These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Amberstone Ct., 30-Jane P. Cartney to Donald Wells Jr., $223,000.

Cedar Ave., 1395-Stephen F. Brennwald to Mark C. Manzo and Carley S. Thomas, $540,345.

Garden Gate Lane, 309-Federal National Mortgage Association to Susan Grace Dubsoe, $219,720.

Gordon Cove Dr., 1512-Vonne E. Matta to Mark Joseph and Laura Vinson Harper, $1.27 million.

Lake View Dr., 101-Gregory E. Stokes to Catherine Mahon, $390,000.

Milkshake Lane, 6-Drexel R. and Johnna M. King to Scott Kubaryk and Kris Z. Murchie Kubaryk, $380,000.

Paddington Pl., 1001-Jennfier Lyna Medile to Gilmar R. Rodriguez and Everlinda M. Porillo Villeda, $330,000.

Silopanna Rd., 15-Vicki N. McCorkle to Ryan M. and Erin N. Cullen, $334,000.

Victor Pkwy., 206, No. 206D-Michael D. Ross to Rosibel Gomez and Karen Aranda, $149,000.


Ashers Farm Rd., 407-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to David Allen and Karol Gallant Wicker, $649,990.

Bristol Dr., 21-Alan R. Meyer and Brian M. Lutters to Samuel and Jennifer Rykaczewski, $433,000.

Coachway, 979-John and Jenny Crabree to Karen M. Pipkin, $380,000.

Drake Way, 706-B. William Basheer to Kyle Michael and Brittany L. Doleva, $599,000.

Forbes St., 308, No. E-Brooke E. and Janet M. Posner to Kenneth and Kathryn Huston, $218,000.

Glenwood St., 730-Gerard W. Crutchley and the estate of R. Wilson Crutchley to Gregory Gunther and Kristin Kosmides, $310,000.

King Ct., 5-John B. and Kellyy E. Snyder to Lauren D. and John H. Cashion, $495,000.

Mastline Dr., 933-Thomas and Teresea Critzer to Mary Demarzo Funk, $368,000.

Murray Ave., 24-Justin K. and Nicole A. Ossola to Sarah C. and Eugene T. Bauer, $655,000.

Riverview Ave., 117-Suzanne F. and Kenneth B. Pletcher to Aaron M. Serinis, $234,000.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1976, No. 204-Dennis G. Dore to Kristi Ann Crawford and Wayne Wayland Fallin, $224,900.

Skipper Lane, 709-V. Green Corp. to Mark and Janee M. Tate, $475,414.

Taylor Ave., 400-Eric M. Kommer to Kristyne Roeger, $452,500.

Valley View Rd., 2985-Robert W. and Amy M. Dietrich to Ronald and Tracy Roth, $540,000.


Maid Marion Rd., 605-George and Charlotte L. West to Sebastian B. Sosman and Katherine M.W. Sosman, $721,000.


Beach Rd., 410-Thomas M. Eiring to Matthew Shanley, $805,000.

Greenhill Ct., 530-Mary Elizabeth Muir to Dallas A. Truelove and Courtney Stewart, $240,000.

Old Sturbridge Rd., 10-George and Kelly Doetsch to Antonio Alvarez, $675,000.

Schoolers Pond Way, 417-Cristopher G. and Suzanne E. Kopp to Michael S. Martinko and Wend Makros, $580,000.

Winterberry Dr., 1513-John Jewitt and Alecia Parker to Floria Flores, $223,000.


Cherry Bark Lane, 753-Ismael R. Razo to Abiola Odegbile, $274,000.

Third Ave., 4-Art Home Corp. to Bridgett E. Catlett, $226,000.

14th Ave., 105-Martin J. and Clara F. Abbott to Grace T. MC Abee, $270,000.


Broadneck Pl., 1501, No. 4-102-Pamela L. Johnson to Kathleen C. and Daniel T. Finucane, $255,000.

Deep Creek Vw., 538-David and James R. Scheler to Ralph A. Defalco and Erin M. McCarthy, $440,000.

Magothy Park Lane, 1019-Kristen R. Doyle to Michael Wayne and Kasey Demietrakis, $429,000.

Pine Hill Dr., 1277-Cindy L. Sawyer and the estate of Phyllis Jane Sawyer to Garzello Properties Corp., $200,000.

Thomas Dr., 1904-Geoff C. and Alice A. Bowman to Alexandre G. and Alexandra Laperouse, $720,000.

Wood Duck Lane, 504-Charles and Margaret K. Beck to Steven and Jennifer Davis, $355,000.


Exeter St., 5543-Thomas and Sharon Anderson to Steven F. Dosttie and Sharon E. Laflamme, $299,000.


Albermarle Dr., 1742-Donette R. McCleskey to Heather A. Brown, $289,000.

Carlyle Dr., 1501-Scott M. Stevenson to Mustapha and Erica Berraho, $315,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1612-Eric A. Konopacky and Michelle L. Fitch Konopacky to Katrina M. Humphrey, $235,000.

Jones Falls Ct., 1734-Joseph W. Rucker to Juan C. Hernandez, $256,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1646-The Department of Housing and Urban Development to Francesca B. Rodriguez, $215,000.

Peppertree Ct., 1323-Darren and Michele Hess to Dennis P. and Annmarie P. Fournier, $391,500.

Sharwood Pl., 1786-Henry Joseph and Doris M. Stehr to Tiffany J. Stevens, $229,000.

Stoneham Rd., 1400-Bryan and Kamryn Parker to Anthony and Lindsey T. Tsourounis, $529,900.

Wickham Way, 1698-Allan and Carlene M. Wilosn to Christopher R. and Lauren F. Gentry, $512,500.


Kyle Rd., 312-John and Barbara Howick to Jeffrey Q. and Ann Marie Palombo, $2.25 million.


Churchill Cir., 610-Lighthouse Development LP to Michael DJ and Judith Ann Donnelly, $960,850.


Deale Rd., 505-Germaine Harlow to Matthew and Jennifer Broyles, $445,000.


Braxton Way, 272-Malvin L. and Laura R. Bach to Jeffrey D. and Julei Crandell, $345,000.

Forestville Rd., 1704-Timothy F. Asher and TFA Investment Trust to Patricia Dianne Murray, $249,000.

Millhaven Ct., 32-Robert I. Falcone to James Michael and Heather Kathleen Birce, $317,000.

Stewart Dr., 121-Teresa A. O’Donnell to Douglas A. and Kirsten A. Cook, $340,000.


Prout Rd., 7018-Charles H. and Maryann W. Orme to Justin Wood, $180,452.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2610, No. 110-Karen Fletcher and the estate of Ruth J. Brown to Zandra C. Jenkins, $235,000.

Noble Way, 2214-NVR Inc. to Charles Fenwick and Susan Marie Cox, $833,204.

Sebastian Lane, 812-B.A. Williams Corp. to Jonathan and Ivy Donahue, $655,070.


Rackham Rd., 802-Rhea I. Foxc to Charles W. Baldiswieler, $1.56 million.


Carolyn Rd., 601-Janet Toelle to Xiaokuai Lin, $235,000.

Everett Rd., 606-Thelma Elizbeth Sisk and Bruce John Lavonis to Gershon Hoffer and Diana Dipeppe, $147,000.

Heather Stone Loop, 749, No. 86-Matthew A. Mace and John Henry Seyle III to Dana S. Harris, $175,000.

Leprechaun Lane, 612-Lizdannette Urbina to Lizandra Urbina, $198,000.

Pamela Rd., 604-Sandra L. Ogas and the estate of Robert H. Ollinger Sr. to Christina German, $240,000.

Ridgewick Rd., 1904-Elizabeth Johnston Richard to Cynthia L. Makar, $225,000.

Sundown Rd., 1014-Levi Corp. to David N. and Norah A. Potts, $280,000.

Wellham Ave. NW, 210-Tammy T. Timm and Tammy T. Hanson to Irvin F. and Victoria M. Diegel, $292,000.


Amelia Ave. NE, 911-Ani Real Estate Investment Corp. to Athenton Salina and Salina Atherton, $187,800.

Ashmore Ave., 7481-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Damian Malagari, $306,000.

Bluffton Dr., 539-U.S. Home Corp. to Haven Montoya and Sharon Denise Vess, $354,355.

Canton Way, 7514-Mark H. and Kathleen Thompson to Shone and Johanna Wilson, $371,500.

Creekside Village Blvd., 825-NVR Inc. to Peter Turner, $477,154.

Elton St., 8040-NVR Inc. to Shelley A. and Kevin Barber, $315,804.

High Oak Rd., 8016-NASA Federal Credit Union to John A. and Sherry Seay, $385,000.

Maple Run Ct., 7820-NVR Inc. to Awa Odihi, $363,425.

Marley Pointe Ct., 519-Marley Pointe Investments Corp. to Nalynn Yhonnie Holland and Gary Louise Belegarde, $412,395.

Millhouse Dr., 747-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Daniel Jonathan Strawser, $307,990.

Pebblebrook Lane, 511-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlentis Corp. to Camille A. Delaney McNeil and Aaron P. McNeil, $312,990.

Prospect Ave., 100-Department of Housing and Urban Development and Julian Castro to Raymond L. Hesse III, $137,638.

Rapid Water Way, 6703, No. 103-Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fund Soe and Christiana Trust to Linda L. Dawson, $144,900.

Sanderling Ct., 107-The Williamsburg Group Corp. to Lynn D. and Kenneth Godsey, $370,782.

Washington Ave., 718-Phillis M. Mauck and Rebecca A. Wagner to Brian Lowe, $224,500.

Willow Bend Dr., 484-NVR Inc. to Norma and Terrill Williams, $360,035.

Fourth St., 1015-Harborside Properties Corp. to Winter Danell and Clark G. Griffith, $234,000.


Bayberry Lane, 1122-Richmond American Homes to Nithya Mayakumar, Jayakumar A. Mambakkam and Boomalatha Jayakumar, $344,142.

Macedonia Dr., 1410-Rickey R. and Tracy K. Richardson to Ronald A. McMillan and Vicki F. Maxwell, $280,000.

Old Calvary Rd., 7307-Lila Goodwin to Starlislay Fatkhutdinov, $340,000.

Pometacom Dr., 1939-Constantine Alexander and Cecilia Anne McGriff to Brenna M. Berry, $304,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 3645-Wilmington Saving Fund Society FSB to Frederick Todd and Danielle Gregg Lofland, $970,000.


Francis Lane, -Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Shawn David Hibbard, $381,525.


Cranberry S., 3361-SJ Lee Investment Group Corp. to Enrique O. Argueta and Nubia L. Benitez Escobar, $289,000.

Londonleaf Lane, 3433-Julie A. Strange to Jeremy D. Vitiello and Natsumi Takahashi, $243,000.

Park Hall S., 306-Federal National Mortgage Association to Luis Alonso Rivera and Ana Vilma Ruiz, $235,000.

Valley Lee S., 3325-Linda Woody and David Aquilla Bortle to Melder N. Sandoval Rivera and Becsaida M. Donis Valdez, $280,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 6863-Jan Mindess to Sherron M. Johnson, $230,000.

Forest View Rd., 536-Chris and Carol Ann Wojcik to Amy Caroline Clark and Adrienne Pugh, $349,000.

Lake Front Dr., 7-William Damlan and the estate of John Delangelade Patterson to Trevor and Amanda Wegrocki, $297,500.


Claybrooke Ct., 4436-House Buyers of America Inc. to Olga Baczara, $559,900.

Southern Maryland Blvd., 5911-James A. and Joan A. Ridgley to David C. and Volha Riggs, $240,000.


Butternut Ct., 342-Robert Trisnamn to James Jeffcoat and James W. Jeffcoat, $521,000.

Jumpers Hole Rd., 166-Gregory L. and Pamela S. Tittle to Caleb Timothy Marshall, $350,000.

Obrecht Rd., 310-Benjamin T. Marshall to Charles Raymond and Jaime Alison Chambers, $480,000.

Severn Rd., 227-Frank J. and Susan M. Schroen to Timothy C. and Bethany Legrand, $239,900.


Amber Orchard Ct. E., 2493, No. 204-Helen and Thomas Guidice to Carol A. Ceruzzi, $213,000.

Autumn Ridge Ct., 8724-Timothy E. Kingure to Robert L. Thompson, $214,500.

Briar Ridge Lane, 2520, No. 2520-Dena Putnam Burnett and Dena Putnam to Joseph Geraghty, $268,000.

Clarion Ct., 2605, No. 102-Federal National Mortgage Association to Karen Gardner, $209,900.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8610, No. 405-Pamela L. Ganladn to Ceciela Gramskh, $255,000.

Heath Aster Ct., 2439-NVR Inc. to Cathy J. Womack, $545,225.

Levee Dr., 3014-NVR Inc. and NV Homes to Wayne A. and Kathryn Littlefield, $782,175.

Old Waugh Chapel Rd., 721-Art Homes Corp. to Dawn M. Evans, $355,000.

Orchard Overlook, 701, No. 204-Charles and Joan McDuffie to Lauren M. Kincaid, $187,500.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8620-Otis Winterts Jr. and Kanti Dionne Woods to Benjamin D. and Emily R. Wright, $289,000.

Roaming Ridge Way, 8601, No. 208-Thoams Higgins to Sandra W. Shadrick, $230,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2856-Elisabeth Harden and the estate of Joel Oteri to Christopher Murchke, $315,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3020-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Wingate, $626,931.

Thornbrook Ct., 2718-Jeremy Joseph to Wells Fargo Banik N. , $343,102.

Willow Leaf Ct., 2516, No. 2516-Eric C. Kough to Jennifer Sullivan, $240,500.


A St., 583-Owen F. and Marie D. Jenkins to Jeremey James and Alison C. Sellen, $441,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 227-Jack D. and Alicia L. Buckingham to Zachary Dwyer and Danielle Weslow, $344,900.

Black Diamond Ct., 8214-Kenneth S. and Margaret A. Degruchy to Peter Ellies and Kelly M. Shocky, $498,000.

Capel Dr., 8335-The Scott and Cathy Hagedorn Revocable Trust to Brent J. and Stacey M. Parker, $619,000.

Centergate Ct., 7846-Shanna Plitt to Laureen M. Wilson, $270,000.

Coralwood Rd., 120-Carl Joseph Wicker and estate of Lorraine Klosinski to Brandi N. McGonigal, $187,500.

Escalon Ave., 8030-BMB Real Property Corp. to Brandee K. Lymon Collins and Trisha N. Lymon Collins, $245,000.

Gibson Rd., 268-Frank G. and Elizabeth L. Puddu to Elena A. Spieker, $325,000.

Handel Ct., 3645-Clare Loxtercamp to Jason R. Benton, $215,000.

Kellington Dr., 7-Steven J. Rzepkowski to Alan Matthew Rzepkowski, $271,500.

Lake Rd., 211-MCM Capital Partners Corp. and Ventures Trust to Rory T. O’Shaughnessy, $215,000.

Long Hill Rd., 8009-The estate of Mary K. Hayes to Johanna G. Quintana, $125,000.

Meadow View Rd., 1207-H&K Homes MD Corp. to Fernanda De Oliveira Silva, $339,000.

New Freetown Rd., 7920-C.L. Payne Assets Inc. to Keith L. and Jacqueline J. Austin, $324,900.

Pasadena Rd. E., 711-Eric A. Kulski to Nelsy Aedemir Garcia, $213,000.

Sagamore Ct., 2814-David J. Blake to Thomas and Melissa Barnes, $469,000.

Shore Rd. N., 380-Clarence and Elaine Leatherwood to Jeffrey R. and Lisa Schell, $1.04 million.

Sutherland Ct., 7934-Dawn Mohnasky and Dawn Hungerford to Scott Banvard, $204,900.

Walters Way, 8-Kenneth L. and Lorri L. Reed to Brianna Rae Davidson Jarrett, $464,125.

208th St., 675-Rortle Custom Homes Inc. to Mose and Alba C. Salvo, $316,900.


Brunswick Pl., 337-Andrew and Rachel Onello to Daren J. Dinkfeld and Bonnie J. Merryman, $590,000.


Alderney Ct., 1886-Hawkens MT Corp. to Thomas A. Krisch, $301,700.

Carinoso Cir., 1112-D. R. Horton Inc. to Thalia L. Brown, $364,000.

Coldwater Reserve Xing., 1502-Stephen F. and Sharon Guaraldo to HP Maryland I. Corp., $550,000.

Floretty Ct., 1007-NVR Inc. to Steven and Peggy Keuper, $618,000.

Hatton Ct. W., 8214-Michlle Simpson to Nancy Gonezles, $475,000.

Jennie Dr., 795-Helen June Givens to Bank of America NA, $197,000.

Pasture Brook Rd., 595-Lawrence and Josephine Schultz to Andrea Gonzalez and David Hoon, $530,000.

Saint Francis Dr., 8245-Toll MD VII Partnership to Joel R. and Luz L. Garcia, $698,015.

Silver Moon Ct., 7808-Stonepointe Development Corp. to Nikkia R. Vinston, $472,465.

Taylor Terr., 1613-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Donovan and Sheryl R. Wright, $417,500.

Watts Ave., 1448-Thomas and Holly Miller to Thoams Lyon, $268,200.


Benforest Dr., 545-Alice K. Allor and Anne Kethryn Allor Sidler to Andrew Combs, $340,000.

Dividing Rd., 774-Sue E. and Robert Charles Metzler to Sherry M. and Heath J. Koontz, $314,000.

Glen Colter Ct., 205-Gredd E. and Susan W. Zido to Sabrina C. Sullivan Green and Joshua Daniel Green, $529,900.

Hollywood Rd., 637-Bello Machre Inc. to Ward Willson Griffith, $345,000.

Maryleborn Rd., 452-Marcella E. and Robert L. Pike to Mary Carmel and Geoffrey L. Decklman, $560,000.

Oak Ct., 223-John Joseph and Gail O. Buckley to Zachery G. and Emily Groves, $814,000.

South Dr., 334-Marketpro South Inc. to Zachary and Rebecca Sutton, $445,000.

Whittier Pkwy., 608-Mary C. Gatton and Mary C. Stephenson to Jeremy S. and Amanda S. Ashford, $295,000.


Beech St., 4945-Michael K. Neady II to Jacob Sellars, $210,000.

Lerch Dr., 5080-Lori Coleman and the estate of Marvel K. Coleman to Lawrence H. and Amy L. Griest, $310,500.


Bayview Dr., 6215-Richard C. and Robin M. Rogers to Robert R. and Lucy L. Castro, $720,000.

Howard County

Buckskin Lake Dr., 4205-Kamal S. Ghaffarian to Eben J. and Martha S. Mulder, $1.22 million.

Castle Lane, 11408-Troy W. and Theresa M. Tipton to Oguz and Fahriye Duymus, $501,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr. N., 5006, No. A-5-Jayne C. Diggs to Jing S. Jeong, Suk Min Jeong and NA Ri Kim, $205,000.

Furrow Ave., 9068-Robert and Elaine Johanson to Wayne and Debra F. Cossentino, $695,000.

Joycin Ct., 3668, No. C-Frances M. Frattali to Aschalew Zeleke Bekele and Meron G. Wakjira, $297,000.

Morning Ride Ct., 4612-James A. and Diane M. Turner to Brein A. Bashore and Phillip R. Cohen, $575,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2921-Charlotte Cavey Wallich to Derek and Colleen Kupferschmidt, $432,500.

Stayman Dr. E., 9138-Charles R. and Linda M. Keyes to Custom Properties Corp., $271,250.

Whitworth Way, 10049-Leslie L. May and the Leslie L. May Revocable Trust to Jason L. Russ, $665,000.


Chardon Ct., 7121-Hal F. and Beverly R. Ludwig to David R. and Irene M. Vane, $770,000.


Broken Staff, 7481-Mary Anne Sturm and Mary Ann Mohler to Erik D. and Jessica L. Levin, $600,000.

Corncockle Ct., 5288-Aliasgar K. and Shannon Shirvan to Ki Hyoung and Elizabeth Jungsook Kwak, $400,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6221-Barrett Buss and Rebecca McFall to Thomas Lype, $315,000.

Glad Rivers Row, 8421-Xue Li and Li Zhang to Mitra Ghahhari and Donald Elsmore, $310,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9441-Kurt J. Ritterpusch to Keith Michael and Eunmi Yun, $350,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7216-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Ming Tat Cheung and Mei Sau Cheung Lam, $216,614.

Morningbird Lane, 5901-Curtis W. and Sarah D. Lambert to Kamilah A. Goodrich, $286,000.

Starburn Path, 6152-Regina Lee Dietrich to Allison S. Campbell, $303,000.

White Acre Rd., 9653, No. B-4-Ingrid Ireland to Philip Scheiman, $82,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7114-William Tolentino to Shafi Uddin, $325,000.


Billingsgate Row, 10923-Lawrence M. and Reva C. Lasher to Colin Rock and Allison McFadden, $364,500.

College Sq., 10363-Toni Morgan to Bruce and Kathleen Gardinier, $310,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10575-Cecilia Dela Cruz to Danail and Penka Stanimirov, $244,500.

Green Mill Way, 6766-Daniel A. Levenson and Shelby Minchew to Gautam Kumar Reddy Mekala and Swetha Pyreddy, $485,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10784, No. 20-5-Leslie Susan Brown to Yolanda A. Smith, $200,000.

High Hay Dr., 11382-Richard R. Mathabel to Jose and Tamara Dugue, $560,000.

Mcgregor Dr., 10710, No. 65-Purcell G. Bailey Jr. to Andrea Minutoli, $500,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5236, No. 102-Troy D. and Megan Shewell to Jenica C. Polk, $179,000.

Southern Star Terr., 5029-Dennis D. Williams and Angela M. Vincent to John Beverly, $270,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6006-Rebecca L. Degraaff to David Johnson, Robert Jenner and Karen Johnson, $260,000.


Abbey Rd., 7214-Brandon M. and Cheryl J. Morrison to James McLaurin Jr., $309,000.

Bellanca Dr., 5806-Warren J. Street and Melinda M. Wells Street to Diana E. Hugne and Matthew D. Bellard, $460,000.

Butterfield Dr., 7850-Roger Lee and Tessie L. Coffman to Won Ho and Kanghyun Pak, $337,000.

Darby Downs, 7250, No. J-Bryan and Megan McKernan to Susan M. and Steven M. Heyman, $217,500.

Elibank Dr., 6464-Edward S. Cohn and Stephen N. Goldberg to Chetan B. Mehta, $177,100.

Karas Walk, 6128-Lisa L. Rounds to Joseph and Tierney Fine, $385,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6466-Margaret M. Felthouse to Steven R. Eveland, $185,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6052-John J. Lee to Ceu Er, $239,000.

Yesterday Lane, 7227-NVR Inc. to Yolonda Williams, $332,245.


Burrows Lane, 2928-in Je and Jeoung Koo Yeo to Emily Bomasang Layno, $600,000.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7831-U.S. Bank NA and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Maijo and Annie Michaels, $214,000.

Hickory High Ct., 8100, No. G-Louis B. Weckesser and the Alphia L. Weckesser Living Trust to Paul V. and Judith A. Gill, $275,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4861-Eun M. Lee to Christopher R. and Sujin Judith Wolff, $449,900.

Normandy Dr., 2980-Robert W. Goth Jr. and the Robert W. Goth Trust to Hwan Yong and Young Hee Hill, $485,000.

Phillips Ct., 5812-Kristopher and Elizabeth Crawford to Nirmal Singh and Molly Becze, $425,000.

Snowmill Ct., 2720-Rama and Hema Parasuramuni to Matthew Kunka and Angela Drewniak, $445,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8201-Jay H. Thakore to Andrew Wilson and Alpha Banu Huq, $290,000.

Widdup Ct., 4737-John W. and Donna L. Holl to Kristopoher and Elizabeth Crawford, $505,000.


Grand Champion St., 7817-Shannon Lynn Hebert and Amy Lesko to Matthew James and Amy Michelle Motyka, $790,000.

Reservoir Rd., 8204-Thomas O. and Lynn C. Martins to Donn Philip G. Cano and Lauren S. Cano, $600,000.


Burntwoods Rd., 13997-Pamela J. Vargo to Kristin M. and James R. Hamilton, $425,000.


Mary Theresa Ct., 6319-Mark Payne to Raymond Mugol Medina and Iris Faye Flores Medina, $470,000.


Good Harvest Ct., 8979-RAS Closing Services Corp. and Richelle Miller to Denise M. Jacobs, $269,900.

Oakwood Way, 8914-Amanda Logue and Amanda B. Mcquain to Evan and Elizabeth Gilbert, $284,000.

Wellington Pl., 8251-Dennis Ray and Lois Jean Dye to Luis A. Mazariegos and Aura C. Fino Mazariegos, $229,000.


Cape Ann Dr., 10122-Judith Samuels to Carolyn Jean Guinn, $375,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9050, No. 302-Robert F. Meisenhelder to Daniel G. Bryant, $257,000.

Moonrider Lane, 9558-Marc Baer and the estate of William W. Hinman Jr. to Ryan and Julia Ferris, $319,000.

Softwater Way, 9810-Carolyn G. and Larry R. Evans to Kristen R. Hux, $272,500.

Twilight Ct., 9528-Changhoon Moon and Hye Suk Lee to Lorenzo D. and Kerrie L. Harris, $400,000.


Henryton Rd., 1538-Dorothy J. Turner to Gloria Moon, $279,000.


Watersville Rd. W., 754-Carlos Alberto and Irma Brito to Jose J. Calderon, $196,000.


Boundless Shade Terr., 9619-Tracy D. Alinger to Alan M. and Elizabeth L. Montminy, $580,000.

Chaton Rd., 9544-Richard Michael and Melissa Reinhardt to Daniel G. Woldeab, $425,000.

Erica Lane, 9923-Pulte Home Corp. to Patrick Charles and Emily Kay Wohlfarth, $655,283.

Garden Ranges, 9866-Jonathan P. Tran and Christina L. Duong to Zewde Belachew Bachore and Admas Hailemariam Gonfa, $468,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8511, No. 143-Vandhna Puri and Navnish Sharma to Corinne M. Woods, $425,000.

Leishear Rd., 8274-Anita A. Huff and Timothy Michael Boyle to Roger F. Ngong, $460,000.

Oak Lawn Dr., 8208, No. 128-Howard County Housing Commission to Aisha W. Sheriff, $279,000.

Sombersby Ct., 9317-Michael Ramos to Bryan J. Borowski, $335,000.


Rosemary Lane, 3205-Austin L. Frye to Jenny Kim, $410,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 14851-Bruce W. and Linda Diane Knauff to Arthur and Ruth Lanni, $625,000.


Crescent Moon Ct., 2074, No. 52-Danny S. and Suzanne C. Choi to Nikhil Mujumdar and Kimaya Varde, $525,000.

Wadsworth Rd., 10809-Mohammad Qamar and Farah Ilyas to Pavan Kumar Punati and Anusha Vemula, $445,000.