 7614-Charles R. Moore to Watts Avenue Corp., $945,000.


Arundel Woods Dr., 7542-NVR Inc. to Sumanth Reddy and Sweatha Katta, $599,460.


Eagle Hbr. S., 325-Joseph and Susan Burge to Virginia D. Youngblood, $285,000.

Lindenwood Dr., 3419-John F. Rorapaugh to Nakia R. Dow, $251,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 3511, No. C201-Bridgette C. Skelton to Angela A. Boadu, $169,000.

Sudlersville S., 3387-Jennifer Ann Brunt to Jessica Gray, $235,000.


Darlene Ave., 404-Scott Gilbert and the estate of Granville L. Gilbert to Erin T. Brady, $221,990.

Sudbury Rd., 507-Vincent Yannuzzi and the estate of Frances E. Heisey to Christopher L. and Natalie C. Mangrum, $262,000.


Arundel Station Rd., 1119-Shirlie Mae Logue Callahan to Daniel and Katherine R. Judge, $250,000.

Wagner Farm Ct., 914-Michael Aird to Michelle G. Kramer, $460,000.


Beltram Ct., 1309-Blair and Ruby M. Kelly to Michael Antoine and Christine N. Brown, $173,000.

Dayspring Dr., 706-Edward C. and Mary E. Hayes to Tamara Elizabeth Tate, $294,999.

Graycliff Lane, 1222-Kate E. and Ronnie Glazer to Bryan M. and Gina C. Harris, $317,250.

Levee Dr., 2964-NVR Inc. to Fredrick R. Wentland, Roberta K. Wentland and the Wentland Living Trust, $760,175.

Moonglow Rd., 606, No. 104-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Peter and Jessica Kuyatt, $112,746.

Rolling Hill Walk, 610, No. 302-Michael Chen and Wai Miu to Janee Brooks, $150,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2813-John Paraschak to Mun Hyon and Young Hee Kim, $365,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8607, No. 205-John P. and Kenneth J. Valentine to Theresa J. Contino, $276,000.


Arundel Rd., 137-HSBC Bank USA NA to Michael L. and Rebecca L. Andrew, $116,294.

Buttercup Lane W., 8109-Robert W. and Robin B. Fries to Heidi H. and Scott Lyndon Kessner, $450,000.

Catherine Ave., 7979-Joan A. and Clyde Edward Criner to Donald Joseph Miller, $216,000.

Chris Ct., 8570-Deborah R. Sweet Huber to Staci Beitler, $314,900.

Echo Dr., 8404-Mary Edith Ramsay and Albert A. Ramsey to Richard Smith, $187,000.

Fairwood Ct., 8347-Charles Donald and Judith Ann Clapsaddle to David A. and Meghan D. Landymore, $354,000.

Forest Glen Dr., 8194-Stanley Carl Abler Jr. and Kelli O. Garczynski to Bank of America NA, $231,000.

Hunt Ridge Rd., 7959-Justin Habicht and Jennifer Brown to Amanda R. Jacobs, $200,000.

Liberty Cir., 7925-Jackie L. Richards and the estate of Thelma Kathryn Bright to Tunga Johnson, $121,238.

Moonfall Ct., 7750-Tory S. Lane to Noemi Figueroa, $209,950.

Notley Rd., 7722-Community Development Administration of Maryland to Rebecca McKinney, $165,000.

Oyster Bay Harbour, 838-Corine F. Stevens and Robert M. Dey to Dorise A. Slay, $210,000.

Pine Ridge Rd., 8000-William D. and Shelly Dixon to Steven M. Hoffman and Karen L. Martinez, $310,000.

Riverside Dr. W., 7880-The Federal National Mortgage Association and United States of America to Richard J. Cress, $256,500.

Tick Neck Rd., 7824-Clyde W. and Margaret M. Smith to Karen A. and Thomas W. Bronson, $220,000.

Willowby Run, 760-Ryan J. Wayson to Tina Dorman, $196,000.

10th St., 237-Linda C. Sears to Catherine Watson Bye, $125,000.

213th St., 675-Hong Duong to Mitchell Cohen and Melissa Smith, $245,000.

220th St., 765-Jeremy K. Fishman to Art Homes Corp., $122,000.


Westbury Dr., 403-David S. and Deborah A. Mikutsky to Jeremy D. and Kaitlyn J. Sands, $455,000.


Brookstone Ct., 8057-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Richard Joseph and Kayla Michelle Parron, $165,000.

Fairbrook Ct., 1509-Ndy Otis to Craig Franco and Kathryn Eser, $200,000.

Lawrence Ave., 77-Davis R. and Tamiya R. Fishel to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., $275,000.

Reece Rd., 837-Joseph M. and Christina Merkel to Travis and Delight Lemaster, $350,734.


Balsam Dr., 201-Weichert Workforce Modility Inc. to Gregg F. and Mary E. Morgan, $445,000.

Brackley Rd., 793-Dean R. Hoyt and estate of William E. Johnson to Evan M. and Mina E. Shirey, $542,500.

Manhattan Beach Rd., 817-Lis J. and James A. Farabee to Matthew J. Pere, $399,900.

Pertch Rd., 261-Travis Michael and Saori Wada Snover to Crystal G. Sullivan, $340,000.

Southway, 110-Charles M. Price and Suzanne C. Duffy to Homer Ramsdell Rich Jr. and Kimberly Madeleine Tretick, $350,000.

White Plains Ct., 313-Harry H. and Brenda C. Howard to Jayson and Stephanie Mellinger, $575,500.


Holly Ave., 1190-Peter L. Colegrove and the estate of Sheila Gallagher to Edward C. Lumpkin Jr., $190,000.

Pine St., 1304-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alexander Ferrara, $174,900.

Howard County


Baltimore National Pike., 10207-Hasan Ozcan to Vladimir Gerzanich and Olenka Stasyshyn, $590,000.

Dee Jay Dr., 4018-Antonio and Susan R. Pino to Barbara E. Vanwinkle, Maggie J. Peters and Kevin S. Hashimoto, $440,000.

Dunleer Rd., 2711-The Patricia B. Glaeser Revocable Trust and Dale E. Glaeser to Tyrone Allen West and Carrie E. Hemington, $536,000.

Green Clover Dr., 10209-Barbara Lee Gray and the Gray Family Trust to Joseph D. Hoffman, $384,999.

Leyden Way, 4777-Chun O. and Chungbin Chi to Janet E. Weissenberger, $305,000.

Martin Meadows Ct., 3005-Evelyn Elder Jeffries and the Evelyn Elder Jeffries Revocable Trust to Hsien Hsiu Yen and Li Chaun Lin, $536,000.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10542, No. 36-Tracy Avent to Lakshmi Kiran Kumar Velivelli, $487,500.

Silverstone Pl., 10202-Bong Cho and Young Hee Chang to John Ost, $750,000.

Wildwood Way, 4017-Mary Collins Shepherd to Jahantab A. and Laree M. Siddiqui, $530,000.


Radiant Gleam Way, 6524-Sean C. Logan to Xingming Liang and Jiaoyan Liu, $535,000.


Autumn Gold Ct., 6413-Matthew W. and Amber L. Myers to Eugene Choe, $300,000.

Blade Green Lane, 8907-Cynthia A. Snavely to Emmanuel and Regina Myers, $250,000.

Carriage House Lane, 9117, No. 9-Jeanne M. Dodd to Lashawn R. Thomas, $325,000.

Early Red Ct., 6316-Elizabeth Gettinger to Danette M. Bruton, $272,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8717, No. 41-Scully Property Group Corp. to Sara B. Sirotkin and Charles Franklin Ray III, $130,000.

Macomber Lane, 9464-Carlton L. Ragland to Kristen E. and Trevor J. Gunter, $348,000.

Majors Lane, 6095, No. 4 L28-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony Ianozi, $77,100.

Morningbird Lane, 5866-Geoffrey Martino to Juan Carlos Lopez Alvarez, $257,000.

Rockcress Ct., 8604-Clifford F. and Faith A. Hunter to Mohammad and Nasrin Ali, $340,000.

Smokehouse Ct., 6508-Sue Briggs to Bradley S. Shepherd, $298,000.

Talisman Lane, 7229-Roy K. Samras and Nikki E. Sleeth to Nnaemeka D. Ezeugwu, $242,500.

Wingflash Lane, 6531-Donovan T. Taylor and Melinda M. Becker to Christopher Joseph Stork, $279,000.


Cross Fox Lane, 10534, No. E-2-John and Susan Ihrig to Thomas and Vassiliki Anderjaska, $105,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5249-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeremy and Kathleen Breden, $375,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5005, No. 5-Ida & Ava Corp. to Jian Wei Zou and Diana Wei Yang, $120,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy. W., 11430, No. 803-Dong Sook Kim to Stephen J. Horoff, $155,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10890-Dawn D. Van Jones to Joshua and Autumn L. Reed, $305,000.

Ridermark Row, 11285-Wayne and Eugenia Luoma to Ellen G. and Jon E. Edmondson, $675,000.

Shady Grove, 6609-Clemens Square Corp. to Jack Z. Zhang, $430,000.

Watchwood Path, 5129-Babman A. Rowhani and Azin Bekhrad to Elliott M. and Frances L. Loman, $585,000.

William Tell Lane, 10506-Iris C. Briscoe and the estate of Carolyn Ann Briscoe to Victor and Debra Aller Vargas, $390,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5490-Susan H. Dvoskin to Allan Prigal, $155,000.


Hoods Mill Rd., 820-Ally Bank to Collin and Maureen Wheeler, $500,000.


Bluff Point Lane, 7622-Michel N. and Lisa B. Richard to Abel A. Urena Luna and Jennifer M. Torres Pina, $250,000.

Dorsey Rd., 6852-Nicholas G. Kfoury to Leon Q. Hodges Austin and Samantha Laddon, $260,000.

Forest Ave., 6371-Eric and Wendy Warfield to Djyms and Jidlande Decoste Altema, $319,900.

Highland Ave., 6614-Jennifer Hauf to Kevin C. Fillinich, $247,500.

Joann Khan Dr., 7048-KB Home Maryland Corp. to Xi Deng, $370,000.

Meyer Dr. N., 6013-Sandy S. Barnes and Sandy S. Minge to Xinghua Tu J. Han and Weiling Han, $509,000.

Rock Glen Dr. W., 6025, No. 5-505-Meghann E. Holloway to Marie Dale and Ernest L. Holmboe, $128,500.

Silverleaf Oak Rd., 7124, No. 226-Chandra Chatterjee to Gongwang Shen, $237,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7777-Vinayak and Rashmi Wagle to Timothy E. and Leanne S. Titcomb, $394,500.

Britten Lane, 5121-Gloria Moon to Laverdis Davis and Donald E. Green, $622,500.

Chatsworth Way, 4603-Alex and Jacqueline Kunin to Timothy John and Katelyn Marie Trinite, $550,000.

Dexter Dr., 3011-Beazer Homes Corp. to Irvin W. Riley, Jean S. Riley and the Irvin W. Riley Revocable Trust, $377,350.

Hibiscus Ct., 3326-David F. and Donna C. Grasmick to Gloria Moon, $237,000.

Kings Heights Rd., 8351-Robyn A. Tanski to Yan Li and Junjie Gao, $600,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7948, No. A-Brian Igleheart to Jonathan Dubin, $245,000.

Montclair Dr., 2909A-Burkard Homes Corp. to Laly Elias and Elias M. Abraham, $570,000.

Orchard Dr., 5029-Raymond T. Jones and Carol Cao to Dawn D. Van Jones, $285,000.

Water Grove Lane, 4935, No. 2-Jessica and Douglas Lewis Sorrow to Daniel A. Gerlowski and Mary Beth Collin, $385,000.


Maple Lawn Blvd., 7857-Myong Hon Chong and Sun Mi Yi to Kenneth J. and Charmaine Flotildes, $615,000.

Tilghman St., 7712-Ivan J. Arvelo and Raysa M. Reynoso to Daniel T. Lloyd and Taylor L. Klavan, $630,000.


Shady Lane, 3316-Addison Webster and Ruth Webster Lewis to Kareem N. Washington, $374,000.


Willowwood Way, 8803-James and Marla Hirth to Regina Marie and Thomas Cleveland Johnson, $237,000.


Shady Glen Dr. E., 7314, No. 33-Min Thura to Prithvi Ranga Mulla, $362,000.

Sweet Hour Way, 7514, No. A-John R. Glover to Wallace A. Eddleman and Aaron M. Eisenfeld, $167,700.


Boulder Ridge Rd., 8737-Jesse Chong and Lin Zhan to Maureen and John Carrion, $519,900.

Doves Fly Way, 8766-Donald R. and Beverly J. Cook to Chris and Karen Chiappinelli, $440,000.

Hammond Branch Way, 8301-Bernard E. and Sara Bennway Jones to Jordan P. and Casey A. Tyler, $500,000.

Melvin Ct., 11210-Dae Woon and Hee Soon Cho to Pinkesh V. and Minalben P. Shah, $775,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8254-Timothy F. and Linda A. Abell to Sandy L. and Shawn S. Hope, $740,000.


Folkestone Way, 10759-Priscilla Buxton Bright and the Priscilla Buxton Bright Revocable Trust to Raghotham Reddy Pinninti and Jyothi Mula, $504,000.