Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1116-Manana I. Gagua to Brice M. Nguelifack, $389,900.

Belvedere Ct., 1-Sandra L. Van Harris to Matthew S. Rayman, $222,000.

Burnside St., 316, No. 207-Stanley E. and Kelli P. Kos to Kelly M. Stafford, $409,000.

Chesapeake Landing, 30-Gerald Leon and Deana E. Stempler to Valerie Greoco and Denis L. Ryan, $775,000.

Cohasset Ave., 3533-Patricia L. Pielmeier to Stephen A. Sapirie and Manana Ilia Gagua, $680,000.

Fishing Creek Rd., 1346-WFC Flagship Corp. to Joseph Wascavage III and Erin E. Russell, $387,500.

Glendon Ave., 705-Dean T. Builders Inc. to Robert E. and Mary K. Novak, $897,000.

Henson Ave., 3207-Kyle M. and Kyle Matthew Bray to Bradley Snyder, $800,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1039-Jason Zmuda to Teresa Badger, $400,000.

Narragansett Ave., 3506-WCT Propertis Corp. to Dian and Christopher Kelly Hoffman, $600,000.

Tayman Dr., 517-Oaks Development Corp. to Vivian L. Werner, $450,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 55-Reuben and Gretchen Saval to Andrea H. Lee, $508,250.


Admiral Dr., 605, No. 107-Frank D. Glovanni to Angela Marie Boos and Justin Mechalske, $245,000.

Boatswain Way, 859-Lizabeth Emily Soares to Henry C. Hurwitz and Jessica Joern, $437,000.

Cedar Park Rd., 1611-Clare M. Chapman to Tyler John and Alison Harper Good, $350,000.

Coxswain Way, 802, No. 109-Betty S. and Franklyn A. Buck to Dorothy Dale Ciuffreda, $316,000.

East St., 96-William and Lisa Manson Vickery to Richard C. and Elizabeth B. Higgins, $620,000.

Friends Rd., 2982-Richard C. Burgess to Kirk N. and Michelle A. Volland, $540,000.

Jefferson Pl., 23-Stephen J. Clemo and Jaminne D. Cahalane to Valerie A. Casasanto, $365,000.

McGuckian St., 1205-Elizabeth H. Hinkle to Andrew B. and Caroline E. Titus, $339,000.

Oaklawn Ave., 402-Maria Irma Aguilar and Mario Aguilar to Justin Ellison and Jill Lauriente, $325,000.

Pleasant St., 44-Paramount Real Estate Corp. to Albert D. Leavell, $131,000.

Rigging Dr., 2611-Peter Depaulo to David A. Miller, $281,000.

Sextant Ct., 1024-Chalres P. Cline to Chong S. Cheng and Sarah H. Cheng, $425,000.

Southwood Ave. S., 214-Robert and Dori A. Libson to Eric and Stephanie Lundblad, $860,000.

Tuckahoe Creek Ct., 623-Ebbon Erni Brown to Angela R. Bailey, $212,500.

Vincent St., 1918-Johnny Mack Johnson to Jie Wu Liu, $315,000.

Wayward Dr., 641-Louise H. and Jeffrey W. Morris to John Paulenich Jr., $439,000.


Argyll Dr., 1330-George J. and Akiko E. Meyers to Ryan M. Nelson and Maisie M.S. Fong, $715,000.

Bay Dale Ct., 552-Matthew R. and Lisa K. Emery to Andrew John Manley Jr., $299,000.

Century Vista Dr., 463-Cathyann E. Chino to Jason James and Antonette Delee Daly, $349,900.

Greenblades Ct., 531-Ronme Garrett to Kenneth L. and Un Sik Parks, $244,500.

Malier Dr., 102-Tibor G. and Holly L. Toth to Bradley T. and Stephanie E. Walsh, $595,000.

Melissa Ct., 561-Dale and Tedra Walker to Dorothy Graziano, $283,000.

Ternwing Dr., 267-Lauren B. Harden to Vu Nguyen and Hong An Thi Nguyen, $230,000.


Camrose Ave., 317-Joseph J. Borkoski and Linda L. Rose to Fabiano Reani and Laurence Bresson, $155,000.

Haile Ave., 117-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Linda Maria King and Lisa M. Lawrence, $150,000.

Townsend Ave., 221-Sara Burden to Virginia F. Milito, $145,000.

Fifth Ave., 305-Julie L. Lecorchick and Joseph P. Gilleland to Christopher J. Hart, $220,000.


Baystone Ct., 612-Gunjit Chawla to Christine Elizabeth and Brian D. Habeck, $355,000.

Cananaro Ct., 1608-Trekker and Rebecca Williams to Sam M. and Dena L. Silva, $383,500.

Crestview Dr., 1095-David P. and Karlene Kistler Durisko to Matthew S. and Angela K. Jewett, $379,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1313-Harry L. and Virginia M. Gessford to Paul E. and Austyn A. McGuire, $202,000.

Hillendale Dr., 984-Crystal Creek Properties Corp. to Jonathan V. and Megan E. Vaccarelli, $563,595.

River Bay Rd., 1118-Mithat and Esen Cenkci to Katherine Renee and Peter John Wiernicki, $1.95 million.

Ruffian Ct., 478-Debra A. Kapler and Sheryl Hoffman to Benjamin R. and Tracey Sands, $279,900.

Snow Goose Lane, 640-Walter Edward Windsor and Wanpen Farren to Rachael A. Serio and Matthew J. Deleonibus, $380,000.


Baskin St., 5519-Matthew R. Dustin and Lauren Young to Benjamin W. Crout and Kristy N. Avery, $216,000.


Airy Hill Cir., 2504F, No. 1F-Sean Li to Olubunmi B. Yinka Jaiye, $205,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 2518-Christopher D. and Ann E. Mills to Charlie and Nneka Kalu, $555,000.

Falbrook Lane, 2408-Mary Louise and George E. Siegle to Scott W. and Diane Miller, $535,000.

Greentree Ct., 1711-Robert R. and Deborah E. Estes to Alexandre Doneau, $254,950.

Hightee Ct., 2400-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Larry R. and Katherine D. Moore, $459,900.

Maynard Rd., 2709-Clark A. Crider to Seth Joo Yong Denning and Kristine Ann Denning, $523,500.

Thornbury Ct., 1432-Cheryl and Steven D. Manns to Claudia M. Tchokouani, $389,000.

Yorktown Ct., 1694-Vincent K. and Melissa A. Cearlock to Jason C. Thomas and Lesseth Carolina Rivera Morales, $261,500.


Oak Trail, 829-Monica A. Litton and Thomas L. Sause to Stacey L. Gonzalez, $285,000.


Arborwood Pl., 1016-Quinn D. Warner to Derek M. Eichelman and Brittany M. Kiser, $219,000.

Creekland Ct., 1300-William M. and Ashley L. Gull to Robert K. and Carol L. Morrison, $215,000.

Hidden Creek Way, 7814-David E. and Jennifer M. Cooper to Shauna L. Browning, $227,650.

Waterview Dr., 610-Jerry Robert to Arthur L. Jenkins Jr., $288,500.


Corleto Ct., 2604-Juddson T. and Rebecca J. Chason to Mark J. Lester and Vickii R. Bingham Lester, $1.2 million.

Howard Grove Rd., 2504-Robert A. Binner Jr. and Madelaine L. Binner to Timothy John and Elizabeth Rotzell Chapman, $1.15 million.


Bayport Dr., 3707-James Charles Morrell and Mary Anne Morrell to Jo Karen Humber, $369,000.

Cardamon Dr., 160-John A. and Ima P. Ricker to Bryan R. and Joaney M. Littin, $640,000.

Fairmount Dr., 421-Donald Browning to Caitlyn Emily Whitesell and Stacey Reed Davis, $257,500.

Oldtown Rd., 1642-Michael F. McCann and Catherine Hughes to Michael Donehower, $319,900.

Potomac Rd., 1701-Andrew J. and Lauren N. Cross to Alexander James and Wendy Gunn, $315,000.

Tilden Way, 203-Elizabeth B. Lewis to Courtney M. Long, $333,000.

Widows Mite Rd., 1553-Widows Mite Road Corp. to Stephen W. Neal, $999,999.


Aquinas Dr., 1915-William Arthur and Brigida E. Auger to Amanda R. and Jacob M. Graham, $746,000.

Kings Way, 411-Amr Investments Corp. to Ryan Patrick and Carly Glover, $560,000.


Broadview Blvd. N., 823-John Harrison and Sandra H. Lever to Charles L. and Nancy J. Sweeney, $318,000.

Dickens St., 109-Javier and Jessica Hernandez to Michael W. Baschenis and Samantha M. Braatz, $349,900.

Foxfarm Lane, 7821-Edwin Oates to MD Saif Uddin and Farjahana Saif, $231,000.

Great Bend Rd., 8239-Tysbera N. Dunn to Yury Francisco Alfago, $475,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 744-Sharon F. Riley to Aubrey A. Solomon, $343,200.

Lamplighter Ridge, 6421-Beverly A. Carroll and Beverly A. Bell to Kenneth J. Britcher, $115,000.

Main Ave. SW, 100-Deutsch Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to James E. Prince and Bruno R. Di Santillo, $150,779.

Oakleigh Ave., 403-Barbara Walker and Barbara Strawn to Brittney J. Faulkner and Michael B. Debaugh, $270,000.

Olen Dr., 130-Janet M. Blair to Dale C. and Esther A. Adams, $255,000.

Ridgewick Rd., 1908-Elizabeth Johnston Richard to Jose Angel Torres, $218,900.

Sprite Way, 666-Luciana Ruzzier and Dimitar Naydenov to Antoine L. and Charmaine L. Jones, $195,000.

Valiant Cir., 418-Ian and Christina Boger to Justin Young and Antoinette Poole, $172,000.

Westphalia Ct., 643-Tameka A. Williams to Priti Kandhari, $140,000.

Second Ave. SW, 408-Nancy H. Volcjak and Hope R. Meyer to John L. Griffith, $275,000.


Andrews Rd., 911-Great Lakes Development Corp. to Cinthia V. and Josue G. Escobar, $290,000.

Carroll Rd., 251-Philip K. Lawall and Marsha L. Lawall to Lauren Go and Susan Kinney, $273,500.

Eiderdown Ct., 6509-William E. Howard Jr. to Tiffany M. Wilson, $210,000.

Gaston Pl., 7717-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kirstin Aminta Riddle, $356,900.

Gunther Rd., 7704-Residential Value Corp. to Paul B. Curtin, $298,000.

Hollins Chapel Ct., 7727-Payne Maerten Corp. to Kevin E. Green and Cymonne N. Marsh Green, $474,900.

Howard Manor Dr., 426-Raymond John and Vicki R. Fox to Juliet Abudu, $285,000.

Kuethe Rd. NE, 103-Jean R. Hott and Jean C. Cunningham to Josheph M. Klugh, $189,500.

Overhill Rd., 7733-Matthew D. Weldon to You Huan Zhong and Saho Wei Tang, $297,000.

Rising Eagle Ct., 7502-Hebron Manor Corp. to Nancy M. Olson Faherty, $433,527.

Tanager Ave., 7128-Phillip Owen and Jennifer Marie Mechem to Rajan Singh and Navneet Kaur, $285,000.

Three Coin Way, 103, No. 203-Warren Booth Jr. to Sung Hee Cha, $136,000.

White Water Way, 6801, No. 202-Daniel R. Leeds to Linda L. Ford, $167,000.


Annawon Ct., 1910-David J. Clark to David M. Clark, $328,000.

Forest Creek Way, 7103-Amy S. and Peter Hebron to Harshil S., Sneha Harshil and Shirsh K. Patel, $495,500.

Locust Dr., 7402-Matthew D. and Farra Wicks to Douglas Valiant Eagstrom, $411,500.

Ridge Commons Blvd., 1389-Zhong Wang to Heung H. and Jin Yi, $375,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7542A, No. 7542A-David A. Hartman to Marvin W. Turner, $273,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2594-Arundel CS Corp. to Enrique A. Vasquez and Sharon D. Zelenak, $504,005.


Hilltop Rd., 1963-Sheryl L. and Gary J. Day to Kane T. Schutzman, $365,000.


Brock Bridge Rd., 8362-Vicky A. and Carl J. Likens to Zachariah Kingsley Spitzer, $427,500.

Forest Haven Dr., 3548-Payton A. and Naomi D. Flynn to Gabriel Robert and Ana Wiggins, $450,000.

Lost Creek Blvd., 3054-Willie B. Miller to Lakesha Bates, $460,000.

Old Line Ave., 347-Richard Real Estate Investments Corp. to Marvin J. Alvarenga Blanco and Willian Antonio Garcia Soriano, $328,000.

Spadderdock Way, 8310-Megan M. Lewis to Earl A. Grant and Pamela K. Penn, $246,000.

Valley Lee S., 3348-Huber Carllo Alvardado and Evelyn Mejia to Jose Balmoris Penado Sarvia and Veronica Penado, $295,000.


Orchard Rd. S., 6431-Terri Ann Gaskill to Teresa Luman, $355,000.


Cottonwood Dr., 5208-Jessica L. Goedeke and Diane M. Whittles to Trekker and Rebecca L. Williams, $437,500.

Teton Dr., 668-Russell Andrew and Barbara Walkowiak to Clarence James and Leah Rebecca Melton, $489,900.


Conoy Ct., 740-Anne C. Chambers to Thomas M.D. Urso Sr. and Jessica N.D. Urso, $513,000.

Indian Landing Rd., 1124-Susan W. Ingram to Diana M. and Diana M. Linnekin, $445,000.

Millshire Dr., 526-Jeffrey E. Hazen to Nanette F. Williams, $207,050.

Old Mill Rd., 521-Christine L. Keggins and Christine L. Fitch to Heather K. Contee, $272,000.

Pumphreys Farm Dr., 703-Thomas O. Van Horn and Barbabra C. Van Horn to John Leo and Nancy Jean Dembinski, $621,000.

Wagner Farm Rd., 704-Bernard and Henriette Graham to Matthew and Catherine Ramsey, $450,000.


Barred Owl Way, 2616-Marion J. Fiume to Michael W. and Kari L. Chiodi, $325,000.

Chapelview Dr., 630-Sreng Sem to Satish J. Dinakaran and Armine Juhakyan, $264,900.

Chessington Dr., 380, No. 40-Sharon M. Garay Rodriguez to Kelly Christine Hutchinson, $342,000.

Eisenhower Ct., 228-Wells Fargo Bank to Ling Ye and Ruohong Liu, $217,000.

Greencrest Lane, 518-Steven R. Thompson to Samantha Krolikowski, $355,000.

Hidden Hill Cir., 188-William Ivan and Donna Sue Mentzer to Ashley N. McGill, $314,900.

Lodi Ct., 1403-Donald L. and Priseilla D. Monore to Joseph A. and April Avila, $655,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8716-William John Ross Suter and Layla Dawn Suter to Yaremaimaitijiang Yahepu, $324,900.

Rolling Hill Walk, 608, No. 303-Mary C. Nowttnick to Nicholas John D’Angelo, $169,900.

Summers Ridge Dr., 2520-Daniel B. and Amy W. Nelson to April L. Anderson, $314,900.

Treasure Dr., 1318-Donald R. Coulling to Adejumoke Oladele, $449,900.

Wintergreen Ct., 8611-Glenn A. and Martha M. Russell to Michael George and Dolores Ann Sullivan, $317,000.


Harding Blvd., 1057-Lindsay Keiser to Christopher M. Cohl and Doris A. Flaniken, $378,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 3910-Melissa A. Maevers and Melissa A. Paul to Eric and Erin J. Borick, $275,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 104-Thomas M. and Jessica N. Durso to Cody C. and Haley Elizabeth Wood, $399,999.

Brickwall Lane, 3547-Susan Marie Drgos to Ashley N. and Steven M. Hayes, $350,000.

Catherine Ave., 8350-Matthew E. and Kelly M. Chwastyk to David C. and Sarah M. Schnauffer, $332,500.

Colony Rd., 1610-Carol Lee Dennard and Beulah Irene Koontz to Robin M. Koontz, $147,064.

Eleventh St., 184-Wallace H. Jackson to Robert D. Proctor and Melanie Rae Geoghegan, $310,000.

Garden Rd., 8448-Gregory J. and Sherly A. Anderson to Bryan E. Cope, $299,999.

Houlton Harbour, 8642-Mary L. Debottis to Dante and Veronica Wesley Martin, $229,000.

Kingsley Ct., 3500-Linda M. Kennison to Clyde Lynn Griest, $132,600.

Loblolly Lane, 8311-Anne Arundel to Gregory Mitas, $269,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7691-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Alan S. Gibson, $295,000.

Red Lion Way, 7847-William J. Baum to Andrea L. Fador, $275,000.

Rugby Rd., 8460-Richard Hare and Charles Weaver to Joshua W. Autry and Charlotte Rose Reedy Barter, $259,900.

Ullman Rd., 256-James B. and Julie A. Carnagio to Danielle Leigh Lowman and Kyle L. Camaggio, $350,000.

Ninth St., 263-Federal National Mortgage Association to James D. Halsey, $214,100.

210th St., 714-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Primestar H. Fund to Liem Nguyen, $150,000.

221st St., 801-Andrew Justine and Shannon Nicole Day to Cheyenne N. Thurfield, $229,900.


Breckenridge Way, 3300-Jacqueline K. Napolitano to Wade C. Winkler and Jennifer A. Collins, $1.07 million.

Westbury Dr., 370-Courtney M. Queen and Courtney M. Giles to Heidi Dudderar, $625,000.


Berni Ruth Lane, 1301-Stone Financing Corp. and Monica Lawrence to Damita Chambers and Jerome Wesley McDonald, $412,000.

Chevalier Ct., 7813-Shanna R. Leonard to Lee T. Ratliff and Cala Jenae M. Ratliff, $412,000.

Eagle Ct., 1854-Graciela Schiaffino Lopez to Katherine J. Zegarra, $140,000.

Falcon Ct., 1814-Sanjay and Bobina Khanna to Omar Omar, $142,600.

Halehaven Ct., 7802-Kelly E. Bean to Robert Scott and Susan Rae Frazier, $489,900.

Heraldry Dr., 8222-NVR Inc. to Brian M. and Miyuong K. Banos, $499,780.

Lucky Rd., 800-James F. and Sharon J. Johnson to Allison Harle and Ronald Vu, $295,000.

Ridgely Loop, 8129-D.R. Horton Inc. to Derek M. and Robin B. Depaolis, $462,085.

Statesman St., 7846-Weini Ghirmai to Vinson M. and Semhal Washington, $322,252.

Twin Oaks Rd., 7739-Insource East Properties Inc. to Donald J. and Leslie A. Bucalo, $451,000.


Benforest Dr., 542-Cynthia J. and Frederick L. Hankey to Malcolm L. Davis Jr. and Kathleen E. Lovelace, $509,900.

Cape Mckinsey Dr., 605-Milic and Diane E. Djordjevic to Bradley T. and Cara M. Cowden, $595,000.

Earleigh Heights Rd. W., 101-Leonard Alexander and Antoinette Hall to Hyung Hee Chun, $240,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 191-Pete B. and Jennifer A. Regala to Brian M. and Cynthia J. Berning, $550,000.

Kennedy Dr., 218-Ricki W. and Mary K. Woodcock to Anthony and Rhiannon Gruppuso, $517,000.

Narborough Ct., 505-Joseph E. Cigan to Patricia Hart, $340,000.

Park Rd., 532-Brian M. and Heather Cassity to Pilar Juliet and Brian Donald Nelson, $370,000.

River Dr., 19-Nancy M. McManus and James Dougherty to Hubert and Rose Walker, $510,000.

Wembly Way, 318-John Gordon Teixeiras to Andrew Baker and Karen Pongrance, $725,000.


Dogwood St., 4939-Yuyu Bao and Yi Zhang to Cynthia A. Harrington, $283,000.

Pine Ave., 1217-Ingrid A. Gehle to Jessica R. Owens, $288,500.


Fairhaven Rd., 645-Amanda Haines to Michelle Ann Malloy and Christopher Michael Kelly, $601,326.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Breconshire Rd., 10313-Mary F. O’Brien and John W. Simmons to Rexford S. and Ohenewaa L. Ahima, $756,000.

Cluster Pines Ct., 3005-Michael L. Roberts and Elizabeth R. Snyder to Thomas F. and Sandra M. Lucchesi, $670,000.

Dorsey Search Cir., 3725-Bernard K. and Mary Clarke to Atul and Rohini Gupta, $680,000.

Evergreen Way, 2862-Janet R. Lottus and Leo J. Melenoski to Deborah S. Fountain, $425,000.

Fragile Sail Way, 4089-Sheldon Lewis and Susan Rodman Gnatt to Jason Neil and Jessica Hay Greenberg, $600,000.

Glastonbury Rd., 10237-Jeffery M. and Patricia P. Taylor to Katherine and Nonu Maiava, $790,000.

Greenlow Ct., 2917-David E. Russell to Vanessa J. and Jon P. Zawodny, $503,000.

Harrington Dr., 3444, No. D6-Cristine Runkle and Cristine Alice Maas to Ajay Malhotra and Mourin Wahlang, $234,000.

High Point Rd., 4013-Michael and Karen Leigh Synder to Joseph P. and Margaret Elinor Padgett, $415,000.

Jumpers Hill Lane, 4008-Rose M. Wolf to Kolbe and Courtney Greer, $549,900.

Leyden Way, 4747-Paul Yu Sung Lee to Bobak Shirmohammadi and Deanna Lynn Lassegard, $320,000.

Lombardi Dr., 10350-Keith P. and Melissa L. Gillan to Jennifer Lynn and Kurt Joseph Yocum, $540,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 9708-Thomas P. and Mary P. Bonczar to Linzhi Xu and Yu Su, $691,000.

Starling Rd., 9761-Thomas J. and Jill C. Dames to Emad M. Boctor and Eman A. Anis Daoud, $700,000.

Valerie Carol Ct., 3715-Michael Robert and Jeanne Marie Shoemaker to Huanle Yang and Xindi Fan, $680,000.

Williamfield Dr., 13079-Donald L. and Sara L. Stone to Mark and Melissa McCormick, $680,000.


Burgundy Lane, 6520-Stephen W. Linton to Aamir M. Nooruddin and Zehra H. Zaidi, $600,000.

Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 104-Michael D. Iwanczuk to Vinay and Rupa Vuyyuru, $339,900.

Rippling Tides Terr., 6104-Nolan G. and Tracy N. Smash to Scott B. and Wei Z. Anderson, $812,000.

Trotter Point Ct., 11714-Trotter Point Corp. and Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Aree and Mays Saed, $835,000.

Whitegate Rd., 6735-Shawn M. Davis and the Denise A. Davis to Jason Christopher, Barbara Adele and Catherine M. Oros, $815,000.


Alderleaf Pl., 5786-Daniel B. Wroten to Dang Hai Ly, $278,000.

Dasher Farm Ct., 7028-Jae Hee and Nae Y. Lee to Myung Il and Kyung Wan Kim, $342,000.

Emersons Reach, 9176-Matthew P. and Kelly A. Allbritton to James Aubrey Underwood and Victoria April Balta, $319,900.

Frietchie Row, 6536-Melissa D. De La Santa and Melissa De La Santa Lawson to Marvin J. Yoon, $250,000.

Greenblade Garth, 6222-Anup and Jennifer Patel to James R. and Tricia C. Poindexter, $369,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9097-Yulio Cesar Cova and Nathaly Alejandra Turcios to Michaele Witcher, $247,500.

Little Boots, 6972-Alvin and Callie Jenkins to Christina Doss, $285,000.

Majors Lane, 6089, No. 1-MTGLQ Investeros to Chrissy S. Sanderson, $151,000.

Ourtime Lane, 9362-William and Virginia Magee to Sean M. Young and Sylvia J. Rivera, $306,000.

Pound Apple Ct., 6431-William David McGuinn Jr. and Katherine M. Bell McGuinn to Alexander and Elizabeth Samuels, $292,000.

Red Haven Rd., 6317-Mario J. and Maria T. Ferro to Brian R. Prengaman, $318,000.

Short Wheel Way, 6311-Robert Sokolic and Yvonne Mark to Nasir and Asifa Hussain, $480,000.

Sunhigh Pl., 6324-Leslie P. Medlock to Scott Randell and Kelly Upton Moran, $440,000.

Tamar Dr., 8120-Zimmerman Properties II Corp. to Rachel and Jose Andujar, $430,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6301-Carole Jones to Solomon O. Rufus, $349,900.

Youngsea Pl., 8856-Ted A. and Jeneen Gifford to Melannie Y. and Shafiq A. Khan, $365,000.


Bright Passage, 11776-Thomas W. and Catherine M. Lauden to Mark A. and Crystal S. Moran, $585,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6111-Benjamin J. and Megan L. Knysak to Andrew W. Godzuk and Kimberly M. Leffler, $315,000.

Green Mill Way, 6736-Daniel E. and Kathleen R. Waid to Nikole E. Freeman, $499,000.

Harness Ct., 5837, No. 9-9-Dena Engineering Corp. to Mirtha A. Moran, $295,000.

Hickory Overlook N., 6420, No. 75-Darlene M. Zwier to Celeste Blase, $421,755.

Hildebrand Ct., 5461-Angelisa Hicks to Rebecca Frick, $250,000.

Liquid Laughter Lane, 6409-Wade Winkler and Jennifer Collins to Gursimran and Lakshmi G. Singh, $650,000.

Newberry Dr., 6975-Sung Young Hon and Young Chan Han to Bryan and Laura Vansuch, $595,000.

Powder Run Run, 11231, No. 10-1-Hernan Polanco Ramos and Medardo Zeledon Rodriguez to Andrew R. and Katherine R. Tharp, $229,900.

Round Tower Pl., 5022-Terri M. Minehan to James Aaron and Raquel Y. Bush, $363,000.

Snowflake Ct., 11243, No. A-14-3-Jackie L. Ward to Beatrice Hawkins, $210,000.

Suffield Ct., 5603-Jonathan S. Barton and Jennifer A. Walters to Christopher R. and Georgia C. Officer, $342,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5339-Antoinette P. Bowen to Mark S. Wells, $350,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6037-Sajeed I. and Michelle R. Talukder to James and Kristen Bowman, $282,150.

Vantage Point Rd., 5632-Spencer R. Shimko to Michael Ogbuju and Catrise N. Overby, $295,000.

Wooded Way, 5444-John O. and Lisa A. Barker to John Castaneda and Evelyn Del Rosario, $605,000.


Big Branch Dr., 14052-Brently O. Meney to David and Kathryn Hargadon, $790,000.


Alchemy Rd., 8006-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jong Hweon and Insun Ji, $302,277.

Arbor Way, 6372-Michelle L. Reedy to Emily C. Gordon, $368,000.

Cherrybark Oak Lane, 7614, No. 267-Joseph A. and Amy L. Payne to Daria S. Fenderson, $309,000.

Deep Falls Way, 7165, No. 140-Christopher A. and Miranda M. Boyd to Wily Armand Tague Takougang, $338,000.

Frothingham Ct., 6406-Natalie Maloney and Natalie Maloney Stengel to Daeuk Kwon and Chayoung Kim, $370,000.

Green Tree Ct., 8027-Susan M. Callaway to Heather Faircloth and Arash Rowshan, $310,000.

Matchbox Alley, 7358-Jill N. Kober to Sarabdeep Singh and Reshmi Nair, $333,000.

Oak Grove Way, 7004, No. 94-Koong Lam to Therisa Bentil, $305,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6020-James Lawrence to Kimberly M. Leaman, $249,000.

Taggart Ct., 7829-Beazer Homes Corp. to Harikrishna Karnati and Supriya Mamidi, $431,130.

Valley Oak Dr., 7740, No. 90-Hang M. Chau to Dalon Liggins, $293,000.


Alice Ave., 5014-Caterina and Andrea Cosentino to Yun Ming and Bing Chen Chen, $385,000.

Brian Ct., 2824-Janis Siegel to Sejal P. and Nilesh S. Jethva, $572,500.

Church Lane Rd., 8418-James R. and Karen A. Bilney to Erin and Amber Davis, $305,000.

Donovan Lane, 5850-Rebecca A. and Matthew R. Feldman to Daniel M. Fulco and Zengyi Yang, $429,000.

Executive Park Dr., 5054-John E. and Karen M. Donaldson to Bijo Thomas and Ambili George, $657,000.

Falls Run Rd. S., 8591, No. L-Dervis Kerovic to Ali R. Namakshenassan, $174,500.

Heatherside Lane, 7719-Edward Stauffer to Bu Young Kim, $344,900.

James Ave., 7917-Thomas E. and Janet G. Strikler to Ryan E. Strickler, $275,000.

Logans Way, 5940-Hye Yeong Kwon to Jianfei Qi, $450,000.

Meadowpond Dr., 5413-Thomas Duane and Christina V. Jones to Jacob and Catherine Weir, $674,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8399, No. J-Richard A. Golliday to Rachel A. Hoffman, $190,000.

Papillon Dr., 8886-Se Bek Oh to Man Jok Hwang, $389,900.

Rushing River Dr., 4922-Anthony and Maryann Fischetti to Srujeet Papakannu and Konda Pavani Reddy, $560,000.

Sonia Trail, 3239, No. 76-Sonia Wilder to Fazal Haq, $288,900.

Stonehouse Dr., 8823-John T. O’Brien to Diana Moon and Shawn Isaac Stepner, $380,000.

Timberland Cir., 8461-Kathleen McInnis Martens and Connie Morreale to Milind P. and Pallavi M. Kulkarni, $475,000.

Valley View Way, 2461-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Prikshit Khurana and Hetal Shah, $859,597.

Wharff Lane, 4920-HSBC Bank to Richard H. and Julianna M. Wagener, $293,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 4721-Kevin D. and Carolyn F. Shearer to John F. Mauser, $535,000.


Holstein St., 11511-NVR Inc. to Erin E. O’Connor and James B. O’Brien, $942,233.

Morris St., 7519-Adam R. Miceli and Cristin Marie Kellogg to Omar Gowayed and Jenine Farouq Musa, $749,900.

Tilghman St., 7903-Kimberly Ann Naecker to Andrea Phillips and Shiraz Tayabji, $557,500.

Westside Blvd., 8120-Gregory T. Sisson to Gal Hershko, $650,000.


Hunt Valley Dr., 2825-Thomas G. and Christine M. Moore to Kevin N. and Rachel M. Berberich, $732,500.


Fairbourne Ct., 6221-Peggy L. and George Henry Chester to Michael Holden and Laura Stinemire, $400,000.

Noah Way, 6122-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Hang My Chau, $485,000.


Brooks Rd., 7183-Monina Del Rosario and Romero S. Oel Rosario to Matthew W. and Kristina Caudle, $560,000.


Andiron Lane, 8042-Herbet J. and Jeackie E. Gregory to Philip Sean Brambel and Junko Sonoda, $429,000.

Spring Water Path, 9379-Matthew Flippen to Manuel K. and Deborah K. Urrutia, $462,000.


Braddock Way, 8400-Brian and Adrienne Moran to Carmella and Jason Bender, $442,500.

Eden Brook Dr., 7136-Inok Cho to Donna A. Boudreau, $305,000.

Hatbrim Terr., 10095-Ellen Miller and Jeffrey Michael Miller to Joseph D. and Sabina A. Warfield, $440,000.

Red Apple Lane, 9502-John J. and Mary A. Evans to Peter M. Davis and Kathryn A. League, $512,500.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9640-James P. and Courtney Lawrence to Paul M. Beisler Jr., $265,000.

White Spring Way, 9517-Debra L. Stvan to Peter Vincent Panepento, $525,000.


Haleys Ct., 1224-Bank of New York to Joseph and Amanda Roman, $481,950.


Baltimore St., 9061-Treena Greene Wetsel and Treena Greene to Adam R. and Marie N. Jennings, $284,000.


Cherrybrook Ct., 8329-Pratik S. Upadhyay and Krupa Shukla to Bryan M. and Heather A. Larsen, $680,500.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9566-Akram A. Alattar and Haifa J. Al Diwani to Shauntise Holmes, $277,750.

Fens Holw., 9463-Rachel Lee Hollidge to Chinyere Mable Okoro and Emmanuel Ache Ache, $275,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10729-Patricia J. and Erica Landers to Edward J. and Delores Silva, $270,000.

Henry Hearn Way, 9965-Beazer Homes Corp. to Angela Messam, $730,296.

Nicky Ct., 8025-Michael T. and Joanne E. Rusk to Thomas and Deborah Lynn Sullivan, $555,000.

Pinenut Ct., 9246-Rachel Grant Adjiri and Nealson Nii Martey Adjiri to Ruth Noemy Chacon, $249,000.

Saddlebrook Ct., 10532-Rachid and Emily Ryan Bahhar to Karli A. Barr, $299,900.

Steeple Ct., 9411-Raymond Walter Jenkins Jr. to Salome Bwayo and David Weaver, $339,900.

Toms Trail, 9226-NVR Inc. to William and Carla Holmes, $362,715.

Whiskey Run, 9719-Christopher Aquino to Miatta Mingle, $176,000.

Wilderness Lane, 9871-Mi Homes of DC Corp. to Jo Ellyn Pederson, $460,295.


Milo Ct., 12722-Catonsville Homes Corp. to George S. Coker II and Laura A. Burnham, $954,964.


Florence Rd., 2787-Cumberland Development Custom Homes Corp. to Joshua Wayne and Leanne Marie Hedges, $715,360.


Barnet Ct., 2212-Zheng Wei and Qinghong Zhang to Rafi Mohammad Syed, $435,000.

Evening Dew Dr., 2949, No. 84-Tracy Lee and Mevin Michael Cox to Cynthia L. Waudby and Ronald J. Runkle, $490,000.

Turn Berry Way, 2122, No. 41-Nancy S. McKeown to Goya Choi, $435,000.