These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Berwick Dr., 902-Bruce R. Barrett to Adam R. Windemuth, $365,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2810-Daniel P. Morse to Frank M. and Christina L. Peusch, $345,000.

Eastern Ave., 26-Jesse S. Diggs to Julia C. Lenzer, $570,000.

Fox Hollow Lane, 404-Harold E. Trunk and Donna L. Truax to David A. and Rita C. Dowling, $610,000.

Headwater Rd., 995-Douglas R. and Donna C. Hole to Vrej A. Zarikian and Michele E. Morgado, $465,000.

Landfall Lane, 3100-Philip M. and Mary S. Burgess to Lisa B. McKnight and Jan T. Reid, $995,000.

Narragansett Ave., 3530-Roy N. Karten to Daniella M. Scalice and Michael A. Meyer, $472,000.

President St., 1303-Thomas Stewart Lucas and Douglas A. Campbell to Matthew McRae Spicer and Emily Cutts Doble, $389,900.

Silverwood Cir., 8, No. 6-David Frankel to Nancy A. and Daniel H. Harris, $165,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 103-Nancy A. Lear to Daniel and Jessica Manzo, $290,000.


Admiral Dr., 629, No. H8-107-Sean P. and Ashley B. Ziliox to Julia A. Lynch, $239,000.

Astern Way, 930, No. 410-Suzanne Gallant to Laurie D. Burr, $180,000.

Bristol Cir., 5-Mary E. and Lauren N. Gray to Douglass Mayer and Nancy Allison Skipper, $459,000.

Gov Thomas Bladen Way, 2016, No. 2-Susanne B. Bashkin to Michael James and Deborah A. Davis, $245,000.

Howards Loop, 750-Frank A. Zawada to Samantha J. Magnolia and Michael T. Bistany, $355,000.

Point Lookout Cv., 2618-Lauren Coogan and Diane Laws to Harold P. and Dale O. Newhart, $342,000.

Tudo Ct., 2505-Judith A. Burch to Larry S. and Joan B. Smith, $249,000.

Williams Dr., 113-Christopher D. Hovell and Kimberly A. Cline to Scott Gibson, $359,000.


Century Vista Dr., 473-Ruth Ann Keith to Jason W. Madairy, $335,000.

Garywood Lane, 1043-Rowena Stewart to Aaron P. and Stacy M. Vachon, $550,000.

Landon Lane, 1024-Karen R. Sergent to Zachary R. and Mary A. McCaleb, $528,650.

Long Meadow Way, 317-Laura L. Peterson to Ryan Nicholas and Kimberly Brown, $399,900.

Oak Dr., 364-Ronald A. and Becky D. George to Stanley E. and Julie K. Fisher, $1.46 million.

Ritchie Hwy., 1634-Kevin M. and Beverly Mont to Parents for Montessori Education, $365,000.

Sharretts Lane, 754-Michael S. Epstein to David L. and Bethany L. Thomas, $599,999.

Tribal Ct., 1208-Lawrence R. Telford IV to Kevin Shook, $273,500.


Arundel Rd. W., 329-Apex Investors Inc. to Jose Luis Rivera Rios, $139,900.

Chatham Rd., 5505-Scott R. Upton and Marianna J. Rowe to Joshua D. Hedrick, Rachel N. Schautz and Joshua D. Hedrick Sr., $199,000.

Grove Park Rd., 203-Earl D. Fox to Carlton Louis McNeil, $127,000.

Ritchie Hwy., 4704-David C. and Laura L. Ley to Transito Garcia, $175,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1924-Eric P. and Sarah R. Lecky to Kevin B. and Cynthia W. Miller, $785,000.

Crestview Dr., 1082-Douglas B. Bjornson to Matthew Alan Terwilliger Montes and Ana Karina De Abreu, $337,500.

Forest Beach Rd., 340-Bank of America NA to Ronald Bethke, $235,000.

Lake Claire Dr., 1028-Robert C. and Regina S. Souhrada to Sharon Ann Griffin, $474,900.

Meadow Hill Dr., 1754-Rex A. and Mary Flatley Kiteley to James Dominic and Stephanie H. Grady, $760,000.

Saint George Dr., 1178-Lawson A. and Dotty P. Deaton to Michael P. Mahoney, $416,000.

Wild Flower Glade, 594-Margot A. Levin to Juan E. and Renee A. Luna, $332,000.


Calvert St., 5517-Carmela Hangsleben and Joseph Procopio to Alexander D. Horton, $240,000.


Ashburnham Dr., 1512-Lisa M. Riley to Felipe A. Gonzalez Smith and Kimberly L. Jones Gonzalez, $320,000.

Elton Ct., 2701-Carlos A. and Angelette C. Aviles to Nathan L. and Keeley E. Carl, $550,000.

Golden Ct., 1700-Donald Charles Christopher to Ruth E. Yoder, $269,900.

Log Mill Ct., 2537-Melissa A. Truluck and Melissa A. Armstrong to Donald Spurlin, $275,000.

Medford Ct., 2467, No. 21B-Martha Bielefeld to Raquel Martina Chen, $252,850.

Putnam Lane, 2356-Charles R. and Diane D. McClain to Lauren Erb and Edward W. Lister IV, $489,500.

Shaftsbury Ave., 1778-John T. Raleigh and Wanda K. Nason Raleigh to Andrew J. and Elizabeth L. Puddester, $405,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 2007-Ann C. Purcell to Michael C. and Joanne Macmillan, $565,000.


Locust Trail, 391-Terrance A. Conroy and Margaret A. McManus to Tyler J. Zierdt, $307,500.

Severnview Dr., 1212-Scott Alexander Bernard to Carl R. and Regina Thyberg, $730,000.


River Mist Ct., 1372-Shannon Marie Karcher and Shannon Criss to Eleanor Bell, $294,000.

Waterview Dr., 814-Sondra Jo Curtis to William F. Fria, $374,000.


Arbor Ct., 2543-Derek G. and Michelle N. Hagen to James P. and Tolulope E. O’Brien, $739,900.

Johnson Dr., 2908-Carol J. Donahue to Travis L. White and Monica C. Talcott, $530,000.

Pebblebrook Ct., 2402-Daniel J. and Julia L. Collins to Fernando P. and Kristy L. Gomez, $825,000.


Cedar Dr., 859-Faycal and Michelle S. Abboud to Robert G. Israel and Jeannette L. Johnson, $850,000.

First St., 5971-Ronald and Amanda Bowen to Kyle W. Kolbe and Heather N. Harbold, $295,000.


Brice Cir., 1539-Anthony A. and Karen L. Arita to Erik Allen and Lauren Elizabeth Snyder, $384,500.

Carrs Wharf Rd., 1162-Edward A. Ward Sr. to Hector E. Barrientos Recinos and Enma L. Hernandez Portillo, $630,000.

Colony Xing., 155-Capital One NA to Kevin Peter and Diane Passero, $612,669.

Evelyn Gingell Ave., 3613-Blair J. and Shara L. Watkins to Bret M. McConnaughhay and Racheal A. Morrison, $350,000.

Fennel Rd., 2826-National Residential Nominee Services to Glenn A. and Mary S. Doerschner, $700,000.

Hamlet Cir., 317-Gerard J. and Marcia Viverito to Robert B. and Geraldine W. Smith, $440,000.

James Way, 1404-Christopher L. and Katrina L. Logan to Gregory May and Jennifer Benward, $455,000.

Muddy Creek Rd., 3726-M&T Bank to Dana B. and Kimberly B. Taylor, $195,000.

Penwood Dr., 472-Jeffrey C. and Nanci J. Worthington to Jeffrey R. and Kristen R. Ostermayer, $476,000.

Poplar Ave., 312-3603 Partnership LLP to Christina Michelle and Stephen Wade Coffey, $389,900.

Riverside Rd., 238-Keith and Teresa D. Kaczmarek to Robert S. Scanlon and Teresa E. Stetson Scanlon, $1.82 million.

Tarragon Lane, 86-Glenn A. and Mary S. Doerschner to James B. and Janice A. Haddock, $515,000.

Wakefield Rd., 1541-Kevin P. and Diane M. Passero to Michael J. and Perla M. Piekutowski, $475,000.


Trenton Dr., 208-Donovan Nicholas Sanchez to Jonathan Van and Natalie Van Dyke, $505,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2607, No. 104-Howard Anesgart and the estate of Dorothy Anesgart to Douglas V., Genevieve A. and Lynda K. Mules, $170,000.

Late Harvest Dr., 1200-Pamela J. and George J. Lane to Gabriel T. and Marie C. Smith, $609,900.

Red Fall Lane, 1109-Robert L. and Dorothea M. Clay to Andrew and Christin Mayer, $310,000.

Winfields Lane, 1534-Dale P. Hunt to Matthew Ryan and Erin O. Finnegan, $615,000.


Columbus Dr., 717-Caruso Builder Monroe Landing Corp. to Jueun and Cory H. Womack, $549,000.

Foxmanor Lane, 226-Geronimo F. and Ginger Seip Nuno to Lisa Rogers, $225,000.

Gael Ct., 722-Megan Feeley to Brian P. and Samantha L. Crawford, $192,900.

Highlander Dr., 244-Karla M. and Karl J. Reinsfelder to Bank of America NA, $216,491.

Juneberry Way, 200, No. 1D-Michael Duane King and the estate of Kenneth Stanley King to Dorine Elaine White, $131,500.

Mae Rd., 360-Brent and Torey Anderson to Edna Marie and Nicholas George Losee, $323,000.

Newfield Rd., 524-Donald Kenneth and Margaret Delores Ziegler to Colleen Beissel, $289,000.

Oakwood Station Rd., 519-Kenneth Wayne Knight and the estate of Cleveland E. Knight to Mirian D. Chicas Beltran, $190,000.

Pinetop Dr., 1013-Grace O. Efunbajo to Paul E. Adkins and Bilon L. Bennett Adkins, $305,000.

Wende Ct., 315-Michael L. and G. Marie Tyler to Tricia Ann Kidwell and Karl Michael Gunther Jr., $275,000.


Alview Terr., 113-Virginia Lee and Robert Jennings to Troy A. Jones, $198,000.

Ashmore Ave., 7466-Richmond American Homes to Christian Joseph and Kayla Kathleen Millan, $439,298.

Cotter Rd., 726-David and Amanda Elizabeth Booze to Khoa Nguyen, $123,000.

Dixon Dr., 1709-Bayland Inc. and Baldwin Homes Inc. to David Eugene and Julie Renae Williamson, $409,000.

Garrett Rd., 100-Michael Scott Hieatzman and the estate of Stacey Marie Poole to Aaron R. McCormick and Brittany M. Witthohn, $210,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7064-Lynn Davis Simpson and Lynn Davis to Manika Bennett, $325,000.

Lisa Lane, 197-Bayland Inc. and Baldwin Homes Inc. to Tasha and Ondongee Pegram, $485,000.

Meath Ct., 7704-Timothy James and Angela Ann Zaloudek to Caleb Ray Hokins and Megan Chandler, $331,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7368-Scott Marc and Rebecca Adelman to Brion A. and Jessie E. Weseman, $350,000.

Osprey Landing Dr., 7407-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Matthew P., Matthew P. and Karen D. Hicks, $469,360.

Queen Anne Rd., 213-PNC Bank NA to Amadeo H. Orellana Ramirez, $92,000.

Rising Eagle Ct., 7515-Hebron Manor I. Corp. to Holly and John Sernulka, $426,755.

Stallings Dr., 7275-James and Hayley G. Bowerman to Kevin Cantrell, $313,000.

White Water Way, 6800, No. 304-Jamie and Lorraine Mcafee to Robin Griffin, $154,000.


Boulder Ct., 1400-Kathy T. Evans Davis and Darryl L. Davis to Darryl L. Davis, $52,475.

Gesna Dr., 1438-David L. and Viola M. Compton to Elsa M. Miranda, $285,000.

Moraine Dr., 7554-Eric R. and Angela H. Vaillant to Andre J. Steverson and Javonda Lashell Green, $311,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7524, No. 7524A-Daniel J. Konapelsky to Brandon and Katherine Coburn, $293,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 3780-Linda G. and Joseph P. Zagami to Andrew James Birtle and Janise Ann Zygmont, $474,900.


Button Bush Lane, 3018-Sheila Turner to Andrew D. Graves, $320,000.

Mallard Shore Dr., 8110-Treva C. Coates to Sergio Arturo Perez Ruvalcaba and Carmen Maria Centeno Hernnadez, $321,000.

Mayaone St., 8620-Saher Khan to Rudolph Jeffries Jr., $295,000.

Old Line Ave., 410-Anne Marie Cannedy and the Revocable Living Trust of Anne Marie to Joseph A. Cannedy, $250,000.

Shoal Creek Dr., 8145-Mary Jo Bussard to Sandra Wise, Nyeshia Pegram and Ronald Terrell, $318,900.

Wye Mls. S., 3394-Rusch Corp. to Robert Edward and Mary Ellen Maher, $2,000.


Coronet Dr., 214-Wesley A. and April M. Stephens to Elissa Mango and Braden Flohr, $255,000.

Hampton Rd., 31-Dennis Doyle to Kenneth and Siriphem Thelen, $265,000.

Twin Oaks Rd., 300-Christopher M. O’Brien to Asa Lee and Danielle Nichole Gately, $317,000.


Baldwin Dr., 1743-Robin Elizabeth Healy to Adrian Mishuan Cavazos and Tyisha Batson Duplatis, $391,750.

Finnegan Dr., 258-Jeffrey C. and Rosalind K. Viohl to James and Marjorie Fraley, $815,000.

Longthorn Ct., 788-Hugh M. and Sandra S. Sayre to David J. and Emily G. Neff, $535,000.

Redwood Grove Ct., 322-Matthew G. and Laura A. Pajerowski to Greg D. and Lisa A. Whitaker, $585,000.


Apple Blossom Lane, 2458, No. 104-Susan M. Moore to Ashley M. Ice, $175,000.

Bright Meadow Ct., 8738-Susan M. and Richard D. Kloss to Shannon Kloss Kopschinski and Raymond Kopchinski Jr., $268,000.

Colony Ridge Rd., 1109-Walter Samuel and Mary Louise Garrett to Melquiades Hernandez Carrasco and Fernando Romero Marquez, $290,000.

Hallock Dr., 1326-Zachary H. Bennett to Juleesa Jolley, $244,900.

Jostaberry Way, 2480-Jonathan P. and Ivy N. Donahue to Casey A. Lawyer, $379,900.

Natures Trail Ct., 8700, No. 302-Illhye Yoon to David M. Price, $216,000.

Raptor Dr., 2626-Gloria Fenwick to Mary C. Padden, $385,000.

Summer Hill Dr., 1012-Donald Edward and Khammai Hager to Steven J. Hager, $433,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3039-NVR Inc. to Dwight and Christie Schmidt, $519,170.

Winding Stream Way, 692, No. 102-Mariah Anne Geiger to Carli A. and Ram Ragoo, $219,900.

Yellow Birch Ct., 801-Dale L. Owens to John and Lauren Monnelly, $450,000.


Abbey Ct., 8046, No. 8046M-Bank of America NA to Keith Fischbach, $80,000.

Beach Dr., 7579-John E. and Rachel Es Moriarty to Daniel Sami Belen, $185,000.

Brookfield Rd., 5-Alanna Boetker and Allan Friend to Chester A. and Patricia E. Cox, $322,000.

Castle Rock Ct., 8073-Karen Renee Smith and Karen Renee Dove to Nicholas Dembrowicz and Sarah O. Bryon, $238,000.

Cornfield Rd., 195-George S. Weikart Jr. and Laura K. Markus Mountjoy to Robert V. Klein Jr., $475,000.

Devere Dr., 1503-Roger B. and Sandra Lee Hicks to Stanley and Linda Gorczyca, $775,000.

Flora Lane, 8044-J. Michael and Robin L. Dobies to Paul and Teresa Wiskman Currie, $515,000.

Halifax Ct., 3408-The Bank of New York Mellon and New Penn Financial Corp. to Ashley Rose Schaeffer, $229,000.

Hazy Dawn Ct., 8148-Joseph E. Deisvaldi Jr. and Amanda Good to Aaron L. Howard, $254,000.

Kings Arm Ct., 7869-Joshua J. Mullins to Justin and Amber Kaltz, $349,900.

Lions Watch Dr., 278-Bryan K. Webb to Lisa and Samuel Ozinga, $440,000.

Long Point Rd., 1539-Roan Rokus Anton Van De Watering and Jacqueline Infantado Van De Watering to Julia L. Moorefield, $267,500.

Main Ave., 8600-Michael Munchel and Gregory M. Reilly to Walter Benedict and Laura Elizabeth Brzeczko, $300,000.

Milburn Cir., 47-William Van Wambeke to Keith F. and Tabitha A. Hare, $475,000.

Outing Ave., 7792-Harley and Amber Walker to John W. and Holli Westfaul, $258,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8168-Brian Webster and Heather Ann Natalie to Fred John Titus III, $295,000.

Riverside Dr., 842-Phyllis A. and Ronald W. Hugel to Rebecca Ellen, $379,900.

Rugby Rd., 8412-Gerald D. Lewis and Kathleen Kaplowitz to Kathleen Kaplowitz, $285,000.

Shellcove Rd., 150-Raymond Gregory III to Usman and Sadia Ali, $197,000.

Tennessee Ave., 337-Donald and Amy D. Ireland to Michael J. and Lauren N. Frank, $325,000.

Wellesley Ct., 7914-Christiana Trust and Selene Finance LP to Nicole Ross, $135,000.

Sixth St., 558-James Bush and Jonathan Douglas Boetker to Jennifer L. and Desmond Diaz, $225,000.


Escapade Cir., 3213-Susan D. Kuehn to Anita J. and Paul Lovelace, $431,400.

Milthorn Ct., 251-John G. and Joanne E. Norton to Maria E. and Todd D. Lochner, $650,000.


Ava Rd., 1312-Encore Fund Trust 2013-1 to Alvin Lowe and Colyn Lowe Chin, $258,000.

Beach Plum Lane, 7932-Terrance Bradford to Mark and Julia White, $255,000.

Briarview Ct., 1618, No. 57-Ryung Hee and Young Joo Kim to Hae Ryim Kong, $210,000.

Coldwater Reserve Xing., 1538-Vin Investments Corp. to Richelle NJ and Xzavior DR Hill, $569,900.

Edelton Ave., 109-Jimmy A. and Sheen M. Maldonado to John Paul and Dawn Philomena Nowlin, $435,000.

Grassland Rd., 8208-Barbara Anne Vance and Barbara Georg to Sherry A. and Jason E. Shoff, $365,000.

Kilmory Ct., 8204-U.S. Bank NA and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Cuong Pham, $71,359.

Montecristo Ct., 365-Richard A. and Sandra L. Wagner to Brian G. and Deena Ann Hahn, $440,000.

Quarterfield Farms Dr., 8158-Patricia and Lawrence Liberatore to Kathryn A. Glover and Matthew Hanisian, $458,500.

Rosewood Rd., 725-Ryan Maldonado and Mariel Veras to Hau D. Nguyen, $450,000.

Stone Castle Dr., 1902-Florence McIntosh to Ever Edin Yanez, $255,000.

Watch House Cir. S., 1807-Christian W. Heward Mills and Ana Carlo Soto Sosa to Kofi Armah Edjah, $150,000.


Boone Trail, 60-Sharon G. Clark and the Sharon G. Clark Living Trust to Marc Thomas McDaniel, $815,000.

Earleigh Heights Rd. W., 121-Bok Yall Yang to Joshua Steven and Misook Gunn, $479,000.

Gordon Ave., 308-Robert H. and Hilary Rose Keil to Jamie and Candice Goodman, $380,000.

Holland Rd., 200-Mary C. and Edward D. Lloyd to Ashley A. and Bryan D. Howard, $406,000.

Karp Ct., 503-Henry N. and Darlene M. Robey to Jane A. and Derek T. Scott, $590,000.

Mckinsey Park Dr., 600, No. 1-104-Judith D. Litzky and Patricia R. Markoya Revocable Trust to Richard Garrett, Tate M. Russack and the Susan A. Cassidy Irrevocable Trust, $313,000.

Oak Ct., 279-James E. and Judith A. Migliorini to Scott and Lisa Marsh, $725,000.

Retford Dr., 517-Cara L. and Todd A. Garside to Shanna E. Pool, $450,000.

Saint Ives Dr., 319-Edward Pettus to Ronald S. and Melissa J. Shegogue, $530,000.

Sonneborn Lane, 9-John Z. and Anna Conyers Wood to Jonathan Kirk and Debra D. Jay, $1.05 million.

Valley Stream Rd., 355-Frederick W. and Donalie S. Weingarten to Michael Myers, Kimberly Myers and Vicki Gurski, $670,000.


Cedarhurst Rd., 1512-Realty Home Services Corp. to Shannon Fuquay Trott, $219,900.


Franklin Gibson Rd., 6097-Kerry J. Smith and Arlynda Kelly Richard to Lawrence Joseph Keen III, $460,000.

Howard County

Brookmede Rd., 3202-Thomas P. Boettger to Chad Van Patten, $420,000.

Fox Den Rd., 10013-Igor and Malgorzata Czepinska to Daniel and Caitlin Mrowka, $447,000.

Hayman Lane, 10900-Villages at Turf Valley Corp. to Vinod Makam and Sowmya Sunder, $628,008.

Macalpine Rd., 3901-The estate of Eileen Beniak to Gregory and Lauren Peiffer, $382,500.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10626, No. 4-Thomas C. Tran and Lindale Le to Yidan Wang, $450,000.

Southview Rd., 2825-Donald M. and Mildred J. Rice to Gary Harmon, $430,000.

Walker Dr., 3452-Teresa F. Gorman to Rizwan Ur Rehman, $485,000.


Tall Timber Dr., 11816-Zening Shen to Eric S. Pang and Lan Jian, $680,000.


Broken Staff, 7511-Gary Steven Schneider and Mary Ann Beverly to John E. Mathews III, $319,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7242-Herbert H. Engle and Brenda K. McNeal to Michael A. Phillips and N. Heather Dorst, $297,500.

Offshore Grn., 6020-Michael J. and Rebecca A. Sexton to Anthony J., Jhan S. and Joseph A. Tangires, $390,000.

Sandchain Rd., 6348-Michael J. Neely to Joshua Owoc, $3.41 million.

Wild Swan Way, 6315, No. 101-Ras Closing Services Corp. to Zainab Abdulmohsin, $270,000.


Bushwood Way, 10991-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jay K. Goldberg, $202,900.

Chase Lions Way, 5350-Anne Erfle to Monika Korff, $369,000.

Evening Wind Ct., 10726-Jacqueline D. Hilson to Kierstin A. and Joshua R. Price, $295,000.

High Beam Ct., 10672-Delvecchio and Zayed T. Meadows to Elizabeth A. Gray, $291,000.

Morning Light Trail, 7152-Pennymac Corp. and Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Brett and Emily Greenberger, $705,500.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5372, No. B1B-22-Erika H. and Nicholas Ebright to Ryan M. Warns, $200,000.

Woodlot Rd., 5325-Carl and Margaret Postlewater to Lonnie Edward Fuller Jr. and Kimberly Camille Walker, $618,409.


Blue Stream Dr., 7992-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kenneth T. and Nicole A. Dorsey, $379,990.

Claire Dr., 6012-James L. and Theresa M. Boyer to Asad Z. and Isfandyar Alam, $299,900.

Hampton Pl., 6300-Bryan P. Olias to Andrey and Lauren N. Stavitskiy, $339,000.

Park Forest Cir., 6503-NVR Inc. to Lucia Ann Moore, $449,320.

Troy Ct., 6315-Damon Alan Newsome to Enoch Moon, $254,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7656-Ryan and Maria L. Colby to Ashley L. and Josef M. Zimmerman, $347,500.

Coltrane Ct., 8505, No. D-4-Beazer Homes Corp. to Vincent C. and Dale N. Wilding, $10,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8493, No. H-Matthew E. Davis and Emily J. Morrison to Deric D. Picton, $215,000.

High Castle Rd., 8014-Hyun Sook Lee to Sigurd Knippenberg and Elisabeth Jakobsen, $685,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4808-Walt and Susan Rhee to Mallikarjuna Kudagunti, $440,000.

Old Hollow Lane, 7813-Maria Linz and Mark Laurence O’Brien to Luis and Alexandra Pena, $319,900.

Stone Crop Dr., 8245, No. L-Leila Diane Pharr to Leila Diane Pharr and Dratin Hill, $123,801.


Dairy St., 11417-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Abhishek and Sherry Narang Kalla, $1.25 million.

President St., 7679-John D. and Nancy Stanfill to Weiquan Alex Ho and Ryoko Kishimoto, $650,000.


Saint Margarets Blvd., 7445-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to John Yongmin Kim, $463,890.


Windemere Way, 9129-Martin Nicolas Painting Corp. to Winston R. Rodriguez Paez, $373,000.


Hastings Dr., 9606-Carrie L. Munck to Leah G. Benfield and Kevin T. Bensky, $233,000.


Gentle Rolling Dr., 11146-Jilberto Gonzalez and Pamela Weatherly to Moo H. and Kei H. Kim, $448,000.

John Gravel Rd., 2211, No. 1-NVR Inc. to William and Brenda Furze, $291,880.

Sophia Chase Dr., 2595-NVR Inc. to Michael R. and Bernadette V. Keeton, $596,325.


Saint Michaels Rd., 1029-Howard N. and Sylvia L. Popkin to Gregory A. Stryker, $415,000.


Cross Timbers Ct., 9304-Keith S. and Robin L. Vestal to Aderemi V. and Olawumi A. Aluko, $222,500.

Hammonds Overlook Ct., 9621-Daniel and Ashley Rose to Matthew Ryan Baker, $372,500.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9316-Harmony Builders Inc. to Michael S. and Jade Blevins, $469,649.

Rosemont Dr., 10414-Marion E. and Elmer F. Powell to Jamal S. and Laura Marie Ashkar, $415,000.

Whiskey Run, 9759-Stephen E. Brown to Dipen Patel, $145,000.


Daisy Rd., 1915-James A. and Victoria L. Poppiti to Elizabeth Shannon Lovette, $579,000.