These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Boucher Pl., 27-John W. and Barbara M. Aitken to Daniel R. and Kristen L. Robillard, $445,000.

Burnside St., 521-Derek W. Robertson and John Williams to Frederick H. Batzold and Nadine C. Chien, $1.1 million.

Chesapeake Ave., 712-Andi Gendell to Jason and Leona Byrnes, $880,000.

Fairview Ave., 765C, No. C-Paula Klepper to Sarah S. Robertson, $250,000.

Howard Rd., 1408-The Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Shayna Foote, $252,000.

Kensington Way, 1025-Bruno Penzo and the estate of Cecilia N. Penzo to Clyde K. Adibi, $295,000.

Linden Ave., 1331-Reba Pittman Walker and Reba P. Evans to Richard F. and Gail G. Inman, $207,000.

Newport Ave., 3428-Russell J. and Matti G. Jackson to Michael J. and Sara L. Walsh, $349,000.

Saratoga Ave., 3402-Richard S. Martignetti to Anthony Anello and Sarah L. Doucette, $506,000.

Stillwoods Way, 1251-Clayton F. and Julie C. Millis to Drake and Carol Staniar, $625,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 951-Yvette Viviani to Stacey and Muriel Galloway, $285,000.


Admiral Dr., 603, No. 108-Martin S. and Sheila P. Litzky to Ester E. Dimonte and the Ester E. Dimonte Revocable Trust, $250,000.

Boatswain Way, 822-Mary Kay Cacciatore Degeorge and the Anna Marie Cacciatore Irrevocable Trust to Dolores M. Weissberg and the Weissberg Family Trust, $449,900.

Charles St., 74-Juan E. Hines to Brian D. Richardson, $715,000.

Compromise St., 1-Warren Lee Prins and April Allen Tzanis to Jeffrey Pacy, $735,000.

Gingerview Lane, 2743-Nicholas W. Eckwerth to Joseph D. Kreis and Karla M. Graham, $476,000.

Inverrary Ct., 854-Charles Addison and Rosalyn Wallace Fowler to Donald J. Brophy and Bobbie Dowell, $410,000.

Meares Ct., 308-Ira Leites and Maxine Ann Snyder to John E. and Paula W. Lesko, $420,000.

Perry Landing Ct., 932-Ellen Lee and Clyde Hugh Dent to Marjorie C. Gerhardt, $370,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1566-Michelle A. Coll to Philip M. and Philip Blatt, $340,000.

Ships Bell Ct., 948-Barbara J. and Barbara Kerge Manthos to Patricia A. Garrett and the Patricia A. Garrett Revocable Trust, $215,000.

Spa Rd., 63-Ramona C. Jayson to David Weaver, $225,000.

Urciolo Ct., 923-Kenneth R. and Dawn Carpenter to Raymond E. and Teri J. Kasmark, $734,800.


Alan A Dale Rd., 410-The Sherwood Forest Co. to Bernard W. and Irene H. Bise, $10,000.


Bay Green Dr., 654-Christopher Eric Young and the John J. Young and Madeline R. Young Trust to Eugene Freund Jr. and Deborah J. Hunter, $495,000.

Cathead Dr., 1520-The Department of Veterans Affairs to Kenneth and Erin Kloster, $225,000.

Fox Run Way, 63-Kenneth Sikora to Jennifer L. Schwikert, $438,600.

Mago Vista Rd., 790-Latchman Wendell Persaud and Michelle G.M. Persaud to Alexander Santiago Jr., $225,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 814-David Bruce Seeley to Vicki E. Burns, $415,000.

Peninsula Farm Rd., 278-Paul and Megan Bromley to Jacob Francis and Jillian Yvonne Turner, $395,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 630, No. B-2D-Courtney H. Riordon and Courtney M. Hoffberger to Matthew Schmid, $162,000.


Arden Rd. W., 316-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Ilonija Gaidule and Gregory Ohn Ghine, $52,500.

Disney Ave., 5313-Mary Ann Lichin to Eian A. Williams, $199,999.

Meadow Rd. W., 181-Baybrook Corp. to Jeremias L. and Elizabeth A. Daguro, $105,000.

Timberland Ct., 915-Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Jacita Pritchett, $316,200.


Blossom Tree Ct., 409-Joseph and Sharon Dillard to Nancy Mandile, $285,000.

Crestview Dr., 1080-Patricia C. and Gifford A. Hammar to Michael L. and Kristine N. Simmons, $415,000.

Magothy Cir., 1092-Maureen R. and Anthony C. Ellison to David M. Wennergren, $780,000.


Gloucester St., 5550-Shelley Houchens to Stephen K. Griffin, $242,200.


Aberdeen Cir., 1794-Liem Nguyen and Thuc Vu to Kaibiao Jiang, $270,000.

Bandury Ct., 1584-Mary D. and Mary Dawn Clapp to Tia K. Cassel, $290,000.

Carlyle Dr., 1606-Paul J. McElderry and Jessica Rolko to Jonathan Richardson, $318,000.

Eton Way, 1505-James E. and Sheila A. Miller to Patrick M. and Chong H. Spurr, $500,000.

Hightee Ct., 2402-The Leonard Keilin Living Trust to Juan A. and Joanna P. Morel, $506,000.

Laconia Ct., 2331-Stephen A. Grimes to Michael A. Danielson, $362,000.

Mara Vista Ct., 1438-John J. and Debra G. Vargo to Tiffany McKay, $260,000.

Pawlet Dr., 2014-Susan Adams to Asiah Quash, $221,900.

Shaftsbury Ave., 1752-James G. and Audrey M. Conley to Jacob Daniel and Laura B. Ferrari, $517,500.

Truro Lane, 904-Lawrence L. Schweinsburg to Jacob A. and Amy D. Bechard, $368,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1698-Janis P. Ballard to Scott K. and Marjorie C. Saunders, $306,000.


Abbington Lane, 1107-John and Catherine Olson to Bernard Anthony and Valerie M. Snesko, $780,000.

Generals Hwy., 1016-John G. Stone Jr. to Kyle Sullivan, $233,000.

Maple Trail, 391-Roland R. and Laurie W. Draxler to Courtney D. Shell, $280,000.

Plum Creek Dr., 1070-James D. Anderson and Julie Dement to Kyle F. Abel, $297,300.


Cox Cove Ct., 1315-TD Development Corp. to Vince R. and Jessica L. Roussey, $249,000.

Lauren Way, 921-Andrew R. Domshick to Gregory and Samantha Bosley, $270,000.

Swanhill Ct., 1196-Steven J. Rawleigh to Joseph K. Hayden, $234,000.


Brick Church Rd., 306-Mary Lynn Glumsic and Jeffrey Scott Spicknall to April Anne Utterback and Timothy M. McElwain Sr., $105,000.


Mckendree Rd., 6389-Terry C. and Deborah Ann Cox to Stuart R. and Julie I. Braithwait, $435,000.


Braxton Way, 210, No. 210-James B. and Kathryn R. Elder to Arthur R. and Deborah A. Rohde, $339,500.

Cliff Dr., 1655-Karen R. Hartke and Karen R. Sims to Frank M. Hetrick, $75,000.

Elliott Pl., 112-Peter W. and Sarah B. Bray to Josiah M. and Marideth E. Canzanella, $368,900.

Great Heron Dr., 715-Elizabeth A. and Austin S. Coleman to Daniel Kieng, $622,000.

Shady Side Dr., 1636-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Christiana Trust to Danielle M. Smith, $195,000.

Shore Dr., 1736-Linda Susan and Irvin Leo Jackson to Jacqueline O. Harris, $285,000.

Tilden Way, 232-Julian D. and Meredith Hedges Hernandez to Nancy P. Ricci, $335,000.

Waterview Dr., 4124-Debra T. Watson to Brian D. Hopper and Michelle Hall, $410,000.


Arrowhead Farms Rd., 3116-Alexander H. and Diana M. Teliak to Mark A. and Katie Royann Blanchard, $552,000.

Christmas Lane, 1019-Joseph P. Schram and Julie A. Hodgson to Brandon M. and Jaclyn R. Haslun, $315,000.

Hallmark Dr., 2113-John R. and Shirley V. Gasch to Jerrod and Holly Whittington, $505,000.

Sebastian Lane, 819-Williams Corp. to Josh and Meredith Perkins, $637,565.

Winterhaven Dr., 922-Sheila M. Rose and the Michael J. and Sheila M. Rose Revocable Trust to Crystal Watson and Alek Snyder, $355,000.


Arbor Dr., 416-Dottie L. Porter to Jason Switala, $240,000.

Bend Circle Rd., 531-Raymond D. Worley to Evangeline Langley, $190,651.

Colonial Knls., 6458-J & M. Contracting Inc. to Sherria M. Parker, $115,000.

Crownsway, 7969-Carolyn M. and Wayne Terry Sacker to Calvin and Lynn Hines Wade, $255,000.

Ferndale Ave., 26-Sarah and Deanna M. Nehring to Eve Lyn Knapp, $133,000.

Fruitful Ct., 8110-Jose J. and Maria L. Gonzalez to Cherryll Lashay and Christopher Clacks, $245,000.

Harvest Lane, 302-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Harvey Ross, $344,318.

Hyde Park Dr., 735-John T. Kamenik to Corey M. and Sarah A. Paterson, $266,900.

Lincoln Ave. SW, 306-Brian A. Bieda to Emma Carlynn Albrittain, $200,000.

Main Ave. SE, 113-John Robert Smoot and the estate of Thelma E. Smoot to Roberto Martinez, $225,000.

New Jersey Ave. NW, 16-Gordon Lee Rose to Ryan K. and Becky L. Maccredie, $242,000.

Oakwood Rd., 809-HSBC Bank USA National Association to Brittany Baesch, $203,700.

Ridgefield Ct., 640-Kara Santos and Kara Riseborough to James D. Hunt, $310,000.

Stewart Ave., 514-Barbara Lawrence Turner to Samuel C. Harbage and Brianna C. Mistler, $232,500.

Eighth Ave. SE, 309-Magothy River Properties Corp. to Josue Zepeda, $214,499.


Carl Ave., 605-Jesse S. Timmins Jr. to John V. Bullough, $275,000.

Coulbourn Cor., 1101-Shanna M. Kelly to Akash B. Patel, $289,000.

Elm Dr., 4-Diane C. Nenninger and Diane C. Dalnekof to Donna L. Crouch, $233,900.

Goldfinch Ct., 7508-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Greer Siscoe and Antonio Hayes, $284,890.

Highland Rd., 210-The Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Zhi Jie Chen and Li Qin Li, $133,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7026-Patrick N. Hughes to Michael K. Hines, $301,500.

Mill Fall Ct., 8119-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to John M. and Megan H. Walker, $311,990.

North Shore Dr., 630-Wendy J. Slatery to Edison O. and Lorraine J. Fraser, $499,900.

Shellye Rd., 7848-Vincent Joseph Sarro to Ryan Drowsky, $216,000.

Stallings Dr., 7239-Jaime L. and Ryan Baer to Bobby Edward and Dana Michelle Champion, $309,500.

Sunny Brook Dr., 935-Charles A. and Christine M. Grubb to Velvet S. Burton, $307,500.

Willow Bend Dr., 467-Patricia Avanzato to Szu Chieh Chen, $275,000.


Briars Knoll Way, 11-Thelma J. Head to Vida Martey, $345,000.

Durham Way, 1609-Hetal and Hitesh Patel to James and Donna Hogan, $380,000.

Gesna Dr., 1446-Young Bin Chung to Bradley J. and Tiffany E. Sanders, $335,000.

Honey Locust Lane, 7548-American International Relocation Solutions and Ellen G. Pollack to Zachary D. Madison, $349,900.

Sandhurst Lane, 7634-Trevor C. and Samantha M. Hollis to William D. Henry, $350,000.


Ivy Way, 3205-Derek S. Shields and Mary Elizabeth C. Shields to Steven Klein, Jessica Gonzalez and Jessica Klein, $529,900.


Owls Nest Way, 2111-NVR Inc. to Tina and Daren Baker, $649,940.


Carriage Walk Lane, 3527, No. 62-Anthony Oliver and Tahira Stephenson to Cherise L. Johnson, $257,500.

Green Grass Rd., 8303-Volkan and Servet A. Keskinoglu to Melinda E. and Wayne C. Rolph, $255,000.

Mayaone St., 8622-Tim Heath and Nicole Tucker to Darren A. Vincent and Bethany N. Conrad, $209,900.

Pennington Dr., 8135-Khai and Thanhnguyen to Jennifer Opoku Asante, $309,000.

Water Lily Way, 8209-Kedar V. Abhyankar to Benjamin and Carolyn Brosch, $231,000.


Forest View Rd., 555-Adam B. and Stephanie A. Tomas to Jerome F. and Theresa M. Coulson, $312,000.

Hammonds Ferry Rd. N., 235-Cassie Sandra Garner and Colleen Marie Kondelis to Stoney Creek Capital Corp., $140,000.

Kingbrook Rd., 118-Alfred W. and Patricia A. Brewer to Eric C. Lee, $289,000.

Maple Rd. E., 702-Zesta Fayedene and Z. Faye Miller to Mary Elizabeth Bolten, $230,000.

Medora Rd., 5908-Margaret J. Aaron and Priscilla Louise Snodgrass to Kyle Mark Jarrett and Elizabeth Caravella, $299,000.


Ahearn Dr., 8255-Melanie L. Johnson to William C. and Lisa Hopkins, $290,000.

Bingham Ct., 510-Betty Lee Lewis and Anita L. Knapp to Gregory W. and Mary E. Banister, $470,000.

Glenda Ct., 258-Melissa M. and Mark S. Chaplain to Sarah B. and Ladante L. Collins, $213,000.

Millshire Dr., 554-Frederik J. Quarantillo to Austin Brown, $194,000.

Redwood Grove Ct., 340-Karrie D. Sangster and Karrie D. Strohman to Thomas Joseph and Lauren Elizabeth Zaccheo, $575,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. W., 667-Liem Nguyen and Thuc Vu to Hope Y. and Cardell D. Dudley, $256,500.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2506, No. 101-Mary C. Greene and Kenneth Murphy to Danielle Peterson, $222,000.

Artillery Lane, 1914-Roy W. and Sara Luongo to Adam R. and Carin L. Vogelzang, $405,000.

Blue Water Blvd., 2521-Anjelkneka and Marvin Page to Omobola Akinkuowo, $275,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2412, No. 301-Patricia D. Kuzbida and the estate of Joanne Dobson to Bruce C. Blakeney Sr., $225,000.

Dayspring Dr., 703-Peter S. Koenigseder and Mary P.W. Koenigseder to William and Kathryn Mondora, $290,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8610, No. 408-Dennis Bryant and John Messenger to Gwendolyn Willis and Lawrence Darpoh, $223,080.

Green Field Ct., 8730-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christine J. Brown, $239,900.

Heath Aster Ct., 2452-NVR Inc. to Janet Ward and Jerrel Dyer, $525,315.

Levee Dr., 2944-NVR Inc. to Gregory A. and Belinda A. Landrum, $716,452.

Meadowmist Way, 534, No. 6-534-Nicholas and Johanna Barker to Tricia Ann M. Charles, $245,000.

Patuxent Ridge Rd., 1375-NVR Inc. to John F., Gail B. and John F. Schulz, $594,469.

Patuxent Ridge Rd., 1388-NVR Inc. to Clinton C. and Yolanda Yates Humphries, $575,664.

Pinecove Ave., 154-Terence L. Lynch to Elmore Boakye, $293,335.

Saint Michaels Cir., 227-Pennymac Loan Trust 2011 NPL1 and Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Oluwaranmilowo Ojuri, $250,000.

Star Stella Dr., 1522-Peter T. Burr to Michael and Jennifer Blanford, $597,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3029-Koch Investment Associates Corp. to NVR Inc., $164,445.

Warm Spring Way, 2487-National Residential Nominee Services to Gregory A. and Lori Fields, $314,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8609, No. 408-Debra and Norma Greene to Marilyn Weeks, $245,000.


Plantation Blvd., 639-Capital One NA to Molly Elizabeth Owens, Andrew J. Owens and Ronald Allen Lethbridge, $343,059.


Bambridge Ct., 8214-David H. and Maria Estrella Stickney to Thomas I. Miller and Stacey J. Gower, $320,000.

Bulman Harbour, 1047-Thomas S. and Joyce K. Russell to Darrell W. and Stacy L. Nielsen, $249,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 28-Fred J. and Frederick J. Fink to Laurel R. Williams, $300,000.

Cokesbury Ct., 3512-Claude and Aprile Duncan to Dante and Adwoa Winder, $350,000.

D St., 737-Justin A. and Stephanie E. Brown to Jessica B. Horton, $315,000.

Duvall Hwy., 724-Michael L. Thompson and Robert F. Freeman IV to Luis Fernando Ardon Amador and Karla Patricia Moreno Bautista, $265,000.

Escalon Ave., 8050-Gabriel L. Medley to Meggan J. Raymond and Raymond W. Truelove Jr., $269,900.

Gray Stone Lane, 8127-Christina M. Taylor and Christina M. Terry to Cara and Todd Garside, $239,000.

Irene Ave., 181-Melissa B. and Bryan L. Wyatt to Kyle and Megan E. McCullough, $574,000.

Knoll Ct., 204-Charles L. and Katherine N. Landon to Christian O. and Lynntressia E. Dede, $270,000.

Leeland Dr., 8010-Bay American Homes Inc. and WCT Properties Corp. to Adekunle A. and Opeyemi Aderinoye, $450,000.

Magnolia Ave., 210-Dane and Shelby N. Plude to Michael and Peter F. O’Malley, $308,000.

Milburn Cir., 16-Thomas G. and Janet M. Rosencranz to Thomas G. and Victoria E. Rosencranz, $500,000.

Norwalk Harbour, 8667-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Christiana Trust to Sean Holland, $192,000.

Park Lane, 1520-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Todd M. Eaghus, $311,001.

Purple Martins Rd., 4438-Royal E. Brumwell Jr. and Bonnie Brumwell Hoyas to Wayne E. and Terry A. Brumwell, $250,650.

Sahalee Ct., 8937-Kurt A. and April J. Brandquist to Jeffrey A. and Kathryn M. Bal, $800,000.

Solari Ct., 7816-Elise J. Mohler to Christopher R. Flinspach, $230,000.

Steedman Point Rd., 329-James E. and Mary Beth Griffith to Jacob and Kerstin Haskell, $1 million.

Vena Lane, 1044-The Bank of New York Mellon and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Nikolaos and Asimena Stavlas, $141,750.

209th St., 652-Matthew B. Binfet to Tiant William Sellman, $240,000.

215th St., 716-M&E Investments Corp. to Antonio Gargano and Leidy Pierina Chirinos Gargano, $2,500.


Stonehenge Dr., 3117-Gerald W. Ahn and Joan M. Von Ahn to Maria C. and Kristofer T. Thompson, $625,000.


Athena Lane, 8203-Robert J. Van Allen and Song S. Van Allen to Adam Crotty, $505,000.

Burns Crossing Rd., 116-Paula L. Voight to Stephen C. Gavin, $304,900.

Evergreen Rd., 914-Wilbur E. and Marie A. Lloyd to Adam R. and Alyssa Wolford, $324,900.

Grainfield Rd., 8204-Pamela J. and William T. Montgomery to Frank J. Martin and Jessica M. Riggie, $316,000.

Manet Way, 7827-Carlos M. and Olga L. Gonzalez to Theodore and Gloria A. Butler, $409,999.

Redmore Dr., 923-Matthew C. and Alessandra McCormack to David and Karen Perkins, $385,000.

Severn Rd., 1806-Thomas E. Giza to James S. and Myrna S. Baker, $174,000.

Somerset Rd., 1314-James T. and Elaine Brady to Michael J. and Rebecca R. Young, $369,000.

Stream Valley Overlook, 1643-Cartus Financial Corp. to Daniel T. and Garnett C. Poteet, $560,000.

Wet Sand Dr., 518-Ibrahim Ahmed Sheikh and Hayat A. Ali to Kim Cam Van and Cuong Tan Do, $500,000.


Benfield Rd. W., 826-Randall M. and Patricia M. Robey to Pranab Bhattarai, Maritza E. Bhattarai and Loukas P. Michael, $540,000.

Cedar Rd., 119-James W. Platner to James W. and Donna E. Platner, $82,465.

Cypress Rd., 750-Diane Sowerbrower and Esate of Nellie Gysin to Hunter and Victoria Selman, $595,000.

Fernwood Dr., 422-U.S. Bank Trust NA and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Peter Huntsinger and Deirdre McGillicuddy, $480,250.

Haven Dr. W., 244-Craig R. and Nicolette Behm to Joseph and Danielle N. Gioeli, $445,200.

Hoyle Lane, 84-Linda White Andrews and the estate of Roland Oliver White to C. L. Payne & Associates Inc., $300,000.

Lakeview Cir., 543-Robert C. Fraser to Patrick M. and Nancy L. McNeally, $525,000.

Malibu Ct., 259-Donna L. Powers to Bryan A. and Mary L. Hinsdale, $325,000.

Olivia Lane, 205-WSTR Building Co. to William C. Schenck, $665,900.

Riverdale Rd., 416-Marie V. Gourley to Sara C. Carter, $263,900.

Saint Ives Dr., 201-Philip A. and Dacia Woolf to Michael and Maria Eriksen Hardy, $600,000.

Thomas Way, 626-Nancy A. Black to Michael Andrew Shomaker and Shihomi Shoemaker, $415,000.

Westmoreland Pl., 631-Henry A. and Donna M. Kochanski to Robert M. and Jill M. Robinson, $455,000.


Chestnut St., 4954-Shane A. and Shawn A. Swing to Bruce P. Lucast, $220,000.

Jordan Dr., 1378-John Howell to David Armand and Herta Maria Bellefleur, $280,000.

Oak Ave., 1183-John M. Panikiewsky to James S. and Bethany A. Wright, $304,900.

Howard County

Breconshire Rd., 10236-Heara and Teaho Lee to Pooja and Ashok Regmi, $690,000.

Century Dr., 10087-Donna M. Kehr and estate of Eleanor Garland to Mark and Kelly Miller, $320,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr. N., 4978, No. A-3-Terri Elizabeth Capelle to Craig Rowe, $220,000.

Fawnwood Dr., 3026-Sengun and Murat Nuri to Greg Adams Evans Rubino and Rachel Claxton Rubino, $440,000.

Frederick Rd., 11000-Andreas Apter and the Angela M. Todd Revocable Trust to Heather R. Martucci, $550,000.

Harrington Dr., 3427, No. E-Beth Thomas to Soujanya Kuravi and Siddhartha Sripada, $235,000.

Mount Snow Ct., 2911-George E. Konstantas and Elizabeth J.H. Konstantas to Eric J. and Yihen Bolisay, $685,000.

Oxbow Ct., 4325-Carl G. and M. Joyce Lietzau to Mark A. and Sharon L. Montana, $570,000.

Rams Horn Row, 4706-Maya Feldi and Valeriy Vaysberg to Yixuan Zhu, $377,000.

Treyburn Ct., 9737-Biby J. and Smitha P. Thoms to Elizabeth M. and Andrew Atkins, $710,000.


Broad Meadow Lane, 12067-John J. and Janice M. Turpin to Mayurkumar M. Gohel, $850,000.

Lakeside Dr., 13708-Sheila M. Linden to Daniel J. and Cassle A. Florenzo, $685,000.

Phantom Moon Walk, 6408-Anton and Alina Dmitriev to Mark P. and Melissa Purdue, $670,500.


Barrington Ct., 5505-Frank and Carol A. Tortella to Nathan and Lisa Anne Fleischaker, $427,000.

Canyon Head Lane, 6305-U.S. Bank Trust NA and the LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Jeanine Y. and Lamont A. Hylton, $490,000.

Drowsy Day, 6696-Janet L. Pray to Rowell Medina, $310,000.

Goldamber Garth, 9085-Abdul Mir Wakil to Mirna E. Argueta Villanueva, $250,000.

Gray Sea Way, 6372-Ryan R. Smith to Elisa M. and David J. Rancourt, $330,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7487-Isaac L. Bagley and Yolanda Santiago to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $223,844.

Marsh Hawk Way, 5467-Eric M. and Wanda W. Reid to Jordon L. and Ashley E. Schulman, $432,000.

Pamplona Rd., 9529-Luwana Corp. to Megan C. and Torey L. Bixler, $425,000.

Saddlebag Row, 9523-William F. Condron Jr. to Corey M. Rausch, $325,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8872, No. 21-David F. Ross and Carole Cangiano to David R. and Debra S. Thornbury, $495,000.

Waning Moon Way, 6652-Isam Janajreh to Mohammad Neamatollahi, $215,000.


April Journey, 5556, No. 23-Peter and Ashley Palmieri to Michael Anthony Ferguson, $314,999.

Bonnet Brim Crse., 12213-Paul M. Powell to Melissa Schrickel, $357,000.

Cedar Lane, 5472, No. A2-Pearl W. Watson to Gerald R. Reseigno, $105,000.

College Sq., 10330-Adam E. and Christina L. Miller to Patrick R. and Sarah M. Robinson, $314,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10438, No. 1-12-Bryan and Jennifer Grimaldi to Shabir Ahmad Anjam Choudhary and Farkhanda Aftab Choudhary, $194,000.

Hunting Lane, 10614-MG Renovations Corp. to Polina A. Vlasenko, $475,000.

Little Sparrow Pl., 10901-Jennifer A. Varnadore and John Worthington to Arianna Nicole Reyes Santiago and Justin Neel Oursler, $390,000.

Mystic Ct., 5531-Bryan Nelson Norton to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $164,000.

Settler Pl., 5623-U.S. Bank NA and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Yanming Wang, Ping Xu and Philip Wang, $192,000.

Whetstone Rd., 5071-Hau L. and Linh Cheong to Matthew D. McKenzie and Catherine L. Pinette, $415,000.

Windstream Dr. E., 10001, No. 304-Ruth Wallace Harritt and the Ruth W. Harritt Revocable Trust to Edgar L. and Laurie K. Swain, $275,000.


Riggs Meadow Dr., 14622-Lesa A. and Matthew S. Hahn to James H. and Angela L. Dutton, $687,000.


Beechfield Ave., 6418-Kevin L. Evans to David L. and Teri Ray Hankel, $310,000.

Caleb Dorsey Sq., 6725, No. 33-Kenneth W. Culver Jr. and Cynthia A. Hum to Louis and Blanche Kattie, $365,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6380, No. 3-6-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kathryn Simonton, $180,000.

Frothingham Ct., 6412-Seemin Mubasher and Mubasher Saleem to Kyu and Eunhee Lee, $330,000.

Latrobe Fls., 6618, No. 101-Prashant Patel and Hiralben Tarunbhai Ray to Naresh Bhandari and Sailu Ghimire, $333,000.

Merrymaker Way, 7524-Kenneth D. and Janell R. Coffman to Bhusan Basnet, $361,300.

Pebble Creek Dr., 7275, No. 9-Daniel W. and Peggy E. Mellen to Justin T. Jarvis, $459,000.

Watermill Ct., 8016-Capital One NA and Altisource Solutions Inc. to Gloria Moon, $218,704.


Bonnybridge Pl., 3780-Michael H. Miller to Joanne Lee, $217,000.

Elko Dr., 8223-Thomas F. and Julie P. Dreisch to Samuel P. and Kristin N. Sherwood, $650,000.

Falls Run Rd. E., 8611, No. J-Martin W. and Sean C. Lookingbill to Frances A. McClure, $193,000.

Kensington Gdns., 2540, No. G 11-Mark J. and Steven W. Wingate to the Straub Family Living Trust, $20,000.

Littlefield Ct., 8609-D&J Development Corp. to Michael Gowan and Gillian Ross, $480,000.

Logans Way, 5947, No. 40-Waterloo Condominium Corp. to Trevor B. Maynard and Jennifer M. Greene Maynard, $449,671.

Maple Hill Rd., 6035-Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Todd E. Bromwell, $487,727.

Montgomery Run Rd. E., 8335, No. E-Kathleen P. Gilligan to Edward W., Maribel R. and Teresa Franey, $175,000.

Ramsgill Ct., 4718-Archibald P. and Cynthia A. Jamieson to Michael R. and Jennifer M. Rapacki, $575,000.

Rusty Rim, 3629-Stephen J. Calfo to Jin Di Lin and Jin Mei Ye, $420,000.

Stockbridge Overlook Ct., 6280, No. 12-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Jason C. Lee and Mira Choi, $340,000.

Valley Lane, 8113-Micah R. Hart and Leigh A. Sorrentino to Samuel R. Hart, $232,000.


Chase St., 11211, No. 2-Nicholas P. and Jennifer M. Roy to Shumaya B. and Humayra Ali, $489,000.

Pleasant View Dr., 12348-Bruce A. Zinn to Michael and Anne Reed, $770,000.


Shady Lane, 3505-Paul K. and Martha J. Lindon to Xavier Touze and Tricia Muneses, $660,000.


Hanover Crossing Way SW, 6305-Kenneth J. and Mary E. Baker to Brian and Kristi Towne, $479,000.

Skipton Dr., 6432-Steven E. and Cathleen W. Bayne to Andrew M. and Priscilla G. Zanghi, $400,000.


Clemente Ct., 8711-Timothy William O’Rourke to Andre C. Lewis and Ciera C. Quash, $367,500.

Madison St., 8930-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory D. Fickel and Rima Sifri, $330,000.


Blue Sea Dr., 8818-Edo and Elizabeth M. Banach to Joseph C. Russo and Jennifer L. Saxton, $485,000.

Early Spring Way, 9766-Jaime Michael and Mary Caitlin Boyle to Samuel P. Castelli, $317,000.

Hastings Dr., 9644-Cassandra L. Wierzbolowicz to Christopher D. Eller, $240,000.

Narrow Wind Way, 7331-The Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Chi Chung Wong and Su E. Chen, $325,000.

Red Cravat Ct., 7538-Joshua Szmajda and Maera Stratton to Kenneth C. and Jacalyn H. Herrell, $429,000.

Solar Walk, 7205-Christiana Trust and NRPL Trust 2013-1 to Hafeez Omar and Nagina Abdul Hamid, $310,000.


Emma Stone Dr., 2676-NVR Inc. to Dilip and Harshna Sampat, $665,919.


Frederick Rd., 17330-Ventures Trust 2013 I.H. R. and MCM Capital Partners to Russell Hill, $444,000.

Weller Dr., 661-Marianne McGehrin Rhine and Edward F. McGehrin to Cathryn Susanne Dymek and Brent Mahoney Beckner, $450,000.


Baltimore Ave., 9518-Decatur Corp. to Chad Gregory Schultz, $520,000.

Cabot Ct., 9339-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mohammad Khan, $197,500.

Cypress Way, 9963-NVR Inc. to Stacey P. and Joseph M. Ferguson, $888,245.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10687-William J. and Andrew J. Roberts to Lauren Elizabeth and Patrick John McGinley, $272,000.

Hammond Pkwy., 7909-Daniel S. and Kathleen O. Mulhall to Meaghan O. and Patrick J. Morris, $367,000.

June Flowers Way, 9764-Thomas A. and Sigrid Lambert Heffner to Ebern and Tonya M. Dobbin, $496,000.

Odelton Ct., 9513-Awa Odihi to Duong Huu Le, $405,000.

Riverhill Rd., 9131-Michael R. Marcellino to Double R. Ventures Corp., $650,749.

Wilderness Lane, 9839-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Lynda R. and Earl G. Wilkerson, $510,000.


Great Valley Dr., 3317-Linda K. Congedo and the Linda K. Congedo Revocable Trust to Peter Douglass and Artiana Lee George, $778,000.


Willis Way, 15901-Don Kim to Thamban Valappil, $700,000.


Taylor Farm Rd., 10798-Divesh Gupta and Sejal Vira to Nizamettin and Melek Gul, $990,000.