Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1137-Wayne H. Cole and Jerome I. Feldman to Dominique Thoemmes, $434,900.

Breakwater Dr., 983-Meredith A. and Zachary N. Krissoff to Kate E. Jahnigen, $313,000.

Chelsea Ct., 17-Willaim Roy Roberts to Lawrence D. and Susan D. Shubnell, $314,900.

Jackson St., 924-Dane G. and Joan E. Gleason to Jacolyn Wetmore, $410,000.

Mckinley St., 1300-Paul J. Little to William J.o. Quinn, $360,000.

Pinecrest Dr., 1044-Raymond W. Miller IV to Matthew L. and Leah F. Austin, $395,000.

Rockwell Ct., 30-Barbara M. Rye Espiritu and Barbara M. Rye to Erin McMullen, $253,500.

Severn Ave., 805-Michael S. Sarli and Victorial Sarli to Stuart Serkin and Jeffrey B. Trammell, $425,000.

Upshur Ave., 30-Rhonda L. Ford to Eugenie Demeillon Vink, $699,000.


Allis St., 2000-Henry and Katie M. Harrison to Carol Wolfgang and Devon Glaccum, $350,000.

Bon Haven Dr., 721-John J. and Susan R. Malone to Steven R. and Joni L. Mall, $530,000.

Dewey Dr., 504-Ann Pierson to Paula Gene and Phyllis S. Dixon, $420,000.

Hawkins Lane, 1301-Susan Lee Beary to Sara Elyse and Romero Santos, $475,000.

Inverrary Ct., 851-Nancy E. Tropea and Barbara A. Scheihing to Ann M. and Larry F. Johnson, $375,000.

Melrose St., 693-Winifred Nabb Sewell to John D. Campbell, $359,900.

Pleasant St., 30-Joseph H. Leahy to Desiree D. Burkley, $185,000.

Scotts Crossing Ct., 2155, No. 302-Thomas P. and Kathleen L. Gallagher to Alice Rose Mitnick, $241,000.

Spring Place Way, 106-Mary Jane Macarthur and Michael W. Wehnert to Linda T. and Albert J. Dailey, $416,000.

Urciolo Ct., 925-Thomas F. Ireland and Amanda Jayne Bessette to James and Anna C. Han, $615,000.


Church Rd., 132-Ryan and Christin Shifflett to Justin M. and Ashley M. Cavinee, $600,000.

Elmridge Rd., 23-David G. and Jane K. Howson to Adam and Suzanne Maucus, $535,000.

Greendale Ct., 1430-Macallan Properties Corp. to Megan M. Cornell, $176,900.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 684, No. 3-3G-Virginia T. Gordon to Zachary A. Truss, $190,000.

Mashie Ct., 703-Sharon M. Kolstad to Kevin James Walp and Brittany Marie Gough, $344,000.


Cresswell Rd., 225-Sharon Burkhardt to Alvaro Munevar, $224,000.

Sunnyfield Lane, 722-Calvin E. and Susan D. Brown to Domenic Amador, $315,000.


Baystone Ct., 615-Matthew G. Bland to Matthew R. Vernam, $329,900.

Red Cedar Rd., 720-Paul R. Gustafson and Ellen S. Brown to Curtis H. Vinyard and Suzanne Elliott Smith, $625,000.


Dartmouth St., 5633-William M. and Virginia H. Downey to Justin and Chelsea Dickinson, $300,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1781-Brian Garcia Bruce and Winwin Marie Maloles Ruce to Sean Padraic and Shapnnon R. Monahan, $270,000.

Ambling Cir., 2526-Catino L. and Arline E. Sparacino to Baikuntha and Gita Lamichhane, $322,000.

Happy Lane, 2061-Chase Capital Corp. to Karen D. Thompson, $186,900.

Knights Bridge Turn, 1430-Donna J. Candido to Sondra C. and Richard A. Locher, $434,900.

Marlborough Ct., 1526-John A. and Amy Buxton to Jose R. Rodriguez Chavarria, $245,800.

Mount Airy Ct., 1619-Stanton P. Nolan Jr. to Latia R. Scott, $265,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1607-Kathryn G. Crosby to Stephanie A. Mehl, $235,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1018, No. 2E-Jeannett Esposito to Beth A. Avery, $245,000.

Wickford Ct., 1106-Timothy F. and Gail J. Schaffer to Paula Elizabeth and Elmer Connor, $224,500.


Alder Trail, 400-Mary A. and Newman R. Burch to Clark Reddick, $333,000.

St. Stephens Church Rd., 1326-Kathryan B. Musselman and Addie Baldwin to Mark and Ruth Venturelli, $586,900.


Chestnut Cove Dr., 895-Avena Jackson to Jessica Nelson, $185,000.

Highpoint Rd., 7808-Matthew A. Martin to Cara Diggs and Joseph Brandley, $289,900.

Shore Rd., 8002-Tylan Bohman to Eric and Tamara Scantlebury, $247,500.


Beards Point Rd., 3105-Phylis Smith and Christene F. Watkins to Andrew Nosacek, $195,000.

Eagle Passages Ct., 1005-Patricia J. Martin to Ryan Daniel and Christin A. Shifflett, $850,000.


Blue Ridge Rd., 1908-Paul R. and Terri A. Reymann to Jose I. Alvarez and Silvia C. Alfaro, $295,000.

Elkridge Dr., 1647-Christopher P. Cunningham to Cindy L. Parker, $276,900.

Lakeview Ave., 215-Anne Slater Geronimo to Mitchelle W. Stephenson, $330,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1719-Kaureen L. Langlie to Tod A. Miller and Dawn Michele Frame Miller, $393,000.

Pine Whiff Ave., 1503-Ring Holdings Corp. to Joseph K. Grome, $799,900.

Shore Dr., 1126-Susan E. and Thomas M. Kelly to Elizabeth Anne Ryner, $480,000.

Shore Dr., 2113-Linda L. Lusby to Nathan and Julie Kellogg, $200,000.

Weirs Rd., 1031-Sarah C. Campbell to Jaime L. Boutwell, $380,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2608, No. 205-Carolyn L. Cumberland and Marguerrite Ruth Lewis to Brenda M. Richmond, $238,000.

Huntfield Ct., 2206-Gilbert and Michele McClurg to Adam B. and Kaye Levin, $612,500.

Red Clover Rd., 1016-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Mary Elizabeth and Dennis Robert Shann, $560,000.

Wigeon Way, 1403, No. 101-George H. and Minerva J. Daniel to Martha J. Hollidge, $355,000.


Cross Creek Dr., 8014-Carlos Diaz to Justin T. Moore, $240,000.

Fleagle Rd., 347-Pauletta Jacobs and Michelle K. Keller to Heather and Aaron L. Wright, $253,500.

Gatewood Ct., 439-Stephen M. and Alice J. Davis to Phuoc Hong Nguyen and Chan Thi Ngoc Dang, $157,900.

Great Bend Rd., 8246-Hujia A. Hasim to Lakhia Evonne and Tyrone Roger Thomas, $190,000.

Maple Lane NW, 427-Becky Hohrein to Eric Knox, $230,000.

Montfield Lane, 306-Kevin C. and Tara E. Stevens to Angela and Christopher Nash, $300,000.

Phirne Rd. W., 358-Truc Linh Thi Nguyen to Jamar and Jamar Parker, $311,000.

Short Curve Rd., 523-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Derlis R. Souberlich, $165,500.

Wellham Ave., 617-Margaret I. Smith to Ana Julia Chavez Cortez and Roxana E. Chavez Cortez, $212,000.


Anon Lane, 7311-Joseph A. and April Avila to Gerald Olp, $394,900.

Beaghan Dr., 366-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Mark Lawrence and Debra L. Adler, $260,000.

Castle Harbour Way, 1102, No. 1C-Aci Corp. to Ronald and Doreen Ashton, $150,000.

Gatewater Ct., 355, No. G-Jessica Ewinng and Brabara Ann Goodman to Negan Nappi, $135,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7024-Jennifer M. and Amy M. Shope to Jessica R. Johnson, $300,000.

Leonard Dr., 1113-Jeanette L. and Floyd W. Thompson to Thomas J. Storey and Mary E. Robey, $238,000.

Lyndon Ct., 7621-Jeffrey Pippin to Patrick F. Barrains and Nanthida F. Barranis, $325,000.

Millhouse Dr., 674-Eric Boyd to Jeremy Nicholas and Laura Livingston Atkins, $349,000.

North Shore Dr., 851-Ronald D. and Christine M. Hartman to Joseph Ryan and Sandra Leann Geho, $369,000.

Oriole Ave., 848-Eric and Sumita Tomar Jonak to Brendan Brown, $338,350.

Ravenwood Dr., 657-NVR Inc. to Brian Putt, $305,460.

Timbercross Lane, 7702-Lindsey Deaner and Jill M. Stutzman to Ilma Imamovic, $237,000.

White Water Ct., 6701, No. 204-Federal National Mortgage Association to Krista N. Ashburn, $146,000.

First Ave., 205-Deborah Klein and Irene S. Niedergesahs to Ashley Kristen Burns, $170,000.


Foxtrail Ct., 7602-Laura K. Boyer to Charles Michael and Jussara Santos Kramer, $500,000.

Maple Ave., 1734-Charles John and Sharon Kay Stafford to Sue E. Bassett, $430,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1435-Donna S. Chan to Reanna Da and Marco Da Rold, $329,000.

Simonson Ct., 1913-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Zinah K. and Enana A. Mineyahl, $410,000.

Tobruk Ct., 7705-Troy A. and Gloriann R. Hermann to Mary J. Burke, $290,000.


Brock Bridge Rd., 313-Pamela R. Backstrom to Crista Santana Guevara and Jorge Elenilson Martinez, $325,000.

Old Line Ave., 307-Jason Ottey to Diego B. Romero Villatoro, $305,150.

Park Hall S., 320-Guy V. Pearson to Sipriano A. Santos and Anne J. Lerez, $296,000.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8544-Eleshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to Maki Sall, $342,000.


Maple Rd. W., 424-Pamela D. Knieriem to Crystal H. Williams, $225,000.

Regency Cir., 206-Art Homes Corp. to Craig Aw and Christine Marie Sackalosky, $280,000.


Brightwood Rd., 510-Mark Robert Chaput to Corey N. and Mindi Miller, $487,500.

Generals Hwy., 878-Brian K. Birch to Robert P. Musselman Sr. and Terrie L. Vacek, $150,000.


Charleston Ave., 7037-Tom Miller and Bonnie Whittington to Richard Steven Williams, $294,000.


Arkblack Terr., 921-Misti Dawn and Jeffery Michael Reisz to Christopher J. Banach, $377,000.

Cannon Ball Way, 222-Brian M. and Amanda D. Gleason to Keith L. and Rosemarie Ayson Steimle, $430,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8612, No. 308-David L. Jones and Marjorie B. Jones to Hermann G. and Hendrika M. Hasken, $220,000.

Greenwood St., 487-Lloud and Ashley C. Combs to Juan Noe Andrade Chavez and Yessica Ivonne Benavides De Andrade, $260,000.

Liason Ct., 110-Darlene Hill and Chantell Benton to Edmund O. Appiah, $273,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8624-Dakshina Baugh to Shatabdi and Sharada Pokharel, $284,000.

Roff Point Ct., 2001-John J. Dilley to Nathan Thomas Stowes, $250,000.

Saltoun Ave., 507-Justin T. and Alexandra J. Botzet to Jacob T. Dennis, $315,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8611-James C. Butlerr and Janet Barrey to Hzael A. and Richard P. Mowry, $275,000.


Cedarlea Dr., 5161-Tek Limited Liability Co. to Dana Sandman, $545,000.


Arundel Rd., 215-Adrienne L. Hughes and Jacklyn G. Langdon to Ronald A. Taylor, $235,000.

Beacon Point Rd., 8554-Nicholas R. and Holly A. Holman to Jerry L. Harris Sr., $243,500.

Braid Hills Dr., 1636-John H. and Kathleen M. Dulay to Harry R. King Jr., $790,000.

Bussenius Rd., 8410-SD Investment Properties Corp. to Jaryd Peppmuller, $360,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 326-Luis Alberto Gomez Chavez to Heather Lee Burns, $185,000.

Echo Dr., 8409-Patricia Hart to Lindsey Nicole Warner and Gavin Dean Edmiston, $284,900.

Flintshire Ct., 7846-Edward W. and Linda V. Turner to Holly A. and Nicholas R. Holman, $367,000.

Gambier Harbour, 8634-Georges Nseir and Jeany Sayegh to Yesenia Morales, $246,000.

Head Harbour, 8674-Ela Co. to Keith Aschenbach, $148,000.

Liberty Cir., 7918-Sharon M. Robey to Jose Eliseo Eliseo Gonzalez and Lisbeth Renderos Gonzalez, $250,000.

Mallow Ct., 7805-Craig E. Snowden to Daniel L. and Crystal A. Baker, $335,000.

Meadow Rd., 271-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christopher T. Deboy and Kimberly S. Hardwick, $316,000.

Moonfall Ct., 7734-Lisa Marie Sarro and Virgnia F. Linder to Chelsey Kristine Dewind, $199,000.

Outing Ave., 7740-Elizabeth C. Templeton to Vince C. and Dana B. Marks, $250,000.

Quiet Ridge Ct., 205-Kathrn L. Smythe to Walter E. and Donna S. Colman, $225,000.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8040-Robert and Kristy Lyn Davidson to Chanter Rowe, $295,000.

White Star Xing., 8223-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Kent Nguyen, Cindy Trinh and Tram N. Trinh, $382,290.

Woodsway, 155-Michelangelo Spicciati to Karen Lynne and Ryan Thomas Ware, $320,000.

207th St., 691-Tiffany Janelle Riebsam and Rodney R. Riebsam to Desiree and Nicholas Riebsam, $210,000.


Fern Rd., 537-James and Jessica L. Keeny to Daniel Clark Dodd and Megan Elizabeth Brittingham Dodd, $479,000.


Black Harrier Lane, 8311-Stephen Anthony and Lorin Hayes to Michael G. Meyer and Kenneth D. Goodman, $285,000.

Encore Terr., 1806-Jason Emmanuel and Kristina Bennett Salguero to Tara Smith, $349,000.

Maryland Ave., 1412-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Evelyne Espinoza and Dirk F. Marais, $424,990.

Spruce Hill Rd., 7855-Philip Deming to Robert E. and Tamara L. Dunham, $340,000.

Wampanoag Dr., 1521-Amy M. Borrelli to Bruce W. Leister and Laurie E. Leister, $320,000.


Center Dr., 595-Colleagine Capital Advisors Corp. to Guy C. Walker, $353,400.

Kensington Ave., 606-C.L. Payne & Associates Inc. to Sharon E. Culotta, $449,000.

Moreau Ct., 249-Catherine Rae Goeller to Mathew L. Zippo Bernardo and Jennifer M. Dao, $515,000.

South Dr., 311-Barry W. and Nancy Lee James to Catherine Rae Goeller and James Henry Sholly, $875,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 447-Dianna E. Gavlak to Andrew and Megan Lazzor, $530,500.


Hine Dr., 4929-Maggie and Margaret Sansone to Martin and Rui Wei Geissler, $410,000.

Pine Ave., 1190-John D. Fairboth to Christopher Jewell, $256,000.


Herring Ave., 528-John A. Day to Mary Theresa Veith, $285,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aston Villa, 9405, No. 51-Sachin S. and Anuprita Khedkar to Yu Jing and David Omar Bang, $430,000.

Carrie Way, 9383-Syed Z. and Tehmina Z. Ali to Nina Ning He and Fan Wang, $710,000.

Coventry Court Dr., 3414-Louis T. and Catherine Dent to Judith A. Danastor Vernet, $390,000.

Dorsey Search Cir., 3752-John B. and Gloria A. Manuing to Thomas W. and Agnes P. Wronka, $560,000.

Frederick Rd., 9338-Jane A. Mergler to Malinda Gillespie, $391,000.

Green Bower Way, 2820-Robert S. and Laura B. Duguay to Spiro George and Tatiana Vladimirovna Sassalos, $700,000.

Hayland Farm Way, 12134-Sanjay and Kyle Rajagopalan to Andrew T. Flynn, $1.23 million.

Hidden Haven Ct., 9912-William T. and Estelle S. Park to Joy L. Lynch Henry and Wayne P. Henry, $685,000.

Labelle Ct., 10114-Timothy D. and Sharon L. Bereznay to Jungsang Yoon, $610,000.

Mullineaux Lane, 3032-Deborah L. and Stephen J. Pusateri to Tomcy Thomas and Laura Mary Kadungamparmbil, $658,000.

Nashville Ct., 11021-Villages at Turt Valley Corp. to Kwang Yell Shin and Mina Kim, $663,188.

Red Lion Tavern Ct., 10209-Dawn F. Bintz to Timothy A. and Denise L. Crockett, $496,500.

Starwreath Way, 4013-Doris C. Lefkowitz to David C. and Betsy B. Mangum, $535,000.

Tyler Dr., 3421-Joanne M. Neubauer to Blair and Leigh Middleton, $490,000.

Wetherburn Rd., 10265-Serag A. and Effat Wahba to Whitney M. Mrozinski, $620,000.


Galway Dr., 6455-Adam C. and Rachel I. Wilson to Daniel and Diane McCarthy, $785,000.

Kerne Ct., 6313-Dong L. and Myung S. Kim to Jorawar Singh and Sumanjit Kaur, $1.17 million.

Tara Pl., 6413-Zhenyi Xue and Chunhong Qiao to Fei Hui and Libo Suen, $755,000.

Twelve Hills Rd., 13000-William B. and Kimberly P. Kinner to Ryan and Jennifer Pollard, $869,075.


Better Hours Ct., 7329-Timothy Herrmann and Rachel Feinberg to Yoon H. Lee and Chris Ward, $250,000.

Camelback Lane, 5963-David Hardy and Linn Thorburn to Augusta Golda Simpson and Darrick Porte, $395,000.

Dawnblush Ct., 9509-Andrew and Sara Schcanwald Thomas to El Hadji A. Thiam, $400,000.

Elffolk Terr., 6425-Mary Ellen Cadman and Deborah L. Panell to Ronald K. Fallon and Donna W. Fallon, $364,900.

Goldenstraw Lane, 8645-George W. Johnson to Daniel E. Rosenberger, $190,000.

High Tor Hill, 5638-5638 High Tor Hill Corp. to Fabiola R. Dunne, $485,000.

Lightspun Lane, 5632-Iris Cornelia Harris Beard to Donnel D. and April Cunningham, $380,000.

Mallard Ct., 8916-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sarah E. Madison Jr., $259,900.

Morningbird Lane, 5909-Michael Eric and Allyson Marie Ruiz to David Ruiz and Catherine Ayres, $269,900.

Pastora Pl., 9621-Savyon I. Weinfeld to Leanne M. and Evan T. Pietraniec, $321,700.

Secret Waves Way, 8610, No. 61-Robin I. Sargent Morris and Herbert Harold Morrsi to Michael L. and Marvis E. Ross, $455,000.

Spiral Cut, 8852, No. B-Jonathan P. Bucca to Elliot Mitchell, $124,000.

Tamar Dr., 8194-Steven L. and Deborah L. Sikorski to Kyle David and Tiffany Johnson Forkner, $475,000.

Wandering Way, 9453-Matthew Joseph Kerr to Joseph Charles Feinour and Fatema Gharzai, $359,000.


Apple Blossom Ride, 6512-Scott M. and Carole S. Greenhaus to Harry and Kathleen Hsieh, $850,000.

Buttonhole Ct., 6677-Jacqueline L. Domenighini to Christine S. Lee, $255,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6115-Yi Chen to Owen Cashal and Jessica Weedlun McGrovern, $310,000.

Crimson Tree Ct., 10299-Patty J. Haines and Emma L. Diamond to Andrew Julius Hickson Jr., $305,000.

Endicott Lane, 5445-Brian Heinz to Mary Ann Bruce, $255,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10713-Jonas and Kellie Nicole Elmerraji to Brenda L.L. Cummings, $349,900.

Green Mountain Cir., 10714, No. 17-1-Rebecca Sallee to Stephen Georges Beaubrun, $169,900.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5635, No. F-Jennifer A. Schneder to Allison P. Moses, $183,500.

Hickory Overlook N., 6426, No. 72-Jacqueline K. Derr to John V. and Susan M. Hailman, $450,000.

Maywind Ct., 10374-Prakash Sankurathri and Thach Nguyen to Julie and Linda Dadson, $295,000.

Phantom Ct., 5182-Diron L. and Virginia M. Sine to David T. Snead, $430,000.

River Rock Way, 7726-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Ira A. Friedrich and Carol A. Bucher, $467,710.

River Rock Way, 7810-Pingkai Chen and Yuching Weng to Jagakarthikeyan Karuppiah and Rajalakshmi Rajendran, $502,500.

Suffield Ct., 5534-Barbara S. Brown to Ali Farhadzadeh and Fahimeh Pouryani, $295,000.

Symphony Way E., 10716, No. 205-Rebecca Nicole Northup to Paul M. Rosenberg, $300,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10547, No. B-1-Germain Von Proctor to Brian Chae Pak, $150,000.

White Cord Way, 12009-Patrick Joseph and Kate Jean Maloney to Carla Bozzolo and Russell D. Smith, $505,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 107-Frances M. Richards to Barbara Brown, $282,000.


Fox Creek Ct., 14301-Juan Francisco Castillo to Sanjay and Uma Dua, $915,000.


Alchemy Way, 8004-U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Rajesh Sundrarajan, Deepthi Mohandas and Saravankumar Velusamy, $395,000.

Black Oak Rd., 7026, No. 215-Carlton V. Peters to Aeliky A. Jafri, $285,900.

Caleb Dorsey Sq., 6723, No. 34-James E. and Myong S. Prescott to Felicia R. Jones, $360,000.

Darby Downs, 7235, No. 7235-A. Michael Schoenbrodt Sheer and Jennifer L. Okeeffe Sheer to John W. Marshall and Camille C. West, $315,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6608, No. 19-5-Tiffany R. Nicholson to Adalberto A. Taveras, $195,000.

Frothingham Ct., 6440-Charles A. Hessifer to Andrea Nelson, $350,000.

Meadowridge Rd., 6320-Deustche Bank to Asif A. Yousuffai, $298,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6090-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Marquel Bowler and Nicholas Bosse, $475,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6415-Daniel A. and Heather G. McDonald to Marlee R. Orr and Steven T. Orr, $270,000.

Sage Ave., 7822-Joshua Jonghyuk and Ahsun Shin Lee to Yoon H. Lee and Eun Y. Chae, $317,605.

Taggart Ct., 7823-Beazer Homes Corp. to Adetola A. Lufadeju and Olanrewaju Oluyemi, $399,665.

Windrow Ct., 7810-William C.L. Lam and Richard C.K. Lam to Iva J. Matutat, $370,000.


Brightwind Ct., 7912-Faye Malitz to Alexander Crawford, $315,000.

Ellis Lane, 4909-Mahesh S. and Srilakshmi Kukata to Belete A. Ageze and Efomia T. Amare, $700,000.

Glenmar Rd., 8322-Arnold S. and Patricia K. Belasco to Jan Singleton Gary, $619,000.

Governor Carroll Ct., 3327-Elias W. and Lemlame Tayew Abebe to Gerald Anthony and Caroline Brozyna, $655,000.

James Ave., 7929-Karen A. Gritton to Shaun Patrick O. Connor, Ali Maclean York, Dale Alan York and Patricia Ann York, $400,000.

Logans Way, 5933, No. 26-Ba Waterloo Condominium Corp. to Wesley Albert Hutchinson and Melissa Lea Thompson, $415,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8399, No. H-Seung Chan Kim to Binning Ren, $200,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8245, No. A-Deborah Lynn Popilok Welsh and Mary Ann Popilok to Edward and Theresa Heckman, $280,000.

Stony Creek Lane, 7629, No. 16-Justin and Ramonda Bwone to Jeffrey S. Giroux, $234,900.

Tall Trees Ct., 8203-Silas A. Cuevas and Candace P. Lawton Cuevas to Peter A. Oliveto and Elizabeth A. Price, $309,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 4687-James P. and Andrea K. Lowe to Camero Song, $487,400.


Liberty St., 11377-John J. Krownapple to Kathleen M. Amara and Shannon D. Shannon, $570,000.

President St., 7681-Allison L. and Mark R. Lucas to Noah Katzen and Elizabeth Kenez, $675,000.

Westside Blvd., 8081-Oh Sook Choi to Brittany and Robert Perry, $616,000.


Roscommon Dr., 3330-Patrick B. and Marcy J. Carnerie to Daniel Edward Sokolowski and Graciela Del Carmen Sokolowski, $487,500.


Celbridge Ct., 14017-James Wesley McCarriher Jr. to Christina M. and Ryan E. Selby, $665,000.

MacClintock Ct., 14512-David B. Shumaker to Sarah J. Woodbury and Matthew Riley, $399,900.


Adcock Lane, 6088-Lynnmarie and Robert Charles Braddock to John Anthony and Rajitha Dorapalli, $375,000.


Deanmar Dr., 13150-Ronald A. and Marie F. Denissen to Mike Ren and Qiuming Xie, $655,000.

Prestwick Dr., 6543-Michael Lynn Mellott to Patrick Joseph and Kate Jean Maloney, $755,000.


Wild Grass Ct., 9323-Randolph Deitz to Angel M. Villegas, $426,000.

Wright Pl., 8032, No. 98-Luis Rojas and Pasrora Contreras to Wanjiru Chege and Aljohnie Johnston, $319,900.


Cotton Mill Lane, 10049-Craig A. Sauerwalt and Amy J. Serafino to Shawn M. and Andrea B. Burke, $375,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9150, No. 302-KBMD Two Corp. to Vasilica Lopez, $209,900.

Softwater Way, 9830-Citimortgage Inc. to Kinard and Mo Boone, $200,000.

Twilight Ct., 9525-Dale Emmett Walker to Benjamin Addyand and Ifeyinwa Addy, $430,000.


Crystal Ridge Rd., 1218-Mark and Lelsie Decrispino to Joseph W. and Maryjean Fowler, $800,000.


Lady Anne Ct., 901-Douglas H. and Sharon C. Brown to Kathleen C. and Michael S. O’Malley, $582,500.

Twin Arch Rd., 421-Stuart M. and Tisho H. Jessop to Adrienne Evans and Dennis E. Powell Jr., $495,000.


Woodward St., 8121-Katerine G. Doukas to Norman E. and Josette Gamble, $257,500.


Bill Lilly Ct., 10525-Michael C. Burke and Diana Leigh S. Taylor to David S. and Dara B. Glenn, $535,000.

Cabot Ct., 9313-Timothy M. and Sarah G. Enas to Cherine S. Roberts, $264,000.

Early Bud Way, 8416-Michael F. and Elizabeth C. Dooley to Aaron H. and Erin L. Weir, $620,000.

Glendower Ct., 9655-Nicole Shields Fithyan and Nicole M. Shields to Andrew Cheng and Molly Lepore, $305,000.

Hammonds Overlook Ct., 9625-James A. and Gail M. Rupert to Than Naing, $370,000.

Kindler Rd., 7687-Johnny S. and Laura O. Zaner to David Bruce and Teresa Carol Eberhardt, $440,000.

Lilac Park Dr., 9112, No. 13-Gertrud Martha Wladyka and A. Anne O. Grady to Stephen Steinle, $208,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9017-Mario S. and Roxana M. Martinez to Chistopher Eugene Wyatt and Maria Eugenia Salazar, $273,500.

Ridings Way, 9353-Xavier Villarroel and Maria C. Mendez to Tecora D. Martin, $319,900.

Toms Trail, 9244-NVR Inc. to Cecily Barbee, $255,507.

Washington Ave., 9638-Paul R. and Lisa E. Hagedorn to Abiola O. Abodunrin and Nurat A. Quadri, $509,900.


Indian Hill Dr., 12561-Chiquita L. and Ronald L. Phillips to Janice E. Min, $327,000.


Pfefferkorn Rd., 3310-Gary G. and Laura L. Reichard to Allan Mathews Stinson Brinser and Kathleen R. Oleynik, $650,000.


Duvall Rd., 2316-Marly P. and Joan B. Mundy to Joseph and Katie Jones, $457,000.


Chambers Ct., 11165, No. N-Phillip R. Hottinger and William R. Cooley to John C. and Patricia A. Previdi, $306,750.

Merion Pond, 2209, No. 5-Mark Seung Hwan Kim to Prasanna Santhanam and Padma Vankatraman, $450,000.

Turn Berry Way, 2160, No. 24-Tae Yun Kim and Hye Young Park to Naizam Ovinagath Kamookagath and Nithasha Bhanu, $461,000.