Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arbor Hill Rd., 8-Ronald A. Wilson to Elmer A. Rubi Gutierrez and Maria A. Martinez, $240,000.

Beacon Ct., 15-Deutsche Bank to Catherine F. Welker, $280,000.

Boucher Pl., 18-Patrick M. Meehan and Lien A. Randle to John Benton, $459,987.

Cedar Ridge Ct., 1050-MHB Corp. to Sahe A. Cronin, $250,000.

Fox Hollow Lane, 405-Richard A. and Lori Bowan to Travis A. and Jennifer Summers Mohr, $615,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1045-Kenneth Michael Barnard and Virginia Blair Williams Barnard to Eric M. and Cara Fleck Plewinski, $356,000.

Lee Dr., 102-Jonathan R. Wilburn to Timothy M. and Taryn A. Ryan, $430,000.

President St., 303-Marsha Young and Christopher M. Weldon to Christopher M. Weldon, $260,000.

Riding Ridge Rd., 309-Eric W. and Cara M. McCandless to Brian K. and Kelly K. Boring, $510,000.

Silverwood Cir., 12, No. 12-Katherine L. and John C. Charbonneau to Melanie B. Rowe Partridge, $189,900.

Stonecreek Rd., 1389-Timothy Stoteshery to Helena Elisabet Feldlaufer, David Jakob Bauer, Erik Michael Bauer and Helena Feldufer, $380,000.


Annapolis Ridge Ct., 2307-Colleen and Joseph M. Krygiel to Glenda S. Beach, $795,000.

Conduit St., 73-Michael K. Hantke to Aron M. Axe, $660,000.

Dewey Dr., 129-Jane Blasio to Francis Kirk Weiskopf, $397,000.

Forbes St., 306-Gregory Paul Heineck to Denise H. Larue, $170,000.

Giddings Ave., 500-Stephen Tedesco to Justin and Jessica Woodworth, $423,000.

Heritage Ct., 1-Shannon Riggs and Shannon Burdick to Kristin R. Isaac, $150,000.

Marconi Cir., 1931-John W. Howe to Mary E. Morrisey, $254,531.

Park Pl., 5, No. 121-H.C. Eren to Charles W. and Jane Gleggi Finn, $557,000.

Randall Ct., 5-Katherine C. and James W. Chadwick to Scott A. McDougall and Jennifer H. Clark, $725,000.

Samuel Chase Way, 515-Linda Everett to Diana D. Dahl and Brian J. O'Connor, $395,000.

Ships Bell Ct., 938-Carolyn Hester to Anne Marie Cahill, $235,000.

Tolson St., 108-Jon R. and Lindsey E. Goebel to Andrew and Lindsay S. Hablitzel, $739,000.

Tucker St., 107-Thomas G. Shock to Julie E. Cooke, $340,000.

Williams Dr., 30-George V. Zeberlein Jr. and Patricia Z. Burch to James J. and Joanne Rennie, $695,000.


Birchcrest Ct., 1228-Adam M. and Erica J. Corn to Qiang Shen and Bei Xu, $258,500.

Chickasaw Rd., 1613-Whitney J. and Andrew W. Odenwald to Henry W. Kilmer, $498,000.

Driftwood Ct., 1229-William E. Bowen II and Kimbely L. Archung Bowen to Jonathan and Kimberly Masser, $245,000.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 658-Marcia A. Ryan to Jade D. Perry, $192,000.

Overleaf Dr., 267-Christopher D. and Jamie L. Adkins to Nicole and Ryan Murphy, $311,500.

Severn Way, 118-Mary E. Till and the Russell R. Till to Thomas and Mary Spare, $475,000.


Cresswell Rd., 202-Carrera Homes Corp. to Leif Edward Curtis, $270,000.


Broadmoor Dr., 729-Stewart A. and Rhonda F. Bittel to Kevin Wayne and Elizabeth Anne McMullen, $449,900.

Destiny Cir., 1203-Russell S. and Barbara L. Weller to Ruth Endo, $507,000.

Harbor Dr., 2123-Jacqueline Hewitt to Charles E. Middllebrooks, $150,000.

Lake Claire Dr., 1026-Patty Savannah to Charles F. and Jessica T. Corliss, $435,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 311-Scott A. Grisham and Christine E. Miles to Betsy F. Reid, $825,000.

Providence Rd., 254-Paul Bryant Dorsey and Marvin Mandel to Harles Derek and Deborah C. Fales, $1.4 million.

St. Margarets Rd., 1568-Michael J. Wheeler and Michael C. Givens to Leif M. and Megan E. Collins, $430,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 811-Karla Horton and Karla S. Eyerly to Samuel Elliott and Ashley Marie Cleveland, $360,000.

Tydings Rd., 1345-Steven F. Yelton to Richard and Cheryl Ann Hack, $632,500.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5410-Laureen Danette Estep to Terry L. Peterson, $235,000.


Chapman Rd., 1540-Donald E. and Mary C. King to Jennifer Kumi and Gregory Scott Burkett, $562,500.

Dalewood Ct., 2015-Katherine I. and Jerry D. Broacdy to Scott D. and Sarah D. Alessandro, $425,000.

Jones Falls Ct., 1711-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Nagendra Kumar Malla, $200,000.

Log Mill Ct., 2535-Jason C. Banks and Robert Banks to Kathryn L. Horty, $300,000.

Nassau Dr., 1411-Jonathan L. and Stacie J. Gold to Phawn M. Letourneau, $357,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1786-Clare A. Kennedy to Ryan P. and Lisa M. Hunter, $540,000.

Tallwind Ct., 2622-Corbi L. Foster to Mark Anthony and Adrianne Guadelupe Lewis, $347,000.


Cherry Trail, 854-Carl L. and Stephanie M. McClafferty to Loubens Repke, $424,500.

Habersham Pl., 1504-Brandon A. and Kara J. Snesko to Kimberli Cornell and Gregory Arteen, $795,500.

Pump Handle Ct., 1909-Berbert and Claire C. Trazenfeld to Mark M. Lipkus and Rebecca Lee Boehling, $580,000.

Walnut Trail, 379-Elizabeth K. and Brian P. Curley to Edward Francis Koech Jr., $330,000.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1175-Jeffrey and Jeffrey A. Parker to Robert and Tiffany Gaylord, $230,000.

Stoney Beach Way, 1523-Christopher and Leszek S. Szyl to Kevin A. Tolodziecki, $248,000.


Lavall Dr., 1289-Charles R. and Erin L. Lawrence to Timothy G. and Nicole Desrochers, $556,000.


Jewell Rd., 291-Jonathan M. and Adrienne L. Kurtz to Gregory D. Kauffman, Patricia S. Kauffman and Laura J. Lynch, $428,000.


Cardamon Dr., 137-Daniel J. and Jessica L. Raspa to John and Susan Parker, $615,000.

Elkridge Dr., 1639-James T. Regan to Dellal L. Weleh, $224,900.

Gassaway Lane, 29-Kerry T. and Karen E. Bailey to Peter A. and Stephanie S. Farrell, $1.31 million.

Hamlet Cir., 349-Gregory Bottone and Mary Curtiss to Brian P. and Marilyn S. Winter, $367,000.

Londontown Rd., 315-Alexnader and Laura C. Spradling to Zachary Pirrung, $295,000.

Monarch Dr., 3405-Theodore G. and Paula K. Duggan to James and Natalia Schneider, $835,000.

Penwood Dr., 465-Helen R. Grant to Matthew T. and Christina L. McDonough, $469,000.

Rockhold Rd., 1603-Roy Gertz to Luis Carlos Santos, $395,000.

Shoreham Beach Rd., 4149-Elizabeth M. Johnson to Michael J. and Marita L. Luby, $966,000.

Two Rivers Dr., 86-Timothy J. and Caitlin R. Ring to Guy R. and Lauren S. Grove, $385,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 905-Earl J. Letourneau III and Phawn M. Stallone to Andrew K. and Leslie M. Moore, $379,000.

Cheyenne Dr., 2482-Danald Mayer Kimberly Mayer to Edward Jonathan and Donna Perrin Johnson, $380,000.

Gamber Ct., 803-Kenenth Gerstein and Kendra Shurtleff to Andrea L. Thomas and Joel Feldman, $368,000.

St. Barbara Lane, 488-Joseph J. and Dora Coleen Breihof to Millard Copley Jr. and Svetlana Pavlovskaya, $485,000.


Broadwater Way, 738-Stuart Gordon Nash to Robin P. and Scott K. Ambler, $1.2 million.


Chalmers Ave., 23-Mary C. and Joseph Bloom to Musli Musliu, $265,000.

Everett Rd., 606-Gershon Hoffer and Diana Dipeppe to Carlos Humberto Pereira, $259,900.

Highlander Dr., 244-Dreamquest Properties Inc. to Tohiet Abraham, $335,000.

Marshall Rd., 607-Phillip R. Bloomfield and Virginia Oliver Bloomfield to Michael P. Higgins and Jaime A. Minnick, $275,000.

Old Stage Rd., 7515-Robert Joseph and Elsie Ruth Carter to Tito F. Dukes, $285,000.

Parke West Dr., 7918-Robert Edward Moon Sr. and Terry McFarland to Gabriel Thomas Settle and Arleva Marie Nicole Settle, $275,000.

Roosevelt Ave., 117-Sanjay V. and Yashodhara Patel to Jason Robert Franklin, $210,000.

Sauers Ct., 7209-John V. and Lori Reichl to Jonathan and Latoya A. Victor, $431,500.

Stewart Ave., 609-Foster Llewellyn and Donna Marie Driver to Felix Javier Villa, $258,000.

Wistful Vista Ct., 401-Appletree Homes Corp. to Nhut Van, Nhi Thu and Ha Thu Huynh, $335,000.


Delaware Ave., 607-Mark O. and Gail C. Steele to Luke and Krista Lynn Welch, $150,000.

Fox River Hills Way, 602-NVR Inc. to Meena Laroiya and Sunil Kumar, $343,125.

Gaston Pl., 7713-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Timothy Allen and Danielle Nicole Swigert, $36,000.

Ilene Rd., 122-William C. Schemm and Betty Marie Schemm to Riley and Justin Koch, $185,500.

Kimber Rd., 1606-Jaen D. Bond and Eliane W. Hess to Brady A. Smythe, $175,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7304-Paul A. and Alicia A. Pastorek to Bradford P. Collier, $350,000.

Pintail Ct., 203-Ian J. and Martha D. Drucker to Richard Gavigan, $400,000.

Seagrove Rd., 723-David B. Fish and Deanna L. Griffin to Timothy M. Desoto, $251,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7623-Jenniifer L. Wood to Karl Sween, $310,000.

Warfield St., 6806-Thomas M. Wolking to Sara Knight and Sheila Anderson, $237,000.

Willow Bend Dr., 447-Shane Hall and Emily Fisher to Christopher R. Pigmon, $295,000.


Fairbanks Ct., 7653-Jeremy Michael Nicholson to Michael D. Seese, $206,000.

Rotherham Dr., 7745-Sukhdeep K. Mangat and Navtej Singh to Weizheng Xu and Xiuduan Chen, $455,000.


Mill Crossing Ct., 249-Calatlantic Group Inc. to James I. Golden and April Todd, $451,808.


Crooked Tree Lane, 8559-Edward Ronald and Ruth W. Stollof to Oumar B. Barry and Safiatou Diallo, $380,000.

Henryton S., 447-Cirila Jenelyn Agustin to Jessica Elidieth Umanzor Lopez, $315,000.

Lyndhurst St., 8225-Patrick E. Durant Jr. to Dolores A. Avelar and Florida L. Canales, $285,000.

Patuxent Landing Loop, 8026-Mahesh K. and Jigna M. Patel to Trinell M. Bowman, $510,000.

Sudlersville S., 3338-Donna L. Spitzer to Saeid Taghvaei, $200,000.


Centerhill Ave., 396-William E. and Lois A. King to Edward R. Shaffer, $279,000.

Maple Rd. W., 403-Scott and Kristin L. McCullough to Jordan L. Weitzel, $250,000.


Courtney Dr., 5715-James Terrell and Yesceni R. Hayes to Jeffery D. and Carla J. Rupert, $695,000.


Baldwin Dr., 1729-John L. and Dean P. Stevenson to Larry S. and Lori L. Subotich, $540,000.

Elm Rd., 8350-James A. Standiford to Kyle Frank Rocke, $350,000.

Hook Rd., 8202-Marketpro South Inc. to Randy Allan and Stephanie Alice Stivers, $203,000.

Villaggio Dr., 8162-Richmond American Homes to Ramona Lashawn Mayo, $384,747.


Walnut Ave., 719-Scott and Jessica L. Hogenson to Christopher Bastian, $427,000.


Blue Water Blvd., 2535-Cantha L. and Robert Cortes to Denise D. Trusty, $290,000.

Capistrano Way, 8609-Timothy Branden Lo Wong and Lillian Yam to Drew Burns, $299,900.

Colonel Way, 2140-Jonathan and Julie Kaltwasser to Keundra Q. Griffin and Chanelle M. Harper Griffin, $340,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8612, No. 106-Nancy K. Gherry to the Johnson LV, $300,000.

Graycliff Lane, 1217-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olubenga Ashipa, $270,000.

Killarney Terr., 2416-Angea J. Simmons Elliott to Osman A. and Hawa Kamara, $378,300.

Maple Ridge Lane, 526-Janice I. and Robert E. Leach to Christopher L. and Alexandria D. Jackson, $395,000.

Nectar Ct., 505-Lesley Korvin to Miland and Sherice R. Valencia, $460,000.

Pinecove Ave., 205-Alton M. and Elita L. Lane to Denise C. Hogan, $305,000.

Roff Point Ct., 2019-Miguel Batiz and Mary Kaltreider to Ambrose Lwugo, $248,000.

Snow Valley Lane, 855-Robert Scott and Julie Asher Brown to Kenneth J. Szykowny, $475,000.

Summers Ridge Dr., 2652-Cynthia H. Fisher and Eric Frendach to Michael T. Guffre and Elizabeth Godsey, $338,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8604, No. 204-Isobel V. Morin to Ronald and Rita Boswell, $205,000.

Winding Stream Way, 699, No. 202-Barry D. Nims and Sandra Eubanks to Christy McCoy Elzey, $214,990.


Allegri Ct., 7918-Kelly L. Wagner to Kamilla Tikoh Sesay, $229,900.

Birch Ave., 702-Bridget E. Hilder to Dustin B. and Misty M. Shirley, $4.65 million.

C St., 685-Nasa Federal Credit Union to Gary Hickman, $220,000.

Colony Rd., 1581-Great Lakes Developers Corp. to Frank T. Lowman, $355,000.

Ducks Cove Rd., 7808-Kenneth Warren Hemmeter and Thomas L. Hemmeter to Jialing Xu and Roger Mao, $415,000.

Everd Ave., 7751-Blue River Properties Corp. to Cody and Melanie Taliaferro, $299,000.

Forest Dr., 8400-Carol L. Gerben and Tery L. Sweeney to Jean N. Evans, $217,000.

Geneva Rd., 8477-Carlton and Elizabeth Dooms to Corey R. Fador and Michael A. Johnson, $215,000.

Kenton Rd., 8451-Barbara Lee and Richard John Lubunyz to Henri W. Harmon Jr., $258,000.

Leeds Dr., 7906-Darren and Karen Schatzer to Brian and Kirsten Bowen, $295,000.

Mountain Rd., 4701-Peter T. and Audrey W. Spolarich to Robert N. and Kristina M. Massey, $335,000.

Old Crown Dr., 3440-Donovan and Jennifer McCleary to Brian W. Johnson and Toni M. MacDonald, $295,000.

Ripple Ct., 1200-David A. Orendorff and Lisa M. Callahan to Julius I. and Nicole Q. White, $335,000.

Seaford Ct., 3657-Joseph M. Hawkins to Kelly A. and Beverly A. Denes, $196,000.

Silverado Ct., 8145-Daren W. and Karen J. Chew to Kyle D. and Megan B. Wanzer, $520,000.

Union Jack Ct., 7970-Brian M. Lancione to Antonio R. Allen and Kristin L. Nelson, $2.35 million.

Woodholme Cir., 8080-Brian Rigg to Ryan E. Shellem and Scott T. Stende, $214,900.

11th St., 222-Marketpro South Inc. to Matthew Rozanski, $235,000.

209th St., 678-Ralph E. and Kathleen E. Biltz to Bobby and Candace Keaton, $355,320.


Berkshire Dr., 389-Janice R. and Janice S. Harris to Trevor D. and Jennifer L. Lewis, $481,500.

Perch Dr., 3060-Landon F. Howe to Daniel C. Goss and Kara G. Mattingly, $342,500.


Barnhill Cir., 7921-Wayne and Linda Lowenthal to Robert Van and Song Van Allen, $415,000.

Colonial Park Dr., 1220-Stephen and Christina Jonell Ramsey to Corey B. and Evelyn Y. Dean, $523,000.

Hatton Ct. W., 8208-William L. and Margaret Elizabeth Hay to Charles E. and Jalana Perez Brezial, $469,900.

Morgan Station Dr., 1006-John E. and Deborah M. Keenan to Torrance A. Myrtle, $349,900.

Roanoke Ct., 8243-Michael E. Lenzear to Miguel Gonzalez, $215,000.

Stone Castle Dr., 1931-Adam C. and Jennifer K. Denney to Drew A. and Lisa Faye Freeman, $270,000.

Truitt Lane, 7813-Rosemarie Longobardo to David E. and Diacy Louise Thompson, $510,000.

Wet Sand Dr., 520-Carl T. Bennett and Toni M. Lewis Bennett to Carmibne C. and Campellia J. Apicella, $480,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 514-Lucy Savvides Petros and Jean Savvides to Andreas Savvides, $350,000.

Boone Trail, 12-Dean and Gwen Harring to Jordan and Brooke Russ, $952,000.

Charington Dr., 546-Tanya M. Vander Kolk to David J. Rovell and Brittany Shull, $525,000.

Dunkeld Ct., 645-Darrel J. and Lynn K. Brydebell to Laura W. and Paul Kelm, $562,000.

Jumpers Hole Rd., 535-E. Angus and Jennifer L. Dwyer to Dianne J. Singer and Roberto R. Landaverde Merlos, $305,000.

Mystic Woods Lane, 109-Donald R. and Carie M. Allen to Jeffrey G. Anderson and Emily C. Brandt, $455,000.

Point Somerset Lane, 78-Kevin C. and Elizebeth C. Delaney to Dennis E. and Sarah A. Sullivan, $855,000.

Severnside Dr., 415-Christine K. Williams to Charles L. and Leann E. Rowland, $555,000.

Teakwood Dr., 811-Gregory Miller to Michael D. and Lacey Heard, $500,500.

Westholme Lane, 102-Scott and Stephen Songer to Daniel C. and Erica M. Neal, $670,000.


Shady Side Rd., 6249-Charles J. and Joanne C. Coates to Edward and Scott Schultz, $372,500.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aston Villa, 9402, No. 53-Brooke M. and Kric D. Warburton to Deepthi Chelam Cherla and Prasant Polamreddy, $387,000.

Doral Ct., 3102-Stephen W. and Nancy A. Moore to Qinghua Liu, $621,000.

Font Hill Dr., 4110-Jae Uk Lee and Matthew P. Kimmel to Laura Y. Kimmel, $499,000.

Jay Em Ct., 4038-Hongtao Ma and Xiaoboug Li to Sunya S. and Stephen J. Williamson, $495,000.

Rams Horn Row, 4741-Michael E. and Melissa M. Russalesi to Elizabeth J. Berry, $350,000.

Samantha Way, 2208-Nathan M. and Karen M. Smallwood to Christopher and Jacqueline Casserly, $669,000.

Valerie Carol Ct., 3727-Chester H. and Susan M. Tucker to Qing Wu and Chuo Zhao, $645,000.


Helmsman Way, 6003, No. A4-48-Ronald James and Vidya Dorai Ambrosi to Derren Charles Liu, $496,000.

River Oak Ct., 7048-Khalid M. Zirvi and Kendra Kay to Yiqing Xing and Chen Cheng, $760,000.


Bronze Bell Cir., 9106-Donald Norris to Karmyn A. Riley, $239,900.

Footed Ridge, 8968-Jamie and Abraham Joshua to Desiree A. Jones, $227,000.

Humblebee Rd., 5837-Ali Yafmininejad and Masoumeh Khasrvi to Louis James Tiches II, $257,000.

Mirrorlight Pl., 5608-Byron E. and Judith H. Marcus to Jean and Matthew Kalkavage, $405,000.

Pastora Pl., 9612-Richard A. and Tammy W. Hart to Edwin A. Franco and Melba Y. Garrido Andrade, $297,500.

Talisman Lane, 7158-George E. and Clauidia E. Krouse to Isaneide G. and Vonn A. Myers, $265,000.

Vast Rose Dr., 8602, No. 51-William M. Bucksten to Kathleen M. Catala, $480,000.


Barnwood Pl., 5811, No. 3-Thelma Glazebrook to Michael A. Hatcher, $230,000.

Cloudy April Way, 6050, No. I-56-Dawn Rudolph to Breanne S. and Constance Dancel, $225,000.

Daystar Ct., 10304-May K. Chen to Lan Huang and Zhongjun Luo, $189,900.

Green Mountain Cir., 5015, No. 2-Catherine A. and Kathleen M. Malone to Heather Sadler, $120,000.

Jericho Rd., 5033-Hee Young Kim to Asad and Amir Faizi, $660,000.

Peartree Way, 11206-Miriam M. Aleproti to Mirian M. Aleproti and Marcos Balzi Aelproti, $425,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5364, No. 10-Richard C. and Pamela Halbleib to Sri Lakshmi Bandi and Sharat Kumar Naidu Chenutula, $185,000.

Trotting Ridge Way, 10914, No. 12-5-Melody Realty Corp. to Yasmin Mejia and Jose Posada Nunez, $255,000.

Wild Ginger Ct., 6020-Thomas C. and Ashley M. Spedrow to Allan M. Brantmier, $298,000.

Wooded Run Dr., 6172-Marilyn and Gary M. Pontell to Martin Vassilev and Anelia Gueorguieva Dimitrov, $574,900.


Alchemy Rd., 7994-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jose Alberto and Ebony Nicole Monzon, $441,490.

Blackbird Lane, 7706-NVR Inc. to Eric J. Kim, $390,985.

Darby Downs, 7210, No. H-Patreece M. Carter to Joo H. and Jong Hyun Kim, $217,500.

Ducketts Lane, 6866, No. 37-5-Lisa M. Fox to Stephen Lee, $190,000.

Golden Slumber Lane, 7605-NVR Inc. to Madhu Venkata R. Nadimpalli and Keerti P. Samantapudi, $409,950.

Marioak Dr., 7822-CMB Investments Inc. to Carl and Marla Cutler, $266,000.

Point Patience Way, 7312-Barby Terry and Barry Nicole Terry Adger to Paul J. Gussack, $260,000.

Red Barn Way, 7910-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Valentin Maldonado Jr., $235,500.

Taggart Ct., 7834-Beazer Homes Corp. to Christopher and Carrie Campbell, $427,750.


Amos Hunter Way, 8213-NVR Inc. to Ramagopal and Jgansy Devapatla, $434,475.

Columbia Hills Ct., 4734-Aaron N. Lartey and Meagan T. Khau to Marc J. and Caitlin B. Radik, $587,000.

Harvest View Ct., 8595-Christopher A. and Lauren M. Fisher to Woo Jun and Ji Hyeon Lee, $373,000.

Ilchester Manor Lane, 5306-Adam S. and Marie A. Fishman to Abopubakr Khairat and Nevine Aboueleenein, $756,000.

Manahan Dr., 8655-Mitchell S. and Tinamaria L. Peck to Baulraj Vanamamlai and Sharmila Baulraj, $354,500.

Montgomery Rd., 5329-Kishok Rojohn to Nicholas Albano, $350,000.

Red Stag Ct., 4013-KB Home Marylnad Corp. to Ramesh K. Koduri, $650,000.

Talbot Dr., 6038-Scott C. and Sandra L. Woods to Sandra Lynn Eikner, $440,000.

Winding Ross Way, 8148-U.S. Bank to Jugnu Jee, $543,000.


Liberty St., 11406-Peter C. Ulrich and Qing C. Chen to Thomas R. Perry and Akiba T. Scroggins, $890,000.

Teri Lynn Dr., 11715-James BW Ilorne and Cheri B. Horne to Jason M. and Danielle N. Blight, $735,000.


Victory Lane, 14940-Michael Coon and Heather Baier to Sarah Valli Singalla, $1.03 million.


Patuxent Quarter Rd., 6242-Gary L. and Ann M. Conrad to Willis Thai, $395,000.


Route 216, 12714-Darel J. and Jill S. Coutis to Sarah T. and Rudy K. Yukieh, $726,000.


Guilford Rd., 10058-Adam J. Engle to John E. Stoner, $280,000.

Willowwood Way, 8870-Patricia E. Kilroy to William Potter, $255,000.


Cold Star Ct., 9637-Evan Potler to James and Cindy Curry, $439,000.

Morning Mews., 9565-Kinard and Mo Boone to Raymond W.D. Aoust and Rita F.D. Aoust, $480,000.

Skyrock Ct., 8945-Jacqueline D. and Edward T. Piou to Grace Clay and Sharlynn Plows, $305,000.


Emma Stone Dr., 2724-NVR Inc. to Mark James and Judy Ann Thielen, $679,150.


Long Corner Rd., 670-David W. and Sylvia R. Simpson to Julie A. and Sean W. Wadsworth, $560,000.


Birchtree Lane, 11051-Pervez A. and Sharmilla Nadeem to Sundararajan Desikan and Vijayalakshmi Chittampalli, $615,000.

Deer Village Dr., 9219-Beazer Homes Corp. to Omololo Salaam and Babatunde Adedapo, $646,260.

Gordon Ct., 9304-Amy Shrout Piche to Artur Claus Luizi, $280,000.

Lyon Ave., 9885-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olga M. Avelar, $200,000.

Northgate Rd., 9421-Kamal Jeet and Ramanjit Singh to Larry W. Hopkins, $325,000.

Scotts Landing Rd., 11095-Paul A. Sheehy and Doreen A. Robinson to Christopher and April Donohue Grizzard, $635,500.

Twilight Beech Lane, 9806-Rebecca A. Cowling to Dongyoul Lee and Hunsoo Jung, $440,000.


Mckendree Rd., 2225-4D Realty Corp. to Amy Renner, $496,000.


Cavey Lane, 10387-Ringgold Properties Corp. to William James Nichols, $417,000.

Star Chaser Cir., 11020, No. 53-Maxx S. Nam and Hwajung Suh to Balakrishna Pallakuru and Rajalakshmi Devandla, $525,000.