Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Beach Village Ct., 2131, No. O-2131 No. T1-Andera Wine to Frederick C. and Lisa C. Baker, $519,000.

Breakwater Dr., 907-Marie G. Robinson to Christopher Arceri, $256,000.

Chrisland Dr., 3263-National Residential Nominee Services to Mark E. and Lauren N. Gray, $755,000.

Fifth St., 503-Steven R. Ames to Harold S. Seigel, $705,000.

Gentry Ct., 77-Jesse Todd and Codrey A. Chrity to Laana M. Taylor, $276,400.

Harness Creek View Dr., 709-John and Barbara Jaffe to Nathaniel E. Cohen and Lynn E. Parseghian, $2.23 million.

Hyde Park Dr., 1006-Michael and Cathryn Fretwell to Christina L. and Alexander Johns, $338,000.

King James Landing Rd., 936-Ernest E. and Patricia Chance to Adam Susmarski, $500,000.

Narragansett Ave., 3504-WCT Properties Corp. to David and Jessica Lee, $585,000.

Silopanna Rd., 100-Daniqj J. and Matthew C. Gibbons to Scott A. Moore, $426,000.

State St., 309-Edwin B. and Sandra B. Roller to Suzanne M. Adams and Martha Heskett, $849,000.

Tyler Ave., 1104-Jo Anne S. Dudeck and George L.P. Sams to Jose S. Andrades and Maria D. Santos, $275,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 30-Mark R. and Kathryn J. Egolf to John Blackwood IV, $401,500.

Yachtsman Way, 942-Faith Miller to Eric C. Mills, $315,000.


Catlyn Pl., 1420-Barbara E. Munz to Sandra M. Elwood, $405,000.

Coxswain Ct., 2804-Lawrence A. and Rachel Sheppard Feldman to Martin Wilbur Gallahan and Melody Virginia Lawrence, $510,000.

Dreams Landing Way, 1003-Canby S. and George V. Robertson to David and Susan Cosca, $350,000.

Francis Nicholson Way, 512-John David Dickson Roth and Jessica Ivy Roth to Amanda M. and Pete L. Reyes, $348,000.

Hammond Pl., 402-William C. and Prisilla C. Mitchell to Margaret H. and Paul D. Keast, $143,000.

Island View Dr., 155-Carol Lazio and Carol A. Kubaryk to Randy Sean and Amanda Hodges, $485,000.

Mathias Hammond Way, 502, No. 210-Nicholas M. Apperson to Ann Kelly Wadsworth, $240,000.

Murray Ave., 2-James M. and Elizabeth A. Scanlon to David M. Stoff and Julie H. Wade, $850,000.

Severn Dr., 103-Matthew Fritts to Karis King, $389,000.

Southgate Ave., 85-Robert T. and Teresa C. Peterson to Gary A. and Jessica A. Daigle, $775,000.

Vincent St., 1915-Allison Hawkins and Allison Gray to Kyle R. Moeller, $229,900.

Waterline Ct., 116-V Green Corp. to Steven J. Banks and Robert W. Smith, $459,900.


Beach Dr., 1-Kenneth A. Godlewski to Kevin E. Elion and Catherine M. Herrick, $1.62 million.


Bay Dale Ct., 545-Justin and Audra Shreve Neagle to Jason McAlister, $325,000.

Graymoss Ct., 1187-DDW Property Management Corp. to Arundel and Jessica M. Rogers, $250,000.

Long Meadow Way, 386-Rebecca E. Dunn to Bradley A. and Tineka Kasch, $390,000.

Match Point Dr., 779-Dawn Bain and Dawn D. Seitz to Ashley A. Rowe, $234,000.

Summerwood Ct., 1218-Edward J. and Rebecca M. Budka to Caitlin Fagan and Kevin M. Connolly, $245,000.


Audrey Ave., 102-Katie Shifflett and Marc Bruce to Hubert I. Garcia Maldonado, $220,000.

Bon Air Ave., 134-Sharon Burkhardt to Anne Sarra and Lawrence Blevins, $240,000.

Cresswell Rd., 608-John J. and Kimberly A. Patterson to Nicholas R. Propst and Kelsie P. Benner, $210,000.

Haile Ave., 107-Henry Royal and Renne L. Carley to Carla Maria Esther Gomez Garcia, $229,900.

Old Riverside Rd., 523-DS Investments Corp. to Pedro Delaera Zamora and Hilda Yadrira Zamora Ferrufino De Laura, $120,000.


Bay Dr., 2109-Anne C. Bass to Joseph A. and Pamela K. Brennan, $920,000.

Cananaro Ct., 1606-Dexter H. Ford and Helen M. Ford to Willam H. Taylor Sr., $258,000.

Crestview Dr., 1084-Gilbert S. and Nita B. McCall to Frances D. and Robert M. Bray, $435,000.

Forest Beach Rd., 320-Gary M. and May L. Richardson to Joseph Haux Massa, $310,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 717-James A. Grundy Jr. to Zachary T. Foley, $260,000.

Meadowgate Dr., 214-Nicholas A. and Molly C. Pastermack to Drew and Alyssa Iddings, $870,000.

Revell Downs Dr., 1639-Ruth P. Schultz to Corey D. Agostino, $172,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 608-Craig C. and Mary L. Felker to Aaron H. Clinton and Lindsey Eldridge, $410,000.

Woodtree Ct. W., 1606-Brent Ty and Tamara A. Redmon to Denise J. Netta, $279,000.


Aberdeen Dr., 2241-Peter Vartabedian to Steven Bini, $235,000.

Eton Way, 1642-Elaine and Arturo Sanchez to Kevin M. and Jacqueline L. Brennan, $493,000.

Farlow Ave., 1516-Alexandra J. and Jennifer G. Smith to Randy Thomas and Alison D. Rose, $493,400.

Heather Pl., 1607-Robert Harris to John and Lisa M. Fedor, $300,000.

Lang Dr., 1776-Robert K. Kunlo and Julia Faith D. Esterre Dunlo to Joseph A. Amendolare and Meyoung Cho, $315,000.

Patrice Cir., 1658-Vincent M. and Nicole E. Lombardo to Anthony W. Berry and Cynthia D. Bryant, $559,000.

Scribner Pl., 1757-David G. and Erica A. Smith to Lindsay M. and Daniel T. Archer, $505,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2439-Joseph F. Mackes to Debra Anderson, $283,000.


Generals Hwy., 1172-Darwin L. and Cheryl Keeter to Christopher J. Lawson and Susan N. Cuttita, $315,000.

Severn Chapel Rd., 1707-Michael Sadlik to Jon C. and Elizabeth A. Autrey, $490,000.

Whitneys Landing Dr., 714-Michele L. Kerr to Courtney B. Carr and Kevin T. Roche, $320,000.


Chestnut Wood Ct., 910-Claire E. and Ryan S. Lamy to Robert L. Kotzker, $256,000.

Greenland Beach Rd., 408-Mabel R. Morse and Robert Morse to James Bryan and Julie Ann Carnaggio, $275,000.


Greenmeadow Lane, 3880-Terry G. and Tina L. Vithoulkas to Katie Marie and Kristofer Michael Bisci, $785,000.

Santa Maria Lane, 644-Robert and Susan A. Maloof to Deepak and Sabita Sharma, $1.59 million.


Deale Beach Rd., 5989-Marianne Plude and Marianne Smargissi to Marianne Plude, $334,000.


Barnhouse Dr., 3422-Andrew and Yvonne Dooley to Kaitlyn and Alexander Vahsen, $402,000.

Caraway Ct., 2805-Kevin L. and Michaela B. Brown to Timothy Scott and Heather M. Miller, $650,000.

Crystal Rd., 894-Brendan S. and Shanon M. Gale to Jeffrey W. and Sara J. Hougland, $594,000.

Fairlea Dr., 398-John and Nanette L. Cinicola to Steven D. and Sharon M. Schwartz, $750,000.

Monarch Dr., 3429-Robert E. and Andrea Montgomery to Mark and Renee Rubin, $888,000.

Poplar Point Rd., 46-NVR Inc. to Veronica, Florencio and Cristine Guevara, $408,965.

Shady Side Dr., 1715-Kaitlyn Vahsen and Kaitlyn N. Tress to Patrick McAllister Jr. and Marli Foster, $270,000.

Tarragon Lane, 101-Irene and Sophie Hruzd to Andrea Christina Rodrigues and Edson Nogueira De Rocha, $430,000.

Westfield Ct., 3725-James R. and Anne M. Olson to Matthew P. Waisempacher, $367,000.


April Dawn Way, 2658-Linda S. Liebermann to Caitlin Beaghan, $285,000.

Gosheff Lane, 3114-Ronald J. and Lauren A. Staines to Juan Manuel and Maria Dominguez, $850,000.

Ogden Sq., 2447-Richard K. and Kelly D. Jennings to William M. and Dawn M. Fay, $408,500.


Aquahart Rd., 101-Christian T. and Sarah E. Sherlock to Craig and Kayla Ashton Sakowski, $249,000.

Glenwood Ave., 416-Wells Fargo Bank to Christian De Jesus Aguirrre Marquez and Jessica Azucea Pleitez Guillen, $165,000.

Hopkins St., 13-Brenda L. and Charles Poist to Kagan Thomas and Kelsey Mattson, $240,000.

Lacrosse Lane NE, 6433-Michael I. Yetter to Ericka Villegas, $168,500.

Long Towne Ct., 452-Ronald Griffin and Katherine C. Tutton to Oyebanji Oluseyi Agunbiade, $170,000.

Oakleigh Ave., 207-James R. Ivison and Nina M. Arshadi to James N. Reynolds II and Melonie A. Miller, $210,000.

Perthshire Path, 7981-Vic and Maria Serfass to Heidi Fleischer, $339,900.

Scotts Manor Ct., 7996-Kaliterra Homes Corp. to Thomas R. and Ashley N. Ark, $236,000.

Wells Ave., 6-Donna M. Capizzi to Christina L. and Edward F. Johnson, $303,000.

Winton Ave., 608-Gloria Helene Leeworthy to John A. and Lauren L. Catsimanes, $330,000.


Alview Terr., 118-Robert W. Jordan and Joan E. Hamilton to Total Kristina and Nichole Defazio, $400,000.

Biddle Rd., 728-H&K Homes Corp. to Maria Cecilia Albores Harris and Charles Homer Harris, $274,900.

Carl Ave., 610-Jenifer Reves and Jennifer Dennis to Kevin and Courtney Howell, $281,000.

Dumbarton Rd., 1010-Ryan Hynson to Kevin and Brandy Toth, $215,000.

Garrett Rd., 124-Insource East Properties Inc. to Ryan J. Brenneman, $225,000.

Glenlea Dr., 121-Joseph G. Gadow to Hernan Polanco Ramos and Eucebia D. Polanco, $260,000.

Hopkins Cor., 938-Stephen W. and Caitlin M. Mawn to Patrick J. Mercer, $290,000.

Kinglets Roost Lane, 505-U.S. Home Corp and Lennar Corp. to Rachel Ann Esposito, Charles J. Liebener and Dominic Esposito, $292,140.

Marley Ave., 715-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ciara J. Russell, $158,000.

Oak Spring Dr., 107-Hometowne Premier Properties Corp. to John Ryan Rhue, $255,000.

Ravenwood Dr., 689-NVR Inc. to Kevin and Derlene Cook, $313,120.

Seagrove Rd., 726-Albert Lee Castle and Kimberly Shaffer to Sergio D. and Yuri M. Tenas, $225,000.

Sithean Way, 1002-Stacey Dashiells and Stacey White to Christopher Drew Mercer, $255,000.

Spencer Rd., 7841-Shawn M. and Hollie L. Moore to Marco Antonio Borrego and Ashley Karinna Oliva Borrego, $339,900.

Stiemly Ave., 205-Tuan Nguyen and Truc Tran to Mireily and Aron Taggart, $220,000.

Thomas Rd., 1006-Kevin and Starsha B. Goforth to Lisa Libertini, $255,000.


Allerford Dr., 1732-Gloria Moon to William J. and Melda B. Fineran, $448,000.

Fair Oak Dr., 1521-Quana and Teray Frost to Donyele Bertel Wilkerson and Earl Donnell Wilkerson, $384,900.

Silver Oak Rd., 7920-Ehteram Raissi Fard to Gurkirat S. and Harleen K. Pandher, $375,000.

Theale Way, 1741-James Cash and Juliette Kish to Danny Lian G. and Stefanie Corphia Lin, $372,900.


Solomons Island Rd., 4361-Deutsche Bank to Ben and Carol Ann Wyrostek, $418,299.


Federalsburg S., 242-Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation to Isabel Blanco and Nestor O. Blanco Clemente, $289,900.

Lost Creek Blvd., 3043-David Brown to Derrick Curtis Anthony Davis and Alissa E. Schroder, $335,000.

Old Line Ave., 231-Eric R. McCuthram to Cynthia M. Grabill, $150,000.

Shannons Alley, 8120-Bolatito Omotosho to Olaouluwa O. Adeyemo, $325,000.


Cheddington Rd., 513-William E. Thompson and Edith A. Cage to Alexander J. Curtin, $222,000.

Hilltop Rd., 200-Daniel B. Collins and Carolyn Uzarowski to Aaron L. and Sarah R. Mayhew, $317,000.

Twin Oaks Rd., 305-Tiffany M. and Bradley H. Thomas to Michael A. and Alyssa L. Dwayer, $276,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 5497-Myra Street Nelson to Gavin Schauer Graham and Mackenzie Paige Sullivan, $640,000.


Chardonay Dr., 8203-Richmond American Homes to Armondo J. and Leah Bilancione, $385,000.

Highland Dr., 30-Ruth Anne Steed to Nicholas and Leniza Arellano, $370,000.

Merton Woods Way, 502-Richarad W. Steiner to Jonathan D. and Amanda M. Dorsey, $615,000.

Oakdale Cir., 848-Eleanora and John Rogers to Linda Liebermann, $260,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. W., 666-Richard A. and Shannon M. Sporrer to Christopher M. and Tabitha L. Maddox, $253,000.


Assembly Point Ct., 325-Anita J. Kwak to Joseph W. Divver, $235,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 721-GC Corp. to Kevin Madison, $375,000.

Commissary Cir., 2251-Joseph S. and Monica Alexander to Shawn Snyder, $299,900.

Fresh Water Way, 2704-Gary J. Owens to Ina A. Ramos, $289,900.

Harvest Run Dr., 705, No. 204-Kevin P. Bradley to Humphrey and Jacquette Palmer, $205,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 714-Tyler D. Miller to Kevin Halpert, $254,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8536-Marie Wilenne St. Martin to Rachel C. and Clinton Hugh Anderson, $315,000.

Rolling Hill Walk, 602, No. 202-Anna M. Keating and Deborah Parsons to William Peter and Barbara Damico, $147,500.

Thornbrook Ct., 2721-Maureen M. McCart to Kristin R. Vesely, $350,000.


Georges Lane, 919-King and Linda K. Jordan to Philomena M. Crescenzi and Lee John Holdsworth, $850,000.


Appian Way, 110-Melvin Thomas Salyers and Meagan Jean Walsh Salyers to Thomas D. and Bonnie D. Feeley, $310,000.

Asbury Rd., 257-Jerry C. Heins to Andrew M. Faudree and Danielle M. Turner, $412,485.

Duvall Hwy., 954-Duane Fisher and Wanda L. Willey to Aaron M. Chandler and Amber L. Walker, $203,000.

Gallatin Way, 1118-U.S. Bank to Cary E. Cunningham, $349,000.

Hilltop Rd., 1935-Real Estate Investments Corp. to John R. and Stephanie M. Thomas, $405,000.

Kim Marie Ct., 8567-Yan Xu and Wenan Zhao to Michael Blake Cahen, $272,000.

Littleton Way, 3397, No. 4C-Katerina E. Ester and Robert Alan Paczynski to John R. Shanahan Jr., $150,000.

Old Mill Rd., 8177-Michael A. Ward to Brian S. and Kimberly E. Burnham, $575,000.

Pescara Ct., 3311-Alexis and Jennifer M. George to Heather L. Klohr, $236,000.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 787-Carl U. Johnson to Blake and Stephanie C. Pantelich, $380,000.

Royal Mint Pl., 7918-M&K Corp. to Saifeildin A. and Lam Hussan, $330,000.

Skipjack Pl., 8542-Paul W. Jones to Phyllis M. Morton, $292,500.

White Star Crossing, 8215-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to John B. Little, $402,557.

Woodlawn Ave., 7774-Alain P. Labbe to Jennifer C. and Zachary A. Jeffries, $278,000.

209th St., 714-Elizabeth A. and David L. Allred to Kayla and Elijah Torres, $299,900.

219th St., 668-Sprig Corp. to Edward Patrick and Hannah Connolly, $334,900.


Breckenridge Cir., 1216-Marianne E. Bailey to Ray Allen Cho and Hyomi Kim, $415,000.

Stonehenge Dr., 3153-Charles E. and Janet W. Brown to Kenneth and Madonna Fick, $625,000.


Champion Ct., 409-Christopher E. and Amber L. Foster to Shane and Adrian Stori, $549,000.

Eagle Ct., 1851-RB Realty Corp. to Monique T. Harkless, $138,000.

Fairfield Dr., 320-Terresa V. Fishbum to Benjamin Congdon, $469,900.

Heather Mist Dr., 7946-Rbre Inc. to Orisha Hayes, $253,000.

Jennifer Meadows Ct., 1726-Stephanie R. Campbell to Amber R. and Erik D. Gundlach, $320,000.

Old Bay Lane, 1624-Robert D. and Rosemerrie Carpenter to James E. Maloney IV, $435,000.

Otis Dr., 117-Richard M. Rispoli to Ethan J. Simonton, $277,000.

Pullman Dr., 1507-Rebecca S. and Glenn C. Caiollouet to Kara S. Smith, $342,500.

Ridgely Loop, 8125-D.R. Horton Inc. to Edward C. and Roselyn L. Vitalos, $518,845.

Statesman Ct., 1853-Hae Su Yi and Sun Cha Jeon to Steven Taylor, $293,000.

Stream Valley Overlook, 1620-Robert and Bruna Payne to James H. and Rosa C. Pasley, $635,000.

Twin Oaks Rd., 7735-Richard S. and Deborah Wharff to Robert S. and Edwina P. Ferrara, $481,000.

Wet Sand Dr., 510-Jeffrey Lee Savich and Christine Diane Savich to Scott A. and Michele C. Lenkiewicz, $499,900.


Brownstone Dr., 614-Patrick J. and Joann M. Loprete to Angela K. Wallace, $530,130.

Denington Lane, 505-Charles F. Barbera and Denise R. Anderson to Stewart P. and Carol V. Axelbaum, $825,000.

Grinstead Rd., 413-Austin and Renee Louise Fraham to Erik L. and Claire E. Aubel, $750,000.

Holland Rd., 215-Denise L. Traynor to Amanda Beth Johnson, $394,900.

Kathy Ct., 217-Steven L. and Kathryn S. Horrell to Robert T. Kramer, Meghan R. Kramer and Anne P. Flaherty, $454,000.

Mckeon Rd., 214-Carrie A. and Blake K. Kleppe to Ashley Elizabeth and James Joseph Earle, $460,000.

Rivendell Lane, 434-Richard B. Iams and Barbara E. Ringers to Patricia Ringers, $266,677.

Sweet Brush Ct., 601-Timothy J. and Rachel L. Greenier to James M. and Andreana C. Biello, $530,000.

Windward Dr., 30-Christine Dennison and Adam Jay Scharfer to W. Kevin Lusby, $685,000.


Nick Rd., 5207-Cousins in Concrete Corp. to Efrain and Devyn Reynaga, $297,500.

Shady Side Rd., 6462-Craig Joseph and Nancy Hayes Eastwood to Kenneth Brooks and John Parkhurst, $535,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ballard Way, 2301-Roger L. and Mary E. Aronow to David S. Kolas and Robyn Beth Nathanson Kolas, $725,000.

Chatham Rd., 3921-Mark Alan Brashears and Jonni Chase to Michael Neil and Julie Morgan, $510,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 5002, No. C-2-Melissa Patt to Stadcy G. Mahon, $200,000.

Elmmede Rd., 3165-Stephen C. and Carol L. Pease to Kristina Shaver, $589,000.

Font Hill Dr., 3829-Charles B. and Teresa Lynn Dennison to Aparna Gadiyaram and Nagalakshmi Narayana Kollimarla, $600,000.

Frost Way, 10140-Douglas G. Pinney to Byung and Myong Kim, $656,000.

Green Bower Way, 2812-George Ross Aronson and Chris Dejonghe to Omar J. and Tracey L. Jones, $649,900.

Hallowed Stream, 4719-Kurt M. Schnitzenbaumer and Kimberly A. Drielak to Sunil G. Patil and Shweta U. Govekar, $357,000.

Hickorymede Dr., 3046-Bruce Sturnk to Patrick D. and Angela N. Skellchock, $525,000.

Joey Dr., 9561-Divya and Pushpa Swaroop to Kenneeth Ng and Elizabeth A. Taylor, $535,000.

Legends Way, 2602-Jeffrey P. and Jennifer N. Grejda to Gary E. and Susan M. Harris, $530,000.

Lindera Ct., 5057-W Creek Corp. to Justin and Ruda Park, $1.46 million.

Nashville Ct., 11011-Villages A. Truf Valley Corp. to Ravi K. and Anupama Mungara, $643,538.

Queensway Dr., 10418-Marcia S. Adler to Jason M. and Dana M. Babik, $1.1 million.

Southview Rd., 2837-Patrick and Angela Skellchock to Sadie M. and Gary L. Smith, $445,000.

Tyler Ct., 3454-Marica L. Bell to Evan P. and Christina M. Lloyd, $557,000.

Wellford Dr., 8704-Beazer Homes Corp. to Siyi Chen, Wenting Xu and Siyi Chen, $983,658.


Brighton Dam Rd., 13530-James J. Bogard and Alyssa J. Cotler to Stuart Pulliam, $529,000.

Georgetown Ct., 6016-Kimberly A. and James K. Wharton to Andre W. and Lana Moroz Senenko, $799,900.

Red Maple Way, 13005-Edward E. and Donna E. Grimes to Daniel M. and Angelena G. Lienert, $16.75 million.

Ten Oaks Rd., 5220-Douglas Stephen and Margo Robe Mehoke to Stephen D. and Elizabeth J. Shipe, $657,000.


Alderleaf Pl., 5782-Jimmy S. and Marie M. Dumornay to Blanca C. Portillo Lopez and Maria G. Portillo Lopez, $250,000.

Dark Hawk Cir., 8560-Nancy L. Kochuk and Carl E. Luty to Blake and Christina Smith, $490,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6233-John E. Driscoll III to Jun Chen, $261,000.

Four Foot Trail, 6413-Amir and Victoria Drusbosky to Brian L. and Melissa M. Lee, $487,000.

Good Lion Rd., 9501-Daniel B. Kirk Davidoff and Heather R. Kirk Davidoff to Martin Bishop and Wendy Goldfarb, $361,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8727, No. 12-Richard N. Gambrill to Yongemi Luo, $132,000.

Knighthood Lane, 6904-Wayne and Selma Hajos to Amani Morgan, $265,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5213-Patricia J. Nichols to Vicki and Kiel Reid Gordon, $332,000.

Majors Lane, 6071, No. 6 HI6-Justin O’Brien and Kevin Jones to Leah Curtis and Debra Curtis Pettties, $125,000.

Old Montgomery Rd., 8342-Clayton E. Spivey and Edna M. Brandt to Brian and Lauren Comber, $487,000.

Pound Apple Ct., 6400-Joshua Wayne and Leanne Marie Hedges to Akua A. Asa Awuku, $325,000.

Red Cart Ct., 9264-Philip A. Rickey and Kevin Inghram Jr. to Angela G. and David P. Alt, $293,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8819, No. 46-Deborah N. Ritchie to Lawrence H. and Wendy Letow, $480,000.

Stonecutter Rd., 8651-Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. Syrkett to Alysa L. and Dennis A. Pilkerton, $445,000.

Tamar Dr., 6329-Benjamin Bush and Kimberly A. Spalding Bush to Richard Mciver and Alexis Helsel, $410,000.

Tamar Dr., 8394-Scott Tokoli and Felicia A. Lazarus to Joseph Broderick, $280,000.

Warm Waves Way, 8723, No. 9-Yale Y. and Veronica D. Park to Ravinder and Chand Chatha, $529,000.

Wild Lilac, 5484-Ricahrd P. and Nancy F. Sheain to Hellaine Anyango Johnson, $284,000.

Yellowrose Ct., 5751-Luis Javier Penton Herrera to Fantaye Tefera, $245,000.


Barnwood Pl., 5813, No. 1-Mohanraj Balasubramanian and Amutha Mohanraj to Lindsey A. Gignac, $243,500.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6036-Edward S. John to Gloria Moon, $137,000.

Columbia Rd., 5181, No. 11 46-Arhtur and Katie Noecker to Charles E. Purnell III, $345,000.

Downwest Ride, 5170-David E. and Teresa L. Weschler to Jason and Jamie T. Lee, $470,000.

Grand Banks Rd., 5909-Antyony P. and Kathrine E. Ringer to Melanie Reynolds, $250,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5245-Anita Sharma and Kuplan Thuraisamy to Dane and Jordan Rahlf, $355,000.

Lone Tree Ct., 11710-Joshua M. and Rachel W. Kennelly to Jenae Ivy and Benjamin Herman Wilson, $267,000.

New Country Lane, 11909-Stephen and Virginia Ober to Cynthia M. and Gail M. Alden, $326,000.

Pembroke Green Pl., 10205, No. 80-DJL Mortgage Capital Inc. to Alberto Castro and Alberto Munoz, $365,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5421, No. C-1-10-Stephen and Clare Mang to Douglas S. and Samantha L. Kirkley, $282,500.

Suffield Ct., 5542-Shreve Waxter to David W. Keelam, $300,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5325-Gregory and Nancy Overton to Susan A. Jensen, $369,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6008-Lena M. and Joseph Nebel to Tyshon Carr, $275,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5575, No. 11-Arthur Lenny Solop and Valkires Gueno to Patrick M. and Donna P. Shurney, $360,000.

Whitewasher Way, 10345-Paul J. and Carmina T. Adams to Adam J. and Abigail E. Kroll, $450,000.

Wood Elves Way, 11157-Whitfield and Natalie Whylie to John and Samantha Conner, $475,000.


Drovers Lane, 2046-D.R. Horton Inc. to Karin S. Arif and Nermeen S. Ghniem, $775,000.


Alchemy Rd., 7931-U.S. Bank and Lennar Corp. to Ameya Gokhale and Pratistha Tamrakar, $444,750.

Alchemy Way, 8010-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kathleen Ann Tyler, $386,990.

Beechfield Ave., 6326-Wells Fargo Bank to Subba Reddy, $161,000.

Cedar Grove Lane, 7505-Ameena R. Al Hassani and Bakir Jafar Al Hassani to Hana Uddin, $270,000.

Cross Ivy Rd., 6316-Robert and Ann Marie Pratten to Crystal Jennings, $319,000.

Euclid Ave., 6350-Liinda G. Mayer to Sara J. Zurmuhlen, $324,900.

Goshen Hunt Rd., 6729-Paul R. and Melissa D. Rozgonyi to Jill N. Kober and Andre William Cooper, $525,757.

Matchbox Alley, 7347-Larry R. and Monica S. Morales to Wuyuan Li, Mingai Shi and Zhenhui Li, $365,000.

Norwood Fry., 6931, No. 44-Victor and Sophie Hayog Tang to Yu Hun and Sean Lui, $355,000.

Owen Kellogg Ct., 7715-Beazer Homes Corp. to Karunakar Reddy Gujja and Sneha Pasya, $440,755.

Quidditch Lane, 7830-Pragna Patel to Jae Woong and Eun Kyung Chang, $378,000.

Taggart Ct., 7810-Beazer Homes Corp. to Pramodh Reddy Rajalingari and Jeevani Sharanya Malepu, $364,990.


Academy Rd., 8258, No. 6-Joan K. and Anders R. Lunt to Linda Doolitte, $455,000.

Bramhope Lane, 4934-Christopher J. and Sarah E. Maguire to Mark D. Kvarta and Tara A. Legates, $540,000.

Cedar Post, 8720-Kenneth and Jill Kitzman to Strphen and Nathan Stockwell, $465,500.

Church Rd., 3775-Francis J. and Donna F. Napfel to Eric and Marianne Roth, $680,000.

Cyprus Cedar Lane, 8155, No. J-Susan Wagner to Chi Man and Sung Ja Kim, $275,000.

Enoch Pratt Dr., 8633-Kristine L. Smith and Kristine L. Depew to Anil Jasti, $515,000.

Falls Run Rd. N., 8555, No. A-Mary Beth Collin Gerlowski to Anthony Patrick Coyne, $150,000.

Gawain Dr., 4737-Mark Van and Kelly Van Fleet to Silvia Martinez Whitecoton and Alejandra Berganza Bostic, $505,000.

Heatherland Ct., 5343-Trevor J. and Deidra A. Jules to Jayre and Kariann Reaves, $615,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4810-Wai Kei Ng to Deenadhayalan Srinivasan and Vimala Deenadhayalan, $452,000.

Marybeth Way, 8526-Edna M. Steigerwald to Robert F. Welsh Jr., $320,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8393, No. J-Je Seon and Chloe Myongsun Lee to Margaret A. Main, $205,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4515-Haiping Xu and Xiaoxia Zhao to Kascy K. and Hessun J. Cho, $490,000.

Sonia Trail, 3129, No. 97-Andrew Lowe and Shelby Jia to Chun Hua Lin and Chang Xu Sun, $310,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8802-William Scott Kallmeyer to Claudia Ys and Daecher Lee, $450,000.

Timber Valley Ct., 8500-Brian L. Kass to Zhiyong Zhao and Hua Jiang, $489,500.

Valley View Way, 2454-NVR Inc. to Brendan and Kimberly Muth, $778,705.

Wethered Dr., 8746-Paul Massaro to Matthew and Jennifer Gordon, $825,000.

Woodshire Garth, 4805-Kathleen M. Ten Eyck and Lawrence G. Ten Eyck Jr. to Dorian Ralphael Lawson and Melissa De La Santa Lawson, $550,000.


Midtown Rd., 7676-John A. Zito and Ashley E. White to Samuel D. Lieber, $519,000.

Tilghman St., 7782-Adam E. and Dawn R. Seidman to Sai Deepa and Vaughn Vogel, $647,000.

Wayneridge Ct., 11713-Robert Chad and Katherine Hawthorne to Matthew John and Sandra M. Mahoney, $531,000.


Ellerslie Ct., 3106-Thomas and Karen M. Keller to Allen D. Haight, $775,000.


Crowley St., 7583-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Timothy James Meyer and Benjamin George Bechtodd, $494,085.

Michael Elizabeth Way, 6420-Michael W. and Patricia P. Hale to Stephen Andrew and Thais Bohli, $418,000.

Thackley Way, 7221-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Rodney Bradford and Tia Kopelle Price, $521,490.


Point Ridge Dr., 12341-MB Hilgland Reserve Corp. to Samir Dahyabhai and Shail Chaudhary Patel, $455,000.


Spring Water Path, 9309-Stephen E. and Harrian Walker to Richard Steen and Rhea Smirlock, $465,000.


Birdhouse Cir., 9423, No. 25-Paul R. Vukits to Susan Chai Han, $321,250.

Carlinda Ave., 6749-Pamela L. Arnone to Matthew Scott and Kate Elizabeth Richer, $365,000.

Early Spring Way, 9710-House Buyers of America Inc. to Jamie Evelyn Bullock, $304,900.

Hackberry Lane, 10005-Nina G. Austin to Stephen Molczyk and Kathleen Zakula, $440,000.

Mickeys Pride, 7684-William B. and Marisa England Walpert to Grahm and Allyson Hawkes, $579,900.

Rain Flower Way, 7578-New York Mortgage Funding Corp. to Stuart H. Arnovitis, $249,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7468-Cindy M. Rose and Cindy M. Ferl to Stacey B. and Gerald C. Engel, $312,000.

Wesleigh Dr., 10106-Wesley A. Hutchinson to William A. Chang and Amy K. Rowland, $395,000.


John Gravel Rd., 2231, No. 3-NVR Inc. to Raymond Stuart, Kathleen Stuart and Nadine Brown, $317,064.

John Gravel Rd., 2231, No. 3-NVR Inc. to Deirdre L. Plauson, $314,505.

John Gravel Rd., 2231, No. 3-NVR Inc. to Ronald G. and Judith A. Ketner, $362,055.


Frederick Rd., 17140-Judy R. and Sara R. Drake to Rachel K. Wiley and Sean T. Losee, $362,000.

Nursery Ct., 17425-Peter A. La Fortune and Susan La Fortune to Julie R. Sampogna and Scott Clendening, $530,000.


Williams St., 8515-Todd A. Simpson to Noah Canyon, $200,000.


Cherry Laurel Ct., 8412-Charles A. and Jacqueline Warren to Jared and Jennifer Fribush, $625,000.

Delfield Ct., 10602-Samuel S. Pack to Xinjia Zhou and Dong Han, $288,500.

Falling Waters Ct., 9416-Nikki I. Williams English to Maxim Greceannii and Elena Y. Bankovskaya, $370,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10709-Peter and Maria Rocco to Suranga and Lolita V. Silva, $280,000.

Grant Ave., 9135-Brian William and Denise Michele Parker to Mary C. Kla and Paul O. Calebaugh, $315,000.

Henry Hearn Way, 9930-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kartik, Jagruti and Kartik Patel, $746,795.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No. K-Doborah Billet and Hermine E. Dlesk to Yvonne and Loran Stephenson, $279,900.

Knox Ct., 9128-Cornerstone Holdings Corp. to Yusuf Aziaullh, Aisha Rahim and Aisha Rahim, $512,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9327-Quincy A. and Shadawn L. Hubbard to Daniel Vincent Digiacomo and Hannah Kaye Bach, $345,000.

Pinenut Ct., 9220-Michael and Beth Davis to Ashleigh E. Jones, $247,500.

Snow Bird Lane, 9853-Raghuram B. Reddy and Priyanka Patel to Ruben and Eileen Porras, $512,000.

Toms Trail, 9224-NVR Inc. to Virginia Santiago, $255,402.

Washington Ave., 9627-Alexander G. and Therol D. Stathos to Arnelle M. and Cirila J. Agustin, $514,000.

Wilderness Lane, 9869-M.I. Homes of DC Corp. to Brian and Claire Mack, $477,110.


Grinstead Ct., 13366-James B. and Johanna J. McKelvey to Michael S. Matthew and Heather Mattews, $620,000.


Rosemary Lane, 3232-HSBC Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Gregory John Calvin Hnarakis, $465,000.


Fields End Ct., 16024-James A. and Anne L. Mohi to Peter D. and Elizabeth A. Franks, $702,500.


Doyle Dr., 1925-Andy Juhyun Ahn and Jiwon Park to Jun Hua and Nailing Zhang, $720,000.

Merion Pond, 2270, No. 35-Eileen F. Doyle to Emily S. Wade, $455,000.

Woodstock Rd., 1900-William R. Schwarz and Cherly Burke Schwarz to Daniel Halayko and Claire Wilson, $600,000.