These sales data, recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3279-Bart Lawrence and Barrt Lawrence Pacifico to Jason C. and Angela P. Browning, $575,000.

Blackwalnut Dr., 3235-Jonathan D. Jenkins and Kelsey A. Pont Jenkins to Michael F. McCann and Catherine A. Hughes, $445,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 1204-Cathy P. Battista and Cathy P. Herndon to Matthew J. and Sarah Gray Bernhardt, $700,000.

Dorset Ct., 19-Michele C. Knutson to Leslie N. Andrews, $329,000.

Hilltop Lane, 193-Gregg and Lynn MacDougall to Christine E. and Michael Kosmides, $305,000.

Old Bay Ridge Rd., 1026-Melissa Gill Thompson to Deborah Lynn Corley, $469,000.

Ridge Dr., 610-Cartus Financial Corp. to Michael and Breda Pixley, $585,000.

Yachtsman Way, 945-Ana M. Cetina to John Gorski, $310,000.


Brightwater Dr., 136-Shron I. and June G. Colbert to Vic Y. Mohammad, $215,000.

Childs Point Rd., 850-Sam Holdings Corp. to Mark and Janine Wilkin, $900,000.

Coxswain Way, 803, No. 308-Cynthia L. Pond to Jayne G. Moggio, $294,900.

Epping Way, 329-Susan M. Gloyer to Jacqueline Rae Roche and Derryk Downey, $695,750.

Fleet St., 16-Equity Trust Co. and Marie Dall Acqua to Jillian Clayton and Tyler James Kaido, $425,000.

Lincoln Dr., 1905-Federal National Mortgage Association to Heriberto E. and Luz Elena Salazar, $158,500.

Marquise Lane, 131-Brightview Development Corp. to Michael Taylor Debord, $641,581.

Perry Landing Ct., 929-Elizabeth Ann Eger to Susan Wilson Ingram, $400,000.

Schooner Ct., 1808-SII Corp. to Nelson A. Landaverde and Evelin M. Reyes Serrano, $238,000.

Summerview Way, 2707, No. 7101-Deutsche Bank and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Styliani Katcheves, $216,614.

Westminster Way, 1717-Joseph M. Cummings to Ana M. Cetina and Jared T. Rehm, $645,000.


Arundel Dr., 960-Pamela S. Pitman to Daniel and Lindsay Bailey, $544,000.

Carlisle Dr., 730-William R. and Nancy E. Kennerly to Martin T. McCue, $745,000.

Gilbert Rd., 1428-Renne R. Stanshury and Renne R. Kremm to Anmarie Touloumis, $398,000.

Mago Vista Rd., 805-Peggy Ann Miller and Mary Evalon Gogel to Gwendolyn Anita Cook and Andrew Terrell Bryan, $230,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 830-Elizabeth A. Reece to Craig M. and Rachel G. Brocious, $469,900.

Oakland Hills Dr., 638, No. A1-Suzanne S. Bell to Perry M. and Mary E. Paganelli, $189,000.


Cedar Hill Rd., 116-House Buyers of America to Lam Nguyen and Chinh Cao, $115,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5524-Patrick Dodson to Chynae and Quincy Vicks, $202,000.

Townsend Ave., 206-206 Townsend Ave Corp. to Candice Ramjit and Ricky F. Mohammed, $219,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1910-Sharon Faith and Carroll B. Sansing to Philip V. and Patricia E. Jones, $575,000.

Hampton Rd., 1210-Andrea Mayer and to Stephen M. Bradigan and Nancy J. Mellin, $370,000.

Little Magothy View, 1117-Douglas Riuermann to Steven M. and Christina Gehring, $339,900.

Southview Dr., 1166-Matthew R. Chaffin to William C. Jackson, $353,500.

Wintergull Lane, 226-Cody A. and Kristin Noel Ellington to David R. Rodriguez, $383,000.


Fairfax Ave., 1211-Linda M. Brennan and Marjorie Light Michel to Clarice and John E. Brown, $275,000.


Albermarle Dr., 1678-Michele A. Gowen to Angela Cockrell Poinsett, $315,000.

Charing Cross Dr., 1104-Peter Frederick and Nancy Harden Klein to Michael J. and Annemarie Pontillo, $534,000.

Dryden Way, 1609-Walter Leslie and Andrea Lauren Graves to David R. Corrales Garcia and Maria Corrales, $320,900.

Fendall Ct., 1630-Residential Value Corp. and David S. Loring to Christopher M. Cameron, $215,000.

Jasper Ct., 1103-Norman F. Mann II to Stephen M. and Sara D. Kampen, $510,000.

Martha Greenleaf Dr., 1207-Allen Tam Home to Andrew and Lauren Leahy, $268,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1622-William A. Patterson to Mohammad Sajjad and Madeeha Sikandar, $270,000.

Ridgely Ct., 1674-Jennifer Estes Guthrie and Jennifer D. Estes to Jemma P. Pierre, $221,450.

Swinburne Ave., 1758-Carolyn R. Ropp to Jeremy D. and Stephanie Pape, $441,900.

Vineyard Lane, 2532-David R. Buckingham II to Khaled Hossainkhail and Karma Lively, $270,000.


Abbington Lane, 1106-Thomas E. Hanlon to Roxann Elaina and Silas Reed Still, $1.01 million.

Lake Path, 736-Random Properties Acquistion Corp. III to Douglas and Deborah K. Knox, $300,000.

Sunrise Beach Rd., 1209-Henry Hurwitz and Jessica Joern to Joshua P. Summers and Stacey M. Jensen, $737,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 7933-Richard Pryce and Wendy Marie Matthews to Robert J. Robey, $270,000.

Riverwood Way, 1353-Craig H. Ridnour to Joshua Canzater, $324,900.


Churchill Cir., 603-Lighthuose Development to Kenneth T. Wood III, $941,668.

Red Maple Ct., 1070-Sarah H. Thiessen to Scott and Katie Creighton, $739,500.


Bay Ridge Rd., 1621-Todd T. Tiscareno to Yvonne M. Tiscareno, $335,000.

Cardamon Dr., 136-Thomas G. and Sharyn L. Collinson to David J. Egar, $620,000.

Central Ave. E., 757-Robert and Emily Whittington to Alison L. and John Leo Sheerin, $340,000.

Fennel Rd., 2806-Leo E. and Violette Cousineau to Diane Hughes, $615,000.

Hillside Ave., 915-Department of Veterans Affairs to William Charles Megelich, $320,000.

Potomac Rd., 1715-Allen L. and Caroline H. Millett to Reanna O. and Randy Gambrill, $295,000.

Riverside Rd., 220-Vintage Homes Corp. to Bryon H. Krane and Laurie D. Fox, $415,000.

Shore Dr., 807-Regina Dowinng to Charles B. and Allison L. Lowe, $410,000.


Wilson Rd., 6521-Heather N. and Donald J. Clyburn to Shawn M. and Mielissa A. Poe, $460,000.


Cox Rd., 2185-Stephen J. and Vicki M. Garner to Jason Matthew Cherry, $420,500.

Red Clover Rd., 1064-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Darshan Rajendra and Dhara D. Patel, $538,200.


Baltimore Ave., 1-Sandra Lynn Wood and Meithal Aletha Melhuish to Mary E. Royer, John Robert Regan Jr. and Susan M. Royer, $240,000.

Burwood Ave., 428-John J. Greeley to Nirvali Singh and Kuldip Kaur, $235,000.

Foxtree Dr., 206-FPS 509 Wimmer Corp. to Michael L. Bohle, $216,500.

James Rd., 724-Christopher M. Doyle to Heather N. Arrington and John J. McCarthy IV, $265,000.

Mystic View Turn, 424-Amy A. Haines to Veronica A. Cruz, $201,000.

Oakwood Rd., 7904-Carolyn W. Colvin to Quentin Frost, $270,000.

Valentine Ave., 1414-Culluot and Amanda Lowery to Janet A. Larson, $209,000.

White Oak Way, 338-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Shawn G. Sylvia, $316,419.


Beaghan Dr., 352-Brenda S. Steger to Ethan P. Mullikin, $227,500.

Carl Ave., 612-Dennis M. and Sonya K. Hughes to Ashley Laws, $250,000.

Croggan Crescent, 837-Daniel P. and Christina Giambra to Nakia C. Thomas, $236,000.

Fern Hollow Ct., 7821-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Miguel Santos, $308,637.

Georgia Ave. NE, 113-Foundation Property Investments Corp. to Jeremy Olds, $279,900.

Holly Ridge Dr., 7614-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Valecia Cartha and Rafael Lamont Johnson, $471,519.

Kent Rd., 100-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Isaiah Gooley, $213,750.

Marbrook Rd., 7726-Nadine O. Dow to Jesse H. and Brittanee N. Bentley, $240,000.

Mccray Ct., 7503-Ryan and Kara Pinkham to Craig A. and Kelly M. Sandish, $355,000.

Meadow Dr. S., 161-Donnie L. and Stephanie E. Gentry to Daniel T. and Linda A. Young, $270,000.

Ravenwood Dr., 685-NVR Inc. to Purnell Richardson, $298,550.

Robert Price Ct., 311-Christopher Reed to Brian Rands and Alexis Cheney, $386,999.

Thomas Rd., 1016-Daniel and April Jackson to Timothy Lawrence Stradler, $222,000.

Warfield St., 6810-Carissa M. Murray to Ryan M. Hayner, $234,000.

Willow View Lane, 7404-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Charles Albert Bergeron, $284,040.

Seventh Ave. NE, 303-Jason S. and Kelly R. Hull to Marcia Lala and Scott Brown, $240,000.


Farmbrook Lane, 124-Stephen L. and Daeleen R. Boon to Leroy and Nina N. West, $410,000.

Portobago Lane, 1923-David and Silvia Spahl Bouchard to Winstone O. and Marlena L. Nisbet, $517,500.

Tennison Lane, 7405-NVR Inc. to Jennifer Karkoska, $438,015.


Orchard Ave., 2006-Robert J. and Launa L. Roberts to Edith Guardado Martinelli and Jose Guardado, $450,000.


Floating Leaf Lane, 3559, No. E203-Bank of New York Mellon and Horizon Alternavive Mortgage Securties to Sudhirkuram Patel and Parthiv Kalthia, $157,500.

Moss Bank Dr., 8004-Russell D. and Cheryl R. Roberts to Suresh Karne, $480,000.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8515-E.A. Annott Corp. to Valery T. Fornishi, $319,900.


Hance Ave., 317-William Robert Meyers and Monica Brown to Brent H. and Isabel M. Burgess, $261,500.

Silky Oak Ct., 312-Donna E. Dupuis to Michael B. and Mary Kathryn Moorhouse, $389,200.


Ferry Branch Lane, 5243-Robert D. and Celeste F. Busser to Kolawole and Sophia Ogunlana, $649,900.


Fox Den Lane, 519-Robert A. and Shelley H. Kempner to James Robert and Kelly Courtney Ledsome, $540,000.

Old Orchard Cir., 478-Lina T. Vlavianos to Keith W. and Adriana B. Pulley, $737,500.

Williamstowne Dr., 8364-David C. Christensen to Craig Neff and Maria Fernandez, $309,500.


Astilbe Way, 2019-Deutsche Bank and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to Darnell L. and Cynthia D. Young, $202,000.

Collins Ave., 1207-Malinda Ellen Roherson to Heather Keats, $390,000.

Falling Brook Ct., 1518-Michael J. Jazwiecki to Shawn and Arial Hamel, $295,000.

Hollyoak Rd., 1211-Regis A. and Aaron R. Gould to Concepcion B. Ramirez, $325,000.

Meandering Way, 1021-John Robert and Kelly Ann Bresrd to Olga Oris Claudio Cortes, $387,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8512-Deborah L. Carta to Matthew V. Merchant Jr., $319,900.

Roaming Ridge Way, 8601, No. 407-George T. and Amnuay Mimidis to David K. Beck, $330,000.

Scaffold Way, 1885-Myint M. Yee and Myint M. Wai to Damion D. Rhoden, $399,000.

Winding Stream Way, 699, No. 204-Daniel R. Valente to Dina Mukhutdinova, $202,200.


A St., 581-Nathan P. and Jennifer N. Foster to Todd A. and Tara Meyer, $535,000.

Arundel Rd., 221-Grand Branch Managment Corp. to James R. Coleman, $279,900.

Brittany Lane, 8340-Christopher J. and Cynthia M. Pasceo to Julie G. and Andrew L. Richardson, $402,000.

Chadwick Ct., 3603-Julie Richardson and Julie A. Griffin to Bryan M. Bavaria and Arielle Gast, $220,000.

Drain Dr., 608-Daniel J. Sullivan to Justin Scott Melchor and Dana Fisher, $338,000.

Grandview Rd., 1663-Jonathan R. and Margaret F. Manalo to John L. McIntyre, $275,000.

Jacobia Dr., 136-Robert D. and Janet L. Stroup to Yolanda Ahrens, $275,000.

Laurel Dr., 638-Daniel S. Mauck and Mary L. Trimp to John Edward and Christina Grue Walsh, $462,000.

Long Point Rd., 1563-Wendy L. Ashley to Joshua T. Carlson, $315,000.

Meridian Dr., 7906-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to John F. Umoh and Ada C. Obl, $524,990.

Montrose Rd., 114-Scott E. and Scott Westbrook to Zachary J. Vito, $265,000.

Newcomb Ct., 8071-Laura A. Toskoy and Laura A. Newcomb to Bryan C. Rey, $244,900.

Notley Rd., 7742-Steve M. and Ashley N. Hayes to Brittany N. Slacum and Adam C. Lange, $218,000.

Pasadena Rd. E., 302-Harry J. and Karen Sue Jackson to Sean Baner and Paige Alexander Mazzie, $379,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8145-Lind K. Mebane to Marsh Beth Leikin, $295,000.

Pulpit Harbour, 8652-Steven M. and Kristine M. Schanken to Brandie L. Burgess, $235,000.

Showcase Ct., 8136-Donald L. and Leslie M. Gribben to William J. and Karen E. Garvin, $5.12 million.

Thorpe Rd., 1677-Charles Earl and Enola Mae Hill to Patrick A. and Michelle M. Staub, $565,000.

Wanda Rd., 248-Jane E. Farber to Patricia L. Dvorak and George D. Becker, $319,900.

11th St., 926-Phillip Kennedy and Elena Cristina Johnson to Belinda S. Russell, $269,000.


Breckenridge Cir., 1226-Ashley Myers and David Rios to Margaret Nicole and Andrew Jacob Burns, $422,000.


Carinoso Cir., 1144-Michael Joseph Smith and Rebekah Levine to Christopher Scott and Amy Louise Brown, $390,000.

Denson Dr., 112-Mary A. Leaf to Neil Hodges, $281,000.

Hatboro Ct., 1913-Anibal and Teresa Alexandra Pineiro to Anthony L. Kemp, $395,000.

Kearneys Lane, 702-Justin D. Jone to Matthew D. and Emma A. Schiller, $480,000.

Orchard Blossom Lane, 8122-Toll MD VII Partnership to Matthew Baker Dyess, $568,742.

Washington Ave., 1465-Suzanne N. Ferdman and Suzanne N. Noe to Rachelle I. Coryeel and Darwin C. Green, $311,000.


Avondale Cir., 310-Mason C. and Lisa J. Holloway to Jonathan and Jennifer Kraft, $768,000.

Brenda Ct., 4-Michael S. and Stacey B. Lyons to Bryan J. and Leah M. Hopkins, $489,000.

Drexel Dr., 145-Phillip and Karen Schiller to Joseph and Deidra Wojtowycz, $555,000.

Oak Ct., 284-Edward P. and James Wilson to Christopher M. and Lindsay W. Jones, $595,000.

Prestonfield Lane, 362-Steven and Susan G. Anstett to Jeffrey A. and Faith A. Guimarin, $642,500.

River Dr., 8-Joyce C. Wright and Patricia Ellen Tippett to Matthew C. Bollino and Kathleen Barranco, $343,000.

Tunstall Ct., 323-Richard B. and Andrea M. Sellars to Klaus David and Krista Luhta, $686,000.


Chestnut St., 4941-Lawrence and Margaret Baker to Sarah A. and Samuel R. Sweeney, $298,000.

Lerch Dr., 6011-Charles H. and Teresa M. Jackson to Tyler D. Henninger, $275,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Auburn View., 3027, No. 47-William E. and Nancy J. Schultheis to Conrad Neil and Susan Cooke, $560,000.

Butterfruit Way, 11417-William G. and Janet S. Miller to Todd B. and Rebecca Lyn Walther, $1.1 million.

Cragsmoor Rd., 3661-Young K. and Seung J. Park to Siju Shahabdeen and Sajna Rahseeda Beevi, $493,000.

Frederick Rd., 9586-Sulion Corp. to Lui Cheng Qiang, $420,000.

Grosvenor Dr., 3658-John C. Ordaz and Chi Shiu C. Ordaz to Weifeng She and Xiaoru Wang, $630,000.

Hearthstone Rd., 3101-Joseph Wilburt Sorg to Ryan and Sukanya Walsh, $475,000.

Kingsbridge Rd., 10430-Dominic A. and Concetta B. Corriere to Hyun Cheol Lee and Eun Soo Son, $1.35 million.

Lindera Ct., 5013-NVR Inc. to Manish and Shhalu Mittal, $1.09 million.

Mount Snow Ct., 2923-David M. and Rose R. Farhat to Samuel S. Shin, $725,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2913-Elshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to Kerry A. and Shaun F. Owens, $489,900.

Southview Rd., 3002-Vre Enterprises Corp. to Thomas B. and Catherine M. Carlson, $439,900.

Triadelphia Rd., 12001-Katherine Rubin and Maureen Katenberer to Edward W. and Karey Ann Swann, $489,000.

Wellford Dr., 8745-Beazer Homes Corp. to Meilin Yu and Bin Wang, $755,743.

Wood Stream Lane, 3224-Ronald A. and Helen E. Whaley to Zackary, Stephanie and Zachary Cress, $599,000.


Flowing Water Trail, 12117-Xianghua Yu and Ning Xue to Le Jiany and Yu Qian, $700,000.

Lairds Way, 7502-Michael G. Klein to Colette A. Wachtel, $670,000.

Whale Boat Dr., 5900, No. 208-Peggy Walton to Hadi Hadj Karim Kharrazi and Sepideh Ansari, $420,000.


Bird Race, 6216-Thomas A. Black to Nathan Lee and Jody L. Lapp, $465,000.

Bullring Lane, 9432-Alexander M. and Elizabeth E. Novotny to Justin C. Pladna and Emily A. Phillips, $340,000.

Deerpasture, 6913-Mitchell Louie and Zarrin Caldwell to Nicholas Ryan Little and Lauren Christine Shannon, $400,500.

Greco Garth, 9457-Goldnest Properties Corp. to Megan Rene Johnson and Patrick O. Neill Keesling, $348,000.

Hickory Limb, 9459, No. 205-Emily C. Maambo to Theresa A. Murphy, $220,000.

Majors Lane, 6009, No. N19-Juliao Castro and Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ozair Yaliulla, $124,286.

Millrace Ct., 5901, No. H304-Joseph Stevens to Priya Madhu and Styves Exantus, $250,000.

Painted Rock Rd., 8338-Joshua and Lisa Ann Hartin to Marc C. and Katie M. Dixon, $495,000.

Smokehouse Ct., 6511-Denise C. McCain to Brandon Hauk, $315,000.

Wild Lilac, 5440-Joshua and Antoinette Zinnamoo to Alesha Hernandez and Jon Allen, $285,000.


Barnwood Pl., 5836, No. 11-Elizabeth N. Penniman to Meredith Jean Varner, $235,000.

Bucksaw Ct., 5404-David S. Um to Bita and Julius Ngwa, $560,000.

Cross Fox Lane, 10528, No. C-2-Michael D. Johnson and Francis Toner to Michelle Sumpter, $123,000.

Eclipse Way, 10387-Devasya and Dennise Kalampnayil to Jeremiah and Christine A. Smith, $440,000.

Fair Oaks, 10491-Shaunti and Justin Taylor to Jared and Lisa Ettinger, $4.4 million.

Garden Walk, 7090-Michael C. and Lauren J. Neal to Suzanne Goodwin and Allen Karim Wensky, $725,000.

Morning Light Trail, 7149-Luis A. Lopez and Gladys Mindez to Bin Jia and Qingmei Yao, $651,000.

Powder Run, 11252, No. A-27-4-John Lionel Nixon to Martha R. and Guillermo A. Ortiz, $184,900.

Sundown Trail, 6409-Samir and Shail C. Patel to Jonathan N. and Elizabeth Edsall Kromm, $775,000.

Tolling Clock Way, 10557-Robert M. Buchmeier to Brandon T. and Amanda T. Sorensen, $278,000.

Windstream Dr. E., 10001, No. 305-Richard W. Bush to Norma L. Rose, $279,500.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1929-Cartus Corp. to Joseph Allen and Amy L. Payne, $615,000.


Alchemy Way, 7990-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Brian Christopher Hubert and Ilana Robin Katz Hubert, $4.07 million.

Augustine Ave., 6077-James S. Pak to Robert A. Galvin Jr. and Bridget L. Rumble, $354,000.

Briarglen Dr., 7915, No. G-Joan Brittingham to Richard Gazo, $235,000.

Cozy Lane, 6716-George Ann Schneider and Bridget T. Menuey to Eric Pakulla, $196,656.

Frothingham Ct., 6436-Anthony F. and Rebecca S. Socarras to Tanner G. Herpst and Divya Ooi, $359,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6201-Gordon B. and Sharee R. Morrey to Allen and Jennifer Sowell Glover, $375,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6068-Jason A. and Lisa A. Dolan to Marie Touko, $254,000.

Samuels Lane, 7114-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Temitayo and Tolulope Agunbiade, $722,423.


Andrew Ellicott Ct., 8615, No. 12-Chung Bok and Mi Kyeong Lee to Bhavin and Brianda Patel, $330,000.

Cedarcreek Ct., 8418-Kelly M. Ford and Kelly Mcbeth to Hyun Chul Lee and Jung Hee Kim, $450,000.

College Ave., 4551-Deutsche Bank to Wesley Lacerda, $391,000.

Evening Sky Ct., 4920, No. 17-Robert P. and Nina C. Geary to Robert P. Geary, Nina C. Geary, Karen M. Geary, Paul D. Klink Jr. and Tracy H. Klink, $380,000.

Grove Angle Rd., 8485, No. 11-Rebecca Jackson and John Henry Fritz Jr. to Joann Mackinson, $377,000.

Hollow Ct., 3315-Treva L. Hilliard to Suraj Pandey and Jyoti Rimal, $353,000.

Logans Way, 5939, No. 31-Ba Waterloo Condominium Corp. to Xin Wang, $385,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7702-Colleen Hales and Colleen Cronin to Daniel Paul Butcher, $214,000.

Montgomery Run Rd. NW, 8348, No. J-Robert R. and Alfea Leyva to Dana Billock, $179,375.

Pine Run Ct., 8542-Boramae and Jeounguk Kang to Bradley Heathcote and Napassanan Suknithikulwong, $334,900.

Roberts Rd., 8416-Steven C. and Trisa K. Garcia to Ajith and Chitra Ajith Menon, $672,500.

Rose Petal Ct., 4247, No. 38-Richard L. and Ann Destwonnski to Charles M. Plummer, $464,000.

Stansway Ct., 2804-Cordt A. and Tammy L. Goldeisen to Rafael A. and Kimberly M. Ruiz, $606,000.

Talbots Landing., 5167-Gopalakrishna and Harika Kesineni to Becky E.S. Romans and Phillip E. Romans, $638,000.

Timberland Cir., 8414-Oualid Bellagha to Kelly Nanzetta Daley, William B. Daley and Lilia Kamoun, $500,000.

Valley View Way, 2477-Pulte Homes Corp. to Yadira, Wilfredo and Lucy Sanchez, $927,899.

Wooded Glen Ct., 8111-David S. and Sara M. Coppersmith to Zerwyn S. Fernandez, $319,000.


Choptank St., 11420-Maple Lawn Farms Corp. and G R Maple Lawn Inc. to Chong Mun and Young Hee Lee, $855,000.

Federal St., 11635-NVR Inc. to Joseph L. and Katie E. Haslup, $930,971.

Holstein St., 11507-NVR Inc. to Sameep and Gloria Sheth, $906,474.


Edgewoods Way, 14521-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Sushil Satija, Hardev S. Gil and Ruby Anand, $1.08 million.


Gared Dr., 14078-Jack P. Finnegan to Amanda Soule and Brian Franklin, $530,000.


Dakota Dr. N., 5915-Christopher L. and Rochelle Joy Eder to Joshua N. and Elizabeth M. Getto, $510,000.

Julie Ann Dr., -Y&T Development Corp. to Cherron A. Cox, $399,000.

Starwort Way, 7029, No. B-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Christina Fisher, $335,590.


Open Space Ct., 13492-Christopher J. and Kelly Suzanne Felix to David R. and Lucia O. Ditch, $225,000.


Mary Lane, 8709-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Larry M. and Amanda Harvey Ware, $445,000.

Willowwood Way, 8820-Alicia S. Olakanye and Alicia S. Robinson to Laurette Etaka Abunaw, $295,000.


Eden Brook Dr., 7317, No. H-407-Louba Hatoum to Gny J. Guzzone, $190,000.

Guilford Rd., 9583-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Nshombia Jones and Stanley Marrow, $414,000.

Stonebrook Lane, 8816-Thomas and Elizabeth Lacy to James E. and Christiana A. McGrady, $315,000.

Twilight Ct., 9504-Glenford and Princesella Hayles to Abdul Akbari, $429,900.


Douglas Ave., 11110-Kathleen H. Liparini to Mark M. and Sandra Ann Feinberg, $600,000.


Camalo Dr., 16350-Theresa E. and Sean M. Connor to Walden Robinson, $540,000.


Baroness Ct., 9506-Laura and Bryan Vansuch to Ryan M. Webster and Katherine L. Wren, $285,000.

Brewington Lane, 9230-Curtis M. Cilliam to Alexander J. Kosisky, $335,000.

Hammond Branch Way, 8304-Marilyn Jay Katz to Jenna Nicole Tesoriero and Nicholas Patcella, $300,000.

Kendal Cir., 9359-Teresa Callison to Megan A. Littrell and Emily D. Carter, $340,100.

Lilac Park Dr., 9109, No. 5-Kenneth R. and Virginia Eileen Hall to Heungyong Kim and Young Soon Jang, $215,000.

Peace Springs Ridge, 9786-Beazer Homes Corp. to Khaled Moafi and Nahla M. Elsayed Moafi, $445,820.

Polished Pebble Way, 8716-Michael J. Matsuura and Caron M. Hong to Aziz Iqbal and Halima Amjad, $515,000.

Summer Glow Walk, 10121-Sonia L. Acuna and Sonia L. Acuna Stellabuto to Romina Nikoukar and Hossein Abbasi, $610,000.

Wild Cherry Ct., 8326-Patricia S. Bytnar to Brian and Caryn Maxwell, $580,000.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10070-Pulte Homes Co. Corp. to Lora H. Muchmore, $559,990.


Mitchells Way, 13590-Catonsville Homes Corp. to Donald J. and Kelley E. Swan, $921,250.


Bridalwreath Ct., 2814-Carl David and Kelly Gotoh Harms to William E. and Cecily S. Werner, $825,000.

Doe Hill Ct., 15316-Robert Roy and Leigh Anne Giraldi to Christopher M. and Amy Green Rivers, $775,000.

Ridge Hunt Dr., 15258-Glenn A. and Debra L. Vickers to James T. Breidenstein and Corey Bodmer, $700,000.


Woodstock Rd., 1810-Lewis E. and Laura R. Gershen to Adam Hernandez and Kelly Myers, $620,000.